Old English sb English
Dub vb
Duck n
Duck vb
Duck phr "Duck Out"
Duckboard n
Duck dive n
Duck-drowned adj
Duck-footed adj
Ducking n
Ducking-stool n
Duck-like adj
Duckling n
Duckmeat n
Ducks n
Ducks phr "Ducks and Drakes"
Ducks phr "Ducks on the Pond"
Duckspeak n
Ducktail n
Duckwalk vb
Duckweed n
Ducky adj
Dug-out n
Dull adj
Dull phr "Dull as Dishwater"
Dullard n ????
Dullish adj
Dullisome adj
Dullminded adj
Dullness n
Dull-witted adj
Dull-wittedness n
Dully adj
Dumb adj
Dumbdown n
Dumbdown vb
Dumbed-down adj
Dumbfound vb ?????/
Dumbfounded adj
Dusk n Candle-light, The Dim, darkfall, downset, eventide, evenfall, The Gloam, twilight, nightfall, sundown, sun-sitting, sunsetting, owldust, the Shutting-in, The Skank of The Evening.
Dust n
Dustyfoot n. Wayfarer, traveller
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