Old English sb English
Dub n A blow, 2. a calling, titling, naming, deeming. 2. the action of dubbing
Dub vb To confer (a) knighthood by tapping gently on the shoulder of the recipent with a sword. 2. to mane, title, call. 3. deem. 4. to dress, adorn, ornament. 5. to strike a blow with various tools, such as a adze. 6. to raise a nap on material.
Dubbing n The action of conferring (a) a knighthood by tapping gently on the shoulder of the recipent with a sword. 2. calling, naming, titling, deeming.
Duck n Specifically, an adult female duck; contrasted with drake and with duckling. 2. the flesh of a duck used as food. 2.(cricket) A batsman's score of zero after getting out. (short for duck's egg, since the digit "0" is round like an egg.) 3. (slang) a playing card with the rank of two. 4. a partly-flooded cave passage with limited air space. 5. abuilding intentionally constructed in the shape of an everyday object to which it is related. 6. luncheonette in the shape of a coffee cup is particularly conspicuous, as is intended of an architectural duck or folly. 7. a marble to be shot at with another marble (the shooter) in children's games. 8. (US) a cairn used to mark a trail. 9.one of the weights used to hold a spline in place for the purpose of drawing a curve.
Duck vb To lower the head or body in order to prevent it from being struck by something; to bow. 2. to lower (something) into water; to thrust or plunge under liquid and suddenly withdraw.  3. to go under the surface of water and immediately reappear; to plunge one's head into water or other liquid. 4. to lower (the head) in order to prevent it from being struck by something. 5. to evade doing something. 6. to lower the volume of (a sound) so that other sounds in the mix can be heard more clearly.
Duck phr "Duck Out"
Duckboard n One of a long series of boards put down as a pathway over muddy ground.
Duckdive n In surfing the action of pushing one's board under the water nose first, to gain advantage of a breaking wave.
Duckdive vb To surf by pushing one's board under the water nose first, in order to gain advantage of an breaking wave.
Duck-drowned adj Very heavy rain
Duck-footed adj Having splayed-foot(s). 2. walking with the ends of the feet angled outwards; pigeon toed.
Ducking n The act of wetting something by submerging it. 2. the hunting of ducks.
Ducking-stool n A chair used to punish women who scold by immersing them in water.
Duckless adj Unpopulated, or not having, ducks in a specific region or area.
Duck-like adj Similar to, or resembling a duck in look and manner.
Duckling n A young duck; a duckling.
Ducks phr "Ducks and Drakes" - a pasttime of throwing flat stones across the surface of a water so as to make them bounce. 2. the squandering of resources, usually money.
Ducks phr "Ducks on the Pond" - a sign or message passed amongst shearers in the woolsheds of Australia to make them aware that women are coming into the shed.
Duckspeak n Thoughtless or formuliac speech (coined by George Orwell and used in his book 'Animal farm."
Ducktail n A hairstyle in which the hair is swept back into an upturned point at the back.
Duckwalk n An walk or gait resembling the awkward waddle of a duck.
Duckwalk vb In popular music employed by guitarists who jump on one leg while moving backwards and forward.
Duckweed n Any of several aquatic floating plants in the family 'Lemnoid' or araceae.
Ducky adj Great, fine, very good, agreeable, proceding in an agreeable and satisfactory way.
Dug-out n A shelter on a sporting field where players, coaches, and officials sit dring the game. 2. a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping of a large log. 3. a fortication of earth, mostly or entirely below ground.
Dull vb To make dull in appearance. 2. become dull or lusterless in appearance; lose shine or brightness. 3. deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping; muffle, mute, dull, damp, dampen, tone down. 4. make numb or insensitive;

numb, benumb, blunt, dull. 5. make dull or blunt; dull, blunt, not to sharpen. 6. become less interesting or attractive; pall, dull. 7: make less lively or vigorous. 8. to become dull or stupid.

Dull adj Slow of understanding; wanting readiness of apprehension; stupid; doltish; stultish; blockish. 2. slow in action; sluggish; unready; awkward. 3. insensible; unfeeling. 4. not keen in edge or point; lacking sharpness; blunt. 5. not bright or clear to the eye; wanting in liveliness of color or luster; not vivid; obscure; dim; as, a dull fire

or lamp; a dull red or yellow; a dull mirror. 6. heavy; gross; cloggy; insensible; spiritless; lifeless; inert. 7. furnishing little delight, spirit, or variety; uninteresting; tedious; cheerless; gloomy; melancholy; depressing; as, a dull story or sermon; a dull occupation or period; hence, cloudy; overcast; as, a dull day. 8. lifeless; inanimate; dead; stupid; doltish; heavy; sluggish; sleepy; drowsy; gross; cheerless; tedious; irksome; dismal; dreary; clouded; tarnished; obtuse.

Dull phr "Dull as Dishwater" - boring, uninreresting.
Dull-headed adj Idiotic, doltish, stultish.
Dullish adj Somewhat or rather dull, rather unalert, slowish and dullish.
Dullminded adj Dim-witted, stupid, unintelligent.
Dullness n The quality of being dull. 2. the quality of being uninteresting. 3. lack of visual brilliance. 4. (fig.)bluntness, without edge or edginess.
Dullsome adj Dull, slow and dull, lacking mentally alertness.
Dull-witted adj Having a dull, blunt wit or mind. 2. slow-minded.
Dull-wittedness n The state or quality og having a dull, blunt wit. 2. slow-wittedness. 3. mentally lacking alertness and awreness. 4. slow-witted, slowness, dullness, stupidity.
Dully adj In a dull manner; without liveliness, without lustre.
Dumb adj
Dumb phr "To Dumb Down" - to make simpler, even somewhat to the point of oversimplication.
Dumb phr "To Dumb Up"
Dumbed-down n
Dumb-downed adj To make condescendingly simple.
Dumb-headed adj
Dumbish adj Somewhat silent or mute. 2. rather stupid or unintelligent.
Dumbishly adv In a manner somewhat silent or mute. 2. in a rather stupid or unintelligent way.
Dumbly adv n a dumb, somewhat silent manner. 2. mutely or silently.
Dumbness n State of being dumb, silent or mute. 2. dimwitted, not communicating or having an inability to speak. 3. muteness, silence, abstention from speech. 4. show or gesture without words.
Dumbnut n A stupi person, an idiot, fool.
Dumbshow n A performance during which the players do not speak.
Dumbstruck adj So shocked as being unable to speak.
Dumb-struckness n The state or condition of being so shocked as being unable to speak.
Dummy n A silent person. 2. a person who does not talk. 3. a puppet, doll or figure of a ventrilogist. 4. something constructed to the size and form of a human, to be used in the place of a person. 5. a deliberate non-functioning device with a tool used in place of a function. 6. a plastic or rubber teat used to comfort a baby. 7. a bodily gesture meant to fool an opponent in sport; a feint. 8. a word used to make a setence or word construction grammitical, such as the pronoun 'it.'
Dummy phr "Dummy Up" - to make a mock-up or prototype version of something, with limited functionally.
Dummy run n A trial or test before the real attempt.
Dummy spit n The act of overreacting childishly to a situation in an angry or frustated manner.
Dung n Fecal matter or excrement of animals; droppings, dung, muck.
Dung vb To fertilize with dung; to manure land with dung. 2. to defecate used of animals. 3. to excrete or excrementate.
Dung heap n
Dunghill n
Dung-like n
Dung-mixen n
Dungy adj
Dungyard n
Dunt n
Dunt vb
Dunted adj
Dewlap n
Dusk n Candle-light, The Dim, darkfall, downset, eventide, evenfall, The Gloam, twilight, nightfall, sundown, sun-sitting, sunsetting, owldust, the Shutting-in, The Skank of The Evening, dusktime, dusklight.
Dusken vb
Duskily adv
Duskiness n
Duskish adj
Dusklight n
Duskness n
Dusktime n
Dusky adj
Dust n Fine, dry particles of earth or other matter, so comminuted that they may be raised and wafted by the wind;

that which is crumbled to minute portions; fine powder; as, clouds of dust; bone dust. 2. A single particle of earth or other matter. 3. the earth, as the resting place of the dead. 4. the earthy remains of bodies once alive; the remains of the human body. 5. figuratively, a worthless thing. 6. figuratively, a low or mean condition. 7. gold dust; hence: (slang) coined money; cash.; gold dust, fine particles of gold, such as are obtained in placer mining; -- often used as money, being transferred by weight.

Dust vb To free from dust; to brush, wipe, or sweep away dust from; as, to dust a table or a floor. 2. to sprinkle with dust. 3. to reduce to a fine powder; to levigate.
Dust phr "In Dust and Ashes". See under Ashes.
Dust phr "Not To See Someone For Dust" - unable to see somebody because he or she has left in hurry.
Dust phr "To Bite the Dust" - to die, cease to exist.
Dust phr "To Dust Off" - to revive something, such as a proposal or idea.
Dust phr "To Dust Up"
Dust phr "To Gather Dust" - not to be acted upon wihout being formally rejected.
Dust phr To Shake the Dust fonm One's Feet" -move away, emigrate.
Dust phr "To Throw Dust in One's Eyes" - to mislead; to deceive.
Dust vb To free from dust; to brush, wipe, or sweep away dust from; as, to dust a table or a floor. 2. to sprinkle with dust. 3. to reduce to a fine powder; to levigate.
Dustbowl n
Dustcart n
Dust cloth n
Dust devil n
Duster n
Dustfall n
Dustkin n
Dustmote n
Dustmouse n
Dust-off n
Dustpan n
Dust sheet n
Dust storm n
Dust-up n
Dustyfoot n. Wayfarer, traveller
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