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Dwale n.Error, delusion, madness, foolishness, dwale. 2. heretic, transgressor, deciever. 3. a sleeping potion, esp. one made from belladonna. 4. belladonna itself, deadly nightshade or some other soporific plant. 5. a sable or black colour.
Dwale vbTo make delirious. (dwual)
Dwalkenned adjHeretical
Dwarf nA person who is markedly small, and usually misshapen. 2. a person, typically a man who has magical powers who lives in a cave or deep in the woods; a leprechaun, elf. a plant or animal which is atypically small.
Dwarf vbTo make appear small as a comparison. 2. to hinder or hold back the growth of. 3. to diminish in size.
Dwarf adjTiny, nanoid, very small.
Dwarf phr"The Black Dwarf" - a gnome of the most malignant character, once held by farmers and sherperds along the border of England and Scotland as the bane of all misfortune that befell their flocks.
Dwarfdom nThe realm or world od dwarfs.
Dwarfing vbTo hinder from growing to the natural size. 2. to make or keep small; to stunt.
Dwarfish adjAtypically small, as a small tree or a small star.
Dwarfishly advLike a dwarf, below the average size.
Dwarfishness nThe smallness of statute.
Dwarfly advIn a manner small, diminishing, tiny.
Dwarfling nA very small person or dwarf.
Dwarfy adjSmallish, tiny, diminutive, dwafish.
Dwalm n.Stupefaction, giddiness, delusion, a faint or swoon, dwalm, healthfail, sick.
Dwell nTo delay, linger. 2. to abide, remain, continue. 3. to live in as a permanent resident, or for a time. 4. to live in a place, reside. 5. lead into error, mislead, delude
Dwell phr"Dwell In" - to abide in, live, inhabit a place, hence, to depend on.
Dwell phr"Dwell On" - to continue long on or in; dwell upon. 2. to remain absorbed with; to stick to; to make much of a matter. 3. talk about at length.
Dweller nA person who inhabits a particular place. 2. an inhabitant, habitant, denizen, indweller, tenant.
Dwelling nHabitat, place in which a person lives, a house; abode.
Dwelling-house nA house intended to be occupied as a residence; distinct as other building, as a store, shop or other places of business, etc.
Dwell-time nThe time or period one lives in a place, region, suburb etc. 2. a period of time in a given state, situation orplace. 3. a period of time that a system or element of a system remains in a given state. 4. the duty time soldiers have at their domestic home base between engagements overseas. 3.
Dwemercraft n.Jugglery, magic, illusionism, sorcery, dwemmercraft, dwimmercraft.
Dwere adj,Doubt, dread, dwere.
Dwild n.Error, heresy, dwilth, dwild
Dwimmer nMagic, magic arts, sorcery, a spell, occult art.
Dwimmercraft nThe art of illusion, magic or sorcery.
Dwindle nThe process of dwindling. 2. a dwindled object.
Dwindle vbOE: dwinan (to waste away.) 2. to decrease, shrink, diminish, reduce in size. 3. to fall away in quality, degenerate, sink. 3. to lessen, ring low.
Dwindler nOne who waste money, time gradually and little by little.
Dwindling nThe state or condition of becoming smaller and smaller. 2. shrinking, wasting away, declining. 3. degenerating.
Dwindly adjDeclining, diminishing, lessening, reducing, wasting.
Dwine vb.To waste away or pine away, dwine, languish, fade, wither, wane.
Dwual vbTo be delirious, (see:dwale)
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