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Dy nDung, sediment
Dye nOE: color, hue, dye. 2. color produced by, or as by, dyeing, tinge, hue. 3. a material used for dyeing, especially color matter in solution.
Dye vbTo tinge with a color or hue. 2. to fix a colour in the substance of. 3. to take a color (well or badly) in the process of dyeing.
Dye phr"Dyed in the Wool" - lasting, staunch in support.
Dye phr"Of the Deepest Dye" - extreme, fanatical in one's views, opinions.
DyehousenA building where a dyer carries on his work, especially of dye.
Dyeing nThe process of impregnating with color. 2. the fixing of colors in solution in textiles, etc.
Dyeless adjWithout a dye.
Dyelike adjResembling or characteristic of a dye.
Dyer nOne who dyes, esp. one who dyes cloth etc. as an occupation.
Dyeware nA substance which yields a dye.
Dyewood nBrazil wood. 2. any wood from which coloring matter is extracted for dyeing.
Dyer nOne who dyes, esp. one who dyes cloth etc. as an occupation.
Dying adjConnected with, or at the time of, death.
Dying phr"Dying Oath" - an oath made at, or with the solemnity proper to, death.
Dying phr"Dying Saying" - one's final words, as in the case of William Tyndale: "Lord, open the eyes of the King of England (Henry V111)."
Dying phr"To One's Dying Days" - the rest of one's life.
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