The Anglish Moot
Old English sb English
Dy n Dung, sediment
Dye n OE: color, hue, dye. 2. color produced by, or as by, dyeing, tinge, hue. 3. a material used for dyeing, especially color matter in solution.
Dye vb To tinge with a color or hue. 2. to fix a colour in the substance of. 3. to take a color (well or badly) in the process of dyeing.
Dye phr "Dyed in the Wool" - lasting, staunch in support.
Dye phr "Of the Deepest Dye" - extreme, fanatical in one's views, opinions.
Dyehouse n A building where a dyer carries on his work, especially of dye.
Dyeing n The process of impregnating with color. 2. the fixing of colors in solution in textiles, etc.
Dyeless adj Without a dye.
Dyelike adj Resembling or characteristic of a dye.
Dyer n One who dyes, esp. one who dyes cloth etc. as an occupation.
Dyeware n A substance which yields a dye.
Dyewood n Brazil wood. 2. any wood from which coloring matter is extracted for dyeing.
Dyer n One who dyes, esp. one who dyes cloth etc. as an occupation.
Dyer's broom n Geinista tinctora, also called Dyer's greenweed.
Dyer's moss n Roccella tinctoria, a lichen from which the purple dye orchil can be prepared.
Dyer's weed n A name for plants that yield a dye, esp. yellow weed or weld, Reseda luteola; also Dyer's greenweed or woadwaxen, and Dyer's woad, Isatis tinctoria.
Dyer's woad n Isatis tinctoria.
Dying adj Connected with, or at the time of, death.
Dying phr "Dying Oath" - an oath made at, or with the solemnity proper to, death.
Dying phr "Dying Saying" - one's final words, as in the case of William Tyndale: "Lord, open the eyes of the King of England (Henry V111)."
Dying phr "To One's Dying Days" - the rest of one's life.