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Ebb nThe influx of the tide. 2. transfig. and fig. the flowing away, backwards or downwards; decline, decay; changing from a better position to a worse position. 3. appearance or condition of decline or depression. 4. the shallows. 5. the shallow side of a vessel.
Ebb vbTo flow back or recede; to alternately ebb and flow. 2. to fall away or decline. 3. to cause to flow back. 4. to fish with stakes and nets to prevent the fish from getting back into the sea with the ebb.
Ebb phr"At Ebb" - to be dry.
Ebb phr"Be at An Ebb" - at a low or lowest ebb; nadir.
Ebb phr"Ebb and Flow" - the flowing out and in of the tide. 2. fig. a large flowing in and out. 3. move backwards and forwards regularly and continuously as the tides of the sea do, sometimes decreasing and sometimes increasing in quantity. 4. constantly movement (of somebody or something) changing the quantity throughout a period of time. 5. the decrease and increase in intensity of conversation, noise, abstract ideas.
Ebb phr"Ebb Away" - flow back and recede slowly, fade.
Ebb phr"Ebb Down" - flow back and recede.
Ebb phr"Ebb Off" - flow back and recede.
Ebb phr"On the Ebb" - in decline.
Ebbed adjOf water, wells: shallow, ebb-tide, not deep; having a slight supply.
Ebbed adjThat has flowed back. 2. that which has been left dry by the falling tide.
Ebberly advManifestingly, flagrantly.
Ebbiness nShallowness
Ebbing nThe action of something that ebbs and flows. 2. a gradual decline (in size or strength, power or number).
Ebbing adjThat ebbs, recedes, or flows back.
Ebbish adjVery shallow.
Ebbishly advFlowing in a very shallow way.
Ebbless adjNot liable to ebb, or to fall to a low point. 2. having no tendency to ebb or flow back.
Ebbness nShallowness; state or condition of flowing back.
Ebbtide nThe tide while water is flowing out. 2. the regular movement of the sea away from the coast.
Ebbtime nThe tide while water is flowing out. 2. the regular movement of the sea away from the coast.
Ebby adjHaving an ebb or receding direction.
Eber adjOE: aeblere. manifest, open, flagrant, unconcealed as in 'ebere morth' - see 'abere-murder'.
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