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Ed adjDistinguished in war, brave
Ed pfxAn OE prefix meaning 'again', 'back', 'anew', equivalent to 're' as in eddish, eddy, edgrowth, 'edquicken'.. after, once more. 2. forming words with the sense of 'again', 'against', 'backwards', as 'ednew', 'edwit' (disgrace, reproach, shame). 3. turning as in 'eddy' (The turning 'ed' of water 'ea'.
Edbote nRestitution, amends, satisfaction.
Edcher nBlood vessel, vein, eddre
Edder nFlexible wood worked into the top of hedge stakes in order to bind them together.
Edder vbTo bind the top of a hedge stake; interweaving.
Eddish adjAn after-growth of grass (or other plants) which grow after it has been mowed; also a field of such growth.
Eddre nBlood vessel, vein, eddre.
Eddy nOE: 'ed' (turning) & 'ea' (water)
Edge nThe boundary line of a surface. 2. an advantage, upside. 3. the thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument. 4. that which cuts as an edge does, or wounds deeply. 5. any sharp terminating border; a margin; a brink; extreme verge. 6. the sharpness; readiness or fitness to cut; keenness; intenseness of desire. 7. rim, border or part adjacent to the line of division; the beginning or early part.
Edge vbTo move an object slowly and carefully in a particular direction. move slowly and carefully towards a particular direction. 3. to win by a small margin. trim the margin of a lawn where the grass meets the sidewalk, usually with an electric or gas-powered lawn edger; to harrow. 5. to furnish with an edge; to build or construct an edging; to harrow. 6. to furnish with an edge, as a tool or weapon; to sharpen. 7. (figuratively) to make sharp or keen; to incite; to exasperate; to goad; to urge or egg on. 8. to delay one's orgasm so as to remain almost at the point of orgasm.
Edge phr"Be a Two Edged Sword" - to involve both advantages and disadvantages of similar significance.
Edge phr"Be On a Knife's Edge" - to be in danger.
Edge phr"Dull the Edge Of" - to deprive something a sharp edge; dull, take the edge off. 2. to diminish the effects of (something unpleasant or severe).
Edge phr"Edge Away" - gradually move away.
Edge phr"Edge (Get) In a Word" - to cautiously and politely push into a conversation.
Edge phr"Edge One's Way Along" - move slowly and with great care across etc.
Edge phr"Edge Out" - gradualy get rid of somebody.
Edge phr"Edge Up" - to increase or crept up gradually to a target bit by bit.
Edge phr"Edge With" - put around the edge of.
Edge phr"Fall by the Edge of" - be slain in battle. 2. be cut from the sword.
Edge phr"Fiddle at the Edges" - to do some relatively minor things which do not deal with the substance of the problem.
Edge phr"Get By the Edges" - to obtain information indirectly or imperfectly.
Edge phr"Give Somebody the Rough Edge of the Tongue" - scold, reprimand somebody.
Edge phr"Have a Leading Edge" - to have an advantage.
Edge phr"Have the Edge On" - have an advantage over.
Edge phr"Live On Edge" - to have an adventurous or perilous lifestyle. 2. to behave in a manner which creates risks for oneself. 3. to be caught in a distressful economic or social situation which one did not choose and which may threaten one's being.
Edge phr"Not Get a Word in Edgeways" - be unable to interrupt somebody who is talking continuously.
Edge phr"On Edge" - be anxious or nervous.
Edge phr"On the Edge of One's Seat" - be very excited at what is currently happening.
Edge phr"Plow On Edge" - to plow the soil on edge (into ridges).
Edge phr"Take the Edge Off" - take less severe, stringent.
Edge phr"Thin Edge of the Edge" - insignificant start of a worsening situation.
Edge phr"With One's Teeth on Edge" - to induce a tingling or grating sensation in one's teeth as afrom acid or harsh noises. 2. to jar one's nerves or to feel aversion.
Edged adjFurnished with edges or cutting edge. 2. sharpened, trenchant. 3. having an edged or lateral border, boundary; only with a defining prefix, indicative of colour, number, as 'red-edged'. 4. having a border of ornamental edging.
Edgeful adjHaving an abundance of edge(s); keen, cutting.
Edgelands nThe transitional areas of "fringe" space at the boundaries of a country, city, or other artificial geographical entity, often distinguished by a partly manmade, partly natural landscape that is in the earliest stages of human management and organization.
Edgeless adjThat has no edge (lit. & fig.)
Edgelong adjEdgeling, edgeways, on the edge; with an edge.
Edgepath nA path comprising edges laid end to end.
Edge play nAny sexual activity involving the risk of physical harm, such as blood play or asphyxiation.
Edger nOne who edges or puts an edge on something.
Edge tool nA hand-worked or machine-operated cutting tool. 2. any implement with with a sharp cutting edge.
Edgeware nIn ceramics, pottery vessels with decorated rims. 2. computer software that is very much cutting-edge, significantly innovative, either by taking a new approach to a task or by creating a completely new class of application or a completely new class of software..
Edgeways advOf position: with the edge of the broad surface uppermost, foremost, or turned towards the spectator. 2. edge to edge. 3. of motion: with the edge foremost. 4. on the edge, instead of the broadside.
Edgeways phr"To Get a Word in Edgeways" - (or, edgewise) to break into or take part in a conversation.
Edginess nThe condition of having the outlines too clearly marked. 2. angularity, hardiness of outlines. 3. the state of being edgy.
Edging nThe setting on edge of the teeth. 2. the putting of an edge or border to anything. 3. trimming of the edge of a lawn. 4. that which forms an edge to anything; a border, surrounding of a flower bed. 5. fringe, etc. on a sewn on the edge of a garment; a hem. 6. the trimming on a seam. 7. the action of moving by insensible degrees; an edging movement.
Edging adjThat moves by imperceptible degrees; hence, edgingly.
Edgingly advWhile edging, with short, timid.
Edging shears nShears for trimming the edges of a lawn.
Edgrew nThe aftermath; the aftergrowth of grass.
Edgy adjOf a knife: having an edge; sharp, cutting. 2. of a painting: having the outlines too hard; sharply defined. 3. full of edge or keenness; eager. 4. nervy, anxious, irritable. 5. in entertainment, on the edge between acceptable and good taste, risque.
Edhalde nWithstand, keep back, edhold
Edith nOE: 'Ead' riches & 'gyth', 'guth' war, strife, battle.
Edlen nReward
Edmede nGentleness, humbleness, humility; edmood.
Edmod adjEdmede, humble, meek, gentle.
Edmodded adjMeek, humbled.
Edmodlock nHumility, gentleness.
Edmodly advHumbly, meekly.
Edmodness nGentleness, humility, meekness.
Edocke nOE: eadocke: a broad leaf, water plant, the Clote or yellow waterlily.
Edwin nOE: 'ead' riches & 'wine' friend.
Edwite nEdwit, reproach, rebuke, taunt, taunting speech.
Edwite vbTo taunt, blame, reproach. 2. to make one the subject of reproaach.
Edwiting nThe action of rebuking or reproaching; a rebuke, reproach.
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