Old EnglishsbEnglish
Eel nAny fresh water or marine fish of the family, anguiline.
Eel vbTo catch eels. 2. to move with a sinuous motion like that of an eel.
Eel-bednA pond or preserve for eels.
Eeler nOne who catches eels.
Eel-fare nPassage of young eels up a river. 2. a brood of young eels.
Eelhood nThe rank and condition of a full-grown eel.
Eel-like adjResembling an eel by having a long, serpentine body.
Eel pot nA form of basket for trapping eels.
Eel-pout nA small broad-headed fish of cool or cold seas, having an elongated body and the dorsal and anal fins continuous with the tail.
Eel-skin nEel & Skin (Skin, from Late OE: from ON)- the skin of an eel. 2. a rag-and-bone man.
Eely adjEel-like; resembling the flesh of an eel. 2. moving like an eel; slippery. 3. wriggling, writhing.
Eem vbTo spare time. 2. to find an opportunity.
EerilyadvIn an eerie manner, strangely, ominously, sinsterly.
Eeriness nThe cndition of being erir
Eerisome adjCausing fear, eerie.
Eery adjOE: 'earg' (cowardly, fearful, strange, weird, fear inspiring) 2. fearful, timid.
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