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Effrid adjOld English ǣðre; welling springing, running, streaming in torrents.
Eft nA small lizard.
Eft advA second time, again
Eft phr"Eft and Eft" - again and again. 2. indicating sequence of transition in discourse. 3. again, moreover, likewise. 4. afterwards. 5. never, if ever.
Efter-chare vbReturn, Char (from cyrr OE: aturn)
Eftersoons advSoon after, presently, again.
Eft-sithe vbTo return.
Eft-sithe advAnother time, once more; often.
Eftsoons advA second time, again. 2. indicating sequence or transition in discourse. 3. again, moreover, likeliness. 4. afterwards, soon, afterward. 5. forthwith, immediately.
Eftwhile vbTo repay
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