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Eight nA numerical value equal to eight.
Eight phr"Have One Over Eight" - be slightly drunk.
Eighteen nThe cardinal number occurring after seventeen and between eighteen.
Eighteen-fold adjBy the factor of eighteen. 2. the start of the eighteen hour of the day. 3. the year 1800.
Eighteen-hundred adjThe number eighteen-hundred. 2. the start of the eighteen hour of the day. 3. the year 1800.
Eighteen-hundreds adjThe period from the year 1800 until 1899.
Eighteenish adjOf about eighteen years old.
Eighteenth adjThe ordinal for the number eighteen. 2. person of thing in the eighteenth position. 3. one of the eigheteenth points of a whole. 4. a party to celebrate a eighteenth birthday.
Eighth nThe cardinal form of the number eight.
Eightish adjAround about eight.
Eights nA set of this many (8) persons or things; as a crew of an eight-oared boat.
Eightscore nEighty
Eightsome n.Eight person group; Octet.
Eighty nThe cardinal number occurring after seventy-nine and before eighty-one.
Eiland n.Foreign land; also elland.
Eirmonger nA dealer of eggs.
Eisful adj.Fearful, terrible.
Eisfolk n.Frightening or terrifying person; a terrorist; an eisman
Eisle vbTo frighten, terrify.
Eisleiche advEislike, eisly ; fearfully, timidly.
Either advA determiner of two. 2. one of the other of two. 3. used before two or more not necessary exclusive possibilities separated by 'or' or sometimes by a comma.
Either conjIntroduces the first of two option.
Either prnBoth, each or two or more. 2. one or other of two persons or things.
Either-or adjDescribing a situation in which there are only two choices.
Eitherway advRegardless of what happens out of two possible situations).
Either-way adjDesignating a criminal offence which can either be tried on indictment before a judge and jury in the Crown Court, or by summary procedure.
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