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Eke nIn OE: a reinforcemant of troops. 2. an additions, an increase, a piece added or a supplement. 3. a supplement, postscript, appendix to a formal document.
Eke vb.To add to, increase, lengthen, grow.
Eke phr"Eke Out" - to make a livelihood or support an existence by various makeshifts. 2. to prolong (a speech or composition )by expedients devised for that purpose. 3. to continue to fill up (a certain amount of space in writing)
Eke phr"Every Little Eke" - every little bit.
Eke phr"To Eken" - in addition, besides.
Eke-name nA nickname
Eking nThe action of adding, making an increaqse, augmentation, increase.
Eking adjOf something made to last longer by using or consuming it frugally. 2. economized on, skimped on, be (more) economical with, make economies with, scrimped and scraped, saved; thrifty with, frugal with, sparing with, cut back on, budgeted,
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