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Embe advA variant of OE: ymbe with the meaning of about, around.
Ember nA hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from the fire and is glowing or smoldering.
Ember vbTo burn as an ember.
Ember days n(OE ymbrynen: revolution; running, course) twelve days of the year (divided into seasonal periods) set aside by the church for fasting and prayers. See" ember months, ember tide, ember weeks.
Embered adjStrewn with embers. 2. burnt to embers.
Ember-goose nSo called from its appearing of the coast in the ember days before christmas. 2. an almost extent residue of a past activity or feelings.
Emberings nEmber days: ember deriving from Anglo-saxon ymben - a circuit or revolution (from ymb, around and ryne: running) clearly relating to the annual cycle of the year.
Emberlike adjResembling an ember or some aspect of one.
Ember months nThe months September, October, November and December, esp. considered together as a period of heightened or intense activity. See; ember days, ember tide, ember weeks.
Embertide nThe time of the embers days. See: ember months, ember days, ember weeks.
Ember weeks nThe weeks of ember-time. See: ember days, ember months, ember tide.
Embe-uten advRound about.
Embsnithe vbTo circumcise.
Embthought nAnxiety, thought or care about something.
Emmet nAn ant.
Empt vbTo be at leisure (only in OE). 2. to pour forth, discharge, clear a vessel of it's contents.
Empted adjThat has been emptied of it's contents; emptied.
Emptier nOne who or that which empties
Emptily advIn an empty manner.
Empty adjOf a person at leisure; not occupiec or engaged. 2. having an empty stomach. 3. of the body: wanting or not having fullness; emaciated, shrunken. 4. weak of pulse. 5. not pregnant of a cow or farm animal. 6. of a house building: vacant. 7. void of space. 8. a ship or beast of burden: without a load. 9. not carrying anything in hand; empty-handed. 10. of things: wanting solidity and substance; unsatisfying, vain, meaningless. 11. destitute of money
Empty phr"Empty Out" - to remove all contents of. 2. allow to drain out. 3. allow to fall out.
Empty phr"Empty Into" - take out all contents of; and put, pour etc into another.
Empty-fisted adjBringing or lacking nothing. 2. having achieved or obtained nothing.
Empty-handed adjBringing or lacking nothing. 2. having achieved or obtained nothing. 3. bring nothing; esp. no gift. 4. carrying nothing away.
Empty-headedadjFoolish, lacking common sense.
Empty-hearted adjHaving no compassionate for others.
Emptying nThe act by which something is made empty or emptied .
Emptyish adjSomewhat empty.
Empty nest nHome or family where the children have grown up and moved away.
Empty nester nEither of a couple whose children have grown up and moved away.
Empty nesting nThe state of a family where the children have grown up and moved away.
Empty-word nLinguistics: a word which has no meaning in itself but serves a grammatical function, e.g. at, but, for.
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