Old EnglishsbEnglish
En sfxFem suffix Gyden: goddess; wylfen: she-wolf.
En sfxA english plural form now only found in 'oxen'.
End nEither extremity of something that has length. 2. the outside or extreme edge or physical limit; a boundary, as 'the end of town'. 3. the point in time when an action, event, or phenomenon ceases or is completed; the conclusion. 4. a result; an outcome. 5. something toward which one strives; a goal, an intention. 6. the termination of life or existence; death. 7. the ultimate extent; the very limit. 8. Slang : the very best; the ultimate. 9. a remainder; a remnant. 10. a share of a responsibility or obligation; a particular area of responsibility.
End vbTo bring to a conclusion. 2. to form the last or concluding part of. 3. to destroy. 4. to come to a finish; cease. 5. to arrive at a place, situation, or condition as a result of a course of action; often 'end up'. 6. to die.
End sfxReplaced by 'er' in ME - see almightend, demend (a judge), fiend, friend, healand (the healer: Jesus), shapend, slinkend, stigend, waldend.
End phr"All Ends Up" - completely. -
End phr"An End in Itself -looked as something its own right, although it was originally undertaken for another purpose. 2. plural: end-in-themselves.
End phr"At an End" - completed, exhausted, over.
End phr"At, Come, or Reach the End Of One's Rope" - the limit of one's patience, when one is frustrated or annoyed
End phr"At One's Wit's End" - out of patience, in state of despair. 2. perplexed, unable to proceed.
End phr"At The End of One's Rope\Tether" - limit of one's patience.
End phr"At the End of the Day" - finally, when everything has been taken into account.
End phr"At the End of the Rainbow" - (fig.)the place where all hopes and dreams are fulfilled.
End phr"At the La- at death.tter end of Life"
End phr"A World Without End" - forever and ever.
End phr"Be All and End All" - something considered to be of the utmost importance, something essential or ultimate.
End phr"Begin at the Wrong End" - to handle a situation or problem in a confused way. 2. not understand a situation correctly.
End phr"Be On the Losing End of the Stick" - be worse off while the other party to a dealing become corresponding better off.
End phr"Be the End Of" - cause the death of, demise.
End phr"Be Without End" - endlessly, for ever.
End phr"Burn the Candle at Both Ends" - work excessively long hours.
End phr"Come to a Dead End" - situation from which no progress can be made.
End phr"Come to An End" - finish, conclude, end. 2. die, pass away.
End phr"Come to a Sticky End" - die, end in a very unpleasant situation.
End phr"Draw to an End" - bring, come to a conclusion.
End phr"End for End" - in reverse position; inverted
End phr"End In" - have as its end, tip or extremity. 2. come to an end, reach an end, an end in. 3. have as its result (as a war)etc., culmination.
End phr"End It All" - commit suicide.
End phr"End of the Earth" - any extreme.
End phr"End of the Line" - enforce conclusion, where life finishes. limit, 2. a point at which no further progress is possible, where one is forced to stop, beyond which there is no hope. 3. the final place, goal at which one is aiming, where one can find peace, satisfaction, etc. 4. 'the end of the road'.
End phr"End of the Rainbow" - the place where one's hopes are fulfilled.
End phr"End of the Road" - the final place; goal; at which one is aiming , where one can find peace satisfaction. 2. the point at which no further progress is possible, where one is forced to stop, beyond which there is no more hope.
End phr"End of the World" - completely disastrous for somebody; that somebody comfortable way of life will or has come to an end.
End phr"End On" - with the end facing in the principal direction.
End phr"End on End" - place on top of one another.
End phr"End One's Days" - live out the last part of one's life in a particular way or place.
End phr"End Over End" - in a reverse situation.
End phr"End to End" - with the (short) side of one touching the (short) side of the next, and the longer sides forming a continuous line.
End phr"End Up" - finally arrive, finish, become.
End phr"End Up With" - finish up with, finish by doing or having.
End phr"For (An) End" - in conclusion, finally, to cut the matter short.
End phr"For Days on End" - for many consecutive days, for a long time.
End phr"Get Hold of the Wrong End of the Stick" - misunderstand.
End phr"Get the Better End Of" - get an advantage.
End phr"Get Through to in the End" - to achieve a satisfactory or successful result (in the end.)
End phrGo Off the Deep End" - to act in a reckless or agitated manner; lose emotional control.
End phr"Have at One's Tongue End" - to know by heart, be able to quote at readiness.
End phr"Have It's End Upon" - to have influence on.
End phr"Have the Wrong End of the Stick" - to be completely mistaken about something.
End phr"In At the Deep End" - in great difficulty.
End phr"In The End" - ultimately, in end, after all, in the long run; finally.
End phr"Keep One's End Up" - do one's share, contribute to a group effort.
End phr"Make End's Meet" - have sufficient financial resources or money to live on.
End phr"Make One's Hair Stand on End" - cause deep fear, revulsion.
End phr"Never Hear the End Of" - be constantly reminded of.
End phr"No End Of" - alot, much.
End phr"Not Know One End From the Other" - know nothing about something.
End phr"Not Look Beyond the End of One's Nose" - make only a superficial search.
End phr"Not See Beyond the End of One's Nose" - be without imagination or vision. 2. make only a superficial search. 3. be narrow-minded.
End phr"Not The End of the World" - the situation is not as bad as it seems.
End phr"Off the Deep End" - lose control of one's temper.
End phr"On End" -continuously, without a break.
End phr"On One's Beam End" -in a desperate situation.
End phr"Put An end To" - stop, end, finish; destroy.
End phr"Run Into a Dead End" - get now where in an investigation
End phr"The End" - the ultimate limit of.
End phr"The End Is Not Yet" - there are more, no necessarily good or positive) things going to happen or be endured, before better times arrive.
End phr"The Tail End of Something" - the very end of something.
End phr"Thin Edge Of the Wedge" - the beginning (insignificant in itself)of something that eventually leads to a major difficulty.
End phr"Think No End Of" - regard highly of.
End phr"Throw (somebody)In at the Dead End" - tackle a new situation with its most difficult aspect.
End phr"To An End" - consecutively, through period specified.
End phr"To No End" - without no result or apparent success.
End phr"To the End that" - in order that.
End phr"To This/That End" - to achieve a satisfactory or successful result in the end.
End-all nThe ultimate purpose, object, finale or conclusion.
End-all and End-all phrSomething considered to be of the utmost importance; something essential or ultimate.
End brain nThe telencephalon.
End-day n.Death's day, one's death day, apocalypse, revelation.
Ende n.The duck
Ender nSomething the brings an end to.
Endermost adjNearest to the end.
Endfall nFull of ends or aims, ambitious, busy.
Endfast advStanding upright.
Endfeet nThe somewhat enlarged, often club-shaped endings by which axons make synaptic contacts with other nerve cells or with effector cells (muscle or gland cells). Axon terminals contain neurotransmitters of various kinds, sometimes more than one.
Endfire nRadiation.
Endfully advIn a manner characteristic of having a goal, target or specific agenda. 2. ambitiously or busily.
Endgame nThe final stage of an extended process or course of events.
Ending nA termination, stop, concluding point, cessation, result, conclusion, death.
Ending-day nDay of one's death.
Endland nA frontier region.
Endlang advLengthwise, along.
End-leaf nA blank page at the beginning or end of a book.
Endless adjEternal, everlasting. 2. of things: extended in space: boundless, infinite, bottomless. 3. infinity.
Endless advHaving no end or limit
Endlesshood nThe quality or condition of being endless; eternal existence.
Endlessly advWithout ending; in an endless manner. 2. everlastingly, perpetually, unceasingly.
Endlessness nThe quality of being endless. 2. something that has no end. 3. infinite or everlasting existence. 4. something indefinitely extended or lengthened; an infinite space, an interminable length.
Endless gut nThe colon.
Endless-streets nThe suburban sprawl of a metropolis.
Endlong advAlong (as opposed to across) from end to end of.
Endly adjConclusive, final, extreme.
Endly advAt last, finally, extremely, very.
End-making nConclusion, settlement.
Endmark nA punctuation mark occurring at the end of a clause or sentence. 2. a typographical element that signals the end of an article.
Endmost adjNearest the end.
Endplay nA tactical move.
End run nAn attempt to avoid a difficult situation by avoiding it without confronting it directly.
Endsay nA final or closing word or remark; a conclusion..
Endship nSmall, outlying township; a small suburb, a hamlet.
Endsithe nOE. sithe: fate; death fate; andesithe.
Endspeech nA speech tacked on at the end.
End-stopped adjHaving a pause at the end of each line.
End times nThe end of days, last days, final das, eschaton, armaggeddon.
Endware nOE. ende-waru: a hamlet.
Endways advEndwise. 2. of position: with an end (as distinguished for a side) uppermost, foremost or turned towards the spectator.
Endways phr"Endways On" - in the direction of the ends; also end-to-end; in a direct line, continuously end front. 2. in the direction of the edge; lengthness.
Endwise advUright or standing on end. 2. with the end towards the front or towards the observer. 3. towards the ends.
Ene adjOf a sheep with young, or in lamb. (See; eanian, ean)
Ene advOn one occasion, once as opposed to often.
Enes advOnce, on one occasion. 2. at any one time, either part, present or future; esp. to mark the completion of an action. 3. at sometime or other; formerly, once upon a time.
Enes phr"At Enes" - at one and the same time.
Englaland nEngland.
England nThe region of the island of Great Britain.
Englander nA person of England or of English descent.
English nThe discipline that studies the English language and literature. 2. English an Indo-European language belonging to the West Germanic branch; the official language of Britain and the United States and most of the commonwealth countries. 3. English (sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist., 4. the people of England
English vbTo translate into English (a book, a passage.) 2. to give the equivalent English for a word, phrases. 3. to render in English orthography. 4. to anglicize. 5. to adopt a word into the English language; to give it a English character or form. 6. to subject to English influence.
English adjof or relating to or characteristic of England or its culture or people "English history","the English landed aristocracy","English literature" 2.of or relating to the English language.
English phr"The English Dearly Loved a Lord" - the English truly love their nobility.
English breakfast nA traditional breakfast of the English consisting of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, fried bread, sausages, etc.
Englished adjThat translated into English, as ' this work here given in englished words...'.
Englisher nAn English person.
Englishhood nThe state of being English.
Englishing nThe action of the verb 'to English'. 2. translation or translating into English (a book, a passage.) 2. the giving of the equivalent English for a word, phrases. 3. the rendering into English orthography. 4. the adoption of a word into the English language; the giving to it an English character or form. 6. subjection to English influence.
English ivy nHedera helix.
Englishly advIn an english manner. 2. after the manner of English people; like an English person. 4. by means of an English word.
Englishman nA person of English origin.
Englishness nThe quality or state of being English, or of displaying English characteristics.
English-saxon nAnglo-Saxon.
English-speaking adjSaid of a person, group, region etc; of an anglophone.
English-sweat sickness nAn infectious disease which caused many epidemics in Tudor England.
Enough dtrSufficient; all that is required, needed, or appropriate.  
Enough advSufficiently.  
Enough prnEnough; sufficient or adequate number, amount, etc.
Enough intjEnough! stop! Don't do that anymore, etc.
Enough phr"Enough is Enough" - I can tolerate no more; I have enough; I want no no more of this.
Enough phr"Enough Said" - what one said, done etc is quite or more than sufficient, so that nothing else needs to be said etc; there is no need to say more; all is understood.
Enough phr"Enough to Make One Weep" - so distressing or disgusting that one needs to or is made to weep.
Enough phr"Enough to Wake the Dead" - very loud and noisy.
Enough phr"Fair Enough" - I agree.
Enough phr"His Enough" - all that one can do.
Enough phr"Time Enough" - Have sufficient time enough to do something.
Enough-bote nSatisfaction in compensation for injury.
Enoughly adjSufficiently.
Enoughness nThe quality or fact of being enough; sufficiency, adequacy.
Enow nThe plural of enough.
Ent sfxSee 'end' as in fiend, friend, healand.
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