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Eve nEvening, the day before.
Eve vbTo immediately precede; as 'the night that eves the wedding day".
Eve phr"To Be On Eve (of something)" - a time immediately preceding. 2. to occur before some event.
Eve phr"Upon the Eve" - A time immediately preceding some action, eevnt, "To Be On Eve"
Even nThe latter part of the day, evening, eve-tide, evening time. 2. the eve of a holy day or church festival; as 'Fasting-even' or Shrove Tuesday. 3. even the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight)
Even vbTo make or become even. 2. make even or more even. 3. become even or more even. 4. make level or straight.
Even adjOf a piece of ground, country, etc., flat, plan, level, not hilly or sloping. 2, of a uniform height. 3. in a level position, horizontal; on an even level. 4. of surfaces or lines, uniform, without inequalit, smooth. 5. uniform throughout of colour, texture, quality, consistency. 6. of a path: straight and direct, 7. movement, speech: direct, straight forward, directly in front of. 8. of height: neither, higher or lower. 9. parallel. 10. accurate.
Even advAs an intensive especially to indicate something unexpected. 2. to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons even in spite of; notwithstanding. 4. to the full extent.
Even phr"Break Even" - make neither a profit or loss.
Even phr"Even a Little" - to any extent at all.
Even phr"Even As" - to do something, happen, at the very same time or moment as, just when somebody something else, something else happens.
Even phr"Even As We Speak" - right now, right at the moment, contemporaneously.
Even phr"Even Down" - of a person: upright, straight forward. 2. in a bad sense: downright, out and out. 3. of statements: downright, direct. 4. of things: downright, sheer, absolute.
Even phr"Even Forth" - straight on, equally. 2. to the extent of, in proportion to.
Even phr"Even If/ Though" - in spite of the fact or belief that something is the case, didn't happen or might have happen.
Even phr"Even Now/Then" - not at this or that moment (anymore than previously). 2. not manage, succeed, understand, believe. 3. at this precise moment (while somebody is doing something else).
Even phr"Even Off" - adjust for.
Even phr"Even Out" - level flat, without surface irregularities, smooth. 3. on the same level, plane or line, parallel. 4. free fro variation or fluctuations, regular. 4. equal in measure or quantity. 5. divisible by two, as a number. 6. denoted by such a number. 7. uniform in character, character or quality.
Even phr"Even So" - nevertheless, in spite of something that has happen, may or may not be true.
Even phr"Even the Score" - get one's back for some past action.
Even phr"Even Up" - to compensate exactly. 2. to bring into accord, reconcile. 3. to make equal. 4. to treat or represent as equal. 5. to put on the same level. 6. to talk of one person as a match for another in marriage. 7. to liken, compare. 8. to be or become even; to be equal or comparable. 9. to tally, agree with. 10. to act up to, keep pace with.
Even phr"Get Even" - get revenge; retaliate. 2. even up.
Even phr"On Even Keel" - smooth (a nautical term); generally plain, straightforward, uncomplicated.
Even-bell nA bell rung at evening time.
Even-down adjOf a person: upright, straight forward. 2. in a bad sense: downright, out and out. 3. of statements: downright, direct. 4. of things: downright, sheer, absolute.
Even-downadvStraight down, coming straight down.
Evener nOne who or that which makes even; esp. one a ? to be an equal division of something.
Evenfall nCommencement of evening, fall, dusk, twilight; gloaming.
Even-handed adjTreating all alike; impartial; fair.
Evenhood nEquality; position of equality; equal dignity or rank. 2. impartiality, fairness, equity, equilibrium, well-balanced state of mind.
Evening nThe coming of the 'even'. 2. the process or fast growing of dusk; the time at which dusk takes take. 3. the time just before sunset. 4. the close of the day. 5. the time from about sunset till bedtime. 6. transfig. & fig. the closing or declining period of a person's life; or of anything compared to the day. 7. an evening spent in a particular way; esp. an evening devoted to the entertainment of friends.
Evening nThe action of making even or smooth. 2. the action of comparing. 3. the condition of being even, equality.
Eveningless adjWithout or not having an evening
Evening-light nThe light of evening.
Evening-like adjResembling or characteristic of evening.
Eveningly advEver evening.
Evening out nSee 'even out'
Evenings advTaken place during the evenings.
Evening shift nWork done during the evening (4. pm. to midnight)
Evening song nA religious service, most commonly seen in the Anglican or Episcopal church, that takes place in the early hours of the evening.
Evening star nThe planet Venus as seen in the western sky in the evening. 2. less commonly, the planet Mercury as seen in the western sky in the evening. 3. an evening primrose, Oenothera biennis.
Evening tide nEvening (poetic.)
Evening-wear nClothes suitable for formal occasion in the evening.
Evenkind n.Of the same kindred
Evenleche vbEvenlock, to imitate.
Even-length nThe equinox: the time when the days and nights are of equal length.
Evenless adjWithout evenness, unrythmic, awkward.
Even-light nSee 'Evening light'
Evenlike adj.Same, like, imitiable
Evenliness nThe quality of being even; equality, evenness, stability, adaptation.
Evenling n.Equal, peer, of the same rank. 2. neighbour.
Evenlong adjOblong, in an oblong form; straight along, in a line.
Evenly advEqual; of the same character, degree, rank, weight. 2. of the same date. 3. equal to one's need; moderate. 4. of a person: fair, equitable, just, impartial. 5. of the grounds, roads, free from bumps, smooth, level, uniform.
Evenly advIn an even manner or degree. 2. uniform in surface or line; smooth. 3. without inequalities in level, from texture, consistency, depth of tint. 4. in a straight line, directly. 5. exactly, in an exact coincidence or agreement. 6. at the very moment; immediately. 7. of movement or action: without fluctuations, variation, equably, uniformly. 8. with equanimity or evenness of mind, security, tranquility. 9. without inclination to either side; in a state of equipoise. 10 under even conditions; without manifest advantage on their side. 11. impartiality, fairly, justly, equitably. 12. equally, in an equal degree or proportion. 13. in the same degree throughout. 14. in equal parts or shares; as much as one side as the other.
Even mete nSupper, evening meal.
Even-mete adjOf the same measure, size or standing.
Even-minded adjHaving equanimity.
Even-mindedly advIn an even-minded manner; calmly and dispassionately.
Even-mindedness nThe state of being calm, stable or composed, esp. under stress, equanimity.
Evenness nThe quality of being even.
Even-next advNeighbour.
Even-old nOne who is the same age; a peer.
Even-old adj.Coeval, of the same age.
Evensong nSong sung at evening time.
Even-time nEventide.
Evenwhile nEven-tide, even time.
Ever adj.Always, eternally
Ever phr'Am I Ever" - emphatically yes.
Ever phr"Did You Ever" - did you ever hear or see the like of. 2. an expression of puzzled surprize.
Ever phr"Ever Again" - never any time in the future.
Ever phr"Ever and Again" - now and then.
Ever phr"Ever and Often" - constant reiteration, continually.
Ever phr"Ever As" - as long as.
Ever phr"Ever Forth" - continually, constantly.
Ever phr"Ever in One" - unchanging.
Ever phr"Ever More" - increasingly (anxious, etc.) as time passes; more and more. 2. become, grow, seem. 3. extremely.
Ever phr"Ever Now and Now" - every now and then.
Ever phr"Ever Now and Then" -every now and then
Ever phr"Ever Now and Then Among" - every now and then
Ever phr"Ever since" - continuously since a specified time or event.
Ever phr"Ever So" - very, extremely. 2. very great etc. in number, quantity (of people, things) 3. many, much, few, little
Ever phr"Ever Such" - to say such with emphasis.
Ever phr"For Ever" - in all future time, for eternity, in perpetuity, incessantly.
Ever phr"For Ever and a Day" - for a very long time.
Ever phr"For Ever and Ever" - eternally.
Ever phr"Seldom if Ever" - never.
Ever phr"Seldom If Never" - never.
Ever-abiding adjEver enduring.
Everbearer nA plant or plant variety that produces flowers and fruit continuously throughout the growing season.
Everbearing adjBeing more or less continuously. 2. ever blooming of a tree, plant, flower, etc. 3. of fruit producing throughout the growing seasons in multiple times during a single growing season.
Everbeing adjThat always is, eternal, everlasting.
Everbeingness nThe state or condition of everbeing, being eternal, everlasting.
Ever-blessed adjAlways blessed or adored.
Everblessing adjAlways enjoying blessing; worthy to always be blessed or adored.
Everbrown nA plant that is for ever brown in colour.
Everburning adjPermanently burning, as the sun. 2. ever smoldering, smoking, slowly burning as of some forests.
Everfalling adjThat which falls unceasingly.
Everflowing adjThat which flows unceasingly.
Evergoing adjThat which goes on or continues for ever.
Evergreen nA plant that keeps green throughout the entire year.
Evergreen adjRelating to a plant that keeps green throughout the entire year.
Ever-greenness nState or condition ogf being evergreen.
Evergrowing adjWhich grows without ceasing, with no end in sight.
Everlast nSomething that lasts always or forever, contiue, remain, endure.
Ever-lasting adjLasting forever for a very long time; never-ending, endless, deathless, abiding, timeless.
Every-lasting phr"Every-lasting Love" - love lasting throughout life.
Everlastingly advContinually, forever, forevermore, eternally, unceasingly, through all time.
Everlastingness nThe absolute eternity; without beginning or end; or the past eternity, without beginning.
Everlasting-love nLasting or enduring through all time, eternally, indefinitely.
Everlearning nThose who learn unceasingly, refusing to be content with their current level of knowing and always striving to learn more.
Everlearning adjUnceasingly learning, refusing to be content with current level and always striving to learn more.
Everylearning phr"Every Learning but Never Knowing" - a morbid obsession with novelty. 2. learning unceasingly, but really finding ' the truth.'
Everlive vbTo live forever; live constantly or continually.
Everliving adjThat lives or will live forever. 2. immortal of name or fame, etc.
Ever-livingness nThe state or condition of being immortal.
Ever-loving adjThat loves unceasingly or unconditionally.
Everly advAlways, continually, constantly.
Evermore advFor all future times; always, at all times, constantly, continually.
Everness nPerpetuity.
Evernew adjEver new; remaining new not ageing.
Ever-ready adj
Ever-shifting adjWhich shifts frequently; and, presumably, will do so forever.
Ever since advContinuously, since a specific time or event.
Everwhat adjNo matter which, for any.
Ever-willing adj
Everwise advEternally wise or having wisdom.
Every detAll of a countable group, without exception. 2. used with ordinal number to denote those whose position is divisible by the corresponding cardinal number, or a position of equal size to that set.
Every phr"Every Bit As" - quite, every bit as.
Every phr"Every Bit, Every Whit" - altogether, entirely, quite.
Every phr"Every Cloud has a Silver Lining" - there are benefits even in seemimgly adverse situations.
Every phr"Every Day in Every Way, One is Getting Better and Better" - one can improve, is improving, one's life gradually over time by means of profound self examination
Every phr"Every Day is a School Day" - you learn something new every day.
Every phr"Every Dog Has Its Day" - good luck comes sooner or later. 2. everybody will, will at sometime in one's life, get one's turn at being successful.
Every phr"Every Inch" - totally completely
Every phr"Every King Needs His Queen" - every man needs a woman when his life is in a mess.
Every phr"Every Last" -every, without exception, used for emphasis.
Every phr"Every Last One" - Every person or item (in a group) included, with no person or item omitted; each and every.
Every phr"Every Little Bit Helps" - even though something that somebody has done for, or given to, one may be small, it it is not too small to be of some use; each gift though it may be small will eventually add up to a large total.
Every phr"Every Man and his/their Dog" - everybody; a large number of persons; most people.
Every phr"Every Man for Himself" - each person must look after himself or put him or herself first,
Every phr"Every Man is the Smith of his Own Well-being" - one must shape one's own future.
Every phr"Every Man's Right" - freedom to roam.
Every phr"Every Now and Again/Then" - on a number of occasions, at irregular intervals; every so often; now and again, now and then, from time to time.
Every phr"Every Once in a While" - every other while; at alternate periods; every now and then.
Every phr"Every One Else " - all other persons.
Every phr"Every Other " - alternate; every second in a series.
Every phr"Every Other Day" - every second (other in OE means second)day.
Every phr"Every Other Man" - missing the first, taking the second, and so on alternately; half or approximately half without actually numbering the particular group or or class.
Every phr"Every Other While" - at alternate periods; every now and then. 2. ever once in a while.
Every phr"Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud" - in seemingly positive situations, there are adverse aspects.
Every phr"Every So Often" - at irregular interval that may be frequent or not; every now and again; from time to time.
Every phr"Every Time" - whenever possible; whenever a choice can be made. 2. at each occasion that. 3. used to express a strong preference for something; whenever.
Every phr"Every Which Way" - every way, in every or all directions. 2. making up of each and all members of a group without exception. 3. being all possible. 4. being each of a specified succession of objects or intervals. 5. being the highest degree or expression of.
Every phr"Every which where" - more emphatic way of saying 'everywhere.'
Every phr"Every Whither" - in every direction.
Every phr"In Every Way" - in every direction, manner or respect.
Every bit adjExactly, to its full degree, as 'the team looked every bit a premiership contender.'
Everybody nEvery person; every one
Everybody phr"Everybody (everyone) and His Brother" - (("Every Man and their Dog"): everybody; a large number of persons; most people.
Everybody phr"Everybody and His Dog" - ("Every Man and their Dog"): everybody; a large number of persons; most people.
Everybody phr"Everybody and His Mother" ("Everyman and their Mother" : everybody; a large number of persons; most people.
Everyday adjAppropriate for ordinary use: rather than for special occasions. 2. commonplace, ordinary.
Everyday-man nThe common man; as, 'the everyday man of this workday world'.
Every-dayness nThe quality or state of happening every day, or frequently. 2. the product or result of happening everyday or frequently.
Every-day-world nEveryday life; the life of the ordinary man.
Every-day deal nA good deal (or one advertised as so.
Everyhow advIn every way.
Everylike adjEver in a like fashion, continually.
Everyman nIn literature: the archetypal ordinarily individual, frequently the protagonist in a parable of some sort.
Everyone prnEverybody; every person.
Everyone-else prnAll other persons.
Every other prnA reciprocal pronoun.
Every smoker nA person who ever been a s smoker. 2. at person who has smoked at least one hundred cigarettes, etc. during the course of their lifetime.
Everything prnAll the things under discussion; the essential consideration. 2. many of most things; a great deal. 3. all things; all the thing of a group or class.
Everything phr"Everything but the Kitchen Sink" - a lot of things.
Everything phr"Everything is Going One Way" - all that is happening is exactly as one wished; all that one has planned are in one's favor.
Everything phr"Everything Under the Sun" - everything.
Everything phr"Have Everything" - possess every attraction, advantage.
Everything phr"Hold Everything" - stop everything (you are doing).
Everything-maker nA maker of everything, usually contraptions. 2. the creator, God, supreme being.
Every wayadvIn every manner or way; in every direction. 2. in every respect.
Every-wayness nThe quality of extending in every direction.
Everyways advIn every direction.
Everywhen advAt all times, always.
Everywhence advFrom every direction.
Everywhere advIn any or every or part; in all places. 2. all over.
Everywhere phr"Here, There and Everywhere" - in ever possible place. 2. in all locations, ubiquitous.
Everywhere-always adjOmnipresent; everywhere-at-once, always-everywhere, every where-every when.
Every-whereness nUbiquity.
Every-wheres nIn all places; in every place; everywhere.
Every woman nIn literature: the archetypal ordinarily woman, frequently the protagonist in a parable of some sort.
Evese vbClip, cut hair, cut the coat of an animal, prune a tree, etc. 2. to cut short the hair of a person.
Evest nThe evening star.
Eve-star nEvening star.
Eve-tide nEventide
Eve time nEve-tide, eventide.
Eve-weed nHesperis matronalis: in reference to the fragrance of the blossom at evening.
Evil nMorally objectionable behavior. 2. the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice. 3. that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune.
Evil adjHaving or exerting a malignant influence. 2. morally bad or wrong "evil purposes","an evil influence","evil deeds" evil having the nature of vice. 3. bad, harmful.
Evil vbTo do evil, to harm, injure. 2. to ill-treat, to affect with disease. 3. to grow bad morally. 4. to fall ill, to be ill, sick.
Evil phr"Evil Doers are Evil Dreaders" - it is your suspicion, not your knowledge, which speaks.
Evil phr"Fall On Evil Days" - suffer unfortunate circumstances.
Evil phr"Give Somebody the Evil Eye" - the ability to cast an evil spell; do some harm, by means of a malevolent look, glare or glance.
Evil phr"Give Somebody the Evils" - glare at someone.
Evil phr"Speak Evil Of" - slander, denigrate.
Evil phr"The Falling Evil" - epilepsy.
Evil phr"To Have an Evil-head" - to be insane.
Evil phr"Put Off the Evil Day" - postpone something unpleasant for as long as possible.
Evil phr"The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them" - people will remember the bad or wrong things that somebody has done long after they have forgotten the good thing; the bad things that one does in one's lifetime continue to have an effect long after one's death.
Evil-boding nThe prediction or foretelling of a coming evil.
Evil-boding adjOminous, ill-boding, unpropitious.
Evil-doer nOne who does malefaction; a malefactor.
Evil-doer phr"Evil Doers are Evil Dreaders" - it is your suspicion, not your knowledge, which speaks.
Evil-doing nThe action of doing malefaction,
Evil-eye n.Look at with ill-will
Evil-eye phr"To Look With an Evil Eye" - a look of ill-will.
Evil-eyed adjA look thought capable of inflicting injury or bad luck on the person at whom it is directed
Evil-fare n.Ill-success, misfortune.
Evilful adjMalicious, harmful.
Evilfully advIn a harmful or malicious manner.
Evil-hearted adjHaving or holding malice towards other, expressing extreme dislike or hatred.
Evil-laughter nA sound produced by a person with or uttering an evil laugh.
Evil-less adjWithout evil, free from evil.
Evilly advViciously, wickedly, censureably. 2. with evil purpose or result; injuriously, maliciously, mischievously, noxiously. 3. unfavourably. 4. not well, badly, faulty, insufficiently, defectively, unhappily. 5. with difficulty, reluctantly, impatiently. 6. improperly, inappropriately.
Evil man nThe devil.
Evil-minded adjHaving evil thoughts or intentions.
Evil-mindedness nState or quality of having evil thoughts.
Evil-most adjMost evil. 2. most unlucky.
Evilness nBadness, viciousness, depravity, noxiousness. 2. ill-heaalth, illness. 3. poor or bad quality, inferiority.
Evil One nThe Devil, Satan, Lucifer.
Evil-saying nSaying or uttering words of malice and ill-will.
Evil-speaking adjSpeaking words of malice, slander and ill-will.
Evil-thewed adjEvil in manners and ways.
Evil-times n.An era or epoch of malevolence.
Evil-tongued adjEvil in word and utterances.
Evil twin nA duplicate or counterpart that acts in contrary, nefarious or insidious manner. 2. in computing, a rogue wireless access point near a legitimate one for the purpose of eavesdropping or phishing.
Evil-willed adjHaving n evil, malicious wit or mind.
Evil-willer nOne who wishes or wills evil upon another. 2. enemy, ill-wisher.
Evil-willing nEvil desire, malevolence, spite, hatred towards others.
Evil-willing adjHaving evil desires. 2. malevolent, spiteful readiness towards others.
Evil-willingly advGrudgingly, unwillingly.
Evil-wisher nOne who wishes or wills evil upon another. 2. enemy, ill-wisher, evil-willer.
Evil-wishing adjWishing bad luck, pain, misfortune on others.
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