The Anglish Moot
Old English sp English
Fade vb OE. fadian. - to dispose, sort, arrange, regulate. 2. orderly, tidy, discreet. *Fade: meaning to cause or lose color is not an Anglish word deriving from Old French
Fain n Gladness, joy, pleasure.
Fain vb To be delighted, glad, rejoice. 2. to desire, wish. 3. to pretend kindness. 4. to make glad, congratulate. 5. to rejoice in, enjoy, to take gladly, show preference for
Fain adj. Glad, rejoiced, well-pleased; hence necessitated, obliged; disposed willing, eager. 2. well-pleased, flattered, as 'fine words to make fair maidens fain.' 3. glad under the circumstances; glad or content to take a certain course in default of opportunity for anything better; the lesser of two evils. 4. necessitated, obliged. 5. disposed, inclined or willing, eager. 6. apt, wont, wish. 7. well disposed, favourably.
Fain phr "Fain and Fain" - gladly and willingly, done with pleasure.
Fain phr "Full Fain" - extremely glad and willing in dealing with others.
Fain phr "Glad and Fain" - happy and willing in dealngs with others.
Fain phr "I Would Have Fained Otherwise" - i would have been pleased, content anyway.
Fainhood n Gladness, joy.
Faining adj Gladsome, affectionate, also longing, wishful.
Fainlessly adv Without attempted evasion.
Fainly adv Gladly, eagerly.
Fain-ness n Quality or state of being fain. 2. eagerness, gladless, joy.
Fair n Something which is fair (in various senses of the adjective) as in between the fair and the foul? 2.(obsolete) a woman, a member of the ‘fair sex’; also as a collective singular, women. 3.(obsolete) fairness, beauty. 4. a fair woman; a sweetheart. 5.(obsolete) good fortune; good luck.
Fair adj Things in general: clean, unspoiled, unstained, beautiful, agreeable, delightful, considerable, free from blemish, elegant. 2. of animals: beautiful, handsome, as the roebuck, the swan, the partridge. 3. of sounds: agreeable, delightful. 4. desirable, reputable. of an estate: considerable, handsome in amount. 5. external manifestations, words, promises: attractive, or pleasing at first sight or hearing; specious, plausible, flattery. 6. of light complexion, free from blemish, disfigurement. 7. of fruit, flesh : sound, free from disease or specks. 8. of water: clean, pure, clear not cloudy. 9. handwriting: legible, cursed. 10. of a surface: free from roughness, or irregularities, smooth. 11. of character, conduct, reputation: free from moral stain, unblemished.
Fair phr "All's Fair in Love and War" - vigorous competition is acceptable in emotionally-charged situations.
Fair phr "Be a Fair Weather Friend" - someone who is friendly when one is having good fortune. 2. one unreliable in troubled times.
Fair phr "Be Fair Game" - a legitimate, or suitable object, object for exploitation, abuse, ridicule, teasing.
Fair phr "Bid Fair" - look promising.
Fair phr "Fair and Soft Goes Far in a Day" - courtesy and moderation will help one to effect a good deal of one's purpose.
Fair phr "Fair's do" - be fair.
Fair phr "Fair Enough" - that something is reasonable, agreed or acceptable.
Fair phr "Fair Fall You" - good befall you; good luck to you.
Fair phr "Fair, Fat, and Forty" - a teasing, derogatory, description of women in early middle-age.
Fair phr "Fair Go" - used in protest to implore or demand that someone acts in a fairer and more reasonable or equitable way.
Fair phr "Fair's Fair" - be fair, honest; just, equitable.
Fair phr "Fair to Middling"- slightly above the average.
Fair phr "Fair Weather or Foul" - whatever the weather is, or will be, in favorable or adverse circumstances alike, come rain, come shine.
Fair phr "Full Fed and Fair" - happy and well.
Fair phr "Get a Fair Deal" - a substantial amount, quality, quite a lot.
Fair phr "Go a Fair Way Towards"- be nearly enough.
Fair phr "Have the Fair of" - get the better of.
Fair phr "Keep fair with" - to be friendly with.
Fair phr "Make Fair Weather Of" - progress, go forward, succeed.
Fair phr " Make It Fair with" - to deal complaisantly.
Fair phr "Play Fair"- be honest, straightforward; obey the rules.
Fair phr "Speak Fair" - to speak civilly or courteously.
Fair phr "Stand Fair" - to be beautiful. 2. to earn the high opinion of.
Fair phr "With One's Own Fair Hands" - (facetious) by oneself/ personally with reference usually being a task, service or favor performed by oneself.
Fair-born adj Born of pleasant appearance. 2. born innocent and pure.
Faird n Ferd, fyrd, fare:to go. 2. motion, rush, impetus, hence impetuosity, violent onset.
Fair day n Success in battle, life, work.
Fair Deal n A set of proposals by US president Truman outlining action in economic development and social welfare.
Fair-Dealer n One who supports the proposal and program of Truman
Fair-dealing adj Honourable, honest.
Fair-doing adj Trustworthy.
Fairdom n The state, condition or property of being fair: beautiful, pleasing appearance, pure, clean and fresh; unblemished, innocent, etc.
Fair-eyed adj Having pleasing and attractive eyes.
Fair-fall n Good luck to.
Fair-faxed adj Having fair or blond hair
Fair field n An equitable chance.
Fair go n A reasonably one equitable opportunity to attempt something. (informal Aust & NZ). 2. to desist in something thought to be outrageous.
Fair-haired adj Having fair or light-coloured hair.
Fair-haired son n Favoured or favorite, blue-eyed boy.
Fair-headed adj Beautiful, attractive, appealing
Fairhood n Fairness, beauty.
Fair-in-sight n The flower 'The Bluebell"
Fairish adj Moderately good, passable, tolerably well (in health). 2. merry in drink. 3. considerable in amount. 4. in a fair manner, to a fair degree.
Fair-like adj In good condition, well-looking, healthy
Fairly adv Of appearance: beautifully, handsomely. 2. in a bad sense: speciously. 3. of writing: elegantly, neatly, courteously, respectfully. 4. candidly, impartially, without undue advantage on either side. 5. becomingly, fitly, properly, suitably, proportionately. 6. proper by lawful means, legitimately, opposed to foully. 7. gently, peacefully, quickly, sublety. 8. clearly, distinctly, plainly.
Fairlock adj Fairness, beauty.
Fair Maid of Kent n Crowfoot: Ranunculus acaniflorus.
Fair-minded adj Unbiased, impartial.
Fair-mindedness adj The state or quality of being unbiased and impartial.
Fairness n Condition or quality of being fair. 2. beauty, abstractly something that is fair. 3. of women: lightness of colour of skin, complexion. 3. equity, fair-dealing, honesty, uprightness, impartiality. 4. of gentlemen : courtesy.
Fairness phr "With Fairness" - by gentle means.
Fair play n Good behaviour and attitude in life generally.
Fair shake n (Slang) - a fair chance or treatment.
Fairship n Fairness, fair-dealing, honesty
Fairship-ness n Beauty, the personality of a fair-lady.
Fairsome adj Beautiful,
Fair-speaking adj Eloquent, fair-spoken, gifted with fair speech, fair-tongued. 2. courteous, pleasant. 3. of words: bland; pleasant
Fair-spoken adj Courteous.
Fair-sunned adj Well-sunned.
Fair-told adj Favorably told, favorably affecting one.
Fair-tongued adj Pleasant in speech and conversation.
Fair-water n A structure on a ship etc assisting its passage through water.
Fairway n The area between the tee and the green. 2. any tract of land free from obstacles. 3. a navigable channel in a harbor, the usual course taken by large vessels. 4. a navigable channel in a river or harbor deep enough to take the draft of a large vessel. 5. part of a golf course between the tee and the green.
Fair weather phr "To Make Fair Weather" - to flatter, give flattering reputation.
Fair-weathered adj Suitable for use only during fair weather.
Fair-weather friend n One who is friendly, helpful, available only when it's advantageous or convenient to be so. 2. one unreliable in troubled time.
Fair wind n A favorable wind.
Fair-world n A good time, state of prosperity.
Faken n Fraud, guile, wickedness, crime.
Faken adj Deceitful, fraudulent.
Faken-deed n A wicked deed, a sin.
Fakenfulness n Deceitfulness, deceit.
Fakenless adj Without deceit, simple, innocent.
Faldage n An old privilege by which the lord of the manor could set up folds in any field within the manor, in which his tenants were obliged to put their sheep, the object being to manure the land.
Faldfee n Some kind of manorial dues, as "fald and fee".
Faldstol n An armless chair used by bishops and other prelates. 2. a movable, folding-stool or desk at which worshippers kneel
Fall n Debouching of a river; the place where this occurs: the mouth. 2. something that falls, as a trapdoor; pitfall. 3. the act of moving to a lower position under the effect of gravity; descent, drop. 4. a reduction in quantity, pitch, etc; dip, drop, lowering reduction. 5.(chiefly North America, obsolete elsewhere, from the falling of leaves during this season); autumn. The time of the year when the leaves typically fall from the trees; autumn; the season of the year between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. 6. a loss of greatness or status; downfall (of Rome). 7.(sports) a crucial event or circumstance. 8.(cricket, of a wicket) the action of a batsman being out. 8.(curling) a defect in the ice which causes stones thrown into an area to drift in a given direction. 8.(wrestling) an instance of a wrestler being pinned to the mat. 9.(informal, US) blame or punishment for a failure or misdeed. 10. the part of the rope of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting. 10. blame; punishment: the rap.
Fall vb. To move downwards. 2. to move to a lower position under the effect of gravity. 2. to come down, to drop or descend. 3. to come to the ground deliberately, to prostrate oneself. 4 to be brought to the ground. 5. to be moved downwards. 6. 9obsolete) to let fall; to drop.  7. (obsolete) to sink; to depress, as in "to fall the voice" 8. .(UK, US, dialect, archaic) to fell; to cut down, as in "to fall a tree" 9. to happen, to change negatively. 1O. to become, as to fall ill. 11. to occur on a certain day of the week, date, or similar; said of an instance of a recurring event such as a holiday or date. 12. to collapse; to be overthrown or defeated. 13. euphemistic: to die, especially in battle or by disease. 14. to become lower (in quantity, pitch, etc). 15.(followed by a determining word or phrase) to become. 16. to be affected by or befallen with a calamity. 17. to change into the state described by words following. 18. to become prostrated literally or figuratively. 19. to be allotted to; to arrive through chance, fate, or inheritance. 20.(obsolete) to diminish; to lessen or lower. 21.(obsolete) to bring forth. to fall lambs. 22. (obsolete) to issue forth into life; to be brought forth; said of the young of certain animals. 23. to descend in character or reputation; to become degraded; to sink into vice, error, or sin. 24. to become ensnared or entrapped; to be worse off than before. to fall into error; to fall into difficulties 25. to assume a look of shame or disappointment; to become or appear dejected; said of the face. 26. to happen; to come to pass; to chance or light. 27. to begin with haste, ardour, or vehemence; to rush or hurry, after meeting, they fell to blows. 28. to be dropped or uttered carelessly, words fell carelessly from his lips.
Fall phr "Axe Has Fallen" - it is now too late.
Fall phr "Fair Fall or Foul Fall" - may good or evil befall you.
Fall phr "Fall About" - be helpless, esp. with laughter.
Fall phr "Fall About One's Ears" - fall utterly, crash about someone's ears, lose his whole world; ones achievements.
Fall phr "Fall About Laughing" - laugh about uncontrollably,as a listener, audience etc.
Fall phr "Fall After" - of a dream, to come true.
Fall phr "Fall Among" - to come upon by chance, or hap.
Fall phr "Fall At " - at hand; to be near at hand. 2. to be going to happen.
Fall phr "Fall Away (to)" - one who falls away from religion; apostasy. 2. to abandon one's principles; desert, revolt. 3. of surfaces: to incline or slope abruptly, as a field. 4. became few or thin, diminish; decline; sink, drop to a lower.
Fall phr "Fall Back" - retreat, withdraw of troops, army
Fall phr "Fall Back Upon/On" - have recourse to in difficulty. 2. call upon for support or comfort in hard times. 3, last resort everything else fails.
Fall phr "Fall Behind" - beaten, be overtaken or overwhelmed to one's competitors. 2. lag behind, drop behind, move back behind others.
Fall phr "Fall Behind With" - fall behind with payments, installments etc. 2. fail to pay on time.
Fall phr "Fall Below" - of water, earnings, production, etc. dropped lower than permitted or desired level.
Fall phr "Fall Between Two Stools" - fail to be either of two satisfactory choices or alternatives, as in a scheme, plan, proposal, show.
Fall phr "Fall by the Wayside" - fail to continue an endeavor or undertaking. 2. fail to go forward in life. 2.act with dishonesty and misdeed.
Fall phr "Fall Down" - of a person, building, collapse: fall to the ground. 2. perform poorly, fail to deliver (a payment). 3. of an argument, proposal : fail, not succeed; be inadequate. 4. fail to make progress in life.
Fall phr "Fall Down on It" - fail to make a success of it; not being able to handle it.
Fall phr "Fall For" - be captivated or deceived by. 2. become in love with. 3. yield to the allure, charm or merits of.
Fall phr "Fall Forth" - to fall out, (to drop out; to happen, occur, to quarrel, fight. 2. to tumble down, fall down
Fall phr "Fall Foul of" - have a confrontation, quarrel with, have a disagreement with; fall out with in a way that exposes one's weakness, ignorance, misdeeds.
Fall phr "Fall From" - fall off of; fall out of (favor,) (power,) etc.
Fall phr "Fall Head Over Heels" - be very much in love.
Fall phr "Fall Hook, Line and Sinker" - allow on to be persuaded by an argument, propaganda,a scam.
Fall phr. "Fall In" - realize, understand. 2. to come upon by chance; light upon. 3. take one's place in a formation; form into ranks when on parade. 4. collapse inwards; give way, as a roof; trench; walkway, wall. 5. expire, as a lease.
Fall phr "Fall in a Heap" - of a proposal: to collapse utterly.
Fall phr "Fall In Alongside Of/Beside" - become part of a group. 2. join a group or party of people that is already walking on marching along.
Fall phr "Fall In Hand to" - to set oneself a course of action; set upon a person.
Fall phr "Fall In/Into Line" - take in place in the ranks. 2. conform, accept or collaborate with others or majority (usually meekly or tamely).
Fall phr "Fall In Love (with)" -develop a strong attraction for, great love for, esp. a romantic or sexual love.
Fall phr "Fall Into" - drop accidentally into something, by tripping over an obstacle. 2. to come upon by chance. 3. be divide into parts, components as an article, subject, etc.. 4. be in a coma, fall into a deep sleep, fall into a trance, become comatose. 5. fall into, acquire, take on bad ways or habits.
Fall phr "Fall Into Line/ Step With" - begin to walk instep with somebody. 2. (fig.) start to accept, agree or follow rules, procedures laid down by others.
Fall phr "Fall Into the Right Hands" - fall into a favorable position or in the hands or care of a reliable person.
Fall phr "Fall Into the Wrong Hands" - fall into the possession of malignant forces. 2. of documents, secrets that become known to the enemy or an opposing side.
Fall phr "Fall in With" - adopt, comply with s.t. already existing, join. 2. meet by chance. 4. encounter, meet, join (sometimes after a long break). 4. or agree with, accede to, support a proposal of, scheme, suggestion, coincide with.
Fall phr "Fall Off" - of a request, demand, income: lessen, decrease, drop off, diminish, become fewer or lessen. 2. of standards, service; quality: worsen, deteriorate.
Fall phr "Fall of Man" - the degeneracy of the humankind in consequence of the disobedience of Adam.
Fall phr "Fall of the Drop" - in theatrical parlance, means the fall of the drop curtain.
Fall phr "Fall On" - to come upon by chance; catch a sight of, see. 2. occur on, take place on. 3. be borne by, be incurred by. 4.attack fiercely; seize greedily
Fall phr "Fall On Deaf Ears" - not be heard or taken notice of; deliberately ignore (because others are not there or don't wish to listen.
Fall phr "Fall on Evil Days" - to sink into poverty or suffer similar misfortune.
Fall phr "Fall On One's Feet" - make a quick recovery often (with some good luck) after a period of difficulty. 2. be lucky to survive a risk.
Fall phr "Fall On (to) One's Knees" - kneel down, genuflect for mercy, clemency or favour.
Fall phr "Fall On Stony Ground" - said of ideas, etc., which meets with no response and fail to take root.
Fall phr "Fall Out" - a quarrel, dispute, disagreement. 2. of the hair coming away from the scalp; teeth coming away from the gums, etc. 3. drop out of a military formation. 5. come to pass, result, happen, take place, occur.
Fall phr "Fall Out Of" - gradually discontinue something. 2. fall from a height. 3. fall from an enclosed space at a high or low level.
Fall phr "Fall Out of Love with" - no longer be strongly attracted (or have love for)to a partner.
Fall phr "Fall Outside" - not be something which one can deal with, understand; stand outside a matter.
Fall phr "Fall Out With" - be or become unfriendly or on bad terms with, usually after an argument or quarrel.
Fall phr "Fall Over" - fall over and hit the ground (after slipping, tripping, fainting). 2. fall from an upright or horizontal position.
Fall phr "Fall Over Backward to do Something" - go or make every effort to great effort to please. 2. take a special care, go to great pains (esp. to please somebody).
Fall phr "Fall Overboard" - fall from the deck of a ship or vessel into the water.
Fall phr "Fall Over Oneself to do Something" - to be unusually enthusiastic; strive eagerly to bring about, competitive. 2. be awkward, clumsy, stumble through haste.
Fall phr "Fall Over One's Feet" - be very clumsy.
Fall phr "Fall Short" - be or become deficient or inadequate. 2. of
Fall phr "Fall Short Of" - fail to reach or obtain a specified amount. 2. be less than required, satisfactory or desired.
Fall phr "Fall Sick' - become ill.
Fall phr "Fall Through" - come to nothing; fail to happen, not eventuate or occur. 2. fail, miscarry.
Fall phr "Fall to" - begin or start an activity of some kind; as, begin to eat; work, etc. 2. start, begin something.
Fall phr "Fall to Ground" - collapse, crumble, break down, as an argument, theory. 2. crumble, fail because of lack of proof, evidence.
Fall phr "Fall to One's Lot" - becomes one's duty or responsibility.
Fall phr "Fall Under" - be classified, be placed within a certain category some matter, question.
Fall phr "Fall Under the Spell of Somebody" - be charmed, captivated,entranced by somebody or something.
Fall phr "Fall Upon" - attack fiercely. 2. catch sight of, see, come across. 3. be incurred by. 4. be borne by.
Fall phr "Fall Upon Hard Times" - suffer, hardship, misfortune.
Fall phr "Fall Upon Somebody to do Something"- become one's responsibility to do something
Fall phr "Fall Upon Someone's Ears" - be heard, become audible
Fall phr "Fall Upon Somebody's Neck" - fawn, be obsequious.
Fall phr "Fall What Can" - what will fall, happen, befall
Fall phr "Fall With" - correspond to, be parallel to, go together, synchronize, fail with.
Fall phr "Fall Within" - be something which someone can understand, be able to deal with, handle, discuss comfortably.
Fall phr "In the Fall" - in the autumn, at the fall of the leaf.
Fall phr "It Falls to Somebody's Lot to do Something" - it becomes someone's undertaking or responsibility to arrange, design, work out, welcome.
Fall phr "It Falls Out That" - happen, come about, occur, as, 'how did it fall out that John and Mary arrive at the station the same time'.
Fall phr "Riding for a Fall" - acting or behaving in a way that is likely to get you into trouble. 2. take a course likely to lead to disaster.
Fall phr "Roof Has Fallen In" - an enterprise has collected.
Fall phr "Wheels Fell off" - the plan has failed.
Fall phr "Where the Axe Falls" - who gets terminated.
Fall-back n A reserve, something that may be used as an emergency. 2. a falling back or a reuction
Fall-back adj Reserve, emergency.
Fallen adj Having lost one's reputation or honor. 2. killed in war.
Fallenness n The state of being fallen; esp. degeneracy, (degeneration) consequent upon "The Fall"
Fallen-stars n The plant "Tremella nostoc"
Fallen woman n One who has surrendered her chastity.
Faller n A person, animal, or thing that falls, esp. an animal or person in a race. 2. the value of shares on the stock market when they fall. 3. a timber-cutter.
Falling n Decrease, lessening. a coming-down.
Falling adj Decreasing in amount or degree; decreasing - becoming less or smaller. 2. falling - becoming lower or less in degree or value. 3. falling - coming down freely under the influence of gravity.
Falling phr "The Falling of the Leaf" - autumn, fall. 2. depression of the soul.
Falling phr "Falling in Love"- (see: 'fall in Love'.) come to have feelings of love or intense liking for (each other). 2. the state or condition of being enamored or being in love.
Falling-out n A quarrel.
Falling-sickness n Epilepsy.
Falling star n A meteor; a shooting star.
Falling-weather n Applied to the weather in which rain, snow or hail falls or may be expected to fall.
Fall-less adj Having no Fall or Autumn. 2. fruit that stays on the vine. 3. aa boxer who cannot be knocked down.
Fall-line n The brink of a plateau, as indicated by waterfalls.
Fallness n The state or condition of falling.
Fall-off n Decrease, deterioration, withdrawal.
Fall-out n Consequences, blowback; harm, disadvantage. 2. radioactive refuse.
Fallow n Ground plough and harrowed, but left uncropped for a year or more. 2 Fallowness: the condition of being fallow, idleness
Fallow vb Fade, wither, grow pale, blanch. 2. to plough
Fallow adj Pale brownish or reddish yellow in colour
Fallow-deer n Cervus damo or Dama vulgaris.
Fallowed adj Of land, ploughed but left unseeded.
Fallow-finch n. The plant wheatear (saxicola oeananthe)
Fallowing n The action or operation of ploughing and breaking up land; an instance of this. 2. method or system by which land is ploughed.
Fallowness n The condition of being fallow. 2. idleness, lethargy.
Fall-pipe n A downpipe.
Fall-through vb To fail to happen or occur, like unfurling of a sail. 2. to drop or fall freely under the influence of gravity, as leaves falling from a tree.
Fallway n A well or opening, through the successive walls of a warehouse, factory, deck of a ship, providing access for material, goods or people. 2. a hydraulic canal for a water-powered mill.
False adj Origin: Old French borrowed into Old English before 1000; 2. uttering or declaring what is untrue: a false witness. 3. not faithful or loyal; treacherous: a false friend. 4. tending to deceive or mislead; deceptive. 5. not genuine; counterfeit. 6. dishonestly; faithlessly; treacherously: 'did he speak false against me? 7. play someone false, to betray someone; be treacherous or faithless. 8.not in accordance with the truth or facts. 9. irregular or invalid: a false start. 10. untruthful or lying: a false tale. 11. not genuine, real, or natural; artificial; fake: false eyelashes. 12. being or intended to be misleading or deceptive. 13. based on mistaken or irrelevant ideas or facts: false pride. 14. ( prenominal ) (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified: false hellebore. 15. serving to supplement or replace, often temporarily: a false keel 16. music a. (of a note, interval, etc) out of tune. b. (of the interval of a perfect fourth or fifth) decreased by a semitone. c. (of a cadence) interrupted or imperfect.
False phr "Play (Someone) False" - to betray someone; be treacherous or faithless.
False dawn n A transient light which precedes the true dawn by about an hour (a phenomena common in The East, also fig.
Falsedom n Treachery, truthlessness, falsehood.
False-hearted adj Disloyal, perfidious.
False-heartedness n Disloyalty, and perfidious behaviour
Falsehood n The property of being false. 2. a false statement, especially an intentional one; a lie. 2. mendacity, deceitfulness. 2. the trait of a person who is mendacious and deceitful. 4. a untruthful, a fabrication.
Falsely adv In a false manner.
Falseness n The characteristic of being false.
False rib n A floating rib.
Falseship n The quality of being false. 2. untruthfulness, dishonesty, decency.
False-tongued adj To deliberately give a false interpretation of something, misrepresentive, untruthful.
False start n An invalid or disallowed start in a race. 2. an unsuccessful attempt to start something.
False teeth n Dentures.
Falsework n Construction work, such as scaffolding. 2. facilitate the erection of the main works.
Fan n An instrument for winnowing grain. 2. a basket for separating corn from chaff by throwing it into the air. 3. instrument for blowing a fire. 4. an apparatus, usually with with rotating blades , giving a current of air for ventilation. 5. delta of a river.
Fan vb To winnow corn or corn. 2. to flap like a bird in flight; flutter. 3. of the wind: blow to move or drive the air about; also, to stir water in this way. 4. to wave to create movement of air.
Fan belt n A belt that drives fan to cool the radiator in a motor vehicle.
Fand vb To put to proof by test (a person or thing). 2. to make a trial of one's strength or skill. 3. to taste or try food. 4. to prove, try, try to find out, experiment with. 5. to examine, scam. 6. to test, tempt, prove God. 6. to endeavor to lead into evil (tempt). 7. in a good or neutral sense: to try to induce someone to do something. 8. to have experience of dealing with a person or matter. 9. to have carnal knowledge with. 10. to enquire, seek. look for, enquire into a matter. 11. to search a place for, explore. 12 to ask. 13. to attempt, ask. 14. to busy oneself, to go, precede. 15. to attempt to undertake deed or action. 16. to take care of.
Fanding n The action of trying. 2. a testing or putting to proof; a trial. 3. a trying to do or find out something. 4. an attempt, experiment. 5. temptation. 6. tempting by providence.
Fane n Pennant, banner, flag. 2. weathercock
Fang n A catch, grip, a tight grasp, capture. 2. the act or fact of catching or seizing. that which is caught or taken; plunder, spoils, booty. 3. an instrument for catching or holding, a noose, trap, snare.
Fang n A tooth, a human tooth, a canine tooth. 2. a canine tooth, tusk, applied general to animals, spec. to teeth of dogs, wolves, etc. 3. the venom tooth of a snake. 4. mandible of an insect. 5. a claw. talon. 6. a tapering pointed part of anything which is embedded in something else. 6. a tang, spike, tang of a tooth. 7. root of a tooth, or one of the prongs that divide it.
Fang vb To grasp, seize, hold on to, take hold of, lay hold of something or someone. 2. of a thief: "taken in fang" (plunder).
Fang phr Fang Christendom: to take up christian belief; receive Christian baptism.
Fang phr Fang Mankind: to become human in nature, to welcome, receive a guest, promise, resolve, undertake;
Fang phr "Fang One's Way" - to undertake a battle. 2. to take or engage a person or a thing for a purpose; promise, resolve. 3. to take one's way, go proceed. 4. go set about, proceed, begin, start.
Fang phr Fang to- to take one's way, sponsor in
Fang phr Fang Up: to pluck up the heart or courage; to take up, get, procure.
Fang phr Fang With in the embrace; with or under the protection or safety of.
Fang phr Lose the fang- to miss one's aim; fail in an attempt.
Fang phr "Strike one's Fangs into" - to bite, savage, menace.
Fanging n The action of verb: grasping, seizing, catching, lay hold of. 2. the action of earning wages. 3. the action of standing sponsor.
Fangless adj Toothless, without fangs. 2. of a tooth having no roots.
Fangy adj Having a number of fangs or teeth. 2. that divided into fangs. 3. resembling fangs.
Fanner n One who winnows grain with a fan. 2. one who fans himself or others. 3.
Fanning n The action of winnowing. 2. the sifting of tea. 3. the fanning or moving of of air with a fan.
Fanning-out vb Spreading out.
Far vb To put off, remove (only in the expression of a wish).
Far phr "As Far As One Can See" - in one's judgement. 2. to the extent one can judge.
Far phr "As Far As One Can Go" - used to denote, or to imply, degree of limitation, incompleteness or inadequacy.
Far phr "Be Far and Away" - absolutely, without equal.
Far phr "Far Afield" - far away.
Far phr "Far and Near" - everywhere' from all, many places or directions.
Far phr "Far and Wide" - everywhere, to all or many places or directions.
Far phr "Far Be It From Me" - presumptuous and self-denigrating remark.
Far phr "Far from Doing Something" - not doing something as expected, but doing something else.
Far phr "Far from It" - by no means; not at all.
Far phr "Far from It" - certainly not; just the opposite.
Far phr "Far from Something" - certainly not; by no means; not at all.
Far phr "Far Out and Away" - to a very great degree.
Far phr "How Far?" - to what extent?
Far phr "Too Far Gone" - in an extremely advanced state.
Far-away adj Distant, remote, extreme. 2. a long time ago.
Far-awayness n The state or quality of being remote (ness), distance, longly removed sate. 2. what is faraway: distant parts. 3. the dim distance. 4. film taken at a distance, as distinct from "close-up".
Far-back n Remote in space; inaccessibility. 2. the most remote districts or back settlements.
Far-being n The state of being at a distance.
Far-between adj Occurring at long intervals; infrequent.
Far-born adj Born along ago.
Far-come adj hat which has come from a distance.
Fard n Ferd, fyrd, fare -to go. 2. motion, rush, impetus, hence impetuousity, ardour, violent onset.
Far-day n The latter part of the day; the high day.
Fardel n OE. forth part.
Far-down n An Irish-American belonging to a family which emigrated from the North of Ireland. 2. a poor person, needy, indigent.
Far-down adj Situated or existing below.
Fare n A going, journeying, course, passage, voyage. 2. expedition for a journey; the rigging out of a ship; apparel, belongings. 3. a road, track. 4. track or trace of a rabbit or hare. 5. a number of person prepared for a journey. 6. a troop, multitude; a swarm of flies. 7. a passage or excursion for which a price is paid; cost of conveyance (now of persons only), but formerly, also of money for goods transported. 8. passengers collectively, convoy of passengers that engage a vehicle plying for hire. 9. mode of proceeding, bearing, demeanour, appearance, aspect. 10. doings, proceedings, actions, fighting. 11. display, pomp, commotion, uproar, fuss. 12. condition, state or state of things, welfare of things, prosperity, success. 13. food, in regard to it's quality; supply or provision (abundance or scarcity)
Fare n A farrow, a litter of pigs.
Fare vb To go, travel. 2. to get along, succeed (well or badly); to be in any state, or pass through any experience, good or bad; to be attended with any circumstances or train of events. 3. to eat, dine. 4. to happen well, or ill.  [quotations ▼] We shall see how it will fare with him
Fare vb To have a litter.
Fare phr "To Fare On" - to rush on, attack, assault.
Fare phr "To Let Fare" - to let go
Fare phr "To Make Fare" - a thing to make use of, employ, possess, live upon (food), make plentiful of food.
Far East n "The Far East" - the extreme far-eastern regions of The Old World, esp. China and Japan.
Far-eastern adj Pertaining or belonging to the extreme east; The Orient.
Fare forth vb To go about, to go forth, depart, start. 2. to go on, advance, with respect to space and time. 3. to go by, pass way.
Fare-free adj Fee paid on the quitting of a tenancy.
Far-end n The extremities; the last stages of life, strength, resources.
Farer n Voyager, tripper, distant traveler, seafarer, wayfarer, far-farer, far-goer.
Far-eyed adj Far-sighted, far-seeing.
Farer n Voyager, tripper, distant traveler, seafarer, wayfarer, far-farer.
Fare-thee-well n Farewell; goodbye.
Fare up vb To get.
Farewell n A wish of happiness or welfare at parting, esp. a permanent departure; the parting compliment, a goodbye, adieu. 2. an act of departure, leave-taking, a last look at, or reference to something.
Farewell vb To bid farewell, say goodbye.
Farewell intj Goodbye, as in "she said farewell".
Farewell adj Parting, valedictory, final.
Farewell phr "Bid Farewell" - the payment on quitting tenancy. 2. an after-taste, tang. 3. applied to a point where one bids farewell or parts from anothure person.
Farewell phr "Farewell Fieldfare" - said to one of whom the speaker wishes to see no more, in allusion to the fieldfare departure northward at the end of winter.
Farewell phr "Go Farewell" - to go away; be dismissed.
Farewell phr "Fare you Well"- goodluck, best wishes, good fortune to you,
Fareworthy adj Having the right to go as one pleases. 2. free to go. 3. capable to leave (a place). 4. able to depart 9at one's wall). 5. somewhat unrestrained.
Farfarer n Far-goer, distant voyager or traveler.
Far-fetched adj Brought from far; foreign. 2. of pedigree: traced from remote origin. 3. devious, circuitous. 4. of an argument, notion, simile, etc. studiously, sort out, strained, not easily or naturally introduced.
Far-fetchedness n The state of being far-fetched, remote, not easily introduced, etc.
Far-forth adv To a great distance or extent for.
Far-forth day n Late in the day, high day. 2. in reference to distance in state, space, time, as some day (time) far into the future; thus far forth, so far forth that.
Far-forthly adv To a great or definite extent; also entirely excellent.
Far-goer n One who travels far or long distances.
Far-gone adj Advanced to a great extent or age.
Far-hand n The condition or standing of one that seeks employment away from home.
Faring n Journeying, travelling, an instance of this. 2. condition or state ; esp. a passing condition of the body. 3. entertainment; also, plural (farings)- made dishes.
Faring adj That has a specified condition or state, as well faring, better faring, best faring.
Faringly adv Like one in a specified condition; in a well, ill, conditioned manner
Farish adj Somewhat far;
Farish phr "Farish On" - late (far into) in time, as, "getting farish in years".
Farish phr "Getting Farish in Years" - getting advanced in years, elderly.
Farland adj Coming from a distance; foreign.
Farly adv To a great extent or distance.
Farm n May be related to farm : a tract of land leased. 2. food, provision, hence a banquet, feast.
Farm vb To cleanse, empty, purge.
Farmer n One who cleanses, empties, purges.
Farness n State or fact or being far; remoteness. 2. also occasionally of sight: far-reachingness. 3. amount of distance. 4. distant part, distance.
Far-off adj Long ago, long-time ago as, " far-off years, when he had his share in life's true wealth, bright youth and health". 2. far, distant, remote ( in space, in time, in relationship). 3. of thoughts, looks, (fig)- distant, from a former time (in eyes).
Far-off phr "In the Far-off" - in the past; in the future.
Far-offness n The state or fact of being far off; distant.
Far out adj Remote, distant. 2. of music, fashion, trends, latest, most progressive, kind, avant-garde, excellent, splendid, far-fetched.
Far-reaching adj That reaches for (extensive lit & fig.) 2. exerting an influence or producing an effect which extends in space or time.
Far-reaching-ness n The state or quality of being far-reaching in various senses.
Farrow n A young pig. 2. a litter of pigs. 3. of a sow "with farrow": with young. 4. an instance of farrow or farrowing - producing a litter.
Farrow vb Of a sow: to bring forth young. 2. to produce a litter.
Farrowing n The giving of birth to a litter (of pigs).
Far-seeing adj Far-sighted, far-eyed.
Far-side n "The Far-side" - the right-handed side.
Far-sight n The ability to see far (lit & fig.)
Far-sighted adj Furnished with the capacity for distant vision. 2. (fig.) - forecasting, prudent, shrewd. 3. able to see an object at a distant, more clearly than one at close hand.
Far-sightedly adv In a far-sighted manner
Far-sightedness n The state of being far-sighted.
Farther adv More far.
Farther adj Of or pertaining to being distant. 2. of or greater distance in degree or of extension in time.
Farther-deal n An advantage.
Fartherer n As in a "fartherer of the truth"
Farthermore adv Furthermore.
Farthermost adj Most remote or distant; furthermore.
Farthing n A coin worth one fourth or quarter of a penny. 2. name of various measures of land, as "a quarter of a hide." - a virgate ( aa rendering of the OE. gierdland); a quarter of an acre.
Farthing phr "Not worth a Brass Farthing" - virtually worthless.
Farthing-deal n One fourth part of anything; a quarter. 2. a quarter of an acre: a rood.
Farthing-land n A measure of land mentioned in the Domesday Book, supposed to have consisted of a few acres.
Farthing-less adj Without a farthing; destitute, poor, very needy, impoverished.
Farthing-worth n As much as is bought or sold for a farthing; a very small amount.
Far-went adj That has wended or travelled far.
Fas n A border, fringe. 2. something worthless.
Fash n A fringe; anything with a fringe. 2. resembling a fringe. 3. the tops of carrots, turnip, or mangolds. 4. rough edge or ridge left on nails, bullets etc.
Fash adj Hairy.
Fast n The act or practice of abstaining from food or of eating very little food

2.The period of time during which one abstains from or eats very little food.

Fast vb To abstain from food, or eat very little, especially for religious or medical reasons.
Fast adj Old English fæst - fast, fixed, firm, secure; constant, steadfast; stiff, heavy, dense; obstinate, bound, costive; enclosed, closed, watertight; strong, fortified. The original sense of “secure, firm” is now slightly archaic, but retained in the related fasten (“make secure”). 2.(dated) firmly or securely fixed in place; stable, as "make it (the loose rope) fast! 3. firm against attack; fortified by nature or art. 4. of people: steadfast, with unwavering feeling, as a "fast friend".) 5. moving with great speed, or capable of doing so; swift, rapid; occurring or happening within a short time: quick, rapid, speedy, swift. 6. computing, of a piece of hardware : able to transfer data in a short period of time. 7. deep or sound (of sleep); fast asleep (of people). 8 .of dyes or colours) not running or fading when subjected to detrimental conditions such as wetness or intense light; permanent; colour-fast. 9. obsolete tenacious; retentive.  10. colloquial: having an extravagant lifestyle or immoral habits, as "she's fast – she slept with him on their first date; easy, slutty. 11. ahead of the correct time or schedule (as a clock). 12. of photographic film more sensitive to light than average.
Fast adv In a firm or secure manner, securely; in such a way as not to be moved, firmly, tightly, securely. 2. of sleeping : deeply or soundly. 3. immediately following in place or time; close, very near. 4. quickly, with great speed; within a short time. 5. ahead of the correct time or schedule. 5. quickly, rapidly, speedily, swiftly.
Fast vb To abstain from food, or eat very little, especially for religious or medical reasons.
Fast phr "Come In Thick and Fast" - to arrive quickly and in great volume.
Fast phr "Fast or Loose" - ignore one's obligations, which are acknowledge to another. 2. to be slippery, inconsistent, inconstancy.
Fast phr "Life in the Fast Lane" - existence full of exciting, but worthless activity.
Fast phr "Pull a Fast One" - take an unfair advantage. 2. engage in a dirty trick.
Fast phr "To Live Fast" - to expend quickly one's vital energy. 2. to have lived a dissipated life.
Fastback n A car with a roof that slopes to the back.
Fast day n A day of fasting.
Fasten n Fasting, an act of fastening.
Fasten vb To make fast, firm or stable. 2. to establish, settle, confirm. 3. to become firm. 4. to set firm or solid. 5. to strengthen, harden. 6. to sure, confirm, agree, ratify (an agreement). 7. to fortify. 8. to make fast (in fetters); to render unable to move. 9. to make fast to something else, attach, tie or bond of any kind 10.
Fasten phr "Fasten the Feet" - to get or obtain some foothold. 2. to become firm. 3. to set firm or solid. 3. to strengthen, harden.
Fasten phr "Fasten Upon" - use with material objects: stick to, adhere to, attach to. 2. choose, in a keen alert way, for special consideration, seize upon.
Fasten phr Fasten Together" - to sew, connect, join.
Fastener n One who fastens. 2. that which serves to fasten anything. 3. a warrant for arrest.
Fastens n Sometimes spelt fastens: the eve of or day before Lent- the fast of Lent: Shrove Tuesday.
Faster n One who abstains from food.
Fast fingers n A crafty thief. 2. adroitly and highly efficent in the practice of pickpocketing and theft.
Fastfolk n An engaged couple. 2. fiancee and fiancee.
Fast-food n A type of meal that is often standardized, prepared and served quickly. 2. a type of food that is quickly made, but of little nutritional value; junk food. 3. anything standardized, quickly available and inexpensive, but often of low value.
Fast forward adj A control on a tape or video player for advancing the tape rapidly. 2.
Fast forward vb To advance a tape rapidly, sometimes while simultaneously playing it at high speed.
Fast-gong n Fast-gong tide; fasting: Shrove Tide.
Fastingly adv In a fasting manner, abstemiously, sparing.
Fastish adj Somewhat fast.
Fastland n The mainland, as distinguish from islands. 2. the continent (Europe); a continent.
Fast lane n On a multi-laned road, the lane intended or reserved for vehicles moving at a faster speed. 2. (fig. by extension) any situation or activity where the pace is rapid.
Fast lane phr " In the Fast Lane" - in a lifestyle, employment, position or other set of circumstances where the rapid pace is exciting, frantic or risky.
Fast life n A life full of excitement.
Fastly adv In a fixed or steady manner. 2. firmly, unwaveringly. 3. without intermission or cessation. 4. closely, security. 5. quickly, rapidly, speedily; hence readily.
Fast-mass n Shrove-tide.
Fastness n Quality or state of being firmly fixed, fixedness, stability, firm attachment. 2. fidelity, loyalty, firm adherence. 3. close alliance. 4. quality or state of being compact or close; density, solidity. 5. of style: conciseness, pithiness. 6. capacity for gripping tightly or retaining; tenacity, retentivenss. 7. security from invasion, safety, strength. 8. difficulty of access. 9. rapidity, swiftness. 10 of persons: quality of being fast in manner, talk or living mode. 11. that which fastens or keeps fast. 12. support, help. 13. a stronghold, fortress.
Fastrede adj Firm with purpose; steadfast.
Fast-rooted adj Fixed firmly.
Fast-rootedness n The condition or state of being firmly fixed.
Fastship n Quality of gripping tightly, parsimony.
Fast-talk n To use clever talk in order to persuade someone to do something rash.
Fast-wind vb Wind (magnetic tape) rapidly backwards or forwards.
Fast worker n One quick to purse women in amatory context
Fat n A vessel, a container, a vessel of silver or other metal; esp. one holding holy water. 2. a vessel of a large size for liquids, a tub; a brewer vat, a wine cask. 3. cask or barrel containing dry things. 4. a measure of capacity.
Fat vb To bedaub with fat or grease. 2. to cover thickly. 3. grow or become fat. 4. to make fat, fatten, feed up (animals). 5. to enrich the soil, fertilize with nutritious and stimulating elements.
Fat adj Carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one's body. 2 .carrying a larger than normal amount of fat: chubby, chunky, corpulent, obese, overweight, plump, porky (slang), rotund, tubby, well-fed; obese. 3. bountiful.
Fat phr "A Fat Lot Of Good" - little or no good.
Fat phr "As Fat As a Young Thrush" - plump, usually in a pleasant, healthy looking way.
Fat phr "A Bit of Fat" - an unexpected stroke of fat.
Fat phr "Chew the Fat" - talk at length (but usually inconsequentially)
Fat phr "Fat as a Pig" - grossly overweight.
Fat phr "It's Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings" - one should not presume the outcome of an event which is still in progress.
Fat phr "Live Off the Fat of the Land" - the greatest part of anything. 2. the finest and most abundant store of resources. 3. the cream of the crop.
Fat phr "The Fat Is In The Fire" - the action has caused trouble. 2. action with unstoppable consequences has now been initiated.
Fat phr "Live Off the Fat of the Land" - the greatest part of anything. 2. the finest and most abundant store of resources. 3. the cream of the crop.
Fat phr "The Fat Years and the Lean Years" - years of abundance, prosperity and years of want or need.
Fat phr "Trim the Fat" - to reduce something by cutting away the fat or excess. 2. to lose weight by dieting or excess.
Fatback n Salted pork from the back of a hog carcass.
Fatberg n A large accumulation of fat and other discarded toiletries which block sewers.
Fat-cat n Originally a phrase in US used to describe a rich political donors. 2. any affluent person who is perceived to have profited fro the labor of others. 3. a high-ranking public servant.
Fat finger n A supposed cause of typographical errors.
Fat-free adj Without fat or fat solids; fatless.
Fat-guts n A man with a fat belly or stomach, often resulting from the frequent consumption of alcohol.
Fat-head n A fool, imbecile, dolt
Father n A male who sires (and often raises) a child. 2. male donator of sperm which resulted in conception or fertilization. 3. a term of respectful address for an elderly man. 4. term of respectful address for a priest. 5. person who plays the role of a father in some way. 6. the founder of a discipline or science.
Father phr "Father Knows Best" - as an expert I know better than you what is most suitable for you.
Father phr "Father of Lies" - Satan, Lucifer, the Devil
Father phr "Father of the Waters"- The Mississippi
Father n "Ghostly Father" - the title given to a confessor or spiritual director.
Father phr "God The Father" - the first part of the Trinity.
Father phr "The father of ..." - the inventor, founder of.
Father n "The Holy Father" - The Pope; His Holy Fatherhood.
Father-God n The God of creation.
Fatherhood n The state or condition of being a father.
Fathering n The act or serving as a father to a child. 2. the provision of sperm that united with the egg to produce a child. 3. the creation or making of an organization, movement, etc.
Father-in-law n The father of one's husband or wife.
Fatherkin n Descent from or by the father's side; spearside.
Fatherland n The land of one's birth; one's country.
Fatherland phr "In Fatherland" - at home, living in one's country of birth; land of one's fathers; the mother country.
Fatherlandish adj Pertaining to or of one's country.
Fatherlandless adj Unpatriotic. 2. stateless, born at sea, without a nationality.
Fatherless adj Having no father. 2. without a living father. 3. of a book etc, without a known author, anonymous.
Fatherlessness n State or condition of being fatherless.
Father-like adj Resembling one's father. 2. having the bearing and aspect of one's father. 3. such is as proper to a father; such as a father would do.
Father-like adv In a fatherly manner, fatherly.
Fatherliness n Quality of being a fatherly. 2. fatherly in characteristics, function or feeling.
Fatherly adv Paternal, of or pertaining to ancestors, ancestral, venerable. 2. resembling a father; hence venerable in character or demeanour. 3. in a fatherly manner, as a father with a father care and affection.
Fathers n "The Fathers" : the fathers of the ameriacan constitution, the "founding fathers."
Father's Day n A day established for a special tribute to fathers.
Fathership n The paternal state or relation. 2. of a father: paternity, fatherhood.
Father-to-be n A male partner of a pregnant woman (mother-to-be), especially when for the first time.
Fathom n The embracing arms = bosom (OE. only). 2. fig. grasp, power. 3. object of the embrace - the wife of thy bosom. 4. stretching of the arms in a straight line to the full extent. 5. breadth of one's comprehension, grasp of intellect or ability. 6. a measure of length. 7. length by outstretched arms, including the hands to the tip of the longest finger; hence a definite measure of six feet.
Fathom vb To encircle with extended arms.
Fathom phr "Fathom's deep" - deep in many respect. 2. excessively deep.
Fathom phr "Fathom's down" - very deep.
Fathom phr "Fathom Out" - discover or devise an explanation for.
Fathom phr "Fathom Together" - to embrace a person; to embrace mutually.
Fathoming n Mental reaching, the extent and capacity of reasoning. 2. the depth of thoughts, penetrative searching, delving.
Fathom-less adj That cannot be measured with a fathom line; a measureless depth. 2. an abyss (metaphorical). 3. that cannot be penetrated or wholly understood; incomprehensible.
Fathomlessly adv In a fathomless manner.
Fathom-lessness n State or condition of being fathomless.
Fatless adj Without fat or greasy matter.
Fatling n A calf, lamb or other young animal made fat for slaughter. 2. small and fat
Fat lip n A swelling or cut on the lip caused by a blow or punch.
Fatly adv Grossly greasy; plentiful. 2. to a great extent, largely, clumsily.
Fatness n Quality of being fat, or overweight. 2 plumpness, corpulence. 3. breadth or thickness. 4. of a, or belonging to a tree: oiliness, juiciness. 5. of soil: unctuousness, fertility, luxuriance 5. that which makes fertile; of a fertilizing property or virtue.
Fat stock n Livestock fattened for slaughter.
Fat tail n A high probability of an extreme outcome (statistics).
Fatten vb To make plump. 2. fatten for market or slaughter. 3. to grow fat, become fat, become thicker. 4. to enrish the soil 5. fig. & transfig. to pamper.
Fatten adj What has been made fat.
Fatten phr "Fatten On" - grow rich at the expense of somebody else.
Fatten phr "Fatten Up" - give an animal or person plenty to eat, causing him/her or it to put on weight.
Fattening n The process of making fat or becoming fat. 2. the action of thickening.
Fattily adv A morbid disposition of fat.
Fattiness n The quality or condition of being fat or fatty.
Fattish adj Somewhat fatty or fat. 2. somewhat greasy or unctuous.
Fattishness n The quality of being fattish.
Fatty adj Resembling fat; the nature of fat, unctuous, oligenous, greasy. 2. besmeared with fat, greasy. 3. of animals and their limbs: full. 4. of fat, plump, well-fed. 5. of a leaf: full of sap, juicy. 6. marked by a morbid disposition of fat. 7. tending to producing fat. 8. a fat person (a nickname).
Fatty-liver n Fatty-liver or steatosis is the buildup of fat in the liver.
Fat-ware n Cattle made fat for market.
Fat-witted adj Slow and dully, mental unalert, thick-headed, anyone's fool, stupid, ready to be used or exploit.
Fatwood n A heartwood of pine trees, impregnated with resin, useful in the manufacture of pitch and pine tar.
Faw adj OE. fay; in modern English would normally be fough or fow. 2. coloured, stained, streaky, particoloured, variegated. 2. of an object that reflects light. 3. bright, glancing, gleaming, twinkling.
Fawn vb To fawn upon. 2. to wag the tail. 3. to caress, pat the head of a dog. 4. to effect with a servile fondness. 5. to court favour or notice by abject demeanour. 6. to fawn upon a person, his looks, etc. 7. to cringe to (a person); curry favour, flatter, cajole, wheedle.
Fawner n One who fawns, cringes, a toading, a sycophant.
Fawnguest n A fawning parasite, a sycophant, toady. 2. one who swindles another under the guise of friendship.
Fawning n Said of animals: cringing, servile, flattery or homage. 2. an instance of this.
Fawningly adv In a fawning manner. 2. caressingly, joyfully. 3. cringing, flattering, servilely.
Fawingness n A fawning disposition or demeanour. 2. cringing behavoiur, servility.
Fawn n A young deer. 2. a pale-brown colour tinted with yellow like that of a fawn. 3. fawn colour. 4. a whelp.
Fawn vb To exhibit affection or attempt to please. 2. to seek favour by flattery and obsequious behaviour (with 'on' or 'upon'). 3. of a dog: to wag it's tail, to show devotion.
Fawn adj Of a fawn colour, pale-brown.
Fawn phr 'Fawn On' - attempt to win somebody's favor by servile behavior.
Fawnish adj Of a colour, some what resembling pale-brownish.
Fawnsome adj Of a animal: disposed to fawning, showing fondness.
Fawny adj Fond. 2. somewahet fawnish-brown
Faw-thistle n Labrum veneris: lit. coloured thistle or teasel.
Fax n The hair of the head. 2. the face (derisively)
Faxed adj Having hair; hairy.
Faxed-star n A comet, from it flowing tail's resemblance to hair flowing in the breeze.
Fax-wax n A strong fibrous band extending from the dorsal vertebrae to the occiput, and supporting the head in many mammals, as the horse. (Also "paxwax").
Fay vb OE fegan: to unite; to fit, adapt, or join. 2. to put together, unite closely with, add, compose. 3. fix or fasten in position. 4. to fit, furnish with. 5. to suit, to match with. 6. of a coat: to fit or fay in. 5. to suit, match with. 6. do, suit, go on. favourably, succeed. 7. shipbuilding: to fit (a piece of timber) closely or accurately to another. 8. of timber: to fit close, so as to leave no intervening space.
Fay adj OE faege: fated; about to die, doomed; fey.
Fay phr Fay "Upon Long" - to postpone. 2. to fix at a distant point (in time).