Old EnglishspEnglish
Fade vbOE. fadian. - to dispose, sort, arrange.
Fain nGladness, joy, pleasure.
Fain vbTo be delighted, glad, rejoice. 2. to desire, wish. 3. to pretend kindness. 4. to make glad, congratulate. 5. to rejoice in, enjoy, to take gladly, show preference for
Fain adj.Glad, rejoiced, well-pleased; hence necessitated, obliged; disposed willing, eager. 2. well-pleased, flattered, as 'fine words to make fair maidens fain.' 3. glad under the circumstances; glad or content to take a certain course in default of opportunity for anything better; the lesser of two evils. 4. necessitated, obliged. 5. disposed, inclined or willing, eager. 6. apt, wont, wish. 7. well disposed, favourably.
Fain phr"Fain and Fain" - gladly and willingly, with pleasure.
Fain phr"Full Fain" -
Fain phr"Glad and Fain" -
Fain phr"I Would Have Fained Otherwise"
Fainhood nGladness, joy.
Faining adjGladsome, affectionate, also longing, wishful.
Fainlessly advWithout attempted evasion.
Fainly advGladly, eagerly.
Fain-ness nQuality or state of being fain. 2. eagerness, gladless, joy.
Fair n
Fair adjThings in general: clean, unspoiled, unstained, beautiful, agreeable, delightful, considerable, free from blemish, elegant. 2. of animals: beautiful, handsome, as the roebuck, the swan, the partridge. 3. of sounds: agreeable, delightful. 4. desirable, reputable. of an estate: considerable, handsome in amount. 5. external manifestations, words, promises: attractive, or pleasing at first sight or hearing; specious, plausible, flattery. 6. of light complexion, free from blemish, disfigurement. 7. of fruit, flesh : sound, free from disease or specks. 8. of water: clean, pure, clear not cloudy. 9. handwriting: legible, cursed. 10. of a surface: free from roughness, or irregularities, smooth. 11. of character, conduct, reputation: free from moral stain, unblemished.
Fair phr"Fair Enough"
Fair phr"Fair to Middling"- slightly above the average.
Fair phr"Full Fed and Fair"
Fair phr"Have the Fair of" - get the better of.
Fair phr"Make Fair Weather" -
Fair phr"To Make It Fair with" - to deal complaisantly.
Fair phr"To Stand Fair" - to be beautiful.
Fair-ankled adj
Fair-born adj
Faird nFerd, fyrd, fare:to go. 2. motion, rush, impetus, hence impetuosity, violent onset.
Fair day nSuccess in battle, life, work.
Fair Deal n
Fair-Dealer n
Fair-dealing adjHonourable, honest.
Fair-doing adjTrustworthy.
Fair-eyed adj
Fair go n
Fair-haired adjHaving fair or light-coloured hair.
Fair-haired son nFavoured or favorite, blue-eyed boy.
Fair-headed adjBeautiful, attractive, appealing
Fair-in-sight nThe flower 'The Bluebell"
Fairish adjModerately good, passable, tolerably well (in health). 2. merry in drink. 3. considerable in amount. 4. in a fair manner, to a fair degree.
Fair-like adjIn good condition, well-looking, healthy
Fairly advOf appearance: beautifully, handsomely. 2. in a bad sense: speciously. 3. of writing: elegantly, neatly, courteously, respectfully. 4. candidly, impartially, without undue advantage on either side. 5. becomingly, fitly, properly, suitably, proportionately. 6. proper by lawful means, legitimately, opposed to foully. 7. gently, peacefully, quickly, sublety. 8. clearly, distinctly, plainly.
Fairlock adjFairness, beauty.
Fair Maid of Kent nCrowfoot: Ranunculus acaniflorus.
Fair-minded adj
Fair-mindedness adj
Fairness nCondition or quality of being fair. 2. beauty, abstractly something that is fair. 3. of women: lightness of colour of skin, complexion. 3. equitableness, fair-dealing, honesty, uprightness, impartiality. 4. of gentlemen : courtesy.
Fairness phr"With Fairness" - by gentle means.
Fair play n
Fairship nFairness, fair-dealing, honesty
Fairship-ness nBeauty, the personality of a fair-lady.
Fairsome adjBeautiful,
Fair-speaking adjEloquent, fair-spoken, gifted with fair speech, fair-tongued. 2. courteous, pleasant. 3. of words: bland; pleasant
Fair-sunned adjWell-sunned.
Fair-told adjFavorably told, favourably affecting one.
Fair-tongued adj
Fairway n
Fair-weathered adj
Fair-weather friend n
Fair-world nA good time, state of prosperity.
Faken nFraud, guile, wickedness, crime.
Faken adjDeceitful, fraudulent.
Faken-deed nA wicked deed, a sin.
Fakenfulness nDeceitfulness, deceit.
Fakenless adjWithout deceit, simple, innocent.
Faldage nAn old privilege by which the lord of the manor could set up folds in any field within the manor, in which his tenants were obliged to put their sheep, the object being to manure the land.
Faldfee nSome kind of manorial dues, as "fald and fee".
Faldstol nAn armless chair used by bishops and other prelates. 2. a movable, folding-stool or desk at which worshippers kneel
Fall nDisemboguement of a river; the place where this occurs: the mouth. 2. something that falls, as a trapdoor; pitfall.
Fall vb.
Fall phr"Fall after" - of a dream, to come true.
Fall phr"Fall at " - at hand; to be near at hand. 2. to be going to happen.
Fall phr"Fall away" - one who falls away from religion; apostasy.
Fall phr"Fall back"
Fall phr"Fall Back Upon"
Fall phr"Fall behind" -
Fall phr"FalL By"
Fall phr"Fair fall or Foul Fall" - may good or evil befall you.
Fall phr"Fall For"-
Fall phr"Fall forth" - to fall out, (to drop out; to happen, occur, to quarrel, fight.
Fall phr"Fall From" -
Fall phr."Fall in" -realize, understand. 2. to come upon by chance; light upon.
Fall phr"Fall in Hand to" - to set oneself a course of action; set upon a person.
Fall phr"Fall Into" - to come upon by chance.
Fall phr"Fall in With" - adopt, comply with s.t. already existing, join
Fall phr"Fall on (upon)" - to come upon by chance.
Fall phr"Fall on One's Feet" -
Fall phr"Fall Through" -
Fall phr"Fall To" -
Fall phr"Fall Under"
Fall phr"Fall Upon"
Fall phr"Fall What Can" - what will fall, happen, befall
Fall phr"Fall With" -
Fall phr"Fall Within"
Fall phr"Ride for a Fall"
Fallenness nThe state of being fallen; esp. degeneracy, (degeneration) consequent upon "The Fall"
Fallen-stars nThe plant "Tremella nostoc"
Fallen woman nOne who has surrendered her chastity.
Faller nOne who falls or fails in various senses. 2. a faller of timber
Falling n
Falling-in-Love nThe state or condition of being enamoured or being in love.
Falling phr"The Falling of the Leaf" - autumn, fall. 2. depression of the soul.
Falling phr"Falling in Love"-
Falling-sickness nEpilepsy.
Falling star nA meteor; a shooting star.
Falling-weather nApplied to the weather in which rain, snow or hail falls or may be expected to fall.
Fall-less adjHaving no Fall or Autumn. 2. fruit that stays on the vine. 3. aa boxer who cannot be knocked down.
Fall-out nConsequences, blowback; harm, disadvantage. 2. radioactive refuse.
Fallow nGround plough and harrowed, but left uncropped for a year or more. 2 Fallowness: the condition of being fallow, idleness
Fallow vbFade, wither, grow pale, blanch. 2. to plough
Fallow adjPale brownish or reddish yellow in colour
Fallow-deer nCervus damo or Dama vulgaris.
Fallowed adj
Fallow-finch n.The plant wheatear (saxicola oeananthe)
Fallowing nThe action or operation of ploughing and breaking up land; an instance of this. 2. method or system by which land is ploughed.
Fallowness nThe condition of being fallow. 2. idleness
False adjOrigin: before 1000; ME, late OE. fals < Latin falsus feigned, false, orig. past participle of fallere to deceive; reinforced by or reborrowed from AF., OF. fals, erroneous, wrong, not according to rule or principle or law; not true or correct; erroneous. 2. uttering or declaring what is untrue: a false witness. 3. not faithful or loyal; treacherous: a false friend. 4. tending to deceive or mislead; deceptive. 5. not genuine; counterfeit. 6. dishonestly; faithlessly; treacherously: 'did he speak false against me? 7. play someone false, to betray someone; be treacherous or faithless. 8.not in accordance with the truth or facts. 9. irregular or invalid: a false start. 10. un-truthful or lying: a false tale. 11. not genuine, real, or natural; artificial; fake: false eyelashes. 12. being or intended to be misleading or deceptive. 13. based on mistaken or irrelevant ideas or facts: false pride. 14. ( prenominal ) (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified: false hellebore. 15. serving to supplement or replace, often temporarily: a false keel 16. music a. (of a note, interval, etc) out of tune. b. (of the interval of a perfect fourth or fifth) decreased by a semitone. c. (of a cadence) interrupted or imperfect.
False phr"Play someone false" - to betray someone; be treacherous or faithless.
False dawn nA transient light which precedes the true dawn by about an hour (a phenomena common in The East, also fig.
Falsedom nTreachery, untruthness, falsehood.
False-hearted adj
False-heartedness n
Falsehood n
Falseship nThe quality of being false. 2. untruthfulness, dishonesty, decency.
False-tongued adj
Fan nAn instrument for winnowing grain. 2. a basket for separating corn from chaff by throwing it into the air. 3. instrument for blowing a fire. 4. delta of a river.
Fan vbTo winnow corn or corn. 2. to flap like a bird in flight; flutter. 3. of the wind: blow to move or drive the air about; also, to stir water in this way. 4. to wave to create movement of air.
Fand vbTo put to proof by test (a person or thing). 2. to make a trial of one's strength or skill. 3. to taste or try food. 4. to prove, try, try to find out, experiment with. 5. to examine, scam. 6. to test, tempt, prove God. 6. to endeavor to lead into evil (tempt). 7. in a good or neutral sense: to try to induce someone to do something. 8. to have experience of dealing with a person or matter. 9. to have carnal knowledge with. 10. to enquire, seek. look for, enquire into a matter. 11. to search a place for, explore. 12 to ask. 13. to attempt, ask. 14. to busy oneself, to go, precede. 15. to attempt to undertake deed or action. 16. to take care of.
Fanding nThe action of trying. 2. a testing or putting to proof; a trial. 3. a trying to do or find out something. 4. an attempt, experiment. 5. temptation. 6. tempting by providence.
Fane nPennant, banner, flag. 2. weathercock
Fang nA catch, grip, a tight grasp, capture. 2. the act or fact of catching or seizing. that which is caught or taken; plunder, spoils, booty. 3. an instrument for catching or holding, a noose, trap, snare.
Fang n A tooth, a human tooth, a canine tooth. 2. a canine tooth, tusk, applied general to animals, spec. to teeth of dogs, wolves, etc. 3. the venom tooth of a snake. 4. mandible of an insect. 5. a claw. talon. 6. a tapering pointed part of anything which is embedded in something else. 6. a tang, spike, tang of a tooth. 7. root of a tooth, or one of the prongs that divide it.
Fang vbTo grasp, seize, hold on to, take hold of, lay hold of something or someone. 2. to fang up: to pluck up the heart or courage; to take up, get, procure, as in to fang cristendom: to take up christian belief; receive Christian baptism; to fang mankind: to become human in nature, to welcome, receive a guest, promise, resolve, undertake; To fang to- to take one's way, sponsor in. 4. to fang with in the embrace; with or under the protection or safety of. 5. to lose the fang- to miss one's aim; fail in an attempt. 6. of a thief: "taken in fang" (plunder).
Fang phr"To Fang One's Way" - to undertake a battle. 2. to take or engage a person or a thing for a purpose; promise, resolve. 3. to take one's way, go proceed. 4. go set about, proceed, begin, start.
Fang phr"to Strike one's Fangs into" - to bite, savage, menace.
Fanging nThe action of verb: grasping, seizing, catching, lay hold of. 2. the action of earning wages. 3. the action of standing sponsor.
Fangless adjToothless, without fangs. 2. of a tooth having no roots.
Fangy adjHaving a number of fangs or teeth. 2. that divided into fangs. 3. resembling fangs.
Fanner nOne who winnows grain with a fan. 2. one who fans himself or others. 3.
Fanning nThe action of winnowing. 2. the sifting of tea. 3. the fanning or moving of of air with a fan.
Fanning-out vbSpreding out.
Far vbTo put off, remove (only in the expression of a wish).
Far-away adjDistant, remote, extreme. 2. a long time ago.
Far-awayness nThe state or quality of being remote (ness), distance, longly removed sate. 2. what is faraway: distant parts. 3. the dim distance. 4. film taken at a distance, as distinct from "close-up".
Far-back nRemote in space; inaccessibility. 2. the most remote districts or back settlements.
Far-being nThe state of being at a distance.
Far-between adjOccurring at long intervals; infrequent.
Far-born adjBorn along ago.
Far-come adjhat which has come from a distance.
Fard nFerd, fyrd, fare -to go. 2. motion, rush, impetus, hence impetuousity, ardour, violent onset.
Far-day nThe latter part of the day; the high day.
Fardel nOE. forth part.
Far-down nAn Irish-American belonging to a family which emigrated from the North of Ireland. 2. a poor person, needy, indigent.
Far-down adjSituated or existing below.
Fare nA going, journeying, course, passage, voyage. 2. expedition for a journey; the rigging out of a ship; apparel, belongings. 3. a road, track. 4. track or trace of a rabbit or hare. 5. a number of person prepared for a journey. 6. a troop, multitude; a swarm of flies. 7. a passage or excursion for which a price is paid; cost of conveyance (now of persons only), but formerly, also of money for goods transported. 8. passengers collectively, convoy of passengers that engage a vehicle plying for hire. 9. mode of proceeding, bearing, demeanour, appearance, aspect. 10. doings, proceedings, actions, fighting. 11. display, pomp, commotion, uproar, fuss. 12. condition, state or state of things, welfare of things, prosperity, success. 13. food, in regard to it's quality; supply or provision (abundance or scarcity)
Fare nA farrow, a litter of pigs.
Fare vb
Fare vbTo have a litter.
Fare phr"To Fare On" - to rush on, attack, assault.
Fare phr"To Let Fare" - to let go
Fare phr"To Make Fare" - a thing to make use of, employ, possess, live upon (food), make plentiful of food.
Far East n"The Far East" - the extreme far-eastern regions of The Old World, esp. China and Japan.
Far-eastern adjPertaining or belonging to the extreme east; The Orient.
Fare forth vbTo go about, to go forth, depart, start. 2. to go on, advance, with respect to space and time. 3. to go by, pass way.
Fare-free adjFee paid on the quitting of a tenancy.
Far-end nThe extremities; the last stages of life, strength, resources.
Farer nA traveler, seafarer, wayfarer.
Far-eyed adjFar-sighted, far-seeing.
Fare up vbTo get.
Farewell n
Farewell vb
Farewell phr"Bid Farewell" - the payment on quitting tenancy. 2. an after-taste, tang. 3. applied to a point where one bids farewell or parts from anothure person.
Farewell phr"Farewell Fieldfare" - said to one of whom the speaker wishes to see no more, in allusion to the fieldfare departure northward at the end of winter.
Farewell phr"Go Farewell" - to go away; be dismissed.
Farewell phr"Fare you Well"-
Farfarer nFar-goer, distant voyager or traveler.
Far-fetched adjBrought from far; foreign. 2. of pedigree: traced from remote origin. 3. devious, circuitous. 4. of an argument, notion, simile, etc. studiously, sort out, strained, not easily or naturally introduced.
Far-fetchedness nThe state of being far-fetched, remote, not easily introduced, etc.
Far-forth advTo a great distance or extent for.
Far-forth day nLate in the day, high day. 2. in reference to distance in state, space, time, as some day (time) far into the future; thus far forth, so far forth that.
Far-forthly advTo a great or definite extent; also entirely excellent.
Far-goer nOne who travels far or long distances.
Far-gone adjAdvanced to a great extent or age.
Far-hand nThe condition or standing of one that seeks employment away from home.
Faring nJourneying, travelling, an instance of this. 2. condition or state ; esp. a passing condition of the body. 3. entertaintment; also, plural (farings)- made dishes.
Faring adjThat has a specified condition or state, as well faring, better faring, best faring.
Faringly advLike one in a specified condition; in a well, ill, conditioned manner
Farish adjSomewhat far;
Farish phr"Farish on" - late (far into) in time, as, "getting farish in years".
Farish phr"Getting Farish in Years" - getting advanced in years, elderly.
Farland adjComing from a distance; foreign.
Farly advTo a great extent or distance.
Farm nMay be related to farm : a tract of land leased. 2. food, provision, hence a banquet, feast.
Farm vbTo cleanse, empty, purge.
Farmer nOne who cleanses, empties, purges.
Farness nState or fact or being far; remoteness. 2. also occasionally of sight: far-reachingness. 3. amount of distance. 4. distant part, distance.
Far-off adj Long ago, long-time ago as, " far-off years, when he had his share in life's true wealth, bright youth and health". 2. far, distant, remote ( in space, in time, in relationship). 3. of thoughts, looks, (fig)- distant, from a former time (in eyes).
Far-offphr"In the Far-off" - in the past; in the future.
Far-offness nThe state or fact of being far off; distant.
Far out adjRemote, distant. 2. of music, fashion, trends, latest, most progressive, kind, avant-garde, excellent, splendid, far-fetched.
Far-reaching adjThat reaches for (extensive lit & fig.) 2. exerting an influence or producing an effect which extends in space or time.
Far-reaching-ness nThe state or quality of being far-reaching in various senses.
Farrow nA young pig. 2. a litter of pigs. 3. of a sow "with farrow": with young. 4. an instance of farrow or farrowing - producing a litter.
Farrow vbOf a sow: to bring forth young. 2. to produce a litter.
Far-seeing adjFar-sighted, far-eyed.
Far-side n"The Far-side" - the right-handed side.
Far-sight nThe ability to see far (lit & fig.)
Far-sighted adjFurnished with the capacity for distant vision. 2. (fig.) - forecasting, prudent, shrewd. 3. able to see an object at a distant, more clearly than one at close hand.
Far-sightedly advIn a far-sighted manner
Far-sightedness nThe state of being far-sighted.
Farther adv
Farther adj
Farther-deal nAn advantage.
Fartherer nAs in a "fartherer of the truth"
Farthermore advFurthermore.
Farthermost adj
Farthing nA coin worth one fourth or quarter of a penny. 2. name of various measures of land, as "a quarter of a hide." - a virgate ( aa rendering of the OE.gierdland); a quarter of an acre.
Farthing-deal nOne fourth part of anything; a quarter. 2. a quarter of an acre: a rood.
Farthing-land n
Farthing-less adjWithout a farthing; destitute, poor, very needy, impoverished.
Farthingworth nAs much as is bought or sold for a farthing; a very small amount.
Far-went adjThat has wended or travelled far.
Fas nA border, fringe. 2. something worthless.
Fasel n
Fash nA fringe; anything with a fringe. 2. resembling a fringe. 3. the tops of carrots, turnip, or mangolds. 4. rough edge or ridge left on nails, bullets etc.
Fash adjHairy.
Fast n
Fast vb
Fast adj
Fast phr"Fast or Loose" - ignore one's obligations, which are acknowledge to another. 2. to be slippery, inconsistent, inconstancy.
Fastphr"Pull a Fast One" - take an unfair advantage.
Fast phr"To Live Fast" - to expend quickly one's vital energy. 2. to have lived a dissipated life.
Fast day n
Fasten nFasting, an act of fastening.
Fasten vbTo make fast, firm or stable. 2. to establish, settle, confirm. 3. to become firm. 4. to set firm or solid. 5. to strengthen, harden. 6. to sure, confirm, agree, ratify (an agreement). 7. to fortify. 8. to make fast (in fetters); to render unable to move. 9. to make fast to something else, attach, tie or bond of any kind 10.
Fasten phr"Fasten the Feet" - to get or obtain some foothold. 2. to become firm. 3. to set firm or solid. 3. to strengthen, harden.
Fasten phr"Fasten Upon" - use with material objects: stick to, adhere to, attach to.
Fasten phrFasten Together" -
Fastener nOne who fastens. 2. that which serves to fasten anything. 3. a warrant for arrest.
Fastens nSometimes spelt fasteens: the eve of or day before Lent- the fast of Lent: Shrove Tuesday.
Faster nOne who abstains from food.
Fast fingers n
Fast-food n
Fast-gong nFast-gong tide; fastingong: Shrove Tide.
Fastingly advIn a fasting manner, abstemiously, sparing.
Fastish adjSomewhat fast.
Fastland nThe mainland, as distinguish from islands. 2. the continent (Europe); a continent.
Fast lane n
Fast life n.
Fastly advIn a fixed or steady manner. 2. firmly, unwaveringly. 3. without intermission or cessation. 4. closely, security. 5. quickly, rapidly, speedily; hence readily.
Fast-mass nShrove-tide.
Fastness nQuality or state of being firmly fixed, fixedness, stability, firm attachment.

2. fidelity, loyalty, firm adherence. 3. close alliance. 4. quality or state of being compact or close; density, solidity. 5. of style: conciseness, pithiness. 6. capacity for gripping tightly or retaining; tenacity, retentivenss. 7. security from invasion, safety, strength. 8. difficulty of access. 9. rapidity, swiftness. 10 of persons: quality of being fast in manner, talk or living mode. 11. that which fastens or keeps fast. 12. support, help. 13. a stronghold, fortress.

Fastrede adjFirm with purpose; steadfast.
Fast-rooted adjFixed firmly.
Fast-rootedness nThe condition or state of being firmly fixed.
Fastship nQuality of gripping tightly, parsimony.
Fast worker nOne quick to purse women in amatory context
Fat nA vessel, a vessel of silver or other metal; esp. one holding holy water. 2. a vessel of a large size for liquids, a tub; a brewer vat, a wine cask. 3. cask or barrel containing dry things. 4. a measure of capacity.
Fat vbTo bedaub with fat or grease. 2. to cover thickly. 3. grow or become fat. 4. to make fat, fatten, feed up (animals). 5. to enrich the soil, fertilize with nutritious and stimulating elements.
Fat adj
Fat-cat n
Fat-guts n
Fat-head nStolt, imbecile, dolt
Fatherhood n
Father n
Father phr"Father of the Waters"- The Mississippi
Father n"Ghostly Father" -the title given to a confessor or spiritual director.
Father phr"God The Father" - the first part of the Trinity.
Father n"The Holy Father" - The Pope; His Holy Fatherhood.
Fathering n
Fatherkin nDescent from or by the father's side; spearside.
Fatherland nThe land of one's birth; one's country.
Fatherland phr"In Fatherland" - at home, living in one's country of birth. 2. land of one's fathers; mother country.
Fatherlandish adjPertaining to or of one's country.
Fatherlandless adjUnpatriotic. 2. stateless, born at sea, without a nationality.
Fatherless adjHaving no father. 2. of a book etc, without a known author, anonymous.
Fatherlessness n
Father-like adjResembling one's father.
Fathers n"The Fathers" : the fathers of the ameriacan constitution, the "founding fathers."
Fat-wave nCattle fatted for market.
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