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Ful sfxPossessing the qualities of eg. in manful. 2. quantity that fills or would fill (a receptacle).
Fulfill phr"Fulfill a Long-felt Want" - fulfill a big gap; esp., to invent or create something, much needed.
Fulfill vbTo achieve any set of goals. 2. put in effect; carry out a task; accomplish, carry out, carry through, fulfills, action, execute. 3. fulfill the requirements or expectations of; live up to, satisfy, fulfills. 4. fill or meet a want or need, satisfy, meet, fill.
Fulfiller nOne who fulfills achieves, carry out tasks, meets goals, executes , meets requirements, lives up to, etc.
Full adjFilled up, having within its limits all that it can contain; supplied; not empty or vacant; - said primarily of hollow vessels, and hence of anything else; as, a cup full of water; provided; sufficient in quantity, quality, or degree; copious; plenteous; ample; adequate; as, a full meal. 3. not wanting in any essential quality; complete; entire; perfect; adequate; as, a person of full age; a full stop; the full moon. 4. sated; surfeited. 5. having the mind filled with ideas; stocked with knowledge; stored with information. 6. having the attention, thoughts, etc., absorbed in any matter, and the feelings more or less excited by it. Every one is full of the miracles done by cold baths on decayed and weak. 7. filled with emotions. 8. impregnated; made pregnant.
Full vbTo become full or wholly illuminated; as, the moon fulls at midnight.

2. to thicken by moistening, heating, and pressing, as cloth; to mill; to make compact; to scour, cleanse, and thicken in a mill. 3. to become fulled or thickened; as, this material fulls well

Full phr"A Full House" - a cinema, theatre, concert hall that is full. 2. in poker a winning hand.
Full phr"A Full Man" - one rich in mind and knowledge.
Full phr"At Full Length" - lying stretched out. 2. without abridgement.
Full phr"At Full Speed" - at maximum speed.
Full phr"At the Full" - fully, completed, at the position, height or moment of fullness; in the state of fullness. 2. at full: when full or complete.
Full phr"Be Full of Oneself" - be boastful, conceited. 2. self-confident (often selfishly so).
Full phr"Be in Full Swing" - be very active.
Full phr"Come to a Full Stop" - completely cease activity.
Full phr"Full and by" - (nautical) sailing close hauled, having all the sails full, and lying as near the wind as possible.
Full phr"Full Bore Ahead" - proceed, go forward at maximum speed.
Full phr"Full of Beans" - full of health, good spirits and energy. 2. to be very cheerful.
Full phr"Full of It" - a form of the oath: 'full of shit' characterized by speaking nonsense.
Full phr"Full of Life" - lively, animated, active, interested.
Full phr"Full On" - all out. 2. out and out; overwhelmingly.
Full phr"Full Out" - with maximum effort. 2
Full phr"Full Steam/Speed Ahead" - going as fast as possible. 2. with as much sped and vigor as possible.
Fill phr"Full Stop" - without further qualification; and that is all, and I have no more to add.
Full phr"Full Up" - filled to capacity; unable to hold anymore (people, things, etc.) 2. unable to eat anymore (due to already eating a lot, etc.
Full phr"Full Well" - see "Know Full Well"
Full phr"Fully Stretched" - extended to the limits of one's capacities or talents.
Full phr"Fully well" - very well.
Full phr"Get Full Marks for Something" - deserve praise for something.
Full phr"Have a Full House" - full; no more room or seats available.
Full phr"Have One's Hand's Full" - be fully occupied.
Full phr"In Full" - completely.
Full phr"In Full Flood" - progressing or talking vigorously or enthusiastically. 2. a flood tide. 3. an overflowing of water on the land that is normally dry. 4. a large amount or number, esp. when moving fom one place to another.
Full phr"In Full Swing" - going splendidly; everything prosperous and in good order. 2. very actively.
Full phr"I've Had a Belly Full' - I had enough of this.
Full phr"In the Full" - at full length, in extension, to the full amount.
Full phr"In the Fullness of Time" - eventually.
Full phr"Know Full Well" - definitely know.
Full phr"The Full of the Moon" - the period or state of complete illumination of the moon.
Full phr"To the Full" - to the utmost extent, completely, fully.
Full phr"Fully Stretched" - extended to the limits of one's capacity or talents.
Full adder nIn electronics, a specific logical circuit that performs an addition operation of three bits.
Full-armed adjHaving one's arms full of articles, items, things etc.
Full band n(Mus.) a band in which all the instruments are employed.
Full-beam nThe Black Alder, Alnus nigra, Rhamnus frangula. 2. the brightest set of headlights.
Full-bearded adjHaving a full growth of beard.
Fulll-bleed nIn printing, bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off. The bleed is the part on the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper, and design inconsistencies.
Full-blithe adjVery joyous, extremely glad.
Full-blood nOf a brother and sister: having the same birth parents.
Full-blooded adjOf pure or unmixed racial origins. 2. vigorous.
Full-bloodiness nThe state or condition of being full-blooded.
Full-blossomed adjIn full bloom. 2. like a perfect blossom.
Full-blown adjIn full bloom. 2. fully developed, complete; (of flowers): quite opened.
Full board nProvision of accommodation and all meals at a boarding house or hotel.
Full-bodied adjMarked by richness or fullness of flavor. 2. robust, rich in quality in tone.
Full-bottomed adjA kind of wig full and large at the bottom.
Full-breakfast nA breakfast including cooked ingredients such as sausages.
Full-bred nOf an animal bred from the same parents.
Fullbring vbTo accomplish. bring about completely, finish, complete, achieve.
Full-brother nHaving the same mother and father. 2. a brother or sister having the same parents as another.
Full-chested adj
Fullcome vbTo finish, perfect.
Fulldo vbTo accomplish, fulfill, complete.
Fulled vbTo make cloth thicker denser and thicker.
Fullend nTo end fully, accomplish, complete, fulfill.
Fuller nOne whose occupation is to full cloth.
Fuller vbTo form a groove or channel in, by a fuller or set hammer; as, to fuller a bayonet.
Fuller's earth nA variety of clay, used in scouring and cleansing cloth, to imbibe grease.
Fuller's thistle nDipsacus fullunum
Full-fat milk nWhole milk - milk from which no constituent (such as fat) has been removed. milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings. skim milk, skimmed milk - milk from which the cream has been skimmed.
Full-fledged adjSee 'fully fledged'
Full flood adjThe tide at its highest. 2. in phrase: 'in full blood' - speaking volubly.
Full-frame nOf a camera made to use 35mm film.
Fullfreme vbTo accomplish, fulfill, perfect.
Full-grown adj(Of animals) fully developed. 2. adult, fully grown, grown up, mature, big.
Full hand n(Poker) three of a kind and a pair.
Full-hearted adjFull of courage and/or confidence.
Full-heartedly advIn a manner or way full of courage and/or confidence.
Full-heartedness nThe state or quality of being full of courage and/or confidence.
Full-hot adjVery fiery.
Full-house nA situation in which the maximum capacity of a place (cinema, stadium) is filled with people. 2. a poker hand that consists of three of a kind and a pair.
Fulling nTo baptize (from O.E. fulwen). 2. to make cloth dense and firmer.
Fulling mill nA watermill used for fulling cloth.
Fullish adjSomewhat full; reasonably or quite full.
Full-leaved adjHaving a full covering or canopy of leaves or foliage.
Full-length adjAccommodating the full height of the human figure. 2. representing the full height of the human figure. 3. complete, uncut.
Full load nA full load current is the largest current that a motor or other device is designed to carry under particular conditions.
Fullmade adjComplete; fully made; perfected.
Full-manned adjCompletely furnished with men, as of a ship.
Full moon nThe moon with its whole disk illuminated, as when opposite to the sun. 3. the time when the moon is full
Full-mouth nA person having a 'mouthful' or words. 2. a chatterer, chatter-mouth.
Full-mouthed adjChatter-mouthed, loquacious, voluble. 2. full (of food).
Full-name nThe first name, middle names and surname of a person.
Fullness nThe state of being full, or of abounding; abundance; completeness.

2. completeness over a broad scope; comprehensiveness. 3. the property of a sound that has a rich and pleasing timbre mellowness, richness. 4. the condition of being filled to capacity. 5. greatness of volume; voluminousness.

Fullness phr"Fullness of Heart" - emotion, genuine feelings.
Fullness phr"Fullness of Time" - the appropriate or destined time. 2. the time which is appropriate for something; a time that is not too soon.
Full-of-the-moon adjThe time when the moon is fully illuminated. 2. the full phase of the moon; full moon.
Full-on adjAll-out. 2 out-and-out. 3. overwhelmingly.
Full-on advTotally, with full commitment.
Fullought n(OE: full & wiht (holy) :baptism.
Full-out adjWith maximum effort.
Full score nA score giving the parts for all performers on separate staves.
Full-shouldered adjHaving a fully developed upper-body and shoulders.
Full sister nA sister born of the same parents.
Full-spread adjFull spread; having sails, feathers,etc. 2. fully-spread, or extended.
Full stop nA punctuation mark indicating the end of a sentence or marking an abbreviation. 2. a dot, a point, a period.
Full stop intjUsed to emphasize the end of an important statement or point when speaking, as 'people need to take more care when speaking, full stop!
Full-strength adjOf total strength in various senses. 2. without water, undiluted, neat, straight.
Full-thickness nBurns or wounds affecting, involving, or consisting of the entire thickness of a layer of tissue or a structure, especially the skin.
Full-throated adjUsing all power of one's voice. 2. spoken loudly with vigor.
Full-throatedly advOf voice, shout, laught etc, using the full range of one's voice.
Full-throttle adjDoing something at a very fast speeed.
Full time nThe full amount of hours usually worked in doing a day or week, in distinction to part-time work. 2. the end of a game of soccer, rugby or Australian football. Occupying or using the whole of the usual working day or week. 3. the completion of the normal length of pregnancy.
Full-time adjFor the entire or full amount of time spent on an activity; especially a job. 2. opposite of part time. 3. for the standard number of hours.
Full time advSpending a full amount of time.
Full-timer nOne who works full time.
Full-width adjThe total width of something, a road, pathway,etc. 2. (computing, typography, of certain characters) occupying two columns on a traditional text display such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese characters as opposed to half-width occupying only one column such as alphanumeric letters.
Fullwite nA full or complete fine or penalty; full-wite.
Fully advA full manner or degree; completely, entirely, without lack or defect, adequate, satisfactory; sufficiently. 2. of quantity: fully or in full.
Fully phr"Fully Stretched" - extended to the limits of one's capacity or talents.
Fully-clothed adjCovering the entire body, in a way such that is appropriate for the situation, as in a snow storm, funeral, church service etc.
Fully-fledged adjOf a bird: having all its feathers; able to fly. 2. having full quality, credentials or preparation; entirely, real. 3. having reached full development; mature.
Fully-loaded adjWith all features and options.
Fulsome adjFull, abundant, plentiful, plump. 2. lustful, wanton, wanton, obscene. 3. offensive from excess of praise, overdone of affection. 4. nauseous, offensive, disgusting. 5. causing surfeit, cloying.
Fulsomely advIn an unctuous manner, smarmily, unctuously.
Fulsomeness nExcessive but superficial compliments with affected charm. 2, smug; self-serving earnestness.
Fulth nFullness, abundance, plenty. 2. sufficiency, repletion, satiety. 3. full growth, perfection.
Fultrum adjVery strong, firm.
Furlong nA unit of length (220 yards) or 1/2 mile (202 m approx) used in horse racing.
Furlong phr"A Furlong Way" - not far, close by, short of distance.
Furrow nA trench in the earth made by, or as by, a plow. 2. any trench, channel, or groove, as in wood or metal; a wrinkle on the face; as, the furrows of age.
Furrow vbTo draw a straight furrow. 2. to live correctly; not to deviate from the right line of duty. 3. to cut a furrow in; to make furrows in; to plow; as, to furrow the ground or sea. 4. to mark with channels or with wrinkles
Furrowed adjTo mark with channels or with wrinkles.
Furrow weed nA weed which grows on plowed land.
Furrowing nThe act of making furrows.
Furrow-less adjLacking, without or devoid of furrows.
Furrow-like adjResembling or like a furrow, in various aspect.
Furrowy adjSomewhat or rather like a furrow.
Further adjExisting or coming by way of addition; additional, more. 2. more distant in especially degree; farther.
Further advTo or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense). 2. in addition or furthermore. 3. to or at a greater distance in time or space (`farther' is used more frequently than `further' in this physi
Further vbPromote the growth of; foster. 2. contribute to the progress or growth of; encourage, promote, boost, advance.
Further phr"Be Further Down the Line" - have a low priority.
Further phr"Without further Ado" - without any fuss; or delay, immediately.
Further-fetched adjBeyond far-fetched.
Furthermore advIn addition; besides (used to introduce a fresh consideration in an argument) 2. moreover, further, also additionally besides on top of that, by the same token, into the bargain.
Furthermost adj(of an edge or extreme) at the greatest distance from a central poit or implicit standpoint.
Furthersome adjTending to further or advance; promotive, helpful.
Furthest adjSituated at the greatest distance from a specified or understood point. 2. farthest, furthermost, farthermost.
Furthest advTo the greatest degree or extent, or to the most distinct point in time or space.
Further phr"At the Furthest" - at the greatest distance; at the latest; at most.
Furze nVery spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers; common throughout western Europe. gorse, Irish gorse, Ulex europaeus, whin. genus Ulex, Ulex - genus of Eurasian spiny shrubs: gorse. bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems.
Furze-pig nA hedgehog.
Furzy adjResembling or characteristic of furze, in some aspect.
Futhorc nThe Runic alphabet is also known as Futhark, a name composed from the first six letters of the alphabet, namely f, u, th, a, r, and k. In this way, "Futhark" is analogous to the word "alphabet", which is from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. And why were the letters ordered in such a way. Nobody knows the answer, but it might been some form of memory-aid function that was not preserved. The first Runic inscriptions that have survived to the modern day dated from around 200 CE. The alphabet consists of 24 letters, 18 consonants and 6 vowels
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