The Anglish Moot
Old English sp English
Gad n Idle wandering or adventure
Gad vb Go about idly or in search of pleasure.
Gad phr "On the Gad" - idle wandering.
Gadling n Companion (in-arms). 2. vagabond, an idle wanderer, base or low fellow
Gain prp OE. geán against, over against, on the opposite side; contrary.
Gainbirth n. OE: again, once more, anew: regeneration.
Gainbite n. Remorse; biteback.
Gainbuy n. Redeem, buyback
Gaingiving n. A giving in return, making a return; a giving back.
Gainchare n. A return, a coming again, way of returning, means of escape
Gaincharing n The act or action of returning, coming again.
Gainrising n Resurrection, restoration, return to a previous state.
Gain-saw n. Contradiction
Gainsay n Instance or action of gainsaying, say in opposition.
Gainsay vb To say against, say in opposition to. 2. to contradict, to withsay: to deny, to refute, to controvert, to dispute.
Gainsayer n One who contradicts or denies what is alleged; an opposer. 2. a person who gainsays others; a disagreeable person.
Gainsaying n Opposition, esp. in speech. 2. refusal to accept or believe something. 3. contradicting. 4. denial, denying. 5. rebellion, opposition.
Gainsayingness n The quality or state of gainsaying.
Gainset vb To set over, oppose, place against.
Gainspeak vb Speak against, gainsay
Gainstand vb To stand against, oppose, resist, withstand
Gainstander n Opposition, opponent.
Gainstanding n The act or an instance of opposing.
Gainy adj Profitable, advantageous
Gainyield n Recompense, return, reward.
Gair n Isolated strip of tender grass; see Gore as is Kensington Gore
Galder n Charm, incantation, song.
Gale n The plant "Bog Myrtle"
Gale n Song
Gale vb Old English galan; agalan: sing, enchant, call, cry, scream; sing charms, practice incantation; also Old Norse),sing, enchant, call.
Gall n Secretion of the liver, bile. 2. virulence & rancor, asperity, bitterness of spirit, impudent. 3. poison, venom.
Gall n Sore on a horse. 2. painful swelling, blister wound by chafing.
Gall vb To harass in warfare, esp. by weaponry.
Gall phr "Bitter as Gall" - very bitter.
Gall phr "Break One's Gall" - to break one's spirit.
Gall phr "Dip One's Nib in Gall": vitriol, virulence, and rancour in writing
Gall phr "Gall and Wormwood" - reason or source for much bitterness, rancour and asperity of spirit. 2. something felt or remembered (by somebody) as a painful, or humiliating experience.
Gall phr "Gall At" - to scoff at
Gall phr "Gall of" - to rub or remove by chaffing.
Gall phr "Gall of Bitterness" - the bitterest grief; extreme affliction. 2. the bitter centreof bitterness. The ancients taught that grief an joy were subject to the gall of affection was to the heart , and knowledge to the kidneys.
Gall phr "Have the Gall to" - have the cheek or impudence to.
Gall phr "Hit On One's Gall" - to touch a person in a tender place or sore point.
Gall-apple n The oak-apple.
Gall-bladder n A membranous sac attached to the liver in which bile is stored.
Gallingly adv In a cheeky or impudent manner.
Gallish adj Bilious, somewhat bitter, tasting a little like gall.
Gall-less adj Bitterless, free from gall.
Gallow n Fright, fear, terror.
Gallow vb To hang.
Gallow phr "He That Fears the Gallows, Shall Never Be a Good Thief" - you will never be a successful thief if you can't keep your nerve.
Gallow-bird n One who deserves hanging.
Gallowgrass n Hemp
Gallows-locks n Dank, hanging hair.
Gallow-looking adj Having a hound-dog look. 2. looking fit for the gallows.
Gallowness n Mischief, perversity.
Gallows n Wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging. 2. (colloquial, obsolete) a wretch who deserves to be hanged. 3. (printing, obsolete) the rest for the tympan when raised. 4. (colloquial, obsolete) suspenders; braces
Gallowsome adj Having the nature of gall.
Gallows-ripe adj Ready and likely to be hanged.
Gallow-tree n The gallows.
Gall-sickness n A term for a several live diseases in humans and animals.
Gallsome adj Having the nature of gall.
Gallstone n A small, hard object, in the shape of a pebble, that sometimes forms in the gallbladder or bile duct; composed of cholesterol, bile pigments and calcium salts.
Gallwort n Toadflax, lesser centaury, galewort, sweetgale; (linaria vulgaris).
Gally adj Resembling gall in taste; bitter, gall-like.
Galp vb To boast
Galster n Magpie or elster
Galstre vb To make a noise of outcry.
Gam n OE gemana:fellowship. a herd of whales. 2. an exchange of courtesies between vessels at sea. 3. a social visit between fishermen.
Gamble n An act of gambling; a transaction or proceeding involving gambling; hence, anything involving similar risk or uncertainty.
Gamble vb To play or game for money or other stake. 2. to lose or squander by gaming; - usually with away.
Gamble phr "Gamble Away" - to lose all of something by gambling.
Gamble phr "Gamble On" - to make a wager on something concerning someone or something. 2. fig. to run a risk by choosing or depending on someone or something.
Gambling n The act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize.) 2. gaming, play.
Gambling adj Reoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance; dissipated.
Gambling-den n A place where gamblers go to gamble.
Game n Amusement, delight, fun, sport, quarry, wild animals, flesh of certain beasts. 2. a collection or pack of wild amimals kept for pleasure, as a 'game of swans. 3. 'the game' - prostitution; amorous sport or play, now esp, sexual intercourse.
Game vb To play sport, jest, amuse oneself.
Game phr "A Game That Two Can Play" - unpleasant, or hurtful, behavior or action which can lead to retaliation of the same kind.
Game phr "At the Top of One's Game" - an informal expression: at the height of one's powers.
Game phr "Back (or Still) in the Game" - once again active or able to suceed in something.
Game phr "Beat at Ones Own Game" - compete successfully with somebody in their area of expertise. 2. to outwit a person at his/her own metier.
Game phr "Be Fair Game" - to be legitimate or a legitimate object of criticism or attack. 2. somebody or something that may be justifiably attacked.
Game phr "Dirty Game" - activity in which people don't always act in a honest or moral way.
Game phr "Don't Play Games with Me" - don't insult my intelligence by that line of conduct.
Game phr "Game and Glee" -amusement, fun and mirth.
Game phr "Game At" - make fun of.
Game phr "Game Is Not Worth the Candle" - the profits, results, pleasure gained from doing something are not worth the trouble, or expense, involved
Game phr "Game of Cat and Mouse" - idiom: an constant action involving pursuit, ner capture and repeated escapes.
Game phr "Game of Life" - human existence seen as a competitive game.
Game phr "Game of Snakes and Ladders" - a series of ups and downs.
Game phr "Game to the End" - continuing to try (even in adversity)until one can continue no more.
Game phr "Give the Game Away" - inadvertently reveal a secret. 2. to cease involvement with some activity.
Game phr "Have the Game in One's Hands" - to have such an advantage that success is assured.
Game phr "I'll Soon Stop His Little Game" - his activities are not tolerated and I will ensure that they will cease.
Game phr It's Only a Game he/she Plays" - it's an exercise that someone does not take serious.
Game phr "Know What Someone's Game Is" - know what somebody's (devious) intention is.
Game phr "Lift Your Game" - do better, make a greater effort. 2. to raise the standard of one's performance.
Game phr "Losing Game" - an activity which one can't succeed at.
Game phr "Make a Game of" - to make fun of, jest at, turn into ridicule.
Game phr "Name of the Game" - crucial, very important factor.
Game phr "Off One's Game" - playing badly.
Game phr "Only Game in Town" - the only event worthy of attention.
Game phr "On (Off) One's Game" - performing at ones best/worse.
Game phr "On the Game" - to be working and earning money as a sex worker or prostitute.
Game phr "Play a Deep Game" - secret, devious ploy, show cunning.
Game phr "Play the Game" - to act so as to secure the advantage or interest. 2. to observe the letter and the spirit of the rules and behave in an honorable way.
Game phr "Put Somebody Off His/Her Game" - distract somebody while playing a game or (activity).
Game phr "So-and-So is the Name of the Game" - so-and-so is the essential element of the game.
Game phr "So That's Your (Little) Game" - so that is what your intention is.
Game phr "Stick to One's Game" - to confine oneself to activities in areas in which one has knowledge and expertise.
Game phr "The Game's Afoot" the hare has started; the enterprize has begun.
Game phr "The Game is (Not) Worth the Candle" - the profits results, results, or pleasures gained from doing something is (not) worth the trouble, or expense, involved
Game phr "The Game is Up (or over)" - the situation is lost. 2. you have been discovered (committing a crime or deception.) 3. escape is impossible.
Game phr "The Game of Life" - human existence seen as similar to a competitive game.
Game phr "The Great Game" - spying. 2. the rivalry between Great Britain and Russia
Game phr "The Laughing Game" - to be the laughing stock, the one subject to ridicule.
Game phr "The Only Game in Town" - it's the only game worthy of attention.
Game phr "The Same Old Game" - the course best suited to one's interest.
Game phr "Two Can Play at that Game" - one or others can act in a similar way (usu. said as a threat or retaliation for unfair dealing; as a spouse who is having an affair. 2. it is possible to retaliate.
Game phr "What's His/Her Game?" - what are (you) doing? 2. what is the significance of his/her actions?
Game phr "What's the Game?" - what going on?
Game phr "Winning Game" - game in a series that decides the overall results.
Game phr "You are Making Game of Me" - you are bamboozling me. 2. you areholding me up to ridicule.
Gamebird n Any kind of bird hunted for food or sport.
Gameboard n A flat portable surface (usu. rectangular) designed for board gamres.
Gamebook n A book used for recording game kill in hunting.
Gamecraft n Skill, knowledge and experience of hunting game-animals.
Gamefish n A kind of fish caught for sport.
Gamefowl n A game bird.
Gameful adj Joyful, playful, sportive, fond of team sports.
Gamefully adv Playfully, jestingly.
Game-gall n Satirical retort. (playfully biting).
Gaming n The act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize.)
Gamekeeper n A person employed to breed and protect game, typically for a large estate.
Gamelaw n The law relating to the hunting of game.
Gameless adj Land, region without game.
Gamelessly adv In a gamesome manner.
Gamelike adj Resembling or characteristic of game; now chiefly : designating a strong flavor or smell like that of game.
Gamely adj Sportive, merry, joyfully, blithely. 2. pluckily, courageously. 3. artfully decieving. 4. theatrical, of the theatre.
Gamely adv With spirit, pluckily, courageously.
Gameness adj The quality of being game. 2. endurance in spirit, courageous, plucky.
Gamer n A person who plays a games or games, typically a participant in computer or role playing games. 2. a person known for consistently making a strong effort, esp. in sport.
Gameshow n A TV program in which persons compete to win prizes.
Gamesman n A person who is skilled at manipulating events and circumstances to gain or maintain personal advantage, esp. in business or politics. 2. a person who enjoys playing games of skill.
Gamesmanship n Skill in winning games; esp. by means that barely legimate.
Gamesome adj Full of playing or game. 2. frolicsome, merry, playful, sportive.
Gainsomeness n The act of playing, frolicking, merry-making, being sportive.
Gaming n The act of playing games for stakes; gambling.
Gaming adj Gameful, sportive, jocular.
Gaming-house n Gambling house, casino
Galstre vb To make noise
Gammon n Form or variant of gamble.
Gander n Male goose
Gander phr "The Goose that Wanders Shall Come Home as Wise as the Gander"
Gander phr "What's Good for the Goose, is Good for the Gander" - an argument which aplies in one case also applies in another.
Gandergorse n Orchis mascula
Gandermoon n The month a wife's lying in. 2. confinement to be prior to childbirth. 2. a husband during gandermoon or gandermonth.
Ganderwool n Feathers
Gane vb Yawn, gape, open the mouth widely.
Gang n Way, passage, carriage, walking, mode of going, stream course, rung, step, set of things, persons, (collectively) articles, coffle, herd.
Gang phr "Be of a Gang" - to belong to the same group, society, etc. 2. to have the same interests.
Gang phr "Gang Up On" - to organize or form groups, alliances against. 2. gang up against.
Gang phr "Gang Up With" - to go into company with. 2. to come into a gang; to gang in. 3. to form a gang or combine with (against others).
Gang-days n The three days before Easter Thursday.
Gangdom n The criminal underworld.
Ganger n (Chiefly in Scotland) one who or that which walks or goes; a goer; a walker. 2. one who oversees a gang of workmen. 3. (coal-mining) One who is employed in conveying the coal through the gangways. 4. (nautical) a length of chain, one end of which is fastened to an anchor when let go, when the other end is fastened to a hawser.
Ganging n The combining of work people into gangs or companies. 2. a single knobthat is capable of a number of different controls on a piece of equipment.
Ganging adj That goes or walks goes. 2. that is in operation or working order.
Gangland n The underworld of organized crime.
Gangster n A member of a criminal or street gang. 2. a member of a professional criminal organisation; or racketeer.
Gangsterdom n The criminal class.
Gangsterish adj Characteristic or resembling a gangster.
Gang-there-out n A vagabond.
Gangway n A passageway, especially an opening in a ship's side for loading goods and passengers; etc a gang-plank.
Gang-up vb Attack or pick-on someone together
Gannet n Solan goose. NB: Gannet for gen(eral) info: greedy for information, knowledge or knowning
Gare n Javelin, spear
Garfish n A fish with a long, sharp nose or snout, a gar "Belone vulgaris"
Garfishy adj Somewhat smelling or tasting like garfish.
Garlic n A plant of the allium family; the garlic wort
Garlic God n An allusion to the Roman god: Juvenal
Garlickless n Devoid or lacking garlic.
Garlicky adj Tasting or smelling of garlic.
Garlic-monger n Seller of garlic; a monger of garlic.
Garlic-wall n The satirical name applied by people of Gibraltar to the Spanish barrier which closed the frontier to La Linea in 1969 as a consequence of Spain's claim to the Rock.
Garnwindle n Yarnwindle: a rotary applicaance, on which a skein of yarn is placed in order to be more easily wound in to a ball.
Gast adj Frightening, alarming, scary.
Gastness adj Terrifying in appearance
Gate n Road, way, path, street.
Gate phr "At the Gate" - near to, close to death.
Gate phr "Be Given the Gate" - be dismissed.
Gate phr "Like a Bull at a Gate" - in a clumsy, impetuous way.
Gate vb To go, to walk.
Gatehouse n A lodge besides the entrance to an estate, often the residence of a gatekeeper, also a dwelling formerly used as such a residence.
Gatekeep vb To limit (something manipulatively, rather than directly) how much a party , often a spouse has in some task. 2. to control or limit access to something.
Gatekeeper n Someone who guards an entrance. 2. gatekeeper someone who controls access to somethin. 3. a useful middle person who can help connect people with social welfare. 4. those who control access to useful and important persons within organizations: as secretaries or receptionists who always claim that their boss is at a conference.
Gateless adj Without a gate.
Gatelike adj Resembling a gate or some aspect of one.
Gateman n A gatekeeper; a gate tender.
Gate Night n Around New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Canada) a particular night, commonly the night of the 30th to the 31st of October, during which young people play pranks and do mischief in their neighborhoods. 2. Mischief night.
Gateshodel n Crossways
Gatestead n A gateway
Gateway n An entrance capable of being blocked by use of a gate. 2. any point that represents the beginning of a transition from one place or phase to another. 3. a point at which freight moving from one territory to another is interchanged between transportation lines. 4.(digital communications) in wireless internet, an access point with additional software capabilities such as providing NAT and DHCP, which may also provide VPN support, roaming, firewalls, various levels of security, etc.
Gateway phr "A Gateway to Something" - a method of achieving something.
Gatewise adv Arranged to resemble a gate.
Gatewright n A maker of gates.
Gather vb Collect, assemble, crowd together, draw or come together, amass, pull close. 2. fold in, or under by sewing. 2. to gather or draw as a festering sore. 3. pick up inf, ormation about people. 4. gather something as in a harvest of fruit, grain or other crops. 5. pull (someone) into one's arms. 6. gather one's breath. 7. gather one's thoughts. 8. understand or infer.
Gather n "The Gather" ("The pluck"), that is the heart liver, lights (lungs) of an animal
Gather phr "Gather Dust" - be difficult, or tiresome to keep free from dust. 2. not to be acted upon without being formally rejected.
Gather phr "Gather Ground" - to gain ground, make progress.
Gather phr "Gather Head" - to acquire strength.
Gather phr "Gather In" - to take narrow(er). 2. harvest, collect, garner up a crop.
Gather phr "Gathering Coal" - a piece of caol placed on the fire, and surrounded with embers, to keep up the fire.
Gather phr "Gather On" - to gain or draw nearer to, as in 'to gather into the wind' or sail nearer to the wind.
Gather phr "Gather Steam" - to move or progress at an increasing speed.
Gather phr "Gather Together" - to collect, assemble (of people or things).
Gather phr "Gather To One's Fathers" - die, pass away.
Gather phr "Gather Out" - to select, pick
Gather phr "Gather Over" - to recruit
Gather phr "Gather Up" - to pick up, summon one's thoughts, strength, accumulate
Gather phr "Gather Way" - to feel the impulse of the wind on the sails, (so as to obey the helm). 2. of a ship beginning to move.
Gatherer n Collector (of tolls, taxes), compiler; miser (of wealth)
Gathering n A meeting or get-together; a party or social function. group of people or things. 2. a gathering of fruit. 3. (bookbinding) a section, a group of bi-folios, or sheets of paper, stacked together and folded in half. 4. charitable contribution; a collection. 5. tumor or boil suppurated or maturated; an abscess.
Gathering adj Assembling, collecting, concentrated.
Gathering-ground n Headwaters of a stream or ea. 2. a region from which the feeding waterrs of a river or a reservoir are collected; a watershed; source.
Gathering thread n Millinery work
Gat-toothed adj Goat-toothed, lustful, wanton.
Gavel n Interest on money lent, chiefly in legal terms, relating to payments or services exacted from tenants. 2. a tribute, tax, impost
Gavel vb "To Set to Gavel" - to let out for a payment.
Gavelling n Usury; terms relating to payment exacted from tenants by the lord.
Gavelbread n Corn-rent or provision of bread and corn, required as a rent or tribute to be paid in kind by the tenant.
Gavelcorn n Corn-rent or provision of bread and corn, required as a rent or tribute to be paid in kind by the tenant.
Gavelearth n Plowing duty or work done by the tenant for his lord.
Gavelkind n The name of the land tenure existing chiefly in Kent, orig. same as socage, under which the tenants land on death was divided equally among his sons.
Gavel-land n Land liable to tribute or tax; rented land.
Gavelock n A spear or dart, a lever.
Gavelman n Tenant from whom services were due was called a gavelman.
Gavelwood n Wood or provision of wood, required as a rent or tribute to be paid in kind by the tenant to his lord.
Gavelwork n Duty or work done (as a tax or tribute) by the tenant for his lord.