Old EnglishspEnglish
Gear nIn Old English gearwe "clothing, equipment, ornament," : clothing, apparel, dress, ornament.
Gear phr"Be Ready in One Gear" - to be ready for work
Gear phr"Be Right in One's Gear" - in one's senses.
Gear n"Goods and Gear" - wealth and property.
Geason a.Barren, unproductive, scantily producing, exhausted. 2. rare, scarce, uncommon
Gebur n.A tenant farmer
Geese phr"All His Geese are Swans" - somebody, usually already mentioned, has an exaggerated idea of the merits of his own family, friends, belongings, achievements, accomplishments etc.
Geld n.Tax paid to the crown by landholders, before and after The Norman Conquest.
Geld nBed-geld
Geld-acre nReckoned for the purpose of geld.
Geld-hide nThe quantity of land reckoned as an acre or for the purposes of geld.
Gele vb.Retard, delay
Gem n.Precious stone, jewel, thing of great beauty, good or greatly prized thing. 2. a bud, blossom, bud.
Gem vbTo bud or blossom, to put forth buds.
Gemming nThe budding or blossoming of flowers.
Gemmer nOne who seeks or mines for gems.
Gesith n.Companion, pal
Gesith-socken n.Division of a county in Saxon times
Get vbFrom Old Norse (about 1200 AD) "geta": to obtain, reach; to beget; to guess right, from Proto-Germanic *getan". Old English, as well as Dutch and Frisian, had the root only in compounds (e.g. begietan "to beget," forgietan "to forget,". Vestiges of Old English cognate *gietan remain obliquely in past participle gotten and original past tense gat. 2. obtain, procure, earn, cause to go or come, bring into position or state, induce. In perfect tense: to be in possession of, have (to do). 3. reach, attain, become.
Get nOffspring, progeny, issue, as the "get" of a stallion.
Get vbTo obtain, procure, beget, succeed in.
Get phr"Don't Get Me Wrong" - don't misunderstand, don't take offence at what I say.
Get phr"Get a Blow In" - succeed in hitting one's opponent in a boxing match. 2. attack or retaliate verbally.
Get phr"Get About" - move, or travel from place to place, often with the implicating of overcoming difficulty to do so. 2. circulate, spread, get abroad.
Get phr"Get Above Oneself" - have too high opinion of oneself. 2. have ideas above one's station.
Get phr"Get Abreast Of " - draw or bring level with.
Get phr"Get Abroad" - to travel overseas. 2. spread, circulate, get about.
Get phr"Get a Dusty Answer" - get a noncommittal, unsatisfactory, dismissive or negative answer.
Get phr"Get a Fair Deal" - receive a just and equitable treatment; exchange good and services for their appropriate value.
Get phr"Get a Fair Share" - get or receive a justly divided share.
Get phr"Get a Free Hand" - get permission to make one's own decisions and arrangements in respect to one's work, undertaking etc.
Get phr"Get After" - to move into action in pursuit of something. 2. to move into action in an attempt to catch or defeat another. 3. to attempt to convince another to move into action.
Get phr"Get Again" - recover, have returned.
Get phr"Get a Grip On" - gain or regain full control of.
Get phr"Get a Handle On" - to find a means of dealing with, understanding. 2. find a way of coping.
Get phr"Get Ahead" - meet with success (in ones career), make progress, progress beyond, advance.
Get phr"Get Ahead Of Oneself" - do or say something sooner than it ought to be done so that the proper explanation or preparations have not be done.
Get phr"Get a Hold Of" - grasp, understand, comprehend.
Get phr"Get a Life" - dismissive exclamation used in any context where the speaker wishes to show disdain for the previous speaker and their ideas, beliefs, suggestions, opinions.
Get phr"Get a Load of Something/This" - listen to, look at, read, become familiar with, fully understand, (express surprise).
Get phr"Get Along" - move away or through. 2. succeed in doing something, manage, get by.
Get phr"Get Along Well With" - to be on friendly terms with. 2. have a harmonious relationship. 3. live or work well with.
Get phr"Get Along Without" - succeed reasonably well, manage to live or work, without somebody or something.
Get phr"Get Along With You" - go away!; fig. let be, have done, be quiet, don't say, i can hardly believe what you are telling me!
Get phr"Get a Look At" - act or prematurely or over-confidently.
Get phr"Get an Earful" - listen to this.
Get phr"Get an Eyeful" - look at this.
Get phr"Get a Raw Deal" - get unfair, unjust or harsh treatment. 2. receive a reward that is insufficient.
Get phr"Get a Rise" - receive a pay or salary increase.
Get phr"Get a Rise Out Of" - obtain a reaction from somebody; esp. one of annoyance.
Get phr"Get a Shot in the Arm" - get an injection from an hypodermic needle. 2. get something something that has a stimulating or restorative effect on a project, campaign, economy, etc.
Get phr"Get At" - to find out, to tamper with (nobble a horse), to bribe. 2. imply, as 'what are you getting at". 2. reach, gain access to (and take, eat, etc). 3. start to work on. 4. learn access, discover truth facts. . 5. suggest, insinuate, in an indirect way, hint (getting at). 6. criticize, nag. 7. try to influence by esp. by improper means a witness, jury, etc.
Get phr"Get At Somebody" - provoke, needle.
Get phr"Get At Something " - tamper with something.
Get phr"Get Away (as) Clean as a Whistle" - get away, leave a place, without leaving a trace, being detected, caught (usually after committing a crime).
Get phr"Get Away From" - manage to leave a place one is in; escape from. 2. assist somebody to leave a place, esp. for his own good; remove something unwanted (from). 3. win, secure, something or somebody, in a struggle from a bone from a dog; 4. attract somebody back from, as an, estranged husband.
Get phr"Get Away From It All" - go away in order to gain relief from one's worries ; responsibilities, excessive work, etc. 2. remove oneself from the pressures of everyday life.
Get phr"Get Away With (it)" - steal and escape with thieves, burglars, bandits, tricksters. 2. get or go away unpunished or suffer negligible punishment, fail to be caught out in a crime, fraud, mistake. 3. get off with a reprimand, mild rebuke, warning. 4. do something unlawful, dangerous, wrong etc .., and escape without penalty.
Get phr"Get Away with Murder" - be able to do anything, however outrageous, and not be punished for it. 2. go undetected, unpunished yet do something bad.
Get phr"Get Away With You!" - an exclamation of mild rebuke or disbelief.
Get phr"Get A Word In Edgewise" - succeed in saying something, where many people are talking or where another will not stop talking.
Get phr"Get Back" - return, recover possessions, restore. 2. return to one's starting point or its place. 3. go to a reasonable, sensible distance, stand away.
Get phr"Get Back At" - to retort, or retaliate; to revenge oneself. 2. to get even with.
Get phr"Get Back on the Horse that Bucked You" - return to something that has previously caused you harm.
Get phr"Get Back To" - return to or resume work, sport, studies,
Get phr"Get Back to the Grindstone" - return to one's job, with the implication that the job is uninteresting, difficult, tiring.
Get phr"Get Back Up" - get help or assistance from other(s).
Get phr"Get Behind (with)" - not progress at the necessary rate, in business, studies, etc; fall into arrears.
Get phr"Get Bent Out of Shape" - become, angry, agitated or upset.
Get phr"Get Better" - to return to good health.
Get phr"Get Blood Out of a Stone" - extract something (esp. money) which does not have it or does not easily yield it
Get phr"Get Busy" - start work seriously and energetically on something specified or understood.
Get phr"Get By (on)" - to succeed, if only just make it or manage to do. 2. pass, proceed, be accepted, pass scrutiny, inspection. 3. be successful in life, or in a situation, survive; get along, get along all right. 4. survive by means of, or recourse to, a pension, grant, smartness.
Get phr"Get Cold Feet" - feel timidity or fear about (doing) something.
Get phr"Get Down" - descend, cause to fall. 2. assume a stooping or kneeling position. 3. write, record, input a record, note, something usually implying speed or difficulty. 4. take or swallow medicine, food etc. with difficulty. 5. depress, demoralize (of weather, life in general). 6. dismount from an animal, as a horse or camel.
Get phr"Get Down in the Mouth" - become depressed, miserable.
Get phr"Get Down To (It)" - take steps to manage or settle (work, things, problems). 2. tackle a task in downright earnest or reduce something to basics.
Get phr"Get Down to Business" - start serious discussion about, often after some time has been spent dealing with irrelevant or social things.
Get phr"Get Down With" - become a good friend with somebody; or a group of people. 2. to join an activity with somebody; or group of persons. 3. to agree with or accept.
Get phr"Get Even (with)" - to revenge oneself. 2. take revenge on somebody for something done to one's disadvantage. 3. (facetious)retaliate in not very important circumstances.
Get phr"Get Fresh (with)" - to flirt.
Get phr"Get From" - to escape, flee. 2. obtain.
Get phr"Get Going" - start to move, begin to work or function. 2. begin doing something vigorously and with will. 3. get weaving; get cracking. 4. organize make something work.
Get phr"Get Ground" - make progress, advance.
Get phr"Get Ground of" - to encroach upon another, esp. territory. 2. to obtain mastery over.
Get phr"Get High" - be 'high' on drugs.
Get phr"Get Hold off" - obtain, grasp, reach.
Get phr"Get Hold of The Wrong End of the Stick" - completely misunderstand the situation or something said.
Get phr"Get Home" - reach the winning post or target first. 2. arrive at one's house.
Get phr"Get Home To" - cause to be understood, hit the target, point, criticism etc.
Get phr"Get In" - to be elected. 2. to gather in (a harvest), to collect, bring in, bring back. 3. to mentally unsettle. 4. obtain the services or advice of someone. 5. gain an advantage by being the first, earliest, or one of the first to do something.
Get phr"Get in Bed With" - engage in a dubious relationships, financial, commercial, or illegal ones.
Get phr"Get In On (Something)" - to start to take part in an activity that is already happening because you win win an an advantage from it.
Get phr"Get In One's Twopence Worth" - make one's contribution to an argument, discussion, conversation.
Get phr"Get Inside" - to penetrate; to investigate closely. 2. to achieve a deep or intimate understanding of.
Get phr"Get Inside One's Head" - to damage or weaken the position of another.
Get phr"Get Into" - cause to enter, enter or arrive at, board a bus, etc. 2. be elected to, admitted to; join an activity or organization. 3. get dressed, put on clothing. 4. force somebody or somebody into. 5. penetrate. 6. become familiar with, develop, learn, acquire; get interested in. 7. enter a state involuntary, such as rage, temper tantrum or an emotional state. 8. get into someone's mind or emotions; become the victim of..
Get phr"Get Into a Sweat" - to worry, become greatly concerned.
Get phr"Get Into Deep Water" - cause somebody or oneself to be in difficulty of some kind.
Get phr"Get Into Hot Water" - find oneself in serious trouble. 2. do something that results in trouble for oneself or others.
Get phr"Get Into One's Stride" - reach the stage when one is performing the action at one's best, speaking enthusiastically.
Get phr"Get Into Somebody's Black Books" - incur somebody strong disapproval.
Get phr"Get Into Somebody's Head" - understood fully, appreciate the significance of something; imagine.
Get phr"Get In With" - become familiar with. 2. form a relationship with,often with the implication that one is has an ulterior motive in doing so.
Get phr"Get It" -understand.
Get phr"Get It in the Neck" - to be severely punished or injured. 2. receive a severe reprimand, be scolded, punishment, unwelcome or disastrous experience.
Get phr"Get It Over With" - finish with, have done with, (esp. something troublesome or disagreeable)
Get phr"Get It Together" - be able to manage, organize, get things together satisfactorily.
Get phr"Get It Up" - (slang) have an erection.
Get phr"Get Knotted" - be quiet, go away, get lost, drop dead, vamoose.
Get phr"Get Knowledge (wit) Of" - to learn of, receive into.
Get phr"Get Laid" - have, or take part in sexual intercourse.
Get phr"Get Left to" - discomfited, disappointed.
Get phr"Get Lost" - go away, leave, don't interfere, shut up!
Get phr"Get Nowhere" - not to obtain or reach an object; to make no progress; to achieve little or nothing. 2. see no, few, some results for one's efforts.
Get phr"Get Off" - dismount (from a horse); alight from a bus. etc. 2. to escape from punishment, be acquitted, avoid punishment; get away with. 3. escape or nearly escape (lightly, unscathed) injury in an accident. 4. to commit to memory. 5. stand, walk, sail, drive. 6. cause to leave, start a journey. 7. remove clothing; paint, etc. 8. dispatch post, email, telephone. 9. supervise the sending of.
Get phr"Get Off Lightly" - to avoid punishment, or to help another person avoid punishment. 2. to avoid less serious punishment, injury or harm than you might have expected.
Get phr"Get Off On" - to find someone exciting in a sexual way.
Get phr"Get Off One's Chest" - say something which one has long wanted to say and thus relieve one's feelings; not suppress one's feelings.
Get phr"Get Off One's Cloud" - to refrain from pestering.
Get phr"Get Off the Ground" - to start or cause to start happening successfully.
Get phr"Get Off One's Hands" - to remove someone of the responsibility, bother o
Get phr"Get Off One's Heart" - tell someone about something that has been worrying you or making you feel guilty about.
Get phr"Get Off One's High Horse" - suggest that or to someone that stop behaving in a superior manner.
Get phr"Get Off One's Mind" - make oneself stop thinking about something; esp. usually something that is hurting emotionally.
Get phr"Get Off On the Right Foot" - make a good start.
Get phr"Get Off On the Wrong Foot" - make a bad start.
Get phr"Get Off to a Good Start" - begin promisingly,
Get phr"Get Off to Sleep" - fall to sleep, send to sleep.
Get phr"Get Off With" - to get rid off, have done with you.
Get phr"Get Off With (Somebody)" become friendly with, or attract deliberately, a person a person of the other or same sex. 3. form a sexual relationship with.
Get phr"Get On" - succeed, prosper; advance, progress, make haste; to manage without. 2. get dressed. 3. of time: becoming late. 4. of people: grow old or advance in years. 5. an exclamation of disbelief, express surprise.
Get phr"Get (be Getting)On For" - approaching, close to.
Get phr"Get One's Back Up" - become angry; annoy, antagonized as to cause their strong resistance.
Get phr"Get One's Claws In" - (informal) - disapproving to find a way of influencing or controlling someone.
Get phr"Get One's End Away" - to have sexual intercourse.
Get phr"Get One's Eye/Hand In" - develop the ability to judge distances, esp. in games. 2. develop one's hand skill (get one's hand in).
Get phr"Get One's Fair Share" - get a justly divided share.
Get phr"Get One's Fill" - to have enough (or more than enough) of something. 2. to experience a lot of something.
Get phr"Get One's Hands On" - obtain something, often as a fulfillment of one's desire or as an essential part of a long cherished plan. 2. lay one's hands on.
Get phr"Get One's Hooks Into" - win somebody's attention of affections; exercise power over somebody.
Get phr"Get One's Own Back" - to revenge oneself; to get even with someone. 2. get tit for tat, retaliate.
Get phr"Get One's Own Way" - succeed in doing what one wants, or doing what one prefers , despite opposition or disapproval.
Get phr"Get One's (red) Rag Out" - become angry.
Get phr"Get Oneself Up" - dress extravagantly, or formally.
Get phr"Get One's Teeth Into" - grip firmly with the teeth; eat. 2. tackle with determination and earnest; work with concentration. 3. to become fairly embarked on an enterprise.
Get phr"Get One's Tuppence Worth" - make one's contribution toa discussionn, argument, conversation.
Get phr"Get On For" - approach, draw near to, a stated time or age.
Get phr"Get On One's Feet" - to stand up (and speak) in public. 2. stand up for a special purpose.
Get phr"Get On Ones High Horse" - take offence because of hurt pride.
Get phr"Get On Somebody's Back" - harass, bother.
Get phr"Get On Somebody's Goat" - make somebody feel irritated, impatient or resentful.
Get phr"Get On Someone's Wick" - annoy or irritate somebody.
Get phr"Get On the End Of" - contact by telephone, but also by mail, email, skype or other means.
Get phr"Get On the Wrong Side of Somebody" - form a bad relationship with.
Get phr"Get Onto" - contact by telephone, but also by mail, email, skype or other means. 2. trace, find, detect. 3. become aware of somebody's presence, whereabouts, or activity. 4. realize, become aware of.
Get phr"Get Onto" - move from one activity to another ; pass onto.
Get phr"Get On Up" - get up, arise, react. 2. dance with abandon.
Get phr"Get On With" - make progress.
Get phr"Get On With Somebody" - have harmonious and friendly relations with.
Get phr"Get On with Something" - start to do something.
Get phrGet On With It" - an expression of exclamatory force, implying that somebody is intent on doing something something, and should be allowed to do it, regardless of the consequences, and speaker's disapproval.
Get phr"Get On Without" - manage, survive, keep going without.
Get phr"Get On With You" - I don't believe you (jokingly).
Get phr"Get Out" - go away! 2. get rid of one's shares. to elicit by enquiry. 3. escape from a difficult position, withdraw with evasion. 4. to publish a book. 5. become known, leak news, information, secrets. 6. receive, draw, be given something, as reward. 7. solve (a puzzle), find the correct answer, work out.
Get phr"Get Out Of" - go away from, leave a building, room; danger. 2. make someone yield something, (confessions, story, admission) sometimes by dubious means. 3. obtain, gain something, as a profit, sum of money. 4. not do what one should or ought to do; not meet one's obligations, do one's duty..
Get phr"Get Out of Bed On the Wrong Side" - be in a bad mood or temper from the time one gets out of bed. 2. to rise in a bad humor. 3. get up late.
Get phr"Get Out of Hand" - become out of control.
Get phr"Get Out of Here" - to leave or exit a place. 2. as an interjection; leave and don't come back.
Get phr"Get Out of It" - do not exaggerate, do not say things that nobody can believe.
Get phr"Get Out of One's Hand" - become uncontrollable, as a child, horse, an organization.
Get phr"Get Out of One's Depth" - of a swimmer be in water in which one cannot stand or walk, and is therefore in danger of drowning. 2. fig. be in a situation one cannot manage or cannot understand.
Get phr"Get Out Of One's Mind" - stop thinking about, forget if only for a short time. 2. get out of one's head.
Get phr"Get Out of (Someone's) Sight" - to not be visible. 2. remove oneself or somebody from another person's presence.
Get phr"Get Out of the Way" - remove oneself, somebody, of something from the scene. 2. step aside from the path of somebody, something. 3. complete a job or task.
Get phr"Get Out Of Something" - avoid blame, duty, punishment.
Get phr"Get Out of Town" - an interjection expressing of incredulity.
Get phr"Get Outside of" - eat or drink something heartily.
Get phr"Get Out While the Goings Good" - leave while it is possible, safe and wise to do so
Get phr"Get Over" - to overcome a difficulty, such as embarrassment, shyness, confusion. 2. to evade the force of evidence 3. to cease to be surprised or troubled by. 4. to recover from a shock, illness, become healthy again etc. 4. climb over a wall, get over or across a stream; surmount an obstacle. 5. fully believe, accept, appreciate or understand bad behavior. 6. travel or cover a long distance.
Get phr"Get Over On" - deceive, intimidate, fool someone.
Get phr"Get Over the Footlights" - to get access.
Get phr"Get Over To" - make clear, convey, get across, impress upon.
Get phr"Get Over With" - to do something necessary but unpleasant( get over once and for all or done with).
Get phr"Get Rich Quick" - acquire wealth without having to work too much or wait long for.
Get phr"Get Rid of" - to dispose of, remove, abolish or cause to lose.
Get phr"Get Sick" - become ill or with infirmity.
Get phr"Gets Me Every Time" - something that makes one laugh always
Get phr"Get Somebody Nowhere" - not help somebody to become successful, happy or help get what they hope to get.
Get phr"Get Somebody the Sack" - be the cause of somebody being dismissed from his or her employment.
Get phr"Get Somebody Where He Lives" - hurt, threaten, criticize, ridicule, esp. in a way that will particularly hurt him/her.
Get phr"Get Somebody Where One Wants Him" - have somebody in a position where he doesn't want to be, or where his actions can be controlled to one's own advantage.
Get phr"Get Somebody Wrong" - misunderstand someones motives or actions, or what he says.
Get phr"Get Someone's Back Up" - make someone become angry; annoy, antagonize as to cause their strong resistance.
Get phr"Get Someone's Blood Up" - enrage, anger; make somebody feel aggressive.
Get phr"Get Someone Up" - to rise from bed, or get someone out of bed.
Get phr"Get Something Going" - start, begin, organize something (undertakiing), operate, and make it work.
Get phr"Get Something on Someone" - obtain or possess damaging knowledge about someone.
Get phr"Get Something Over" - communicate information, make something understood.
Get phr"Get Something Over With" - do or undergo something unpleasant or dificult to do as to be rid of something.
Get phr"Get Something Right" - carry out a task, answer a question, solve a problem, etc.
Get phr"Get Something Wrong" - not carry out a task, fail to answer a question, not solve a problem. etc.
Get phr"Get Stuck In" - become lodged and unable to move further.
Get phr"Get Stuck Into" - start doing something with enthusiasm.
Get phr"Get the Axe" - be dismissed, sacked from work; dropped from a sporting team.
Get phr"Get the Better of" - master, defeat, overcome. 2. get one's way in opposition to; or after argument with.
Get phr"Get the Best Out Of" - use to best, most, utmost advantage, employ most effectively
Get phr"Get the Boot" - to be dismissed from job. 2. be expelled or thrown out.
Get phr"Get the Drop On" - succeed in getting an advantage over someone. 2. manage to aim a gun at another person, before he/she can aimed one at you.
Get phr"Get the Elbow" - be spurned or rejected by someone, especially a lover or a romantic interest. 2. get the shove.
Get phr"Get the Goods On" - get or have information about someone which may be used their detriment or disadvantage.
Get phr"Get the Hang Of" - understand, appreciate, see how to do something.
Get phr"Get the Hint" - a sign or gesture given to suggest that one quits, goes away, drops or changes the subject , etc.
Get phr"Get the Most Out Of It" - get the greatest amount of work, effort out of someone or something.
Get phr"Get There (in the end)" - to obtain one's object; be successful in an undertaking. 2. achieve one's aim, complete a task, esp. by patience and perseverance.
Get phr"Get There First" - reach, obtain, attain or achieve something before another, or others, who would like to do so.
Get phr"Get the Sack" - be dismissed or cause somebody to be dismissed from a position or employment.
Get phr"Get the Show on the Road" - begin (or continue with) an undertaking or enterprise.
Get phr"Get the Time to Do Something" - have or find the time to complete a task or project, etc.
Get phr"Get the Upper Hand" - to get the better of. 2. have a mastery over another, be more powerful than an enemy, competitor, etc.
Get phr"Get the Weight Off One's Feet" - sit or lay down, often after standing up for a long period.
Get phr"Get the Wind Up" - become frightened, alarmed.
Get phr"Get the Worst Of" - be defeated; be overcome in a fight, argument.
Get phr"Get the Wrong End of the Stick" - completely misunderstand the situation or something said.
Get phr"Get Things Done" - achieving what one has set out to do.
Get phr"Get Through" - to reach the end of, survive, endure, live through, bring to a conclusion, accomplish. 2. to succeed in accomplishing, enduring, or the like. 3. to pass or succeed in an exam, test, ordeal. 4. manage to pass through a hole, a gap, a tunnel, etc. 5. pass apiece of legislation through parliament. 6. consume/drink various amounts of food and liquor. 7. manage to do a task, a lot of work,
Get phr"Get Through To" - reach or bring to one's destination after extreme difficulty. 2. manage to make contact by telephone, radio and other electronic means. 3. in sport reach the final stages of a tournament, cup, championship. 4. make somebody understand the meaning of what one is saying; communicate with.
Get phr"Get Through With" - finish, complete a job, task, etc. 2. endure, survive a difficult physical or verbal attack.
Get phr"Get Tied Up (in something)" - be really busy and and intensely involved in something.
Get phr"Getting At" - insinuating, meaning. (See: 'Get at")
Get phr"Getting On For" - approaching, close to.
Get phr"Get To" - reach, arrive at a destination. 2. begin to do something; reach the point of doing something.
Get phr"Get Together" - to collect, assemble, meet, gather together ( a body, party, group of) persons or things. 2. meet socially. 3. discuss something with a view to forming a common approach or stance.
Get phr"Get to Grips With" - tackle a matter with earnest
Get phr"Get to Know" - be acquainted or familiar with something or someone.
Get phr"Get to One's Feet" - stand up, often in order to make a speech.
Get phr"Get to the Bottom of" - find the cause of, solve the problem; fathom.
Get phr"Get to the Top of the Tree" - reach the highest position in one's career.
Get phr"Get to Work On" - start working, operating, studying, etc.
Get phr"Get Tough with Somebody" - become violent or stubborn (with somebody). 2. take up an aggressive, or sternly disciplinarian, attitude and way of action towards somebody.
Get phr"Get Under" - to subdue, esp. a fire; overcome. 2. pass beneath, shelter, hide under.
Get phr"Get Under Somebody's Skin" - be a constant source of irritation or annoyance to someone. 2. "Get Under Somebody's Nose"
Get phr"Get Underway" - to begin to move, start, begin.
Get phr"Get Up" - to rise from bed, chair; stand up. 2. cause to get or lift out of bed or to arise. 3. climb, carry up. 4. to mount on horseback; get upon a bicycle. 5. to dress in a special way, to make ready. 6. become angry or violent, lose temper. 7. increase in force, as a rough weather. 8. prepare, study, memorize a subject.
Get phr"Get Up Against" - stand, sit, huddle together very closely; put very near to. 2. form a very close relationship with; find oneself in dispute or conflict with.
Get phr"Get Up and Go" - to act with energy and ambition.
Get phr"Get Up a Thirst" -develop a thirst, do something which produces a thirst, work up a thirst.
Get phr"Get Up Early" - to be mentally alert, wide awake.
Get phr"Get Up On One's Hind Legs" - rise in order to speak to a group of people. 2. get up on one's feet.
Get phr"Get Up Somebody's Nose" - annoy, irritate, irk, infuriate someone.
Get phr"Get Up Steam" - develop enough pressure of steam to drive something. 2. (of persons) prepare oneself to make an effort.
Get phr"Get Up the Yard" - (an Irish schoolyard term) go away; I don't believe what you say; I disagree.
Get phr"Get Uptight About Something" - become tense, over-concerned, guarded or touchy in one's attitudes and reactions to something.
Get phr"Get Up to" - be occupied in , be busy with (usually with the implication that the activity is undesirable, miscievious, foolish or unexpected). 3. reach, raise to a required standard or level.
Get phr"Get Up With the Chickens" - arise from bed very early od before sunrise.
Get phr"Get Weaving" - to set about a task briskly.
Get phr"Get Well (soon)" - recover one health.
Get phr"Get Well On" - become intoxicated.
Get phr"Get What's Coming To One" - suffer the results of one's misdeeds. 2. suffer an inevitable fate.
Get phr"Get What's Coming to One" - suffer the results of one's misdeeds. 2. suffer an inevitable fate.
Get phr"Get Wind Of" - hear of, become acquainted of. 2. hear news of, usually in an indirect or roundabout way.
Get phr"Get Wise" - become aware (should have earlier) of something, or of qualities of behavior in somebody.
Get phr"Get With" - to form a romantic relationship with someone. 2. to kiss passionately.
Get phr"Get With Child" - make pregnant (girl, wife, mistress).
Get phr"Get Within" - a position where one can hit or bet hit, see or be seen. 2. within earshot, range, striking distance, etc.
Get phr"How Are You Getting On" - how are things faring, prospering, progressing with you.
Get phr"I Get You" - I understand what you mean, and /or propose.
Get phr"It Is Getting to Me" - it is affecting me psychologically.
Get phr"Tell Somebody Where to get Off" - reproach, admonish, reprove somebody.
Get phr"This Is Where One Gets Off" - the moment when one leaves or parts company. 2. stop doing; or taking part in some group activity.
Gete vbGet attention, watch, observe. 2. guard, watch, take charge, tend, observe
Get-go nThe start, commencement, very beginning.
Gethe adjHaste, hurry
Getenly advCarefully, diligently
Getless adjHaving got nothing, empty-handed
Get-off nAn evasion, subterfuge.
Get-on nOne who gets on or succeeds; a successful person.
Get-out nAn escape from a difficult position; a clause allowing one to withdraw from an agreement etc.
Getter nOne who gets, obtains, succeeds.
Get-there nEnergy, ambition.
Getting nObtaining, possessing, purchasing, accomplishing, earning, arriving at. reaching.
Getting-to-know-you adj(Of an activity) designed so that participants get to know each other.
Get-together nA meeting, gathering, an informal conference esp. an informal social gathering.
Get-togetherness nThe state or quality of getting together, gathering, thronging, meeting up.
Get-tough adjHaving a strong and forthright approach.
Get-up-and-Get nEnergy, ambition and success.
Get-Up-and-GonEnergy, ambition.
Get-well adjExpressing good wishes for a recovery from sickness.
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