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Ghast vbTerrify, scare
Ghast vbTo meditate.
Ghastful adjCausing fear, terrifying, dreadful, absolutely dismal. 2. frightening, terrifying.
Ghastlily advIn a ghastly manner. 2. state of being ghastly. 3. a ghastly thing.
Ghastliness nThe state of being ghastly. 2. a ghastly thing
Ghastly advFrightful in appearance; deathlike, pale, dismal. 2. terrifying; shockingly; extremely bad.
Ghastness nAmazement, terror, fright, fear.
Ghasty adjTerrible, frightful, horrifying.
Ghost nSpirit or immaterial part of man, as distinct from the body, the seat of feeling, thought & moral action. 2. soul. spirit, principle of life, breath or life.
Ghost phr"Ghost Away" - remove someone or something secretly or discreetly.
Ghost phr"Ghost Somebody" - kill someone.
Ghost phr"Lay the Ghost of Something or Someone" - stop worrying about (after a long time).
Ghost phr"Midnight Ghost" - a ghost that appers around midnight.
Ghost phr"The Midnight Ghost" - a ghost that appears at midnight.
Ghost phr"White as a Ghost" - (of someone) : very white, extremely pale.
Ghost phr"Yield the Ghost" - give up the ghost; die, pass away.
Ghostband n(In science)any spurious results clustered together, outside of normal expected ranges (as in a plot of recorded energy values, with an inexplicable blot, marring the clean expected results). 2.(biology)a large band or stripe that appears on a developed gel as a wide halo with no specific, distinguishable signal. 3.(entertainment) impersonators of a well-known band hired to perform while the real band members are elsewhere.
Ghost bird nYellow-breasted chat, Icteria virent.
Ghostbust vbTo rid (a house, place), etc of Ghosts.
Ghostbuster nOne who rids a house of ghosts.
Ghostbusting nThe act of ridding a house, place of ghosts.
Ghostdom nRealm of ghosts
Ghostly father nFather confessor: priest performing last rites
Ghostfish nThe Wrymouth.
Ghostful adjCausing fear, terrifying, dreadful, absolutely dismal. 2. frightened, terrified.
Ghosthunter nA person attempts to track down ghosts.
Ghosthunting nThe act of attempting to track down ghosts.
Ghostking nA king of ghosts or spirits; a ghostly or spiritual king. 2. a king of one's own spirit or soul; a god, God.
Ghostland nA land inhabited by ghosts. 2. a land that has been deserted, as a ghost town or full of ghost towns.
Ghostless adjWithout spirit, soul or like. 2. without a ghost or ghosts.
Ghost light nIn folklore, a will-o'-the-wisp, will-o'-wisp or ignis fatuus (Latin for 'giddy flame'; plural ignes fatui) is an atmospheric ghost light seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps, or marshes. see also elf-fire and walking fire
Ghostlike adjSeemingly invisible, as a ghost. 2. similiar to a ghost.
Ghostlily advIn a ghostly manner
Ghostliness nThe sate or quality of being ghostly. 2. a ghostly thing.
Ghostlore nThe learning, teaching, knowledge, or study of ghosts or spirits. 2. the science of the supernatural; spiritualism.
Ghostly adjGhostly in appearance, deathlike, pale, dismal. 2. horrifying, shockingly.
Ghostmonger nOne who believes in the existence of ghosts and the spirit-world; this includes those writers who explore paranormal phenomena. (a monger of ghosts).
Ghostness nAmazement, teror, fright, fear.
Ghost pepper nAlso known as Bhut jolokia, ghost chili, U-morok, red naga, naga jolokia and ghost jolokia, the ghost pepper is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated in the Northeast Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. The 'ghost' is an illusion to the belief that one may die or 'give up the ghost' on eating this vegetable.
Ghostride vbTo accelerate, exit, and then moving along or even dancing on top of a moving vehicle.
Ghostship nA ship found empty of all people, in good condition, seemingly abandoned (as if haunted) on the high seas; as (The Mary Celeste; The Flying Dutchman).
Ghost town nFormer boom town now empty, decaying and almost or completely deserted.
Ghost word nWord which really does not exist, but is listed, by error, in a dictionary.
Ghostwrite vbTo write (literary works) under the name of another. 2. to author a literary work or speech in the place of another.
Ghostwriter nA professional writer who is part to write books, articles, stories, or reports that are officially credited to another person.
Ghosty adjConcerned with or pertaining to ghosts. 2. resembling a ghost.
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