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Giddily advIn a giddily manner.
Giddiness nThe state of being giddy.
Giddy adjOE. possessed by a spirit or demon, mad, insane, equivalent to 'god +y) 2. dizzy, feeling dizzy, or unsteady and as about to fall down. 2. causing dizziness, or a feeling of unsteadiness. 4. lightheartedly silly, or joyfully elated. 5. frivolous impulse,inconsistent, changeable.
Gift nIn OE. recorded only as a 'payment for a wife' in the sense "bride-price, marriage gift (by the groom), dowry"
Gild nGold, gilt.
Gild vbTo cover with or as with a thin layer of gold. 2. to give an often deceptively altered or impoverished appearance to.
Gild phr"Gild Over" -to cover with gilt. 2. to conceal faults, faults, defects.
Gild phr"Gild the Lily" - try to make perfection more perfect. 2. mask or spoil natural beauty or a good quality by over-decorating it. 3. praising excessively.
Gilded adjGold-covered (with a thin layer). 2. wealthy, privileged.
Gilded youth nFashionable young men belonging to wealthy families, see French: 'jeunesse dorce'.
Gilden adjMade of gold.
Gilder nOne who gilds; one whose ocupation is to overlay with gold. 2. money.
Gilding nThe action of covering with gilt or gold.
Gilt nThin layer of gold; gild.
Gilt-edged adjHaving a gilded edged. 2. stock or securities (gilts) regarded as extremely reliable investment.
Giltwood nWood that has been gilded or painted gold.
Ging n.Company of armed men, a troop, army, host. 2. retinue of V.I.P.S. 3. company, pack, train. 4. crew, rabble, rout. nation. See: Gang, Geng
Ginger n.(Ginger, a borrowing from Latin), plant with a hot-tasting spicy root used in cooking, zingiberacea. 2. gingerwort.
Ginger phr"Get One's Ginger Up" - to irritate, anger someone
Ginger phr"Ginger Up" - to enliven an activity,group, etc.
Ginger ale nA carbonated soft drink flavored with ginger.
Ginger-bread nA sweet food ranging from a soft, moist,loaf cake to something like a ginger biscuit.
Ginger-bread man nA biscuit made of gingerbread, usually in the shape of a stylized human.
Gingered adjSpiced with ginger.
Gingerish adjHaving a relatively ginger colour.
Ginger-like adjResembling or characteristic of ginger.
Gingerwort nZingiberaceae
Gingery adjSomewhat ginger in colour. 2. having the flavour of ginger.
Gird vbTo surround a waist with a girdle.
Gird phr"Gird On" - fix or fasten on (as armor).
Gird phr"To Gird Up" - get ready to do something or deal with something.
Girder nA person who makes girdles.
Girderless adjWithout girdles.
Girderlike adjResembling or characteristic of a girdle.
Girding-hook nA reaping-hook.
Girdle nThat which girds, encircles, or encloses; a circumference  2. a belt or elasticated corset; especially, a belt, sash, or article of dress encircling the body usually at the waist, often used to support stockings or hosiery.  3. the zodiac; also, the equator. 4. the line of greatest circumference of a brilliant-cut diamond, at which it is grasped by the setting. 5. (mining) a thin bed or stratum of stone.
Girdle vbTo gird, encircle, or constrain by such means. 2. to kill or stunt a tree by removing or inverting a ring of bark.
Girdle phr"The Girdle of the World" - the earth's girdle: the equator.
Girdled adjSecured or support by a girdle or beam.
Girdleful adjAs much as a girdle can hold.
Girdler nOne who makes girdles, a girdlesmith.
Girdlesmith nA maker of girdles.
Girdlestead nThe waist; the part of the body round which the girdle passes.
GirtnA horizontal structural member or post and beam architecture, typically attached to a bridge . 2. vertical members such as corner posts.
Girt vbTo gird. 2. to bind horizontally, as with a belt or girdle. 3. to measure the girth of.
Girth nGirth A band or strap which encircles the body; especially, one by which a saddle is fastened upon the back of a horse. 3. small horizontal brace or girder. 4. the measure around any object, such as a body at the waist or belly, or a box ; the circumference of anything.
Girth vbTo bind as if with a girth, or band.
Girthless nWithout a girth, or strap or saddle.
Girthy adjOf a sizeable girth, portly, girthed.
Give nThe amount of bending that something undergoes when a force is applied to it.
Give vb Old English giefan, gefan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch geven and German geben.
Give phr"Don't Give Me That" - do not expect me to believe that.
Give phr"Give About" - to distribute or circulate something. 2. to spread a rumor. 3. to encompass or surround something about
Give phr"Give a Broadside To" - deliver a spoken or written attack aupon.
Give phr"Give a Helping Hand to" - help or assist another in carrying out a task, project, etc.
Give phr"Give a Light (to)" - to care about; give hope to.
Give phr"Give Again" - give back or restore in various senses.
Give phr"Give Against" - to attack or assault someone or something. 2. to impinge against something.
Give phr"Give a Hand"- to help, aid or assist.
Give phr"Give All One's Got" - do something with all one's strength, energy, devotion, etc.
Give phr"Give a Man a Fish and You'll Feed Him for a Day, Show a Man How to Fish and You'll Feed Him For a Lifetime" - it is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something, than to do it for him..
Give phr"Give and Take" - arrange matters sensibly, fairly and tactfully with others. 2. fair compromise for mutual benefit; show mutual tolerance.
Give phr"Give a Rat's Arse" - (usually in the negative: "Couldn't Give a Rat's Arse" - to not care, have or show no interest in.
Give phr"Give as Good, as One Gets" - be able to meet an attack with an equal effective counter attack.
Give phr"Give Away" (a dead give-away") - a complete betrayal; also a person or thing that causes such a betrayal. 2. fail to take or use of through foolishness, or neglect; throw away, squander. betray, reveal involuntarily, or voluntarily. 3. a revelation. 4, yield, give up.
Give phr"Give Away" - give, free of charge, sell at a very low price possessions, clothes, to charity. 2. distribute, present. 3. betray, reveal.
Give phr"Give Back" - to return, restore to its original owner or location. 2. to contribute money, goods, or esp. services for charitable purposes, as if in return for one's own success.
Give phr"Give Back As Good as One's Gets" - not to be outdone by an opponent. 2. retaliate in a fight, argument, abusive exchange of words with as much skill,force, or skill, as has been used against one.
Give phr"Give Back to" - return a possession to one's owner; hand back. 2. allow to enjoy again.
Give phr"Give Birth (to)" - be delivered of, produce a child, offspring (calf, joey, foal, etc.) 2. create something, originate as a genre, style, fashion, fad, technique, etc.
Give phr"Give By" - to stand aside.
Give phr"Give Down" - of a cow let milk flow.
Give phr"Give Ear (to)" - to listen openly to others. 2. listen while mainly occupied in some other way. 3. listen/ pay attention to.
Give phr"Give Fire" - to fire a gun at someone.
Give phr"Give for" - sacrifice, exchange for one's life, wealth, etc.
Give phr"Give Forth" - emit, produce, yell, etc.
Give phr"Give Free Play to Something" - give freedom of movement of expression to something. 2. allow something to be.
Give phr"Give Ground To" - retreat to the advantage of somebody other. 2. fail to hold one's advantage or gain.
Give phr"Give Heed (to)" - take notice of.
Give phr"Give Him Enough Rope and He Hang Himself" - allowed sufficient of action often lead to a person's downfall.
Give phr"Give In" - give something to a person who is authorized t receive it; hand it in. 2. surrender, yield.
Give phr"Give In Hand" - give in marriage.
Give phr"Give Into" - allow oneself to be overcome by; give way to.
Give phr"Give Into the Hands Of" - commit, entrust, consign.
Give phr"Give It a Miss" - not do something one usually does.
Give phr"Give It a Rest" - give it up, take a break from or stop doing something.
Give phr"Give It a Shot" - give it a try.
Give phr"Give It Away" - abandon, give up, stop.
Give phr"Give It One's Best (Shot)" -work or perform as well as one can possibly can.
Give phr"Give It To (Anyone)" - to attack either with blows. 2. to beat or punish severely. 3. to put up a good fight against someone. 4. to have sexual relations with.
Give phr"Give It Up" - refrain from doing something. 2. divulge or reveal something or somebody.
Give phr"Give Lead to" - take the initiative in some matter. 2. make one responsible, by instruction or example, for events.
Give phr"Give Lie to" - show to be untrue, as a rumour, information, a tale.
Give phr"Give Little" - contribute little or begrudgingly.
Give phr"Given to" - inclined to
Give phr"Give Name to" - the name given at birth or baptism.
Give phr"Give Off" - emit, release, produce vapor, smoke, fumes, odor, scent, aroma.
Give phr"Give Of Oneself" - to devote oneself unselfishly to a task, esp. to give time and energy.
Give ph"Give on to" - of a window, to look on to; of a door, to open on to.
Give phr"Give One's All" - to make the utmost effort. 2. to contribute using all of one abilities and resources. 3. to lose one's life while making the uttermost effort.
Give phr"Give One's Best" - do all one can.
Give phr"Give One's Ears For" - make great personal sacrifice for; pay any price for.
Give phr"Give One's Eye-teeth" - do anything to obtain something.
Give phr"Give Oneself Away" - accidentally reveal one's guilt.
Give phr"Give Oneself Up" - surrender.
Give phr"Give On to" - overlook, allow access to a door window, entrance.
Give phr"Give Out" - become exhausted (strength, patience,,supplies, street, etc.) 2. distribute, hand out. 3. announce, make known.
Give phr"Give Over" - stop doing something; be quiet.
Give phr"Given Over to" - be used for, have as its particular end or purpose.
Give phr"Give Rise to" - be the cause of, generate, produce, as alarm, concern, etc.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Break" - give someone an opportunity in various senses.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Cold Shoulder" - be rejected.
Give phr"Give Somebody an Earful" - harangue or berate somebody.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Good Hiding" - give somebody a good thrashing, beating. 2. defeat overwhelmingly in a game or contest.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Hand" - help or assist somebody doing something.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Hard Time" - be difficult and firm in dealings with someone.
Give phr"Give Somebody an Inch and they will Take a Mile" - show tolerance or generosity to somebody, and he/ she will increase his/her demands or be excessive in claim and behavior.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Rough Ride" - subject to a difficult or painful experience. 2. to abuse or ridicule.
Give phr"Give Somebody a Thick Ear" - give somebody a blow on the or the side of the head.
Give phr"Give Somebody Away" - hand over a bride in marriage. 2. reveal a secret about somebody.
Give phr"Give Somebody Elbow Room" - give somebody sufficient space.
Give phr"Give Somebody Full Marks (for Something) - give somebody the greatest possible praise and credit for something they have done well or perfectly.
Give phr"Give Somebody Full Play" - give complete freedom of action or expression.
Give phr"Give Somebody Hell" - scold or punish somebody. 2. make somebody suffer, seriously harass, or persecute.
Give phr"Give Somebody One's Blessing" - give someone one's approval, encouragement in a project, enterprise, etc.
Give phr"Give Somebody Some Rope" - not force somebody to follow too strict a discipline or control. -
Give phr"Give Somebody the Fright of their Life" - cause somebody to receive a severe fright. 2. caused to be suddenly startled.
Give phr"Give Somebody the Glad Eye" - flirt with somebody.
Give phr"Give Somebody the Green Light" - let somebody know that it is safe to go ahead with their plans. 2. allow somebody to do what they want in some particular circumstance.
Give phr"Give Somebody Something to Think About" - present somebody with a problem, difficult decision to make. 2. startle or upset by threat, speech or behavior.
Give phr"Give Somebody the Go-by" - avoid.
Give phr"Give Somebody Their Freedom" - consent to a divorce; allow one's husband/wife to leave one for another person or way of life , without putting legal obstacles in the way.
Give phr"Give Somebody the Run of the House" - give somebody freedom etc.; permision to use one's house as if it was their own.
Give phr"Give Somebody the Short Shrift" - a brief auricular confession before execution.
Give phr"Give Somebody the Thumbs Up" - give a gesture, make a statement, expressing a statement, approval for, success, or wishing success in an undertaking.
Give phr"Give Somebody the What-for" - punish or scold somebody for what he/she had done
Give phr"Give Somebody the Works" - let somebody have all that's available. 2. abuse verbally with vehemence.
Give phr"Give Somebody Understanding" - make somebody think something is true; lead something to believe (that).
Give phr"Give Somebody Warning" - let somebody know one's intentions that something is to happen, etc. a reasonable time in advance ; not upset or inconvenience.
** ***********
Give phr"Give Someone a Go" - give somebody a chance or opportunity.
Give phr"Give Someone (Something) a Miss" - not do something. 2. not go somewhere, as one might be expected to do, or has been in the habit of doing.
Give phr"Give Someone a Ring" - contact somebody by telephone
Give phr"Give Someone his/her Head" - allow somebody, esp. in their work or in carrying out their project to make his/ her own decisions and arrangements, and use his/ her own methods.
Give phr"Give Someone the Business" - to beat someone harshly or in a wrongful manner, by abuse, deception, or manipulations. 3. to harangue, criticize vigorously, berate or ridicule someone.
Give phr"Give Someone the Boot" - kick somebody, especially somebody who has already been knocked down. 2. dismiss, reject somebody from one's employment. 3. sack someone.
Give phr"Give Someone the Creeps" - cause someone to feel fear, loathing, aversion, nervous anxiety. 2. make one's flesh creep.
Give phr"Give Someone the Elbow" - get rid of somebody.
Give phr"Give Someone the Eye" - flirt with someone.
Give phr"Give Someone the Old One Two" - give one an ogling look that declares a sexual interest. 2. give the glad eye to.
** ***********
Give phr"Give Stick to" - abuse, denigrate, assault.
Give phr"Give Teeth to" - make truly effective effective, enforceable, such as a law.
Give phr"Given that"- provided that, granted that.
Give phr"Give the Finger to" - to make an obscene gesture by closing the fist and extending the middle finger upwards. 2. to make any sort of gesture extending one of the fingers above the others.
Give phr"Give the Glad Eye" - give somebody (man or woman) inviting or amorous looks to encourage him or her to approach, make a date, etc.
Give phr"Give (or Get) The Rough Edge of One's Tongue" - be spoken to very sharply,rudely, critically.
Give phr"Give the Show/Game Away" - betray somebody's intentions, voluntarily or involuntarily.
Give phr"Give the World/Ear/Right Arm" - give wholeheartedly and generously.
Give phr"Give Thought to" - consider, think about seriously or carefully..
Give phr"Give Tongue to" - say aloud, express.
Give phr"Give Up" - surrender, allow to be taken as a possession. 2. sell, relinquish, sell, abandon. 3. yield, reveal, disclose, information, a secret, money. 3. hand over custody, abandon one's claim to. 5. no longer seek to avoid, or protect somebody from capture or arrest. 6. no longer have hope of a person's recovery from illness. 7. no longer expect or hope for, the arrival of a person, package, goods, etc. 8. stop indulging in something, as a practice, food, drink, smoking, etc. 9. renounce, no longer hold religion belief, conviction, principles. 10.abandon, no longer pursue one's efforts, attempt. 11. admit defeat or one's inability to achieve something, or convince another of something.
Give phr"Give Up all Hope" - abandon hope, loss all hope.
Give phr"Give Up for Dead" - assume that something is dead, beyond survival, lost; past help redemption or saving
Give phr"Give Up the Fight" - abandon the fight or struggle, be defeated (often in an uneven fight, battle or struggle).
Give phr"Give Up the Ghost" - to die, pass away, yield one's spirit.
Give phr"Give Warm Welcome to" - give somebody, a kind, positive reception or recognition of his/her presence.
Give phr"Give Way" - to give ground, concede, back down. 2. collapse, break, yield to pressure; become loosened. 2. fig. yield to the pressure of grief, temptation, despair, opposition, argument.
Give phr"Give Way to" - be replaced by, give place to, succeed by.
Give phr"Give Way Together!" - an order to the crew of a rowing boat to commence pulling.
Give phr"Give Weight to" - strengthen, provide stronger evidence for.
Give phr"I Give Up" - I can't not guess what happens next; a or an exclamation of frustration.
Give phr"I Will Give You That" - allow the remote, concede the truth of.
Give phr"Not Give a Brass Farthing" - not care or give a damn.
Give phr"Not Give Somebody a Thought" - not think of, or about something/someone ; forget, dismiss, from one's mind, or not concern oneself with.
Give phr"Not Give the Time To" - not acknowledge somebody, or giv attention or respect to.
Give phr"What Gives" - what is happening?,
Give phr"Wouldn't Give the Time of Day to" - ignore someone, refuse to pay the slightest attention to.
Give-away nA complete betrayal; also a person or thing that causes such a betrayal. 2. incontrovertible evidence of guilt. 3. a revelation.
Give-away shop nA shop where people bring and take goods without paying or getting paid.
Give-back nA rebate. 2. a reduction in pay or conditions as a result of unfavorable economic conditions.
Given nThe known fact or situation.
Given adjInclined, disposed, addicted. 2. granted as a basis of calculation etc. definitively stated, fixed, specified.
Giveness nThe act of given in or yielding. 2. submission, concession, allowance.
Given-name nGiven-name, first-name, birth-name, front-name
Givenness nThe fact of being given or posited. 2. the quality or something of being given. 2. the actuality of being given.
Giver nOne who bestows; a bestower, distributor, doer, granter.
Give-up nThe act of giving up, submission, relinquishment.
Give-upper nOne who gives up, submits, relinquishes.
Giving nThe act of giving, bestowing. 2. the imparting of news or information. 3. the disposin of property by voluntary transfer without receiving value in return.
Giving adjGiving freely.
Giving-back nSee "Give Back"
Giving-into nThe collapsing or failing. 2. relenting, yielding, surrendering or admitting defeat.
Givingness nThe property of being giving; generousness, generosity.
Giving-up nThe act of yielding or surrending.
Givy adjInclined to yield, or give way, pliable, springy, soft, moist.
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