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Glad adjBright, shining, beautiful. 2. glad with, pleasantly kind, affable. 3. happy or joyfully delighted, happy or pleased.
Glad phr"Give the Glad Eye" - to give someone the glad eye; that is: the movement of the eyes designed to attract a person of the opposite sex.
Glad phr"Give the Glad Hand" - to greet cordiality, welcome.
Glad phr"Glad to Meet You" - greetings on the first occasion of being introduced to, or meeting, somebody.
Glad phr"Glad to See the Back Of (somebody)" - be pleased when somebody leaves.
Glad phr"Put on the Glad Rags" - evening dress, or best clothes kept for a special occasion; formal wear.
Gladden vbTo make or become happy.
Gladden phr"Gladden Somebody's Heart" - to cheer and please somebody.
Gladdened adjMade happy by, gladdened, gladden.
Gladdening nThe act of making, or the feeling of becoming, happy.
Gladdon nOE : glaedene; a purple iris, Iris foetidissma, with an unpleasant odor; also called stinking iris.
Glad Eye" nAs to give someone the glad eye; that is: the movement of the eyes designed to attract a person of the opposite sex.
Gladful adjFull of joy.
Gladfullness nThe quality of being gladful.
Gladfully advIn a gladful manner.
Glad-hand nIn a cordial welcome, esp. one that is effusive or overly demonstrative. 2. a coupling device used on semi-trailer for attaching air brake lines from the vehicle to the trailer.
Glad-hand vbTo be over friendly with a stranger to gain an advantage. 2. to extend a cordially welcome to someone.
Glad-handed adjCordially welcomed. 2. overly-effusive greeted or welcomed with a gain or advantage in mind.
Glad-hander nOne who gives the glad hand.
Glad-handing nThe action of warmly and cordially welcoming others.
Glad-hearted adjLoving, warm and affectionate.
Gladhood nThe condition or state of being the thing or the being in a role denoted by the word.
Gladly advIn a happy manner; gladily, happily.
Gladness nThe condition of supreme well-being or good spirit.
Glad-sad adjOf voice: warbling between happy and less happier quality. 2. vacillating in mood between glad and sad; bi-polarish.
Gladship nThe state of gladness.
Gladsome adjCausing, feeling, or expressive of joy; joyous, pleasing. 2. having a feeling of joy or pleasure, cheerful.
Gladsomely advGladly.
Gladsomeness nGladness.
Gladstone phrThe name derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "gleoda" meaning a "kite" or "glede" and "stan" a stone. (The stones and rocks of this region were frequented by these birds of prey). The surname from this source is first recorded in the latter half of the 18th Century.
Glad-tidings nVery good news.
Glad-too-soon adjOver optimistic
Glad wrap nA thin plastic film used as a wrapping for food.
Glass nA small refracting telescope. 2. a container for holding liquids while drinking. 3. glassware collectively "She collected old glass" 4. a mirror; usually a ladies' dressing mirror. 5. an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant. 6. the quantity a glass will hold
Glass vbPut in a glass container.. 2. enclose with glass. 3. furnish with glass, as a windows.
Glass phr"Glass in" - enclose with glass, as a verandah.
Glass phr"Those Who Live in Glass Houses, Shouldn't Throw Stones" - critics should be aware of criticisms.
Glass-bead nAny small, solid or hollow sphere of glass.
Glass blower nOne who viscid molten glass into any form.
Glass-blowing nThe process of blowing viscid molten glass into any form.
Glass cleaner nA specific formula of cleaning fluid for glass surfaces.
Glass cliff nA term that describes the phenomenon of women in leadership roles, such as executives in the corporate world and female political election candidates, being likelier than men to achieve leadership roles during periods of crisis or downturn, when the chance of failure is highest.
Glass door nA door having glass panes of various sizes, color, etc.
Glassed vbTo stab so. in the face with broken glass, usu. a beer glass
Glassed-in adjEnclosed by glass or panels of glass, usually for protection.
Glasses nSpectacles.
Glass-eye nArtificial eye made of glass.
Glassful adjAs much as contained in a drinking glass.
Glass-half-empty adjPessimistic.
Glass-half-full adjOptimistic.
Glass-hard adjAs hard as some types of glass.
Glasshouse nA factory where glass is made. 2. a greenhouse or hothouse. 3. (slang): a military prison.
Glassily adjIn a glassy manner.
Glassiness nState of being glassy.
Glassing nThe act of glassing: stabbing someone with a broken glass.
Glassless adjWithout glass.
Glass-like adjResembling glass.
Glass-maker nOne makes glass.
Glass-making nThe process and manufacturing of glass.
Glassman nOne who sells glass or glassware.
Glass snake nA slender legless lizard of southern United States having a very brittle tail. 2. a similar lizard of Europe.
Glass-spinning nThe art of drawing out threads of hot glass to form spun glass.
Glass wall nA wall made from glass.
Glassware nArticles made of glass.
Glass window nA window with glass panes.
Glasswool nFibres of spun glass of a wool-like appearance; used in fire-proofing fabric, as insulator material as a filter, and in draining wounds.
Glasswork nThe manufacture of glass articles, etc. 2. articles made of glass.
Glassworker nOne who works in the manufacture of glass or glassware.
Glassworking nThe process of the manufacture and production of glass.
Glassworks nA glass factory; a factory where glass is made.
Glassworm nThe arrow worm.
Glasswort nAny of several low saline seaside herbs (genus Salicornia) whose ashes where formerly used in glass-making.
Glasswright nGlazier; glazenwright.
Glassy adjComposed of or like glass; having a hard fixed appearance. 2. fixed, blank, and uncomprehending; as a 'glassy stare'
Glassy-eyed adjFixed, blank, and uncomprehending; as a 'glassy stare'. 2. the look (often) of someone affected by strong drink.
Glaze phr"Glaze Over" - assume a fixed, trance-like, sightless appearance as though mere objects of glass, perhaps revealing lost interest in something.
Glaze phr"Glaze Up" - to light up., become more open, as if in expectation.
Glazed adjOf eyes: showing no liveliness
Glazen adjMade or consisting of glass. 2. resembling glass, glassy.
Glazer nOne who applies glazing, as in pottery , etc. 2. one who gives a glass-like or glossy surface to anything. 3. one who is prone to endless monologue; derived from the common practice of talking at you until your eyes 'glaze' over.
Glazing nGlasswork. 2. glass set or made to be in frames. 3. the act or process of applying a glaze.
Glazy adjHaving the appearance of a glaze.
Gleam nBrilliant light, brightness, hot gleam, warm rays of the Sun. 2. a bright warm interval between rain showers, also a hot wind
Gleam phr"Gleam in Somebody's Eyes" -something which is anticipated, for a time, with pleasure and desire, but has not yet come about.
Gleaminess nState of gleaming or shining brightly.
Gleaming adjGleaming: having a high radiant sheen.
Gleamingly advIn a gleaming manner or fashion.
Gleamless adjThat does not gleam; gleamless. 2. lacking brightness or gleam.
Gleamly advIn a shiny, gleaming, flashing or radiant manner.
Gleamy adjDarting in beams of light; flashing, gleamy.
Glede nLocally applied to birds of prey, as the buzzard, kite, osprey and peregrine, falcon.
Glee nMusical entertainment, music, melody. 2. mirth, joy, feeling of delight, exaltation, prosperity.
Glee phr"Him No Glee" - nothing gives him delight.
Glee phrNot with Gold and Glee will She Abide with You. See Glew and Glewing. not for money or music, or a feeling of delight will she be your wife.
Glee-beam nThe harp or gleebeam (poetically.)
Glee-craft nGleecraft, music; the music of a minstrel.
Gleed nLive coal, gleed or ember, cinders, coal used as fuel, a lighting. 2. simile: spark of glede or glede spark.
Gleed vbTo light up, burn; to gleed.
Gleed phr"Red Hot as Gleed" - very hot.
Glee-dream nDelight, joy of minstrel-dom.
Gleeful adjCharacterized by joyful exuberance.
Gleefully adjIn a gleeful, gleefully, joyous manner.
Gleefulness nThe state of being gleeful or joyous; gleefulness.
Gleeishly advSomewhat gleeishly; in a gleeful manner.
Gleeman nA professional entertainer, musician, singer, minstrel. 2. glee-woman.
Gleesome adjGleeful, joyous.
Gleesomely advIn a gleeful, joyous manner
Gleesomeness nThe state or quality of being gleesome.
Glew adjWise, prudent, clever, (only in OE)
Glew vbTo make merry, to glee, to make happy, to jest, to entertain, to please to play a musical instrument. 2. call loudly.
Glewing nThe playing of music.
GliddernA loose stone on a hillside.
'Glidder vbTo glaze over, cover with ice
Glidderly: adjWith a smooth unimpeded motion; smooth, slippery. 2. treacherous.
Glide nA gliding movement or motion. 2. a flight in an unpowered aircraft.
Glide vbTo move along by smooth and continuous movement, quietly without effort or difficulty. 2. to fly , or make a flight without motor or engine power. 3. of birds using very little movement of the go unperceived, quietly and stealthily.
Glide phr"Glide Along" - move very smoothly across along, or away from.
Glideless adjPassing from one position of the organs of speech to another without producing a glide (transition sound), as in the case of 'nd' in and.
Glidepath nAn aircraft line of descent to landing, esp. as indicated by ground control.
Glider nA light without-engine aircraft made to glide after being towed aloft or launched from a catapult. 2. a device that aids gliding. 3. any of several marsupials that glide through the air by extending large folds of skin on the sides of the body between the forelegs, and the hind legs. 4. a pilot of a glider.
Glide time nA system in which employees work a set number of hours of flexible starting and finishing time.
Glidewort nAn old name for species of Sideritis: ironwort; later for Galeopsis tetrachi. This herb most likely used as a remedy for gout: "Glide" element in the word may be OT for limb.
Glim n.The eye, a passing look. 2. a scrap. 3. brightness, shine, gleam, glitter. 4. a light, candlestick, lantern.
Glimble nGlimmer, glimpse
Glimmer vbTo glitter, flash, to give a fake or intermittent light, to shine faintly. 2. to look or glance with half-closed eyes.
Glimmer nA feeble or wavering light, a sheen, shimmer. 2. a faint glean of knowledge, hope. 3. Slang: a fire; the eye
Glimmer-gowk nThe owl, see Gowk
Glimpse nMomentarily view; passing flash or appearance; a gleam.
The Glimstick nA candlestick.
Glise vbTo shine, sparkle, glitter. 2. a glance over
Glisk n(OE: glisian: to glance): a gleam of light; a glimpse.
Glist n.A gleam, a glistening
Glisten. nA sparkle, a glitter.
Glisten phr"All that Glistens is not Gold" - things are not always what they seem.
Glisten phr"Glisten With" - be covered, or filled, or specked drops of particles that reflect light.
Gloam nTwilight, dusk, evening gloom.
Gloam nThe gloaming, the gloom, twilight, dusk, shade, dusky light, gloaming fall, hour or sky.
Gloamingphr"The Gloaming Shot: the beginning of twilight, a shot in the twilight-
Gloom nProbably not an Anglish word, as not considered to be related to Old English glom "twilight," but perhaps to Middle Low German glum "turbid," Dutch gluren "to leer." As a verb, from c. 1300 "to look sullen or displeased," perhaps from Scandinavian (cf. Norwegian dialectal glome "to stare somberly"). The noun is 1590s in Scottish, "sullen look," from the verb. Sense of "darkness, obscurity" is first recorded 1629; that of "melancholy" is 1744 (gloomy in this sense is attested from 1580s).a sullen look, frown, scowl. Indefinite degree of darkness or obscurity. A painful or depressing darkness. a deeply shaded or darkened place. a state of, or fits of melancholy or depression. NB: some OE word-books have "aefen-glom" even-gloom: twilight, dusk.
Glove nCovering for the hand, usu one with a separate sheath for each finger.
Glove phr"He Bit His Glove" - to resolve on mortal revenge.
Glove phr"The Gloves" - the sport of boxing
Glove phr"The Gloves are Off" - the challenge has been accepted
Glove phr"With the Gloves Off" - mercilessly; unfairly; with no compunction.
Glove phr"Work Hand In Glove With" - an inseparable association with.
Gloved adjWearing glover.
Glover nOne who makes gloves
Glove-fight nA boxing match with gloves, as opposed to a bare knuckles match.
Gloveful adjAs much as a glove can hold.
Glovelike adjResembling a glove or some aspect of.
Gloveless adjWithout gloves.
Glove-maker nA maker of gloves.
Gloveman nA gloveman; a maker of gloves.
Glover nA maker of gloves.
Glovesman nA maker of gloves; glover.
Glovework nAbility in sports such as baseball or cricket where gloves are used.
Glovewort nHounds tung, lily of the valley, " Convallaria majallis.
Glow vbGive out light and heat without flames; shine; be or look, very hot, burn with emotion
Glow nShining heat; feeling of bodily heat, warmth of colour, ardor
Glow phr"Glow With" - show, throw out, reflect or be filled with.
Glow phr"In a Glow" - hot or flushed; sweating.
Glow phr"With a Warm Inner Glow" - satisfaction at some achievement.
Glow-fly nFire-fly
Glowing adjThe action of the verb 'glow'
Glowingly advIn the manner of something that is glowing. 2. in a glowing.
Glow-lamp nA light bulb.
Glow-stick nA self-contained , short-term light source.
Glow worm nSmall luminous worm
Glowy adjGlowing.
Gloze vbTo interpret; to make glosses; to discourse, to interpose or explain; to comment.
Gloze phr"Gloze On" - to veil with specious comments; to palliate, to explain away.
Glozer nA commentator, one who writes glosses.
Glozing nFlattery, cajoling, coaxing
Glum nA sullen look, sullenness, glumness.
Glum adjOf a person: sullen, frowning, having an air of dejecting, esp. to look glum or displeased. 2. of things: gloomy, dark, dismal (now only fig.)
Glum-like adjGloomy, sullen, displeased, frowning etc.
Glum vbTo look sullen, to frown, scowl.
Glumly advIn a glum manner.
Glumminess nThe state or quality of being gloomy, glummy, dismal etc.
Glumming adjThe action of the verb 'to glum' - frowning, scowling, dejection.
Glummish adjSomewhat glum, dismal, frownish, dejected.
Glummy adjGloomly, dismally, frownish, dejected.
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