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Go nOf a horse: the power of going. 2. of person: dash, energy, vigour. 3. of music: brightness, animation, 'swing'. 4. a quantity of a thing supplied at one time. 5. in constant motion.
Go adjFunctioning properly, ready or prepared.
Go vbGet oneself moved from one place to another; to move along, depart; works, operates.
Go phr"A Fair-Go" - equitable treatment, fairness.
Go phr"All the Go" - all the fashion, all the rage, in vogue.
Go phr"A No-Go" a futile or hopeless attempt. 2. a person who is rarely successful at anything.
Go phr"Anything Goes" - all is permitted or acceptable.
Go phr"As Far As It Goes" - an expression against taking a statement to positively.
Go phr"As She Goes" - on the same course (nautical).
Go phr"As the Tale Goes" - of a report: to pass from mouth to mouth. 2. the currency of a report.
Go phr"As Things Go" - as the average is.
Go phr"At One Go" - with only one attempt.
Go phr"Be On the Go / All Day" - be active/ very busy with no time to rest.
Go phr"Enough To Go On With" - something that is sufficient for the time being, with the suggestion that more is to follow.
Go phr"From the Word Go" - from the beginning, start, commencement.
Go phr"Give It a Go" - to try, make attempt.
Go phr"Give One the Go-by" - to pass by and ignore someone; to disregard.
Go phr"Give the Go-ahead" - to give permission to proceed in an undertaking
Go phr"Go Aboard" - get on, or board a ship, aircraft.
Go phr"Go About" - go, walk, travel, from place to place. 2. move in society, among friends. 3. circulate, be current, go round. 4. make a start. approach, tackle a problem, job, task, etc. 5. change direction in boating ; move one's tack.
Go phr"Go About (with)" - keep company with. 2. court company with a view to marriage.
Go phr"Go About One's Business" - mind one's own business; occupy oneself with one's own affair.
Go phr"Go Abroad" - travel to a foreign country; go overseas. 2. leave one' own country to visit or live in another country.
Go phr"Go After" - to go in pursuit of, go after, seek, go looking for a suspect, wanted person, etc. 2. attack or attempt to get, chase, pursue, try to get a job, girl-friend, award. 3. to visit as a wooer or disciple.
Go phr"Go Against" - to oppose, attack, pursue. 2. be contrary to a scheme, plan, idea. 3. be out of harmony with beliefs, philosophy.
Go phr"Go Against the Heart " - to go against what feels right.
Go phr"Go Aground (on)" - become stuck on sand, mud, sand, or rocks.
Go phr"Go Ahead" - make one's way to the front; go forward or proceed, continue, carry on, with; make rapid progress. 2. do what one wants to do. 3. do without further delay; go on. 4. continue a journey in advance of others; go before.
Go phr"Go All Out" - make a great, concentrated effort to obtain what one wants.
Go phr"Go All the Way" - to travel the entire distance to one's intended destination. 2. to continue to the conclusion of a task or project. 3. to have sexual intercourse.
Go phr"Go Along" - proceed with any sustained activity, including traveling.
Go phr"Go Along for the Ride" - to accompany someone in a passive manner; or to take to relatively active or passive role in a project or group activity.
Go phr"Go Along to Get Along" - to conform in order to have acceptance and security.
Go phr"Go Along (with)" - accompany somebody to a certain place.
Go phr"Go a Long Way" - make, have made great progress - esp. improve one social status, standard, or performance - over a period of time; go, get far.
Go phr"Go Along Way Towards (Doing Something)" - help greatly in bringing something about; go far towards doing something. 3. approach closely to.
Go phr"Go Along With" - to agree, comply or approve of something done by another. 2. share somebody 's opinion; act in agreement with one's policy, proposal, ideas. 3. to be classed as together with. 4. be part of something; be in agreement with something.
Go phr"Go Along with You!" - a mild rebuke or jocular expression of disbelief; get along or away with you!
Go phr"Go and Do Something" - move, act to do or carry out something.
Go phr"Go Aside" - move away from other people.
Go phr"Go At" - to make a physical attack upon; to take in hand strongly. 2. argue discuss heatedly. 3. make a great effort to do something, as a job, task, etc.
Go phr"Go At It" - to something with great energy.
Go phr"Go Away" - depart, leave a place or somebody's presence; go off. 2. of a bridegroom with her bridegroom leaving the wedding and going on their honeymoon.
Go phr"Go Away With" - to carry off as one's own; to take,steal, plunder.
Go phr"Go Away with It" -
Go phr"Go Back" - retrace one's steps, return or resist to a further state. 2. return to an earlier point in space, time, discussion etc. 3. of clocks & watches: be set to an earlier time in order to go allow for changing hours of daylight (in various parts of the world).
Go phr"Go Back of" - get behind.
Go phr"Go Back On" - to withdraw from an agreement, break a promise or agreement. 2. retract, fail to fulfill one's word, promise, undertaking. 3. prove faithless, or disloyal; to betray. 4. have its origin ; date back from/to.
Go phr"Go Back On One's Word" - fail to keep one's promises.
Go phr"Go Back to the Drawing Board" - to start again, to scrap an idea or plan and try again from the beginning.
Go phr"Go Backwards" - to change to reverse, take an unfavorable turn. decline in prosperity.
Go phr"Go Before" to precede in time and order; be anterior to. 2. live (and die) before one's own time (esp. pioneers). 3. appear before, in order to explain one's actions or to receive punishment. 4. be presented for discussion and approval.
Go phr"Go Behind One's Back" - act unfairly, unethically, deceitfully.
Go phr"Go Belly Up" - fail, especially financially.
Go phr"Go Between" - to act as a mediator. 2. fit well into a position between; pass between.
Go phr"Go Beyond" - exceed, surpass one expectations, intentions.
Go phr"Go Broke" - lose one's money, go bankrupt
Go phr"Go By" - pass before, in front of, near to as a funeral procession. 2. elapse, pass (of time). 3. be guided by, take one's course, direction (a compass, etc). 4. judge by appearances. 5. pass by or without an opportunity, chance being grasped.
Go phr"Go By the Board" - to be superseded, rejected or obliterated, to pass by with little consequence. 2. to mount to nothing.
Go phr"Go By the Book" - act in a rigid, strictly correct or official manner.
Go phr"Go By the Name of" - be known as, called.
Go phr"Go By the Wayside" - to be outmoded or obsolete.
Go phr"Go Cold on the Deal" - lose interest in, or not carry through at all a business deal, or other agreement.
Go phr"Go Dead On Somebody" - cease to function, cease to respond, or be interested in. 2. be, or seem, incapable of development or completion.
Go phr"Go Down" - to change to a lower place. 2. to proceed down a road. 3. to lead downwards.
Go phr"Go Downhill" - decline, worsen.
Go phr"Go Down"" - disappear below the horizon. 2. sink below the surface of the sea; drown. 3. swallow, take as medicine, food, alcohol, etc. 4. fall, collapse; swoon. 5. be reduced in amount (taxes). 5. reduced in level, as sugar, salt, etc. 6. be reduced in force or degree, as the wind, temperature. 7. be written down or recorded, go down in writing, evidence, speech.
Go phr"Go Down On" - to perfor sexual intercourse on.
Go phr"Go Down On One's Knees" - adopt a kneeling position in order to do something. 2. abase oneself before.
Go phr"Go Down that Road" - to employ a way of doing something. 2. to do something in a particular way.
Go phr"Go Down the Wrong Way" - of food and dink: to go down the windpipe in one's throat, instead of the esophagus, resulting in coughing or choking.
Go phr"Go Down To" - be defeated by in a sporting event. 2. approach as a river flowing to the sea. 3. visit. 4. (of a story, book, history) reach, get as a far as, but not necessary to its end or finish.
Go phr"Go Down Well" - to be thought success.
Go phr"Go Down With" - be accepted (by), believe, an explanation, suggestion, scheme, plan. 2,. become ill with a disease.
Go phr'Go Dry" - of an area prohibiting the sale of alcohol.
Go phr"Go Far" - rise greatly, or gone go a long way, in social position, profession. 2. become very successful, effective.
Go phr"Go Far Towards Doing Something" - help greatly to achieve a desired purpose. 2. go a long way towards doing something.
Go phr"Go Far and Fare Further" - go on in the hope of finding something better, but end up with something worse.
Go phr"Go Farther and Fare Worse" - to make more pains and trouble and find oneself in a worse position.
Go phr"Go Fifty-fifty" - share equally. 2. go halves.
Go phrGo For: make an physical or verbal attack upon. 2. to set out, leave, walk, stroll, exercise, start out for a destination. 3. go somewhere to obtain or get an item, call a doctor, police etc. 5. be true, or include this, that; or what I say. 6. like, be attracted by. 7. be sold for a certain amount, a house, horse, antique at auction, etc.
"Go phr"Go for Gold" - an allusion to the gold medal, the highest prize in many major competitive events, especially in Olympic Games.
Gophr"Go for a Song" - go for very little or virtually nothing. 2. be in vain, have little importance, count for little.
Go phr"Go for Broke" - to goal-out; to make a strenuous effort. 2. to try everything possible or do the last thing possible in a final attempt.
Go phr"Go for It" - do a thing you have to in order to get something without further thought.
Go phr"Go for Nothing" - ge given away (free)
Go phr"Go for Somebody" - attack somebody.
Go phr"Go Forth" - to go on, continue. 2. issue (an edict, order, command), go forth as an army; be created, emerge.
Go phr"Go For the Man" - to attack one physically, or in an argument.
Go phr"Go Forward" - proceed, progress, advance.
Go phr"Go From One's Word" - to go back on one's word.
Go phr"Go Full Drive" - to go full throttle.
Go phr"Go Get" - to go-get; work hard or ambitiously.
Go phr"Go Halves" - Go fifty-fifty, share equally.
Go phr"Go Haywire" - go wrong, become confused, behave or function in an uncontrolled or crazy way.
Go phr"Go Home" - go to one's abode, residence, house. 2. return to one's country; suggest (with acrimony) to a foreigner to return to their homeland. 2. die, pass away, go to heaven.
Go phr"Go In" - enter a house, school, building of various kind. 2. disappear behind a cloud, as sun, moon, stars. 3. fit, tightly or hermetically. 4. understood, go into one's head (brain)
Go phr"Go In and Out" - shine intermittently, as a light, beacon, etc. 2. move from one place to another, using entering and leaving premises or building of some kind. 3.
Go phr"Go In and Win" - encouragement to somebody who is about to take part in a competitor.
Go phr"Go In Fear of One's Life" - be afraid that one may be killed; esp. by assassination, murder..
Go phr"Go in For" - have as one's chosen career, as medicine, teaching. 2. enter, participate, as a candidate or contestant in a competition, event, sport. 3. have as a hobby, sport, pastime, pursuit.
Go phr"Go In One Ear and Out the Other" - be unheeded or unlearned, of something said to be inattentive, uninterested or unintelligent person. 3. regularly practice, make a hobby, practice of; various sports, activities, etc.
Go phrGo Into (something)- insert a part of oneself (esp. one's hand)into a drawer, cupboard. 3. investigate, have a look into. 4. to examine, consider and discuss in detail. 5. to become part of something. 6. hit or make violent contact with a wall, tree, another car or vehicle. 7. be admitted to, (a hospital) usu. for a short period). 8. enter a mental or physical state or condition. 10. begin a pattern of behavior, usu. involuntarily, sometimes trance-like, hysterical etc. 11. take on as a career; commence, set up. 12. adopt, dressing,follow a fad or fashion. 13. capable of being divided, six into twenty-four, four times.
Go phr"Go In With" - to join. 2. to share expenses with.
Go phr"Go It!" - an exclamation of encouragement
Go phr"Go It Alone" - do something, esp. a difficult undertaking, or that takes considerable time, without the co-operation, assistance or backing of others. 2. do something without outside help. 3. play a lone hand.
Go phr"Go Like Blazes" - to act will full enthusiasm and action.
Go phr"Go Like the Wind" - move very fast, pass very quickly.
Go phr"Go Missing" - disappear; failing to perform in a contest or crisis.
Go phr"Go Near to" - approach close to. 2.
Go phr"Go No Further" - be stopped or dispelled. 2. be treated confidentially. keep secret, as an illness, confidence, rumor, story, etc.
Go phr"Go Off - become less good, go bad, unfit, sour or inedible. 2. lose one's appetite or liking for. 3. to lose one's temper; behave in a mad or crazy manner. 4. fall sleep, nap or doze off. 5. be good/ successful or bad/ unsuccessful at a gathering, meeting or in some other situation. 6. leave, depart, exit, go away. 7. making a sudden ringing, explosive, or firing sound. 8. go off, cease functioning, become unavailable as the electricity grid. 9. suddenly enter or go into a sudden mental state
Go phr"Go " - suddenly enter or go into a sudden etc mental state: hysterics, fits of laughter, a swoon.
Go phr"Go Off One's Head" - to lose one's temper. 2. go mad, lose all control (temporary)
Go phr"Go Off Somebody" - become less friendly with.
Go phr"Go Off the Deep End" - become suddenly angry.
Go phr"Go Off the Tools" - to quit work.
Go phr"Go Off With" - leave illicitly(?) in somebody's company, run away with. 2. steal and carry away, run away with.
Go phr"Go On" - depart for the purpose of a holiday, trip, excursion, getaway, course. 2. continue one's journey. 3. go on ahead of others. 4. mount and travel on an animal, as a horse, elephant, etc. or vehicle, train, ship. 5. continue or carry on an activity or relationship. 6. state of affairs, continue without change as hostility, war, rivalry, etc. 7. pass; go by in time. 8. continue speaking, after a short pause. 9. added something new to what has previously been written, said or discussed. 10. happen, take place. 11. act according to; be guided by hearsay, gossip. 12. be spent on, expended, expenditure. 13. assistance, dole, relief. 14. exclamation in various meanings, depending on the situation and reflected by the intonation of the speaker. 15. be lit or turned on, as lights, lamps etc.
Go phr"Go On About" - talk endlessly about (usu. in an irrational or carping manner).
Go phr"Go On all Fours" - to crawl about on all limbs, as a quadruped.
Go phr"Go On At" - nag, criticize, complain about something or someone.
Go phr"Go On Before" - precede. lead.
Go phr"Go One Better (than)" - outdo, or outbid, somebody. 2. be rather better than something similar which was previously offered.
Go phr"Go One's Own Way" - follow one's own inclinations. 2. have values, interests, pursuits, work, methods, etc . not the same as another's,or a group's , with whom one might be expected to conform.
Go phr"Go On For" - be approaching a certain age. 2. (of time) - of time; great near, approach.
Go phr"Go On to" - pass from one subject or item to the next or another in an agenda etc. 2. pass on a to a new habit or fad, as a diet, fashion. 3. change an arrangement at work.
Go phr"Go On(to) the Street" - to become a prostitute, a sex-worker, and earn one's living as a street prostitute.
Go phr"Go On With" continue doing what one is doing.
Go phr"Go On With You" - a remark made to tease or rebuke.
Go phr"Go Out" - absent oneself from home etc for some purpose. 2. be unconscious. 3. die, pass away, expire. 4. end, depart, leave a period, season, month etc. 5. stop, burning, shining. 6. cease to be fashionable. 7. ebb, go out, diminish.
Go phr"Go Out and About" - leave one's house, visit friends, go shopping.
Go phr"Go Out for" - leave a building, go into the open air.
Go phr"Go Out Of" - disappear, become reduced, (venom, heat, tension, passion) from an issue, debate, argument etc.
Go phr"Go Out of Business" - fail in business, stop trading or operation.
Go phr"Go Out of One's Mind" - become mad.
Go phr"Go Out of Somebody's Mind" - be forgotten, not remembered.
Go phr"Go Out Of the Way (to do something)" - take particular trouble; be helpful; be pleasant. 2. take extra trouble to do something.
Go phr"Go Out Of Sight" - disappear from sight.
Go phr"Go Out On a Limb" - to take a risk. 2. to hazard a guess.
Go phr"Go Out (to)" - leave a building, go into the open air. 2. go overses, esp. to some distant place. 3. be extended to, be offered to.
Go phr"Go Over" - check, examine, inspect, look over accounts, etc.. 2. survey, view, in a view to rent or buying, look over a house, etc. 3. clean, inspect, repair, a house, building, etc. 4. ponder, consider, examine, re-examine the facts, story, etc. 5. search, frisk, pat over. 6. rehearse, test one's knowledge of something learned or studied; go through..
Go phr"Go Overboard" - fall or be thrown from a ship.
Go phr"Go Overboard For/ About" - be enthusiastic about, commit oneself totally to something or someone.
Go phr"Go Over In One's Head" - to think (to communicate in one's mind and thoughts in trying to find an solution to a problem).
Go phr"Go Over One's Head" - to take an issue to another person's superior rather than beginning to deal with the original person. 2. to escape one's comprehension; to fuil to understand.
Go phr"Go Over the Ground" - examine fundamental aspects of something.
Go phr"Go Over the Wall" - leave or escape from confinement, whether physical or spiritual.
Go phr"Go Over To" - cross a stream, sea, mere etc., so as to reach the other side. 2. transfer one's allegiance to, defect. 3. abandon one thing or practice and adopt another as, a religion, lifestyle, genre, political persuasion. 4. of a radio or TV broadcast, to cross to a reporter on the spot at an other location.
Go phr"Go Over to the Other Side" - change one allegiance or loyalty.
Go phr"Go Red" - to blush; to embarrass.
Go phr"Go Right" - turn out very well. 2. happen or be done accordingly to somebody' s plans or hopes.
Go phr"Go Scot?-free" - to be exempt from a royal tax or impost. 2. without consequences or penalty.
Go phr"Go Slow" - reduce work, or activity, considerably (industrial relations) reduce work , or activity , considerably as a form of industrial action in place of stopping work altogether.
Go phr"Go Snake" - to approach, attack, or accost a personal situation or environment in an extremely unrestrained or violent manner, often with no thoughts to the consequences.
Go phr"Go So Far as One Can Go" - do everything to solve a problem; bring a favorable result.
Go phr"Go So Far As to Do Something" - go to a particular - often extreme - limits in talking about something, in dealing with a situation.
Go phr"Go As Far As to Say" - to put something into words. 2. to risk saying something.
Go phr"Go Somewhere" - to be successful, achieve.
Go phr"Go Sour" - become sour, no longer fresh, sweet, wholesome. 2. become unfriendly, unsatisfactory, unproductive.
Go phr"Go South" - to be unfavorable; to decrease to take a turn for the worse.
Go phr"Go Steady" - have a stable relationship with somebody, of a kind that sometimes leads to marriage.
Go phr"Go Steady With" - be careful or controlled in one's actions or speech. 2. be more careful or controlled in the use of something.
Go phr"Go the Way Of All the Flesh" - live and die as others do. 2. suffer any of the changes , hazards, or temptations, which men are faced with. 2. die, pass away.
Go phr"Go the Way of the World" - the manner, often unavoidable or displeasing, in which events usually unfold or in which a person usually behave.
Go phr"Go the Whole Hog" - to eat voraciously, hog, gluttonise.
Go phr"Go Through" - pass from side of an object to the other, sometimes implying the exercise of force. 2. endure, suffer, live through, experience, to pass through a stage. 3. consume, eat, waste, squander. 4. examine, explore, search. 5. rehearse, review, go over information, scene, text etc. 6. of a book, be republished or make new edition. 7. be completed, concluded (usu. successfully)legislation, deal, divorce, agreement.
Go phr"Go Through Hell" - to have a miserable experience.
Go phr"Go Through Somebody's Hands" - be handled by, be the responsibility of somebody.
Go phr"Go Through the Mill" - serve an apprenticeship; do humble, difficult, and menial tasks before attaining higher or senior status.
Go phr"Go Through With" - complete, take a conclusion, not leave unfinished
Go phr"Go to" - visit, attend a school, work, shopping centre, theater, football match. 2. take, put oneself to great pain to do something. 3. be awarded, given a prize, acknowledged. 4. go to great expense, spending.
Go phr"Go To!" - an exclamation, often of impatience or reproof, or an an exhortation like 'come'.
Go phr"Go to a Better World" - to die and go to heaven.
Go phr"Go to Bed" - to lie down to sleep; to put oneself in one's bed
Go phr"Go to Bed With" - to have sexual intercourse with.
Go phr"Go to Bits" - go to pieces: lose one's self control; health, integrity.
Go phr"Go to Earth" - go into hiding.
Go phr"Go to War" - engage in warfare.
Go phr"Go the Right Way" - have an unfavorable result, contest, dealings.
Go phr"Go the Way of Somebody or Something" - end in the same way, suffer the same fate, as somebody/ something specified (the implication almost always being that it is regrettable).
Go phr"Go the Whole Hog" - go the full limit of a possible course of action. 2. commit or involve, oneself to the fullest extent.
Go phr"Go the Wrong Way" - have an unfavorable result, contest, dealings.
Go phr"Go Through Fire and Water" - overcome extreme difficulty or hardship to achieve something.
Go phr"Go Through With" - to carry out (somehing planned or promised) . 2, to proceed or continue with.
Go phr"Go to Earth" - go into hiding.
Go phr"Go to Far" - exceed what is right or true, reasonable or just. 2. carry something too far.
Go phr"Go Together" - of or two things, states, qualities, etc., be in one person , place, environment etc. 2. match; be right, agreeable when worn, consumed etc., at the same time. 3. keep one another company, often with a view to marriage. 4. complement, match.
Go phr"Go to Great Lengths" - to make a major effort. 2. to be careful when doing something, esp. to an extreme or excessive degree.
Go phr"Go to Ground" - take refuge underground, in a burrow, lair. 2. of people; hide oneself away. 3. go to earth.
Go phr"Go to Hell" - an offensive expression dismissing or rejecting a person or his ideas, wishes. 2. defeat, fail, become bankrupt.
Go phr"Go to It" - give energy and time to something, make a special effort to do something (often used to urge somebody on).
Go phr"Go to One's Head" - to cause one grief, sorrow, pity. 2. affect a person balance or judgement, as wine, success, praise, money, fame, notoriety. 3. make one become conceited, over-confident.
Go phr"Go to Pot" - be spoiled, ruined. 2. deteriorate, or become disorganized, out of control. 3. go to the dogs.
Go phr"Go to Sea" - go on a voyage, enlist and become a sailor. 2. earn one's living on a ship.
Go phr"Go to Seed" - (of vegetable): go beyond the edible stage and produce seeds. 2. of people: become unattractive (seedy-looking) through self-neglect, over-indulgence, or unhealthy living.
Go phr"Go to Show" - serve as a proof, or demonstration of something previously, or shortly to be, mentioned.
Go phr"Go to Sleep" - an expression used to dismiss as extremely foolish. 2. to dismis s somebody that ones feel not like talking to.
Go phr"Go to Someone's Head" - to strongly affect a person to the detriment of his or her senses or mental faculties.
Go phr"Go to the Bathroom" - euphemism: to go to the toilet.
Go phr"Go to the Bottom" - be immersed in water. 2. to feel downcast, dejected, depressed. 3. to droop.
Go phr"Go to the Dogs" - decline in power, efficiency,etc., change for the worse.
Go phr"Go to the Ends of the Earth" - to everything to achieve something.
Go phr"Go to the Heart" - hit, reach the central point of the matter, question, problem.
Go phr"Go To the Wall" - go under, become insolvent, bankrupt.
Go phr"Go to Town" -do something energetically or with full vigour, thoroughness and relish. 2. be extravagant, lavish.
Go phr"Go to Work" - start operating; tackle a task, job, set to.
Go phr"Go Under" - to submit, fail, collapse financially, sink (lit. & fig.) 2. sink below the surface of the sea, water etc. 3. fail financially, become bankrupt; go to the wall. 4. be known as ; hide one's identity behind; pass by under another name.
Go phr"Go Underground" - live and work in hiding under a false identity. etc. as esp. as in a secret, or a proscribed, military or political or movement.
Go phr"Go Under the Hammer" - be sold at an auction.
Go phr"Go Under the Name of" - be known as; called.
Go phr"Go Under To" - be overcome by a more powerful person, party or other influence.
Go phr"Go Up" - to rise; advance, progress. 2. climb (stairs), pass upwards, on or through rigging, chimney, funnel. 3. rise, increase prices, cost of living. 4. reach, reach a higher level, of a barometer, pressure, temperature. 5. be constructed, as a bridge, building, tower etc. 6. be destroyed (accidentally) by an explosion, blown up deliberately. 7. of a theatre curtain: raised. 8.
Go phr"Go Up Against" - to challenge someone or something.
Go phr"Go Up in Smoke" - to catch fire and burn. 2. to be completely ruined.
Go phr"Go Up in the World" - reach a higher position in society, in one's profession.
Go phr"Go Up the Wall" - go nearly mad from frustration, overwork, annoyance.
Go phr"Go Up To" - go to university, or to a capital city from regional area.
Go phr"Go West" - die, perish, cease to exist,be lost, or got rid of (from the sun sinking in the West).
Go phr"Go West Young Man" - go and develop new opportunities (while you are young and vigorous) from a C19th Us catchphrase to promote the opening up and developing the Western States.
Go phr"Go While the Going is Good" - leave, escape etc while there is an opportunity to do so is easy. 2. do something while conditions are still favorable or do nt involve too much danger or inconvenience.
Go phr"Go Wild" - become very noisy and excited. 2. 2. go ahead. 3. to do as you please.
Go phr"Go With" - to accompany, join, travel together. 2. be part of ; be included with, in various senses. 3. match, suit, combined well with; go together with.
Go phr"Go Without" - not to have or possess; to put up with the want of. 2. not have, have not, suffer the absence of, do without (food, clothing, shelter)
Go phrGo Without Saying - beyond reasonable doubt. 2. that is a matter of course being self-evident or need not be mentioned..
Go phr"Go With Someone" - to go as a partner of somebody, accompany, on a formal date. 2. to escort, partner.
Go phr"Go With the Flow" - to act as a others are acting. 2. to conform to common behavior patterns with an attitude of calm acceptance.
Go phr"Go With the Swing" - be very successful, enjoyable, as a party, festival, concert.
Go phr"Go With the Tide" - follow others, take the line of least resistance. 2. in accordance or harmony with.
Go phr"Go Wrong" - turn out very badly. 2. happen or be done contrary to somebody' s plans or hopes. 3. err in calculation, judgement, or management.
Go phr"Have a Go at (Something)" - make an attempt.
Go phr"Here's a Go" - here's a mess or awkward affair.
Go phr"Here Goes" - said before doing something risky, unpleasant.
Go phr"Here We Go Again" - the same thing is happening again.
Go phr"How Goes it With You" - what happening (with you); what progress has been made.
Go phr"It's a Go" - a deal, bargain etc.
Go phr"It's No Go" - it cannot be done; it's not workable.
Go phr"Let Go off" - release one hold of. 2. abandon one's interest or share in.
Go phr"Make a Go of (Something)" - to make a success of it. 2. do something successfully.
Go phr"On the Go" - ready, prepared, in motion.
Go phr"Pride Goes Before a Fall" - (proverb) : used to indicate or warn against, the fact that a boastful or proud statement (actions etc) is often quickly followed by some event which disproves it and appears to be a form of retribution.
Go phr"That Goes for Nothing" - it doesn't count; it doesn't matter one way or the other.
Go phr"That's the Way It Goes" - these are the (usually unpleasant) circumstances.
Go phr"There You Go" - here you are.
Go phr"Who Goes There" - an imperative challenging who is near.
Goad nA long-stick with a point set in the end for prodding, an urging oxen and other beasts. 2. something that spurs or excites. 3. a measurement of 4ft 6ins
Goad vbTo prick and drive with or as with a goad.
Goadsman nA driver of oxen or cattle.
Go-ahead nThe action or spirit of going forward, progress, ambition, energy or initiative.
Go-ahead adjForward-looking and energetic in an undertaking; enterprising. 2. proceeding straight ahead without pause, forthright. 3. disposed towards making a progress; energetic.
Go-ahead phr"Give the Go-ahead To" - to signal, order or permit one to proceed.
Go-aheadishness nThe state of acting with initiative, drive, energy, progressiveness.
Go-aheadness nInitiative, drive, energy, progress.
Go-anywhere adjThat can go anywhere.
Goat nA species of horned mammal with four legs and woolly coat. 2. a lecherous man.
Goat phr"Don't Play the Giddy Goat" - don't be a complete fool.
Goat phr"Get On Somebody's Goat" - greatly annoy someone. 2. get a strong reaction from somebody by teasing or tormenting. 3. 'The Goat' - Capricorn.
Goat phr"Play the (giddy)Goat" - behave foolishly.
Go-back nA returning, a going-back, an advent.
Goat's bane nAcomitum Tragoctunum
Goatbuck: nA male-goat.
Goat-drunk adjMade lascivious by alcohol. Others of similar types of drunkenness include ape-drunk (the singing, yelling, dancing drunkard); swine-drunk (somewhat obese, stumbling, sleepy, after more liquor drunkard); sheep-drunk (self-wise, conceit, stammering drunkard), and fox-drunk (a crafty-drunkard).
Goat-getter nA person who or a thing which makes a nother person angry, annoyed, or irritated, especially deliberately.
Goat-getting adjThat angers, annoys or irritates a person deliberately; characterised by provocation.
Goat-godn Pan.
Goatherd nA flock or group of goats.
Goat-herder nOne who herds and take care of goats as a vocational.
Goat-herding nThe care and herding of goats as a vocation.
Goating nA scapegoating. 2. an eventat a fraternal organization, derived from scapegoating.
Goatish adjLascivious, lustful. 2. resembling a goat.
Goatishly advIn a goatish way.
Goatishness nThe state or condition of being goatish.
Goat-keeper nOne who farms goats as a vocational.
Goat-keeping nThe farming of goats as a vocation.
Goat-leaf nA kind of honey-suckle, as Loniceae caprifolia.
Goatling nA young goat, a kid.
Goatly advGoat-like, goatish.
Goat meat nThe meat of a domestic goat, used as food.
Goat path nA path created as consequence or erosion caused by human or animal footfall traffic.
Goat's milk nThe milk of a goat.
Goat-sea nAegean sea.
Goat's whey nLiquid remaining after goat's milk has been curdled and strained.
Goat's willow nA small willow plant, salix caprea, found in parts of Europe and Asia.
Goaty nA beard, esp. an van-dyke style of beard.
Goaty adjPertaining or concerning a goat, lusty, lascivious. 2. goat-like, goatish.
Go-before nHarbinger, scout, pioneer.
Go-between nIntermediary, or one who passes messages, proposals between two parties, esp. lovers. 2. a nexus
Go-by nThe passing of a river, time or simply of a body from place to place. 2. action to avoid something.
Go-by phr"To Give the Go-by To" - to outstrip, leave behind. 2. pass on a deception, disregard, slight.
Go-by-the-ground nSomething that creeps or crawls along the grounds; reptile, slinkend.
Go-by-the-ground adjSlinky, creeping, crawling, reptile-like.
Go-cart nA hand-cart. 2. a miniature racing with a skeleton frame or body.
Go-cup nA plastic or paper cup used especially for taking a beverage off the premises of a bar, restaurant, etc.
God nA being with supernatural powers. transfiguratively, of persons, as objects of adoration or as possessed of absolute power. 2. The Almighty, The Almightend, The All-Maker, The All-Knower, The All-Father, The All-Soul, The All-Seeing, The Weigher of Souls, .
God phr"For God Sake"- exclamation of annoyance, surprise.
God phr"For the Gods" - something delightful or amazing.
God phr"From the Gods" - the upper stalls at a theatre.
God phr"God Bless You" - said as a short prayer to a recipient. 2. said to someone who has sneezed as a rhetorical response (bless you).
God phr"God Forbid" - let us hope that what is mentioned is not so, cannot be, will never happen
God phr"God Forgive Me" - possibly a pious appeal for forgiveness, but usually added to an account of something said or done or note, or point out , that is wrong, mistaken, mischievous, etc.
God phr"God's Green Earth" - the planet Earth.
God phr"God Help Him/Her/Somebody" - sometimes a pious appeal, but usually a comment that somebody's circumstances are unfortunate, that he/ she is, or likely to be , in need of sympathy and help though perhaps not likely to get it.
God phr"God Help Those who Help Themselves" - one has to make efforts on one's own behalf before can assist in making these efforts successful.
God phr"God In Heaven" - exclamation of surprize or shock.
God phr"God Is My Witness" - I swear, I vow, solemnly; truthfully, honestly before God.
God phr"God Knows" - I don't knows; nobody knows; one can only guess.
God phr"God Knows That" - certainly; emphatically.
God phr"God of the Day" - the Sun.
God phr"God of Love" - Cupid, Eros.
God phr"God of the/this World" - the Devil, Satan, Lucifer.
God phr"God Rest His/Her Soul" - pious, or affectionate, parenthesis used when referring to somebody who is dead.
God phr"God Sides with the Strong" - fortune favors with the strong.
God phr"God Willing" - if God so wills. 2. unless prevented by an act of God or by some circumstances over which no one has control.
God phr"Good God" - exclamation of surprise.
God phr"In God's Name" - an appeal for help.
God phr"In the Lap of the God" - subject to luck, fate, pur chance
God phr"Little Tin God" - a petty tyrant. 2. somebody with an inflated opinion of his/her importance.
God phr"Mills of God Grinds Slowly (but they grind oh-so small)" - the punishment or reward for one's actions will eventually happen, even after a long delay. 2. retribution may be delayed but it is inevitable.
God phr"Put the Fear of God Into Someone" - frighten somebody.
God phr"The Gods" - uppermost balcony in a theatre.
God phr"To Play God" - to make life or death (or decisions that may affect others adversely) decisions.
God phr"Ye Gods!" - exclamation of surprize.
God Almighty nAlmighty God, God the omnipotent or all-powerful.
God-bairn nGodchild
God-bane nBlasphemy.
Godbook nThe Bible
Godbote nChurch fine for crimes against God; an ecclesiastical fine.
Godbox nA church, (slang)
Godchild nA child for whom a person becomes sponsor at baptism.
Godcund adjGod-like, divine, spiritual, goddish, godkind,
Godcundliness nDivinity; godcundhood; divine nature or power.
God-dreading adjGod-fearing.
Go-devil nAn instrument used for cleaning the inside of pipes.
GodderynAn assembly of gods, A Pantheon, a church or any place of worship, temple
Goddess nA female divinity. 2. figuratively, a woman surpassingly beloved, good or beautiful.
Goddess-hood nThe nature, characteristic or position belonging to a goddess; divine personality.
Goddess-ship nThe office or position of a goddess.
Goddish adjSomewhat godly, divine or spiritual.
Goddish adjSomewhat godly, divine or spiritual.
Goddy adjPertaining to, or relating to God or divine matters.
Goderheal adjFortunately, profitably, prosperously, with God's blessing; godhale, godheal
Go-devil nA dray sledge for hauling rocks, logs, etc. 2. a railroad handcart used by railroad work gangs. 3. a jointed flexible device fr cleaning a pipeline for obstructions.
Goey adj(Informal) full of 'go' energetic, lively, vigorous, dynamic, enterprising. 2. a bet or wager on everything. 3
Godfather nA man who becomes a sponsor for a child at its baptism or confirmation.
Godfather vbTo take the position or become a godfather.
Godfather vbTo act as a godfather.
God-fatherhood nThe fact of being a godfather.
God-fatherless adjWithout or not having a godfather.
God-fatherlike nResembling or like a godfather.
Godfatherly advBefitting a grandfather.
God-fathership nThe position of a godfather.
Godfearing adjThat fearing god, deeply religious, devout, pious. 2. fearing the wrath of god. 3. meek before God.
Godfearingly advIn a god-fearing way, pious, devout.
Godfoe nSatan, the devil, Lucifer, Antigod, antichrist, The Beast.
God-folk nChurch people.
Go-for-it adjDo a thing you have to in order to get something without further thought.
God forsaken adjOf persons, abandoned by God; depraved, profiligate. 2. of places, desolate, dismal, harsh, cruel. 3. dismal and without any redeeming features.
Godforsakenly advIn a godforsaken way.
God-forsakenness nThe state or condition of being godforsaken.
Godfull adjFull of piousness, devoutness
God-given adjGiven or sent by God or appearing so.
Godhead nThe essential nature of God; the Deity.
Godhearted adjKind and well-intentioned.
Godheartedly advIn a god-hearted manner.
Godhome nHeaven
Godhood nState or quality of being a god.
Godily advIn a godly fashion.
Godking nA statesman who holds all state's power and has religious significance to constituency. 2. in computing, a tyrannical maintainer of a collaborative.
GodkingadjGod-like, divine, spiritual, goddish, godkind,
Godkingliness nDivinity; godcundhood; divine nature or power.
Godless adjLacking or not having or believing in a god; heathenly, without piety, atheistic, unbelieving. 2. ungodly, profane, atheistic, wicked.
Godlessly advIn a godless, profane, atheistic or wicked way or manner.
Godlessness nState or quality of being godless, profane or
Godlike adjOf a person resembling or characteristic of a god in some qualities, esp. in nature or disposition, . 2. after the fashion of a god.
God-likeness nState of having the qualities, action, appearance appropiatate of a god. 2. resembling that of good.
Godliness nQuality of being godly. 2. devout observance of the laws of god. 3. piety.
Godling nA minor divinity, a local or inferior god; half-god, demigod.
Godly adjOf or pertaining to a god. 2. devoted to a god. 3. devout, righteous; gloriously good.
God-maker nMaker of religious icons,
Godmanhood nThe state of being god and man at once.
Godminded adjSpiritually minded.
Godmonger nSellers and makers of religious articles and souvenirs. 2. monger of religious articles.
Godmother nA female sponsor at baptism.
Godmother vbTo provide with a godmother. 2. to become a godmother. 3. to act as a godmother to.
God-motherhood nThe office of a godmother.
Godness nThe divine element or value of a god.
Go-down nA draught, gulp or mouthful of liquor; a guzzling or drinking match. 3. spell of sleep. 4. cutting in a bank of a stream, river, waterway, for access or to enable animals to get to water. 5. a welcoming, greeting or acceptance of one; a kowtow, bowing.
God-ridden adjPreoccupied, fixated, obseessed by God and religion.
God's acre nChurch-yard, cemetery, a burying ground, church-yard cemetery.
God's book nThe Bible.
Godsend nAn unexpected stroke of good fortune regarded as sent by God.
God's eye nThe plant "Oculus Christi"
God's fire nThe sun. 2. weather-candle
God's goods nThe property or possessions of the church. 2. worldly possession viewed as God's gift to man. 3. things without human ownership.
God's kichell nA cake given by a godfather to their god-child at baptism.
Godsmark nThe bubonic plague, referring to bulbous lumps that marked the body of the sufferer.
Godship nPosition, rank or character of a god.
Godsib nGossip: between siblings.
Godsister nA female godchild.
Godsmith nA craftsman who makes images of gods or idols, especially from metal. 2. a priest, pastor, reverend, minister of religion.
Godson nA male godchild.
God-speed nMay God prosper somebody or something.
God-speed phr"In God's Speed" - a wish for a safe journey or success.
God's truth nThe absolute truth.
Godward advIn respect, connection or relation of god. 2. (fig.) towards in the direction of God. 3. Godwards.
Goer nOne or that who goes, as a 'film-goer'. 2. one who behaves in a lively, persevering or profligate manner; a successful person, an expert.
Goes phr"Here Goes" - let me see what happens.
Goes phr"That Goes for" -
Goes phr"That's the Way It Goes" - what is happening (with you)? 2. what progress has been made? 3. how goes it?
Goes phr"That's the Way It Goes" - these are the (usually unpleasant) circumstances.
Go-getter nAn active, ambitious, enterprising, energetic, pushy, forceful person.
Go-getting nThe behaviour of a go-getter: enterprising, pushy, ambitious etc.
Go-getting adjEnterprising, successful, pushy, ambitious.
Go-gettiness nThe state or condition of being go-getting.
Go-go adjFashionable, swinging, fabulous, unrestrained, hustling & bustling, exuberant. 2. of funds on the Stock market: speculative. 3. of dancers, esp. dico: exuberant, wild, often deliberately erotic.
Go-harvest nProselytism.
Go-in nAn attack or onslaught upon
Going n.Departure, a long journey, death, faculty of walking, gait, means of access, a path, passage, gangway..
Going phr"A Going Thing" - something that is successful.
Going phr"Get Going" - start, beginning.
Going phrGet Going While the Goings Good: go while favourable conditions or situation exists.
Going phrGoing away - departure, leaving.
Going phrGoing down - setting of the sun.
Going phr"Going for" - priced at; sold for.
Going phr"Going, Going, Gone" - an auctioner's warning that an article is to be sold unless there is a higher bid before his hammer goes down at the word 'gone.'
Going phr"Going In" -
Going phr"Going Off" -
Going phr"Going On Fifteen" - approaching one's fifteenth birthday.
Going phr"Going On for" - approaching an age, time etc.
Going phr"Going on Towards"
Going phr"Going On with" - to start with; for the time being.
Going phr"Going Strong" - flourishing, thriving.
Going phr"Going to" - intended or intending to; about to; likely to.
Going phr'Going Well" - of an enterprise: accomplishing.
Going phr"Have A lot Going For One" - have many advantages.
Going phr"Heavy Going" -difficult, hard work.
Going phr"Going-over" - a scolding, talking-to, dressing down; a thrashing, beating. 2. inspection, overhaul, attention to something.
Going phr"Have a Lot Going for Something/Somebody" - have many advantages.
Going phr"How Are Things Going" - a general enquiry about what is happening or what progress has been made.
Going phr"Still Going Strong" - active and successful. 2. still maintaining its/ their popular appeal.
Going phr"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going" - strong people become stronger when faced with adversity or difficulties.
Going phr"While the Going is Good" - while the opportunity exists.
Going-away nDeparture; especially on one's honeymoon.
Going-down n"The Going-down" - sunset.
Goingly advAt a walking pace.
Going-over nA scolding, talking-to, dressing down; a thrashing, beating, an attack upon. 2. inspection, overhaul, attention to something. 3. a ford or wath.
Goings-on nProceedings, actions, doings, behavior (usu. with implied censure, reprehension), frolics, extravagance and extraordinary behavior.
Gold n.A yellow precious metal used for coins and jewelry.
Gold phr"As Good as Gold" - very well behaved. 2. feeling in good health.
Gold phr"Go For Gold" - to aim for victory in the Olympic. 2. an allusion to the gold medal, the highest prize in many major competitive events, especially in Olympic Games.
Gold phr"Have a Heart of Gold" - have a kind, compassionate attribute of a person with. 2. noble-hearted. 2. have a generous disposition.
Gold phr"Like Gold Dust" - extremely rare.
Gold phr"Pot of Gold" - wealth
Gold phr"Seek the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" - to have naive expectations.
Gold phr"Strike Gold" - to have one's efforts suddenly rewarded by great success.
Gold phr"Worth One's Weight In Gold" - to be very desirable.
Gold-backed adjOf currency with fixed exchange rate with an amount of gold.
Gold-bearing adjProducing or abundant in gold.
Gold-beater nOne who makes gold leaf.
Gold-beating nThe act or operation of making gold leaf by hammering.
Gold-breasted adjOf birds with plumage containing some yellow.
Goldbright adjBright as gold.
Gold-digger n.One who digs for gold. 2. a woman skilled in obtaining money and wealth from men. 3. a woman who uses her personal relations with men to get money and gifts from them.
Gold-digging nThe action or occupation of searching and digging for gold.
Gold dust na cultivated evergreen Alyssum with grey-green leaves and numerous small yellow flowers. 2. fine or powdery deposits of gold; gold in fine particles. 3. something that is difficult to find or obtain.
Golden adjPrecious, splendid, superb, memorable, glorious. 2. made or consisting of gold. 3. having the color or lustre of gold; bright-yellow, resplendent. 4. resembling gold in worth or scarcity; unusually valuable or excellent; rare. 5. characterized by a great condition of happiness and prosperity.
Golden vbTo cover or tinge with a golden hue.
Golden phr"A Golden Key Can Open Any Door" - enough money or promise of it, will accomplish anything.
Golden phr"A Good Name is Better than a Golden Girdle" - a good name is better than having wealth.
Golden phr"The Golden Bowl is Broken" - death: a biblical allusion.
Golden phr"Worship the Golden Calf" - to abandon ones principles for the sake of gain; bow down to money.
Golden apple nThe golden apple is an element that appears in various national and ethnic folk legends or fairy tales. Recurring themes depict a hero (for example Hercules or Făt-Frumos) retrieving the golden apples hidden or stolen by a monstrous antagonist. Alternatively, they are depicted as divine food and the source of immortality in Norse mythology, and as part of the mysterious apple branch of otherworld in Irish mythology. 2. the cause of discord; something to contend about. 3. a tomato apple.
Goldenberry nA fruit, the physalis.
Golden calf nA golden image of a calf, made by Aaron and worshipped by the Israelites. 2. money as an end in itself; mammon.
Golden days - nPleasant and/or prosperous time in the past.
Golden drop nA kind of plum. 2. a variety of wheat.
Golden earth nA wondrous image of earth seen by the astronauts of the International Space Station.
Golden eye nA large sea duck, Anas elangula.
Golden-eyed adjHaving the eye or iris yellow or golden.
Golden fleece nIn Greek legend, a fleece of gold that hung in a sacred grove in colchis, guarded by a dragon, stolen by Jason with the aid of Medea.
Golden-glow nThe summer-flowering, erect herb 'rudbeckia laciniata' with showy terminal heads of yellow-rayed flowers.
Golden goodbye nA large amount of money that acompany pays an executive when they leave their job.
Golden goose nIn Greek legend, a goose that laid golden eggs, killed by its owner who thought to obtain all of them at once. 2. a continuing source of wealth or profit that may be exhausted if misused.
Golden handshake nA lucrative employee severance agreement and payment. 2. a large payment made to induce an employee who leaves the job prematurely.
Golden-haired adjBlonde, with golden locks.
Golden Hind nThe famous ship in which Francis Drake made his famous voyage (1577-8o).
Golden Horn phrThe crescent-shape inlet of Bosphorous in Turkey in Europe, forming the harbour of Istanbul.
Golden horsehoe nA region in Canada, but any region density populated and economically productive.
Golden-handshake nA generous severance payment, esp. as an inducement to leave one's employment.
Golden-hearted adjKind, compassionate, caring.
Golden HornnThe opening of the Bosphorous separating the city of Istanbul from its suburbs famed for its beauty.
Golden lungwort nItira muromum.
Goldenly advIn a golden manner, excellently, splendidly. 2. in a golden hue or lustre.
Golden mothwort nCudweed.
Goldenness nThe condition or quality of bearing gold.
Golden Rainbow Tree nA showy deciduous tree, excellent for feature planting. Has a splendid summer display of bright yellow flowers in clusters. The Golden Rain Tree has excellent tolerance for heat, sun and pollution.
Golden root nRhodiola rosea, a herb claimed to help treat feelings of extreme anxiety, fatigue or depression.
Golden shacklesnFinancial arrangements designed to discourage employees changing jobs. (opposite of a "golden handshake')
Golden toad nThe golden toad (Incilius periglenes, formerly Bufo periglenes) was a small true toad that was once abundant in a small, high-altitude region of about 4 square kilometres (1.5 sq mi) in an area north of the city of Monteverde, Costa Rica. It was endemic to elfin cloud forest. Also called the Monte Verde toad, Alajuela toad and orange toad, it is commonly considered the "poster child" for the amphibian decline crisis. This toad was first described in 1966 by herpetologist Jay Savage. The last sighting of a single male golden toad was on 15 May 1989, and it has since been classified as extinct
Golden Thread nA legal judgement famous for iterating the duty inherent in the prosecution to prove the prisoner's guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.
Golden-tongued adjEloquent, articulate, well-spoken. 2. eloquence in speaking; golden-mouthed, silver-tongued.
Golden Shower Tree nAny tree of the genus Cassia, the members of which have pendulous racemes of flowers.
Golden wattle nA plant of the genus Acacia (especially, Acacia pycnantha)related to the mimosaand having yellow flowers, widely distributed in Australia.
Golden wedding nA marriage of 50 years duration.
Golden week nThe longest holiday period in Japan held in April for employees and schoolchildren.
Golden withy nBog mirtle.
Golden world nA golden age, epoch or era.
Golden years nThe advance years of a lifetime.
Goldeny adjSomewhat golden in colour.
Gold faw adjAdorned with gold.
Goldfield nA region or area where gold is searched for and mined.
Gold-fielder nOne who searches for gold on a gold-field.
Goldfinder nOne who searches for and sometimes finds gold; a gold prospector. 2. a person who cleans toilet or latrines.
Gold-finger n.Third or ring finger
Goldfish nSmall carp of golden color, originally off China, now cultivated in many varieties as an ornamental aquarium fish.
Goldfish-like adjResembling or characteristic of a goldfish.
Gold glove nThe Gold Glove Award, simply the "Gold glove"an award given annually to Major League Baseballers judged to have superior fielding performances.
Gold-hewen adjOf or having a gold color.
Goldhoard nTreasure; a hoard of gold.
Gold-house nTreasury, Gold-house.
Gold-hunter nA gold-digger; one who cultivates a personal relationship in order to attain wealth. 2. someone who digs or mines for gold.
Goldilocks adjA modifier denoting and referring to the most desirable part of a range of values or conditions (typically the centre). 2. a goldilocks summer is one that is not too hot or not too cold. 3. a fairy-tale heroine who enters the house of the Three Bears and declares the possessions of Baby Bear to be ‘just right’, as compared to those of Father Bear and Mother Bear. 4. a girl with golden or blonde hair.
Goldilocks nA Eurasian woodland buttercup (Ranunculus auricomus, family Ranunculaceae).

2. a yellow-flowered European plant of the daisy family, resembling the Michaelmas daisy. Aster linosyris, family Compositae. 3. european herb Linosyris Vulgaris with yellow flower heads.

Goldilocks star nA type of star that astronomers consider has exactly the right combination of features to support life.
Goldilocks summer nA summer tha is not too hot or not too cold.
Golding nThe process of covering an item with a thin layer of gold; gilting. 2. the marigold.
Goldleaf nA very fine leaf made from beaten gold.
Goldless adjLacking or devoid of gold.
Goldlike adjResembling gold in colour or sheen.
Goldlock nIn computing a safe, secure and cost effective tool for encrypting your cellular and Voip conversations, text and file transfers.
Goldly advResembling gold in colour or sheen.
Goldmine nA mine where gold is extracted. 2. a source of great wealth.
Goldmouth nOne whose speech is eloquent.
Goldness nThe state or quality of being golden.
Gold oak nQuercus alnifolia, an evergreen oak species.
Gold-seeker nOne who searches for gold.
Goldsmith nA worker in gold.
Goldsmithing nThe work of a goldsmith;
Goldsmithy adjThe 'smithy' of the goldsmith.
Gold-stick nThe gilt rod carried before the sovereign on state occasions the the Gentleman-at-arms; also the bearer of the stick.
Gold-toothed adjHaving a prosthetic gold tooth or teeth.
Gold-thirst nAn extreme desire for acquiring gold, greedy, avarice.
Gold withy nBog mirtle.
Gold working nGold working techniques and production.
Goldy adjOf a gold color, golden.
Gole adjMerry, wanton, lascivious, luxuriant, copious.
Gole-hood nThe state or condition of being merry, wanton, lascivious, luxuriant, copious.
Goleness n.Lust, wantonness, lasciviousness,
Goleness-ship, nGolehood.
Golesome adjSomewhat merry, wanton, lascivious, luxuriant, copious.
Gone adjPassed beyond help or hope; ruined, lost. 2. marked by faintness or weakness. 3. ended, past,dead. 4. depressed and hopeless. 5.
Gone adj"Dead and Gone" - dead for some time.
Gone phr"Far Gone" - drunk. 2. old, worn out.
Gone phr"Gone Away" - having left. 2. fig. no longer part of the present situation. 3. no longer existing; having passed. 3. used up. 5. dead. 6. intoxicated to the point of being unaware of one's surroundings. 7. excellent, wonderful.
Gone phr"Gone North About" - of sailors, seaman whose cause of death was anything except drowning. 2. dead.
Gone phr"Gone On (On Somebody" - infatuated with, possessed with, very much or hopelessly, in love with.
Gone phr"Gone with the Wind" - (idiomatic, euphemistic; poetic): dead, deceased, passed away. 2.said of events or persons that have left no trace by which ti be remembered.
Gone phr"I've Gone and Done It" - There! done the very thing I ought not to have done! I've made a pretty mess ofit.
Gone-by advFormer, past; a gone-by friend
Goneness nA state of weakness or exhaustion, faintness, lassitude.
Goner nSomeone or something doomed. 2. a hopeless case.
Gong n.Privy, necessarium, toilet, lavatory, gong-house, gong-pit, contents of a privy: ordure, excrement
Go-no-Further nA stop, limitation, barrier.
Go-no-Go nA period of vacillation or indecision. 2. a change of mind about the right course of action.
Good adjRight, proper, excellent, virtuous; kind, safe, adequate. 2. that which is good, as in the greater good, well-being.
Good vbTo become better, improve, get better. 2. to enrich, endow, (a church) etc. 3. to make good, improve. 4. to improve the state of land by manuring. 5. to do good; to benefit someone or something.
Good phr"A Bit of No Good" - one liable to cause harm and hurt.
Good phr"A Good Afternoon To You" - (I wish you a good afternoon): a greeting said when meeting somebody in the afternoon.
Good phr"A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending" - a well prepared and focused at the start of something often leads to success.
Good phr"A Good Deal" - much, often.
Good phr"A Good/Great Deal (of Something)" - a large, or considerable, quantity, of something as noise, unpleasantness, enthusiasm, dissent.
Good phr"A Good/Great Deal Healthier" - much healthier, better.
Good phr"A Good Man is Hard to Find" - dependable, trustworthy help is not easily to get. 2. statement that mate selection for a female suitor is a complex and difficult matter.
Good phrA Good Name is Better than a Golden Girdle" - a good name is better than having wealth.
Good phr"A Good Show" - a creditable, praiseworthy etc. mode of control or action, esp. in difficult circumstances.
Good phr"A Good Thing" - desirable, beneficial, not undesirable, not harmful in any away, nature, result.
Good phr"All In Good Time" - eventually.
Good phr"All to the Good" - generally advantageous.
Good phr"All Well and Good" - acceptable (but with nagging doubts)
Good phr"A Man of Good" - person of good standing, rank, position.
Good phr"As Good As" - equivalent to, early nearly. 2. practically; nearly, virtually.
Good phr"As Good as Play" - amusing, iteresting, lively.
Good phr"Be in Good Heart" - to be cheerful, especially in adversity.
Good phr"Be In Somebody's Good Books" - be well regarded by another person.
Good phr"Be No Good" - to be worthless or little worth.
Good phr"Be So Good As To" - kindly/please.
Good phr"Be to the Good" - be profitable; show profit.
Good phr"But Good" - an intensifier.
Good phr"Come to a Good Ending" - conclude successfully.
Good phr"Come to Good" - to yield a good result.
Good phr"Do Good" - to act rightly, fulfill the moral law. 2. to show kindness, do philanthropic work. 3. to be beneficial to.
Good phr"Do Somebody (a lot of) Good" - improve somebody's behavior/ manner/ health etc.
Good phr"Do Somebody a Good Turn" - help somebody; do a favor for.
Good phr"For Good" - permanently, forever.
Good phr"For Good and All" - for ever. 2. finally, for the last time.
Good phr"Get a Good Hiding" - receive a severe physical thrashing.
Good phr"Get the Goods On" - have evidence of someone's wrongdoing.
Good phr"Give As Good as One Gets" - to be as effective as the other person in a contest.
Good phr"Good Afternoon" - a greeting said in the afternoon.
Good phr"Good and" - very thoroughly.
Good phr"Good and Evil" - what is right and what is wrong, esp. as forces or principles influencing, exemplified by, human conduct.
Good phr"Good and Ready" - completely, thoroughly, very ready etc.
Good phr"Good as Gold" - of an asset: of enduring value. 2. of a person very well behaved.
Good phr"Good as New" - in as good condition as when it was new. 2. showing little sign of wearor use.
Good phr"Good Day" - used as a salutation of welcoming or farewelling.
Good phr"Good Enough" - suitable or appropriate. 2. passable
Good phr"Good Enough For" - something or someone adequate for someone or something.
Good phr"Good Few of Somebody/Something" - a large or considerable, number (of somebody/something)
Good phr'Good for a Laugh" - likely to cause amusement.
Good phr"Good for Him/Her" - exclamatory comment of congratulation or approval ; bully for somebody.
Good phr"Good for Nothing" - idle and useless (implying that a person is a scoundrel 2. worthless.
Good phr"Good For You" - congratulations.
Good phr"Good God" - an oath expressing surprize, shock, anger, frustation, or annoyance.
Good phr"Good Going" - rapid progress or success.
Good phr"Good Heavens" - exclamation or dismay or displeasure.
Good phr"Good Heed, Good Speed" - good advice will bring success
Good phr"Good Lord" - an oath expressing surprize, shock, anger, frustation, or annoyance.
Good phr"Good Men and True" - honest, worthy, loyal people, esp. as a body of responsible citizens.
Good phr"Good Morning" - agreeting said in the morning.
Good phr"Good Old ..." - a term of endearment, as 'good old dad'.
Good phr"Good Old Somebody/Something" - a greeting, or reference, to somebody/something for whom/which one feels affection or appreciation.
Good phr"Good on/for You" - well done congratulations.
Good phr"Good to Go" - ready and prepared to start a project, event, undertaking.
Good phr"Good while" - long time.
Good phr"Have A Good Nose For Business" - be able to identify profitable business situations.
Good phr"Have a Good Evening" - a greeting said in the evening.
Good phr"Have a Good Mind to" - to be inclined to.
Good phr"Have a Good Time" - enjoy oneself.
Good phr"Have the Goods On" - to have the advantage of, or superiority over another. 2. to have knowledge or information (usually damning) giving a hold over another.
Good phr"He's the Goods" - he's the man for the job.
Good phr"In Good Time" - with time to spare.
Good phr"It's a Good Thing" - is lucky or convenient that something is true, does or did happen.
Good phr"Know (one's) Good" - to know how to behave.
Good phr"Make Good" - succeed, achieve a favourable outcome. 2. repair damage or succeed.
Good phr"Make Good Time" - do something in less time than expected.
Good phr"Make It Good Upon" - to enforce one's assertion by combat, or by the infliction of blows.
Good phr"My Good Man" - impolite form of address made by somebody who regards himself/ herself a superior.
Good phr"No Good (For)" - worthless, useless, not advantageous.
Good phr"Not Good Enough" - not acceptable.
Good phr"One's Good Deed For the Day" - an action appropriate to the situation and designed to help another person, or other people, that one tries to carry out each day (a recommendation to Scouts and Guides).
Good phr"On To a Good Thing" - in a favorable situation.
Good phr"Put In a Good Word" - recommend.
Good phr"Put on a Good Show" - see 'a good show'
Good phr"See Someone In Good Light" - to regard a person favorably.
Good phr"Somebody's Good Name" - the present, or possible future, good reputation of somebody.
Good phr"Speak Good Of" - to address kindly, speak well of.
Good phr"That's a Good One" - I don't Believe You!
Good phr"The Good Old Days" - periods in history, or in one's personal past, when conditions of life and work, where (in the speaker's opinion) better than they are at present.
Good phr"The Good Things of Life" - material comforts, luxuries, pleasures.
Good phr"There's a Good Time Coming" - things can only get better.
Good phr"Think Good Of " - to praise, think well of.
Good phr"This Does My Heart Good" - I rejoice at this.
Good phr"To the Good" - to an advantage, for the best, and/or profit. 2. in excess of assets over liabilities.
Good phr"To the Good Of" - as a balance on the right side of the ledger; excess of assets over liabilities.
Good phr"Up to No Good" - committing a crime; making a mischief.
Good phr"Your Good Self" - a polite way of addressing a person(s)- often used in place of simple 'you' in referring to an important person.
Good-book nThe Bible
Good-breedingnGood manners, polite to others. 2. a polite educatiion, courteous bearing or correct manners resulting from such eduacation.
Goodbye nA contraction of 'god be with you'
Goodbyer nA person saying goodbye.
Goodby(e)ingnThe act of saying goodbye.?????
Good day phrA phrase used as a salutation at meeting or parting.
Good deal nSomething purchased at a cheaper.
Good-deed nA deed of benefit, kindness, favourable action.
Good-doernOne who does good; a benefactor. 2. an animal or plant which thrives..
Good-doing nActs of goodness and kindness; charitable.
Good drunk nOne who despite drinking heavily still remains amicable.
Good ending nA happy and succesful conclusion.
Good-enough adjThat has specified quality in a sufficient amount or degree; passable.
Good fellow nAn agreeable or jovial companion, a reveller. 2. a boon companion, any social person.
Good fellow phr"To Play the Good Fellow" - be jovial, accommodating, very friendly (often with an implication of deceit).
Good-fellowhood nMerry society; companionableness.
Good-fellowish adjSomewhat resembling a good fellow
Good-fellowship nSpirit or habit of a good fellow, conviviality. 2. a spirit of true friendship or companionship.
Good folk nThe fairies or elves.
Good-for-anything adjFit and willing to do anything.
Good-foreboding nGood omen, propitious in outcome.
Good-for-little adjThat is of little use; insignificant.
Good-for-nothing nOne who is a worthless individual: a good-for-nothing.
Good-for-nothing adjOf no use, service or value; worthless.
Good-for-nothingness nQuality or condition of being good for nothing; worthless.
Good-for-something nOne good or able for some useful endeavour.
Good Friday nThe Friday before Easter Sunday, observed as athe anniversary of Christ death.
Goodful adjGoodly, full of goodness, kindly, compassionate..
Goodfulhood adjGoodness, good-hearted.
Goodfully advIn a kind, compassionate way, goodhearted.
Good-goingnProgress, advancement, a moving forward.
Good-hearted adjKind, compassionate, thoughtful of others.
Good-heartedly advIn a kind manner.
Good-heartedness nSympathetic concern for the well-bing of others.
Goodiness nThe sate or quality of being good; goodyness.
Gooding nThe action of doing good to, or for improving. 2. the action of manuring to improve it's yield. 3. the practice of collecting alms on St Thomas
Gooding phr"To Go a Gooding" - the collection of alms on St Thomas's day.
Goodish adjSomewhat good with respect to quantity, quality or extend. 2. somewhat good' not bad, rather good. 3. of appreciable extent, considerable.
Goodishness nThe quantity of being good.
Goodless adjWithout good, comfortless, worthless.
Good lick nSomewhat useful, a good deal.
Good life nThe life that one dreams of living
Goodlihead nThe character or nature of a goodly person. 2. poetic: good-looking, beauty.
GoodliheadnessnState or quality of being good or beautiful.
Goodlike adjGoodly. 2,. friendly, amicable.
Goodliking nApproval, goodwill, friendship.
Goodliking adjHaving friendly, amicable or kindly feelings towards others.
Goodliness nThe condition or quality of being goodly. 2. of a good appearance, beauty, fairnes, comeliness. 3. goodness, kindness, grace. 4. excellent value.
Goodlisome adjSomewhat good, goodly.
Good-living nA healthy and wholesome lifestyle.
Good-lookernSomething or someone who is handsome, has goodlooks, or is beautiful, or comely.
Good-looking adjResembling what is good. 2. handsome, beautiful, comely, fair, attractive. 3. having a good appearance; esp. with reference to beauty of countenance.
Good-lookingness nThe sate or quality of being good-looking.
Good-looks nBeauty, handsomeness, attractiveness; fair; fetching.
Goodly adjThat is good, decent, trustworthy. 2. of good appearance, fair, goodlooking, comely, handsome, well-favoured or proportioned. 3. notable or considerable in respect of size, quality or number. 4. of quantity, quality: admirable, splendid, excellent. . well-suited, siuted, for some purpose, proper, convenient. 6. gracious, kind, kindly-disposed.
Goodman nSometimes used as a vague title of dignity or respect. 2. applied euphemistically of the devil. 3. a male as the head of the family. 4. a chief warden or keeper of a prison. 5. man of substance, not of lower birth or status;: a yeoman. 6. the laird of an estate.
Good-meaning adjWell-meaning.
Good-minded adjNoble, pure, wholesome.
Good-mother nA mother-in-law.
Good neighbour nIn US politics, a neighbouring country; esp. in South America with whom the US has good relations.
Good-neighbourhood nThe disposition and characteristic of a good neighhour: friendly feelings towards and good relations and dealings. 2. good-neighbourship.
Good-neighbourliness nThe state or quality of being a good neighbour. (in an individual sense and a internation sense).
GoodnessnFairness, propriety, probity. 2. 'the goodness' - that which is good in anything; the strength or virtue of goodness.
Goodness phr"For Goodness Sake" - in the name of good.
Goodness phr"Thank Goodness" - exclamatory phrase with original reference to God.
Goodness phr"My Goodness Me" - exclamation of (mild) astonishment, pleasure or dismay.
Good news phrPositive, uplifting and inspiring news or information.
Goodnight nA customary phrase at parting at night or going to sleep.
Goodput nFor computer networks, goodput is the application-level throughput. 2. the rate of which useful data traverses a link.
Goods nMerchandise' property, especially personal property. 2. fabric, dress goods. 3. qualifications, resources, abilities. 4. freight.
Goods phr"Have the Goods on Somebody" - know something incriminating about somebody.
Good Sherperd nA designation of Jesus.
Goodship nGoodness. 2. an instance of goodness, kindness.
Good-sister nA sister-in-law, a step-sister.
Good speed nGood luck; a wish for the safe journey or for succees.
Good stones nPrecious stones.
Good-thingnA course of action which is desirable or commendable. 2. luxuries in general: spe. rich or dainty food. 3. a witty saying or remark.
Good-time adjOf a person: recklessly pursuing pleasure; as, a 'good-time ... '. 2.
Good-timer nPerson of the character of recklessly pursuing pleasure.
Good-times nA peroid of prosperity and happiness.
Goodways advAmicably,; as, 'I hope John deals with him in goodways.'
Goodwife nThe mistress of the house. 2. a title of respect for a woman; the correlative of goodman.
Goodwill nA desire for the well-being of others. 3. benevolence, charity, kindly intent. 4. the prestige and friendly relations with customers built up by a business or member of a profession.
Goodwill phr"With Goodwill" - with cheerful acquiesence or counsel.
Goodwiller nOne who has goodwill; a well-wisher. 2. one who wills or is disposed to what is good.
Goodwilling adjVoluntary, cordial, friendly, liberal.
Goodwilling nA voluntary, cordial, liberal action or deed.
Good works nCharitable or welfare work.
Goody nSweets, lollies, treats, sweetments, usu. in pl., goodies
Goody adjOf character: excellent, good. 2. cosy, comfortable. 3. 'good' in a weak or sentimental way; addicted to or characterized by inept manifestation of good or pious sentiment.
Goody phr"Goody-two-Shoes" - one who is too good for his own good. 2. one who is so good he or she appears insincere.
Goody-goody nA person who is 'good' in a weak or sentimental way; addicted to or characterized by inept manifestation of good or pious sentiment. 2. mawkishly good, weakly pious.
Goodyish adjSomewhat good.
Goodyness nGoodiness
Goodyship nThe state or quality of being a goody.
Go-off nCommencement, beginning, a start.
Go-on nEndurance, continuance.
Goose n.A large web-footed bird. 2. a dullard, fool, half-wit; as in
Goose vbTo prod or poke unexpectedly from behind. 2. to accelerate an engine in irregular spurts.
Goose phr"All His Geese are Swans" - he overestimates, he paints a too rosy a picture of things.
Goose phr???????????One's Goose" - To spoil one's chances; ruin a person.
Goose phr"Goose is Cooked" - spoil somebody's chance of success.
Goose phr"Goose Up" - make more intense, lurid, racy, daring, or sensational.
Goose phr"The Goose is Hang High" - the prospect is good; everything is favorable.
Goose phrThe Old Woman is Plucking Her Goose" - a child's way of saying "it is snowing".
Goose phr"To Shoe the Goose" - to fritter away one's time on unnecessary work.
Goosedom nThe state of stupidity. 2. geese collectively.
Goose-flesh nA roughened condition of the skin produced by cold, fear.
Goose-foot nAny plant of the genus Chenopodium, having leaves shaped like a foot of the goose.
Goose herd nA tender of geese.
Goose-like adjResembling or characteristic of a goose in some aspect.
Goose-neck nA mechanical contrivance curved like a goose's neck. 2. a curved shaft for a seat on a bicycles.
Goose-necked adjHaving a goose-necked shape.
Goose-step nA military parade step, sometimes in lock-step, . 2. in some European armies, a stiff manner of marching on parade. 3. the act of marking time with the feet.
Goose-step vbTo march or move in the manner of a goose step.
Goose tongue nThe plant "Achillea ptarmia", sneezewort
Goosey adjLike a goose. 2. appearing like a goose-flesh. 3. of persons, extremely nervous.
Gore nBlood in a clotted state that follows effusion, clotted shed blood, blood, a clot, a gout of blood 2. dung, ordure, filth, putrid matter
Gore nA triangular piece of cloth inserted to shape a garment. 2. atriangular piece of land. 3. a triangle. 4. wedge-shaped strip of land or the side of an irregular field. 5. an angular point, a promontory. 6. a small tract of land lying between two longer divisions. 7. a front section of a skirt, wider at the bottom than the top, lap of a gown, an apron, aa skirt, a petticoat. 8. one of the many triangular or lune shaped pieces that form the surface of a celestial or terrestrial globe. 9. Covering of an umbrella; a dome of a building. See: Gair.
Gore-pit nA pit of filth, putridesence, ordure, dund. 2. a bloody battlefield or burial ground.
Gore-stained adjBlood-stained
Gorse nPrickly shrub, Ulex europaeus, common furze or whim, Juniper.
Gorsebird nThe linnet
Gorsy adjAbounding or covered in gorse. 2. of or pertaining to gorse.
Gory adjCovered or stained with gore. 2. resembling gore.
Goshawk nA powerfully built, short-winged hawk, formerly used in falconry.
Gosipred nRelationship of gossip; spiritual affinity. 2. affinity, in general. 3. the habitual action of a group or tatter, small talk.
Gosling nA young goose; a foolish, young and inexperienced person.
Gosling-green nA yellow-greenish color.
Go-slow nForm of industrial protest in which employees work at a deliberately slow pace.
Go-slower nOne who uses industrial protest in which as an employee works at a deliberately slow pace.
Gospel n.Message or narrative preached by Jesus; a record of his life; any of the first four books by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 2. Holy Scripturesor heavenly revelation. 3. any doctrine concerning human welfare which is consider importance. 4. anything regarded as absolutely true.
Gospel adjRelating to or agreeing with the Gospel; evangelical, veritable.
Gospelled vbTo reach the Gospel.
Gospel phr"To Take For Gospel" - to accept as true.
Gospel phr"To Talk Gospel" - to talk about religious matters
Gospel-gossip nAn obsessive religous talk(er).
Gospeller nA preacher, often referred to as a 'hot--gospeller'. 2. an ardent adherent of the Reformation, as distinguished from a Roman Catholic. 3. a cleric who reads the Gospel at a church service. 4. an evangelist; missionary.
Gospel-like adjDevoted to the principles of the gospel. 2. agreeable to the doctrines of the gospel.
Gospelly advIn accordance with the principles of the gospelly. 2. truthfully.
Gospel-monger nA seller of bibles; a preacher of the Gospel or Bible.
Gospel-sharp:nA gospel-shark, a false preacher, religious charlatan.
Gospel-shopnA protestant church.
Gospel-times nThe era or time when the gospels were written.
Gospel-ways nLiving according to theteachings and doctrines of the Gospels.
Gospel-wright nA composer or writer of gospels, scripture; evangelist, messenger, prophet.
Gospel-writer nOne who writes gospels, such as 'Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John'.
Gossip nFamiliar or idle talk. 2. groundless rumour, mischievous tattle. 3.
Gossip vbTo talk idly, usually about affairs of others; to be gossip.
Gossipdom nThe class of gossips as a whole. 2. the realm of gossip and gossiper.
Gossiper nOne who gossips.
Gossip-gleanern Seer, prophet. Idle talker, gossiper, rumour monger, a gossip-greedy.
Gossip-greedy adjGossipy, idle-talkative or writty, rumurish; eager for gossip and scandal.
Gossiphood nA body of gossip.
Gossiping nThe act or action of participating in gossip. 2. gossipy talk. 2. prating. 3. in British Dialect a christening (god sib: a baptismal sponsor).
Gossiping adjEngaging in gossip, rumour, scuttlebutt and scandal.
Gossipingly advIn a gossiping manner.
Gossip-like adjResembling or characteristic of gossip.
Gossiply advPertaining to, or characteristic of, gossip.
Gossip-monger nQuidnunc, one engaged in familiar, or idle talk, groundless rumour, scuttlebutt. 2. monger of gossip and rumour. 3. scandalmonger (in print and electronic media).
Gossipness nThe inclination to gossip, idle talk, scandal and scuttlebutt.
Gossipred nSee "Gosipred"
Gossipship nThe mutual relation of gossips. 2. personality of a gossip or sponsor (earlier sense).
Gossip-shop nA place or gathering of gossipers.
Gossip-side nThe north side of the altar, at which the gospel is read.
Gossip-wise advIn the manner of gossip.
Gossip-writing nThe writing and reporting of gossip (and scandal)in the print and electronic media.
Gossipy adjCharacterized by, or full of, gossip. 2. of a person: inclined or devoted to gossip.
Go-stop nIn economics, a inflation, deflation cycle.
Got vbPast particle of 'get.' used in the sense of must, have, possess.
Got phr"Got It Going On" - cause to start or commence.
Got phr"Got There" - to a arrive at a destination or conclusion.
Got phr"Have Got To" - must.
Gote nA watercourse, waterway, any channel of water, a stream, an ea, yea, aa, yeo, a sluice, a fleet, a river, a culvert; a fishgate.
Goth nA member of an eastern germanic people. 2. a style of dress or fashion.
Goth phr"Goth Up" - to dress or dcorate in the style of goth subculture.
Gotham nA nickname of New York City, so named by Washington Irving in his book Salmagundi (written in 1807), in reference to the village and villagers in Nottinghamshire, England, whose folk (Wise Men of Gotham) were known for their sense of humour and craftiness.
Gothlike adjSimilar, resembling or like a Goth or things gothic.
Gothness nState or quality of being a goth or gothic. 2. traits associate to the goth's subculture, such as a philosophical melancholy.
Go-through-land nA vagabond, beggar, tramp.
Gothy adjSomewhat gothic.
Gotland nAn island belonging to Sweden situated in the Baltic Sea.
Gotlander nA native of Gotland, Sweden.
Go-to nA person or thing that is relied on in a tight situation. 2. a reference.
Go-to-meeting nAttendance at; as in 'Sunday-go-to-meeting.'
Go-to-Meeting adjSuitable for use on certain days or times, 'Go-to-meeting clothes'. 2. wear go-to-meeting clothes.
Gots n(Slang):achievements, skill, know-how; intelligence.
Gots vbHave, got have.
Gotten adjPast particle of 'get': Obtained, acquired.
Gotten phr"Gotten To" - to be deceived, coerced into some decision or action. 2. be bribed to act in some way, or support some cause or undertaking.
Go-to-mind nGreat intellectuals and thinkers who explanations, solutions and predictions are eagerly sought after.
Go-to-sleep adj
Got-up nA contriver, artifice. 2. an upstart.
Got-up adjContrived; artificially produced, elaborated or adorned for the purpose of effect or deception.
Gound nOE. gund, foul matter, esp. that secreted in the eye.
Goundly adjOf the eyes: full of gound or foreign matter, bleared.
Go-well nA successful, often posperous, journey.
Gowk nThe cuckoo; a half-wit, a fool.
Gowk-like adjStupid, foolish, silly.
Gowylsought nJaundice, see Gulesought
Gozzard nA gooseherd.
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