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Guild nLate Old English: probably from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch gilde, of Germanic origin; related to yield. 2. possible fusion of OE: gild and geglyd: association. & ON. gild: payment;
Guild-hall nThe hall where a guild meets. 2. a town hall.
Guilt n.Fact or state of having offended; culpability. 2. the state of one who, by violation of law, has made him or herself liable or deserving of punishment. 3. wrongdoing, wickedness.
Guilt v.To commit an offence or sin
Guilter nOne who motivates another with guilt.
Guilt-free adjFree of guilt.
Guiltily advIn a guilty manner, as if guilty.
Guiltiness nState of guilt.
Guiltless adjFree from guilt; innocent. 2. ignorant of, with guilt. 3. devoid of guilt.
Guilt-like adjResembling or characteristic of guilt.
Guilt-ridden adjHaving a strong sense of guilt.
Guilt-sick adjSickened by consciousness of guilt.
Guilt-struck adjStrongly affected by guilt.
Guiltware nIn computing, software that attempts to convince the user to fulfill some obligation (such as a donation to charity) by eliciting of guilt.
Guiltwite phrPenalty for committing a crime.
Guilty a.Having committed an offence. 2. guiltless: innocent, guilt-free; guilt-struck
Guilty phr"Guilty as Sin" - unquestionably guilty.
Guilder n.A gold coin, see gild words
Gulesought n.Jaundice
Gum n.Used in OE for the inside of the mouth and throat. 2 the firm flesh in which the teeth are set. 3. the fleshy tissue that covers the alveolar arches of the jaws and invests the neck of the teeth.
Gumboil nGums inflamed, swelling with abscess on the gums.
Gum-digger nSlang for dentist;
Gum-diggingphrSlang for dentistry.
Gum-lift nA surgery upon the gums performed for the aesthetic purpose of raising the gum lines.
Gum-like adjResembling a gums or some aspect of them.
Gum-line nA line along the top of gums where they meet the surface of the teeth.
Gummed adjHaving gums.
Gumming vbTo chew with the gums.
Gumness nThe state of having gums.
Gummy adjShowing the gums.
Gummy-shark nA species, Mustelus antarctic endemic to southern and south-east australia, the meat of which is sold as flake.
Gum-tooth n.Molar
Gum-work phrSlang for dentistry.
Gut n.Entrails, intestines (in plural). Material made from the guts of animals, as for violin strings. 2. a narrow passage, strait
Gut v.To remove the gut of fish or to destroy the contents, inner structure of house by fire.
Gut phr"Have a Gut Feeling" - a belief based purely on intuition and unsupported by facts and evidence.
Gut phr"Have A Gutful" - to be disgusted.
Gut phr"Hate Somebody's Guts" - have a strong dislike for somebody.
Gut phr"Have the Guts to" - have the courage to.
Gut phr"It Has No Guts" - something is of little value.
Gut phr"Work One's Guts Out" - work to the point of exhaustion.
Gutbread n.Pancreas
Gut-burster nAn extremely funny joke. 2. (colloquial) a meal that cause particular gastronomic pain.
Gut-bursten n.Abdominal hernia
Gut-feeling adjAn instinct or intuition an immediate or basic feeling or reaction, without a logical rationale.
Gutful adjAs much as a gut(abdomen) will hold.
Gutless a.Without guts:courage or spirit
Gutlessly advIn a gutless way, with cowardice.
Gutlessness nThe state of being gutless; cowardice.
Gut-like adjResembling a gut or some aspect of one.
Gutless-wonder nA coward.
Gutmonger n.One whose chief concern is food. 2. monger of the "tooth" or gluttony.
Gut-rot n.Unpalatable liquor or food. 2. a stomach upset because of unpalatable or contaminated food; rot-gut.
Guts nEntrails, guttings, innards, insides, viscera, core parts, content, substance. 2. courage, nerve, pluck.
Guts vbTo act with strength, courage, fortitude.
Gutshot nA hand in poker.
Gutsiness nThe state or condition of being gutsy.
Gutsy a.Courageous, tough, bold, brave, hardy, audacious, gutty. 2. greedy, voracious. 2. marked by courage and determination in the face of difficulties or danger; having guts. 3. not showing due respect
Gutting nThe remains after gutting a fish.
Guttle v.To over eat, gorge, gormandize, be a glutton.
Guttling n.Gormandization, gluttony
Guttlesome a.Gluttonous
Gutty adjDisheartening, crushing. 2. gutsy, brave, audacious.
Gutweed n.Sonchus arvensis
Gutwort n.Globularia alypus.
Gut-wrenching adjSickening. 2. difficult to tolerate. 3. heart-rendering, nerve-wracking, stomach-churning.
Gut-wrenchingly advIn a gut-wrenching manner.
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