Old EnglishspEnglish
Hab vbGet or lose, hit or miss, anyhow have or have not.
Hack vbCut with heavy blows irregularly or at random, 2. to cut notches or hicks in. 3. to mangle or mutilate by jagged cuts. 4. chop into pieces. 4. of frost, to chafe or crack the skin. 5. in football, kick the shins of an opponent. 6. to hoe or plough the soil into ridges. 7. to mangle words in utterance, to stammer. 8. to embarrass, annoy, disconcert, confuse. 8. to roughen on a grindstone. 9. to hack into a computer network.
Hack phr"Hack After" - to aim at, strive.
Hack phr"Hack At" - to imitate.
Hack phr"Hack Down" - cut to the ground with rough down blows, chop down, butcher.
Hack phr"Hack Into" - to hack into a computer network. 2. cut with heavy blows irregularly or at random
Hack phr"Hack Off" - to remove with rough chopping blows.
Hack phr"Hack Out" - to stammer.
Hacker nOne who mangles words or sentences. 2. an implement for hacking wood or earth. 3. one who breaks into computer networks.
Hackerdom nThe state or condition of being a computer hacker.
Hacking nThe act of cutting with heavy blows. 2. the kicking of an opponents legs or shins in football.
Hackish adjCharacterisitic of hacks or inferior writers. 2. using, or characterized by, hacks, poorly-designed workarounds.
Hackle n.Cloak; covering of any kinds: feathers, serpent's skin.
Hackle n.Cloak; covering of any kinds: feathers, serpent's skin
Had nOE: hood; a person. 2. sex, gender. (only in O.E.) 3. state, condition, quality, kind. 4. holy order.
Had phr"Had Best" - would find it prudent.
Had phr"Had Better" - to have experienced a better situation or fortune.
Had phr"Had Rather" - (archaic):would rather
Had phr"Have Had It" - a colloquial expression widely popularized during World War 11 and possibly of Australian origin. It is applied to that which 'finished with' or 'done for'. Thus a soldier critically wounded was said to 'have had it'.
Had phr"Never Had It So Good" - refers to the overall prosperity and general improvement of living standards.
Had vbTo ordain (into a holy order). (variant spellings: hade, hode)
Had-been nThat had been at a former time.
Hadbote nCompensation for violence or an affront done to a person in holy orders.
Hadiend nOne in a holy order.
Hading nOrdination.
Had-i-wist n(If-I-Had-Known); expressing regret for something done in ignorance of circumstance now known. 2. a vain, regret, or the heedless or loss of opportunity which leads to it
Haffet n(OE: healfheadfod)= the fore part of the head; the siniciput. 2. the side of the head above and in front of the ear; the temple, the cheek.
Haft vb.To use shifts and dodges, deceit, haggle, cavil, hold off
Haft vbTo establish in a situation or place or residence. 2. to locate. 3. set or plant firmly. 4. to supply with or set in a handle or haft.
Haft nHandle of a piercing instrument. 2. handle of an axe, dagger, knife.
Haft nA fixed or established place of abode. 3. settled or accustomed pasture.
Haft phr"Loose in the Haft" - unstable (fig. & lit.)
Haft phr"To Have Other Haft in Hand" - to have other business to do; other fish to fry.
Hafted adjHaving or fitted with a haft.
Hafter nOne who hafts, in various senses.
Hafting nSubtle dealing, dodging, caviling, trickery, holding off, hesitation, demur.
Hag n.Enclosure
Hag nWitch, hagster, female demon, ugly old-woman. 2. a white mist usu. accompanying frost
Haggish adjResembling or characteristic of a hag.
Haggishly advIn a haggish manner.
Hag-ridden adjDistressed or worried. 2. troubled with nightmares or hallucinations. 3. tormented by a woman.
Hagship n.Personality of a hag
Hail n.Ice (frozen raindrops) in pellets or masses in a shower or hailstorm. 2. frozen rain or congealed vapor, often falling in pellets, during thunderstorms. 3. a small number of insults. 3. figuratively anything falling thickly or in violence, as a hail of blows; missiles.
Hail n.Hale, health, safety, welfare.
Hail vb.To pour down, hurl, send down with force.
Hail n.Exclamation of greeting or salutation, usu of reverence and respect.
Hail vbTo salute with friendliness, welcome, well-wish, respect or reverence.
Hail adjFree from injury, infirmity or disease; hale.
Hail phr"Hail Be Thou" - salutation expressing well-wishing or reverence.
Hail phr"Hail fellow Well Meet" - one on easy or familiar terms; an intimate acquaintance.
Hail phr"Hail From" - of a person" to come from or originate from.
Hail phr"Wes Hal!" - (may you) be in whole (or good) health.
Hail-fellow n.On a most intimate footing; over-familiar; the state of most intimate friends
Hailing nThe act of greeting, welcoming, well-wishing.
Hailing nThe state of ice falling like rain.
Hail-like adjResembling or characteristic of hail or hailstones.
Hail-shower nA shower of hail.
Hailstone n.A pellet of hail.
Hail-storm nA storm with hailstones or in which hail falls.
Hail-stricken adjStruck by hail or a hail-storm.
Haily adj.Consisting of or characterized by hail
Hair n.Thread-like filaments growing from the skin. 2. threadlike growths collectively, esp. on the head. 3. aggregate of the hairs growing on skin. 3. A jot or tittle; a iota, slightest thing, or least degree.
Hair vbTo edge with hair. 2. to depiliate, free from hair. 3. to produce or grow hair.
Hair phr"Against the Hair" - against the grain, inclination or sentiment.
Hair phr"A Hair in One's Neck" - cause or trouble or annoyance.
Hair phr"Don't Loose Your Hair Over It" - do over react. 2. do worry worry needlessly.
Hair phr"Get in Somebody's Hair" - annoy somebody by getting in their way.
Hair phr"Get One's Hair Off" - to lose one's temper.
Hair phr"Get Out of My Hair" - get out of my way; stop annoying me.
Hair phr"Hair by Hair You Will Pull Out the Horse's Tail" - slow and sure wins the race.
Hair phr"Hair Of the Dog that Bites You" - to consume further alcohol to help or remove the effects of one's drunkenness.
Hair phr"Harm a Hair on Somebody's Head" - harm somebody even slightly.
Hair phr"Have Somebody by the Short Hairs" - have somebody at a disadvantage.
Hair phr"Hide and Hair" - every part, entirely, wholly.
Hair phr"In One's Hair" - annoying.
Hair phr"Keep One's Hair On" - to maintain one temper or 'cool'
Hair phr"Let One's Hair Down" - behave in a free, informal and uninhibited manner. 2. relax and enjoy oneself.
Hair phr"Make One's Hair Stand on End' - cause deep fear and revulsion.
Hair phr"Neither Hide, Nor Hair" - no trace of.
Hair phr"Put Hair On Somebody's Chest" - make somebody manly or virile.
Hair phr"Put Up Her Hair" - said of a girl when she passes into womanhood.
Hair phr"Tear One's Hair Out" - to act with passion or grief. 2. be very worried or frustrated.
Hair phr"To a Hair" - to a nicety.
Hair phr"To a Hair Line" - with the utmost exactness; to a nicety.
Hair phr"Wear a Hair shirt" - be penitent.
Hairbow nA bow worn in one's hair.
Hairbreadth nThe breadth of a diameter of hair. 2. an infinitesimally small piece or distance. 3. very narrow or close. 4. the tiniest amount. 5. extremely small distance or margin.
Haircare nThe act, practice, or occupation of supervising and taking care of the hair of clients; haircraft. 2. the care of one's hair.
Haircloth n(Merge of OE & OF forms)- cloth or fabric made of hair, used for tents, towels, shirts of penitents or ascetics; also, in drying malt, hops, etc. 2. an article made from this fabric. 3. cloth made of the mane or tail of the horse.
Hair-craft nProfession or occupation of caring for the hair. 2. haircare.
Hair-do nA haircut, hairstyle 9informal).
Hair-dryer nA piece of electrical equipment used to dry one's hair
Haired adjHaving hair, hairy, hairiness; as 'white-haired'.
Hairen adjConsisting of hair.
Hair goods nProducts associated with care and styling of hair; hair-ware, hair-care.
Hair grass nAny of several grasses having slender wiry stems or leaves. 2. any of several grasses of the genera deschampsia, muhlenbergia, and aira. 3. any of several fine-leaved strictly aquatic spike rushes including some that are popular as aerators for the balanced aquarium.
Hair grip nA small, tightly bent metal pin.
Hairily advWith hair or hairiness. 2. hirsutely.
Hairiness nState or quality of being hairy or covered with hair; hirsuteness.
Hairish adjSlightly, partially or somewhat hairy.
Hairless adjWithout, destitute or lacking hair. 2. glabrous, bald.
Hairlessness nState or quality of hairlessness. 2. glabrousness, baldness.
Hair-lightener nA preparation or substance used to bleach or lighten hair.
Hairlike adjLike or resembling hair. 2. finely drawn out like hair.
Hairline nA rope or line made of hair. 2. a very thin line, as an up-stroke of a written letter. 3. the growth line of hair growing on one's forehead; the edge of hair at the top of the forehead.
Hairline adjVery fine or narrow, as a 'hairline break of a bone'.
Hairlock nA lock or cutting of hair. 2. a lock of hair on the hair.
Hairy-looking adjHirsute.
Hair-monger n.Womanizer.
Hair-net nA small, often elasticized, fine net worn over long hair to hold it up.
Hairpin nA U-shaped wire used to hold the hair in place.
Hairpin bend nA very sharp, u-shaped bend in the road.
Hair-pulling nThe act of pulling someone's hair. 2. an obsessive compulsive disorder where one puls hair from various parts of their body.
Hair-raising adjVery frightening or exciting. 2. causing fright or shock.
Hair ring nA ring that hold a lock of hair on the head,
Hair seal nThe eared seal or sealion, not valued for its fur.
Hair-shirt nA shirt made of horsehair or goat's hair worn by ascetics and penitents for penance and mortification.
Hair spring nA fine spring in a watch.
Hairstone n.Sagenite.
Hairstroke nA fine upward line in handwriting.
Hair wash nA liquid, such as shampoo used to wash and clean the hair.
Hair-washing nThe cosmetic act of keeping hair clean by washing it with shampoo, conditioner or other detergent products and water.
Hair-ware nThe goods, products and implements used to care for the hair.
Hair-weed n.Conferva
Hairworm nAny of various nematode worms which inhabit running water and whose larvae are parasitic in insects, sometimes called horse-hair snake.
Hairy adjHaving much hair, covered with hair; consisting of hair, made of hair, or like hair, hirsute. 2. consisting of hair; hair-like. 3. made of hair. 4. covered with short weak thin pubescence. 5. slang: troublesome; difficult; dangerous, harrowing
Hairy-chested adjHaving a lot of hair growing on one's chest.
Hake nA fish, (genus Merlucius).
Hale nHealth, well-being, welfare, cure, remedy. 2. ill-hale: bad luck. 2.
Hale nA corner, nook, secret place.
Hale adj.Free from injury, safe, sound, hail, 2. free from disease, well, vigorous, robust, whole, wholesome, sound; nb: used mostly of the elderly. 3. (ill-hail) - unlucky, disastrously, unfortunately. 4. of things: immaterial, whole, entire, complete; in no part lacking. 5. the whole of, all of.
Hale vb.To make well or whole, to heal
Hale phr"Hale and Hearty" - in very good health.
Hale phr"Hale and Scratch" - free from injury, unlucky, unscratched.
Halely advWholly, entirely, completely.
Haleness nThe state or quality of being hale; healthness, robustness.
Hale-well nAn antidote, a healing water or potion. 2. a panacea.
Half adj.One of two equal parts or sides; as, better half: wife; husband.
Half n.Moiety, a partial, imperfection.
Half phr"By Half" - by a great deal; by too much.
Half phr"Do by Halves" - to the extent of halves only; incompletely, imperfectly in part; halfheartedly, with half zeal; slapdash.
Half phr"Go Halves" - incompletely.
Half phr"Half a Loaf is Better than None" - be grateful what one has, even if it us not everything that one wants.
Half phr"Half and Half" - half one thing and half the other. 2. two equal portions; an equal mixture of two ingredients.
Half phr"Half an Eye" - the slightest degree of perceptiveness.
Half phr"Half is More than a Whole" - to settle a dispute without litigation.
Half phr"Half of It" - the rest or more important part of something.
Half phr"Half Seas Over" - fairly drunk, but not helplessly violently so; half cut.
Half phr"Half the Time" - very, or too, often.
Half phr"Have Half a Mind to do (Something)" - to have decided to do something, have an inclination, esp.something unpleasant.
Half phr"He is Only Half-baked" - he is raw, soft or weak-minded.
Half phr"How the Other Half Lives" - how people less/more fortunate than oneself lives.
Half phr"In Half the Time" - in a much shorter time than expected. 2. a considerable, or too long a time.
Halfphr"In Halves" - (divided) in two equal parts.
Half phr"Meet Somebody Half Way" - agree to a compromise.
Half phr"Not Half" - very definitely; very much.
Half phr"The Half of It" - (only) part.
Half phr"To Go Halves" - to share, divide.
Half-alive adjIn an embryonic state, not fully developed, but alive and functioning. 2. zombie-like; languid; lacking energy or enthusiasm.
Half-and-half adj.Two equal parts; in equal proportion; half in and half not. 2. something that's half one thing and half another or half this and half that. 3. quite a bit drunk; not fully sober. 4. a finer shade of feeling or colour, chiaroscuro: lighter and darker 5. a person of a mixed race. 6. somewhat intoxicated.
Half-and-halfer n'You are not an out-and-out liberal, you are a half-and-halfer: a fence sitter, mugwump, pragmatist. 2. a bi-sexual. 4. a person of mixed race origins.
Half-ape nLemur.
Half-arsed adjDone with little effort or care; incompetent or inadequate.
Half-asleep adjSleepy, unalert.
Half-awake adjSleepy; unalert, lacking mental alertness.
Half-baked adj.Raw, crude, underdone, not thoroughly done, incomplete, 2. silly, half-witted, deficient in intellect; not properly thought out.
Half-bath nA bath half filled. 2. a bath half the size of a standard.
Half-beam advOf motor vehicle headlights not on full-beam.
Half-believe vbNot convinced or believing that a matter or a fact is completely correct or true.
Half-bent adjBent in half.
Half-birthday nA day approximately six moths after the anniversary of a person's birthday.
Half-bit nA coin of small value.
Half-blind adjHaving poor or limited sight (about half); with full sight in one eye only.
Half-blood n.The relation between persons having only one parent in common. 2. a group of persons related in this way. 3. a half-breed.
Half-blood(ed) adj(Archaic and offensive) born of different races; specifically of 'superior' (sic) blood or race by one person only. 2. being of mixed racial origin
Half-boot nA boot extending slightly above the ankle.
Half-breadth adjHair-breadth.
Half-bred n.Of mixed breed, mongrel, underbred
Half-breed nA person of mixed race or race. 2. coming from parents of two races.
Half-broken adjNot working or operating fully.
Half-brother nA brother by one parent only.
Half-buried adjBuried to a shallow depth; partly covered over by soil.
Half-cheek adjA face in profile; a profile.
Half-cracked adjHalf-witted.
Half-day nA day when a person works only in the morning or only in the afternoon.
Half-dead adjIn a state which seems death is likely. 2. in a state f extreme exhaustion from sickness or fatigue.
Half-deal nA half part; half.
Half-done adjIncomplete, partly-finished or poorly done.
Half-eaten adjHalf-eaten or consumed.
Half-ebb nThe reflux of tide water to a lower of half tide.
Halfendeal n.Moiety, half, a half, by half
Half-flood nThe state or time of the flowing tide, halfway between low and high water.
Half-god nDemigod, hero; demimonde.
Half-grown adjNot fully grown.
Half-hardy adjOf a plant needing protection from a cold winter.
Half-headed adjHalf intelligent, deficient in intellect; stupid.
Half-hear vbTo hear incompletely or imperfectly.
Half-heard adjHeard incompletely.
Half-hearted adjNot having one's heart in the whole matter. 2. showing little interest or enthusiasm. 3. wanting in courage, zeal, earnestness. 3. illiberal, ungenerous, unkind.
Half-heartedly advIn a lukewarm, without or with little zeal or enthusiasm. 2. unkindly, ungenerous in manner.
Half-heartedness nThe state or quality of being lukewarm, zeal-less or without courage.
Half-hidden adjPartly concealed or out of sight.
Half-horse n.Centaur
Half-high adjSomewhat or a bit or half-high, as a flag at half-height on a flag-pole; see 'half-mast'.
Half-inch vbCockney slang for 'pinch' meaning steal, rob.
Half-island n.Peninsula
Half-know nSomeone who one is only slightly acquainted with.
Half-know vbTo know in part or imperfectly.
Half-knowing adjHaving the truth or the facts in part or incomplete.
Half-laughing advSemi-jocose, a bit funny or worth a laugh.
Half-learnedly advNot fully versed or learned in a subject or matter.
Half-length adjPortrait of half the full length, one representing the upper part or half of a person's body.
Half-life nA life of half the expectancy. 2. an unsatisfactory way of life. 3. a half-sized portrait or painting. 3. time taking for half the atoms in radio active material to decay.
Half-light nLight of half the full intensity. 2. a dim, grayish, imperfect light, as at evening.
Half-light phr"By Half Lights" - indistinctly, vaguely, dimly.
Half-line nA straight extending from a point indefinitely in one direction only.
Halfling nOne who is not fully grown; a stripling.
Halflings advHalf in extent; to the extent of a half; half in part; partially.
Half-lit adjDimly or partly lit.
Halfly advIn half; in part.
Half-man nA eunuch. 2. one who is part human; or deficient in humanity.
Half-marrow nA husband, a wife; a spouse.
Half-mast nHalf the height of a mast; the half of a mast. 2. the position of a flag lowered to half height on a flag pole as a mark of respect to the dead.
Half-month nA fortnight or two weeks.
Half-moon nThe moon when only half its disk or 'face' appears illuminated; a crescent moon. 2. transfig. of things in the shape of a half or crescent moon.
Half-moon vbTo surround like a half-moon. 2. to move in a half-moon formation.
Half-murder vbTo render by beating or thrash in a half-dead state.
Half-naked adjPartly dressed or clothed.
Halfness nThe quality or condition of being half or incomplete; or being half of one thing or another. 2. a hesitation between two opinion or causes. 3. halfhearted or lukewarm action; irresolution.
Half-opened adjNot fully opened.
Halfpenny nA copper coin with the value of half a penny. 2. a small fragment. 3. contemptible value.
Halfpenny phr"Halfpenny Under The Hat" - a game of chance.
Halfpennyworth nAs much as a halfpenny will purchase. 2. a very small quantity.
Halfpennyworth phr"Lose The Ship, for a Halfpennyworth of Tar" - to lose an object by trying to save on detail.
Half raw adjOf food: not fully cooked.
Half-right adjNot completely right or accurate.
Half-ripe adjNot fully ripe or mature.
Half-seas-over n.Half through with a matter, halfway between one state and another. 2. intoxicated; drunk.
Half-shaved adjDrunk, sozzled.
Half-shell nAny half of a roughly spherical -like object. 2. any domed-shaped object.
Half-shot adjDrunk, intoxicated, shickered. 2. very tired or weary.
Half-shower nA bathroom shower approximately half the size of a 'standard' one.
Half-shut adjNot completely or fully opened or closed.
Half-sibling nA half-brother or sister.
Half-sister nA sister to whom one shares only one parent in common.
Half-sleep nA light sleep; doze, napping.
Half-started adjSlowly and hestitantly commenced.
Half-step nIn music: a semitone.
Half-strain nThe quality of being half of a good strain or stock and half of an inferior one; a half-breed.
Half-strained adjOf a good and inferior strain; as, 'half-strained shopkeepers begot between gentlemen and city wives'.
Half-strength adjNot of full or total strength.
Half-thick adjOf the half the normal thickness.
Half-tide nThe state of the tide half way between flood (high) and ebb (low).
Half-tide adjLeft dry or accessible at half-tide.
Half-time nA period of half a particular time. 2. half the usual time of full time, which the work is carried out. 3. in music, half the tempo of the performer. 4. in football: the time in which the match is completed.
Half-timer nOne who spends half the full time at anything.
Half-true adjNot fully true or accurate. 2. that convening only half or part of the truth.
Half-truth nA proposition which is or conveys only half or part of the truth. 2. an assertion that is true as far as it goes, but that it omits or conceals part of the truth.
Half-wave nOne half only of a cycle of alternating current, into a pulsating direct current.
Halfway advAt or to half the distance of.
Halfway adjMid way or equidistant between two points. 2. partial, inadequate
Halfway phr"To Meet Halfway" - to forestall; to respond to friendly advances of; to make concession to a person in consideration of equal concessions on his/her part. 2. to come to a compromise on. 3. fig. midway between two stages or conditions.
Halfway-house n.A house, place, hotel situated halfway in distance between start (home or stages) and destination of journey; and therefore a convenient halting -place. 2. a house set up to provide temporary (often emergency) accommodation for vulnerable folk. 3. a convenient stopping place, midway between two stages or conditions.
Half-whisper nTalking in a very quiet voice, but still audible even in a very quiet environment; hush-whisper. 2. less than a whisper (lower than) or just a bit louder in order for someone else to hear.
Half-wild adjNot fully tamed (of an animal). 2. a somewhat wild bush or countryside area or region.
Half-wish nTo want to do something but not quite enough to do it, in fact (usually due to some impediments).
Half-wit n.Simpleton, imbecile, a feeble-minded person; one who is only half a wit
Half-witted adjLacking or deficient in common sense, simple, senseless. 2. not having all the wits, imbecilic, mentally defective, daft.
Half-wittedness nThe state or quality of being half-witted.
Half-wittedly advIn an senseless, imbecilic or mentally defective manner.
Half-words nA word, words or speech which insinuates something, instead of fully asserting it; a hint or suggestion; imply.
Half-world nA hemisphere; as,'this or that half of the world'. 2. half-trendle.
Half-year nThe half of a year; six months.
Half-yearly adjOccurring or happening every six months.
Half-yearly advEach half year; twice yearly or every six months.
Halidom nHoliness; sanctity. 2. a holy place, chapel, sanctuary. 3. a holy thing; a holy relic regarded as sacred.
Halidom phr"By My Halidom" - asseveration: 'by my halidom, it should ever be known'.
Haliwerfolk nPerson of the holy man (Saint (Cuthbert). 2. those who held their land by the service of defending the body, relics and territory of St Cuthbert. 3. also the county Durham wherein they dwelt.
Halke nA corner, recess, hiding-place.
Hall n.A large place covered by a roof. 2. a large room or building for public meetings, dance, etc. 4. a temple, palace, court, royal resident. 3. a large country house. 4. a temple, palace, court, royal resident.++++++++
Hall phr "Hall of Shame" - collection of the worst, most hated, or poor quality entries in a particular subject, medium, field, etc. 2. a mythical place which utter failures or disgraced entities are recognized.
Hallful adjAs many or much as a hall could hold.
Hall-house nA house or edifice which is a hall. 2. principal living-room in a farm house. 3. the farm-house, as distinguished from the cottages on the farm.
Hall-keeper nOn who had the key to the village hall and was responsible for looking after the premises. 2. (modern) - one who is responsible for the management or maintenance of a hall.
Hallmark n.The name of the London assay office at Goldsmith hall. 2. official stamp or mark of the Goldsmiths' Company. 3. any mark or token of genuineness or excellence. 4. the official stamp used by statutory authorities for hallmarking or approval
Hallmark vbTo stamp with a hallmark.
Hallmark phr"Have the Hallmark Of" - be charactristic of, have the outward sign of.
Hallmarked adjStamped with a hallmark.
Hallmark holiday nA holiday, as Grandfathers Day or St Valentine's Day, that is perceived to exist primarily for commercial purpose, rather than to commemorate a traditionally or historically significant person or event.
Hallmarking nThe action and process of hallmarking.
Hallmarkish adjExpressing sentiment in a way that seems overly sweet & smaltzy.
Hallmarky adjHallmarkish.
Hall-tree nA clthes tree.
Hallow vbTo make holy, hallow or consecrated. 2. to look upon as holy, or with reverence.
Hallow adj.Holy, to make holy; regarded as holy.
Hallow-day nAll-Saints Day - on the first day of November. 2. a saint's day; a holy day; holiday.
Hallowed adjSanctified, blessed, consecrated, dedicated.
Hallowedly advIn a sanctified, holy manner.
Hallowedness nThe state or quality of being sanctified or holy.
Halloween nAll-Hallows' even: eve of All-Hallows or All-saints day- the last night of October.
Halloweener nOne who celebrates Halloween.
Halloweeny adjHalloween-like. 2. evocativing something halloweenish, spooky, creepy, scary.
Hallower nOne who consecrates, sanctifies or makes holy.
Hallow-fire nA bonfire kindled on 'All-Hallows Evening' - originally an ancient Celtic observance.
Hallowing nConsecrating, sanctifying, dedicating.
Hallowing adjThat hallows, sanctifies, sanctifying.
Hallowmass nThe feast of 'All-Hallows' or 'All Saints'.
Hallows nApplied to the shrines and relics of saints. 2. the gods of the heathens and their shrines.
Hallow-tide n.The season of All Saints, the first week of November.
Hall-stand nA tall piece of furniture with a mirror,several pegs or arms for items of clothing, an umbrella, and a place for storage.
Hallway nA passage giving entrance to a building or communicating its various apartments. 2. a corridor or passageway.
Halmote nA court held by the lord of a more within his hall.
Halse n.The neck, the throat, gullet. 2. (transfig.) a narrow neck of land (promontory, mull, spit) or channel of water.
Halse n.Weal, well-being, healing.
Halse vb.To call upon in the name of something divine or holy; to exorcise, adjure, beseech. 2. OE only: to augur, divine, soothsay. 3. to hail, salute, greet. 4. to embrace (sense of neck). 5. to encompass by going round.
Halse phr"To Hold In Halse" - to flatter, beguile, to delude.
Halseman nAn executive.
Halsewort n.Throatwort or halsewort, formerly considered a remedy for sore throats.
Halsefang nOE. law originally some punishment and afterwards a fine of commutation.
Halsing nExorcism. 2.supplication, entreaty. 3. greeting, salutation.
Halt nA complete stop, or cessation of progress in any movement, as of marching troops. 2. a temporary stop or halting. 3. a minor train stop without a building. 4. the act of limping, lameness.
Halt adj.Lame, crippled, limping.
Halt vb.To cease haltingly from, to walk unsteady or hesitatingly. 2. to waver, to remain in doubt. 3. to proceed lamely. 4. to make a temporary stop. 5. too be imperfect; proceed lamely as verse or logic. 6. to be in doubt; waver. 7. to walk wit a limp, hobble.
Halter n.Primarily that by which anything is held; a rope, strap, cord with a strap or a head staff by which cattle or horses are led or fastened. 2. a noose for hanging and execution.
Halter nOne who limps.
Halter vb.To fasten or entrap with a noose. 2. to put a halter on an animal. 3. to hang a person with a noose. 3. to put a restraint on.
Haltering nThe practice of putting a halter on an animal as a part of domesticating or taming it. 2. the act of executing or hanging a person by halter.
Halterman nA hangman.
Halterneck nA woman's top or dress with a strap fastened at the back of the neck.
Halting nThe action of limping or walking lately.
Halting adjHesitating, uncertain.
Haltingly advIn a limping, lame manner or way. 2. hesitantly, waveringly
Haltingness nThe state or condition of being halting, lacking rythmic flow, jerkiness.
Halve vb.To divide into two equal parts, to reduce to halves. 2. to share equally. 3. to lessen by half; take away by half.
Halver n.A half share. 2. someone who has a half-share
Halving vb.The act of the verb 'halve'. 2. to divide into two equal shares of parts; sharing equally. 3. to render a half share or give divided obedience.
Ham n.The part of the leg at the back of the knee; the back of the hough. 2. the thigh of the animal slaughtered and used for food.
Ham n.Town, village, manor found in place names, such as Wickham??????. 2. a plot of pasture, sometimes meadow land; an enclosed land or plot.
Hamble vbOE: hamelian, to mutilate, maim, dock, cu short(esp. balls of a dog's feet) 2. to walk lamely
Hamble-shanked adjMaimed or lame in the leg.
Ham-bone nOne who plays the part of a black person in films. 2. an amateur actor; a mediocre musician.
Hame nA natural covering, integument. 2. one of two curved bars fitted to the collar that holds the traces of a draft harness. 3. slough or skin of a serpent.
Hamesucken n.(Ham: home & socn: seeking) Crime of assaulting a person in his own home; home-invasion. 2. penalty for offenders committing the offence of hamesucken.
Hamfare n.(Ham:home & fare:going): a passage, expedition, a going-from (or away).
Hammer n.A tool having a hard solid head, used for beating, breaking, driving nails. 2. "The Hammer" The Fylfot": a prehistoric instrument resembling a hammer.
Hammer vb.Strike beat or drive with a hammer; drive as a nail. 2. to strike blows as with a hammer. 3. to shape or fasten with a hammer. 4. to form or force as with a hammer.
Hammer phr"Give Somebody a Hammering" - beat somebody soundly.
Hammer phr"Go Hammer and Tongs" - do something with full vigor; do forcefully, vigorously, vehemently
Hammer phr"Go Under the Hammer" - put up for sale at auction.
Hammer phr"Hammer and Sickle" - the emblem of the former Soviet Union., symbolic of productive work in the factory and on the land.
Hammer phr"Hammer Away" - keep working until a result is reached or worked out. 2. hammer out.
Hammer phr"Hammer Down" - secure, fasten, something by striking it (or driving in nails).
Hammer phr"Hammer Home" - try very hard to make someone understand or realize something.
Hammer phr"Hammer Into" - hammer something in or into (as a nail into wood). 2. teach or indicate something to someone by constant, intense and tiresome repetition.
Hammer phr"Hammer On" - to hammer on something or someone.
Hammer phr"Hammer Onto" - fasten into position by beating or striking.
Hammer phr"Hammer Out" - settle differences with hard work, discussion and agrement. 2. make flat and smooth by beating. 2. remove an irregularity by beating.
Hammer phr"Hammer Something Home" - get somebody to realized; understand something through.
Hammer phr"Knight of the Hammer" - a blacksmith.
Hammer phr"Sell under the Hammer" - said of goods and property sent for sale by auction.
Hammer phr"Under the Hammer" - put up for auction and sale.
Hammer phr"Up To the Hammer" - excellent, up to the highest standard; first-rate.
Hammer and Sickle nA symbol conceived by the communist party of the Soviet Union during the revolution.
Hammer-beam nA wooden beam (often carved) projecting from a wall to support the principal rafter or the end of the beam.
Hammered adjBeaten repeatedly by or with a hammer. 2. lambasted, verbally lashed or harangued. 3. slang: drunk or intoxicated
Hammerer nA person who uses various types of hammers in his work. 2. one who deliver his argument or opinion with forcefulness.
Hammerharden vbTo harden metals by beating with a hammer.
Hammerhead nA shark with a wide flattened head.
Hammer-headline nA larger headline above a smaller main headlines (it uses a few words in a larger font size).
Hammering nThe action or sound or sound of hammering or using a hammer on something.
Hammerless adjWithout or not having a hammer.
Hammerlike adjResembling or having characteristic of a hammer.
Hammerlock nA wrestling hold or grip in which the arm is twisted behind the back and up.
Hammerman nA person who uses hammers in his work.
Hammerness nThe state or condition of being hammered.
Hammersmith nA smith who works with a hammer.
Hammerstone n.A prehistoric stone instrument resembling and used as a hammer.
Hammer-throw nA sport in athletic track and field in which a hammer (a ball on the end of a chain) is hurled for a distance using two hands within a throwing circle.
Hammertoe nA deformity of the toe, usually the second, in which the joint nearest the foot is bent downwards. 2. broadly persistent angular flexion of a toe.
Hammerwort nParitaria officinalis; wall-pellitory, perdiculis.
Hammerwrought adjWorked into a shpe with a hammer, as iron brass.
Hamshackle vbTo hobble, as a horse by connecting the head and forelegs, with a short rope or strap, as to impede movement. 2. to impede movement.
Hamstring nAny of the three tendons contracted by three posterior thigh muscles.
Hamstring vbTo make lame or disable by cutting the tendons of the ham. 2. to make lame, incapitate, disable; hinder, obstruct.
Hand nTerminal part of the arm, below the wrist. 2. style of writing. 3. a manual worker. 4. symbol of authority or power. 5. trunk of an elephant or the elephant itself. 6. share or part in doing something. 7. pledge in marriage. 8. a person's skill or ability. 9. turn, innings, performance.
Hand vbTo give something to someone by holding it in your hand and offering it to them.
Hand phr"A Friend At Hand" - one who will always be there for you.
Hand phr"A Great Hand" - a person especially fond of or clever at.
Hand phr"All Hands" - collectively engaged in; a whole crew.
Hand phr"A Man Of His Hands" - a man of valour, skill, or practical ability.
Hand phr"Ask for the Hand Of" - ask or give one's hand in marriage.
Hand phr"At Any Hand" - in any case.
Hand phr"At Every Hand" - on all hands.
Hand phr"At First Hand" - at the source. 2. from somebody with personal knowledge.
Hand phr"At Hand" - near and available. 2. within reach, nearby, convenient.
Hand phr"At No Hand" - on no account, by no means.
Hand phr"At One's Own Hand" - at one's own disposal, by one's own action, usually suicide.
Hand phr"At the Best Hand" - most profitably or cheaply.
Hand phr"At the Hands Of" - the source of. 2. from the hand of. operation of.
Hand phr"Be an Old Hand at" - one who is experienced at something.
Hand phr"Bear a Hand" - to come and help.
Hand phr"Bird in the Hand" - possession is better than expectation.
Hand phr"Bite the Hand that Feeds You" - return kindness with hostility.
Hand phr"Blood on One's Hands" - be guilty of harming someone.
Hand phr"Bring On Hand" - to introduce, bring in.
Hand phr"By Hand" - manually or personally.
Hand phr"By the Hand Of" - as an agent of. 2. with the hands, not aided by machinery.
Hand phr"Come To Hand" - to present to, appear; arrive, to come within one's reach, obtain, receive.
Hand phr"Come to One's Hand" - to do or perform with ease.
Hand phr"Eat Out Of One's Hand" - into subjection, under control of another.
Hand phr"Fall Into the Hands Of" - to take in hand.
Hand phr"First-hand Knowledge" - knowledge received firs-hand and not through an intermediary.
Hand phr"For One's Own Hand" - for one's own interest, with benefit; on one's own account.
Hand phr"From Hand to Hand" - from one person to another.
Hand phr"Get One's Hand in" - familiarize oneself with the task; to begin to take over a task or duty.
Hand phr"Give a Hand" - to help.
Hand phr"Give One's Hand to" - accept an offer of marriage.
Hand phr"Give One's Hand Upon" - take one's oath on it; to pledge one's honor to keep the promise.
Hand phr"Give Somebody the Glad Hand" - welcome warmly.
Hand phr"Go Hand in Hand" - to keep in step with. 2. with hands mutually clasped; each holding the others or another's hand. 3. fig. in conjunction with, side by side, concurrently. 4. going side by side. 5. well-matched.
Hand phr"Go In Hand With" - with something engaged or dealt with.
Hand phr"Great Hand at Something" - adept, expert at something.
Hand phr"Hand and Foot" - completely, satisfying all demands.
Hand phr"Hand Back" - return or give back something to its owner.
Hand phr"Hand Down" - give knowledge or skill to someone who is younger when you and will live after you have die; transmit as to one's heirs or successors. 2. give clothes, items, toys etc to a younger child when an older child no longer requires them. 3. bequeath, pass on as an inheritance. 4. say officially (legally) that someone should receive a particular punishment.
Hand phr"Hand In" - to deliver or submit something to someone. 2. submit, tender, surrender (because completed, worn out or no longer required0 give in.
Hand phr"Hand in Glove" - in close, often conspiratorial association and co operation9with each other).
Hand phr"Hand in Hand" - of two people, side by side, with hands linked or joined, esp. as a mark of affection. 2. associated, united with, or holding hands.
Hand phr"Hand It To (Somebody)" - admire and acknowledge someone's achievement or admire a quality in someone, even if you don't admire everything about that person. 2. give praise or credit to.
Hand phr"Hand Off" -pass to another; give to another. 2. in all football codes pass the ball to a team mate.
Hand phr"Hand On" - to pass on; transmit. 2. pass something to the generation following one own.
Hand phr"Hand On Heart" - honestly, sincerely.
Hand phr"Hand Out" - to mete out; distribute, give out, circulate. 2. offer out charity to the unemployed, natural disaster victims, etc. 3. mete out a beating, dish out, punishment, thrashing, etc.
Hand phr"Hand Over" - to give up possession. 2. surrender a captor, enemy, assailant. 3. concede, pass on, surrender.4. tansfer a position of authority or power.
Hand phr"Hand Over Fist" - with rapid alternative movements with the hands, as when climbing a rope. 2. pulling or gatheingsomething towards oneself.
Hand phr"Hand Over Hand" - with each hand brough successively over the other, as, climbing up or down a rope, or rapidly hauling it in. 2. with continuous advances; said of a ship, etc., approaching or giving chase to another. 3. quickly or in quantity.
Hand phr"Hand Over Head" - precipitately, hasty, rashly, recklessly; without deliberation, indiscriminately.
Hand phr"Hand Over Heart" - sincerely; honestly. 2. declare, state, affirm something.
Hand phr"Hands Off" - characterized by non-intervention; deliberate non-intervention. 2. leave alone, or remotely. 3. (of a machine or device) without need of manual operation. 3. not take, touch, criticize, or interfere with something or somebody.
Hands phr"Hands Up " - used as an instruction to raise one 3.'s hands in surrender or to signify assent or participation.
Hand phr"Hand-to-Hand" - with close approach of hand(s); at close quarters, man-to-man, hand-to-hand fighting.
Hand phr"Hand to Mouth" - consuming food as soon as it is obtained; with attention to immediate wants only. 2. aiming at the satisfaction of present needs only, without provision or lack of proper provision, for the future; improvidently, thriftlessness. 3. lack of provision for the future.
Hand phr"Have a Hand in" - to bear a share.
Hand phr"Have Clean Hands" - be blameless.
Hand phr"Have Full Hands" - to be very busy.
Hand phr"Have On Hand" - to have with one; to be charged with; have the care or responsibility of, to have in order to deal with, or dispose of, to be about or engage in.
Hand phr"Have One's Hands Full " - to have or more one can do. 2. be very busy, fully occupied.
Hand phr"Have One's Hands Tied" - be restricted by rules regulations.
Hand phr"Have Something on One's Hands" - be in possession of something.
Hand phr"Have the Upper Hand" - to win or hold the advantage over.
Hand phr"He Is My Right Hand" - one's principal assistant, my best and trustworthy companion or helper.
Hand phr"Hold in Hand" - keep under control.
Hand phr"In Any Hand" - in any case.
Hand phr"In Good Hands" - well cared for.
Hand phr"In Hand" - held, carried, under control; occupied by. 2. delivered in advance; paid in hand. 3. in process of execution or under consideration. 4. under control, in possession, in progress; entirely under control.
Hand phr"In One's Own Hand" - in one's sole control, ownership, management, responsibility, etc.
Hand phr"In the Hands Of" - the responsibility of. 2. in the possession of.
Hand phr"In Hand With" - in company, together, cooperatively.
Hand phr"In the Hands Of Others" - under the control of, or acting on the direction of others.
Hand phr"Into One's Hand" - ready for one; without exertion on one's part.
Hand phr"It is Believed On All Hands" - it is generally or universally believed.
Hand phr"Keep in Hand" - creating a stock/store of.
Hand phr"Keep One's Hand In" - to maintain one's skill by practice.
Hand phr"Kings Have Long Hands" - do not quarrel with kings, as their power and authority reaches to the ends of their dominions.
Hand phr"Laying On Of Hands" - the act or ceremony of the laying the hands on the head of another for the purpose of consecrating to a special office, or of blessing or healing.
Lay phr"Lay One's Hands On (Something)" - to acquire or obtain something in order to make use as one's own property. 2. get one's hands on; find what one is looking for. 3. seize, arrest or apprehend, in order to do harm, punish or hurt.
Hand phr"Left Hand Doesn't Know What the Right Hand is Doing" - lack of communication between two parts of the same organization or group.
Hand phr"Left on One's Hands" - one has to take full responsibility.
Hand phr"Lend a Hand" - help, give assistance to aid.
Hand phr"Lift One's Hand Against" - threaten.
Hand phr"Like a Hand in a Glove" - tightly and smoothly fitting.
Hand phr"Live by Hand or Mouth" - improvidently, without thought for tomorrow.
Hand phr"Many Hands Make Light Work" - an old proverb enshrining the wisdom of collective and co-operative labor.
Hand phr"My Hands are Full" - I am fully occupied; I have as a much work as i can manage.
Hand phr"My Hands are Tied" - I am not free to act.
Hand phr"Nigh on Hand" - near, nearby, to draw
Hand phr"Off One's Hands" - out of one's care or control. 2. no longer one's concern, responsibility.
Hand phr"Of One's Hand" - in respect; of one's action.
Hand phr"On All Hands" - on all sides; in all directions; or for all quarters. 2. in every direction, surrounding.
Hand phr"One's Better Hand" - superiority, upper, precedence.
Hand phr"On Hand" - present; in place. 2. in one (rightful) possession. 3. in one's charge or keeping or at works or business one has to do.
Hand phr"On One Hand Or the Other" - indicating two contrasting sides; fluctuating points of view, alternatively.
Hand phr"On One's Hand" - in one's possession.
Hands phr"On One's Hands and Knees" - in a begging manner.
Hand phr"Out Of Hand" - at once, without delay, immediately; without premeditation, suddenly, ofthand, extempore. 2. unruly, lawless, out of control.
Hand phr"Out of Hand" - out of one's possession, responsibility.
Hand phr"Play Into Somebody's Hands" - do exactly what somebody else wants one to do.
Hand phr"Play One's Own Hand" - look after one's own interests. 2. act entirely for one's own advantage.
Hand phr"Play With Both Hands" - to act with duplicity.
Hand phr"Put By Hand" - done with, disposed of by hand.
Hand phr"Put One's Hands Up" - to raise one's hands into the air as a token of surrender.
Hand phr"Shake hands" - to greet by giving the hand clasped into your own a shake; to bid farewell.
Hand phr"Show One's Hand" - reveal one's hand or intentions.
Hand phr"Sit on One's hands" - be idle, unoccupied, or (deliberately take no action.
Hand phr"Stand One in Hand" - to concern, to be incumbent with; to be the duty or business of.
Hand phr"Stand One's Hands" - pay for a drink for one or more persons; to treat.
Hand phr"Strike Hands" - to make a contract, become a surety for another.
Hand phr"Take In Hand" - be involved in, take part in; undertake.
Hand phr"Take Something off One's Hand" - to relieve someone of something troublesome.
Hand phr"Throw One's Hand In" - give, resign.
Hand phr"Tied Hand and Foot" - totally helpless, restricted.
Hand phr"To Hand" - prepared.
Hand phr"To One's Hand" - at hand, close by, readily accessible
Hand phr"Under the Hand Of" - under the control or direction of.
Hand phr"Upon My Hand" - on any account, in any case.
Hand phr"Upon One's Hand" - one's burden or responsibility; thing one must attend to.
Hand phr"Wash One's Hands Off" - take no further responsibility in; dismiss from consideration; dissociate oneself from.
Hand phr"Win Hands Down" - to win easily.
Hand phr"With High Hand" - arrogantly, without regard the feelings of others.
Hand phr"With a Heavy Hands" - oppressively; without sparing.
Hand phr"Work Hand in Hand" - co-operate, work closely with.
Hand-axe nA smallish axe held in the hand.
Handbarrow nA flat rectangular frame with handles at both ends that is carried by two persons.
Handbell nA small bell with a handle or strap, esp. one of a set tuned to a range of notes and played by a musical group.
Handbell ringer nOne who performs on a handbell.
Handbell ringing nThe practice of ringing handbells as a musical performance.
Handbell-shaped adjShaped like a handbell.
Hand-blow nA strike or blow with the hand.
Handblown adj(Of glassware) shaped by means of a handheld pipe.
Handbook n.A reference book on a subject. 2. a small book or treatise, manual, book containing concise information for tourist, such as may be held with the hand.
Hand-breadth n.A unit of lineal measurement, a palm; formerly taken as three inches, now as four (found on the width or breadth of the hand)..
Hand-bridge nIn billiards, a player's front hand formed to position their cue while making a shot.
Hand-broad adjOf the width of the hand.
Hand-built adjWhich is built by hand; handmade.
Handcare nThe care of hands, such as manicure.
Hand-cart nA small cart pushed or drawn with the hands.
Handcloth nA handkerchief; wsashcloth.
Handcraft nManual skill, power, or work, handicraft.
Handcraft vbOne who engages in handcrafts.
Handcrafted adjDone manually.
Handcrafter nOne who handicrafts or in engages in handicrafts.
Handcraftsman nHandicraftsman.
Handcraftsmanship nHandicraftsmanship.
Handcuffs nFetter for the wrist, usu joined in a pair. 2. come-alongs (slang)
Hand-done adjManually; done with or by the hands.
Handed adjHaving hands, esp. of a specific kind. 2. acting or provided with hands.. 3. used in 'combinations' such as 'empty-handed'; 'open-handed'.
Handedness nThe tendency of an individual for a preference, of 'right' or 'left-handed'.
Hander nOne who hands, delivers or passes. 2. a blow or strike with a hand.
Hander-down nOne or that which hands down.
Hand-dryer nAn electrical device typically in a public toilet for drying a person's hands or blowing hot air on them.
Handed adjFor or involving a specified number of hands. 2. chiefly using or designated for use by the hand specified.
Handed sfxFor or involving a specified number of hands. 2. chiefly using a hand or hands, as in the combination two-handed. 2. having or involving a hand or hands, as in the combination, as right-handed. 3. having, requiring, or with the number of people, as in combination three-handed. 4. manned, staffed, as in combinations.
Handedly advIn adverbs corresponding to adjective ending in handed, as heavy-handed.
Handedness nThe tendency to use either the right or the left-handed more naturally than the other.
Hander-in nOne who hands in or returns something.
Hander-out nOne who hands outs or distributes.
Handfast nA firm hold or grip with the hand. 2. a handle by which a thing is held. 3. a joining of hands in a deal. 4. a contact or consecration; spec. a bethrothal or marriage contract.
Handfast vb.To make a contract of marriage by joining hands in bethrothal; pledge, bind in wedlock, bethroth. 2. to bargain or contract. 3. to make fast, settle, 4. to give or engage with earnest or earnestly. to grasp, sieze the hand, to manacle.
Handfast adj.Bound, having a firm grip, manacled, tight-fisted, closed-hand (lit & fig.). 2. handfasting, handfastly
Handfast phr"In Handfast" - in hold, held fast.
Handfasted adjBound, grasped, closed-handed. 2. bethrothed, pledged, married. 3. bargained, contracted.
Hand-fasting nBethrothal, pledge, wedlocked.
Handfastly advBy solemn engagement, made by joining the hands firmly.
Handfast-maker nOne who makes handles and handle-grips.
Hand-fastness nThe condition of being fast, fixed, bound; firmly attached. 2. the condition of being bethrothed, pledged, married.
Hand-feed vbTo feed a very young or newly-born animal by hand to ensure it's survival, usually when its mother has died or is unable to feed it.
Handful n.A quantity that fills the hand; as much as the hand hand can hold, grasps or contains. 2. a small company or number; a small quantity or amount. 3. lineal measure of four inches used in measuring the height of a warrior. 4. as much as one can manage. 5. (sl) - a five year prison sentence.
Handful vbTo deal out with hands full.
Handglass n.Lens, a small mirror with handle. 2. magnifying glass held by the hand to help the eyesight. 3. a time glasss to measure a ship's log.
Handgrip n.A grip or grasp, seizing by or in the hand. 2. a close conflict or struggle.
Handgrip phr"Come To Handgrips" - to engage in close combat.
Handgripping nThe action of grasping or siezing with the hand.
Hand grith nPeace, protection or security given by the king's hand.
Hand-habend n.Of a thief; having (the thing stolen) in hand. 2. applied as sb. to the office, and to the franchise of holding plea thereof.
Hand-hold n.A hold for the hand: that by which one hold on to in climbing, an instrument. 2. the portion of any implement, tool which is grasped by the hand. as a the instrument itself, such as a remote control
Hand-held adjGrasped by the hand.
Hand-holding nThe provision of careful support or guidance to someone during a learning process or a period of change. 2. the interlocking of all one's fingers while holding the hand of another.
Handhole nA hand large enough only for the insetion of a hand (as for lifting) or of a hand and arm, as for cleaning out otherwise inaccessible places or giving access to an an enclosed place.
Hand-hot adj(especially of water)hot, but not to hot to put your hand into.
Handicap n.Disability, barrier, hindrance, disadvantage, impediment, impairment, 2. condition so imposed, penalty
Handicraft n.Manual skill; skilled with the hands. 2. manual, art or occupation
Handicraftship nExercise of handicraft, workmanship.
Handicraftsman nA worker skilled in making objects by hand; an artisan.
Handicuff n.Blows with the hands. 2. fighting hand to hands
Handily advIn a handy manner or way; expertly, dexterously, manually. 2. conveniently.
Handiness nThe quality of being handy, skilfully, or expert with the hands. 2. the quality of being easy or conveniently handled; easily, or able to be managed, convenience.
Hand-in-glove adjIn close collaboration or intimacy.
Handing nThe action of handling or handing over; passing something to another.
Hand-in-hand adjKeeping in step with. 2. fig. in conjunction with, side by side, concurrently. 3. going side by side. 4. well-matched.
Handiwork n.A thing or collection of things made by the of any one. 2. work done by direct personal agency; sometimes the work of, or done by, man's hands, as opp. to nature. 3. a thing or collection of things made by the hands of anyone. 4. work done by the hands, or direct operation or agency. 5. manual employment, work of any kind, performance, practical work, as opposed to headwork or brain work.
Hand-knit adjKnitted by hand; hand-knitted.
Handle n.Part of a thing made to hold something by. 2. a small basket with a handle in which fruit is packed. 3. a measure of beer, approximately one pint. 4. fig. that by which something maybe taken hold of. 5. one of two or more ways in which a thing maybe taken or apprehended. 6. that a fact that may be taken advantage of. 7. (sl) name, nickname.
Handle vb.Touch, feel, with the hands, manage, deal with, deal in. 2. to furnish, fix to, or provide with a handle.
Handle adjOf or resembling a handle.
Handle phr"A Handle To One's Name" - title, rank, honour attached to one's name.
Handle phr"Fly Off the Handle" - to become very angry and unreasonable suddenly.
Handle phr"Get a Handle On" - to gain control over something, such as a situation. 2. to acquire the means of understanding, or forming an opinion about.
Handle phr"Give a Handle to" - give grounds for suspicion.
Handle phr"Go Off the Handle" - to lose one's self-control or temper.
Handle phr"Have Two Handles" - a fact or circumstance that may be 'laid hold of, or taken or advantage of for some purpose; an occasion, opportunity, excuse, pretext.
Handle phr"Put a Handle To" - give a name to.
Handle phr"To the Handle" - thoroughly, completely, up to the hilt.
Handleless nWithout a handle.
Handler nSomething that has a specific feel when handled. 2. a police officer in charge of police dogs. 3. one who or that which, handles, especailly one who trains, breaks in, or manaes certain animals, dogs, horses, circus animals. 4. a person who trains prize-fighters.
Handlesome adjCapable of being handled.
Handless adjWithout hands; deprived of hands. 2. not doing, or not able to do anything with the hands. 3. incapable or incompetent with the hands; awkward, clumsy.
Handlike adjResembling or characteristic of a handle.
Handling nFeel or manipulate with the hand. 2. fig. manage a situation or problem.
Handlings advHand-to-hand; at close quarters.
Handlist n.A list of books in form ready for easy reference
Handlock nA shackle for the hands, manacles, handcuffs.
Handloom nA weaver's loom worked by hand.
Handly advUsed by the hands, manually, mechanically.
Handmade adjMade by hand or hand tool(formerly distinguished from the work of nature); artifical (now used from that of machine made).
Handmaid nA female personal attendant or servant; a handmaiden. 2. fig. as in 'God's handmaid': nature.
Handmaid nAn old fashion term for a female servant or attendant. 2. a a subservient partner or element.
Handmaiden nA handmaid.
Hand-maidenly advBefitting a handmaid.
Hand-maidenhood nThe state or quality of being a handmaiden. 2. the role of a handmaiden.
Handmake vbTo make something by hand, not by machine, and considered to be superior in quality.
Hand-me-down(s) nUsed or second-hand items, such as clothes. 2. that which is handed down, as a 'heirloom'.
Handnet nA small net, often used to catch an individual fish or butterflies, that is equipped with a handle attached to the rim so that the net forms a pouch.
Hand-off na pass made by handling the ball to a team mate. 2. fig. to give something to someone elseto do or complete.
Hand-out nThat which is handed out or distributed. 2. food or money given to beggars; a gift of money. 3. matter handed out to or by a newspaper or press; more generally, matter handed over from any source to convey information or guidance.
Hand over Head phr.Precipitately, recklessly, without deliberation, indiscriminately, rash, reckless.
Hand-play nInterchange of blows in hand-to-hand encounters; as 'hard-hand play' in boxing, fighting and war.
Hand-raised adjOf a newborn animal to be brought and cared for by a human being.
Hand-reading nUsed by Coverdale in his Bible translation for ministration or contribution; and from the German: 'handreiching'. 2. palmistry.
Handsaw nA saw managed by one hand.
Handsbreath nA short or small distance.
Hand-sale nA sale confirmed by the mutual shaking of hands.
Handsel nA gift g.iven at the beginning of the year, or to mark an acquisition, start an enterprise, supposedly to give good luck; ('Handsel Monday' formerly celebrated in Scotland and England)
Hand-seller nA street-dealer who carries his goods, in a basket, cart.
Handsewn adjSewn by hand without the use of a sewing machine.
Hands-free adjA word describing equipment that can be used without the use of one's hands (or limited use of hands).
Hand-shackle nA restraint fit over the wrist of a person; a handcuff.
Handshake nGrasping of hands by two persons when greeting, leave-taking, or making an agreement.
Handshake vbTo grasp of the hand by two persons when greeting, leave-taking, or making an agreement.
Hand-shaking nShaking of hands in greeting or leave-taking.
Handshape nIn sign-language the held position of the hand and fingers in producing a particular sign. 2. In sign languages, handshape, or dez, refers to the distinctive configurations that the hands take as they are used to form words. In Stokoe terminology it is known as the dez, an abbreviation of designator. Handshape is one of five components of a sign, along with location (tab), orientation (ori), movement (sig), and facial-body expression. Different sign languages make use of different handshapes.
Hand soap nA bar of soap or soap in liquid form used to wash one's hands.
Hand-smooth adjSmooth to the hand, level or flat as if smoothed by the hand. 2. (fig.) flat, plat, unqualified.
Hand-smoothly advFlatly, downright, without check, or qualification.
Handsome adjEasy to use or handle in any way. 2. handy, ready at hand, suitable. 2. of speech, apt, dextrous, clever, happy. 3. proper, seemly, decent. 4. beautiful, fair, attractive, fetching, comely. 5. generous, magnanimous.
Handsome phr"Handsome Is, As Handsome Does" - a person's good actions, rather than his or outward aspect, or good looks defines his or her handsomeness in the eyes of others.
Handsome vbTo make handsome; handsome up. 2. to fit, adapt, to make seemly or becomingly. 2. to bring to a proper condition.
Handsomely advIn a handsome manner; with a fine or pleasing or pleasantness of aspect. 2. conveniently, fitly, appropriately, aptly. 3. skilfully, dexterously, cleverly. 4. carefully, gradually, without haste. 5. in becoming or elegant action; in good shape, neat, elegantly. 6. ironically, in reference to reproof or punishment severely. 7. in accordance with what is becoming in conduct, courteously, graciously, decently. 9. in a stronger sense: generously, magnanimously. 10. (lit.): generously, usually in reference to a gift or payment.
Handsomeness nThe quality of being handsome. 2. convenience, handiness 3. skill, dexterity, ability, cleverness, propriety, becomingness, decency. 4. seemliness or pleasantness of aspect or style. 5. elegance, neatness, comeliness, beauty; modern beauty of a somewhat stately kind. 6. graciousness, courtesy, magnanimity, liberality.
Handsom(e)ishadjRather handsome.
Hands-on adjInvolving directly and participation with an activity; practical rather theoretical or second-hand; as, of computers.
Handsel nOE: hand & selen (gift); a gift given to wish good luck for the year ahead. 2. a first installment of a payment or bond. 3. a gift given at the start of a new job or new life stage. 4. first use of something newly bought or acquired. 5. morning's earnings or takings. 6. first customer or sale made by a business after opening in the morning.
Handsel phr"For Good Handsel" - a superstitious practice done to ensure good fortune.
Hand span nThe distance between outstretched tips of the little fingers and thumb when used a unit of measurement.
Hand-spring nA somersault made by the assistance of the hands placed on the ground.
Handspun adjSpun by hand.
Hand-stand nA movement or position in which a person is upside down, supported by their hands on the ground.
Hand-stroke nIn bell-ringing the pull on the sally that swings the ball throuoh the full circle.
Handsy adjTending to touch others; typically in a way that is inappropriate or unwanted.
Hands-upper nOne who puts his or her hands in the air as a token of surrender.
Hand-tame adjTame and submissive to the hand; domesticated (of an animal). 2. mild, gentle.
Hand-tamed adjReduced to submission.
Hand-tameness nSubmissiveness, gentleness, mansetude.
Hand-tight adjAs tight as can be made by the the strength of one's hand wielding a standard tool, that is, without special treatment or leverage.
Hand-to-hand adjWith close approach of hand; at close quarters, man-to-man, hand-to-hand fighting.
Hand-to-mouth adjConsuming food as soon as it is obtained; improvidently, thriftlessness. 2. lack of provision for the future
Hand tool nA tool in the hand.
Hand-warmer nA small ( mostly disposable) packets held in the hand and produces heat on demand to warm cold hands.
Handwash nSoap, liquid or other cleansing aid used to wash one's hands.
Handwash vbTo was one's hands usimg soap or another handwash.
Handwashing nThe act of cleaning one's hands without or without water or another liquids. 2. the use of soap for the purposes of removing dirt or micro-organisms.
Hand wave nA wave made by the hand. 2. a glib statement or explanation that glosses over important detail.
Hand wave vbTo explain something superficially, skipping over the details, perhaps appealing to intuition instead.
Handwaving nA pejorative label for attempting to be seen as effective – in word, reasoning, or deed – while actually doing nothing effective or substantial. It is most often applied to debate techniques that involve fallacies, misdirection and the glossing over of details
Handwavy nInclined to handwaving.
Handweaver nA maker of hand woven goods.
Handweaving nThe manufacturing of handwoven goods.
Handwheel nAny wheel operated by hand.
Handwhile nA moment, an instance, a second, a short span in time.
Handwork n.Work or things done, or made, with the hands. 2. manual operation or labour, distinct from work done by machinery.
Hand-worked adjWorked or wrought by hand, not by machinery.
Handworker nOne who wworks with their hands.
Handworking nThe action of working with one's hands.
Handwoven adjWoven by hand, or with a hand-operated loom.
Handwright nA worker in his hands; an artisan, a mechanic.
Handwringer nA person who clasps and squeezes the hand in an excessive expression of anxiety and distress.
Handwringing nThe act of clasping and squeezes the hand in an excessive expression of anxiety and distress.
Hand-wrist n.The joint of the hand; the wrist; the cuff..
Hand-writ nHandwriting, an autograph, a signature.
Handwrite vbTo write with the hand or with one's own hand.
Handwriting n.Writing with the hand. 2. that which is written by the hand. 3. written document or note. 4. a manuscript.
Handwriting phr"Handwriting on the Wall" - sign of impending calamity or disaster.
Handwritten adjA document, (parchment, page) written by hand.
Hand-wrought adjWorked or done with the hands.
Handy adj.Done by the hand; manual. 2. wielded by the hand. 3. ready to hand, near to the hand. 4. conveniently accessible, convenient or ready for use. 5. easy to handle or hold with the hand. 6. easy to manipulate, manage or direct by the hand. ready or clever with the hands; dexterous; able to turn the hand to anything.
Handy-man nAn odd-job person, a person useful for all such jobs.
Hang vb.Fasten to an object above. 2. suspend 3. kill by suspending from gallows. 4. attach or set up. 5. Cling to.
Hang n.The action of hanging. 2. the mode in which something is hanged or poised. 3. crop of fruit.
Hang phr"As Well Hanged for a Sheep as a Lamb" - don't stop at half measures.
Hang phr"Be Hung Up" - be emotionally disturbed or confuse.
Hang phr"Be Hung up On" - (slang) psychological or emotional obsession or problem about something.
Hang phr"Get the Hang Of" - to understand, comprehend, become familiar with the drift of.
Hang phr"Hang About" - to stay, linger or loiter. 2. to spend time or be friends with.
Hang phr"Hang a Left" - to turn left, make a left turn.
Hang phr"Hang Back" - to resist advance; hesitate. 2. to show unwillingness to advance or come forward. 3. to be backward in coming forward.
Hang phr"Hang Back From" - hesitate from timidity or fear. 2. hold back from doing something.
Hang phr"Hang Behind" - to hang behind and retard progress. 2. linger in a place after others have left.
Hang phr"Hang By a Thread" - be in a precarious position.
Hang phr"Hang Fire" - to think before acting or taking action. 2. fail to fire, or delay in firing. 3. fig. fial to be carried out and completed as expected, or suffer delay in being carried.
Hang phr"Hang Five" - in surfing to stand towrds the front of one's surfboard and ahng the toes of one or both feet over the edge.
Hang phr"Hang Heavy" - pass slowly (of time).
Hang phr"Hang In" - to persist in spite of adversity (as a boxer). 2. to hold out, endure, persist.
Hang phr"Hanging is too Good For" - deserves a much worse fate than even too be hanged.
Hang phr"Hang It" - a mild expletive.
Hang phr"Hang Off" - to hang back: demur, hestitate.
Hang phr"Hang On" - to continue to adhere, hold tight, grip something firmly. 2. survive a crisis. 3. to remain clinging, to continue to adhere, usually implying expectation or unwillingness to sever one's connection. 3. wait, pause, hold fast; hold on. 4. require that some condition should first be met; hinge on or upon.
Hang phr"Hang On By the Eyelids" - to maintain one's position only with the greatest difficulty or by the slightest hold.
Hang phr"Hang One On" - to strike a blow.
Hang phr"Hang One's Hat On" - pin one's hope on.
Hang phr"Hang One's Head" - be ashamed.
Hang phr"Hang On Every Word" - listen to attentively.
Hang phr"Hang On Like Grim Death" - to cling tenaciously, literally or metaphorically; not to be shaken off , as death persists having once marked down its victim.
Hang phr"Hang On Somebody's Lips/Head" - listen attentively.
Hang phr"Hang Onto" - the keep something, not sell or give to someone else. 2. to cling and rely upon another for help.
Hang phr"Hang On to Something" - to retain.
Hang phr"Hang Out" - to protrude (with downward direction). 2. to associate with; to frequent. 3. live, reside, visit a place frequently. 4. spread damp washing on a line, so that it can dry.
Hang phr"Hang Out To Dry" - to defeat and punishment deliberate and slowly.
Hang phr"Hang Over" - envelop something, as cloud. 2. possess somebody as gloom, depression. 3. seem likely to occur soon, be imminent. 4. suspend something from a surface so that they may cover it.
Hang phr"Hang the Moon" - 'to place the moon in the sky' fig. attributed to someone with uncritical or excesive awe and reverence or infatuation.
Hang phr"Hang Tight" - to remain in one's current location. 2. to wait patiently
Hang phr"Hang Together" - to be coherent or consistent; (of a person): to keep body and soul together; to continue to exist. 2. to adhere together loosely or without rigid attachment. 3. to be coherent or consistent or a consistent whole or coherent. 4. to hold together; co-operate, support,to be associated or mutually dependent. 5. be complete, consistent, or share the responsibility.
Hang phr"Hang Tough" - to remain inflexible or firmly resolved.
Hang phr"Hang Upon" - depend upon.
Hang phr"Hang Up (on someone)" - to end a telephone call.
Hang phr"Hung Up On" - be obsessed with.
Hang phr"Hang Upon" - listen to devoted attention to.
Hang phr"Hang Up One's Boots" - to call it a day, retire.
Hang phr"Hang Up One's Hat" - make oneself at home in another person's house.
Hang phr"Have Something Hanging Over One's Head" - be under a threat (of unpleasantness).
Hang phr"I'll Be Hanged" - an expression of disbelief, surprize, or resoluteness.
Hang phr"Let It All Hang Out" - to be uninhibited or relaxed. 2. to be candidly truthful. 3. do as you like.
Hang phr"Not Give a Hang!" - to be regardless of the consequences.
Hang phr"One Might as Well be Hung for a Sheep as a Lamb" - if punishment is due, one might as well do something really bad and enjoy it while they can.
Hang phr"Thereby Hangs a Tale" - there is more to this matter, but it is better left unsaid.
Hang phr"To Hang With It" - a very mild oath.
Hang phr"Where Do You Hang Out?" - where are you living or lodging?.
Hang-back nA hestitation, unwillingness (to procede or go forward). 2. one who hestitates or wavers.
Hangbird nA clothes-drying rack, esp. popular owing to it space-saving capacity.
Hang-by n.Term for a hanger-on, a dependent.
Hang-dog n.Despicable, mean or degraded, abject character. 2. a skulking perso, a sneak.
Hang-dog adjLow, degraded, base, sneaky, as in a 'a hang-dog look'.
Hangdog vbTo hang on a rope after falling off during a climb.
Hang-dog look nA guilty, shame-faced look.
Hanged adjSuspended, put to death by hanging. 2. furnished or decorated by hangings.
Hanger nA wood on the side of a steep hill or bank. 2. a hangman, executioner. 3. something that is suspends or overhangs. 4. a contrivance by which anything is hanged, rope, chain, hook. 5. a shaped frame on which clothes or garments are suspended or draped; a clothes hanger. 6. shoulder-shaped frame with a hook at the top, usually of wire, wood or plastic, for draping and hanging a garment when not in use.
Hanger-back nOne who hangs back, hestitates or waver.
Hangerless adjWithout or lacking ahanger.
Hanger-on nOpportunist, parasite, dependant or follower (disparagingly).
Hang-fire nA delay in an explosion of a propelling charge, igniter or similar device.
Hang-glide vbTo fly a hang glider. 2. an uwithout-powered aircraft resembling a large kite from which a rider is suspended in aharness. 2. a rider of such a craft.
Hang-glider nAn uwithout-powered aircraft resembling a large kite from which a rider is suspended in aharness. 2. a rider of such a craft.
Hanging nA method of execution whereby the person is dropped and suspended from a rope around the neck, resulting in death from severing of the spinal cord, strangulation, or other causes. 2. something, such as a tapestry, that is hung.

3. A descending slope or an inclination.

Hanging adjSituated, as on a steep slope, so as to appear to hang down: a hanging garden. 2. projecting downward or outward; overhanging: hanging vines; a hanging staircase. 3. suited for holding something that hangs: a hanging rack.

4. in baseball being a pitch that fails to break as intended. 5. deserving death by hanging: a hanging crime. 6. disposed to inflict severe sentences, such as death by hanging: a hanging judge.

Hanging phr"Hanging is too Good For" - deserves a much worse fate than even too be hanged.
Hangman nA public executioner.
Hangmanship nThe office or function of a hangman.
Hang-nail nA small piece of skin partially detached by hanging one end, near to the nail.
Hang-off advTo show hesitation in coming to close quarters or to an agreement. 2. to han back, demur.
Hang-out nA habitual meeting place or resort.
Hang-over n.Something remaining or left over; a thing or person left over or behind; a survival, or remainder. 2. the after effects of over-drinking of alcohol or strong liquor
Hang-overish adjHanging-on, hinting of survival, surviving or remaining. 2. somewhat affected by strong liquor.
Hang-time nThe amount of time that athlete remains airborne while jumping. 2. the amount of time a football remains in the air after kicking.
Hang-up nDrawback, fault, difficulty, fixation. emotional or psychological
Hangwite nA penalty and offence mentioned in the Domesday Book. 2. a fine for the illegal hanging of a thief or allowing one to escape.
Hanse n.Fellowship, guild, company. 2. miltary troop, band. 3. league, as the 'Hanseatic League'.
Hap n.OE: haeplic - equal. fitting , convenient, orderly.
Harbinger n.Protection or shelter. 2. passenger or messenger. 3. one precedes a host and secure lodgings and shelter for troops. 4. an advanced company of an army sent to prepare a camping ground; a pioneer. 5. a forerunner; precursor. Originally, a harbinger was simply somebody who provided harbor - that is, shelter, lodgings. The word began life as a derivative of Old French 'herberge' - lodgings, a borrowing from heriberga, the Old Saxon equivalent of Old English 'herebeorg.' Its later meaning 'to somebody sent ahead to obtained lodging for an army' developed in the C14th, and from this came its noe figurative sense 'forerunner.'
Harborough nHarbour; harburrow.
Harbour n.Shelter, lodgings, entertainment, sojourn. 2. a place or shelter or sojourn. 3. lodgings, inn, asylum. 4. the 'house' of the sun or a planet in the zodiac. 5. place (harbor) of shelter for ships.
Harbour vb.To provide a lodging for. 2. to quarter soldiers or billet. 3. to encamp. 4. to give shelter. 5. to shelter in a haven. To trace a stag to its lair.
Harbourless adjLacking or without a harbor.
Harbour-side nThe area adjacent to a harbor.
Harborside adjlocated or near a harbor.
Hard adjFirm, steadfast, unyielding. 2. inured, hardened, obdurate. 3. difficult in doing; difficult to deal with, manage, control. 4. difficult to penetrate with understanding; not easy to understand or explain. 5.of character or nature: not easily impressed or moved, obdurate, unfeeling, callous, hardhearted; difficult to bear, endure or put up with. 6. of actions: severe, rigorous, oppressive, cruel, harsh, unfeeling. 7. of news, information: factual, real, objective, reliable, sustainable. 8. bold in battle, persistent and determined in contest or sport. 9. with money: stingy, niggardly, closed-fisted. 10. of weather: violent, rough, severe. 11. of pulse, when blood pressure is high. 12. undigested (in the stomach). 13. coins; money. 14. of hands; un-gloved.
Hard vbTo be or become hard; to make hard or harden. 2. to deprive of feelings o emotions. 3. to render callous; obstinate or obdurate.
Hard phr"A Hard Day's Night" - staying up late all night possibly on special duty, but especially to drink.
Hard phr"A Hard Day's Work" - a day spent working hard.
Hard phr"A Hard Life" - a life made difficult by hard work, poor natural conditions, poverty, ill-health, persecution.
Hard phr"As Hard as Flint" - unforgiving, unsympathetic in temperament, character
Hard phr"As Hard as Iron" - very firm, strong, unyielding; as (hard) as (a) stone.
Hard phr"As Hards as Nails" - tough; with great physical stamina; (fig) selfish, ruthless in one's dealings with others.
Hard phr"As Hard as Steel" - physically strong and with mental or moral firmness (esp. in circumstances where such qualities are desirable.
Hard phr"As Hard as Stone" - very firm; as hard as stone/rock . 2. (fig) heratless, unfeeling.
Hard phr"At Hard Edge" - at close contact in battle.
Hard phr"Be Hard at It" - putting a lot of ​effort into what you are doing: busily occupied or working.
Hard phr"Be Hard On Somebody" - be overcritical or unfair to somebody. 2. having a harmful or damaging affect on somebody.
Hard phr"Be Hard Put to Do" - having difficulty , trouble in doing something.
Hard phr"Be Hard Up" - to be short of money, and usually facing other difficulties.
Hard phr"Be Hard With" - turn out to (a person's) disadvantage.
Hard phr"Do Something the Hard Way" - to do something by the most difficult method. 2. to achieve through bitter experience
Hard phr"Do the Hard Yards" - make a great effor, difficult, ardoruos or unglamorous. 2. put in the hard yards.
Hard phr"Go Hard With Somebody" - be to somebody's disadvantage. 2. fare ill with. 3. to result in danger, hardship.
Hard phr"Hard and Fast" - rigidly laid down and adhered to. 2. strongly binding, not to be set aside or violated. 3. stringently enforced. 4. invariably , not capable of change; firmly, and immovably.. 5. fixed; inflexible; precisely defined. 6. with energy, vigor, speed all attention.
Hard phr"Hard as Nails" - of a person) - very tough, completely callous or cruel.
Hard phr"Hard At It" - working busily or occupied.
Hard phr"Hard by" - in close proximity, close by, situated very near, close at hand.
Hard phr"Hard by" - close by, in close proximity; close by, close to; very near to.
Hard phr"Hard Day's Night" - staying up late all night possibly on special duty, but especially to drink.
Hard phr"Hard Day's Work" - a day spent working hard.
Hard phr"Hard Done By" - badly or unfairly treated. 2. receiving bad, or poor treatment.
Hard phr"Harden or Hardening On" - to bake on ceramic items, especially biscuitware.
Hard phr"Harden One's Heart" - feel little emotion, empathy.
Hard phr"Hardening (Something) Off" - inure a plant to cold by gradually increasing its exposure to cold. 2. inure; hardening by degree of exposure.
Hard phr"Hard Lines On (On Somebody)" - exclamation (or sympathetic) comment on an event, or state of affairs, which is unfortunate , undeserved or unjust.
Hard phr"Hard Nut to Crack" - a difficult person one who is likely to resist efforts to conciliate, influence or intimidate. 2. a problem difficult to find an answer to. 3. a situation difficult to deal with effectively.
Hard phr"Hard of Hearing" - having less than perfect, or partially or rather deaf.
Hard phr"Hard of Thinking" - finding clear thinking difficult
Hard phr"Hard on" - hard upon, close to; following.
Hard phr"Hard On Somebody" - be overcritical or unfair to somebody. 2. having a harmful or damaging affect on somebody.
Hard phr"Hard on the Heels Of" - close behind.
Hard phr"Hard Put (to it)" - in difficulty. 2. find it difficult to do something.
Hard phr"Hard to Say (Tell)" - difficult to make a firm statement about, esp. because too little is, or can be, known about it.
Hard phr"Hard to Take" - difficult to accept without bitterness or grief; difficult to believe, or accept, as being true.
Hard phr"Hard Up" - short of money and resources. 2. short of money.
Hard phr"Hard Up For" - sorely at a loss.
Hard phr"Have a Hard Tail" - be determined, obstinate, hard to move from a position or opinion.
Hard phr"Have Hard Feelings" - feel aggrieved or disappointed.
Hard phr"Have No Hard Feelings" - have no feelings of bitterness.
Hard phr"Play Hard To Get" - to pretend to remain aloof, 2. to act or behave as if unapproachable or uninterested. 3. try to make oneself one attractive , wanted by being difficult to contact.
Hard phr"Put in the Hard Yards" - in Australia and New Zealand (fig) great effort, arduous, or less than glamorous work.
Hard phr"Put the Hard Word On" - to ask a woman or man for sexual favours. 2. difficult to deal with, manage, control or resist.
Hard phr"Take a Hard Line" - be firm, uncomprising.
Hard phr"Take Something Hard" - be upset by something.
Hard phr"The Hard Way" - the most difficult, least convenient way of doing something, or achieving an an objective.
Hard phr"Too Hard For" - to much for; more than one can managed.
Hard-and-fast adjAbsolutely binding; fixed and unalterable.
Hard-and-fastness nThe condition of being hard and fast in rigidly adhering to a position or opinion etc. 2. a strongly binding condition, not to be set aside or violated. 3. situation stringently enforced. 3. state invariabe , not capable of being changed.
Hard-back nA hard cover; a hard-cover or hard-bound book.
Hard-backed adjDetermined, tough, resolute, unyielding. 2. stiff or firm of thr back of a chair.
Hard-bitten adjGiven to hard biting. 2. tough, unyielding, inflexible, and determined in life generally; tough in a fight or challenge.
Hard board nThin stiff board made of compressed sawdust and wood chip.
Hard-bodied adjWell-toned, muscular.
Hard-bound adjOf a book: hard-covered.
Hard cheese n(Slang): bad luck.
Hard-coal nAnthracite.
Hard-doer nAn amusing or eccentric reveller or character.
Hard-done-by adjHarshly or unfairly treated.
Hard-drinker nSomebody who drinks spirits habitually.
Hard-drive nA disk drive used to read from and write to a hard disk.
Hard drop nA strong alcoholic drink.
Hard-earned adjEarned or gained with difficulty. 2. gained through much effort.
Harden vbTo make hard or more hard. 2. to strengthen; to confirm in wickedness or obstinacy. 2. to make less sympathetic; become unfeeling.
Harden nA close fabric made from the of flax or hemp.
Harden phr"Harden off" - inure(a plant) to cold by gradual increase by exposure.
Harden phr"Harden Somebody/One's Heart" - not allowed oneself to be misled by the love, sympathy, pity, etc. one does in fact feel.
Hardened adjRendered hard, indurated. 2. rendered unfeeling or callous; hardhearted; settled or determined in a course.
Hardener nSomething thta hardens or sets , such as metals.
Hardening nAny substance or material that hardens another; specifically any metal added to iron to amke steel.
Harden steel nSteel that has been hardened by exposure to very high temperature followed by quenching and tempering.
Hard-eyed adjSevere of countenance.
Hardfast adjHand and fast: strongly binding, not to be set aside or violated. 2. stringently enforced. 3. invariably, not capable of change. 4. dense.
Hard-fastness nDensity.
Hard-feelings nFeelings of resentment, ill-will, bitterness, rancour, anger, hostility.
Hard-fisted adjStingy, tightfisted, mean, niggardly, hard-handed penurious. 2. of an avaricious or miserly disposition. 3. having hard, rough, or strong hands.
Hard-fistedness nThe state or quality of being stingy, mean, uncharitable, niggardly, hard-handedness.
Hard-freeze nImplying a temperature that is sufficiently cold for a long enough period to seriously damaged or kill or seasonal vegetation.
Hard-gotten adjObtained with labor or pains.
Hard-handed adjhaving hard or rough-textured hands. 2. governing with severity or cruelty, despotic, tyrannical.
Hard-hat nA hat made from a hard plastic and designed to protect the head from injury. 2. a construction worker.
Hardhead nA hard-headed person: one not easily moved or influenced. 2. a person dull of intellect. 3. a person not easy affected by the drinking of alcoholic beverages
Hardheaded adjNot easily turned as a horse; stubborn, obstinate. not easily influenced by sophistry or sentiment, matter of fact, practical. 2. posessing shrewdness, and a practical way of doing. 3. practical, sensible, unemotional.
Hardheadly advIn a hard-head manner.
Hardheadness nThe state or quality or being hard-head.
Hardhearted adjHaving a hard-heart; without sympathy. 2. incapable of being moved to pity, lacking pity, or tenderness; unfeeling, obdurate, unmerciful.
Hardheartedly advIn a hard-hearted manner.
Hardheartedness nThe state or quality of being hardhearted.
Hardhewer nA stone or monumental mason.
Hard-hit adjSeverely struck by misfortune, grief, disaster. 2. badly or adversely affected, especially by monetary loss. 3. deep in love; infatuated.
Hard-hitting adjOf great impact. 2. aggressively critical.
Hard-holding adjTight-fisted, niggardly, penurious.
Hardhood nHardness.
Hardihood nThe quality or condition of being hardy. 2. boldness, extreme boldness, hardiness, audacity. 3. robustness (of a body).
Hardily advBoldly, courageously, with hardihood. 2. robustly, not tenderly. 3. boldly said feeling, certainly, by all means, assuredly.
Hardiness nThe quality or condition of being hardy. 2. capability of physical or mental endurance, now mostly physical robustness.
Hardish adjSomewhat hard.
Hard-landing nA rough or clumsy landing of an aircraft. 2. an uncontrolled landing in which a spacecraft is destroyed. 3. an unexpected and sudden economic or financial crash or downturn.
Hard-line nAn unyielding position, as in negotiation. 2. an uncompromising stance or attitude. 3. set-in-stone dogma.
Hard-liner nOne who has an unyielding position, as in negotiation.
Hard lines nAn uncompromising adherence to a firm policy. 2. misfortune, bad luck, mishap.
Hard-looking adjAppearing hard; tough looking.
Hardly advScarcely, barely, not quite. 2. with difficulty or great pains. 3. improbably. 4. rigorously, harshly; severely. 5. energetically, forcefully, strenuously, or fiercely are now archaic, obsolete, or rare.
Hard man nA tough, aggressive or ruthless man.
Hard-mouthed adjHaving a hard-mouth, said of a horse not easily controlled, but by a bit. 2. of person, self-willed, obstinate.
Hardness nThe state or quality of being hard. 2. unyielding of spirit; insensitivity; callousness. 3. a property of water that contaains mineral salts. 4. tension; said of the pulse. 5. in art, harsh effect or treatment. 6. that quality of a mineral that resists scratching. 7. the toughnesss of metal or alloy.
Hard-nosed adjHard-bitten, unyielding, or firmly business-like. 2. grim, tough, unsympathetic.
Hard-nut nA tough, aggressive, or insensitive person.
Hard-on nSlang: the erection of the penis.
Hard-pan nA firm sub-soil of clayey or gravelly detritus. 2. the lowest level of foundation, bottom, bedrock.
Hards nThe refuse or coarse parts of flax, hemp, wool or tow
Hard-sell nAggressive salemanship or advertising. 2. aggressive sales technique. 3. opposite: 'soft sell'.
Hard-sell vbTo have an aggressive and over-assertive approach or technique to advertising and selling.
Hard-shell nHaving a hard shell like some mollusc. 2. a person with a robust personality; esp. one not easy offended or rattled by the criticism of others; stubborn, unemotional, unempathetic. 2. fig. rigidly and uncomprimising in religious orthodoxy.
Hard-shelled adjHardened, stubborn, rigid, obdurate of character.
Hardship nThe quality of being hard to bear. 2. harshness, rigor, a severely, painful difficulty. 2. a condition which presses unduly hard upon one who has to endure it; hardness of fate or circumstance of suffering. 3. an infliction of severity of suffering; a piece or instance of harsh treatment. 4. extreme want or privation. 5. ill-luck. severe toil or suffering.
Hardship vbTo treat (a person) badly; to subject to hardship.
Hard shoulder nhe surfaced verge at the edge of a roadway for emergency stops.
Hard-spun adjSpun with fiine twist.
Hard stand nA paved hard-surfaced area adjacent to a runway, for the parking of aircraft and ground vehicles.
Hard-standing nAn area covered with a hard surface like bitumen or asphalt and set aside for the parking of motor vehicles.
Hard start nA rocketry term meaning an over pressured condition during start of a rocket engine of ignition. In worst cases, this takes the form of an explosion.
Hard step nA type of electronic dance music, influenced by soul and reggae.
Handstone nAny type of precious or semi-precious stone.
Hard stop nA price level that, if reached, will trigger an order to sell an underlying security. Hard stops are set at a constant price and are inherently good until cancelled. A hard stop is used to protect the downside of holding an investment by always being active, and is only triggered once the price reaches the specified stop level. 2. a mechanical device that limits the travel of a mechanism.
Hard time nTime spent in prison, especially as part of a long sentence served for a serious crime.
Hard times nDifficult , worrying situation.
Hard-to-get adjAloof, unapproachable. 2. difficult to get, buy, purchase.
Hard top nDescribing an automobile with the body design of a convertible, but with a rigid top.
Hard-up nHard put; in difficulties. 2. in need or want, as short of money. 3. having a meagre choice.
Hard-up-ish-ness nSomewhat hard put; or in some want or difficulty.
Hard-up-ness nThe state or condition of being hard-up, or hardput, in want.
Hardware nA small ware or goods of metal; ironmongery. 2. weapons, guns, missiles. 3. mechanic, electronic or other devices or materials , as distinguis from people, planning, operational procedures. 4. in computing, the physical components of a system or device as opposed to procedures required for it's operation as opposed to software. 5. jewelry.
Hardware cloth nA kind of strong but flexible wire netting with q square mesh, typically made of galvanized steel.
Hardwareman nA person who sells small ware or goods of metal; ironmongery.
Hardware shop nAn ironmongery. 2. a shop where metal hardware is sold.
Hardwater nWater that contain magnesium, calcium or iron salts and therefore forms a soft lather with difficulty.
Hard-wearing adjResistant to extensive wear, durable.
Hard-winter nA winter with a deep frost or frozen state.
Hardwire vbTo connect an electronic component, by electrical wires.
Hardwired adjContaining permanently connected circuits. 2. of the brain in reference to it's function.
Hardwiring nA fixed connection between electrical components and devices be means of wires primarily for accessing, internet-based application, as distinguished from a wireless connection.----
Hard won adjA result achieved by only lots of effort.
Hardwood nThe strong, dense wood from flowering deciduos trees, such as aoak or mahogany.
Hard words nCritical, scolding comments. 2. reproaches, criticisms, accusations made or exchanged.
Hardworking adjOf a person: tending to work with energy and commitment.
Hard-workingness nThe state of being hard working.
Hardy adjStrong, durable, rigid or capable of resisting exposure, hardship, etc. 2. inured to hardship, robust. 3. showing hardihood; bold, audacious, strenuous.
Hardy nA square-shanked chisel or fuller for insertion in a hardy-hole.
Hard yards nAustralia and New Zealand (fig) great effort, arduous, or unglamored work; put in the hard yards.
Hardy-hole nA hole in the blacksmith anvil in which a hardy or other tool may be placed.
Hare nAn animal like a large rabbit with a cleft, upper lip, longer ears and stronger hind legs. 2.
Hare vbTo harry, to worry, harass, frighten or scarce.
Hare adjRun with great speed; fleet-footed.
Hare phr"Kiss the Hare's Foot" - to be late for anything.
Hare phr"Run with the Hare, and Hunt with the Hounds" - to try and keep in with both sides. 2. keep in with and reamin friendly and cordially with two or more parties.
Hare phr"Start a Hare" - to introduce or raise an irrelevent issue in an argument or discussion.
Hare-brain adjA giddy, heedless or reckless person.
Hare-brained adjHeedless, reckles, rash, wild, mad, (of persons and their actions.)
Hare-brainedly advIn a heedless, rash, mad, crazy way.
Hare-brainness nThe state or quality of being giddy or reckless, etc.
Hare-foot nA fleet-footed or speedy person.
Hare-liked adjCharacteristic or resembling a hare.
Hare-lip nHaving a fissure or split on the upper lip.
Hare-lipped adjHaving an upper lip clefted like a hare.
Hark nThe act of harking or a call to listen attentively. 2. a whisper or privy communication. 3. a shout to the hounds to start the chase. 4. the cry 'hark' as used to urge on or guide hounds in the chase.
Hark vb.To give ear or listen, hearken. 2. used in hunting, as a call to attention and incitement.
Hark phr"Hark At" - just you listen (implying that something is untrue).
Hark phr"Hark Away - to proceed or go away; depart.
Hark phr"Hark Back" - to recall. 2. of hounds: to turn back to the course when the scent of the quarry has been lost till found again. 2. fig. to retrace one's steps, return to earlier point of discussion, argument.
Hark phr"Hark Forward" - go forward or urge to go forward with encouraging cries.
Hark phr"Hark Off" - to draw off.
Hark-back nRetracing one's steps (lit. & fig.). 2. a backward move.
Harken vbAn old-fashioned word meaning 'listen'. 2. hear,listen, heed.
Harkening vbHarken back.
Harker nOne who listens; a listener.
Harking nThe act of harking.
Harm nPhysical, mental or moral injury. 2. that which inflicts damage or loss. 3. the injury which inflicts damage, loss or hurt. 3. offense against right or morality; wrong.
Harm vbTo do harm(to) or damage. 2. to injure physically, mentally or morally, etc. 3. to hurt, damage. 4. to be hurtful. 5. to do harm or injury; hurt, abuse.
Harm phr"Harm Set, Harm Get" - those who lay or put in place traps for others get caught themselves.
Harm phr"Make Harms" - to make lamentations.
Harm phr"Out of Harm's Way" - safe, in safety, secure from harm or injury.
Harman n.Soldier; constable.
Harm-doer nOne who sets to harm, hurt or injure other (mentally and physically.)
Harm-doing nThe action of harming, injuring, hurting; causing sorrow, or grief.
Harmed adjInjured, hurt.
Harmer nOne who harms or injures.
Harmful adjFraught with harm or injury. 2. having power to injure, noxious. 3. injurious, hurtful, pernicious.
Harmfully advIn a harmful manner, injurious, mischievous.
Harmfulness nThe quality of being harmful, injurious.
Harmfulnessly advIn a harmful or injurious manner.
Harming nThe action of harming, harmdoing, injuring, hurting; causing sorrow, or grief.
Harmless adjFree for harm or injury, unhurt, uninjured, unharmed; innoxious. 2. free from guilt, wrongdoing; innocent.
Harmless-looking adjBenign and non-thrreatening of mien or aspect.
Harmlessly advIn a harmless, non-threatening manner. 2. without causing or recieving injury.
Harmlessness nState or quality of being harmless, inoffensive.
Harn nLate OE: the brain; brains.
Harp nA large instrument with strings set in a triangular frame and plucked with the fingers.
Harp vbTo play the harp. 2. to speak or write persistently; dwell tediously.
Harp phr"Harp for Every on the Same String" - to reiterate, to return continually on the same subject or point of argument.
Harp phr"Harp On (or Upon)" - to repeat a statement or dwell on a subject to a wearisome length. 2. dwell wearisomely or tediously in speech or writing. 3. talk about continuously and tiresomely.
Harper nOne who plays a harp.
Harping nThe act or action of playing a harp. 2. the sound of playing a harp. 3. fig. dwelling on a subject or matter.
Harping-glee nThe music of the harp.
Harpish adjSomewhat dwelling wearisomely or tediously in speech or writing.
Harp seal nA Greenland seal, Phoca groenlandica, with a harp-shaped green mark on its back.
Harp shackle nA shackle shaped so that the opening is smaller than the circumference at the top.
Harrow nFrom Old English hearg = "(heathen) temple", which was probably at Hill of Harrow, Middlesex where St. Mary's Church stands today.
Harrow nOld Norse (herfl) - an agricultural implement, heavy wooden rake, c. 1300, haru, probably from an unrecorded Old English *hearwa, apparently related to Old Norse harfr "harrow," and perhaps connected with harvest (n.). Or possibly from hergian see harry. NB: Not an Anglish word, included here for information and clarification only.
Harrow vbTo harry, rob, spoil, ravage, plunder; seize, capture.
Harrow phr"Harrow Hell" - said of Christ as the harrower (spoiler) of Hell.
Harrowed adjRavaged, spoiled , plundered, harried, etc.
Harrower nA spoiler, harrier. 3. one who harrows souls, feelings.
Harrower phr"The Harrower Of Hell" - an appellation of Christ.
Harrowing nThe spoiling of Hell (by Jesus). 2. in a general sense: plundering, pillaging of a country. 3. the harrowing on laceration of feelings.
Harrowingly advIn an acutely or painful manner.
Harrowingness nThe tragic and sordid harrowingness.
Harry nThe act of harrying, devastation, molestation, vexation.
Harry vbO.E. overrun, despoil, with an army making raids. - to make predatory raids or incursions; to commit ravage. 2. to over run (a place or territory) with an army. 3. to ravage by war or invasion; plunder, carry off in a marauding raid.. 4. to lay waste, sack, pillage, spoil, ravage, violate. 5. to spoil 'hell' as said of Jesus after his death. 6. to rob bird nests. 7. to strip a house, building of its goods. 8. to worry, goad, torment, harass, maltreat, ill-use, persecute, to worry mentally.
Harried adjWorried, goaded, harassed, tormented, vexed,
Harrying nA warlike incursion, devastation, laying waste, plundering, raiding.
Harrying adjDevastating, plundering, raiding, pillaging, ravaging etc.
Hart nAn adult, male deer.
Hartshorn nThe horn or antlers of the hart.
Hart's-tongue nScolopendium vulgare.
Hartwort nSeseli aethiopicum.
Harvest nThe act or process of gathering a crop. 2. the crop that ripens or is gathered in a season. 3. the amount or measure of the crop gathered in a season. 4. the time or season of such gathering. 5. the result or consequence of an action: stuck with the harvest of a predecessor's decisions.
Harvest vbTo gather (a crop). 2. to take or kill (fish or deer, for example) for food, sport, or population control. 3. to extract from a culture or a living or recently deceased body, especially for transplantation: harvested bone marrow. gather a crop from (the field. 5. to receive or collect (energy): a turbine that harvests energy from tidal currents. 6. to receive (the benefits or consequences of an action)
Harvest phr"Make Long Harvest for a Little Corn" - to work hard for little return.
Harvester nOne who harvests. 2. a reaping machine.
Harvest-field nA field in which the corn is reaped.
Harvest-home nAn Old English festival held at the bringing home of the harvest. 2. the season at the beginning of the festival. 3. a song sung at the festival.
Harvesting nThe reaping and storing of grain, etc. 2. gathering up of resources. 3. that reaps or gathers in and storing of grass.
Harvestless adjThe moon which is full within a fortnight of the autumnal equinox (22nd or 23rd of September); and which rises for several nights nearly at the same hour, at points successively further north of the eastern horizon.
Harvest moon nThe full moon which occurs nearest to the autumn equinox, when the moon rises at almost the same time for several nights.
Harvest-swain nA reaper in the harvest field.
Harvest-time nAutumn, the harvest time.
Harvest-to-home nThe food chain, or at least a major part of.
Harwort nThe sharewort, starwort, aster tripolium, used as a laxative. (OE. har:grey, hoary)
Hasard nA grey-haired man.
Hasard adjGrey-haired, hoary.
Has-been nOne who has been successful, but is no longer. 2. a person or thing whose career, or efficiency belongs to the past or whose best days are over.
Hasbeens nTimes past; as, 'I meet him, and just for old-times we went to the pub for lunch'.
Has-lock nO.E. halse (throat and lock) - the wool on the throat of a sheep.
Hasp nClump of grass, coarse grass. 2. clasp that fits over a staple and is secured by a bolt or padlock, used as a fastening,
Hasp vbTo fasten or shut with a hasp.
Hassock nA shock of hair. 2. a cushion for kneeling on in church.
Hassocky nAbounding in hassocks or clumps. 2. of the nature of clumps; consisting of calcareous hassock.
Haste adjOE: haeste: violent, vehement, impetuous.
Haswed adjMarked with grey or brown.
Hat n.Covering for the head, usu. with a brim, usu. worn to give protection from the weather. 2. any shaped covering for the head, worn for decoration and protection. 3. a person's occupation or capacity, especially one of several position held at one time.
Hat vbTo cover one's head with a hat. 2. to furnish or provide with a hat.
Hat phr"As Black as Your Hat" quite black; black being the common color for a hat.
Hat phr'At the Drop of a Hat" - without delay or hesitation. 2. on a signal, immediately, without delay
Hat phr"Eat One's Hat" - asservation, indicative of strong emphasis, and stating one's readiness to do this, if an event of which one is certain should not occur.
Hat phr"Hang One's Hat" - take up lodging in a certain place.
Hat phr"Hang Up One's Hat" - to retire, give up one usual occupation.
Hat phr"Hang Up One's Hat in a House" - to make oneself at home; to become one of the family.
Hat phr"Hat in Hand" - to approach someone for help or assistance with an attitude or respect and humility.
Hat phr"Hats Off" - an expression of praise for something successively done.
Hat phr"Keep Something Under One's Hat" - fig. keep something secret. 2. to keep something to oneself; do not divulge it; keep it under cover.
Hat phr"Make a Hat of It - to make a mess of.
Hat phr"Never Wear a Brown Hat in Friesland" - when in Rome do as the Romans do. In Friesland the inhabitants used to cover the head with a knitted cap, with a high skull-cap, and over all a huge flaunting bonnet. A woman once passed through the province with a common brown hat and was hustled and jeered by the locals, for her unusual attire
Hat phr"Take Off One's Hat to" - figuratively to express admiration for another.
Hat phr"That's Old Hat" - outworn or obsolete.
Hat phr"Throw One's Hat in the Ring" - to take up a challenge.
Hat phr"Under One's Hat" - secretive, secret, confidential, sub rosa.
Hat phr"With Hat in Hand" - with head uncovered as a mark of respect, reverence, courtesy, salutation. 2. with obsequiously servility removing the hat as a mark of respect.
Hat phr"You Are Talking Through One's Hat" - to make nonsense and unsupported or wild assertions.
Hat-band n.Golden hat-band: university cap of graduate
Hatch n.Lower half of a divided door, hatchway, trap-door over it. 2. an opening in the floor, wall, or ceiling. 3. a moveable planking forming a deck. 4.framework covering openings in a deck, floor, etc. 5.flood-gate, sluice. 6. half- door wicket.
Hatch phr"Down the Hatch" - a toasting or drinking phrase.
Hatch phr"Keep a Hatch Before the Door" - to keep or remain silence.
Hatch phr"Under Hatch" - below deck.
Hatchless adjWithout a hatch or opening.
Hatchway n.Opening in a weir or sluice. 2. opening in the deck of a ship for the loading of cargo into the hold. 3. an opening in a floor , etc, which maybe closed with a hatch.
Hate n.Dislike strongly, bear malice to, opposite of love. 2. hatred: emotion of extreme dislike.(something). 3. intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility. 4. detestation, intense dislike. 5. a person or thing that is hated (esp in the phrase pet hate). 6. expression or arousing feelings of hatred: hate mail.
Hate vbTo dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest. 2. to be unwilling; dislike. 3. to be unwilling (to be or do something) 4. to feel hatred.
Love phr"My Only Love Was My Only Hate" - from Romeo and Juliet a parodox used most effectively to express Juliet's mixed feelings of the enormity of her act of her act that she has fallen in love with the son of the family she hates and was brought up to hate.
Hate phr"Hate Somebody's Guts" - feel an intense dislike and loathing for somebody.
Hate phr"Hate the Sight of Somebody" - dislike, loathe somebody very much.
Hate-bearing adjHaving hate or hatred.
Hated adjRegarded with hate; greatly disliked.
Hate-filled adjHostile, prone to verbal aggression and vituperation, conflict-ready, full of hate.
Hateful adjFull of hate, cherishing hate, and malignity. 2. inciting hate, odious.
Hateful phr"Hateful as a Toad" - the toad as an object of repulse, dislike, loathing and enmity.
Hatefully advWith hatred, malignantly, maliciously. 2. in a way that hates, odiously, abominanately.
Hatefulness nThe quality of being hateful, full of hate, loathing. 3. th equality of deserving hate, odiousness, abominationness.
Hateless adjWithout hate or malice; having no feelins of hate.
Hatelessness nThe sate or quality of not hating.
Hatel nAnger, hatred, outburst of anger or hate.
Hatel adj.Full of hate, hostile, malignant, severe, cruel, fierce, bitter.
Hate-light nThat hates or shuns light.
Hate-like adjHateful, malignant, odious, anger-filled.
Hate-love nLove-hate: a conflicting emotion combining love and hate.
Hately advFiercely, bitterly, scornfully, hatefully.
Hatemonger nA person who kindles hatred enmity or prejudice in others.
Hate-mongering nThe act or practice of stirring up hatred or enmity.
Hater nOne who hates, an enemy.
Hatesome adjHateful; loathing, detesting.
Hate-song nSongs or music that express hate and hatred.
Hate-speech nSpeech that offends, threatens or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origins, sexual orientation, disability, or traits.
Hate-watch nWatching T.V programs for the sake of the enjoyment one gets in criticising it and its participants.
Hate-wite n.Fine or punishment for misbehavior towards others.
Hateworthy adjWorthy or deserving of hate.
Hatful adjAs much as a hat will contain. 2. loosely, a cosiderable quantity.
Hathel nA noble man, man of worth, an athel.
Hat-hook nA hook used to hang one's hat on.
Hating nHating, detestation, loathing, despising.
Hat-in-hand n.Head uncovered as a mark of respect, reverence, courtesy, salutation, servility.
Hatless adjHaving or not wearing a hat.
Hatlessness nThe state of being without a hat.
Hatlike nResembling a hat.
Hatmaker nA maker or manufacturer of hats.
Hatmaking nThe manufacture of hats.
Hatpin nA pin worn on the hat.
Hatred nIntense dislike, hate. 2. a hate or passionate dislike. 3. bitter; animosity, emnity. dislike or aversion.
Hatstand nA piece of furniture as a rack with pegs to hang one's hat.
Hatted adjHaving a hat; having a hat.
Hatter nOne who deals in, or makes hats; a hatmaker. 2. clothes, garments, clothing collectively. 3. a person who lies alone: formerly being a hatter and suffering mental problems due to mercury poisoning.
Hatter phrVery mad or strange, perhaps due to the use of mercury nitrate by hatters in making hats.
Hatter's shakes nTremens suffered by makers of hats (hatters) caused by their over-exposure to mercury during the product's manufacturing.
Hatting nThe lifting of a hat as a show of reverence or courtesy.
Hat-tree nA piece of furniture as a rack with pegs on which one may put their hat; a hatstand.
Hatty adjWearing showy hats; interested in hats.
Haugh n.Nook, Corner, hearn, hurn,
Haughland n.A piece of flat alluvial land by the side of a river, forming part of the floor of the river
Haulm nStems or stalks of straw etc.; reeds.
Haulm vbTo lay straw or haulm straight for thatching.
Haulmy adjHaving haulms; havin long or large haulms.
Have nA possession. 2. one who belongs to the wealthy class.
Have vbTo be in possession of: already had a car. 2. to possess as a characteristic, quality, or function: has a beard; had a great deal of energy. 3. to possess or contain as a constituent part: a car that has air bags. 4. to occupy a particular relation to: had many disciples. 5. to possess knowledge of or facility in: has very little Spanish.

6. to hold in the mind; entertain: had doubts about their loyalty. 7. to use or exhibit in action: have compassion. 8. to come into possession of; acquire: have or own something. 9. to receive; get; as a letter in the mail. 10. to accept; take, as food. 11. to suffer from: have defective vision. 12. to be subject to the experience of: had a difficult time last winter. 13. to cause to do something, as by persuasion or compulsion: had my f-sider to carry out an audit. 13. to cause to be in a specified place or state: had the guests; had everyone fascinated. 14. to permit; allow: I won't have that kind of behavior in my house. 15. to carry on, perform, or execute: have an argument. 16. to place at a disadvantage: the card-sharp had you at every turn. get the better of, especially by trickery or deception: to be had. 18. to influence by dishonest means; bribe. 19. to procreate (offspring). 20. to partake of: have lunch. 21. To be obliged to; have to do.

Have phr"Have a Bearing Upon" - be related to affect, influence, bear on or upon.
Have phr"Have a Bellyful" - have as much as one can tolerate from of something or somebody's actions or behavior.
Have phr"Have a Black Mark Against" - have on record (officially or unofficially) something one has done wrong.
Have phr"Have a Brain-wave" - have a good idea or sudden inspiration.
Have phr"Have a Break" - a short rest period in one's work or other activities.
Have phr"Have a Care" - take care; be careful.
Have phr"Have a Chip on One's Shoulder" -
Have phr"Have a Cow" - get angry, very annoyed
Have phr"Have a Crack at" - to attempt something, do something.
Have phr"Have a Dog in this Fight" - have a personal stake in an issue.
Have phr"Have a Few" - drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunk.
Have phr"Have a Fit" - lit. suffer a convulsion or seizure. 2. fig. become wildly or excessively alarmed; dismayed, angered.
Have phr"Have a Flea in One's Ear" - be reprimanded. rejected or humiliated.
Have phr"Have a Frog in One's Throat" - have a temporary loss or roughening of the voice.
Have phr"Have a Go" - make an attempt, or try to attack someone physically or verbally.
Have phr"Have a Good Innings" - enjoy a long innings; a period of popularity, success, etc.
Have phr"Have a Good Mind to" - often as a threat: feel tempted to.
Have phr"Have a Good Time" - enjoy oneself generally or on a particular occasion, as at a party, celebration or on vacation.
Have phr"Have a Hand In" - be partly responsible for; be involved in, something which happens.
Have phr"Have a Handle On" - to understand or grasp. 2. to be in control of. 3. have pover over.
Have phr"Have a Hard Time" - have a situation in which others harass, obstruct, hinder or expect or demand too much.
Have phr"Have a Head for" - be good at something, as numbers, figures, puzzles.
Have phr"Have a Head of Steam" - show an increase in enthusiasm, energy, level of work, etc.
Have phr"Have a Head Start" - have an advantage over others, or above what is usual at the start of a race, study course, competition, etc.
Have phr"Have a Heart" - be more tolerant considerate, merciful, helpful. 2. antonym:('Not have a heart').
Have phr"Have a Heart of Gold" - have a noble, kind, helpful, loyal, faithful nature.
Have phr"Have a Heart Of Stone" - having a callous, pitiless, unfeeling nature.
Have phr"Have a Heavy Heart" - be filled with feelings of despondency, grief, sorrow, sadness.
Have phr"Have a High Old Time" - enjoy oneself immensely and exuberantly.
Have phr"Have a Hold Over Somebody" - have somebody in one's power.
Have phr"Have a Laugh" - to joke, kid around, enjoy oneself, have fun.
Have phr"Have a Long Way to Go" - have still much to learn and do before something is completed..
Have phr"Have a Look" - to examine, observe.
Have phr"Have a Look-see" - take a look; have a look.
Have phr"Have a Lot to be Thankful For" - fortunate or more fortunate than others in many respects.
Have phr "Have a Lot to Put Up With" - have much to endure in life or some aspect of life, as work or home life.
Have phr"Have a Mind (head) like a Sieve" - be (habitually) forgetful.
Have phr"Have a Mind of One's Own"" - be capable of independently forming one;s own opinions and decisions. 2. to be determined to act as one thinks is right and suitable for oneself.
Have phr"Have All Day (to Do)" - have all day to spend or waste.
Have phr"Have All the Marks Of" - likely to be somebody or something, because it, he/she shows the signs of being so.
Have phr"Have a Mind To do Something" - have a strong intention to do something.
Have phr"Have a Mouth to Feed" - personally responsible for the welfare and support of an other (usually an infant or child).
Have phr"Have an Axe to Grind" - hold or bear a grudge. 2. a point of view to advocate, esp. motivated by self-interest.
Have phr"Have and to Hold" - to have or recieve, and to keep or retain, indicating continuance of possession.
Have phr"Have an Ear/Eye/ Nose for" - be able to detect, appreciate something because one's sensses are alert or well trained.
Have phr"Have an Ear to the Ground" - remain alert for new information or news about.
Have phr"Have an Old Head On Young Shoulders" - have as a young person, wisdom, caution, tastes that are associated with more mature or adult persons. -
Have phr"Have a Right to Do Something" - entitled or fully justified in doing something
Have phr"Have a Ring Of Truth" - said or presented, or by what is being said seems to be true.
Have phr"Have a Roof Over One's Head" - have a place of one's own to live in.
Have phr"Have a Say" - be involved in deciding future events
Have phr"Have a Shot Left in One's Locker" - fig. have a remaining source of money, influence, information, argument, etc that one can use.
Have phr"Have a Sinking Feeling" - have a sensation of panic, helpless or fear.
Have phr"Have Somebody's (Bare) Words For (Something)" - have only what somebody says or promises without without also having (esp. written ) proof or supporting evidence.
Have phr"Have a Stake In" - have invested money, effort etc in something (and therefore stand to lose or gain).
Have phr"Have a Sting in the Tail" - have an unsuspected and unpleasant feature or result.
Have phr"Have a Sweet Tooth" - be fond of, greedy for, sweet food and drinks.
Have phr"Have At" - try to achieve or do something different and challenging.
Have phr"Have a Thick Head" - have a dull or stupid mind. 2. have a mind temporarily confused by alcohol or drugs.
Have phr"Have a Thick Skin" - have a high degree of sensitivity to criticism. (antonymous: 'Have a Thin Skin').
Have phr"Have a Think About" - consider, ponder, reflect on.
Have phr"Have a Way of Doing Something" - be apt, likely, to do something or behave in a particular manner.
Have phr"Have a Way With" - have a natural flair for. 2. be able with charm or force of personality, to lead or captivate others.
Have phr"Have a Whale of a Time" - have a very enjoyable time. 2. enable somebody to have an enjoyable time.
Have phr"Have What It Takes" - have the necessary qualities of character, intelligence, special abilities to do something.
Have phr"Have a Wicked Tongue" - have the habit of speaking unkindly.
Have phr"Have a Will of Iron" have the firm determination to achieve what one wants or think s right.
Have phr"Have a Will of One's Own" - have sufficient independence, at least equal to that of somebody else, and of the opinion and determination to do what one wants.
Have phr"Have a Word in Someone's Ear" - speak or do something in private. 2,. have a quiet word of advice.
Have phr"Have a Word With" - speak to somebody, esp. to make inquiries, seek advice, or reprimand.
Have phr"Have Back" - have something returned which has been borrowed. 2. allow a spouse or lover from whom one is separated to return.
Have phr"Have Both Feet on the Ground" - have plenty of commonsense. 2. know what one is doing and why. 3. of one not likely to be led into into foolish actions or undertakings.
Have phr"Have By" - have a child by.
Have phr"Have Clean Hands" - have committed no crime, or done no wrong or harm.
Have phr"Have Done It this Time" - have done something serious that cannot be undone. 2. have made a serious, or foolish blunder in speech or conduct.
Have phr"Have Done With" - be finished with
Have phr"Have Down" - to have somebody stay at one home.
Have phr"Have Elbow Room" - have sufficient space beside, or all round, one to move one's elbows sideways, sit comfortably. 2. have freedom, within certain limits, to experiment, negotiate, manouever.
Have phr"Have Everything But" - have almost all the things that one needs for a task etc (perhaps) except for one, often vital, thing.
Have phr"Have Eyes For" - as 'only have eyes for' to be exclusively interested in.
Have phr"Have Eyes in One's Head" - be observant, be able to notice one's surroundings, and what somebody else is doing.
Have phr"Have Eyes In the Back of One's Head" - seem to have the ability to see in all directions at once, because of what is going on a round them.
Have phr"Have Feelings On" - be concerned with, or involved with.
Have phr"Have Feet of Clay" - have some fundamental weakness or fault that injury, challenge or attack will reveal.
Have phr"Have For" - be interesting (a book), attractive to (a woman).
Have phr"Have Got To" - must; have to.
Have phr"Have Green Fingers" - have greater than usual ability to grow plants.
Have phr"Have Had Enough" - be unable or unwilling to stand anymore of something, pain, disappointment, disloyalty.
Have phr""Have Had It" - to have one's fate finally decided. 2. to be defeated, ruined, broken down, had enough. 3. have died, failed, lost or missed an opportunity; dead, killed.
Have phr"Have Had It Up to Here" - to be fed up or had enough of some unpleasant or unsatisfactory situation. 3. despite one efforts and striving it is time to give up.
Have phr"Have Had One's Day" - be too old, worn out, not be able to function as one used to.
Have phr"Have High Hopes" - be ambitious and optimistic in one's hopes.
Have phr"Have I News for You" - i have something important, scandalous, to tell you.
Have phr"Have In Hand" - be started or undertaking something, as a job, etc.
Have phr"Have In Mind" - be considering contemplating, propose, intend, remember.
Have phr"Have In One's Spell" - exert a magic power or control over.
Have phr"Have It" - to have a solution or answer to. 2. to be considered successful.
Have phr"Have It All" - to be highly successful in most things in life.
Have phr"Have It Away (with) - have sexual intercourse or make love, implying that the love-making is illicit or at least furtive.
Have phr"Have It Coming" - to deserve what has happened to oneself/another.
Have phrHave It In For (Somebody)" - to have something unpleasant or trouble in store for. 2. to have a grudge, ill-will or dislike for.
Have phr"Have It In One" - to have the ability to do something quickly and efficiently.
Have phr"Have It Made" - be sure of continued success.
Have phr"Have It Off With" - to be have it off with: to possess sexually.
Have phrHave It On" - to have an advantage over. 2. to be superior to. 3. to have the pull over. 4. to have it over.
Have phr"Have It One's Own Way" - get what one wants; ensure one wishes are met.
Have phr"Have It Out" - to bring a situation, conflict, grievance, problem to a head. 2. to continue a fight or discussion to a final solution.
Have phr"Have It (So) Good" - to have life and advantages as one who hope for. 2. enjoy prosperity, comfortable conditions of life.
Have phr"Have It Your Way" - It(something) will be done your way. 2. you will get your way.
Have phr"Have More Goodness in One's Finger than(Somebody)" - be very good, more virtuous, better kinder person than another,
Have phr"Have More than One's Fair Share" - have more than usual or expected, amount of something 9with almost the implication that others are entitled or deprived.
Have phr"Have No Business Doing" - do what is not one's duty or responsibilty. 2. be wring , foolish interfering in doing something.
Have phr"Have No Call to Do (Something)" - have no need, reason, or excuse to do something.
Have phr"Have No Fears For" - not alarmed or frighten.
Have phr"Have No Hard Feelings" - have or retain no bitter feelings of resentment.
Have phr"Have Nothing Better to Do" - have nothing worthwhile to do.
Have phr"Have Nothing Between One's Ears" - be stupid, frivolous, or superficial.
Have phr"Have Nothing On" - to have no advantage or superiority over; as opposed to 'having something over (often incriminating)somebody'.
Have phr"Have Nothing to Do with" - dissociate oneself from.
Have phr"Have Nothing to Hide" - be frank or honest in a particular action.
Have phr"Have Nothing to Speak Of" - have little or nothing to deserve mention or attract merit.
Have phr"Have No Time for" - dislike, not tolerate, have a low or poor opinion of.
Have phr"Have No Time to Lose" - need to hurry, act swiftly, in order to do something; prevent an incident, accident, or disaster. 2. make use of an opportunity while it is available.
Have phr"Have Nothing to Write Home Of" - have nothing that is fine or outstanding.
Have phr"Have On" - to be prepared to accept an other's proposition. 2. to confront someone.
Have phr"Have On" - to be wearing, clothed.
Have phr"Have One Eye On" - give part of one's attention to one thing, while the rest is engaged somewhere else.
Have phr"Have One Foot in the Grave" - be so old or ill that one is not likely to live much longer.
Have phr"Have One Over Eight" - be drunk.
Have phr"Have One's Ducks In a Row" - the organizing one's tasks and schedules so that you are ready for the next step.
Have phr"Have Oneself" - to indulge oneself.
Have phr"Have One's Eye On" - have chosen somebody or someone as a desirable conquest, acquisition,etc.
Have phr"Have One's Hands" - have goods that one does not need and would like to sell. 2. have a responsibility that one finds irksome.
Have phr"Have One's Hands Full" - be very busy or fully occupied. 2. have plenty of work to do.
Have phr"Have One's Hands Tied" - be restricted by rules and regulations.
Have phr"Have One's Name on It" - the addressing of an individual by a single name or mononym.
Have phr"Have One's Own Way" -
Have phr"Have One's Pound of Flesh" - have the amount of anything due to one legally or by previous agreement, though hardship, suffering and even death (of the other person) may result from obtaining it.
Have phr"Have One's Say" - be allowed to express one's opinion , have one's coomments advice,etc. listened to in full whether these are accepted or not.
Have phr"Have One's Tail Between One's Legs" - have a feeling of dejection, apprehension, humiliation or surrender.
Have phr"Have One's Way With" - have sexual intercourse with someone (typically implying it is against their better judgement).
Have phr"Have One's Wicked Way" - have sexual intercourse with someone (typically implying it is against their better judgement).
Have phr"Have One's Wits about Them" - able to think clearly and express ones thoughts in a diverting and often sharp observation and remarks.
Have phr"Have On One's Mind" - be thinking about, and worried or concerned by, some problem.
Have phr"Have On One's Self" -things one is carrying on one's person (in one's pocket or handbag).
Have phr"Have On the Brain" - be greatly preoccupied or obsessed, with something.
Have phr"Have Out" - caused to be removed by a surgeon or dentist.
Have phr"Have Out (With)" - discuss a matter frankly, and often angrily.
Have phr"Have Pins and Needles" - have a pricking sensation, esp in the limbs, when bood starts to flow freely again after being pressure or being in a cramped position..
Have phr"Have Rather" - prefer.
Have phrHave Seen Better Days" - one's fortune has been much better in the past.
Have phr"Have Seen It All" - have a long and rich experience of life in general or something specific.
Have phrHave Seen One's Days" - to be beyond one's prime. 2 to be no longer useful, effective or functional.
Have phr"Have Someone's Back" - to be willing to support and defend somebody.
Have phr"Have Someone by the Short Hairs"- to have someone in a difficult situation in which he or she is without alternatives and can be controlled.
Have phr"Have Somebody's Ear" - have access to somebody especially on a higher social or administrative level than oneself. 2. be able to influence someone, and/or gain their help.
Have phr"Have Somebody to Thank For" - atribute to someone/ something the responsibility for something which has happen to one.
Have phr"Have Someone's Hide" - to punish and subdue someone. 2. to tan somebody's hide.
Have phr"Have Someone On" - trick, play with.
Have phr"Have Something In One's Blood" - have something as part of one's nature or character.
Have phr"Have Something On" - be ovcupied. 2. be wearing something.
Have phr"Have Something On the Go" - have something currently happening or being done.
Have phr"Have Something to Do With" - be concerned with; involved in.
Have phr"Have the Best Of" - profit best from something.
Have phr"Have the Blues" (OE Blae) - be down, dejected, depressed, gloomy.
Have phr"Have the Brains to Do" - be intelligent enough to do or achieve something.
Have phr"Have the Ear of" - have one's ideas listened to with interest.
Have phr"Have the Edge Over" - be in a position of advantage compared with someone else.
Have phr"Have the Feeling That" - think that something is the case, will happen, etc, though there is no reason to think so.
Have phr"Have the Floor" - a person who is speaking in a debate or discussion.
Have phr"Have the Guts" - have sufficient courage determination or defiance of opposition.
Have phr"Have their Tails Down" - be dispirited, depressed, desolate.
Have phr"Have their Tails Up" - be elated, confident.
Have phr"Have the Last Laugh" - in an alternation of fortune be the one the is finally successful over rivals.
Have phr"Have the Last Word - have the final or closing, and often decisive say, in an discussion or argument
Have phr"Have the Right to Do (something)" - be entitled to possess, enjoy or do something.
Have phr"Have the Run of" - have permission or freedom to move around throughout an area or to use something at will.
Have phr"Have the Time" - know the correct time of day. 2. have sufficient time to do something.
Have phr"Have the Time of One's Life"" - a period or moment of great or exceptional enjoyment.
Have phr"Have the Wind Up" - alarm or frighten, or be alarmed or frighten.
Have phr"Have the Wolf By the Ears" - be in a precarious position.
Have phr"Have Time On One's Hands" - have little work to do ; not be under pressure of work.
Have phr"Have to Do With' - affect, corn, about, be relevant.
Have phr"Have to be Seen to be Believed" - be impossible to be described properly.
Have phr"Have Up" - to cause to go before a court of law or justice; prosecute.
Have phr"Have Up for" - to appear in court charged with sn offence.
Have phrHave Up One's Sleeve" - keep concealed until needed.
Have phr"Have Well in Hand" - be easily able to control something.
Have phr"Have what it Takes" - possess what is needed to successfully do.
Have phr"Have Wind of" - hear a rumor of.
Have phr"Have Words With" - talk angrily with, esp. to reproach or reprimand.
Have phr"Let Someone Have It" - to give one a verbal or physical thrashing, attacking or drubbing.
Have phr"Only Have Eyes For" - as 'have eyes for' to be exclusively interested in.
Have phr"What Have You" - and so on, anything else.
Have-got nOne has acquired considerable wealth; 'the haves'.
Have-less adjWithout possessions, destitute, indigent, needy; have-nothings. 2. without rsources, shiftless, helpless, careless, slovenly.
Have-likeness nA likeness or resemblance.
Haven nRecess, inlet of the sea, or the mouth of a river, affording good anchorage and a safe station for ships; a harbour. 2. a refuge, an asylum.
Haven vbTo shelter a vessel as in a haven.
Havener nA harbour-master.
Havening-stead n Place of security, safety, haven.
Havenless adjWithout a haven; having no haven or place of safety.
Have-not nSomeone who has very little, is quite poor or needy; 'the have and have-nots' - the poor, needy, indigent; a have-nothings.
Have-nothing nSomeone who has nothing, is poor or needy; 'the have-nothings' - the poor, needy, indigent; a have-not.
Haven-town nA seaport town, harbour town.
Haver nA possessor, one who posseessor, owner.
Haves and Have-nots nThe wealthy contrasted with the poor. 2. privileged contrasted with the under-privileged people(reference used being to income but also to wealth, intelligence, talent, etc)
Having nAction or condition expressed by possession. 2. that which one has or possesses; possession, property, wealth, belonging. 3. behaviour, manners, demeanour.
Having adjPossessing property; owning. 2. that has or possesses, possessing property. 3. desirous of having or possessing; greedy, covetous, grasping. 4. behaving.
Havingness n.Desiring of having or having, covetousness.
Haw adj.Blue, azure, bluish, a dull lead blue, greenish-blue.
Haw n.Fruit of the hawthorn. 2. hedge or encompassing tree fence; hence, a piece of enclosed ground; a messuage, a yard, enclosure, close. 3. an ear or head of grass. 4. a thing of no value, stras, galmatia, farrago
Hawbuck n.An unmanneredly lout, country bumpkin
Hawk nAny of various birds of prey, especially of the genera Accipiter and Buteo in the family Accipitridae, by characteristic having a short hooked bill and strong claws used for seizing. 2. any of various similar birds of prey. 3. a person who preys on others; a shark. 4. one who demonstrates an actively aggressive or combative attitude, as in an argument. 6. a person who favors military force or action in order to carry out foreign policy. 7. In politics, one who advocates a hard-line or war-like policy; militarily aggressive.
Hawk vbTo hunt with trained hawks, as in falconry. 2. to pursue prey in flight. 3. to swoop and strike in the manner of a hawk
Hawk phr"Hawk After" - to hunt, endeavour to catch.
Hawk phr"Hawks and Doves" - politically, and generally , the Hawks are those who favor war and resolute military action; the Doves those who support peace or comprise or negotiation.
Hawk phr"Hawk At" - to fly or attack in flight. 2. fig. to let fly at.
Hawker nOne who hunts with hawks, a falconer.
Hawk-eye nA person or animal who has extremely sharp vision or eyesight.
Hawk-eyed adjSharp of vision or sight. 2. having keen or sharp eyesight; having very good eyesight. 3. watching carefully; vigilant.
Hawking nThe sport or practice of chasing birds or small animals by means of trained hawks; falconry.
Hawkish adjSomewhat or the nature or appearance of a hawk. 2. inclined to follow hardline or warlike policies. 3. disposed to rely on military force to resolve a war.
Hawkishly advIn a somewhat hawkish, aggressive, attacking or combative manner.
Hawkishness nThe inclination to follow a hardline or militaristic policies.
Hawk-like adjLike or resembling a hawk.
Hawknose adj.Acqualine; a nose curved like a hawk's beak.
Hawkweed nCommon name for plants of the genus 'Hieracium'.
Hawky adOf the nature of a hawk, greedy as a hawk. 2. pertaining to a hawk. 3. characterized by hawking.
Hawthorn nCoratagus oxyacantha
Hay n.Grass, clover, alfalfa, etc., cut and dried for use as forage. 2. grass mowed or intended for mowing. 3. a small sum of money. 4. a fence, a hedge. 5. an enclosure, park(sl). marijuana. 6. (sl) 'the hay' - bed.
Hay vb.To convert (plant material) into hay. 2. to furnish or supply (horses, cows, etc.) with hay. 3. to cut grass, clover, or the like, and store for use as forage. 4. to make hay; to make into hay. 5. to enclose, fence in or palisade by hedge; to hedge.
Hay phr'Between Hay and Grass" - to late for one and too soon for others.
Hay phr."Hit the Hay" - to go to bed; retire for the night.
Hay phr"In the Hay" - in the hay, in bed; retired, especially for the night.
Hay phr"Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack" - look for something extremely small in a mass of other articles.
Hay phr. "Make Hay of" - to scatter in disorder; render ineffectual.
Hay phr "Make Hay While the Sun Shines" to seize an opportunity when it presents itself..
Hay phr"Neither Hay Nor Grass" - the awkward stage when a youth is neither boy nor man.
Hay phr"That Ain't Hay" - that's a lot money.
Hay-barn nHaysted; hayhouse; a barn or building where hay is stored.
Haybote n.Hedgebote, the right of the tenant or commoner to take materials, such as wood, branches from the landlord's estate or common. 2. wood or thorny branch for the repair of fences.
Hayfield nA field in which hay-making is taking place, or which grass is standing to be cut for hay.
Hayfoot nOne of the alternate marching steps im military drill, as in hayfoot, straw foot: for the alleged use of hay and straw to help recruits tell the difference between left and right.
Hayfork nA long-handled fork for turning or pitching hay by hand. 2. a large power-driven fork for moving hay.
Haying nThe process of cutting, curing and storing hay.
Haylike adjResembling or characteristic of hay.
Hayloft nA storage place for hay over a stable or barn.
Haymaker nA a forceful and wild swinging blow or punch; a knockout punch. 2. one who makes hays, especially one who spreads it to dry; haytedder. 3. a rustic dance; a barn dance.
Haymow nA mass of hay; especially, one stored in a loft or bay. 2. a hayloft.
Hayrick nA large pile of hay stored in the open air, sometimes with a cover. 2. a haystack.
Hayride nA pleasure ride in a wagon half full of hay or straw.
Hayseed nGrain seed; also mingled seed, chaff, etc. that falls from hay, as on a barn floor. 2. a country person, an unsophisticated rustic. 3. the dialects of rustic, country folks.
Haysted nA building for storing hay; a haybarn; hayhouse.
Haysugge nThe hedge sparrow.
Haywain nA cart used for the carrying or transporting hay.
Hayward nAn officer of the manor, township or parish, having charge of fences and enclosures; esp. for keeping cattle from breaking through from the common into enclosed fields. 2. the herdsman of the cattle feeding on the common.
Haywire nWire for binding bales of hay, straw. 2. poorly equipped, roughly constructed, esp by a haywire outfit, whose practice of using haywire for repairs frequently produced shoddy outcomes. 3. of persons, circumstances- disordered, crazy, in an emotional state, tangle-minded, confused.
Haywire phr"To Go Haywire" - to be excited, distracted, disordered, to be in an emotional or mentally unbalanced.
Hazel nA small, Eurpean evergreen tree or shrub which produces edible nuts. 2. any of several Australian shrubs unrelated to the European tree. 3. a reddish or light brown in color.
Hazelly adjOf a reddish or light brown in colour.
Hazel-nut nThe edible nut or fruit of the hazel; also called 'filbert'. 2. the hazel shrub or tree.
Hazelnutty adjResembling or characteristic of the hazel nut.
Hazel-tree nThe Hazel (Corylis) a genus of deciduous trees and large shrubs native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.
Hazelwood nThe wood of the hazel tree.
Hazelwort n.Asarabaca
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