Old EnglishspEnglish
He prn.The Third person singular used to indicate a male person or animal. 2. sometimes used to represent any person whose sex is not specified. 3. used in combination to indicate a male, as 'she-goat'.
He phr"He Said, She Said" - conflicting reports from two or more parties on an issue, often typically involving a situation between a man and a woman with no other witnesses
He phr"He Shoots, She Scores" - said as someone accomplishes something through the actions or misdeeds of others.
He phr"He who Laughs Last Laughs Loudest" - the one who is the winner.
He n.Male He-man adj, particularly strong, virile, masterful man.
Head n.Upper part of a man's or animal's body or anatomy, containing mouth, sense organs and brain; upper part of anything; chief part. 2. something which has the shape function of a head. 3. the leader, commander, chief executive. 4. a way or classifier for counting cattle; by caterers undertaking the organization of a party etc;
Head vbTo take off the head, behead. 2. behead, decapitate. 3. to top off the branches of a tree. 4. to put a head on, to furnish or fit with a head, as an arrow head. 5. to enclose something a barrel or cask. 6. to furnish a headline; place a title. 7. to grow to a head. 9. of a stream - to have a head or source; to take rise; to collect water so as to head or format a headwater. 11. to the lead of head of. 12. to advance, face. 13. to have an upward inclination. 14. to point towards the front. 15. to move forward or advance.
Head sfxFrom Middle English -hed, -hede, attested from the 12th century, continuing a hypothetical Old English *-hǣde ‎(“-hood”), Originally restricted to adjectives, the suffix began to be attached to nouns as well from at least the 15th century, leading to confusion with the -hood suffix (Old English -hād), and finally to the wide replacement of -head by -hood even in adjectives. Used to create nouns indicating a state, similar to the suffix -hood; such as 'godhead,' 'maidenhead,' 2. used to form (usually derogatory) words for people who regularly use a specified drug or other substance, or who are addicted in some way. 3. used to form words to describe people who are fans of something, especially music.
Head phr"Above One's Head" - beyond one's ability to understand; over one's head.
Head phr"A Head For Heights" - not fazed or frightened by heights. 2. a feeling of security when high above the ground.
Head phr"Beat Each Other Over the Head" - to be always fighting.
Head phr"Be a Hot Head" - an impetuous person.
Head phr"Belt Someone Over the Head" - to over ride someone's views or arguments.
Head phr"Better the Head of an Ass, than the Tail of a Horse" - better the foremost amongst the working class, than the lowest among the aristocracy.
Head phr"Bite Someone's Head Off" - to reply or answer curt, irritable, scathing or angrily.
Head phr"Bring To a Head" - to bring an issue, result, conclusion, summing up, culmination, crisis, maturity, pitch, height, strength etc. 2. to gather to a head; draw to a head.
Head phr"Build Up a Head of Steam" - to gain momentum
Head phr"Bury One's Head in the Sand" - to refuse to face up to some unpleasant truth (refers to the reputed habit of the ostrich in danger)
Head phr"By a Short Head" - by a very short margin.
Head phr"By Head and Shoulders" - by force, violently; with thrust, push. 2. fig. of something violently and irrelevantly introduced into a speech of writing.
Head phr"By the Head and Ears" - roughly, violently, as one fig. drags a heart.
Head phr"Can't Make Head Or Tail Of" - either one or the other. 2. anything indefinite or intelligible.
Head phr"Come Into One's Head" - remember; bring to mind, occur to one.
Head phr"Come to or Reach a Head" - to come to a crisis or a climax. 2. reach a critical stage; culmination. 3. suppurate.
Head phr"Do It (Standing)On One's Head" - to do it with ease.
Head phr"Drag Someone by the Head and Ears" - to force a person to reveal the true facts.
Head phr"Eat One's Head Off" - gormandize, over eat or eat excessively.
Head phr"Fall Head or Heels in Love" - to fall very much in love.
Head phr"From Head to Foot/Toe" - all over the person, fig. completely thoroughly, allover.
Head phr"Get a Head Up On" - to gain ascendancy, or power to attain vigor, speed.
Head phr"Get Into One's Head" - come, or cause, to realize or understand.
Head phr"Get It Into One's Head" - form or definite idea or plan, esp. mistakenly or impetuously.
Head phr"Get One's Head Blown Off" - to be very soundly abused.
Head phr"Get One's Head Down" - go to bed (and sleep). 2. concentrate on the task at hand.
Head phr"Get Something Into One's Head" - grasp an idea, or learn, memorize something. 2. decide (often foolishly) to do something.
Head phr"Give a Horse His Head" - make no attempt to curb a horse's speed. 2. not to check or hold him, let him go or run freely and unrestrained.
Head phr"Give Somebody His Head" - allow a person to act freely.
Head phr"Go by the Head" - plunge or sink head foremost.
Head phr"Go Off One's Head" - lose control of one's temper and reason.
Head phr"Go Out Of One's Head" - go mad.
Head phr"Go Over One's Head" - contact somebody's superior or manager.
Head phr"Go To One's Head" - something that makes one arrogant and conceited. 2. something that makes one vain or over-proud. 2. to become a little intoxicated drunk and/or dizzy.
Head phr"Hang One's Head (In Shame)" - be ashamed of oneself.
Head phr"Have a Cloud Hanging Over One's Head" - there's a doubt over one's future.
Head phr"Have a Good Head On One's Shoulders" - to be sensible, able, clever, proficient. 2. to have a good head for; to be adept.
Head phr"Have a Good Head For" - have the ability, flair for.
Head phr"Have a Good Head For Heights" - be untroubled by heights.
Head phr"Have a Head Start" - have an advantage over others.
Head phr"Have an Old Head on Young Shoulders" - experience, knowledge and maturity in a young person.
Head phr"Have a Roof Over One's Head" - to have shelter; own or rent a dwelling.
Head phr"Have a Swollen Head" - be conceited.
Head phr"Have A Threat Hanging Over One's Head' - to fear some intimidated unpleasant action.
Have phr"Have a Tongue in One's Head" - One able to speak, and thus one who can do their own speaking without the help of any other person.
Have phr"Have Eyes in the Back of One's Head" - to know more of what's going on than is generally realised.
Head phr"Have One's Heads In the Clouds" - be daydreaming or unrealistic.
Head phr"Head and Shoulder (Above Others)" - very much better than.
Head phr"Head Back" - get ahead of so as to intercept and turn back.
Head phr"Head First" - with the head foremost; hence, precipitately, headlong, hastily.
Head phr"Head For" - move towards; be on the course that leads to.
Head phr"Head for the Hills" - to seek to escape one's commitments.
Head phr"Heads I Win, Tails you Lose" - which side of the coin will show when tossed.
Head phr"Head in the Clouds" - dream like or not paying attention.
Head phr"Head Off" - to intercept or divert the course of. 2. reach an important place before someone else; thus giving him important news, preventing him from escaping. 3. prevent somebody from moving to a topic that is boring, or embarrassing.
Head phr"Head of Hair" the growth of hair on the head.
Head phr"Head on" - a meeting or confrontation head to head (in person, face to face).
Head phr"Head or Tails" - a call made before tossing a coin to guess which side will fall.
Head phr"Head Over Heels" - originally meant being upside down. 2. to be in love with someone very much. 3. somersaulting or tumbling heels over head. 4. rashly, impetuously in love.
Head phr"Head to Head" - a conversation, confrontation, or contest between two parties. 2. involving two parties confronting one another.
Head phr""Head to Tail" - place, or following each other in a continuous line and all facing in one direction. 2. placed in rows or stacks with the head of one alongside, or on the top of, the tail of the next.
Head phr"Head Up" - to be the leader or manager of; command.
Head phr"Heap Coals of Fire on the Head of Another" - cause people remorse by returning good for evil.
Head phr"He/She Has a Head on his Shoulders" - he/she is clever; has brains.
Head phr"Hit One's Head Against a Stonewall" - to make fruitless attempts against insuperable difficulties.
Head phr"Hit the Nail on the Head" - to arrive at the exact conclusion. 2. to guess right.
Head phr"Hold One's Head High" - -be proud, confident or unashamed.
Head phr"I Can Make neither Head nor Tail of" - I cannot understand it at all. 2. i can make nothing or it.
Head phr"In the Head Of" - in the mind and thoughts of.
Head phr"Keep a Cool Head" - to stay calm and rational in a crisis.
Head phr"Keep One's Head" - to remain or keep calm; to be cool and collected at a critical. 2. to keep one's wits about one, retain self-control; keep calm; 'opposite to lose one's head'.
Head phr"Keep One's Head Above the Ground" - to cope, manage, get by,
Head phr"Keep One's Head Above Water" - lit; and fig. to keep out of debt and insolvency.
Head phr"Keep One's Head Down" - remain inconspicuous, or keep working busily. 2. to work very diligently.
Head phr"Knock Two Heads Together" - threat to put an end to a dispute.
Head phr"Laugh One's Head Off" - to greatly enjoy something.
Head phr"Let One's Go/Have His/Her Head" - allow somebody to act as he/she wishes.
Head phr"Lose One's Head" - to lose control of one's temper; become confused. 2. to lose control of one's life, finance etc. 3. to panic.
Head phr"Make Head Against" - to withstand; make progress.
Head phr"Make Headway" - to advance, to advance in spite of, press forward, esp. in opposition to some person or thing. 2. to resist successfully, rise up in insurrection, revolt against.
Head phr"Make Neither Head Nor Tail of" - not understand something.
Head phr"Make One's Head Spin" - confuse one.
Head phr"Need Something Like a Hole in the Head" - to be landed with an undesirable problem.
Head phr"Need to Have One's Head Read" - to be foolish. 2. you should reconsider this matter.
Head phr"Not Know Whether One Is on One's Hand's Or Heels" - be completely confused.
Head phr"Not Right in the Head" - crazy, mad, a little insane.
Head phr"Of One's Own Head" - out of one's own thought, device, will, of one's own accord, spontaneous.
Head phr"Off One"s Head" - out of one's mind, wits, mad, silly. 2. out of one's head. 3. to be crazy.
Head phr"Off the Top of One's Head" - without reflection, without memory. 2. based on experience but without a detailed consideration.
Head phr"One's Head Swells" - one thinks very highly of themselves.
Head phr"On One's Own Head" - said of evil, vengeance etc., or of blessing, etc.; figured, as 'falling on descending on a person'; also of guilt, responsibility of any kind figured as resting on one.
Head phr"Out Of One's Head" - from one's own head or imagination or invention. 2. crazy, off one's head; unhinged.
Head phr"Over One's Head" - too complex for one's understanding, comprehension, or intellectual capacity. 2. beyond one's level of understanding.
Head phr"Pull One's Head In" - do not interfere in this!
Head phr"Put One's Head Down" - to take a sleep.
Head phr"Put One's Heads Together" - to consult and work together.
Head phr"Put Out Of One's Head" - to cause to forget.
Head phr"Put Something Into One's Head" - to suggest to one's mind; make one think of it; to remind one of it; suggest the idea of it to. 2. to remind or put in the mind of.
Head phr"Put Something Out of One's Head" - deliberating forget.
Head phr"Run One's Head against a Stonewall" - to make fruitless attempts against insuperable difficulties.
Head phr"Shake One's Head" - to indicate disbelief or wonder or disapproval
Head phr"Shout One's Head Off" - to shout or scream loudly.
Head phr"Show One's Head" - to show oneself publicly
Head phr"Soft In the Head" - foolish, slightly mad.
Head phr"Standing on One's Head" - do something with ease, or effortlessly.
Head phr"Take it Into One's Head" - to conceive a notion.
Head phr"Talk One's Head Off" - to talk until someone is too bored or weary to reply.
Head phr"Talk One's Head Off" - talk excessively.
Head phr"That is on Your Head" - you will have to accept responsibility for that.
Head phr"Turn Somebody Head" - to cause a person to get an exaggerated idea ofhis abilities or status.
Head phr"Turn Something on Its Head" - to reverse something.
Head phr"Two Heads are Better than One" - joint effort and co-operation, and sharing of ideas produce better result than individual contribution. 2. two people co-operating have a better chance of solving a problem than one person by himself or herself.
Head phr"Win By a Head" - to win by the length of a horse's head.
Head phr"With One's Head in the Clouds" - daydreaming; unrealistic.
Headache n.Continuous pain in the head. 2. a troublesome or annoying problem.
Headache phr"Be a Headache" - cause difficulty or problems.
Headaching nThe aching of the head.
Headachingly advIn an headaching manner.
Headacheness nstate or condition of suffering from or subject to a headache.
Headachy nInclined to a headache; somewhat headachy.
Headband nA band worn around the head to hold the hair back.
Headboard nA board at the upper end of anything, such as a bedstead, grave.
Headbone n.The skull
Headborough nA parish officer identical in function with a constable; originally, the head of tithing or franking-pledge.
Head-breaker nA complex problem or difficulty that causing some mental anguish, mind-stretcher.
Head-breaking nMental anguish; mental stretching.
Head-cloth nA cloth for covering the head.
Headed adjHaving a head of a specified kind. 2. furnished with a head or tip, as an arrow. 3. that has come to a head or matured. 4. furnished with a headline, written or printed. 4. combining form, as in 'two-heads'
Headedness nThe state or quality of having a head of a specified kind.
Head-end nA control center in a cable television system where various signals are brought together and monitored before being introduced into the cable network
Header n.That or who leads. 2. title at top of a page, as opp. to footer. 3. a piece of text, such as as a page, number or title, that appears at the top of every page about in a document or book. 4. a phrase that is placed at the beginning of what you want to say about the subject. 5. a plunge headfirst into water. 6. to strike ball with head. 7. an executioner.
Headers and tailers nHeaders and tailers are common in speaking, but very uncommon in writing. We use headers when the place information at the foot of what we say. This can help to understand easily what we referring to. The headers is followed by a pronoun which refers back to the header.
Head-felt adjDisturbing to the head (mind0; as 'heart-felt and head-felt difficulty'.
Head first advWith the head foremost; hence, precipitately, headlong, hastily.
Headfold adjA ventral fold formed by growth of the embryonic head.
Headforemost advWith the head first; headfirst; headlong.
Headful adjAs much as the head will hold or contain.
Head-games nAn attempt tp psychologically intimidate someone. 2. psychologically intimidation.
Head gate nThe upstream gate of a canal lock. 2. a watergate or floodgate of any race or sluice.
Head-hell n.Insanity, madness, depression, mental turmoil, craziness, lunacy.
Head-high adjProud; somewhat arrogant.
Headhood nHeadship.
Headhouse nA structure in which the headframe of a mine is housed. 2. a part of a railroad passenger terminal providing accommodations for persons waiting for trains. 3. a service area or building attached to a greenhouse usually for housing the central temperature-control equipment and providing working and storage room
Head-hung adjDespondent.
Head-hunter nA head-hunter who preserves and shrinks human heads.
Head-hunting nThe practice of a head-hunter, who preserves human heads.
Headily advIn a heady manner, headlong, precipitately. self-will, unruly, self-willed.
Headiness nThe condition of heady or intoxicated. 2. the quality or condition of being self-will, obstinate, headstrong etc. 3. rashness, obstinacy.
Heading n.A title or inscription at the head of a page or chapter. 2. homespun cloth. 2. beheading, decapitation, the topping or lopping of tree tops. 4. the action of fitting or furnishing with a heading. 5. culmination, coming to a head; forming a head. 6. the highest point, top, zenith. 7. the compass direction in which the bow or nose of a moving vessel or aircraft is pointed. This is not necessarily the same direction in which the vessel is actually traveling, known as its course; any difference between heading and course is due to the motion of the medium (the air or water) through which the vessel is moving, or other aerodynamic effects such as skidding or slipping. See also bearing.
Headish adjHeady.
Headland n.A promontory. 2. a strip of land in a plowed field, left for convenience in turning the plow at the end of the furrows, or near the border, in old times used as a boundary.
Headless adjWithout a head, decapitated. 2. lacking a leader or leadership.
Headlessly advIn a headless way.
Headlessness nThe state of being headless.
Headlight n.Front light of a vehicle
Head-light(s) nA powerful light, as at the front of a locomotive, motor car, ship, or a rail vehicle.
Head-like adjIn the form of a head or skull.
Headline(s) nThe line at the top of newspaper; a caption.
Headlines phr"Hit the Headlines" - make headlines.
Headliner nThe main attraction at a theatrical performance. 2. the actor or performer whose name appears in large letters.
Headling n.Fellow, mate, equal. 2. chieftain, prime minister, leader.
Headlock nA wrestling grip in which the head is held between the opponent's arm and body.
Headlong adjPrecipitous, rushing, rash, impetuous, quick (without thought). 2. steep, precipitous, rash, reckless.
Headlong adv.Head foremost in a rush; without thought or regard, precipitately, impetuously. 2. with the head foremost, rashy, hastily, precipitately.
Headlongingly advIn a headlong manners.
Headlongness nHeadlong quality or speed; rashness, precipitation.
Headlouse nA louse of the variety which infests the hair of the human head.
Headly advIn a heady manner, impetuously, precipitately, headily.
Headman n.A chief, leader, executive. 2. a leader or person of authority in a community.
Headmark nThe peculiarity of head, face, and features which distinguishes each individual of a species. 2. a headland marking the limits of a field.
Headmark phr"To Know By Headmark" - to know or recognize by personal appearance or face.
Headmaster nThe principal teacher in a school.
Headmasterly adjIn the manner of the headmaster: authoritative and scholarly.
Headmost adjMost advanced; foremost.
Headness nThe state or position of being a head, leader, director or manager.
Head-on adjCollision met directly head-to-head. 2. front end to front end.
Headmost adj.Foremost. 2. most forward or advanced in order of progression; esp. said of the foremost ship of a line. 3. foremost of any advanced series, topmost.
Head-on adjA head-to-head collision of two vehicles.
Head on advWith the head pointed directly towards running full against or towards something. 2. of a collision involving the direct meeting of the front of two vehicles.
Head-pan nSkull, brain pan; brain box.
Head-race nThe channel by which water is led to a waterwheel, or to any machinery.
Headrest nAny device to support the head.
Headroom nIn an enclosed place , e.g. in a motor car, the amount of space between the occupant and the roof.
Head-sea nWaves meeting a ship especially at its bow.
Head-shake nA shake of the head.
Head-shake vbTo shake the head in agreement or disapproval.
Head-shaking nThe act of shaking one's head, in agreement or disapproval.
Head-shaving nThe practice of shaving the hair from a person's head. At different times and places people have shaved all or part of their heads for very diverse reasons including practicality, convenience, low maintenance, fashion, style, religion, culture, and aesthetics.
Head shell nA headpiece designed to be attached to the end of a turntable or record player's 'tone arm' and the cartridges bolted to it.
Headship n.Office of chief, principal, supremo, governor; leader. 2. the first place or position, supremacy, primacy.
Head shot nA photograph of someone'shead. 2. a gunshot to the head.
Head-shrinker nA head-hunter who preserves and shrinks human heads. 2. a psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.
Head-shrinking nThe practice of preserving human heads.
Headskin n.The scalp
Head-silver n.A subsidy
Headsman nA public executioner
Headspring nThe fountain-head or main source of a stream. 2. the chief source of anything. 3. the cornerstone of a building. 4. an upright stone of the head of a grave; gravestone.
Head stall nThe part of the bridle that fits over the horse's head.
Head stand nThe act of holding one body upside-down in a vertical position, with one weight resting on one's head and, usually, on one's hands or arms.
Headstart nAn advantage at the beginning of a race or, in general, any type of contest or competition.
Head stock nOne of the various devices supporting the end or head of a part or member, as the live spindle of the lathe.
Headstone n.Tombstone: the stone at the head of a grave. 2. the cornerstone or keystone of a structure.
Headstops nA stopping with the head falling downward or headlong.
Headstream nThe headwaters of a stream, river or waterway.
Headstrong adj.Of persons: self-willed, determined to have one's own way to pursue one's own course. 2. wilful, obstinate, violently self-willed. 2. of things, actions, etc, characterized by or proceeding from wilfulness of obstiancy.
Headstrongly advIn a headstrong manner.
Head-strongness nThe quality of being strong-willed, obstinate, stubborn. 2. the quality of 'going to the head' or affecting the senses as intoxicating liquor.
Head teacher nThe teacher in charge of a school.
Heads-up adjA warning or call to pay attention. 2. an advisory notice; a notice of what is to happen; a holler.
Headswoman nA midwife.
Head-to-head adjA conversation, confrontation, or contest between two parties. 2. involving two parties confronting one another.
Head-to-head advConfronting another party.
Headwall nIn civil engineering a small retaining wall placed at the outlet of storm water pipe or culvert.
Headward nThe guarding or protection of the Lord's (of the manor) 'head' (life). 2. attendance as a guard upon the lord or king.
Headward adjBeing in the region or in direction of the head.
Headward(s) advTowards or in the direction of the head.
Headward phr"To the Headward" - towaqrds the head; in the direction of the head. 2. of a ship: in advance, ahead.
Headwark nA pain in the head, headache ('bellywark' -bellyache).
Head-washing nAn old dialect expression for drinking to the health of a newborn.
Headwater-mark nA mark showing the highest water-level reached. 2. a mark showing the highest watermark allowed above a weir.
Headwater(s) nA stream from the source of a river. 2. the waters near or at the source of any stream, river or the like.
Headway n.Of a ship: motion ahead or forward; rate of progress. 2. fig. advance, progress (in general). 3. the room over one's head. 4. the clear height of a doorway, arch, tunnel or the like. 5. the internal of time or distance between two consecutive trains, trams, buses etc., running on the same route and same direction.
Headway phr"Make Headway" - to progress, go forward; get on. 2. to struggle effectually against something.
Headwear nClothing, coverings worn on the head.
Headwell n.Fountain-head, headspring, watershed.
Headwind nA wind from ahead, blowing directly opposite to the course of a ship, airplane, etc.
Headwise advTowards or in the direction of the head.
Headwise adjRelating or concerning the head.
Headword n.Word forming a heading, headline, keyword. 2. a word written or printed at the top or beginning of a chapter, paragraph, etc. 3. a word or expression that introduces or begins, as a chapter.
Headwork nMental work, or labor, brain work, work using the mind.
Headworker nOne who works with the mind or intellect. 2. one who works with the head or mind, etc.
Headwrong adjMistaken or in error.
Heady adjHeadlong, precipitous, impetuous, violent, headstrong, wilful, hurried in passion. 2. of a person: domineering, overbearing, passionately, desirous of something. 3. of a stream, waterway, current : impetuous, strong, raging. 4. apt to affect the head (senses) - or intoxicate with a stupefying quality. 5. turning the head, giddy.
Heady brew nStrong alcoholic liquor. 2. of a novel or film a complex story line.
Heady-minded adjRash or impetuous. 2. exhilarating.
Heal nHealth.
Heal vbTo welfare fortunately. to heal spiritually, spiritual well being; soul -heal; salvation. 2. to grow sound; to return to a sound state; as, the limb heals, or the wound heals. 3. to make hale, sound, or whole; to cure of a disease, wound, or other derangement; to restore to soundness or health. 4. to remove or subdue; to cause to pass away; to cure. 5. to restore to original purity or integrity. 6. to reconcile, as a breach or difference; to make whole; to free from guilt; as, to heal dissensions.
Heal vbCover, hell, as a roof, with tiles, slate, lead, or the like.
Heal phr"Evil Heal" - disaster, harm; to turn out disastrously, unfortunately.
Heal phr"Good Heal" - welfare, fortune. 2. fare well or fortunately.
Heal phr"Heal Over" - (cause to) or be sealed (with the growth of tissue). 2. of quarrels: cause to end, be mended.
Heal phr"Heal Up" - get, make, completely better.
Heal phr"Heal Wounds" - to bring about reconciliation.
Heal-all nA panacea.
Heald nAn O.E. word appears to be applied to the threads of the warp or woofs themselves. 2. in weaving, a device for holding and guiding the heddles in a loom.
Healed adjRestored to health; cured, return to well-being; sanified.
Healend n.One that saves or heals; 'The Saviour'. In OE, regularly used instead of the proper name: Jesus Christ.
Healer nA healing substance, medicine or medication. 2. one who heals others; a doctor.
Healful adjFraught with health; well-being, wholesome, salubrious, saved.
Healing nThe act or process of making or being whole, sound or weel. 2. a cure
Healing adjTending to cure or restore to health. 2. soothing, mollifying, as the healing art. 3. the means of making healthy; curing.
Healingly advSo as to heal or cure.
Heal-less adjDeprived of health or well-being; incurable.
Healness nWelfare, salvation.
Healsfang nIn Saxon law, a kind of pillory, by which the head of the culprit was caught between two boards, as feet as caught in a pair of stocking. 2. a fine prescribed in substitution for capital and other punishment.
Healsome adjWholesome, salutary, healthful.
Heal-someness nWholesomeness, healthfulness, well-beingness.
Health nA healthy state of wellbeing free from disease. 2. the general condition of body and mind; hale, sound, whole. 2. the state of being hale, sound, or whole, in body, mind, or soul; especially, the state of being free from physical disease or pain. 3. . a wish of health and happiness, as in pledging a person in a toast. "Come, love and health to all."
Healthcare nThe prevention, treatment, and management of illness or the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by medical, nursing and allied health professions.
Health-food nAny food tha is especially beneficial to health.
Healthful adjPromoting or conducive to bodily health;health-giving, salubrious, wholesome.
Healthfully advIn a healthful or wholesome manner
Health-fullness nThe condition or quality being healthful; wholesome, salubrity,
Health-giver nOne who provides care to the elderly and those chronically ill. 2. any thing that promotes good health.
Health-giving adjOf food, and other properties, like water, etc. promoting good health and physical well-being
Healthily advIn a healthy manner.
Healthiness nHealthy quality or condition, salubrously .
Healthing nThe furthering or improving on health. 2. the drinking to the of; (toasts/toasting)
Healthless adjWithout health; out of health. 2. destitute of bodily, mental or spiritual health; unhealthy.
Health-lessness nUnwholesome, unhealthiness.
Healthsome adjFull of health, possessing good health, healthy. 2. bestowing health, (bodily, mental, or spiritual); wholesome, salutary.
Health-someness nWellspring of all healthsomeness.
Health span nA person's health span is the length of time that the person is healthy—not just alive.
Healthward adjTending in the direction of good health.
Health-warning nAn official edict that a particular substance or activity is dangerous. 2. an indication or admission that an opinion may be biased (colloquial).
Healthwise advWith regard to health.
Healthy adjhale, salubrious, wholesome. 2. being in a state of health; enjoying health. 3. free from disease. 4. conducive to or promoting health. 5. financially secure. 6. exercising sound or good judgement. 7. healthy in amount, extent, degree.
Healthy-looking adjAppearing in good physical condition. 2. smooth, radiant, beaming.
Healthy-minded adjWholesome of mind and emotion: optimistic, happy and hopeful.
Healthy-mindness nThe sate or condition of being sound of mind, optimistic, happy and hopeful.
Heam nThe afterbirth of an animal. (Compare Old English: cildhamma - womb)
Hean adj.Mean, abject, poor, humble, lousy.
Hean vb.To beat with contumity. 2. to insult, humilate, debase lower.
Heanling nA base, abject, mean person.
Heap nAn old car or automobile. 2. a collection of things or objects placed or thrown on top of each other. 3. a multitude, a great number of persons or animals.
Heap vbArrange in heaps. 2. give to in large amounts, amass, pile or accumulate
Heap phr"Be at the Bottom of the Heap" - be in the lowest position of a hierarchy.
Heap phr"Fall in a Heap' - (of a proposal) to collapse utterly.
Heap phr"Heap Coals of Fire on the Head of Another" - cause people remorse by returning good for evil.
Heap phr"Heap Together" - put together in one mass.
Heap phr"Heap Up" - pile up, accumulate, gather in a mass. 2. place heaps on.
Heap phr"Heap Upon" - place in heaps on. 2. award to, address to, in abundance.
Heap phr"Heap With" - heap on, or upon.
Heap phr"In a Heap" - (of a body) - in a mass, state of collapse, shapeless, inert lump.
Heap phr"In Heaps" - in large quantity, numbers.
Heap phr"On a Heap" - on a large prostate mass.
Heap phr"On Heap" - massed together.
Heap phr"Struck All Of a Heap" - struck with astonishment.
Heap-cloud nCumulus.
Heaped adjGathered or thrown into a heap. 2. having the contents piled up above the brim instead of being levelled. 3. accumulated, stored.
Heaper nOne who accumulates in heaps or heaps up.
Heapful adjFull and heaped up.
Heapily advIn a manner or way of accumulation or heaping.
Heapiness nThe state or condition of being heaped, piled up or accumulated.
Heaping nThe action of making up heap, accumulation.
Heaping adjA mounting up; piling up.
Heaply advIn an accumulating or heaping-up manner.
Heap-meal advIn heaps, in large quantities or numbers.
Heaps nA lot of, a great mass, a pile of.
Heap-sea nHeavy seas.
Heapy adjFull or consisting of heaps. 2. gathered, lying in heaps.
Hear vbTo perceive sounds through the ear. 2. to perceive (a sound, or something producing a sound) with the ear, to recognize (something) in an auditory way. 3. to exercise this faculty intentionally; to listen to. 4. to listen favourably to; to grant (a request etc.). 5. to receive information about; to come to learn of. 6. to listen to (a person, case) in a court of law; to try. 7. to sympathize with; to share the feeling or opinion of.
Hear-hearer nOne who leads the hear-hearing.
Hear phr"Hear a Whisper" - learn of a rumor .
Hear phr"Hear From" - receive a communication or letter from.
Hear phr"Hear! Hear!" Exclamation to call attention to the speaker's

words; hence, a general expression of approbation or cheering.

Hear phr"Hear Of /Have Heard Of" - to have become or been made aware of (fact, information, news, reports)in the case of one's experience. 2. be informed of (negative " Never to have heard of it" & "Not Heard of" : extraordinary, unique.
Hear phr"Hear Out" - listen sympathetically to. 2. listen to someone until they have finished their remarks.
Hear phr"Hear the Last Of" - be finished with somebody or something as a subject of discussion or argument. 2. be finished with, have to cope with, or be affected by.
Hear phr"Hear To" - to listen to; to hear of.
Hear phr"Hear Ye" - listen, hearken!"
Hear phr"I Never Heard Such a Thing" - how extraordinary, unusual.
Hear phr"I Never Heard That One Before" - I do not believe you.
Hear phr"Its Unheard of" - extraordinary, unique.
Hear phr"I Will not Hear Of It" - I wont accept it or endorse it.
Hear phr"Like To Hear Oneself Talking" - to be very fond of talking.
Hear phr"Lose One's Hearing" - become deaf
Hear phr"Never Hear the End" - be constantly reminded of something.
Hear phr"Not Heard of" - refuse or consider to allow any such thing, or such a thing.
Hear phr"Not To Hear Day or Door" - not hear distinctly; deaf.
Hear phr"Not To Hear Oneself" - not to be able to think because of the noise; or goings-on.
Heard adjPerceived by the ear.
Hearer nOne who hears. 2. an auditor, listener. 3. one who hears cases; judge. 4. one who receives oral instructions or attends lectures or sermons. 5. a disciple. 6. one admitted to hear the scriptures read and receive instructions.
Hearing nThe perception by the ear of auditory sense. 2. the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived; audition.
Hearing adjThat hears.
Hearing phr"Be Hearing Things" - hear something that was not said.
Hearing phr"Come To One's Hearing - - knowledge gained by hearing or becoming informed.
Hearing phr"Get a Fair Hearing" - receive an impartial assessment.
Hearing phr"Hard Of Hearing" - partially deaf.
Hearing phr"In One's Hearing" - in such a position to be heard.
Hearing phr"Lose One's Hearing" - become deaf.
Hearing phr"Out of One's Hearing" - not within one's hearing; not to be heard.
Hearing phr"Within One's Hearing" - at such a distance as to be heard.
Hearing phr"You Must be Hearing Things" - hear something that was not meant or not said.
Hearing-dog nA dog that assists persons suffering hearing loss and deafness.
Hearingless nDestitute of the faculty of hearing; deaf.
Hearing loss nA medical problem caused by noise, aging, disease, heredity etc. involving both the ear's ability to detect sounds and the brain's ability to interpret those sounds, including the sounds of speech.
Hearingly advIn a listening and hearing manner.
Hearken vbHarken; to apply the ears to hear; listen, give ear to. 2. to listen privily to. 2. to eaves-drop; play the eaves-dropper. ++++++
Hearkener nOne who listens or gives ear to. 2. a listener. 3. an eavesdropper; a scout.
Hearkening nThe giving of ear to; hearing with attention. 2. listening, the givingof attention to.
Hearsay n.Rumor, information not based on personal knowledge, but heard indirectly. 2. to tell what one has heard; to repeat rumours or information second-hand.
Hearsay-knowing nKnown by hearsay or report.
Hearsay-man nA book-philospher; dilettante.
Hearsay-witness nOne (a witness)- who has no personal or first-hand knowledge of a matter before a court.
Hear-so n.One who hears so. 2. a fact, based on personal knowledge through hearing.
Hear-so phr"One Eyewitness Is Better than Two Hear-so's" - seeing is believing or proof.
Hearsome adjReady to hear; obedient , compliant, dutiful, devout.
Hearsomeness nObedience; submission to authority.
Hearsum adjReady to hear; obedient, compliant, devout.
Hearsum vbTo obedient, to obey, to revere.
Heart n.Hollow organ which makes the blood circulate. 2. seat of the emotions and affections. 3. mind, soul, courage. 4. the middle or centre of anything
Heart vbOf plants: to form a dense compact head.
Heart phr"After One's Own Heart" - suiting one perfectly; conforming to one's ideas; to one's own taste. 2. of the kind one likes.
Heart phr"At Heart" - at the center or bottom ; essentially substantially; in fact or character. 2. mainly, really.
Heart phr"At the Heart Of" - to have as an object at the centre of welfare of.
Heart phr"Be Hardhearted" - be unsympathetic.
Heart phr"Be In Good Heart" - to be cheerful, in adversity.
Heart phr"Be of Good Heart" - to be brave in adversity.
Heart phr"Break One's Heart" - to waste away or die of disappointment.
Heart phr"Break the Heart Of (Someone)" - to overwhelm or crush with sorrow. 2. cause (one) sorrow.
Heart phr"By Heart" - in one's inmost thoughts or 'feelings'. 2. in one's actual character or disposition. 3. inwardly, secretly, at the bottom of, in reality. 4. in the memory of; for memory by rote.
Heart phr"Dear to One's Heart" - near or dear to one's affection.
Heart phr"Do One's Heart Good" - make one glad, happy or rejoicing at this.
Heart phr"Eat One's Heart Out" - to suffer or pine away with vexation or longing. 2. to suffer bitterly.
Heart phr"Find in One's Heart" - be hardhearted enough. 2. to feel inclined or willing. 3. to prevail upon oneself (to do something).
Heart phr"For One's Heart" - in one's life. 2. to save one's life.
Heart phr"From One's Heart" - out of the depth of one's soul. 2. with all sincerity of one's deepest feeling.
Heart phr"From the Bottom of One's Heart" - most or very sincerely.
Heart phr"Give Someone Heart" - to inspire confidence; embolden, encourage, cheer up, in spirit, animate, cheer up. 2. to supply with physical strength or stimulus.
Heart phr"Have a Heart!" - be reasonable. 2. have compassion.
Heart phr"Have a Heart of Oak " - loyal, trustwothy.
Heart phr"Have a Heart of Glass" - have a heart that breaks easily.
Heart phr"Have a Heart of Gold" - be very kind and considerate.
Heart phr"Have a Heart of Stone" - be totally unfeeling.
Have phr"Have a Heart to Heart Talk" - have a confidential discussion on a highly personal matter.
Heartphr"Have at Heart" - to have an object in which one is deeply interested,
Heart phr"Have No Heart" - be insensitive or unsympathetic.
Heart phr"Have No Heart For" - be unenthusiastic.
Heart phr"Have One's Heart in One's Boots" - be in a state of despair. 2. to be terrified.???????
Heart phr"Have One's Heart at Tongue's End" - to be always ready to speak what on one's mind.
Heart phr"Have One's Heart in One's Mouth" - be very apprehensive or frightened.
Heart phr"Have One's Heart In Something" - be enthusiastic about and committed to a cause.
Heart phr"Have the Heart (to)" - to be courageous enough to do something different. 2. be merciful, show pity.
Heart phr"Have Two Hearts" - indicating duplicity or insincerity.
Heart phr"Heart and Soul" - the whole of one's affection and energies; with one's whole being.
Heart phr"Heart of Hearts" - the centre or depth of one's inmost feelings.
Heart phr"Heart to Heart" - an intimate conversation, candid, frank, sincere.
Heart phr"If It Were Not for Hope, the Heart Would Break" - hope wards off complee despair.
Heart phr"In Good Heart" - cheerful, happy.
Heart phr"In Heart" - in good spirits.
Heart phr"In One's Heart of Hearts" - in the innermost, most secure recesses of one's heart.
Heart phr"Know by Heart" - know from memory, memorize. remember well facts and details about something.
Heart phr"Know in One's Heart of Hearts" - to know something while reluctant to admit it, even to oneself.
Heart phr"Learn by Heart" - learn by rote or by memorizing.
Heart phr'Lose (One's) Heart" - fig. to lose courage or confidence, become discouraged; less enthusiastic. 2. to stop believing that you can succeed.
Heart phr"My Heart Smote Me" - to have a conscience; a moral sense about things.
Heart phr"Near to One's Heart" - among things that most affect or concern one.
Heart phr"Not Have the Heart to" - be unwilling to.
Heart phr'Not Have One's Heart in It" - be unenthusiastic.
Heart phr"One's Heart and Soul" - all, or a great deal of, of one's energy, enthusiasm, devotion, sincerity of feeling.
Heart phr"One's Heart Bleeds for (Somebody)" - one feels great sympathy, pity, sorry for the fate of others.
Heart phr"One's Heart Goes Out to (Somebody) - one feels great sympathy for somebody (usually meant sincerely).
Heart phr"One's Heart Is at One's Heels" - extreme fear or dejection.
Heart phr"One's Heart Misses a Bet" - a sudden surge of fear, hope or other emotion, causes a break or catch, real or imagined, in one's heartbeat or breathing.
Heart phr"One's Heart Stands Still" - one is very afraid.
Heart phr"Out Of Heart" - in low spirits, discouraged, disheartened. 2. without sanguine hope.
Heart phr"Pluck or 'Gather Up' One's Heart" - be courageous, brave. (the heart as the seat of
Heart phr"Pull at One's Heart Strings" - stimulate feeling of pathos, sympathy. 2. affect one emotionally.
Heart phr"Put One's (fresh)Heart Into Something" - be energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, zealous.
Heart phr"Put Into One's Heart" - to restore to good spirits.
Heart phr'Set One's Heart at Rest" - be quite easy about the matter.
Heart phr"Sick at Heart" - thoroughly dejected and dispirited.
Heart phr"Steal Someone's Heart" - acquire the love and affection of.
Heart phr"Steel Someone's Heart Against" - suppress one's natural emotions.
Heart phr"Take Heart (from something)" - be encouraged by something.
Heart phr"Take Someone to One's Heart" - receive encouragement; moral support.
Heart phr"Take Something to Heart" - take seriously, or be upset or offended by.
Heart phr"Take to Heart" - be much affected or distressed by.
Heart phr"The Heart is the Seat Of the Soul" - mental or intellectual faculties; often, understanding, intellect, mind; less so: memory
Heart phr"This Does My Heart Good" - I rejoice at this.
Heart phr"Warm the Cockles of One's Heart" - to delight a person.
Heart phr"Wear One's Heart on One's Sleeve" - to expose one's feelings, wishes, intentions to everyone.
Heart phr"Win the Heart Of" - gain the love or admiration of.
Heart phr"Win the Heart and Minds (of)" - a concept of war, conflict, disputation etc in which one one side seeks to prevail not by use of superior force or influence, but by making of soft power, emotional or intellectual appeals to sway supporters of the other side.
Heart phr"With a Heart and a Heart" - with great pleasure, willingly.
Heart phr"With a Heavy (Sinking) Heart" - with a feeling of despondency and sadness.
Heart phr"With a Light Heart" - with a feeling of happiness.
Heart phr"With All My Heart and Soul" - with great sincerity, intensity, earnestness or devotion; now chiefly in a weakened sense. 2. with the utmost goodwill or pleasure. 3. sincerely; with all goodwill.
Heart phr"With Half a Heart" - halfheartedly; with divided affection or enthusiasm.
Heart phr"With Heart and Hand" - with will, enthusiasm and execution; ready and willingly; with alacrity.
Heart phr"With One's Whole Heart" = with enthusiasm; without reservation, doubt, whole-hearted.
Heart phr"Young at Heart" - with a young person's outlook, although no loner young.
Heartache nPain and anguish of the mind.
Heartaching nCausing heartache, distressing.
Heartachingly advIn a distressing, anguished manner.
Heart-beat phr"In a Heart-beat" - in a second, moment, a brief space in or of time.
Heart-beat nA beat or pulsation of the heart; fig. an emotion. 2. extremely brief space of time; a second.
Heart-blood nLife-blood; hence, vital energy, life.
Heart-break nAn overpowering sorrow. 2. overwhelming sorrow or distress of the mind.
Heart-breaker nOne who causes other(s) great emotional distress, sorrow and sadness.
Heart-breaking adjCausing great emotional distress and sorrow.
Heart-breakingly advIn an overwhelming distressing and sorrowful manner.
Heart-broken adjOverwhelmed with anguish, despairing, crushing grief.
Heart-brokenly advIn an overwhelming distressing and sorrowful manner.
Heart-brokenness nState or condition of being overwhelmed with anguish, despairing, crushing grief.
Heartburn nA fire of passion. 2. a burning sensation due to the putrefactive fermentation of the food in the stomach; cardialgy. 2. rankling, jealousy, discontent, or emnity.
Heart-burn vbTo affect with heartburn. 2. to render jealously or grudgingly. 3. to heal or regard to jealous enmity.
Heart-burning nA heated, embittered state of mind (or feeling), which is experienced but not openly expressed; jealousy or discontent, rankling in the heart, a grudge,
Heart-burning adjThat inflames, distresses, kindles or consumes or gnaws the heart
Heartcare nThe care of the health of the heart.
Heart-clot nBlood clot.
Heartdeep adjVery or profoundly deep.
Hearted adjHaving a heart of a specific kind. 2. sagacious, wise, prudent. 2. cordate or heart-shaped. 3. fixed or established in the heart.
Heartedly advIn a hearted or of a hearted, sagacious, sincere way or manner.
Heartedness nEarnestness, sincerity, heartness. 2. the state o having a heart.
Heartell advTo tell what one has heard; to repeat rumours or information second-hand.
Hearten vbTo give encouragement to. 2. to animate, incite, stimulate the nerve, embolden. 3. to restore fertility or strength to.
Hearten phr"Hearten On" - to encourage, inspirit, incite, stimulate.
Hearten phr"To Hearten Up" - to animate, cheer up.
Heartener nOne who encourages, heartens others.
Heartening nEncouragement, stimulus, renewal of a strength or spirits.
Heartenly advIn an encouragin mannger.
Heart-felt adjFelt in the heart; appealing to or proceeding from the innermost self; hence, thoroughly sincere, genuine, real. 2. deeply felt.
Heart-feltness nThe state or quality of the heart, innermost self, sincerity.
Heart-free adjHaving the affections disengaged.
Heartful adjFull of heart; characterized by deep emotion, or sincere affection, hearty. 3. with the whole heart; with entire affection, enthusiastic or devotion, heartily, earnestly.
Heartfulness nHeartful quality; sincerity of affection, cordiality.
Hearth nThe floor or the furnace on which the material to be heated lies; the fireplace. 2. the house itself as the abode of comfort to its inmates and of hospitality to strangers. 3. the source area of any innovation. 4. the source area from which an idea, crop, artifact, or good is diffused to other areas
Hearth phr"Hearth and Home" - home, esp. family house (an implication being home comforts and surroundings).
Heart-hardness nCallous, mean-spirited, hard-hearted.
Heart-hatred nDeep hatred in one's heart.
Heart-heaviness nSorrow and heaviness of heart.
Hearthless adjWithout or lacking a hearth, hence also in extended use: without a settled home.
Hearthlike adjResembling or characteristic of a hearth, in various ways.
Heartily advWith gusto and free of reservation. 2. in a hearty manner.
Hearth-fellows nA fireside companion.
Hearth-less adjWithout a hearth.
Hearth-penny nSo called because it was on every dwelling house; also called Rome-scot anciently made to the Pope.
Hearthside adjBeside or near a hearth.
Hearth-stead nPlace of the hearth, fireside; hence, homestead.
Hearthstone nThe flat stone forming the hearth; fig. a fireplace. 2. a soft stone used for scouring floors.
Hearthwards advTowards or in direction of the hearth.
Heartily advWith gusto and free of reservation. 2. in a hearty manner.
Heartiness nThe quality of genuine sincerity of feeling; earnestness, enthusiasm, zeal, cordiality, friendliness of manner, goodness of appetite, strength, healthiness, vigour.
Hearting nThe imparting of courage, encouragement, animation, cheer. 2. the growing to a heart; as 'the heart of a lettuce'.
Heartland nThe central part of a country. 2. the part of a country that is most important for a particular activity or where a political party has the most support.
Heart-leaf nA leaf having the shape of a heart.
Heartless adjWithout a heart,specifically without feeling, emotion or concern for others, uncaring.
Heartlessly advIn a heartless or uncaring manner.
Heartlessness nThe characteristic of being healing or without feeling or emotion.
Heart-lifting adjInspiring, encouraging, bringing gladness.
Heart-like adjHaving the form of heart. 2. resembling or characteristic of a heart.
Heart-line nA line on the plan supposed to reflect a person's emotional state.
Heartliness adjCordiality, sincerity, heartness.
Heart-quake nPalpitation of the heart; fig. sudden and violent emotion, as of terror; delight.
Heart-quaking nThe state or condition of heart palpitation; harrowing, delighting, emotional feelings.
Heart-qualm nPalpitation, with faintness.
Heart-rending adjDistressing.
Heart root nThe depth of bottom of the heart. 2. the seat of the deepest emotion or most genuine feeling.
Heart-shaped adjShaped like a heart; oval, with one end obtusely pointed, and other notched.
Heart-sick adjVery despondent, deeply disappointed, heartsore or sorrowful.
Heart-sickness nState of extreme despondency or despair.
Heart-sink nA recurring patient who can not be definitively cured, such as one whose condition is unable to be diagnosed or is not treatable or one who presents with nebulous symptoms. (from the idea that the patient's approach makes the doctor's sink in dread.)
Heartsome adjPleasant, delightful.
Heartsomely advIn a heartfilled, pleasant or delightful manner. 2. cheerful or animated. 2. lively, merry, gay.
Heart-sore adjGrieved of heart; characterized by grief.
Heart-stirring adjInspiring, thrilling.
Heart-stricken adjOverwhelmed with grief or fear.
Heart-strike vbTo make a deep impression upon the feelings of.
Heart-strings nThe strongest feelings or affections.
Heart-stopper nSomething highly exciting.
Heart-stopping adjExciting or shocking as though to cause one's heart to skip a beat.
Heart-stoppingly advIn a heart-stopping way.
Heart-strings nThe tendons once thought to brace the heart. 2. one's deepest emotion or inner feelings. 3. cord-like tendons in the heart.
Heart-struck adjDeeply impressed upon the feelings of; heart-stricken.
Heart-to-heart nA frank, candid, intimate (usually, in private) conversation, or talk.
Heart-to-heart adjCandid, frank, intimate, sincere, earnest.
Heartwards advTowards or directed towards the heart.
Heartwarming adjEliciting cosy feelings of tenderness and sympathy.
Heartwarmingly advIn a heart-warming manner.
Heart-whole adjHaving the affections free, not in love or affected by love . 2. cheerfully buoyant, loyal, whole or sound in heart. 3. undaunted, sincere. 4. of good courage.
Heart-wholeness nThe state or quality of being heartwhole.
Heart-wise advInclined in the direction of the heart; way, manner of being hearty. 2 of promoting a healthy mode of lifestyle conducive to a healthy heart.
Heartwood nThe hard older wood at the central part of an exogenuous stem; duramen.
Heartworm nA parasitic worm in the heart and blood stream of dogs, occasionally of cats and other animals.
Heartworn adjWorn with care and trouble.
Heart-wort nRadix cordialis.
Heart-wound nA wound or injury of the heart. 2. fig. emotional pain or suffering.
Heart-wrenching adjHaving a painful emotional impact, causing great distress.
Hearty adjPertaining to, or proceeding from the heart; warm, cordial, bold, zealous, sincere, willing, energetic, eager. 2. exhibiting, strength, sound, healthy, firm not weak. 3. promoting strength, nourishing, rich, abundant. 4. a term of familar address and fellowship among sailors.
Heascen vbOE: hiscan, hyscan - to mock, deride,taunt.
Heat nThermal energy. 2. condition or quality of being hot. 3. attribute of a spice that causes a burning sensation in the mouth. 4. period of intensity, particularly of emotion. 5. undesirable amount of attention. 6. (slang): the police. 7. (slang): one or more firearms. 8. fastball. 9. condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile. 10. preliminary race, used to determine the participants in a final race. 11. one cycle of bringing metal to maximum temperature and working it until it is too cool to work furthe. spell of weather.
Heat vbTo grow warm or hot by the action of fire or friction etc., or the communication of heat; as, the iron or the water heats slowly. 2. to grow warm or hot by fermentation, or the development of heat by chemical action; as, green hay heats in a mow, and manure in the dunghill. 3. to make hot; to communicate heat to, or cause to grow warm; as, to heat an oven or furnace, an iron, or the like. 4. to excite or make hot by action or emotion; to make feverish. 5. to excite ardor in; to rouse to action; to excite to excess; to inflame, as the passions.
Heat phr"Dead Heat" - If a race (horse or between men or women) ends in a dead heat, two or more of the contestants finish in the same position or with exactly the same result.
Heat phrHeat Up" - warm up, make hot. 2. reheat for serving food which has been cooked and allow to go cold.
Heat phr"If Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen" - if you can't take the pressure, the you should remove yourself from the situation.
Heat phr"More Heat Than Light" - situation when a discussion doesn't produce the answers, but results in anger (heat)between the participants.
Heat phr"Take the Heat off Somebody" - to divert attention away from a person.
Heat phr"The Heat of the Day" - the hottest part of the day.
Heat phr"Turn the Heat On/Up" - to subject to a close examination, questions; to grill. 2. to increase the pressure on somebody.
Heat-cloud nSee 'cloud-heat' and 'cloud-heating'.
Heat-death nThe state of a universe, when the universe has reached a state of maximum entropy. This happens when all available energy (such as a hot source) has moved to places of less energy (such as a colder source). 2. hypothermia, illness up to and including death from excessive heat. 3. death by burning, as a form of capital punishment. 4. drought: causing the death of crops. 5. thermal shock: the destruction of equipment by overheating.
Heat-drop nA few drops of rain at the commencement of the day.
Heated adjVery agitated, angry or impassioned. 2. made warm or hot by some means.
Heatedly advwith warmth of temper.
Heater nA device that produces and radiates heat, typically to raise the temperature of a room or buildings. 2. an extended winning streak. 3. a gun.
Heatful adjFull of heat, warmth, producing heat.
Heath nIn Britain, an area of open uncultivated land, usually on acid, sandy, soil, with heather, coarse grasses, etc. 2. an area dominated by dwarf ericaceous shrubs. 3. plants growing on a heath.
Heath-hen nThe female heath-cock.
Heathen nNot adhering to an abrahamic religion; pagan. 2. pertaining or adhering to the germanic, neo-pagan
Heathen adjUnskilled, uncivilized, savage, philistinic. 3. pertaining or adhering to the germanic, neo-pagan heathenism.
Heathendom nBeliefs and practices of the heathen. 2. condition of being unenlightened and untouched by Christian influences. 3. the domain or realm of the heathen; heathen people collectively; the heathen world; heathenism.
Heathenish adjSomewhat heathen or pagan.
Heathenishly advIn a heathenism manner.
Heathenish-ness nBarbarous, uncivilized, unchristian, offensive of belief, manner and conduct.
Heathen-like adjCharacteristic or resembling a heathen.
Heathenly advAfter the manner of the heathen: barbarous, uncivilized, unchristian-like.
Heathen-minded adjOf a heathen philosophy. 2. having and affection on things pagan.
Heathenness nThe quality or condition of being a heathen. 2. the belief and practices of the heathen. 2. uncivilized, barbarous. 3. colloq. - abominable, disgusting, offensive.
Heathen-ship nHeathenism, heathendom, gentilism.
Heatheny adjOf or pertaining to a heathen.
Heathland nLandd covered by, or abounding in heath.
Heathless adjDevoid or not cover by heath.
Heathlike adjResembling or characteristic of heath.
Heathwort nEricaceae
Heathy adjPertaining to heath, or resembling heath. 2. covered by or abounding in heath.
Heat-laden adjHeavily containing heat and warmth.
Heatless adjWithout or devoid of heat or warmth.
Heatlessly advIn a manner lacking or without.
Heatlessness nThe sate or condition of being without heat or warmth.
Heat-like adjResembling or characteristic of heat in some way or manner.
Heat-lightning nA fitful play of lightning unattended by thunder, usually seen near the horizon at the close of a hot day, due to the reflecion from distant clouds or far-off flashes, causing a diffused glow.
Heat-seeker nA device, missile able to detect infrared radiation to guide it to its target.
Heat-seeking adjOf a device or missile ableto detect infrared radiation to guide it to its target.
Heat shield nA device for protection from excessive heat, esp. fitted to a spacecraft.
Heat sink nA device or substance for absorbing excessive or unwanted heat.
Heat stroke nThe state of exhaustion and collapse caused by prolonged exposure to heat, as in furnace rooms, foundries or from the sun's rays.
Heatwave nA prolonged period of exceptionally hot weather.
Heat-weary adjFeeling tired and sleepy after being out by a prolonged period of hot weather.
Heave vbTo lift (generally); to raise, or cause to move upwards (particularly in ships or vehicles) or forward. 2. to lift with difficulty; to raise with some effort; to lift (a heavy thing). 3. to be thrown up or raised; to rise upward, as a tower or mound.  4. in mining, geology: to displace (a vein, stratum). 5. to cause to swell or rise, especially in repeated exertions. 6. to rise and fall. 7. to utter with effort. 8. to throw, cast. 9. to pull up with a rope or cable. 9. nautical: to move in a certain direction or into a certain position or situation. 10. to heave the ship ahead. 11. to retch, to make an effort to vomit; to vomit. 11. to make an effort to raise, throw, or move anything; to strain to do something difficult.  
Heave nAn effort to raise something, as a weight, or one's self, or to move something heavy.  2. an upward motion; a rising; a swell or distention, as of the breast in difficult breathing, of the waves, of the earth in an earthquake, and the like. 3. horizontal dislocation in a metallic lode, taking place at an intersection with another lode. 4. the measure of extent to which a nautical vessel goes up and down in a short period of time.
Heave phr"Heave Into Sight" - to appear at a distance, as a ship. 2. to emerge in the field of vision. 2. loom on the horizon.
Heave phr"Heave Up One's Heart" - be violently sick.
Heave phr"Heave to" - to come to a halt of a ship or vessel. 2. to bring a ship to a standstill (while anchoring or mooring).
Heaven nThe sky, specifically: ( usually plural) The distant sky in which the sun, moon, and stars appear or move; the firmament; the celestial spheres. 2. the near sky in which weather, flying animals, etc. appear; (obsolete) the atmosphere; the climate. 3. model displaying the movement of the celestial bodies, an orrery.  4. (religion) the abode of God or the gods, traditionally conceived as beyond the sky. 5. especiallyin Christianity, usu. capitalized) the abode of God and of the angels and saints in His presence. 6. (religion, by extension,) the abode of the Abrahamic God; similar abodes of the gods in other religions and traditions, such as Mount Olympus. 7. (by extension,) Providence, the will of God or the council of the gods; fate. 8. (religion) the afterlife of the blessed dead, traditionally conceived as opposed to an afterlife of the wicked and unjust in hell). 9. (Islam,(Christianity) the afterlife of the souls who are not sent to a place of punishment or purification such as hell, purgatory, or limbo; the state or condition of being in the presence of God after death. 10. (religion, by extension, often capitalized) the afterlife of the blessed dead in other religions and traditions, such as the Pure Land or Elysium. 11. (by extension) Any paradise; any blissful place or experience. 12. (by extension) A state of bliss; a peaceful ecstasy. 13. (informal, with a modifier) similarly blissful afterlives, places, or states for particular people, animals, or objects.  
Heaven vbTo make heaven in character. 2. to transform into heaven. 3. to blessed with heavenly beauty. 4. to render supremely happy.
Heaven phr"Be in Seventh Heaven" - be very happy.
Heaven phr"For Heaven's Sake" - - exclamation of mild annoyance.
Heaven phr"Good Heavens" - eclamation of surprise.
Heaven phrHeavens Above" - exclamation of surprize .
Heaven phr"Heaven and Earth"- the universe.
Heaven phr"Heaven Forbid" - may it not be so. 2. heaven forfend.
Heaven phr"Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves" - you must plot your own destiny in life.
Heaven phr"Heaven Help You!" - you are in trouble.
Heaven phr"Heaven Only Knows" - I do not know, nobody knows; it's not known..
Heaven phr"In Heaven's Name" - exclamation of surprise, annoyance (in a question)
Heaven phr"Like Heaven on Earth" - a physical location, a place where one works, a set of personal circumstances or relationships, where conditions are ideal and lead to great happiness; idyllic, perfect.
Heaven phr"Make Heavy Weather of" - to encounter dificulties.
Heaven phr"Reek to High Heaven" - to be patently unethical.
Heaven phr"Stink to High Heaven" - have an offensive smell.
Heaven phr"Thank Heaven"" - expressionh of gratitude, relief.
Heaven phr"The Heavens Opened" - it teemed with rain. 2. rain falls in torrents.
Heaven-begot adjHeaven or heavenly born or produced; divine, celestial, angelic.
Heaven-blessed adjBlessed with al the benefits of life.
Heaven-born adjOf divine origin. 2. of origin or ability as to seem specially prepared or designed by 'heaven's hand'.
Heaven-bow nA rainbow.
Heaven-bright adjExtremely sunny; very bright.
Heaven-falling adjThat falling from heaven. 2. fig. fallen from grace.
Heaven-forsaken adjAbandoned by heaven or God. 2. doomed.
Heavenful adjAs many or as many as would fill heaven.
Heaven-high adjAs high as heaven; lofty, or reaching the clouds. 2. an immense height.
Heavenhood nHeavenly quality or character, fitness for heaven; sanctification. 2. heavenlines.
Heavenish adjPertaining to, or characteristic of the sidereal heaven.
Heaven kissing adjTouching as it were the sky.
Heaven's King nThe King of Heaven: God.
Heavenless adjHaving no portion in heaven.
Heavenlike adjCharacteristic or resembling heaven. 2. divine, heavenly.
Heavenliness nState or quality of being heavenly in origin; nature or characteristic. 2. celestial, highness, divinity.
Heavenly adjOf or belonging to heaven, as the abode of God, divine, celestial.
Heavenly advIn a heavenly, celestial, divine manner.
Heavenly body nA natural object in outer space ; eg. the sun, the stars, a planet, etc.; a celestial one.
Heavenly Father nGod.
Heavenly-minded adjHaving the thoughts and affections placed on, or suitable for, heaven and heavenly objects; holy, devout; godly; pious.
Heavenly-mindedness nThe state or quality of having thoughts and affection set on things above, holy, devout.
Heaven-rike nThe kingdom of heaven as the place of the blessed.
Heaven-sent adjSent for heaven; divine or providential intervention.
Heaven's King nThe King of Heaven: God
Heaven's Queen nThe Virgin Mary.
Heaven-threatening nThe threatening wrath of God upon sinners.
Heaven-threatening adjStorm-threatening clouds or sky.
Heavenwards adjDirected towards heaven.
Heaven-ware nThe inhabitants of heaven.
Heaven-wide adjAs wide or broad as heaven or the heavens.
Heaven-wide advBy the width of the heavens.
Heaver nA dockyard worker; one who heaves or lifts.
Heave-to advTo come to a halt of a ship or vessel. 2. to bring a ship to a standstill.
Heavily advIn a heavy manner. 2. with a great weight. 3. to a considerable extent. 4. in a manner designed for heavy duty. 5. so as to be thick or heavy. 6. in a laboured manner.
Heaviness nThe state or condition of being heavy.
Heaving nThat heaves.
Heavisome adjOf a heavy mood, doleful, sad, full, gloomy.
Heavy vbTo make heavy, burdensome or oppressive. 2. to grow heavy or weighty. 3. to become heavy through weariness or grief. 4. to be overbearing, oppressive of manner.
Heavy adj
Heavy advIn a heavy manner; with weight. 2. fig. ponderously, massively, burdensomely, oppressively. 2. with laborious movement, slowly, sluggishly, laboriously. 3. with displeasure or anger.
Heavy phr"As Heavy as Lead" - very heavy; oppressive in weight or color.
Heavy phr"Bear Heavy" - to take with anger, seriously.
Heavy phr"Do the Heavy" - to swagger, to make a fine show.
Heavy phr"Heavy On" - usually a lot; a 'heavy on smoking.'
Heavy phr"Lie Heavy On" - be a burden, worry to.
Heavy phr"Make Heavy Weather of" - have (unneccesary) difficulty with.
Heavy phr"Run Into Heavy Weather" - to encounter heavy difficulties.
Heavy phr'Time Hangs Heavy" - time passes slowly.
Heavy phr"With a Heavy Hand" - in an oppressive fashion.
Heavy phr"With a Heavy Heart" - with a feeling of sadness.
Heavy-breathing nBreathing that is audible through deep or laboured, especially as a result of exertion.
Heavy drinker nOne who consumes too much alcohol.
Heavy drinking nThe consumption of too much alcohol.
Heavy-earth nBaryta.
Heavy-eyed adjSleepy; heavy-lidded; drowsy, bored to wearisome.
Heavy-father nA sternly paternal member of one's family. 2. the idea, or practical example of a father as astern disciplinarian, who controls the activities of his family as he thinks good for them.
Heavy-footed adjNot light-footed or softly treading.
Heavy-friend nA troublesome or evil friend, a false friend, enemy.
Heavy-going adjDifficult movement or work, eg. over rough or steep ground, against currents, when carrying weights, etc. 2. fig. laborious or boring work or activity.
Heavy-handed adjHandy heavy from physical incapacity or weariness. 2. having hands heavy-laden. 3. clumsy, lacking dexterity.
Heavy-handedness nState or quality of bearing heavy from physical incapacity or weariness. 2. the fact of having hands heavy-laden. 3. clumsy, lacking dexterity, skill of hand.
Heavy-head nA dull, stupid, doltish person.
Heavy-headed adjDull, stupid, stultish, doltish, foolish. 2. drowsy, sleepy, inclined to doze off. 2. having a large head.
Heavy-hearted adjHaving a heavy-heart: grieved and melancholy. 2. proceeding from or caused by a heavy heart. 2. sad, doleful, distressed.
Heavy-heartedness nThe state or condition of being sad, melancholy, distressed.
Heavy-heeled adjHeavy-stepping, footed, clumsy, cloddish.
Heavingly advHeavily, severely.
Heavyish adjSomewhat heavy.
Heavy-lidded adjSleepy, heavy-eyed, dozing off, wearisome.
Heavy-laden adjLaden or loaded heavily. 2. bearing a heavy burden. 3. weighed down with trouble, weariness etc., oppressed.
Heavy-looking adjHaving a heavy appearance, weighty, stout.
Heavy-necking nCaressing and fondling taht are more intimate than kissing or cuddling, but short of sexual intercourse.
Heavy- sleeper nA person who sleeps deeply.
Heavy-sleeping nThe action of sleeping deeply.
Heavy-swell nA man of impressive or showy appearance; esp., one dressed in the lastest fashion. 2. the heavy swell or swells of the waves and the sea.
Heavy-tailed adjA big, heavy tail; fat-tailed.
Heavy-timber nDense, unbroken forest; thick woods. 2. big trees. 3. heavy logs.
Heavy-timbered adjThickly treed or bushy.
Heavy water nWater containing deuterium oxide, the compound of oxygen and heavy isotope of hydrogen.
Heavy-weight nA person or animal more than the average weight. 2. a professional boxer over the weight of 90kg. 3. a person of importance (weight); one of much influence.
Heck nThe lower half of a door; also, an inner door. 2. a grating in a river to obstruct the passage of fish, or other solid bodies without obstructing the flow of water. 3. a rack made with parallel spars to hold fodder. 4. a shuttle or sluice in a drain.
Heddle nOne of the small set of cords or wires between which the warp is passed in a loom before going through the reed.
Hede nRank, order, condition, quality; see: "hade'.
Hedge nA fence of bushes; a projecting barrier. 2.
Hedge nA fishing weir of wattle-work.
Hedge vbTo enclose with a hedge. 2. to fence, as fields, to obstruct; to hem. 3. to make or trim hedges. 4. a securing or limiting the loss incurred in a bet; to hedge a bet. 5. shuffling, dodging.
Hedge phr"Be On the Hedge" - to sit on thhe fence- be non-committal.
Hedge phr"Be On the Right Side or Wrong Side of the Hedge" - to be in the wrong or right position.
Hedge phr"Be the Only Stick Left in One's Hedge" - one's only resource.
Hedge phr"Hang Out On the Hedge" - to be put on one's side; to be on the shelf.
Hedge phr"Hedge In" - put a hedge around; fence in. 2. restrict one's frredom of action.
Hedge-apple nThe Osage orange.
Hedgeberry nHagberry: a speciesof cherry.
Hedge-born adjOf low or uncertain parentage.
Hedgebote nAn allowance of wood for repairing hedges or fences, which a tenantor lesee has a right to take off the land let or demised to him.
Hedge-creeper nOne who skulks under hedges for bad purpose. 2. a sneaky rogue.
Hedge-creeping adjSneaky, clandestine, base.
Hedged adjEnclosed with a hedge.
Hedgehog nA small nocturnal mammal of the family, Erinaceidae having a pig-like snout and a coat of spines, eating small invertebrates, and rolling itself up into a ball for defence.
Hedge-hop vbTo fly at a very low altitude.
Hedge-like adjResembling or characteristic of a hedge in some way.
Hedge-less adjNot hedged or having hedges.
Hedge-long advExtended alongside a hedge.
Hedge-pig nThe hedge-pig.
Hedger nOne who cuts and maintains hedges.
Hedgerow nA row of bushes forming a hedge, etc., growing in a hedgerow; a line of hedge.
Hedge-rowed adjTraversed by rows.
Hedge-school nAn open-air school once common in Ireland; hence, a school for the poor.
Hedge-side nThe side of a hedge.
Hedge-sparrow nA small bird of the sparrow family.
Hedge-wise advIn the position of a hedge.
Hedge woundwort nStachys sylvatica.
Hedging nThe act of planting hedges. 2. the making into hedges. 3. a securing or limiting the loss incurred in a bet; to hedge a bet. 4. shuffling, dodging.
Hedgy adjCharacterized by the abundance of hedges; hedgey.
Heed nCareful attention or consideration.
Heed vbTo take notice of; pay attention to. 2.
Heed phr"To Nim Heed" - to give heed or advice to.
Heedful adjFull of heed, careful, attentive, watchful, mindful.
Heedfully advIn a heedful manner, attentively, carefully.
Heedfulness nThe quality of being heedful, attentive, carefullness.
Heed-giving nOffering care, attention, attentiveness.
Heediness nHeedfulness, attentiveness, caution.
Heeding nThe action of paying attention to.
Heedless adjWithout heed, paying no heed or attention to; giving no heed or attention. 2. careless, regardless, inattentive.
Heed-lesshood nHeedlessness
Heedlessly advIn a heedless manner; carelessly; inattention, disregard.
Heedy adjHeedful, attentive, careful, cautious.
Heel nThe hinder part of the foot, or of a shoe, boot, or stocking. 2. the hinder part of anything. 3. the foot of an animal; a spur. 4. (slang) a hanger-on; an undesirable person. 5. of a ship, the angle between her masts and the vertical to the earth's surface when she leans to one side; a list.
Heel vbTo use the heels in, as in dancing, running. 2. to add a heel to, as in knitting. 3. to touch, or a ball, with the heel. 3. to put a spur on a fighting cock. 5. to follow, of a dog. 6. of a ship, to lean to one side; to incline. 2. to cause a ship to heel or incline. 7.
Heel vbSet or plant in the ground and cover its roots.
Heel phr"At the Heel Of" - be at heel; to follow closely.
Heel phr"Be Well-heeled" - have everything you need.
Heel phr"Bless the World With One's Heels" - to be hanged; execute by hanging.
Heel phr"Bring Somebody to Heel" - make somebody obedience.
Heel phr"Come to Heel" - of a do, in obedience to an order. 2. to follow behind its master; hence, docilely to obey instructions.
Heel phr'Cool One's Heels" - be kept waiting.
Heel phr"Dig In One's Heel" - be resolute or stubborn.
Heel phr"Down at Heel" - lit. heels worn down on shoe-wear, taken fig., as a symptom of destitution.
Heel phr"Fall Head Over Heels in Love" - to fall very much in love.
Heel phr"Hand on the Heels" - be immediately behind.
Head phr"Head Over Heels" - completely, totally enthusiastic about something.
Heel phr"Heel and Toe" - with proper walking as opposed to running.
Heel phr"Heel Over" - lean to one side of a ship.
Heel phr"Heel Over Head" - head over heel; with heels in the air and head downmost; upside down.
Heel phr"Hot On the Heels of Somebody or Something" - to closely follow something/somebody.
Heel phr"Hunt By the Heels" - to track.
Heel phr"Lay By the Heels" - to put in irons, fetter, confine; fig. overthrow, disgrace. 2. to render helpless.
Heel phr"Take to One's Heels" - run off; flee, vamoose.
Heel phr"To Heel" - a position close behind a master; said of dogs." -
Heel phr"Turn on One's Heel" - turn sharply around.
Heel phr"Tread On Somebody's Heel" - compete with somebody for his /her job, position, etc.
Heel phr"Upon One's Heel" - following close behind.
Heel phr"With the Heels Foremost" - dead; as a corpse is carried.
Heel adj"Down-at-heel" - destitute, poor, needy, strugglingfig., as a symptom of destitution.
Heel-bone nThe calcaneum.
Heeled adjFurnished, fitted or having heels. 2. slang: supplied with money. 3. having a gun.
Heeler nA worker one puts heels on shoes. 2. a runner, esp. a fast runner. 3. a breed of australian dog, as a 'blue-heeler' or a 'red-heeler'. 2. a political hanger-on or sycophant.
Heeling n(Sailing) When a ship or boat leans over to one side. 2. behavior in herdinng dogs. 3. a dog obedient training task. 4. a dog obedient trial exercise.
Heeling-over adjLeaning over very far as if it is about to fall over.
Heelish adjUsed to describe behaviour that is specifically designed to enrage; provoking, enraging. 2. in professional wrestling of, or describing, a wrestler that plays the bad guy or villain.
Heelless adjHaving no heels on one's shoes or footwear.
Heelside adv(Board sports)The side of the board nearest the heel.
Heel-stick nA simple procedure in which a newborn baby's heel is pricked and then a small amount of the blood is collected, usually with a narrow-gauge glass tube or a filter paper. The heel stick is now the most common way to draw newborn's blood. It is used to do the newborn screening tests and usually done before the baby leaves the hospital.
Heel stone nA stone at the bottom of a gate pier; used to mount the bottom hinge pin for the gate. N.B. The Heel Stone is a single large block of sarsen stone standing within the Avenue outside the entrance of the Stonehenge earthwork, close to the main road. In section it is sub-rectangular, with a minimum thickness of 2.4 metres, rising to a tapered top about 4.7 metres high.
Heel strike nThe hitting of the the ground with your heel first when running. Although we usually switch to a forefoot (tiptoe) or midfoot strike when sprinting, most runners settle into a heel strike for slower and longer distance running.
Heel-striker nAt the end of each running stride, your foot inevitably strikes the ground. A heel striker is one who first impacts the ground with the outside of their heel.
Heel-turn nChiefly in skating, snowboarding, etc.: any of various turns or manoeuvres executed by shifting the weight on to the heel or heels. 2. in ballroom dancing: a movement in which a dancer steps backwards, transferring his or her weight to the back heel, on which he or she then pivots. 3. the action or an instance of turning round sharply, especially so as to face in the opposite direction. 4. also figuratively, a complete change of attitude or opinion. 5. in Wrestling, an instance of a wrestler who has been cast as a hero undergoing a character shift and adopting the persona of a villain, typically in a sudden, shocking move. Later, in extended use: any instance of a sudden shift from hero to villain.
Heelwork nIn dancing: the manner in which a person uses or moves the heels; this considered as an art or skill, especially the tapping or stamping of the heels to create a rhythmic sound (as in flamenco). 2. the action or practice of walking with one's dog close to one's heel. Now frequently in heelwork to music: such steps or movement choreographed to music, with the dog and its handler in close synchronization; this as a competitive sport.
He-friend nA male friend.
He-goat nA male goat; a buck
Heft nThe gist of a thing; a major part.
Heft vbLate variant of 'Heave' 2. to test the weight by lifting. 3. to lift up, heave. 4. to weigh.
Heftily advIn a hefty manner.
Heftiness nThe property of being hefty.
Hefty adjHeavy, weighty, important. 2. big, powerful, muscular. 3. vigorous, of a person, stalwart.
Heifer nA young cow.
Heiferhood nThe state and age of heifer.
Height nDistance above a base to the top; altitude; highness. 2. an eminence, acme; culmination. 3. the vertical distance from the ground to the highest part of a standing person or animal (withers in the case of a horse). 4. the highest point or maximum degree, in a career etc. 5. a mountain, especially a very high one. 6. (Sussex) an area of land at the top of a cliff.
Heighten vbMake or become higher or more intense.
Heightening nThe raising or increasing the quantity or degree of intensity.
Heightening vbTo raise or increase. 2. make higher, raise. 3. to become high or higher. 4. to rise or increase in quantity or degree; intensify.
Heightlesss adjWithout height; short. 2. (poetic, archaic) - boundless, infinite.
Height of land nA watershed.
Heightwise advIn terms of height, vertical. 2. in a heightwise manner.
Heildom nHealth.
Heild vbTo cover, shield, take shelter, protect, hide (variant of 'hill').
Heilding nCovering.
Hele nA hiding place.
Hele vbTo hide, conceal, keep secret. 2. to practise concealment; keep secret, keep silent. 3. to cover, cover in, cover roots with earth. 4. to cover with slate or tiles.
Heleand n.One that saves or heals; 'The Saviour'. In OE, regularly used instead of the proper name: Jesus Christ.
Hele vbTo hide, to cover, to roof. 2. to set a plant in the ground & cover. Heal.
Heler nOne who covers or conceals. 2. a tiler, roofer, hellier.
Heleth nA warrior, hero, man.
Heling n(Healing)- the action of covering, covering up; concealing in the house. 2. roofing with slate, tiles or the like. 3. covering, clothing.
Hell nIn various religions, the place where some or all spirits are believed to go after death. 2. the place where devils live and where sinners are tortured after death. 3. (euphemisms for Christian place for damned souls after death): Hades, heck, infernal region, inferno, netherworld, underworld. 4. a place or situation of great suffering in life.  5. an extremely hot place. 6. used as an intensifier in phrases grammatically requiring a noun. 7. (obsolete) a place into which a tailor throws his shreds, or a printer his broken type. 8. (impolite, sometimes considered vulgar) used to express discontent, unhappiness, or anger; 'Oh, hell! I forgot my phone'. 9. (impolite, sometimes considered vulgar) used to emphasize.
Hell vbTo give a person hell or an extremely bad or difficult. 2. loosely, to scald or reprimand severely. 2. of sinners: to place in 'hell'; to cause to have their hell.
Hell phr"A Hell Of ..." - an infernal, exceedingly bad situation, great, loud. 2. a devil of ...time, etc.
Hell phr"All Hell Broke Lose" - great confusion, disruption and riot erupted.
Hell phr"Be Hellbent on (Something)" - be very determined to achieve something, regard of the advers consequences..
Hell phr"Between Hell and Highwater" - facing a great difficulty or obstacles.
Hell phr"Come Hell or High Water" - what ever happens, at whatever cost.
Hell phr"For the Hell Of It" - out of the pure devilry; just for the fun of it.
Hell phr"Frighten the Hell Out Of" - terrify, alarm someone.
Hell phr"Give Somebody Hell" - make life very unpleasant for; punish somebody. be reprimanded or dressed down. 3. to be given a bad time.
Hell phr"Go to Hell' - go away.
Hell phr"Go Hell for Leather" - to travel at a high speed; to take on matters full bore. 2. with the greatest possible energy and speed.
Hell phr"Go/Ride Like Hell" - to do things recklessly, desperately, extremely; very much. 2. use as an intensitive; and also ironically to indicate contradiction, not at all contrary. 2. ride at full gallop.
Hell phr"Hell Bent On Doing Something" - recklessly or blindly determined on doing something
Hell phr"Hell No!" - exclamation of surprize.
Hell phr"Hell of a Long Time" - considerable, remarkable, impressive, etc. something or somebody.
Hell phr"Hell on Earth" - unpleasant situation; torment, particularly when widespread.
Hell phr"Hell on Wheels" - tough, aggressive, lawless, wild (first used in the US to refer to towns at the end of a railroad line when under construction. 2. someone or something reagrded as resemblinhg hell
Hell phr"Like Memory Hell": - do with enthusiasm, vigorously, emphatically.
Hell phr"Not a Hope in Hell" - no possibility or no hope at all..
Hell phr"On a Cold Day in Hell" - never.
Hell phr"Play Hell with" - to upset, confuse, alter for the worse; 'to make a fuss about'. 2. to make a fuss about.
Hell phr"Raise (Merry)Hell" - create tumult, great noise and fuss.
Hell phr"Until Hell Freezes Over" - indicating a date in the impossiblely distant future; for ever.
Hell phr"To Hell with" - I don't give a damn. 2. it doesn't matter, it's not going to be considered or bothered about.
Hell phr"What the Hell" - what does it matter, who cares.
Hell phr"When the Hell" -whenever.
Hell phr"Where the Hell" - wherever.
Hell phr"Who the hell" - whoever.
Hell-begotten adjBorn, or created in hell: diabolical, +++++
Hell-bender nA protracted and reckless debauch; a drunken frolic.
Hell-bent adjFiendishly dogged, or recklessly determined upon a certain course of behaviour.
Hell-bent advDeterminedly, recklessly.
Hell-born adjBorn of, or in hell; of infernal anger.
Hell-bred adjBred or engendered in hell.
Hell-broth nA decoction of infernal character or prepared for infernal or wicked purposes, as methane-laced drnks sold at some bars in parts of Asia.
Hell-busters n"They are real good, but the last two are hell-busters" : people who will not let the world get away with abuse and denial of respect to all peoples.
Hellcat nA vixen, witch, virago, hell-hag; a spiteful women. 2. a chartist; trade unionist, worker's friend.
Hell-dark adjAs dark as hell, very dark.
Hell-deep adjDeep as the deepest part of a ocean or sea; profoundly deep; abysmally deep.
Hell-devil nSatan; or a diabolical person or thing.
Hell-diver nThe grebe.
Hell-door nThe door or gate of hell; hell-gate; hell's gate, opposed to 'Heaven's Door'. 2. an opening or way to hellish situation.
Hell-driver nFormerly a coachman; nowadays, one drives at highly dangerous speed.
Hellen adjOf or belonging to hell, hellish, infernal; hades-like.
Hell-fire nOne of the torments of the damned; the flames of hell.
Hellfire advDamned,
Hell-fired adjIn profane use: damned; damned to the the fire of hell; 2. reckless, abandoned, profligate.
Hell-gate nThe door or gate of hell; hell-gate; hell's gate, opposed to 'Heaven's Door'. 2. an opening or way to hellish situation.
Hell-god nSatan; god of hell.
Hell-hatched adjSomething objectionable created or plotted in a figurative hell.
Hell-hated adjSo objectionable he or she wouldn't be welcome even in hell.
Hell-hole nAn oppressive or unbearable; a ghetto, slum; wretchstead.
Hellhood nThe state or personality of an infernal being; usu used in irony.
Hell-hound nCerberus, the dog of hell. 2. an extremely vicious and dangerous dog. 3. a fiend, diabolical person.
Hellhouse nA dwelling of sorts where diabolical or hellish plans are plotted.
Hell-hued adjOf the deepest black hue or colour.
Hellick adjHell-like, hellish, infernal.
Hellier nA tiler, roofer, slater
Hellish adjBelonging or pertaining to Hell or Hades. 2. pertaining to hell or the infernal regions, infernal. 3. infernally, execrably, sometimes coarse, intensive devilish.
Hellishing adjTerrible, very terrible.
Hellishing advTerribly.
Hellishly advIn a hellish manner; infernally, devilishly.
Hellishness nThe quality or state of being hellish, infernal, damnable nature or disposition.
Hell-keepers nThe guardians of hell.
Hell-kettle nA deep black gulf or abyss, a name locally applied to holes or pools, popularly supposed to be bottomless.
Hell-kindled adjRaised, created in hell.
Hell-knight nThe devil, soul-bane, grima.
Hell-like adjResembling or characteristic of hell in some aspects.
Hell-moth nA prostitute, ho, skanky-ho, street-walker, sex-worker.
Hell-mouthed adjOf language threatening, devious and diabolical.
Hellness nA title for a person of diabolical nature; as 'His Hellness" . 2. hell-hound
Hell-raisers na person who causes trouble or creates chaos.
Hell's Angel nA member of a motorcycle enthusiasts notorious for their outrageous behavior.
Hell's Kitchen nAny neighborhood with a reputation for poverty and crime. 2. a New York city neighborhood, that was historically known for poor living condition.
Hell-spun adjSpun or wrought in hell; of fiendish or diabolical making; of Hades like in nature.
Hell's teeth nAn exclamation of surprise.
Hell-wain nA phantom wagon seen in the sky at night.
Hellward(s) advTowards hell, downwards; towards the centre of the earth. 2. towards the place of one's final punishment. 3. directed or conducting to hell.
Hell-weed nA name given to certain plants, noxious as weeds, and difficult to eradicate.
Hell week nThe week during which new members are required to undergo undignified rites of initiation or grueling discipline in order to be accepted into a fraternity, sorority, secret society, military group, etc.
Hell-ware nThe inhabitants of hell.
Helly adjOf or belonging to hell. 2. of the nature of hell; hellish, infernal, devilish.
Helly advHellishly, devilishly, infernally, diabolically.
Helm nIn OE: the top of anything, a covering; part of the armour which covers the head, a helmet. 2. transfig. a man in armour. 3. the crown, or summit, top of anything; zenith. 4. a head or cap of an alembic. 5. christ's crown of thorns. 6. a roofed shelter of anything. 7. that by which affairs or matters are guided.
Helm nStalk of corn, stalks collectively (variant of 'haulm'.
Helm nThe handle or tiller in a large ship.
Helm vbTo furnish or cover with a helm. 2. to guide with or steer with a helm. 3. to lay straw (in order) for thatching.
Helm phr'At the Helm" - in charge, in control.
Helm phr"Down With the Helm" - to bring the rudder to windward.
Helm phr"Take the Helm" - take charge or control.
Helmbote nThe right of cutting helm in a common field for thatching.
Helm-cloud nA cloud which forms over the top of a mountain, usually just before or during a storm.
Helmed adjWearing a helm or helmet.
Helmlike adjResembling or characteristic of a helm, top or cover.
Helm-less adjWithout a helm or steering rudder.
Helmsman nThe man at the helm who steers ships; a steersman.
Helmsman-ship nThe office and office of a helsmanship.
Helm-wind nA violent storm rushes down the side of a mountain when a helm-cloud is over the summit.
Help vbMake something easier , better, quicker or less painful (for someone or something). 2. improve a situation. 3. refrain from doing something.
Help nHelp, support, assistance. 2. person who gives assistance. 3. the act of helping or relieving.
Help phr"Give a Helping Hand" - offer and give aid and assistance to others.
Help phr"God Help Him" - exclamation in pity in a helpless condition of the person spoken of.
Help phr"Heaven Help You" - you are in trouble.
Help phr"To Help a Lame Dog Over The Stile" - give help to someone in trouble or difficulty
Help phr"Help Along" - assist the progress of; assist in moving forward in some endeavour or pursuit.
Help phr"Help off With" - help somebody to remove something, as an article of clothing..
Help phr"Help Oneself/Yourself" - especially at a restaurant or an eating place, where one serves oneself or of the meal available there.
Help phr"Help On With" - help somebody to put on an article of clothing.
Help phr"Help Out"(to help through) - to afford completing something; to eke out; supplement. 2. to help somebody face a difficulty or problem.
Help phr"Help Oneself/Yourself" - especially at a restaurant or an eating place, where one serves oneself or of the meal avaialable there.
Help phr"Help Oneself to" - freely take, steal.
Help phr"Help To" - assist, aid, support.
Help phr"Help Wanted" - aid and assistance is welcomed.
Help phr"Not If I Can Help It" - only with my agreement.
Help phr"Not lift a Finger to Help" - to refuse to aid or assist.
Help phr"So Help Me God" - a solemn oath.
Helped adjThat has been helped; added or assisted or helped out.
Helped-out adjAided and assisted.
Help-fellow nA helpmate, a companion who renders assistance.
Helpend nHelper.
Helper nOne who helps or assists.
Helpership nOffice or position of a helper.
Helpful adjFull of help; having the quality of giving help; useful, servicable, profitable.
Helpfully advIn a helpful manner; so as to help him.
Helpfulness nThe quality or state of being helpful.
Help-giver nOne who gives help and assistance to others.
Helping nThe action of giving help, ad, assistance, succour. 2. a means of help an aid. 3. the action of serving food of a meal. 4. a single portion of food served at a meal.
Helping-hand nAssistance.
Helping-hand phr"Give a Helping Hand To" - give assistance and aid to someone in trouble ordifficulty.
Helpless adjDestitute of help. 2. of persons: having no assistance from others, needy, needy. 3. having no resources in oneself; unable to help oneself; weak, or incapable.. 4. affording no help; unavailing, unprofitable. 5. admitting no remedy; that cannot be helped.
Helplessly advIn a helpless manner; without help or remedy; without being able to help.
Helplessness nThe state or condition of being helpless. 2. want of aid or resource. 3. inability to help oneself.
Helpline nA telephone line set aside for callers to contact an organization for help with a problem.
Helply advAfording help, helpful, serviceable.
Helpship nThe function or position of a helper.
Helpsome adjMarked by a readiness or a willingness to help; characteristically helpful.
Help-work nAssistance.
Helpworthy advWorthy or deserving help.
Helpy adjHelpful.
Helve nA handle of a weapon or tool, as an axe, chisel, hammer.
Helve vbTo furnish with a helve.
Helve phr"To Throw the Helve After the Hammer" - after loosing or risking so much, to risk all that is left. 2. to go the whole length regardless of loss or damage.
Hem nThe edge, rim, border, margin of anything.2. a finished edge made on a fabric by turning over the raw edge (usually twice) and sewing down the first fold.; done to prevent raveling or as an ornament.
Hem vbTo edge a border, etc. 2. with confine or bound by an environment of any kind; to enclose, shut in limit, restrain, imprison.
Hem phr"Hem In" - enclose, restrain, shut in, confined, enclosed; imprisoned. 2. be limited in the choices available. 3. confine, restrict the movement of.
He-man nA particularly strong, virile or masterful man; perhaps, a alpha-man.
He-mannish adjStrongish, virile, masterful.
Heme nOE derivative of home: householder, man.
Hemline nThe line or level of the lower of the edge of a shirt, dress or coat.
Hemlock nAn evergreen tree (Tsuga) of North America and Asia. 2. the wood of the the hemlock tree. 3. a poison made from the unripe dried fruit of the hemlock herb.
Hemlock vbTo poison with hemlock.
Hemmed adjFurnished with a border.
Hemming nA border, edge, fringe, margin, rim.
Hemp nA tall, annual herb, originally from Asia but now widely cultivated . 2. the stem fibres of this plant used to make canvas rope, etc. 3. a narcotic drug obtained from hemp.
Hempen adjMade of hemp; or pertaining to hemp. 2. resembling hemp. 3. a humorous reference to the hangman's noose.
Hempenly advRelated or connected with hemp.
Hemp-smoker nMarijuana, cannabis smoker.
Hempwort nAny plant of the hemp family, Cannabis sativa.
Hempy adjMade of, like or of hemp. 2. hempen, producing. 3. worthy of the hangman's halter. 4. affected by cannabis.
Hen nA female domestic fowl. 2. any female bird. 3. the female of the lobster and certain fishes.
Hen vbTo plot, plan clandestinely, scheme; also 'hen on'
Hen advHenne; an obsolete form of 'hence' surviving of place, time, or inference (note: obsolete forms 'henne forth'; 'henforward.; 'hen(en)sith (departure), etc.
Hen phr"A Whistling Maid(en) and a Crowing Hen is Neither Good for God or Men" - a whistling maid (a witch), who whistles or calls up the winds and was supposed to be in league with the Devil. The crowing of a hen was supposed to forbode a death. The usual interpretation is that masculinity in woman is undesirable
Hen phr"Like a Hen With One Chicken" - overprotective of an only child. 2. indicating extreme solicitude or fussiness about a small matter.
Hen phr"Like a Mother Hen" - a womwn who constantly fusses over her children.
Hen-and-ChickennA name for the Pleiades.
Henbane nA unpleasant smelling poisonous plant with sticky, hairy, yellow leaves (Hyosycamus niger) from which the narcotic drug hyoscine is drawn.
Hence nThe other or next world; the future.
Hence advAway from this place. 2. in the future. 3. from this cause or source; consequently; therefore.
Hence vbTo order hence, or away. 2.
Hence phr"Go Hence" - depart, leave.
Hence phr"Hence With" - go away with; take away.
Hence-alongadvAlong of, or because of this; for this reason.
Hence-bought adjSince bought or purchased afterwards.
Henceforth advFrom this time on or forward; from now onwards.
Henceforward advFrom this time forward; henceforth, from now onwards.
Hence-from advFrom this place or time.
Hence-going adjGoing from this place, from now or this time.
Hence-meant adjIntended, purposed, of planned from this point on.
Hence-while advSome time afterwards.
Hench n(Of a man): strong, fit, and having a muscular physique.
Henchman nA mercenary, adherent, a venal follower; one who holds at the bidding of others. 2. a servile assistant. 3. a faithful follower. 4. a male servant. 5. a standover man.
Henchwench nA henchwoman
Hend vbTo Lay hold out, sieze, grasp, hold.
Hend adjNear at hand. 2. ready at hand, covenient, handy. 3. ready or skilful, dextrous, expert, clever. 4. of persons: pleasant at dealing with others; courteous, grateful, gracious, skilful, kind, nice. 4. plasing to the sight, comely, fair, fetching, bright. 5.
Hend advNear at hand; courteously, kindly, gently.
Hendly advIn a gracious, kind, gentle, maanner. 2. courteously, kindly, gently, graciously. 3. finely, neatly, gracefully, nicely.
Hendness nCourteous, gentleness.
Hendship nCourtesy, kindiness, kindness.
Hendwale nHenbane, (hyoscyamus niger).
Hendy adjSkilfully, handy, clever.
Hene vbTo stone.
Hen-feather nA feather from a hen, especially used for stuffing bedding; or to ornament clothing or as a lure for fly-fishing.
Henge nA structure resembling Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, esp. one consisting of standing stones arranged in a circle.
Hengest nA male horse; the horse generally. 2. a stallion, gelding,
Hengist and Horsa nThe semi-legendary leaders who led the first Saxon warbands to settle in England.
Hen-hearted adjTimorous or faint-hearted; pusillanimous. 2. cowardly, meek; chicken-hearted.
Hen-hood nThe state or condition of being a hen.
Hen-house nA small house or shed in which poultry are shut up for the night. 2. fig. a house or establishmeninhabited chiefly by women; slang for a brothel.
Hen-hussy nA man who meddles in women's affairs.
Henless adjWithout or lacking hens.
Henlike adjResembling, in the manner or characteristic a hen in various ways.
Hen-night nA social occasion restricted to, or attended by, women.
Hen-of-the wood nGrifola frondosa, native to China, is a mushroom that grows in clusters at the base of trees, particularly oaks. The mushroom is commonly known among English speakers as hen of the woods, hen-of-the-woods, ram's head and sheep's head. It is typically found in late summer to early autumn. In the United States the mushroom is known by its Japanese name maitake ( "dancing mushroom").
Hennish adjOf or pertaining to a hen.
Henny adjOf or pertaining to a hen; hen-like. 2. having the plumage of a hen.
Hen-roost nA place where domestic fowls roost or are housed at night; hen-house, hencote. 2. a source of plunder, in allusion to a political speech referring to the robbing of the roosts (by wily foxes).
Hen run nan enclosure for hens.
Hen-skin nOf an item of clothing or footwear.
Hen-skin adjMade of flimsy material.
Hen's teeth nSomething very rare.
Hent nThe act of seizing, grasping, clutching; fig. that which is a grasped, clutched, conceived by the mind. 2. design, conception, intention.
Hent vbTo lay hold of, sieze, grasp, catch; to take or hold in one's hand. 2. to lay hold of or take away; lift or move in some way,snatch, carry off. 3. to pluck up heart, or courage. 4. to hit at with a blow, strike, hit. 5. to get by, arrive at, reach, occupy. 6. to sieze, affect, as an influence on conditions. 7. to take, recieve, obtain, gain, meet with. 8. to experience, suffer, catch, take courage, apprehend, perceive.
Hent prpTill, until.
Hent phr"To Hent Upon" - to take in hand.
Henter nOne who grasps, clutches, takes hold of, siezes etc.
Henting nThe action of laying hold of, grasping, seizing.
Henting furrow nA furrow which is ploughed last on a ridge, and in the opposite direction to previous furrows.
Henware nEdible seaweed, Alaria esculente.?????
Henwife nA woam who is in charge of the fowls; something applied with contempt to a man. 2. a bawd.
Hen-witted adjFoolish, stupid, dull-witted.
Heo prnHe
Her prnThe objective case of the pronoun.
Herd nA number of animals feeding or traveling together. 2. a large crowd,; especially, the common rabble.
Herd vbTo bring or group together , in or as in a herd. 2. to care for or drive sheep.
Herd n"The Herd" - the multitude, the common people, the rabble, the vulgar.
Herd phr"Follow the Herd" - do what most other people are doing.
Herd phr"Herd and Flock' - a doublet meaning a company of domestic animals.
Herd phr"Herd Together" - gather together as, or like, a herd of animals.
Herd phr"Ride Herd on" - keep watch over.
Herdbook nA record of pedigrees of cattle in important herd
Herder nOne who herds animals; a herdsman; a shepherd; herdman, herds-groom. 2. one who looks after a herd of cattle or sheep.
Herdfolk nA company of shepherds.
Herdless adjWithout a herd or shepherd.
Herd-like adjSimilar or resembling a herd, multitude, the throng, the common people, the rabble.
Herdman nOne who herds cattle, sheep or other animals; herdsman. 2. a spiritual pastor.
Herdness nA collective firm or herds or flocks; stock. 2. guarding, keeping, custody.
Herd's-grass nTimothy grass, valued for its hay-making qualities.
Herdship nThe office or charge of a keeper of cattle. 2. the herd or beasts under the control of a keeper.
Herdsman nOne who herds cattle, sheep or other animals; herdsman. 2. a spiritual pastor.
Herdsmanship nThe performance or occupation of a herdsman.
Herdwick nThe tract of land under the charge of a 'herd' or shepherd employed by the owner or lord of the manor. 2. a pasture ground; sheep farm.
Herdwise adjHerdlike (in the way of the herd).
Here nArmy
Here adjGentle, mild, pleasant.
Here advIn or at this place. 2. to this place, hither. 3. at this point of time or stage of proceedings ; now. 4. at a place indicated. 5. in the present life.
Here phr"Be Up to Here" - hhave more than one can to or tolerate.
Here phr"Here After" - at some future time. 2. from this time forth. 3. in the state of life after death; after the present life. 4.
Here phr"Here Again" - gainst this, in opposition; in contradistinction or contrast to this; in comparison with this.
Here phr"Here Among" - here together, amid, amidst, in the midst of.
Here phr"Here and Now" - at this place; at the present, at present time or life.
Here phr"Here and There" - in this place and that place. 2. in various places in a scattered sense of places. 3. now and then in time.
Here phr"Here Below" - in this life (contrasted to heaven 'above')
Here phr"Here Goes" - an exclamation declaring one's resolution or resignation to perform some difficult or risky act, usually of a bold or rash character.
Here phr"Here in Before" - formed in a previous part of a document; hereinbefore.
Here phr"Here's To You" - a common form of toast in drinking to one's health.
Here phr"Here's Where" - this is the point at which.
Here phr"Here Lies" - written on gravestone followed by the buried person's name
Here phr"Here Nor There" - foreign to the subject under discussion. 2. unimportant, irrelevant.
Here phr"Here On" - in this place. 2. to this place. 3. hereupon. 4. on this subject or basis.
Here phr"Here Over" - over here.
Here phr"Here, There and Everywhere" - of one account either one way or the other; of no matter or consequences unimportant.
Here phr"Here To" - to this time, place or end.
Here phr"Here Today and Gone Tomorrow" - a philosophical comment on the transitory nature of man, his works, or any form of life. 2. said of somebody always on the move. and with whom one only has a brief or temporary contact
Here phr"Here Today and Gone Tomorrow" - a catch-phrase indicating a constant change of events (or something) remaining in place for a short time.
Here phr"Here-to's Hoping" - here's how. 2. here's to your health(a drinking to one's health).
Here phrHere We Are" - said on arrival at one's destination.
Here phr"Here We Go (Again)" - we are heading down the same undesirable course, project, etc as before. 2. of something (usually with negative connotation) about to be repeated.
Here phr"Here You Are" - said on handing something to someone.
Here phr"Neither Here Nor There" - irrelevant; trivial.
Hereabove advIn that place above (heaven).
Here-a-days advNowadays.
Hereafter nA future state of existence.
Herafter advAt some future time. 2. from this time forth. 3. in the state of life after death; after the present life.
Hereafterwards advIn the future.
Here-and-nowness nThe present state or condition; the present.
Here-anent advConcerning this; about this, regarding this; re.
Hereat advAt this place; here. 2. at this, as a reason, because of or as result of this. 3. at this time.
Hereaway advAway in this direction; in this quarter of herehood; hereabouts. 2. in this present life; now. 3. to this quarter or neighorhood. (Hither hereaway) - to and fro in every direction.
Herebefore advEarlier set down in this document or text; herein before. 2. before this time before now; in time past.
Herebelow advIn this world, in life, or earth below; here-beneath.
Herebeneath advIn this world.
Here beside advImmediately next to.
Here-burne nMall.
Hereby advBy means or virtue of this. 2. near this.
Here-dring nA warrior.
Here-fang nBooty.
Here-fare nA military invasion; here-going.
Herefore advFor this, instead or in consideration of this: in a view of this. 2. for this reason, on this account, therefore.
Hereforth advIn this direction or this way.
Herefrom advFor this place, hence from this state or consideration. 2. for this thing, fact or circumstance, from this source.
Here-geld nThe year 1012 saw the introduction of the geld or heregeld (literally "army tax"), an annual tax first assessed by King Æthelred the Unready to pay for mercenaries in the army and navy. 2. heriot.
Here-going nAn invasion by an an army; here-fare.
Here-gume nA warrior.
Here-hence advFrom this source; from this fact or circumstance, as a result of this. 2. from this point forward; from hence forth. 3. away from here, hence.
Here-in advIn this, in this place, circumstance.
Here-in-after advIn a subsequent part of this (document).
Here-in-above advBefore mentioned in this document, text, etc.
Here-in-before advA preceding part of this document.
Hereinto advInto this.
Heretofore avUp to the present, formerly.
Hereinunder advIn and under this.
Hereunto advUp to this point.
Hereish adjSomewhat near or at a position or place.
Here-kemp nOE - warrior.
Herely advNobely, gloriously, splendidly.
Here-mark nAn ensign.
Hereness nThe fact or condition of being here.
Here-next advNext with this; immediately after this.
Hereof advOf this, concerning this, about this, because of this.
Here-on advHerein. 2. of position: of this place of motion. 3. on this subject, matter, etc., on this basis. 4. on this occurrence
Here out advOut of this place (of motion and position). 2. from this source; hence.
Hereover advIn addition to this.
Here-right advHere on the spot; straightaway, immediately.
Here through advThrough this, by this means, hereby.
Here-till advHerein; hereto.
Here-to advTo this place, hither. 2. to this matter; subject, etc., with reference to; regarding to this point. 2. annexed to this document. 3. in addition to this. 4. up to this time, hitherto.
Here-to-fore nThe past; time past.
Here-to-fore adjFormer, previous, hitherto.
Here-to-fore advBefore this time, before now, in time past; formerly, erstwhile.
Heretoga nThe leader of the army. 2. the commander of the militia of a shire, county, heretochy (herzog).
Here-under advSubsequently mentioned or set down in this document, book, etc. 2. under or beneath this surface or appearance. 3. under this title, heading etc. 4. under the authority of this statute.
Here-unto advUnto or to this place; in this thing, matter, etc; to this document.
Here-upon advUpon this thing, point, subject, matter. 2. immediately following upon (in this time or consequence)
Here-weeds nArmour, martial acoutrement.
Herewith adjAlong with this.
Herewith advWith this; along with or together with this.
Herewith adjAccompanying.
Herewithal advHere with. 2. an alternative form of wherewithal.
Here-within advIn this place or point within. 2. at the same time with this; upon this; with these words. 3. by means of this, hereby.
Here-without advWithout this.
Hereword nOE. word of praise, renown, glory.
Hereworthy adjWorthy of praise; praised, to be praised.
Hereyeld nThe render or yielding of the superior of the best living beasts of a deceased vassal to the lord of the manor; at an earlier date commuted for a fixed money payment.
Here'yesterday nThe day before yesterday.
Heriot nMilitary equipment. 2. feudal service, originally consisting of weapons, horses, and other military equipment, restored to a lord on the death of his tenant. afterwards the render of the best live beast (hereyeld) or chattel of a deceased tenant due by legal custom to the lord.
Hern nThe heron.
Herring nA type of small, oily fish of the genus Clupea, often used as food. 2. fish in the family Clupeidae. 3. fish similar to those in genus Clupea, many of those in the order Clupeiformes.
Herring vbTo manure with herring.
Herring phr"Be a Red Herring" - deliberately misleading fact.
Herring phr"Every Herring Should Hang By His Own Head" - every one should stand by his own merits.
Herring phr"Neither Fish, Flesh or Good, Red Herring" - unclassiffiable by virtue of being neither one thing nor the other.
Herring-bone nThe bone of the herring. 2. small cirorcumulus clouds, as herring bone clouds.
Herring-bone vbTo work with herring-bone stitch. 2. to make with herring-bone patterns.
Herring-boned adjResembling in appearance the bones of a herring. 2. made with herring-bone work.
Herring-bone line nHatching used to represent mountains on a map.
Herring-bone-work nMasonry in which the stone are laid slanting inn opposite directions alternately. 2. a cross-stitch made of rows of diagonal stitches.
Herring-cob nThe head of a herring; fig. a stupid person.
Herring-monger nA dealer in herrings.
Herring-pond nThe ocean or dividing seas, especially the Atlantic which separates America from the British Isles.
Hers prnThe absolute possessive case.
Hers phr"Of Hers" - belonging to her.
Herse vbTo glorify, extol, hail, see halse: to hail
Herself prnBelonging or pertaining to her; the form of the possessive case of 'she' when used in predicative position, without a following noun, or after 'of'. 2. the things or persons belonging to or relating to her.
Herself phr"Be Herself" - to be in her normal condition of mind and body; to be in full possession of her faculties.
Herself phr"By Herself" - do by oneself (herself).
Hership nHarrying, pillage, devastation. 2. a warlike incursion, insurgency, invasion or foray. 3. a harried condition; hence, ruin, distresss, famine caused by robbery with violence. 3. booty, plunder, esp. the driving of, rustling of cattle.
Heried adjPraised, glorified, exalted.
Hersoun vbTo glorify, do honour to; hery.
Herward advTowards her.
Hery vbTo glorify, praise, exalt, honor, worship.
Heryer nWorshipper.
Heryful adjPraiseworthy.
Herying nPraise, glorification, song of praise.
He-she nAn effeminate man. 2. a hermaphrodite.
Hest nOE: haes; bidding, command, injunction, behest, vow, promise. 2. will, purpose, determination.
Hest vbTo promise, to bid, command, to grant a wish.
Het adjHot, heated.
Het phr"Het Up" - become angry, heated or annoyed
Hete nCommand, promise, hight.
Hetefast advFirmly, securely, fast.
Heterly adjRough, fierce, violent, cruel, stern.
Heterly advRoughly, fiercely, violently, cruelly, sternly.
Hetful adjPassionate.
Heugh nA precipitious or hanging descent, a rugged, steep precipice, cliff or scaur; most commonly one overhanging a river of the sea.
Heven vbTo raise up, lift up, exalt, (see: heaven and heave).
Hew vbTo strike, or deal blows with a cutting weapon. 2. to strike forcibly with aa cutting tool. 3. to cut with swinging strokes of a sharp instrument, as an axe or sword. 4. to cut or chop into pieces. 5. to chop, hack, gash. 6. of horse or man: to strike leg against the other?.
Hew phr"Hew Asunder" - cut into pieces.
Hew phr"Hew Away" - to sever by a cutting blow.
Hew phr"Hew Down" - cut down from above. 2. cut down with rough chopsping blows; hack down.
Hew phr"Hew One's Way" - make a way for oneself by hewing.
Hew phr"Hew Out" - cut or hollow ou.
Hew phr"Hew Up" - cut up from the roots.
Hewe nOE. hiwa(n); members of a household; domestics, a servant.
Hewed adjCut or hacked down.
Hewen nOE: hiwen; a family, a household.
Hewer nOne who cuts wood or stone; specifically, one who shapes and prepares stone for buildings. 2. a hewster.
Hewer phr"Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water" - folk or classes whose lot is to labor, at necessary, if often menial or unskilled,jobs for others. 2. drudges or laborers of the lowest kind; drudge.
Hewing nThe action or act of cutting or hewing. 2. the act of a swinging stroke with an axe or other sharp instrument. 3. hacking, slaughter., a cut, gash or injury produced by hewing
Hewing adjThat hewed or cut.
Hewn adjCut, hacked, shaped from wood or stone.
He-wolf nThe male wolf.
Hewt nOE. hiewe; hewing, cutting. 2. a copse, grove.
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