Old EnglishspEnglish
Hi prnReflexive form of he; accusative of them.
Hidden adjConcealed, secret, hidden, hid, put out of sight, not known. 2. occultive.
Hidden phr"Hidden Hand" - secret or occult influence, esp of malignant character.
Hiddenly advIn a hidden manner, so as not be evident to the sight or understanding; secretly.
Hiddenmost adjMost hidden or secret.
Hiddenness nSecrecy, concealment. 2. the condition of something being hidden.
Hide nThe skin of an animal; the hide. 2. the skin or hide of an animal, either raw or dressed; gen. applied to the undressed skins of the larger domestic animals, as oxen, horses. 2 the dressed skin or hide of an animal (esp. a large animal) 3. body covering of a living animal; hide, pelt. 4. the human skin; -- so called 'hide' in contempt.
Hide phr"Have a Thick Hide" - not be easy offended or put off. 2. be impervious to criticism.
Hide phr"Have the Hide to Ask" - to be impudent, effrontive.
Hide phr"See Neither Hide Nor Hair" - To see no trace, nothing whatsoever, indication or evidence, esp. of a person.
Hide phr"Want Somebody's Hide" - to be keen to penalize somebody.
Hide nA measure of land (a hide) reckoned as that sufficient to support a free family with dependents. 2. members of a household, a peasant. 3. a abode or dwelling. 4. measure of land, (a hide) common in Domesday Book and old English charters, the quantity of which is not well ascertained, but has been differently estimated at 80, 100, and 120 acres.(also hyde.)
Hide nThe act or action of hiding. 2. concealment; a hiding place, cache.
Hide vbTo remove the skin from. 2. to flog, whip, flay, thrash.
Hide vbTo prevent from being seen or discovered; hide, conceal. 2. be or go into hiding; keep out of sight, as for protection and safety. 3. to remove from danger; to shelter, hide, hide out. 3. cover as if with a shroud; shroud, enshroud, hide, cover. 4: make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing obscure, blot out, obliterate, veil, hide. 2. to flay, flog, thrash. 5. to conceal, or withdraw from sight; to put out of view; to secrete. 6. to withhold from knowledge; to keep secret; hide, to refrain from avowing or confessing.
Hide vbTo measure the number of hides in a piece of land.
Hiding phr"Be On a Hiding To Nothing" - A situation in which victory has little or no value at all, but defeat has a huge loss. 2. to be in a situation in which nay outcome would be unfavorable or in which success would be impossible.
Hide phr"Hide One's Ears" - to turn away or out of earshot.
Hide phr"Hide One's Head" - to protect one's head; to shelter one's shelf; take cover or shelter.
Hide phr"Hide Oneself" - to put oneself in a safe position; to secure protection for oneself.
Hide phr"Hide Out" - to go into hiding; to hide from the authorities.
Hide-all nThat hides and covers up all.
Hide-and-Hue nSkin and complexion. 2. alliterative collocation with hue: colour, complexion, countenance.
Hide-and-seek nA children's games with varying rules, but basically one seekers finds a number of hiders and brings them to a 'den' within a stated time. 2. elusive or teasing tactics with another person, group, etc.
Hideaway nOne who hides hideaway, a fugitive, runaway, stowaway. 2. a palce of concealment or retreat. 3. that hides or is hidden away. 4. a small quiet restaurant where "lovers" meet.
Hideaway phr"Hide Away (In)" - take cover or shelter (in); conceal (oneself)in;
Hidebehind nA creature in US folklore that may be glimpsed but never seen clearly.
Hide-bind vbTo confine restrict. 2. to render hidebound.
Hidebound adjOf cattle: having skin closely adhering tho the back and rib area resulting from poor nutrition and, of a consequence, emaciated. 2. of humans having skin tight and incapable of extension. 3. of trees: having bark so closely fitting and unyioelding that growth is impeded. 5. of persons: restricted in view and scope of mind: narrow, bigoted, obstinately set in their opinions. 5. of spending: stingy, close-fitted, niggardly.
Hidegeld nA tax paid on every hide of land. 2. a fine paid instead of a flogging.
Hidel nA hiding-place, a burial place.
Hidel phr"In Hidel" - in concealment, in secret.
Hide-less adjWithout a hide or skin.
Hidel-like advSecretly, clandestinely.
Hidels nA hiding place.
Hide-out nA hiding place. 2. one who hides out
Hider nne who hides or conceals him or herself.
Hiding nThe condition of being hidden; concealment. 2. the action of hiding (lit. & fig.). 3. something that hides. 4. means of concealment. 5. a hiding place.
Hiding nA flogging, whipping, flaying. 2. thrashing, beating.
Hiding adjThat hides.
Hiding phr"Be On a Hiding To Nothing" - A situation in which victory has little or no value at all, but defeat has a huge loss. 2. to be in a situation in which nay outcome would be unfavorable or in which success would be impossible.
Hiding-cloth nA curtain or veil.
Hidings nSecrets.
Hidlings adjHidden, secret, underhanded, clandestine.
Hidlings advIn hidden-wise, secretly; in hidlings or secretly in a hidden way.
Hidness nHideness, secrecy, hiddenness.
Hidy-hole nA hiding place.
Hie nStriving, advancement, progress. 2. quickness, speed, haste, diligence, soonness.
Hie vbTo strive, exert oneself. 2. to hasten, speed (up), go quickly. 3. to hasten, make hasten, go quickly, use diligence and dispatch. 4. to betake or hurry oneself quickly. 5. get on with it quickly. 6. to advance, make progress, prosper, come on quickly, get on quickly.
Hie phr"Do in Hie" - go quickly, in haste, do quickly.
Hieful adjSpeedy, hasty, prompt, quick.
Hield nA slope, incline, declivity.
Hield vbTo cause to bend. 2. to bend downwards or to one side. 3. to lean, incline, slope. 4. to bow, kowtow, submit. 5. to sink, drop, decline, fall, to come or go down. 6. to bend one's course; turn in a particular direction. 7. to take one's way; to favour or take another's side. 8. to turn away or aside. 9. to pour out (liquor) by sloping or tilting the vessel that contains it. 10 to shed, pour (lit & fig).
Hield phr"On Hield" - (sometimes: "On held")- in a bent or sloping position
Hielded adjInclined, tilted, steeped.
Hielding nSlope, inclination, declension. 2. a pouring out. 3. sloping, inclining, tilting (lit & fig.)
High nOE. hyge. understanding, understanding, mind; an important word in the older teutonic languages, but obsolete by ME. the teutonic root 'hug' belongs also 'hight,' 'hightle,' 'hightly,' etc. 2. thought, intention, purpose, determination.
High nA lofty level or position or degree. an air mass of higher than normal pressure. 2. a state of sustained elation. 3. a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics. 4. a high place.
High vbTo make high or higher (lit & fig.) 2. to be high or higher (lit &fig.) 3. to rise up, surmount, ascend, mount. 4. extol, exalt, elevate. 4. to raise up, elevate, lift up.
High adjGreater than normal in degree or intensity or amount; of great strength, force, importance; strong; mighty; powerful; violent; sometimes, triumphant; victorious; majestic. 2. (lit.) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension, as in (`knee-high'); elevated above any starting point of measurement, as a line, or surface; having altitude; lifted up; raised or extended in the direction of the zenith; lofty; tall; as, a high tree. 3. standing above others in quality or position; eminent; regarded as raised up or elevated; distinguished; remarkable; conspicuous; superior. 4. elevated in character or quality, either moral or intellectual; preeminent; honorable; as, high aims, or motives. 5. possessing a characteristic quality in a supreme or superior degree; as, high; intense heat; high; noon; spicy; seasoned. 6. completely; deep or vivid of color; high: extensive, thorough. 7. exalted in social standing or general estimation, or in rank, reputation, office, and the like; dignified; of noble birth, grand, noble.; illustrious; as, of high family. 8. arrogant; lofty; boastful; proud; ostentatious; - used in a bad sense. 9. used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency. 9. happy and excited and energetic. 10. of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or a little tainted; strong-scented. 11. slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug, as marijuana: mellow. 12.(music.) acute or sharp. 12. very abstract; difficult to comprehend or surmount. 13. costly; dear in price; extravagant; as, to hold goods at a high price.
High advAt or to a great distance or extent upwards. 2. in or into a position, far up, aloft.
High phr"An All-time High" - a record achievement.
High phr"Be On One's High Horse" - stand on one's dignity. 2. take offence easily.
High phr"Blow Something to High Heaven" - prove something to be wrong.
High phr"Come Hell or High Water" - act regardless of the consequences.
High phr"From On High" - from a high or exalted position; specifically from heaven.
High phr"Get On One's High Horse" - to be excessively arrogant and pompous.
Higher phr"Have a Higher Head" - to have a superiority to gain the victory or mastery. (with a higher head).
High phr"Have a High Old Time" - make meery, esp. in the absence of a restraining influence.
High phr"Have the High Ground" - have an advantage in moral terms.
High phr"High and Dry" - on shore above the reach of water. 2. stranded; helpless; in a difficult position.
High phr"High and Mighty" - haughty, self-important and arrogant with the presumption of being superior to others.
High phr"High as a Kite" - very much under the influence of drugs.
High phr"High Days and Holidays" - days when festivals, celebrations are held; special occasions generally.
High phr"Higher You Climb, the Harder you Fall" - the risk of disappointment, disgrace or failure increases in proportion to the heights of one's ambition , position in life or profession.
High phr"High On the Hog" - well off, living comfortably, or extravagantly. 2. living/ eating high on the hog. 2. live high off the hog.
High phr"Highways and Byways" - all the roads or routes, large and small; (fig) the main fors or trends of something, as well as less known aspects.
High phr"High, Wide and Handsome" - easily, with triumph, masterfully. 2. in a carefree manner; in good style. 3. the quality of being high and mighty.
High phr"Hit the High Spots" - to go to excess or extreme. 2. to touch on important matters.
High phr"Hold One's Head High" - to stay unruffled and maintain one's dignity despite attempts by others to embarrass.
High phr"In the Highest" - in heaven; in the loftiest. 2. in modern usage, in the highest degree.
High phr"It's High Time that" - the time is long overdue when something should happen or be done.
High phr"Leave High and Dry" - to draw all support from a person or to isolate a person from an involved position. 2. on shore above the reach of water.
High phr"On High" - in or to heaven or a high place.
High phr"Play High" - play for high stakes.
High phr"Ride High" - to be successful but vulnerable.
High phr"Run High" - be intense, strong of feeling. 2. of the sea current flowing strongly.
High phr"To Fly High" - to be ambitious.
High n"The Most High" - God, a supreme being, 'the most highest'.
High-and-Mightiness nThe quality of being high and mighty.
High-and-Mighty nA social or economic group, wielding wide power, influence or clout.
High and Mighty adjOverbearing, arrogant, ostentatiously, self-important or self-aggrandizing; self-opinionated.
High-backed adjAn animal or something having a high back.
High-beam adjA vehicle headlight beam with a long-range focus
Highberg nHigh or lofty mountain.
High-binder nA corrupt politician. 2. a member of any of the various Chinese-American secret societies involved in a range of criminal activities during the mid 1800s.
High-blooded adjAristocratic. 2. of high birth, descent or race. 3. of self-named superior race.
High-boned adjHaving high cheek bones.
High-bornadjFrom a high rank of society. 2. of noble birth or extraction.
High-borne adjExalted, lofty, of high bearing.
High-bred adjOf high breed, stock or descent. 2. high-born. 3. characterized by highly refined manners. 4. characterized by a high bringing up.
High-breed adjHigh born, of high breed or stock, or descent. 2. characterized by a highly-refined manner.
High-brow nA person of superior intellect, attainments or interests, occasionally derisively applied.
High-browed adjIntellectually superior. 2. having a high forehead.
High-browish adjFairly or somewhat high-brow.
High-browness nThe state or condition of being highbrow.
High-cliff nA lofty or high cliff.
High Church nRefers to beliefs ad practice of ecclesiology, liturgy, and theology, generally with an emphasis on formality and a resistance to modernization.
Highcraft nArt, skill of an excellent or outstanding standard.
High day n(Maybe, the same word or origin of 'hey-day;' the noon, midday, when the sun is full or high in the sky or heavens, as high-day noon. 2. a day of great or high celebration; solemn or festal day. 3. a full day, when the Sun is high in the sky. 4. of or befitting a high day.
High-deer nStag.
High-end nSomething considered an expensive or extreme quality item as designer clothes and top-line electronic equipment.
Higher phr"Higher You Climb, the Harder you Fall" - the risk of disappointment, disgrace or failure increases in proportion to the heights of one's ambition , position in life or profession.
Higher phr"Have a Higher Head" - to have a superiority to gain the victory or mastery. (with a higher head).
Higher being nAny of the various theoretical, or unknown, non-human life forms believed to have power over human life. 2. a word often used for the modern Christian God. 3. a general term or title for an indefinite belief a god of some form.
Higher-ground nA position of advantage or superiority, especially an ethically superior position.
Highermost adjHighest.
Higher-up nOne occupying a superior position or post.
Higher-up adjA more elevated or superior position.
High-feeding adjRich and luxurious food.
High-five nA gesture of celebration of victory in which two people hands together at shoulder height or higher.
High-flood nDeluge.
High-flown adjSoaring high or lofty. 2. carrying things to a high pitch. 3. elevated, elated, intoxicated. 4. of sentiment, language, style: extravagant, hyperbolic, bombastic. 5. of person: extreme in position or parts, feeling, esp. in support of claims of authority in church or state.
High-flyer nOne who flies high or soars, as a bird, person, air-balloon etc. 2. one who flies (high) in his notions, aims and ambitions. 2. (sl) a pretentious or fashionable strumpet. 3. a 'swell' beggar. 4. a letter writer begging for charity. 5. an extravagant statement.
High-flying nFlying to a great height; lofty flight. 2. ambitiousness, high goals or aims; pretensions. 3. the principles of high-flyers.
High-flying adjThat flies high as a bird. 2. soaring (in notions, aims, ambitions.) 2. making or upholding high claims, as in matters of church or state. 3. making high or extreme claims for something. 4. transfig. swift.
High freols nHigh festival.
Highful adjHigh. 2. haughty, proud (lit. & fig.)
Highgate nHigh street, highway (frequently, in combination with 'street' - and place names in the North of England. 2. a name of a hill in London.
High go n(Colloq) - a bout or spree of merriment, frolic; merrymaking, revelry.
High-ground nThe position of superiority in a debate (high-moral ground).
High-grown adjCovered by tall vegetation.
High-handed adjActing or done in an overbearing, arrogant, or arbitrary action or behavior. 2. an imperious or absolute exercise power.
High-handedly advIn a high-handed or arrogant manner.
High-handness nA high-handed overbearing, arrogant action or way of behaving.
High-hat nOne who wears a top hat; hence an aristocratic snob. 2. fig. a person of affected superiority.
High-hat vbTo assume an affected superiority. 2. to snub, treat snobbishly.
High-hat adjSuperior, lofty, better.
High-headed adjCarry the head high; proud, haughty, lofty, arrogant. 2. courageous, high-spirited.
Hight-hearted adjCourageous, high-spirited; in earlier use, haughty, arrogant.
High-heartedness nThe state or quality of being high-spirited, haughty, arrogant.
High-hede nHight, highness; highthood.
High-heeled adjHaving high heels (of boots, shoes, footwear.)
High-heels nShoes for women with high heels.
High-holiday nThe Jewish New Year or The Day of Atonement.
High-hopes nAn aim or goal that is unattainable.
High horse nAn appearance of a sense of smug superiority.
High-income nRelating to the income group of people earning high incomes. 2. with a high national income. 3. (of an investment)with or offering high dividends.
Highing nExaltation, elevation, loftiness; raising.
Highish adjSomewhat high or lofty.
High-key nIn photography, consisting of light tones.
High-keyed adjWith high musical pitch. 2. sensitive, spirited.
Highland nHigh or elevated land; a lofty headland. 2. a mountainous region, territory or highlands of Scotland.
Highland adjLiving or dwelling in a high or mountainous district. 2. of, or pertaining to the mountain regions of Scotland.
Highlander nOne who dwells in or inhabits a mountainous region. 2. a person living in or inhabiting the Highlands of Scotland
Highlandish adjOf the nature of a highland, like the Scottish Highlands.
Highlandman nA person liing a mountainous or hilly region.
Highlands nThe mountain regions of western Scotland, and north of the Grampians.
Highlands phr"Highlands and Islands" - broadly the Scottish Highlands, plus Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles.
High law nIn thieves cant: highway robbery.
High lawyer nA highwayman, a robber.
High-life nFull of life and spirit. 2. life of fashionable society or high luxury, ascribed to the upper classes.
Highlight nA strongly illuminated area in drawing, painting, photography. 2. an especially significant or interesting detail or event; a bright prominent or outstanding feature or characteristic. 3. a strand or spot of hair dyed or tinted a different colour than the rest. tint or colour parts of the hair in such way that they catch and reflect light.
Highlight vbTo make prominent, emphasize. 2. to be highlight of. 3. to mark (an important part of a text) with a usually fluorescent marker as a means of memory retention. 4. to dye, tint, bleach (part of a hair) a different color than the rest.
Highlight phr"Highlight Something" - to draw particular attention to a matter.
Highlighter nA marker pen used to highlight text. 2. that which highlights or emphasizes something.
Highlighting nThe emphasis of text. 2. an area of skin or hair containing highlights. 3.
HighlightingadjCausing emphasis; drawing attention, revealing.
Highlightish adjSomewhat or fairly emphasized, drawing attention, revealing, highlighting.
Highlightly advIn a highlighting, emphasizing, revealing, drawing attention manner.
High-lines nA high voltage electric transmission lie. 2. a line or cable strung between ships or to ships from shore in order to transfer cargo or persons.
High living nA luxurious manner of life, as in diet.
Highly advIn a high place or situation. 2. aloft, on high, so as to be high or lofty. 4. with a high position or rank. 5. supremely, principally, specially. 6. in or to a high degree, amount, extent or condition 7. greatly, intensely, extremely, very much. 8. at a high rate or price. 9. with a elevated voice, loudly; aloud. 10. with high quality of action. 11. in high style, with stateliness or majesty, solemnly, nobly, excellently. 12. with honour, honourably, with high approval, appreciation, praise; now chiefly with think, speak or the like. 13. solemnly, seriously, earnestly. 14. to high degree of artistic quality, elaborately, with perfect workmanship. 15. proudly, haughtily, arrogantly, ambitiously, with indignation and anger.
Highly adjHigh, lofty, exalting. 2. noble, splendid. 3. of high degree; intensely profound.
Highly-strung adjStrung to high tense or pitch. 2. in a high state of anxious sensitivity or nervousness.
Highman nA man of rank, especially of a high rank ; a superior. 2. a loaded dice that yields high numbers.
High-minded adjHaving or characterized by a haughty, proud or arrogant or elevated spirit. 2. having a morally lofty character. 3. characterized by having high principles, ethics; magnanimous.
High-mindedly advIn a proud, haughty or arrogant manner. 2. acting in a moral, lofty manner.
High-mindedness nThe caharacteristics of being high-minded, haughty, proud, morally-lofty, highly-principled.
Highmost adjThe most highest of position, place, etc.
High-name nAn exalted name.
High-need adj
Highness nQuality or condition of being high, tallness, altitude (now made obsolete by 'heght'. 2. quality or condition of loftiness of rank, position, rank, class, dignity, majesty. 3. something that is high, as a high place or region; a height, top, summit. 4. haughtiness, pride, over-bearingness. 5. greatest of degree, amount, force, high degree. 6. title given to Kings.
Highness-hood nThe rank or personality of one who has the title of highness.
High noon nMidday, noon, when the sun is full or high in the sky or heavens.
High (old) time nAn enjoyable and excitable time.
High-reaching adjThat attains or reach a high position; aspiring.
High-rise nMulti-storied apartments, towers. 2. a tall building, as a man-storied apartment.
High-rise adjDescribing a relatively (often, very tall) tall building or structure.
High-riser nOne who lives in a man-storied apartment.
High-road nA main road or highway. 2. a cause of action which is honourable, dignified, or respectable.
High-roofed adjA house having a high-pitched roof.
High Sea nRegions of ocean far from shore. 2. the unenclosed waters of the oceanor sea, especially those beyond the territorial jurisdiction of any one country or nation.
High Seas Fleet nCalque of G. Hochse Flotte.
High-set adjSet in high or lofty position
High-settle nThrone.
High-sheriff nThe chief executive of the Crown in a county administering justice.
Highship nState or position of high dignity. 2. elevation, altitude.
High-shoe nA rustic, an ordinary man.
High-shoon adj(pl.) - rustic, boorish.
High-shoonman nA rustic, agricultural laborer, a high-shoe.
High-sided adjHaving high-sides.
High-sighted adjHaving one's sight directed aloft. 2. supercilious.
High-sin nMortal or deadly sin.
High-souled adjNoble, pure, high-minded. 2. taking the high moral ground.
High-speed adjAble or fitted to work at a high speed. 2. moving rapidly or very fast; produced or caused by high speed. 3. produced by swift processes or machinery. 4. that operates, moves or takes place of a greater than normal speed.
High-stand nAn interval dating during which the sea level was above the edge of a continental shelf.
High-stepper nA person of stately walk or bearing.
High-stepping adjOf and aniaml or person with a high gait. 2. a person with a stately walk or bearing.
High-street nA highway, a main street in a suburb or city, often named 'High street' or that street of a town which is built upon a great highway and is (or was) the principal one of the town. (In OE times often applied to one of the Roman roads or street, such as (Watling street).
High-strung adjStrung to a very pitched; strained; highly sensitive.
High summer nThe middle of the summer season, contrasted with early or late summer.
Hight nA command, promise, vow.
Hight nExertion, impetuous haste.
Hight nHope, glad expectation, gladness, joy.
Hight vbTo command, bid, call, summon, order. 2. ordain. 3. promise, vow, pledge oneself. 4. to bid, call, name, call oneself, be called, have or bear the name. 5. to mean, purpose. 6. to hope, anticipate. 7. to direct, commit, designate, name.
Hight vbCalled or named.
Hightail vbTo run quickly away, to move quickly or with speed; as 'To Hightail It Out of Town". 2. to depart hastily, especially in fright.
Hightail phr"Hightail It" - to run quickly away, to move quickly or with speed
Highth nHeight.
High tide nThe natural tide at its highest point. 2. the time of day when the sea has risen to its highest level. 3. climax, culminating point or phase; the highest part of something. 4. a high time; high day, festival.
High time nAbout time; past the proper time. 2. an occasion or revelry, enjoyment and excitement.
High times nThe appropriate time or just past the appropriate to do something. 2. high old times: an enjoyable and exciting time.
Highting nBidding or promising, vowing.
High times advThe latest possible time. 2. a time that is possibly too late.
Hightle vbTo adorn, ornament.
Hightly adjJoyous, exultant, delightful, pleasant; in OE., hopeful.
Hightly advPleasantly, becomingly.
High-up adjIn a high or elevated position, high above the ground; also fig., a high place or rank. 2. a person of having rank or status.
High-water nThe state of the tide when the water is highest. 2. the time when the tide is at the full. 3. the state of the tide when the surface of the water is highest.
Highwater mark nThe mark left by the tide at high water, the line or level when flooded; also, by extension, the highest line touched by a flooded river or lake. 2. the level reached by the sea at tide, or by a lake or river at its highest state. 3. a maximum recorded level or value. 4. fig. the highest point of intensity, excellent, prosperity, or the like obtained. 5. a dirty mark showing the limit to which a person has washed.
Highway nA main road or public road, esp. one connecting major towns or cities. 2. a public road open to all passenger; esp. a main or principal road forming the direct or ordinary route between one town or city and another. 3. transfig. the ordinary or main route, or line of communication followed by land or water. 4. a track well-beaten or regularly traversed by animals or vehicles. 5. another word for an expressway. 6. a course of leading directly to some end or result. 7. the ordinary or direct course (of conduct) thought, speech, etc.
Highway phr"Highways and Byways" - all the roads and routes , large and small. 2.(fig) the main forms or trends of something, as well as less known aspects.
Highway phr"The Queen's Highway" - a public road.
Highwayless adjWithout a highway or main road.
Highwayman nOne who frequents the highway for the purpose of robbing passengers or travelers.
High-wire nAn elevated tight rope.
High-wire walker nAn acrobat who walks on a high-wire. 2. an aerialist, tight-rope walker.
High-witted adjIntelligent, smart, sharp-witted.
Highwood nA forest of high trees.
High-wrought adjAgitated or highly excited. 2. wrought or worked in exquisite art or skill. 3. accurately furnished, nobly labored.
High-yellow nA light-skinned person of a mixed black and white parentage. 2. a snow blood.
High-yield adjBountiful, plentiful, abundant of production.
High-yielding adjDesignately something that gives very good product or return.
High-yellow nA person of mixed race with a light yellow complexion.
Hild vbTo flay, skin, strip the skin. 2. tear strips off the skin.
Hilding nThe action of flaying, skinning etc.
Hilding nA worthless or vicious beast, esp. a horse, a jade, a hack. 3. a contemptible person; a good-for-nothing man; a jade (a woman.)
Hill nA small mountain. 2. a heap or mound of earth, sand raised by human or other means. 4. a heap formed around a plant by banking up or hoeing. 5. fig. something not easily overcome.
Hill vbTo cover, cover up, protect. 2. to cover from sight, conceal, hide.
Hill vbTo heap up or of an enormous mass. 2. to dig up the roots of growing plants. 3. to rise in or on a slope. 4. to assemble on rising ground.
Hill phr"Get the Hill" - to get or take the vantage point.
Hill phr"Go Downhill" - to deteriorate.
Hill phr"Head for the Hills" - to seek to escape one's commitments.
Hill phr"Hill of Beans" - nonsense, trivial.
Hill phr"Light On the Hill" - distant goal acting as an inspiration.
Hill phr"Old as the Hills" - very old.
Hill phr"Over the Hill" - to be old, and past one's prime or best. 2. having passed the prime of professional abilities, physical beauty.
Hill phr"Up Hill and Down Dale" - here, there, and everywhere.
Hill-brow nA summit or top of a hill.
Hill climbnA race for vehicles up a steep hill.
Hill climber nA vehicle used in races up steep hills.
Hill-climbing nThe racing of vehicles up steep hills.
Hill-fastness nA secure refuge; esp. a place well-protected by natural features, such as a hill or mountain.
Hillcraft nThe skills required to, and relating to survival in a hilly habitat.
Hill-folk nHill-men, hill-man; rustic. 2. one who frequents or inhabits the hills. 3. inhabitants of the hills.
Hill-foot nFoothills.
Hilliness nThe property of being hilly or having hills. 2. the quality or state of being hilly or having hillness.
Hilling nA covering, hiding, protection. 2. a covering, eg. clothing, bed-quilt, eider-down; a roof; a book cover. 3. the action of heaping up or forming hills. 4. the earthing-up or uprooting of plants.
Hilling phr"Hilling and Food" - food and shelter; board and lodgings .
Hilling-stone nA stone for roofing.
Hillish adjOf the nature of a hill; like a hill; pertaining to a hill.
Hill-like adjResembling a hill or hills.
Hillman nOne who frequents the hills. 2. an inhabitant of hilly country; hill-folk; highlander. 3. hill tribe man. 4. hill-climber. 5. a rustic; a bumpkin. a miner. 6. elves or trolls.
Hillness nThe state or quality of being hilly; hilliness.
Hillock nA small hill; a hump, bump, protuberance.
Hillocky adjAbounding in or characterized by hillocks.
Hill-shading nLines of shading on a map to represent hills.
Hillside nThe slope, rise of ground or lateral side of a hill.
Hillsider nOne who lives on a hillside.
Hillsman nA hillman.
Hill-top nThe top or summit of a hill; a pinnacle. 2. the peak or crest of a hill, as a 'hill-top house.'
Hill-top writing nBooks, novels, articles solely written for the sake of embodying and enforcing one's own opinion (not generally accepted by his or her contemporaries)
Hill-walking nThe past time of a hill-walker, walking in the hilly country.
Hillwards adjThat faces towards a hill.
Hillwards advTowards the hill.
Hill-woman nA woman who lives in the hills or belongs to a hill tribe.
Hillwort nPennyroyal
Hilly adjCharacterized or abounding in hills. 2. of the nature of hills, elevated, steep. 3. hill-like. 4. hill-dwelling.
Hilt nThe handle of a sword or dagger, consisting of grip, guard, and pommel, made for easy use of the blade and give protection to the hand. 2. a sword-stick or foil. 3. a handle or haft of any weapon. 4. the base of the penis.
Hilt vbTo furnish or provide with a hilt.
Hilt phr"Loose in the Hilts" unreliable, adulterous, cheating, conjugally unfaithful.
Hilt phr"Up to the Hilt" - completely, thoroughly, to the maximum degree or extent possible.
Hilted adjFurnished with or having a hilt.
Hiltless adjLacking a hilt, not having a hilt.
Him prnThe man or male being (or object personified to which the masculine gender is assigned), previously designated; a pronoun of the masculine gender, usually referring to a specified subject already indicated. 2. any one; the man or person; -- used indefinitely, and usually followed by a relative pronoun. 3. man; a male; any male person; -- in this sense used substantively.
Himself prnAn emphasized form of the third person masculine pronoun; -- used as a subject usually with he; as, he himself will bear the blame; used alone in the predicate, either in the nominative or objective case; as, it is himself who saved himself. 2. note: 'himself' was formerly used instead of itself, as under him. 2. one's true or real character; one's natural temper and disposition; the state of being in one's right or sane mind (after unconsciousness, passion, delirium, or abasement); as, the man has come to himself.
Himself phr"Be Himself" - one's true or real character; one's natural temper and disposition.
Himself phr"By Himself" - alone; unaccompanied; apart; sequestered; as,he sits or studies by himself.
Himself phr"He Is Not Himself" - he is not in his usual state of bodily or mental health. 2. out of sorts; generally unwell.
Himself phr"Leave One to Himself" - to withdraw from him; to let him take his own course.
Himward advTowards him.
Hin prnAccusative of he.(superseded by him). 2.
Hind nThe female of the (red) deer. 2. a female deer more than three years old.
Hind phr"The Milk-white Hind" - the Roman Catholic Church (infallible) as opposed to the 'Panther' (full of spots of errors).
Hind nMembers of the household or family, kin, hewe. 2. a married farm servant for whom a house is provided. 3. a bailiff or steward on a farm. 4. a rustic, boor, yokel. 5.. a person, lad, chap, lad.
Hind adjBack, behind, posterior. 2. situated behind, in or belonging to the rear
Hind advBehind
Hind phr"Hind and Forth" - hind-end foremost, back-side foremost.
Hind phr"Stand On One's Hind Legs" - standing, esp. to make a speech. 2. exert one's authority.
Hind-afore adjThe back part of the front. 2. the wrong way around and backwards; hind-first;
Hindberry nThe raspberry, so called as supposed eaten by hinds.
Hindbrain nThe posterior part of the brain, being the cerebellum, pons and medulla.
Hind-calf nThe young of a hind. 2. a fawn.
Hinder nThe buttocks, the hind-end.
Hinder vbTo make difficult to achieve something, frustrate, to put an obstacle in the way of something or someone. 2. to keep or hold back, prevent. 3. delay, retard, obstruct, or impede. 4. to do harm or injure, impair damage. 5. to vilify, disparage, slander, belittle.
Hinder adjSituated behind or at the back, back, rear, posterior. of time: last, past in this hinder day or yesterday or hinder night : last night.
Hinder phr"To Hinder Time" - to spend or use up time. 2. to frustrate, delay, retard.
Hinder-end nThe latter end, the opposite of the fore-end or beginning. 2. the end of life. 3. the rear end, posterior, the back of anything. 4. pertaining of a thing (eg. of corn) which remains after selecting and sifting operations, as hinder-end barley.. 5. residue, leavings.
Hinderer nOne who, or that which, hinders, prevents, delays, etc. 2. an obstructor, one who hinders or impede. 3. an injurer, one who harms or damage.
Hinder-fallings nExcrement.
Hinderful adjIniquitous, impious.
Hinderfully advIniquity, treacherously.
Hinderhood nPosterity.
Hindering nDetriment, damage, disparagement. 2. obstruction, impediment, hindrance.
Hindering adjThat hinders, impedes and obstructs. 2. so as to obstruct or prevents.
Hinderingly advIn in delaying, preventing, holding back manner.
Hinderland nHinterland.
Hindlimb nThe back limbs of an animal.
Hinderling nA base, mean, degenerate person. 2. one who is behind or in the rear.
Hinderling adv(in OE.) - backwards, in a backward direction.
Hinderlings nButtocks, arse, posterior.
Hinderly advBackwards, behind.
Hindgut nThe embryonic structure from which the colon develops.
Hind milk nA high-fat, high-calorie breast milk that your baby gets toward the end of a feeding. It's richer, thicker, and creamier than fore milk, the breast milk that your baby gets when he first starts to breastfeed. The color of hind milk is creamy white.
Hindermore nThe hind part; the hind-quarters.
Hindermore adjMore towards the rear.
Hindermost adjHindmost, most hind; situated in the rear.
Hinder-night nLast night, yesterday's night.
Hindersome adjTending to hinder; injurious, harmful, obstructive.
Hinderyeap adjCrooked, deceitful, cunning.
Hind-first adjBack to front; hindside forth.
Hindgut nThe caudal part of the alimentary canal of an embryo, including the colon and the rectum.
Hindhead nThe back of the head, the occiput.
Hindheal nEuperatorium ambrose, ambrosia.
Hinderland nHinterland: a region behind that lying along the sea or watercourse.
Hindmost adjFarthest behind, or in the rear. 2. last in position, last to come, last in order, succession, or time. 3. most remote.
Hindmost phr"The Devil Take thr Hindmost" - I do not care what happens to others
Hindside adjThe back part of a thing, as 'hind-side-foremost'
Hind-side-foremost adjBackwards foremost, backside-first; backside-forth; backsides-forwards; backwards-in; backways; back-end foremost.
Hindsight nRealization or understanding of the significance and nature of events after the have taken place. 2. a rear sight of a firearm.
Hindsight n"Hindsight is 20/20" - perfect understanding of events after they have happened.
Hindsightly advRetrospectively; in retrospect.
Hindsome adjSituated between.
Hindward advTowards the rear, posterior. 2. backward in development or progress.
Hindware nA range of sanitary products.
Hind-wolf nA lynx
HinehoodnFamily, household, company.
Hinge n
Hinge nThe pluck : the heart, liver or lungs of a beast.
Hinge vbOE: hang? or ON. To bend (anything) as a hinge. 2. to attach or hang with a hinge. 3. to hang and turn as a door on its post.
Hinge phr"Hinge Upon" - depend on.
Hinged adjFurnished with or having hinges.
Hingeless adjLacking or without hinges.
Hinging nThe act of fitting hinges to a gate. 2. attaching by or equipping with hinge(s). 3. considering or making something dependent; predicating.
Hingle nA hinge; esp. that part of the hinge which is attached to the gate or door and turns upon the pintle fixed on the post.
Hint nMaybe OE?: hent: to sieze. An indirect suggestion; hint, intimation, breath. 2. a slight indication, clue. 3. a slight but appreciable amount; touch, hint, tinge, mite, pinch, jot, speck, soupcon. 4. a just detectable amount; "he speaks French with a trace of; trace, hint, suggestion. 5. an indication of potential opportunity; tip, lead.
Hint vbTo drop a hint; intimate by a hint; hint, suggest. 2. to bring to mind by a slight mention or remote allusion; to suggest in an indirect manner; as, to hint a suspicion. 3. to suggest; intimate; insinuate; imply. 4. to make an indirect reference, suggestion, or allusion; to allude vaguely to something. 5. to hint at, to allude to lightly, indirectly, or cautiously. 6. to allude; refer; glance; touch. 7. an remote allusion; slight mention; intimation; insinuation; a suggestion or reminder, without a full declaration or explanation; also, an occasion or motive.
Hint phr"Broad Hint"- obvious clue.
Hint phr"Drop a Hint" - give a casual clue.
Hint phr"Hint at" - give a hint of, refer indirectly to.
Hinted adjA tacit suggestion that avoids a direct statement. 2. a small, barely detectable amount.
Hintedly advIn a tacit manner avoiding a direct statement
HinternOne who or that which hints or gives a hint.
Hinterland nInland. 2. the region away from the coast.
Hinterlanders nOne who lives in the hinterland or a region far from the coast.
Hintermost adjMost remote, closer to the outer edge or back.
Hinting nThe act of giving a hint or suggestion.?
Hintingly advIn a hinting manner.
Hithe nA port or haven, a small landing place on a river, often found in place names
Hip nThe fruit of the wild rose, or of roses in general. 2. the fruit of a rosebush, especially of the English dog-rose; (Rosa canina); called also rose hip.
Hip nEither side of the body below the waist; at and above the thigh. 2. the projecting region of the lateral parts of one side of the pelvis and the hip joint; the haunch; the huckle;the structure of the vertebrate skeleton supporting the lower limbs in humans and the hind limbs or corresponding parts in other vertebrates; pelvis, girdle. 3. the ball-and-socket joint between the head of the femur and the acetabulum. 4. the exterior angle formed by the junction of a sloping side and a sloping end of a roof.
Hip vbTo dislocate or sprain the hip of, to fracture or injure the hip bone of (a quadruped) in such a manner as to produce a permanent depression of that side. 2. to throw (one's adversary) over one's hip in wrestling. 3. to make with a hip or hips, as a roof.
Hip adjInformed about the latest trends. 2. aware of the latest ideas, trends, fashions, and developments in popular music and entertainment culture; not square; -- same as hep.
Hip phr"Down in the Hip" - said of a horse when the haunch-bone is injured; hence fig. 'out of spirits'
Hip phr"On or Upon the Hips" -wrestling: at a disadvantage.
Hip phr"Have On the Hip" - to have mastery over one in a struggle, a term derived from a throw in wrestling.
Hip phr"Hip and Shoulder" -
Hip phr"Shoot from the Hip" - react quickly and decisively. 2. to speak frankly and openly.
Hip phr"Smite Hip and Thigh" - to overthrow completely; to defeat utterly.
Hip-bath nA portable bath for sitting in immersed to the hips; a sitzbath.
Hip-bone nThe ilium or ischium; the upper part of the thigh bone. 2. the innominate haunch bone and/or huckle bone.
Hiphalt adjLame in the hips; see 'halt' OE.- crippled, or maimed es. in the leg.
Hipless adjWithout hips.
Hiplessness nAn absence of hips.
Hiplike adjResembling or characteristic of a hip.
Hip-roof nA roof having or formed by hips or sloping edges, the ends being inclined a swell as the sides.
Hip-shoot adjHaving the hip joint dislocated. 2. lame, awkward.
Hip tree nThe dog-rose.
Hipwort nA fleshly, edible plant in the stonecrop family, umbilicus rupestris, kidneywort, navelwort.
Hird nHousehold, a family. 2. company of servants or retainers, a retinue, a king's court. 3. a monastic household.
Hird-child nChild of the house.
Hird-folk nHousehold servant. 2. followers.
Hird-gome nMan of the court.
Hird-knave nHousehold boy child
Hirdman nA man who is hired. 2. a (hired)servant, domestic, retainer.
Hird-play nCourtly amusement.
Hird-swain nHousehold attendant, retainer.
Hire nPayment for the temporary use of something. 2. (obsolete) Reward, payment. 3. the state of being hired, or having a job; employment. 4. person who has been hired, especially in a cohort.
Hire ‎vbTo obtain the services of in return for fixed payment.  3. to employ; to obtain the services of (a person) in exchange for remuneration; to give someone a job. 3. to exchange the services of for remuneration. 4. to accomplish by paying for services. 5. to accept employment.
Hire phr"Hire and Fire" - to employ, hire and sack or dismiss.
Hire phr"Hire Out" - allow temporary use of somethingin return for payment.
Hire phr"On Hire" - for hiring.
Hired-hand nA person employed on a farm.
Hired-man nA man hired to do oddjobs, especially about farms.
Hireless adjWithout hire or pay; unhired.
Hireling nOne who serves for hire and wages. 2. one who makes material gains the motive of his action. 3. mercenary. 4. an employee who is hired, often to perform unpleasant tasks with little independence. 5. someone who does a job purely for money, rather than out of interest for the work itself.
Hirer nOne who hires. 2. one who lets something for hire.
Hiring nThe act of hiring or engaging people for work or employment.
Hirn nA nook, corner, hiding place, hurn.
His prnThat which belongs to him; the possessive case of 'he' used without a following noun. 2. it's; belonging to it. 4. as a genitive marker in place of 's after a noun.
His phr"His Back is Up" - hee is annoyed; irritated, somewhat angry.
His phr"His and Hers" - of matching items for husband and wife/men and women.
His HolinessnA title used when addressing the Pope
Hit vbTo strike physical. 2. to administer a blow to, directly or with a weapon or missile.  3. to come into contact with forcefully and suddenly.  4. to kill a person, usually on the instructions of a third party. 5. to attack, especially amphibiously. 6. to briefly visit. 7. to encounter. 8. to attain, to achieve. To reach or achieve.  9. to meet or reach what was aimed at or desired; to succeed, often by luck. 10. to guess; to light upon or discovered. 11. to affect negatively. 12. in cricket and baseball) to come up to bat. 13. computing, too use; to connect to. 14. (slang) to have sex with.
Hit nA blow; a punch; a striking against; the collision of one body against another; the stroke that touches anything. 2. a success, especially in the entertainment industry, as hit recording. 3. an attack on a location, person or people. 4. (internet) the result of a search of a computer system or of a search engine. 5. an approximately correct answer in a test set. 6. (colloquial) a dose of an illegal or addictive drug. 7. a premeditated murder done for criminal or political purposes. 8. a peculiarly apt expression or turn of thought; a phrase which hits the mark.
Hit phr"Be Hard Hit" - to be deeply or severely affected by something. 2. harmed by misfortune.
Hit phr"Hit and Miss" - guess, random procedures which hve some success and some failures.
Hit phr"Hit and Run" an accident when a driver strikes a pedestrian with a car and leaves the scene of the incident. 2. to hit someone or something with a vehicle and leave the scene of the incident. 3. fail to stop (by a driver) after an accident.
Hit phr"Hit Back (at)" - counter attack vigorously; retaliate; defend oneself. 2. reply with vigor to verbal attack.
Hit phr"Hit Below the Belt" - use unfair tactics.
Hit phr"Hit Hard" - affect something or somebody adversely.
Hit phr"Hit for Six" - defeat in argument.
Hit phr"Hit Home" - to be especially memorable, meaningful or significant, to be fully understood, believed or appreciation.
Hit phr"Hit It Off Together" - to develop an amicable arrangement.
Hit phr"Hit Off" -To describe in quick characteristic strokes. 2. to commence, start a contest or sporting event, such as golf.
Hit phr"Hit On" - to flirt with, to approach and speak to someone, seeking romance, love, sex; to hit upon. 2. to discover, pinpoint, to think up, realize, invent.
Hit phr"Hit One's Stride" - when walking or running to reach a full or comfortable pace. 2. to reach a full level of efficiency, confidence, comfort, etc., to get going.
Hit phr"Hit or Miss" - whether one hits or misses; happy-go-lucky. 2. lacking organization, careless, inconsistent, unpredictable, erratic and sometimes failing.
Hit phr"Hit Out (at)" - To attack with blows; fig. with critical or biting words. 2. to direct blows forcefully and vigorously. 3. to make a verbal attack on. 4. criticize something or someone strongly.
Hit phr"Hit Somebody When (He/She) is Down" - take advantage of somebody who is in trouble.
Hit phr"Hit Someone For Six" - in cricket hit the ball over the boundary line on the full. 2. fig. to damage a person's cause.
Hit phr"Hit Someone Hard" - to greatly effect a person emotionally or cost a person a lot of money.
Hit phr"Hit Someone Right Between the Eyes" - to be brutally frank.
Hit phr"Hit the Books" - to study, esp. with particular intensity.
Hit phr"Hit the Bottle" - to drink steadily and in excess.
Hit phr"Hit the Bull's Eye" - to make a correct decision.
Hit phr"Hit the Ground Running" - to begin an activity immediately and with full confidence.
Hit phr"Hit the Hay" - to go to bed.
Hit phr"Hit the Headlines" - to appear prominently in the news, esp. on the front page.
Hit phr"Hit the Mark" - to achieve one's object or to make a correct decision.
Hit phr"Hit the Nail on the Head" - to astutely come to the correct conclusion.
Hit phr"Hit the Pipe" - to smoke opium; 'kick the gong around"
Hit phr"Hit the Road" - begin a journey.
Hit phr"Hit the Roof" - to be explosively angry.
Hit phr"Hit the Sack/Hay" - go to bed; retire for the night.
Hit phr"Hit the Silk" - to parachute.
Hit phr"Hit Up" - to contact with request or demand. 2. to have a practice session before a tennis match. 3. to take orally or inject an intoxicating drug. 4. to force up, speed up.
Hit phr"Hit Upon" - suddenly devise or discover. 2. to discover, pinpoint, to think up, realize, invent. 3. to flirt with, to approach and speak to someone, seeking romance, love, sex; to hit upon.
Hit phr"It Hits One" - one comes to realize something.
Hit phr"Make a Hit" - meet with great approval, friendliness.
Hit-and-Run nThe action of a motor-vehicle driver who strikes a pedestrian with a car and leaves the scene of the incident for which he or she is responsible. 2. to hit someone or something with a vehicle and leave the scene of the incident/ accident. 3. to describe a raid, or raider etc., who uses swift action followed by an immediate withdrawal.
Hithe nA port, haven or harbor; esp. a small landing place on a river. 3. now found in place names, as 'lamb-hithe' now Lambeth.
Hither advTo the place, to here; over there. 2. in this direction.
Hither adjOn this side, nearer. 2. near to or towards the person speaking; opposed to farther.
Hither vbTo move or come thither.
Hither phr"Hither and Thither" - to this place and that, in this direction and in that (alternatively. 2. to and fro; in various direction. 4. here and there. 5. in a disorderly manner.
Hither phr"Hither and Yon" - to this place and beyond.
Hithercome nAn arrival; an advent. 2. the action of coming hither
Hitherest adjNearest
Hithermost adjMost in or situated in this direction, nearest. 2. up to this time; until now, as yet. 3. up to this point (in writing). 4. to this place, thus far. 5. hindermost, nethermost, uttermost.
Hitherside nThis side; the nearer side.
Hithertill advHitherto.
Hitherto advNearest in this direction.
Hithertofore advHeretofore.
Hithertoward(s) advHitherwards; hitherto.
Hitherunto advHereto, hitherto.
Hitherward(s) advTowards this place; hither; in this direction. 2. on this side (lit& fig.). 3. until now.
Hitless adjOf a recording artist (singer or musician) who fails to have a successful hit record for a long time. 2. unable to inject oneself with a drug; unable to 'score a hit'.
Hit-list nList of persons to be assassinated. 2. a list of persons, etc against which some concerted action intended. 3. a list of objectives.
Hitmaker nA musician who frequently records songs that are successful.
Hitmaking nThe production of popular songs on various formats, as records, disk, etc.
Hitman nSomeone who kills for a living; a hired assassin. 2. a contract killer. 3. a hitwoman.
Hit-mark nA scar from an injection of a drug.
Hitter nOne who hits, esp. a cricketer who is able to hit the ball far.
Hitting nA series of hits or blows directed at a person or object.
Hit-out nA match or session, particularly for practice. 2.
Hit out vbTo react viciously towards someone or something.
Hitting nThe action of striking, impacting, colliding.
Hitting adjThat strikes, hite, collides, impacts.
Hitty-missing adjRandom, haphazard.
Hitty-missy advAt random; hit or miss; at haphazard.
Hive nA structure or receptacle for housing a swarm of honey bees; a beehive. 2. the store of sweet things. 3. the bees of one hive; a hive of bees, a swarm of bees. 3. fig. place swarming with busy occupants; a crowd, as in a wretched hive. 4. fig. a place where swarms of people issue, teeming multitude, the nursery of a teeming race. 5. the abode of any gregarious, domestic animal. 6. a breeding place for oysters.
Hive vbTo form or gather or live together as in a hive, as bees; to house snugly. 2. to locate bees into hive. 3. to shelter as in a hive, to afford shelter to, as a hive does a swarming. 4. to separate from a larger group: 'to hive off.' 5. to enter the hive, take to the hire; transfig. - to lodge together. 6. to hoard up or store, as bees with honey in a hive.
Hive-addle nA disease or sickness that spreads through a hive. 2. an epidemic; a contagion.
Hive-bee nA common honey-bee; a hive-cote.
Hive-dross nBee-glue; propolis
Hive-honey nHoney from a bee hive.
Hiveless adjWithout or not having a hive, or hives.
Hive-like adjResembling a beehive.
Hive-nest n structure consisting of an aggregation of many bees.
Hive-off vbTo separate or make from a larger group; to swarm off like bees. 2. to segregate, to remove from a parent entity. 3. to become transferred, break away or remove from a large unit from a main body of a commercial or industrial enterprise through the agency of a new organisation.
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