Old EnglishspEnglish
Ho nThe hough, heugh
Ho nA recent spelling of the OE hoyian - to care, be anxious, long. - see "hoe"
Hoar nA white or greyish white colour or hue. 2. hoariness, antiquity. 3. hoary from age, rime, mold.
Hoar vbTo become moldy or musty.
Hoard nA hidden supply or fund. 2. a cache of valuable objects or artifacts; trove.
Hoard vbTo amass, usually for one's own personal collection, often excessively. 2. to keep in store, treasure up, cherish, conceal (eg. in the heart)
Hoard-burg nOE: hordburg - a treasure city, such as the Vatican.
Hoarder nA keeper of the treasure. 2. curator. 3. treasure. 4. one who collects or accumulates articles of various kinds to such a quantity that normal life becomes difficult.
Hoard-house nA treasury, treasure-house, hordern
Hoardily advIn a hoarding or miserly manner.
Hoarding nThe act or behavior of collecting and amassing various things and articles to such a quantity that normal life becomes difficult. 2. an accumulation stored way for safeguarding or for future use.
Hoardingly advIn a manner of collecting and amassing various things and articles to such a quantity that normal life becomes difficult.
Hoard-ward nGuardian of the treasure.
Hoared adjMade or grown hoary. 2. becoming or growing mouldy, musty, stale. 2. of a white-greyish or greyish white in colour. 2. hoarily bearded, canescent, hairy. 3. venerable, ancient, august.
Hoarfrost nDewdrops which have undergone deposition and frozen into ice-crystals to form a white deposit on an exposed surface, when the air is cold and moist.
Hoar-frosted adjDewdropped; hoar-frosted.
Hoar-frostyadjHaving a white deposit on a surface, hoar-frosted.
Hoar-haired adjOf a white-greyish or greyish- white in hair colour. 2. hoarily bearded, canescently hairy.
Hoar-headed adjHaving the head hoary (grey or white) with age.
Hoar-hound nHorehound.
Hoarily advWith a hoary appearance of grey or grey-whitish hue.
Hoariness nThe quality or state or being hoary
Hoarish adjSomewhat hoary or grey-whitish in colour.
Hoarness nThe quality of being hoary. 2. hoariness. 3. a close growth of white or greyish hair.
Hoarse nA cough or condition of being or becoming hoarse. 2. hoarseness.
Hoarse vbTo make or become hoarse. 2. harsh or rough in sound.
Hoarse adjAfflicted by a dry, harsh voice.
Hoarse phr"Hoarse as an Old Crow" - very hoarse.
Hoarsely advWith a hoarse voice or sound.
Hoarsen vbTo make hoarse. 2. to become hoarse. 3. to sound hoarse.
Hoarseness nThe quality or condition of being or becoming hoarse.
Hoar-stone nA hoar: a grey (or grey with lichen) ancient stone. 2. an ancient boundary stone; a merestone. 3. a memorial stone, standing stone, ancient and associated with some particular event or tradition.
Hoar-withy nPyrus aria: the whitebeam.
Hoary adjOf head, hair or beard: grey or white in age. 2. having white or grey hair; greyish hair. 3. grey, greyish-white in colour, canescent. 4. ancient, venerable in age; time-honoured. 5. mouldy, musty, corrupt.
Hoast nOE: hwosta: a cough.
Hoast vbTo cough, cough up or out.
Hock nOE: hoc - general name for various plants, such as the hollyhock, marshmallow.
Hock nThe joint in or of the hinder leg - the hough, ho, heugh. (short for hockshin)
Hockshin nThe joint in or of the hinder leg - the hock, hough, ho, or heugh.
Hoe nProjecting ridge of land. 2. promontory. 3. a point of land, formed like a heel and stretching into a plain or perhaps the sea, now only in place-names, Ivanhoe (Ivinghoe); Sutton hoo.
Hoe nOE: hoyian; howe, - care, anxiety, trouble.
Hog nCeltic in origin, late OE loan word. a swine, especially castrated swine, barrow-pig, boar. 2. in OE: a young sheep, often one who has not been shorn; coarse or filthy person. 3. any animal belonging to the suidae family of mammals, esp. the pig, the wart-hog and the boar. 4. a greedy person, one who refuses to share. 5. a rough, flat scrubbing broom for scrubbing a ship's bottom under bottom.
Hog vbTo greedily take more than one's share of something. 2. to take precedence at the expense of others or another. 3. to clip short(ly) the mane of a horse. 3. to scrub the bottom or a boat with a hog. 4. to cause the keel of a ship to arch upwards. 5. a slang word for a shilling.
Hog phr"Be a Road Hog" - selfish, reckless, thrusting motorist.
Hog phr"Go the Whole Hog" - do something completely (refers to the close shearing of lambs).
Hog phr"Hog It" - colloquially, to live in a rough, uncouth fashion. 2. to act selfishly and greedily.
Hog phr"Live High Off the Hog" - have a luxurious lifestyle. 2. be greedy; have more than one's fair share.
Hog phr"Make a Hog of Oneself" - show greed, gormandize.
Hogback adjA back humped like that of certain hogs. 2. a sandy or rocky ridge caused by unequal erosion of the outcropping edge of tilted strata. 3. a steep-sided ridge or hill.
Hog-backed adjElevated towards the middle, like the back of a hog.
Hogbane nGoosefoot.
Hog-cote nA pig-sty, shed or enclosure for pigs.
Hogginess nThe state or quality of being hoggy or like a hog.
Hoggish adjHaving the characteristics of a pig. 2. having a gluttonous appetite.
Hoggishly advIn a hoggish or pig-like manner.
Hoggy adjHoggish, gluttonous of character. 2. of land: boggy, marshy, squelchy.
Hog-heaven nA state of contented bliss.
Hog-like adjResembling or characteristic of a hog in some aspect
Hog-reeve nA civil officer whose duty (in former times) was to impound pigs found running wild.
Hog's-head nA large cask. 2. a liquid measure of varying capacity.
Hog-shearing nOne who promises great things but never fulfills the promise. 2. all talk and no do. 3. great cry and little wool, as the Devil said as he sheared the hog.
Hog-tie vbTo tie an animal or person's feet together. 2. to render helpless.
Hog-town nAny poor town or out-of the-way place, that is populated by rustics and their farm animals.
Hog-wallow nAny poor town or out-of the-way place, that is populated by rustics and their farm animals.
Hog-washnFoolish talking or writing; nonsense.
Hog-weed nAny of the numerous coarse weeds of persistent growth.
Hog-wild adjEnthusiastic or excited to an irrational extent. 2. go bersek.
Hogwort nPhalon graveolens.
Hoker nOE: hocor - mockery, derision, scorning contempt, abuse, revile.
Hoker vbTo scorn, revile. 2. to pour scorn on.
Hokerful adjScornfully, scornful.
Hockerly advScornfully, contemptuously. 2. in a way worthy of scorn, contempt, injudiciously.
Hoker-word nGibe, mockery.
Hold nA grasp or grip. 2. something reserved or kept. 3. the property of maintaining the shape of styled hair. 4.(wrestling) a position or grip used to control the opponent; to have a tight hold on someone. 5.(gambling) the percentage the house wins on a gamble, the house or bookmaker's hold. 6. (gambling) the wager amount, the total hold. 7.(tennis) an instance of holding one's service game, as opposed to being broken. 8. a fruit machine feature allowing one or more of the reels to remain fixed while the others spin. 9. (video games; a pause facility.
Hold nIn OE times, the title of an officer of a high rank in the Danelaw corresponding to the High Reeve among the English.
Hold nOE. hyldo; allegiance, fidelity.
Hold nOE "hold" - a carcass, dead body, corpse, cadaver.
Hold vbTo grasp or grip. 2. to contain or store. 3. to maintain or keep to a position or state. 4. to have and keep possession of something.  5. to reserve, as to hold or book a table in a restaurant at an appointed time. 6. to cause to wait or delay, as hold the lift. 7. to detain in a cell. 8. to be or remain valid; to apply; to hold true; to hold good. 8. to keep oneself in a particular state; to hold firm; to hold opinions. 8. to impose restraint upon; to limit in motion or action; to bind legally or morally; to confine; to restrain. 9. to bear, carry, or manage; to hold erect; hold one's head high. 9. not to move; to halt; to stop. 10. not to give way; not to part or become separated; to remain unbroken or not subdued. 11. to maintain or keep to particular opinions, promises, actions. 11. to maintain, to consider, to opine.  12. to bind (someone) to a consequence of his or her actions; hold to a promise. 13. to hold responsible for the actions of those under one's command or control.

14. to maintain in being or action; to carry on; to prosecute, as a course of conduct or an argument; to continue; to sustain. 15. to accept, as an opinion; to be the adherent of, openly or privately; to persist in, as a purpose; to maintain; to sustain. 16.(archaic) to restrain oneself; to refrain; to hold back.  17. in tennis: to win one's own service game. 18. to organize an event or meeting.  19. (archaic) to derive right or title.

Hold adjOE (also spelt "holde")- gracious, kind, friendly. 2. loyal, faithful, true of persons.
Hold phr"Don't Hold Your Breath" - give up all expectations.
Hold phr"Get Hold of" - obtain something. 2. contact somebody
Hold phr"Have a Hold Over Somebody" - have somebody in one's power"
Hold phr"Hold Against" - to think less of someone for something they have done wrong. 2. allow something to affect one 's judgement of somebody.
Hold phr"Hold At Arm's Length" - keep remotely distant, formal.
Hold phr"Hold a Winning Hand" - be in an unbeatable position to defeat others.
Hold phr"Hold Back" - to act with reserve, caution, hesitancy or fear. 2. to contain one's full measure of power; to contain; stop, check, prevent from advancing. 3. to delay esp. in school. 4. restrain, keep back, reserve from disclosure.
Hold phr"Hold Cheap" - consider worthless. 2. of low esteem.
Hold phr"Hold Dear" - value highly.
Hold phr"Hold Down" - to keep down (lit. & fig.) to keep under, in subjection, repress, oppress, subjugate. 2. to restrain, to check. 3. to continue to hold and manage well. 5. keep at a low level.
Hold phr"Hold Everything" - wait, take no action.
Hold phr"Hold Fast to Something" - adhere,cling to something ( aprinciple, theory) with determination or stubbornness.
Hold phr"Hold Fire" - not fire a gun immediately, because one doesn't know where one's enemy is. 2. to wait for an an right time or opportunity to fire (with a firearm) at somebody or something. 3. refarian from doing something , esp. of a critical or aggressive nature, until one is certain that is the correct thing to do.
Hold phr"Hold Forth" - to keep up, maintain, continue, go on with; speak at length and ,sometimes, pompously.
Hold phr"Hold Good" - hold true, be or remain valid or applicable.
Hold phr"Hold Hands" - clasp or grasp another's hand . 2. to contribute, help, support, comfort, co-operate, concur. 2. to be on an equality with.
Hold phr"Hold Harmless" - in law, indemnify.
Hold phr"Hold Hard" - in racing parlance, to pull up a horse during a race. 2. stop, go easy; keep a firm hold, seat, or footing, or else there is a danger of being thrown off.
Hold phr"Hold In" - to keep in, confine, retain, restrain, keep in, keep in check.
Hold phr"Hold It" - stop, be aware, and alert.
Hold phr"Hold It Good" - think it advisable; in check, confine.
Hold phr"Hold It Against" - blame, have a low opinion of someone.
Hold phr"Hold Life Cheap" - consider something , esp. a condition, usually valued, to be of little value or importance.
Hold phr"Hold No Fears (Of)" - have no fears or terror of.
Hold phr"Hold Oath"- late OE - an oath of fealty.
Hold phr"Hold Off" - to keep off, away, at bay, or at a distance, put off, delay. 2. restrain oneself. 3. prevent from overwhelming.
Hold phr"Hold On" - to retain in its state or place. 2. stay and stand firm in the face of danger; wait, pause. 3. fasten; keep in position; hold on to.
Hold phr"Hold One's Breath" - to pause noticeably before exhaling. 2. to wait, as if breathlessly.
Hold phr"Hold One's Ground" - to stand one's ground. 2. refain, at least, temporarily from taking action.
Hold phr"Hold One's Hand" - to refrain, forbear. 2. give a person guidance or support.
Hold phr"Hold One's Head Above Water" - cope with problem but with little margin to spare.
Hold phr"Hold One's Head's High" - to behave proudly or arrogantly. 2. hold oneself high.
Hold phr"Hold Oneself In" restrain oneself.
Hold phr"Hold One's Horses" - to be patient, to wait, relax and slow down hold on.
Hold phr"Hold One's Own" - to maintain one's position or advantage against competition or any opposing force.
Hold phr"Hold One's Tongue" -remain or keep silent when one wishes to respond to criticism or inaccuracy.
Hold phr"Hold One's Way" - to continue to go, go on, keep going, proceed, continue, make one's way.
Hold phr"Hold On Like Grim Death" - hold something tenaciously.
Hold phr"Hold On One's Way" - to maintain steadly; to go without heeding interruptions.
Hold phr"Hold Out" - to stretch forward; extend the hand, or something held in the hand. 2. to keep out, exclude. 3. retain one's position, survive or extend.
Hold phr"Hold Out (for)" - insist upon as a condition of an agreement. 2 stand fast, resist, stand firm in the hopethat one can get more.
Hold phr"Hold Out On" - refuse to yield or surrender.
Hold phr"Hold Over" - to save, delay; postpone, retain for later. 2. to remain in office, possession etc. beyond a fixed date..
Hold phr"Hold Over Someone Head" - to harp on, remind continuously, esp. of a misstep, defeat, wrongdoing.
Hold phr"Hold Somebody Feet to the Fire" - to maintain personal, social, political, or legal pressure on someone in order to induce him or her to comply with one's desires; to hold someone accountable for his or her actions.
Hold phr"Hold Somebody Guilty" - to judge or regard as guilty.
Hold phr"Hold Somebody's Hand" - give a detailed on-the-job training and supervision. 2. grasp the hand of another; give support or comfort to somebody during a time
Hold phr"Hold Somebody in Hand" - to keep control of. 2. keep in expectation. 3. to amuse in order to get advantage.
Hold phrHold Somebody to Something" - make somebody keep a promise, or follow a set of rules.of difficulty or trouble.
Hold phr"Hold that Thought" - hold-that-thought. (idiomatic)- to pause in a conversation for an interruption. Used to acknowledge that one's attention needs to be diverted from what an speaker was saying.
Hold phr"Hold the Candle to the Devil" - to aid or countenance that which is wrong.
Hold phr"Hold the Field" - not yet be superseded or supplanted.
Hold phr"Hold the Floor" - speak at, dominate, monopolize a conversation or a meeting. 2. address an audience at great length or with determination to finish what one has to say.
Hold phr"Hold the Line" - maintain or keep communications open. 2. hold the enemy at bay.
Hold phr"Hold the Ring" - be in chrge, control of a fight, contest or dispute.
Hold phr"Hold the Road" - to keep on stay on the road without skidding.
Hold phr"Hold the Wrong End of the Stick" - be completely wrong about something.
Hold phr"Hold Tight!" - remain strong, don't waver.
Hold phr"Hold To" - not abandon or change, stick to.
Hold phr"Hold Together" - to keep together or united, retain in union or connection.
Hold phr"Hold to the Plow" - to hold, keep the position, guide, control or manage.
Hold phr"Hold True" - be valid, authentic. 2. be consistent with known facts.
Hold phr"Hold Under" - suppress, hold in submission, keep under.
Hold phr"Hold Up" - to keep raised or erect. 2. keep from falling; support or sustain. 3. to rob at gun point. 4. delay, halt, slow down.
Hold phr"Hold Up One's End" - to hold up one's end of a bargain, dealing; to fulfill one's promise or obligation.
Hold phr"Hold Up One's Head" - to maintain one's dignity, self-respect or cheerfulness.
Hold phr"Hold Water" - be correct, sound, able to withstand investigation or testing.
Hold phr"Hold With" - maintain allegiance with, to side with, to agree with; feel sympathy for.
Hold phr"Hold Your Horses!" - just wait a little.
Hold phr"Not Hold One's Breath" - give up all expectation.
Hold phr"Not Hold a Candle To" - to compare badly to another person. 2. to be unfit to hold even a subordinate position.
Hold phr"On Hold" - when telephoning: holding the line.
Hold phr"Put Something on Hold" - put something aside for the time being with the view to resuming activity later on.
Hold phr"Take Hold" - of a custom or habit: become established.
Hold phr"There's No Holding Him (Back)" - it is difficult or impossible to restrain him.
Hold n"In-hold" - custody, confinement, imprisonment.
Hold-all nA portable case for holding clothes and miscellaneous items, articles, used by soldiers, travelers etc. 2. of books (fig.) - an omnibus or encyclopedic kind.
Hold-back n}Hindrance; hold-back.
Hold-down nSubjection, repression, oppression.
Holde advGraciously, kindly, faithfully. 2. holdely.
Holder nUSU 2. a householder. 3. a canine tooth. 4. a prehensile organ in some animals. 5. whipholder. 6. shareholder. 7. freeholder.
Holder-forth nOne who "holds forth" as a preacher, orator (often used with contempt)
Holder-on nOne who holds on to a position or maintains a position or stance.
Holder-out nOne who holds out.
Holder-up nOne who holds up or sustains. 2. a supporter. 3. a maintainer.
Holdfast adjTenacious; steadfast, persistent
Holdfast nA stingy or hard-fisted person. 2. a dog who holds on tenaciously. 3. a person who is tenacious and steadfast..
Holdfastness nTenacity. 2. persistence. 3. steadfastness.
Holding nTenure of occupation of land; a farm or other estate held by another. 2. something that one owns or possesses, esp. shares or bonds. 3. a determination of law made by the courts. 4. that which binds or influences. 5. a burden or chorus of a song. 6. consistency.
Holding-deal nTo hold a person (writer, producer, actor) to be or work exclusively for that entity or organization for an agreed period of time.
Holding-ground nA bottom in which an anchor will hold; anchorage. 2. site for storing floating timber.
Holdingly advIn a manner that holds, grips or binds. 2. with tenacity
Holdless adjHaving no holds. 2. having a smooth unbroken surface.
Hold-off nA delay.
Hold-out nA die-hard, one who fights or holds out to the end; a holdout. 2. refuge, a shelter (from danger).
Hold out vbTo hold something or someone out. 2. to wait or refuse to yield in hopes of getting something better (from a negotiation). 3. to survive, endure. 4. to withhold something.
Hold-over nSaving, delaying, hold over. 2. remaining in office, possession etc. beyond a fixed date. 3. something remaining from a previous time or situation; a relic; a holdover. 4. to set something aside or save it for later. 5. a place of detention for prisoners awaiting trial. 6. one who continues in office after his/her has expired, or after a change of administration. 7. one who is kept on from engagement to another.
Hold-up nA delay, hold up, restriction, stoppage, obstruction, of some activity. 2. a robbery or holdup by armed assailants. 3. an overcharge, extortion.
Hole nA hollow place or cavity; an excavation; a pit; an opening in or through a solid body, a fabric, etc.; a perforation; a rent; a fissure. 2. an opening in a solid. 3.(golf) a subsurface standard-size hole, also called cup, hitting the ball into which is the object of play. 4.(golf) the part of a game in which a player attempts to hit the ball into one of the holes. 5.(archaeology, slang) an excavation pit or trench. 6.(figuratively) a weakness, a flaw. 7. (informal) a container or receptacle. car hole; brain hole (the skull). 8.(physics) in semiconductors, a lack of an electron in an occupied band behaving like a positively charged particle. 9.(computing) a security vulnerability in software which can be taken advantage of by an exploit. 10.(slang anatomy) an orifice, in particular the anus.

11.(informal, with “the”) solitary confinement, a high-security prison cell often used as punishment. 12.(slang) an undesirable place to live or visit; a hovel His apartment is a hole! 13.(baseball) the rear portion of the defensive team between the shortstop and the third baseman. 14.(chess) a square on the board, with some positional significance, that a player does not, and cannot in future, control with a friendly pawn. 14. an identation or opening in a coast, a cove, a small bay.

Hole vbTo treat with violence. 2. to deceive. 3. to oppress or to commit oppression.
Hole phr"In a Better Hole" - any situation that is better than the present one.
Hole phr"A Black Hole" - an intermediate range of values producing anomalous results. 2. an obnoxious prison.
Hole phr"A Dry Hole" - an exercise which after much effort proves fruitless.
Hole phr"A Fox Hole" - a space which is really too small for a persons needs or comfort.
Hole phr"Be in the Hole" - to be in difficulty, financial difficulties or debt.
Hole phr"Hole in the Heart" - a congenital defect in the septum, resulting in an inadequate circulation of oxygenated blood (a cause of blue baby syndrome).
Hole phr"Hole in the Wall" - a very small shop, in a row of buildings.
Hole phr"Hole Up" - to retire to a hole for hibernation. 2. to seek temporary shelter, refuge. 3. to lie in wait or ambush.
Hole phr"Hole Up' - become hold up; to hide or conceal oneself in a small place or nook.
Hole phr"In a Hole" - in an awkward predicament. 2. in a mess. 3. in debt (in the hole).
Hole phr"In Holes" - worn so much as to have holes.
Hole phr"Make a Hole In" - use the largest part of. 2.. consume a considerable portion of.
Hole phr"Make a Hole in Water" - take on an impossible task, sisyphean.
Hole phr"Need Like a Hole in the Head" - applied to something not needed at all; something useless. 2. to be given a completely undesired problem.
Hole phr"Put in the Hole" - to swindle, defraud. 2. to put in solitary confinement.
Hole phr"Stop up A hole in a Sieve" - do something quite useless.
Hole phr"Take Down a Hole Lower" - to take down; to humiliate, humble.
Hole-creeper nA sneaking thief.
Holed adjHaving holes. 2. to be full or filled with holes or perforations.
Holed-stone nPerforated stone considered to be a monument of prehistoric times.
Hole-in-one nIn golf - a hole that is completed by sinking the golf ball in a single shot or with one hit or attempt. 2. idiomatically - any rare, wonderful or remarkable achievement.
Hole-in-the-Heart nA congenital defect in the septum, resulting in an inadequate circulation of oxygenated blood (a cause of blue baby syndrome).
Hole-in-the Wall n(Usually disparagingly) any small, dingy, obscure place in the US. where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally. 2. applied to a business that is very small, mean, dingy or the like; or to a person running such a business.
Holeless adjWithout hole or holes.
Hole-like adjResembling or like a hole in some aspect.
Holewort nHollow-wort, corydalis bulbosa or corydalis cava.
Holey adjWith or full of holes.
Holiday nA day on which a festival, religious event, or national celebration is traditionally observed. 2. a day declared free from work by the government. 3. a period of one or more days taken off work by an employee for leisure. 4. a period during which pupils and students do not attend their school or university. 5. a period taken off work or study for travel or leisure. 6. an unintentional gap left on a plated, coated, or painted surface.
Holiday vbTo go on vacation, holiday, take a a break from work or school etc., leave. 2. to have free time to do as one wishes. 3. to go on a pleasure excursion.
Holiday phr"Take a Holiday" - have a break from work.
Holiday-home nA second home used for holiday.
Holidayer nA holidaymaker.
Holidayish adjOf a character befitting a holiday; festive.
Holiday-maker nSomeone who is on holiday; vacationer.
Holiday-making nThe planning and organization of a holiday or holidays.
Holier-than-thou adjColloquial: self-righteous.
Holiday-ownership nTimeshare – or shared-holiday ownership – means you purchase a specific period of time, usually a week or more, in a resort property. Resorts typically offer a single week ownership and stay option, with the potential to purchase additional weeks at the same resort, or at others owned by the same developer.
Holihood nHoliness, holihede.
Holily advIn a holy manner; piously. 2. with sanctity or devoutness. 3. sacredly, scrupulously, inviolably, solemnly.
Holimonth nA month of recreation or abstinence from work. 2. a month's holiday. 3. in OE - holy month = obsolete name for September.
Holiness nState or condition of being holy. 2. sanctity. 3. "His Holiness" - a honorific or title used to refer to a high -ranking religious figure or leader.
Holing nIn mining- undercutting in a bed of coal in order to bring down the upper mass.
Holinight nA night that is kept holy, as the eve of a festival. 2. a night of festivity or pleasure. 3. a holy night.
Holk nA hollow, cavity.
Holk vbTo hollow out by digging. 2. to excavate. 3. to dig, make excavations. 4. turn things over.
Holk phr"Holk Up" - to hollow out by digging up.
Holking nExcavating. 2. burrowing.
Holl nA hollow place. 2. a cave. 3. a hollow surface or deep depression in the ground; a ditch. 4. the hold of a ship. 5. the middle or depth (of winter, night).
Holl adjHollow, concave, having a void, empty. 2. deeply excavated or depressed as a valley. 3. lying in a hollow.
Hollness nHollowness. 2. the condition of having cavities.
Hollow na small valley between mountains. 2. a low spot surrounded by elevations. 3. a depression; a cave. 4. a sunken area, one of unfilled space in something solid. 4. a cavity, natural or artificial. 5. (fig.) a feeling of emptiness.
Hollow vbTo make a hole in something. 2. to dig out, excavate.
Hollow adj(Of something solid) Having an empty space or cavity inside. a hollow tree. 2. (of a sound) distant, far-off, eerie; echoing, reverberating, as if in a hollow space; dull, muffled; often low-pitched. 3. (figuratively) without substance; having no real or significant worth; meaningless. 4.(figuratively) insincere, devoid of validity; false, specious. 5. depressed; concave; gaunt; sunken.
Hollow phr"All and Hollow" - completely out and out.
Hollow phr"Beat All Hollow" - to surpass completely. 2. defeated thoroughly or completely.
Hollow phr"Have a Hollow Ring" - appear insincere untrue.
Hollow phr"In the Hollow of One's Hand" - entirely subservient to one.
Hollow phr"Hollow Out" - to make something hollow. 2. to become hollow. 3. to reduce the power or influence of something.
Hollow-cheeked adjWith sunken cheeks.
Hollow-eyed adjHaving eyes deep sunk in their orbits.
Hollow-ground nA ground supposed to have a concave surface.
Hollow-hearted adjFalse, deceptive, insincere.
Hollow-heartedness nInsincerity.
Hollow laugh nUnamused or false laughter.
Hollowly advIn a hollow manner. 2. with a hollow sound. 3. insincerely; untrustwothy, deceptive. 4. completely hollow.
Hollow-man nOne who does not stand for core values; but focus on short term success.
Hollowness nThe quality or condition of being hollow. 2. concavity, internal emptiness, sunken condition. 3. a hollow formation or place. 4. cavity or concavity. 5. emptiness, vanity, falseness, insincerity.
Hollow-root nHolewort, hollowwort (corydalis tuberous)
Hollow-ware nA bowl or tube-shaped ware or earthenware, wood or metal; such as tureens.
Hollow-whispering nWhispering with a hollow sound.
Hollowwort nHolewort, holwort, hulwort.
Hollowy adjEmpty, unfilled, sunken, depressed. 2. insincere, false, specious, deceptive.
Holly nAny of the various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex, either evergreen or deciduous, used as a decoration esp. at Christmas time. 2. the wood of the genus ilex. 3. any of the several unrelated plant species likened to ilex because of their prickly, evergreen foliage and of their bright-red berries.
Hollyoak nAny of the various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex, either evergreen or deciduous, used as a decoration esp. at Christmas time.
Hollywood nAn area of Los Angeles, known as the centre of the American film industry. 2. the American film industry regardless of it's location.
Hollywood-ending adjA dramatic ending.
Hollywoodish adjSomewhat resembling a Hollywood film or the ways and lifestyle of Hollywood.
Holm nIn OE: the ocean, sea (used only poetically). NB: Old Norse: an island in a stream.
Holster nOE: hiding place, place of concealment.
Holt nWood, timber (only in OE). 2. a wood, copse. 3. a plantation.
Holwort nHollowwort, holewort, hulwort.
Holy vbTo make a saint, canonize.
Holy adjDedicated to a religious purpose or a god, sacred. 2.revered in a religion, sacred. 3. perfect, faultless or flawless. 4.separated or set apart from (something unto something or someone else). 5. set apart or dedicated for a specific purpose, or for use by a single entity or person, sanctified. 6.(slang) Used as an intensifier in various interjections, such as "Holy cow, I can’t believe it! 6. a thing that is extremely holy, as in "holy of holies."
Holy adjFree from injury; whole, hale, wholesome.
Holy phr"Holier Than Thou" - affecting, an attitude of superior goodness or virtue, sanctimonious.
Holy phr"Holy of Holies" - the innermost apartment of the Jewish temple, in which the Ark of the Covenant was kept, and into which only the High priest was allowed to enter, and that but once a year on the Day of Atonement.
Holy phr"Holy Cow" - an exclamation of surprise. It is a minced oath or euphemism for "Holy Christ!"
Holy phr"Holy Smoke" - an exclamation of surprise.
Holy phr"The Sin Against the Holy Ghost" - wilful denouncing as evil that which is manifestly good, thus revealing a state beyond the divine influence.
Holy BooknThe Bible.
Holy-bread nThe consecrated bread used in the Eucharist.
Holy-day nA day on which a religious festivals and holy-days traditionally observed.
Holy door nThe specially walled-up door of each of the four great basilicas at Rome : St Peter's, St John Lateran., St Paul- Outside-the-Walls, St Mary's Major.
Holy-eyed adjHaving eyes that seem holy and pure.
Holy-Father nGod, the Almighty. 2. the pope of the Roman Catholic church.
Holy-fire nErysipelas or St Anthony's fire.
Holy Ghost nIn Christianity, the Trinity or Godhead corresponding to divine essence present in the faithful (particularly inspired prophets ) and considered to proceed from God the Father (eastern orthodoxy) or from Him together with God the Son (Roman Catholicism). 2.God the Holy Ghost.
Holy Ghost Pear nAvocado (from a mistaken rendering of this as advocated)
Holy Ghost's Root nThe plant angelica, Archangelica officinalis
Holy Island nLindisfarne located in the North Sea, some nine miles south-east from Berwick-on-Tweed, it became the see of St Aidan in 635 and a missionary centre. 2. Ireland was called the Holy Island on account of its numerous saints. 3. Geurnsey was so called in the C10th in consequence of the great number of monks residing there.
Holy-land nThe part of Asia, consisting mostly of Palestine, in which most biblical events are set. 2. for Moslems, Mecca is a Holy Land.
Holy-maker nSanctifier.
Holy-making nSanctification; the act of sanctification.
Holy-minded adjTo direct one's mind and thoughts towards things that are holy. 2. to be of pure mind and thoughts. 3. to be deeply religious.
Holy-mindedness nThe state or quality of being holy-minded
Holy Mother of God" nThe Virgin Mary.
Holy-of-Holies nThe innermost and most sacred shrine of the Jewish tabernacle.
Holy-one nA appellation of the Divine Being.
Holy-rood nThe cross over the entrance to a chancel of many churches and cathedrals.
Holy-Rood nThe cross on which Jesus as crucified.
Holy shift nWhen you let God take full control of your life, by relying on the holy spirit for divine wisdom instead of absorbing the worldly knowledge of self-help gurus.
Holy-stone nA soft sandstone used by sailors for scourging the decks of ships. 2. a stone with a natural hole in it, used as an amulet or charm.
Holy Thursday nIn the Roman Catholic church, the Thursday of Holy Week or Maundy Thursday, the day on which the ascension of Jesus is commemorated.
Holy-tide nA holy time or seasons . 2. a day or season of religious observance.
Holy War nA war fought over religious issues.
Holy-water nIn certain Christian churches water that has been sanctified by a priest or bishop for the purposes of baptism or for the baptism of persons, places or things.
Holy week nThe week immediately preceding Easter.
Holy well nA well or spring reputed to possess miraculous healing properties as being a channel of divine influence.
Holy Writ nHoly writings collectively; spec. the bible or holy scriptures. 2. in earlier times sometimes including the writings in sacred subjects.
Home nOne's own dwelling place; the house in which one lives; esp., the house in which one lives with his family; the habitual abode of one's family; also, one's birthplace. 2. one's native land; the place or country in which one dwells; the place where one's ancestors dwell or dwelt. 3. the abiding place of the affections, especially of the domestic affections. 4. the locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat; as, the home of the pine. 5. a place of refuge and rest; an asylum; as, a home for outcasts; a home for the blind; hence, esp., the grave; the final rest; also, the native and eternal dwelling place of the soul.
Home vbTo go home. 2. to dwell. 3. to establish or furnish with a home. 4. to train a pigeon to fly home. 5. of a vessel, missile, aircraft: to be guided to its target or destination.
Home adjOf or pertaining to one's dwelling or country; domestic, not foreign.
Home advTo one's home, house or abode, dwelling,own district, or country. 2. to the home or mother country. 3. from a colony or foreign possession. 4. the grave, tomb etc. final resting place. (to go home: die). 5. come home, arrive home, at home after an absence. 6. point or mark aimed at; ultimate position, as far as it will go or reach. 7. to the root of the matter closely, in close contact, directly. 8. full to the shore (from the sea). 9. to oneself; hence to one's normal condition.
Home phr"At Home" - at one's own home and prepared to receive visitors.
Home phr"Bring Oneself Home" - to recover oneself (financially); recoup oneself. 2 regain one's financial position.
Home phr"Bring Something Home to Somebody" - make somebody aware (an unpleasant truth).
Home phr"Chicken Come Home to Roost" - the consequences of past actions are becoming obvious.
Home phr"Come Home Short" - to fail to reach one's aim or goal by effort.
Home phr"Come Home to One" - to reach one's heart. 2. to become thoroughly understood or realized.
Home phr"Come Home to Roost" - return of unpleasantness as a result of a previous (antisocial) action.
Home phr"Eat Somebody's Out of House and Home" - to ruin a person by eating all he has.
Home phr"Feel at Home" - feel comfortable, relaxed.
Home phr"From a Broken Home" - a family in which the parents no longer live together.
Home phr"From Home" - away from our home or place of abode; not at home, abroad.
Home phr"Get Something Home to" - make something clear, obvious
Home phr"Go Home" - die; pass away; go to heaven.
Home phr"Hammer Something Home" - try to get someone to understand, accept somethingusing a repeated and forceful argument.
Home phr"Home and Dry" - safely or successfully at the end (usu. after an arduous journey).
Home phr"Home and Hosed" - to have won.
Home phr"Home Away From Home" - ones own country, one's native land.
Home phr"Home from Home" - a place away from home which provides home-like accommodation or place of abode.
Home phr"Home In On" - to direct towards, seek, home onto, find a target, as a guided missile.
Home phr"Home In One" - success in a first attempt to reach find, strike, guess, identify somebody or something.
Home phr"Home Is Where the Heart Is" - wherever one's family , partner lives is equivalent to home.
Home phr"Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat" - nostalgic or sentimental, one should simply accept any place where one happens to reside as one's home
Home phr"Home James and Don't Spare the Horses" - an expression from the days when the well-to-do commanded their coachmen to drive the home as fast as possible. Later used jocularly to imply 'let's get home as quickly as possible'.
Home phr"Home on the Sheep's Back" - to be doing very well. (referring to the value of wool)
Home phr"Home Sweet Home" - one's home, especially
Home phr"Keep the Home Fire's Burning" - to maintain normal domestic activity during the temporary absence of the e breadwinner,
Home phr"Last or Long Home" - the grave, dark inn, grass bed.
Home phr"Make Oneself at Home" - be comfortable, relaxed as if one were in one's home.
Home phr"Near to Home" - affecting one closely.
Home phr"Not at Home" - the intimation or arrangement that one is not accessible or prepared to receive visitors.
Home phr"Nothing/Something To Write Home About??" - unimpressive/to boast of, to make a song about.
Home phr"One's Long Home" - the grave; the dark inn, the grass bed etc.
Home phr"Strike Home" - have an impact on somebody.
Home phr"Until the Cows Come Home" - for ever.
Home phr"Who Goes Home?" - when the house of commons adjourns at night the doorkeeper asks the question of the memmbers. In bygone days, when danger lurked in unlit streets from criminals, the cry was raised t enable them to depart in groups and escort the Speaker to his home.
Home phr"Write About Home" - to boast of, make a song about.
Home-along advHomewards.
Home-abiding adjHome as the abiding place of the affection, esp. of the domestic affections.
Home-bird nOne who prefers to stay at home; not outgoing, a home-body.
Home-body nOne who prefers to stay at home; not outgoing, a home-bird.
Home-born adjProduced or born at home. 2. domestic or native origin. 3. native.
Home-bred adjBred at home, native, indigenous, domestic, reared at home, home-born.
Home-bred adjOf homely breeding. 2. lacking breadth of culture and experience. 3. unpolished, unsophisticated.
Home-brew nOf ale, beer or other similar beverages: made or brewed at home (also fig.)
Home-brewed adjBrewed at home, not in a licensed brewer.
Home-brewer nOne who distils liquor at home.
Home-bring vbOf a man to "bring" a wife home; to marry, wed.
Home-bringing nThe bringing of a wife home. 2. earning (money); 3. clarification; understanding.
Home-builder nOne who builds houses and flats.
Home-building nThe act of building houses or flats.
Home-built adjBuilt in one's own country. 2. not foreign made or imported. 3. made by oneself, not factory-made.
Home-buyer nA person who buys a house, flats.
Home-buying nThe buying of a house or flat.
Home-care nThe care and maintenance of one's home. 2. treatment and care of a patient at his or her own home.
Home-come nArrival at home.
Home-comer nOne who returns home, often used with specific reference to the Isle of Man.
Home-coming nArrival or a returning home after an absence.
Home-coming nThat come homes. 2. effective, impressive.
Home-coming King nIn US colleges and high school, a young man activities chosen by his peers to "reign" over the traditional activities associated with the Homecoming football matches, usually alongside a Homecoming Queen.
Home-coming Queen nIn US colleges and high school, a young woman activities chosen by his peers to "reign" over the traditional activities associated with the Homecoming football matches, usually alongside a Homecoming King.
Homecraft nThe household arts (as cooking); especially, handcrafts (as weaving)that may be practised at home.
Home-croft nA detached cottage with land and outbuildings for poultry.
Home-dweller nOne who dwells or remains at home.
Home dwelling nLiving, dwelling or remaining at home or in one's country.
Home-farer nOne journey or arrival (home-coming) at home.
Home-faring nThe act of arriving at one home, especially after a long abscence.
Home-fed adj(Of an animal or its meat) fed or fattened at home. 2. meat farmed local, not imported from abroad. 2. of a person, fed or raised at home; cosseted.
Home-feeling adjIntimate, hospitable, happy, tranquil, safe, affection in the domestic situation. 2. sense of kindred and hereditary connection.
Home-felt adjTo feel at home; intimately feeling; intimately or in one's heart.
Home-fire nUsed, like hearth - as symbolic of the home. see "keep the home fires burning"
Home-fire phrCarry on at home; keep the home and things going.
Home-fleet nShips (usually military) that are retained at home for defence.
Home-folk(s) nThe people from near one's home. 2. one friends, relatives, kith, kin or neighbors.
Home-free adjAble to reach a goal without extending any considerable effort; either without or in spite of impediments.
Homeful adjHomely; cosy. 2. having a place to live.
Home-goer nOne who is returning home, one who prefers to be at home.
Home-going adjThe act of one returning home or of one who prefers to be at home.
Home-grown adjGrown at home. 2. created or constructed in an informal or amateur manner. 3. done without formal assistance, as from a business, organization or professional source. 4. raised or brought up in one's own country; native.
Home-held adjOwned, especially for decades by one owner. 2. something, as memories to have and experiences to relate.
Home-help nA domestic worker, made available by local authorities, etc. to help the elderly or infirmed who are unable to perform their own housekeeping.
Home-keeper nA person who runs a house or household.
Home-keeping nHousekeeping.
Homeland nOne's native land. 2. an autonomous or semi-autonomous state occupied by a particular people. 3. in South Africa an area designated for particular ethnic people under the former policy apartheid.
Home-leave nHoliday time for a person who works overseas, during which they can return home.
Homeless adjHaving no home or permanent place of abode. As adjectives the difference between homeless and houseless is that homeless is lacking a permanent place of residence while houseless is lacking or in need of a house or home.
Homelessly advIn a homeless manner; without a home.
Homelessness nThe state of being homeless.
Homeless-shelter nA house or building which provides board and lodgings for the homeless.
Home-life nLife at home or in domestic circumstances or surroundings.
Homelihood nHomeliness, familiarity.
Home-like adjHaving the comfortable characteristic of a home.
Homeliness nQuality or condition of being homely. 2.familiarity. 3. intimacy, kindness, kindliness. 4. simplicity, plainness, or without beauty.
Homeling nHome-born, inhabitant, a native, indigene, first-folk.
Home-longing adjNostalgic, homesick, desirous for familiar surrounding. 2. a longing or yearning for things of the past. 3. a reminiscence for the time of one's childhood or younger years.
Home lot nAn enclosed plot on which the owner's home stands.
Home-lover nA person who enjoys being at home and who likes to be with their families.
Home-loving nThe enjoyment of being at home, and one who likes to be at home with their families.
Homely adjLack in beauty or elegance, plain in appearance; physically unattractive. 2. characteristic or belonging to a home, domestic. 3. an intimate or friendly terms with someone; familiar, 'at home with a person' . 4. domestic, tame. 5. personnel, private. 6. friendly, kind, gracious, cordial. 7. simple, plain, familiar, unelaborate, unadorned.
Homely advFamiliarly, intimately, kindly. 2. plainly, simply, unpretentiously. 3. without adornment or polish. 4. rudely, roughly. 5. without reserve or circumlocution; straight to the point.
Homemade adjMade at home; made by oneself; self-made. 2. in a simple style, as if made at home.
Homemaker nA person who maintains the upkeep of his or her home, especially one not in paid, outside employment.
Home-making nThe management of a household considered as an occupation. 2. the maintenance or upkeep of a home by it's occupant.
Homeness nThe quality or condition associated with the home.
Home-owner nSomeone who owns a horse. 2. someone who owns a house for all practical purposes, but is still paying off the mortgage.
Home-ownership nThe  state of  being a home-owner.
Home-owning nBeing a home owner.
Home row nCertain keys of the center row of alphabetical letters on formerly a typewriter and computer keyboard.
Home run nIn baseball, a base hit in which the ball is driven beyond reach of the opposition fielders, thus allowing the batter to touch all bases and score a run.
Home school vbTo educate children at home, orin a domestic place, rather than at a public or private school.
Home-schooling nThe education children at home, orin a domestic place, rather than at a public or private school.
Home-seeker nOne who seeks to buy a house.
Home-self adjCarried or done on with oneself; private.
Home-shopping nShopping carried out from home using catalogues, satellites, television channels.
Home-sick adjNostalgic, yearning or longing for home. 2. suffering because of absence from home: ill in mind or body rhrough longing for home; nostalgic.
Home-sickness nA longing for home; nostalgia.
Home side nA team that plays at home ( in their own ground or stadium).
Home-sitter nA person employed to live and take care of a home when the occupants are away.
Home-soken nThe crime of hamesucken consists in 'the felonious seeking and invasion of a person in his dwelling'. 2. the offence of attacking a person in his other own dwelling.
Home-speaking adjDirect,forcible and effective speaking.
Homespun nA plain cloth made at home or of homespun yarn. 2. a rustic person.
Home-spun adjSpun or made at home; of domestic manufacture. . 2. made at home-spun cloth. 3. plain, homely, unpolished, unsophisticated, simple rustic. 3. simple, straight-forward, as ' wit, warmth and homespun wisdom'.
Home-stake nEnough money to go back home.
Homestall nHomestead, farmyard.
Homestand nA series of baseball games played at a team's home field.
Homestead nA house together with surrounding land and buildings, esp. on a farm. 2. a place that is one's home. 3. in South Africa a cluster of several houses occupied by an extended family. 4. the seat or home of a family, place of origin.
Homestead vbTo acquire or settle on land as a homestead. 2. to settle land given by the government and occupied it as a homestead.
Homestead adjA house or dwelling, esp. a farmhouse and out buildings. 2. aperson or family residence, which comprises the land, house and outbuildings.
Homesteader nA pioneer who goes and settles on a homestead.
Homesteading nGranting of land to settlers for the establishment of farms. 2. the act and practice of farming and agriculture.
Homesteadless adjWithout or lacking a homestead or homesteads.
Home time nThe time when students go home at the end of the school game.
Homestretch nThe concluding straight part of a racecourse. 2. the last part of a campaign or undertaking.
Hometown nAn individual place of birth, childhood, or place of main residence. 2. the city, town, village where one was born or grew up.
Home truth nA true, but unpleasant, comment addressed to the person it concerns.
Homeward advHome-going, home-wending, homeward bound; homewards.
Homeware(s) nFurnishings for the home, such as furniture and curtains.
Home-waters nOceans, sea surrounding one's land or nation.
Home-woe nNostalgia, homesickness, yearning for things of the part.
Homewardly advIn a homeward direction.
Homewards advSetting off towards home.
Homework nSchool work that a student is required to do at home. 2. paid work carried out in one's own home, esp. low paid work.
Homework phr"Do One's Homework" - thoroughly analyze an issue. -
Homeworker nOne whose paid work is carried out in one's own home, esp. low paid work.
Homeworking nWorking from home, especially when in electronic contact with a central office.
Home world nThe world on which a person originated. 2,. one's home planet or moon.
Home worship nReligious worship within the home rather than at a church.
Homewort nThe house leek, sempervivum tectorum.
Homey adjReminding of home; homelike. 2. cosy, comfortable.
Homing adjRelating to an animal's ability to return to a place or territory after travelling a distance away from from it. 2. trained like a pigeon to fly home from a great distance and used for long-distance racing. 3. of weapons or other pieces of equipment fitted with an electronic device that enables it to find and hit a target.
Homish adjBelonging to or suited to a home or house, domestic. 2. resembling or suggestive of a home, house-like, homelike, homely.
Homishness nHaving homish quality
Hone nOE: stone, rock. 2. a whetstone, used for giving a fine edge to cutting tools, razors. 2. a block of fine compact stone for sharpening edged tools.
Hone vbTo sharpen as a razor with a hone stone.
Honed adjSharpen as a razor with a hone stone.
Honer nOne who sharpen as a razor with a hone stone.
Honestone nAny fine-grained stone from which hones are made, as novaculite. 2. a hone.
Honewort nA name for corn parsley, petroselinum segetum.
Honey nA viscous, sweet fluid produced from plant nectar by bees. Often used to sweeten tea or to spread on baked goods. 2. a variety of this substance. 3. (fig.) something sweet or desirable.  4. a term of affection. 5. a woman, especially an attractive one. 6. a spectrum of pale yellow to brownish-yellow colour, like that of most types of honey.
Honey vbTo sweeten with honey. 2. to use endearing terms to another. 3. to talk fondly or with sweetness. 3. to flatter, cajole.
Honey phr"Sweet as Honey" - be very pleasant (in order to gain an advantage).
Honey phr"Land of Milk and Honey" - a land where everything is in abundant supply.
Honey-apple nIn OE. a lozenge or pastille containing honey,
Honey-bear nThe kinkajou. 2. the sloth bear.
Honey-bee nA bee, usually the common honey bee that collects and stores up honey, 2. a fanciful name for a bee.
Honey-brown adjYellowish brown.
Honeycomb nA structure of hexagonal cells made by bees primarily of wax, to hold the larvae and for storing the honey to feed the larvae and to feed themselves during winter. 2. any structure resembling a honeycomb. 3.
Honeycomb vbTo riddle something with holes, especially in such a pattern.
Honeycombed phrHaving a perforated structure; resembling a honeycomb.
Honeycombed-like adjResembling a honeycomb.
Honey-dew nA sweet sticky substance excreted by certain insects and often left by them on leaves and stems. 2. a melon of a variety with smooth pale and green flesh.
Honey-dipper nA tool used inthe kitchen to transfer honey to a container.
Honey do-list n(US idiomatic) a collection of requests, usually by a spouse (wife) for a partner (husband) to do a series of tasks, assignments, or jobs dealing with the maintenance of a household.
Honey-drop nA drop or globule of honey.
Honey-dropping adjMellifluous.
Honey-eater nThe Bear. 2. a honeysucker.
Honeyed adjSweetened with honey or as sweet as honey. 2. sugary, syrupy. 3. dulcet or mellifluous.
Honeyedly advIn a honeyed way.
Honeyedness nSweetness as of honey.
Honeyish adjHoneylike.
Honeyful adjAbounding with or full of honey.
Honeyish adjSome like in appearance or taste of honey.
Honeyless adjDestitute, lacking or without honey.
Honey-like adjResembling or characteristic of honey in various ways.
Honey-lipped adjPleasant or eloquent of speech; honeyed-tonged; sweet-talking, honeyed-mouthed, flattering. 2. of a woman: adulterous, cheating, unfaithful.
Honey-making nThe manufacture of honey.
Honey-mead nHoney wine.
Honey-month nThe first month after marriage.
Honey-moon nThe period of time immediately following a marriage. 2. a trip taken by a newly-married couple during this period. 3. a period of mild, positive, unusually good feeling towards a new government, new relationship, etc.
Honeymoon vbTo have or go on a honeymoon.
Honeymoon phr"The Honeymoon is Over" - end of a peceful period at the beginning of a new venture.
Honeymooner nA newly-wed on honeymoon. 2. a climbing plant with yellow flowers.
Honey-mouthed adjSweet talking.
Honey-pot nA pot in which honey is stored. 2. the female pudenda. 3. something very attractive
Honey-some adjSweet, full of honey and sweetness.
Honey-stone nA soft, yellow or reddish aluminum mineral having a resinous appearnace and crystallizing in the octahedral system, also called Mellite
Honey-suckle nLonicera, Caprifolium Mill).
Honey-sweet adjSweet as honey; often a term of endearment
Honey-tear nNectar, sweet wine, honey wine.
Honey-time nA honeymoon.
Honey-tongued adjSpeaking sweetly, softly or winningly. 2. mellifluous; using mellifluous discourse.
Honey-tree nA honey locust. 2. a hollow tree in which wild bees have stored honey.
Honey-week nA honeymoon lasting a week.
Honeywords nWords of sweetness, romance, kindness.
Honeywort nAny plant of the genus Cerinthe of flowering plants that attracts bees.
Honey-yellow adjA soft yellow, as of honey.
Hood sfxMeaning, person, personality, sex, condition, quality, rank, as in childhood.
Hood nAn aggressive and violent young criminal; hoodlum, goon, punk, thug, tough, toughie. 2. a protective covering that is part of a plant, cap. 3. (slang) a neighborhood. 4.a tubular attachment used to keep stray light out of the lens of a camera. 5.(falconry)a leather covering for a hawk's head. 6. metal covering leading to a vent that exhausts smoke or fumes, exhaust hood. 7. the folding roof of a carriage. 8. a headdress that protects the head and face. 9. protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine. 10. hood, bonnet, cowling, cowl. 10. (zoology) an expandable part or marking that resembles a hood on the head or neck of an animal.
Hood vbTo wear or put on a hood; to cover with a hood. 2. to make a hood.
Hood phr"The Hood Does Not Make the Monk" - it is a man's deeds, not his look or clothing that maketh the man.
Hooded adjWearing or having a hood. 2. shaped like a hood. 3. having a hood-like part.
Hoodless adjWithout a hood. 2. not having or wearing a hood.
Hoodlike adjResembling or characteristic of a hood in some aspect.
Hoodwink vbDeceive or trick, outwit, mislead, swindle. 2. lit. the placing of a hood over the head of a falcon.
Hoodwinking nThe covering of the eyes with a hood. 2. blindfolding; deceive, trick.
Hoodwort nScutellaria (scutellaria laterifolia) or skullcap.
Hoof nThe tip of a toe of an ungulate such as a horse, ox or deer, strengthen by a thick keratin covering. 2. a human foot. 3. in geometry, the ungula. 5. a fragment, particle.
Hoof vbTo trample with hooves. 2. to walk. 3. to dance, esp. as a professional. 4. to kick, esp. to kick a football as a footballer who gives it (the ball) a good hoof.
Hoof phr"Hoof It" - to walk, esp. when transport is not available.
Hoof phr"On the Hoof" - alive, not butchered, said of cattle.
Hoofbeat nThe sound of a hoof or hooves striking the ground.
Hoofed adjHaving hoofs or hooves.
Hoofedness nThe tendency to use either theright or left hoof more naturally tahn the other.
Hoofer nSlang: a dancer.
Hoofish adjResembling or characteristic of a hoof.
Hoofless adjWithout or lacking hoofs.
Hooflike adjResembling or similar to a hoof.
Hoofstick nA tool for keeping the cuticles of a horse's hoof neat and tidy.
Hoofy adjPertaining to or belonging to a hoof.
Hook nA catch for locking a door; hook. 2. a sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook: hook, crotchet. 3. anything that serves as an enticement: bait, come-on, hook, lure, sweetener. 4. a mechanical device that is curved or bent to suspend or hold or pull something: hook, claw. 5. a curved or bent implement for suspending or pulling something. 6. a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer. 7. a short swinging punch delivered from the side with the elbow bent.

8. a basketball shot made over the head with the hand that is farther from the basket;hook shot, hook.

Hook vbTo fasten with a hook. 2. rip off; ask an unreasonable price, surcharge, gazump, fleece, pluck, rob. 3. make a piece of needle work by interlocking and looping thread with a hooked needle; crochet. 4. hit a ball and put a spin on it so that it travels to the left. 5. take by theft, snitch, thieve, cop, knock off, glom. 6. make off with belongings of others; pilfer, cabbage, pinch,purloin, abstract, snarf, swipe, hook, sneak, filch, nobble, lift. 7. hit with a hook or punch. 8. catch with a hook; "hook a fish". 9. to cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent on something, especially a narcotic drug. 10. secure with the foot; "hook the ball". 11. entice and trap; hook, snare. 12. approach with an offer of sexual favors by a prostitute.
Hook phr"Above the Hook"- beyond your comprehension; beyond your mark. (Perhaps an allusion to hat-pegs fixed in rows, the higher ones being beyond the reach of small people.
Hook phr"Be Hooked On" - be addicted to.
Hook phr"Get One's Hooks Into" - to get possession of, esp. in a predatory way, to get hold of. 2. to get a firm grip of (often of a woman who pursues a man).
Hook phr"Get Someone Off the Hook" - to rescue a person from an embarrassing position.
Hook phr"Hook In" - To connect something, as a water main. 2. to deceive by luring with a false promise or misleading implication (also used with a figurative or idiomatic meaning).
Hook phr"Hook, Line and Sinker" - completely, without question or reservation.
Hook phr"Hooked on Something" - to be addicted to something.
Hook phr"Hook Someone Up" -
Hook phr"Hook Up" - to fasten or attach by hooks. 2. to put together as part of a machine. 3. linking of radio and Tvstations to transmit the same program.
Hook phr"Hook Up (To)" - to connect a machine to a source of power.
Hook phr"Let Off the Hook" - out of trouble, released from some difficulty. 2. free from obligation. 3. extremely or shockingly difficult.
Hook phr"Off the Hooks" - to get out of a difficult situation. 2. to die.
Hook phr"On the Hook" - ensnared, in the power of, in one's grasp. 2. attach to some occupation.
Hook phr"On One's Own Hook" - dependent on one's own efforts; on one's own account, at one's own risk.
Hook phr"With a Hook at the End" - assent given with mental reservation. It was a custom in some parts for a witness, when he/she swore the oath falsely, to crook his/her finger into a sort of a hook with an idea of annulling the perjury. It was a crooked oath, an oath with a hook at the end!
Hooked adjHaving a sharped curve at the end; resembling a hook. 2. addicted to, unable to resist or cease doing, as on a drug of dependence.
Hookedness nThe condition of being bent like a hook; curving in .
Hooker nOne who, or that which, hooks. 2. a prostitute. 3. a crocheter.
Hookless adjWiyhout hooks.
Hooklike adjResembling or characteristic of a hook, in some way.
Hookman nSomeone who uses a hook in their work.
Hook-nose adjA beaked or aquiline nose, or a person having such a nose.
Hook-shop nA brothel, whore-house, bordello.
Hook thorn nSenegalia caffra or Acacia caffra, a tree that occurs in southern Africa.
Hook-up nA connection or combination, esp. of radio, television, electronics, broadcasting facilities. 2. modern slang: becoming a couple.
Hookware nHooks or similar instruments used in reaping.
Hookworm nAny of the various nematode worms of the genera Ancylostoma, Necator, infesting man and several animals, such as sheep, dogs, cattle, etc.
Hooky adjFull of hooks, pertaining to hooks, or the like.
Hoop nA circular band of metal used to bind a barrel. 2. a ring; a circular band; anything resembling a hoop. 3. a circle, or combination of circles, of thin whalebone, or other elastic material, used for expanding the ladies skirts. 4. (sl) 'hoops' - the game of basketball. 5. a jockey, because of their horizontal striped outfit. 6. a horizontal stripe on any jersey.
Hoop nA finger-ring.
Hoop vbTo bind or fasten using a hoop. 2. to clasp, encircle, surround.
Hoop phr"Put through the Hoop" - have to suffer unpleasantness.
Hooper nOne who applies hoops to casks or tubs. 2. the European whistling or wild swan.
Hooping nMaterial from which to make hoops; hoops in general. 2. a system of hoops, as on some breechloading guns.
Hoopless adjWithout or lacking hoops.
Hooplike adjResembling or shaped like a hook.
Hoove nOE. a disease of cattle, characterized by a swelling of the stomach, often due to the eating of too much green fodder.
Hop nA short jump; a jump on one leg. 2. a short journey, esp. in the case of air travel, one that takes place on an aircraft. 3. a bounce, esp. from the ground, of a thrown or batted ball.
Hop vbTo jump a short distance. 2. to jump on one foot. 3. to be in a state of energetic activity. 4. to suddenly take a mode of transportation that one does not drive oneself, often surreptitously. 5. to move frequently. 6. to move frequently from one place to another similar one. 7. to walk lame, limp.
Hop phr"Be on the Hop" - to be always bustling about.
Hop phr"Hop it" - go away, especially to avoid something unpleasant or on orders of somebody who wishes to get rid of one..
Hop phr"Hop Off" - leave, go away.
Hop phr"Hop To It" - do it immediately!
Hopphr"Hop the Twig/Stick" - usually to die; but sometimes to run away from creditors, as a bird eludes a fowler. There are various phrases to express the cessation of life. die : lay down one's knife and fork; fall to sleep; give up the ghost etc.
Hop phr"On the Hop" - unptepared. 2. bustling about.
Hope nBelief or expectation something wished for can happen. 2. person or thingthat is the source of hope. 3. actual thing wished for. 4. the virtuous desire for future good.
Hope nA small, land-locked bay or inlet, salty at flood-tide and fresh-watered at ebb. 2. a small, enclosed valley, esp. a smaller opening branching out from the main dale and running up to the mountain ranges. 3. the upland part of a valley, now found only in place-names.
Hope vbTo want something to happen, with a sense of expectation that it might. 2. to be optimistic, be full of hope, have hopes. 3. to be optimistic, to be full of hope, have hopes. 4. to place confidence, to trust with confident expectation of good, usually followed by 'in'.
Hopephr"Hope Against Hope' - a hope where there is no reasonable grounds for doing or achieving something . 2. to hope exceedingly.
Hope phr"Hope for" - hope that something will take place, be granted, change, etc.
Hope phr"Hope For the Best" - hope that all will end well.
Hope phr"Hope Unfulfilled Makes the Heart Sick" - the experience of not having one's hopes fulfilled or realized, makes one depressed, as forlorn love.
Hope phr"Hope You are Proud of Yourself" - I hope you are pleased (although I think you should not be).
Hope phr"If It Were Not for Hope, the Heart Would Break" - hope wards off complete despair.
Hope phr"In Hopes" - having hopes.
Hope phr"Pin One's Hopes On" - (optimistically) rely on
Hope phr"Raise One's Hopes" - increase somebody's expectations that something positive will happen.
Hope phr"Some Hopes!" - there is no point in being hopeful - because what you desire is unlikely.
Hope phr"The Great White Hope" - somebody, something which a group depends on.
Hope-against-hope nA situation where there is little of success or survival.
Hope-chest nA glory-box; used by young women to hold linen, clothing, etc., in anticipation of marriage.
Hopeful nSomebody who is hoping for success or victory; often plural, "hopefuls'. 2. a young person who seems likely to succeed likely to succeed in life
Hopeful adjFeeling hope; inspiring hope. 2. full of hope; gaming. 3. having qualities that excite hope.
Hopefully advIn a hopeful manner. 2. it is hoped that, as I 'hope'.
Hopefulness nThe property of being hopeful.
Hopeless adjWithout hope; despairing; without expecting anything positive. 2. giving or affording no ground of hope, promising nothing desirable, desperate. 3. without talent, not skilled.
Hopelessly advIn a manner showing no hope; despairingly.
Hopelessness nThe lack of hope , despair, wanhope.
Hopelost nOne who has lost hope.
Hopelost adjThat has lost hope. 2. despairing, desperate, lost to hope.
Hopely advOf the nature of hope
Hoper nOne who hopes that things will turn out well in the end; an optimist.
Hope-sick adjSick at heart with unfulfilled hopes or ungratified longings.
Hoping adjFilled with or inspiring hope.
Hopingly advIn a hopeful manner.
Hop-o'-my-Hand/Thumb nA small person, pygmy, a dwarf.
Hoppe nThe seed vessel of flax. 2. the cornel tree and it's fruit.
Hopper nOne who hops. 2. insects, such as a grasshopper or locust. 3. a barge carrying away mud etc., from a dredging machine and discharging it. 4. a player from a game of hopscotch.
Hoppestre nOE. a female dancer.
Hopping nAction of the verb to hop.
Hopping phr"Hopping Mad" - to be extremely angry.
Hordarian nFrom OE: hordere: a treasurer.
Hore nDirt, filth, defilement, foulness; polution. 2. clammy humour, phlegm.
Horehound nSee 'Hoarhound'
Horeling nA fornicator, whoremonger, an adulterer, paramour.
Horeness nFoulness, filth.
Horewort nHore: (hoar & wort) - in reference to its white downy covering; cudweed, filago germanica.
Horn nA tusk of an elephant. 2. a telephone (slang). 3. a promontory, headland. 2. a musical instrument.
Horn vbTo furnish with horn or horns. 2. to gore with the horns. 3. to cuckold.
Horn phr"All Horn and Hide" - nothing but skin and bone.
Horn phr"Be at One's Horn" - out of protection of the law, as an outlaw. 2. to proclaim as an outlaw.
Horn phr"Blow One's Horn"- to self praise.
Horn phr "Come Out Of the Little End of a Horn" - to come off badly; to fail conspiciously.
Horn phr"Draw in One's Horns" - to reduce one's expenditure. 2. mitigate an expressed opinion. 3. restrain pride (an allusion is to the snail).
Horn phr"Give Horn to" - to cuckold.
Horn phr"Horn and Corn" - used symbolically for cattle and provisions generally.
Horn phr"Horn In" - (slang) interrupt; intefrere intrude.
Horn phr"Horn In On" - By cunning and stealth get oneself into a position or situation which seems profitable; muscle in on.
Horn phr"Lift Up the Horn" - to exalt oneself; to show fight and resistance.
Horn phr"Lock Horns With" - argue and fight with somebody.
Horn phr"Make the Horn at" - give the five-finger salute to.
Horn phr"Neither Horn Nor Corn" - not a trace or vestige.
Horn phr"Pull in One's Horns" - to restrain one's ardour; to repose one's pride. 2. to retreat from a previous stated view.
Horn phr"Put to the Horn" - in old Scots Law" : to proclaim as an outlaw by three blasts of the horn.
Horn phr"Take the Bull By the Horns: - too come to grips with realities of a difficult problem.
Horn phr"Wear the Horns" - to be cuckold.
Horn-book nA single page containing an alphabet covered with sheet of transparent horn, formerly used for teaching children to read. 2. a legal textbook that gives a basic overview of a particular area of a law.
Horned adjHaving horns or antlers. 2. cornuted.
Hornedness nState or condition of being or having horns.
Horn-eyed adjFilm over the eyes; filmy or dull-eyed.
Horner nA work in horn, a make of horn spoons, coms, etc. 2. one who makes musical horns. 3. one who cuckolds; a cuckold-maker.
Hornet nA large wasp, of the genus Vespa, having a brown-and-yellow striped body and the ability to inflict a serious sting.
Hornet phr"A Nest of Hornet" - a large amount of trouble or hostility.
Hornet phr"Bring/Stir up a Hornet Nest Upon One's Head/Ears" - to stir up a host of enemies around oneself. 2. do something to precipitate trouble, opposition.
Hornet phr"Stir Up a Hornet's Nest" - create trouble.
Horn-fish nThe garfish
Hornful adjThe amount a horn will hold.
Horngeld nA feudal service having a form of rent fixed according to the number of horned cattle. 2. cornage.
Horn-god nPan.
Horn-head nA cuckold.
Hornily advIn a horny manner.
Horniness nA horniness condition
Horning nCuckolding, cuckoldry. 2. the fact of being a crescent.
Hornish adjSomewhat like horn; hard.
Hornless adjWithout a horn.
Hornlessness nAbsence of horns.
Horn-like adjResembling a horn.
Horn-mad vbOf persons: stark mad, mad in rage, furious. 2. lecherous.
Horn-ness nMade of horn.
Horn-nose nThe rhinocerus.
Horn-owl nBubo virginus, also known as the the 'tiger owl'; earlier known as the 'winged tiger'.
Horn-rimmed adjHaving frames of horn or of dark-color plastic, often relatively thick and heavy; said of spectacles or eye glasses.
Horn-sickness nHumorous for 'jealously' due to be cuckolded.
Horn-silver nA whitish, greyish mineral chloride of silver.
Hornstone nA compact siliceous rock, resembling flint, but more brittle; chert.
Horn-thumb nA shield or thimble of horn for the thumb, used by pick-pockets as a protection in cutting out purses.
Hornwork nWork done in horn; made of horn. 2. cuckoldry - state of being the husband or partner of an unfaithful wife.
Hornwort nCeratophyllum demersum: an aquatic plant with dense whorls of finely divided leaves, also called Horned Pondweed.
Hornwrack nSeaweed cast ashore of the genus 'flustra foliceae'
Horny adjOf or resembling a horn. 2. informal, feeling of arousing sexual incitement; lustful. 3. having a horn or horn-like projections; horned. 4. hornlike as a result of hardening; callous; hard like horn.
Horny n'Auld Hornie" - The Devil, Old Sooty.
Horny Goatweed nAn Asian herb, of the genus, Epimedium used in tradition Chinese medicine for erectile dysfunction.
Horny-handed adjHaving hard or calloused hands.
Horse nOf, like, or closely associated with the animal, a hoofed mammal, Equus ferus caballus, often used throughout history for riding and draft work.  2. any current or extinct animal of the family Equidae, including the zebra or the ass; steed, nag. 3. cavalry soldiers: (sometimes in capitals) as in "All the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put Humpty together again." 4. the chess piece representing a knight, depicted as a man in a suit of armor and often on a horse, hence the nickname. 5.(slang) a large person (often a footballer in rugby, gridiron and Australian Rules. 6. a timber frame shaped like a horse, which soldiers were made to ride for punishment. 7. equipment with legs, as in gymnastics, a piece of equipment with a body on two or four legs, approximately four feet high with two handles on top. 8. a frame with legs, used to support something. a clothes horse; a sawhorse. 9. (nautical) equipment, such as a rope stretching along a yard, upon which men stand when reefing or furling the sails; footrope. 10. a breast-band for a leadsman. 12. an iron bar for a sheet traveler to slide upon. 11. (mining) a mass of earthy matter, or rock of the same character as the wall rock, occurring in the course of a vein, as of coal or ore; hence, to take horse (said of a vein) is to divide into branches for a distance. 12.(slang) the sedative, antidepressant, and anxiolytic drug morphine, chiefly when used illicitly.
Horse vbTo frolic, to act mischievously. 2. to provide with a horse. 3. (obsolete) to get on horseback.  4. to sit astride of; to bestride. 5. (of a male horse) to copulate with (a mare). 6. to take or carry on the back.  7. to place on the back of another person, or on a wooden horse, etc., to be flogged; to subject to such punishment.
Horse n"White Horse" - a figure of white horse, (reputed by later writers) as the ensign of the Saxons when they invaded Britain and the heraldic ensign of Brunswick, Hanover and Kent. 2. the figure of a horse cut in the face of chalk downs in England; and popularly supposed to represent the "White Horse of the Saxons, notably that near Uffington in Berkshire.
Horse n"Wooden Horse" - the gallows; an instrument of torture.
Horse vbTo provide with a horse or horses; to set on horseback. 2. to mount or go on horseback. 3. to raise or hoist up. 4. to elevate on a man's back; eg. for flogging. 5. of a current: to carry with force. 6. of a stallion: to cover a mare. 7. to bestride. 8.
Horse phr"A Dark Horse" - a person with unsuspected talents.
Horse phr"As strong as Horse" - very strong.
Horse phr"A Willing Horse" - a cheerful worker.
Horse phr"Back the Wrong Horse" - put one's faith, trust, in somebody who later looses, or something which fails.
Horse phr"A Willing Horse" - a cheerful worker. 2. always somebody willing to work.
Horse phr"Eat Like a Horse" - to eat voraciously; eat with gluttony.
Horse phr"Frighten the Horses" - to scare people off through one s ill-considered tactics.
Horse phr"Get Up/Be on One's High Horse" - said of a person affecting airs of superiority; behaving pretentiously or arrogantly.
Horse phr"Hold One's Horses" - to be patient; curb one's impetuosity; wait; take things easy.
Horse phr"Horse and Foot" - both side of the military (archaic).
Horse phr"Horse and Horse" - equally matched, neck and neck.
Horse phr"Horse Away" - to spend on or in a lottery.
Horse phr"Horse that was Foaled on an Acorn" - scaffold, gibbet; gallows; the wooden horse.
Horse phr"Horse Up" - to drive(oakum) between the planks of a ship. 2. to harden in the oakum; caulk up.
Horsephr"I Will Win a Horse or Loose the Saddle" - double or nothing; neck or nothing.
Horse phr"Old War Horse" - veteran fighter or soldier; an old hand.
Horse phr"One Man May Steal a Horse, While Another May Not Look Over the Hedge" - some commit offences by immunity; while others get punished for trivialities.
Horse phr"Out/From of the Horse's Mouth" - original, authentic source of information as, straight from the horse's mouth. 2. to get information from someone qualified to give it.
Horse phr"Play Horse with" - to treat roughly or unceremoniously.
Horse phr"Put the Horse Before the Cart" - do things in the wrong way.
Horse phr"Ride the High Horse" - to be pretentious.
Horse phr"Rough With White Horses" - white-topped waves on the sea.
Horse phr"Stalking Horse" - someone who is employed to stimulate action in others.
Horse phr"Talk Horse" - to talk the parlance of the turf and racing. 2. to talk big or boastfully.
Horse phr"The Grey Mare is the Better Horse" - the woman is paramount; said of a woman who wears the pants in the family.
Horse phr"They Cannot Draw Horses Together" - they cannot agree together.
Horse phr"Wild Horses Wouldn't (make someone do something)" - nothing would make one do something he/she wouldn't want to do.
Horse phr"Work a Dead Horse" - to do work which was paid for in advance, and so bring no further reward.
Horse phr"Work Like A Horse" - work extremely hard.
Horse phr"You Can Lead a Horse to Water but You Can't Make Him Drink" - you can encourage someone to do something, you can't force them.
Horse-and-foot adjBoth side of the military (archaic).
Horseback nA back of a horse. 2. a natural ridge: a hogback. 3. an object shaped like a horseback.
Horseback phr"On Horseback" - on a horse's back.
Horse-bane nA species of enanthe supposed to cause palsy in horses.
Horse-bier nA horse-drawn hearse. 2. a litter.
Horse-boat nA boat drawn or powered by horses.
Horse-breaker nOne who tames, trains or 'breaks in' horses.
Horsecraft nSkill in the care and management of horses. 2. skill and ability in riding, horsemanship and equestrian.
Horse-dealer nHorse-monger.
Horse-drawn adjA vehicle, boat drawn or pulled by horses.
Horse drench nA medicinal dose for a horse, or the instrument in which it is administered.
Horse-feathers nNonsense, rubbish.
Horse-flesh nThe flesh of a horse, esp, as a food. 2. (living) horses, as a group, horses collectively. 3. as a colour: reddish-brown.
Horse-flesh ore nAn ore of copper, bornite.
Horse-fly nA large blood-sucking fly; a bot-fly
Horse-fully advAs becoming a horse.
Horsegall nErythraea centaureus.
Horse-godmother nA large, unattractive woman. 2. a large coarse, looking woman.
Horse-hair nA hair from the mane or tail or the horse. 2. a mass of horse-hair.
Horse-hide nThe hide of a horse. 2. leather made from the hide of a horse.
Horse herd nA herd of horses.
Horse-hide nThe hide of a horse. 2. leather made from the hide of a horse.
Horsehood nQualities proper or belonging to a horse.
Horse-house nStables, dwelling housing horses.
Horse-keeper nOne who has the care of horses.
Horse-laugh nA loud, raucous laughter.
Horse-leech nA farrier, a veterinary surgeon, horse-doctor. 2. an impatient, insatiable, voracious person. 2. a blood sucking worm.
Horse-leechcraft nVeterinary medicine.
Horseless nNot having, devoid or lacking horses.
Horse-like adjCharacteristic or resembling a horse; hippic, equine.
Horsely adjOf the nature of a good horse. 2. of or pertaining to the horse.
Horseman nA man who rides a horse. 2. a soldier on horseback. 3. a man skilled in horsemanship. 4. a man in charge of workhorses
Horsemanship nThe art of riding horses; equstrian skill. 2. formerly the breeding, rearing and management of horses. 2. the duties of a manege.
Horsemeat nThe flesh of a horse. 2. the flesh of a horse prepared for human consumption in some countries; or for dog-food in others.
Horse-monger nA trader or dealer in horses and equine products; a horse-dealer. 2. a monger of horses.
Horse nail nA thin, pointed nail with a heavy flaring head, for securing a horseshoe to a hoof; a horseshoe nail.
Horseness nThe abstract qualities of a horse.
Horse-play nRough, boisterous play. 2. mock rollicking or wrestling between young boy. 3. coarse, physical merriment.
Horseplayful adjFull of, or inclined to horseplay.
Horserider nOne who rides a horse' a jockey.
Horse-riding nThe riding of horses for pleasure (pastime)or profit (work).
Horse-shoe nA belief that it is lucky to pick up a horse shoe from the idea that it was a protection against witches. 2. U-shaped metallic shoe of a horse. 3. a well developed set of triceps.
Horse-shoe vbTo apply horseshoe to a horse.
Horse-shoer nOne who shoes horses; a farrier.
Horse-skin nThe skin or hide of a horse.
Horse-smith nA farrier.
Horse stinger phrA dragon fly.
Horse tail nThe tail of a horse, especially when severed from the body and used as a distinction of rank or as a standard.
Horse-tamer nA horse-breaker.
Horse-wain nA vehicle drawn by horses, including passenger and goods, such as 'haywain'; haywagon.
Horse-way nA road by which a horse may pass; a bridle road.
Horse-whale nThe walrus.
Horse whisper vbAn instance of horse-whispering.
Horse-whisperer nA horse trainer who adopts a sympathetic view of the needs and desires of the horse, based on equine psychology.
Horse-whispering nA method of horse training from a sympathetic view of the needs and desires of the horse, based on equine psychology.
Horsiness nThe quality of being horsey.
Horsing nPertaining to the nature of a horse. 2. the covering of the mare.
Horsy adjOf, relating to, or like a horse; horsey. 2. dealing with or interested in horses, horse racing, horse showing. 3. of a person or people involved in breeding racing and riding horses. 4. heavy and awkward.
Hortyard nOE from Latin: a garden. 2. a garden of fruit trees; an orchard (sometimes a garden generally).
Hory adjFilthy, foul, dirty, slanderous.
Hory vbTo make hory, foul, dirty, defile, pollute.
Hose nCoverings, leggings, trousers. 2. a stocking-like garment worn on the legs; pantyhose, women's tights. 3. close-fitting trousers reaching to the knees. 4. a flexible tube conveying water or other fluids.
Hose vbTo water or sprayed with a hose. 2. to deliver using a hose. 3. to provide with a hose (garment). 4. to attack and kill somebody with a firearm. 5. to trick, cheat or deceive. 6. to wipe all files from a computer. 7. to defeat decisively. 8. to attack or assault 9an area) in order to gain control. to reject.
Hose phr"Hose Down" - wash from top to bottom with water from a hose. 2. fig.
Hoseless adjHaving no hose to wear; wearing no hose.
Hot vbOf an object, having a high temperature. 2. of the weather, causing the air to be hot, stinking hot, sweltering, sultry. 3. of a person or animal, feeling the sensation of heat, especially to the point of discomfort. 4. feverish, having a high temperature. 5. of food, spicy, tangy, piquant. 6.(informal) very good, remarkable, exciting. 7.stolen, pinched, knocked-off. 8. hot merchandise (slang). 8. electrically charged a hot wire, live. 9. radioactive. 10. (slang) of a person, very physically or sexually attractive, foxy. 11. (slang) sexual; involving sexual intercourse or sexual excitement.  12 .popular; in demand. 13. very close to finding or guessing something to be found or guessed. 14. performing strongly; having repeated successes. 15. fresh; just released. 16. uncomfortable, difficult to deal with; awkward, dangerous, unpleasant.
Hot advWith great heat, at a high temperature; pungently. 2. ardently, eagerly, violently, severely, angrily.
Hot phr"As Hot as Hell" - very hot.
Hot phr"Blow Hot and Cold" - from Aesop's fable in which the satyr declares he can not trust a man who blows hat (to warm his hands) and cold (to cool his food) in the same breath. 2. to behave inconsistently; to vacillate or to waver as between extremes of opinion or emotion. 3. to run hot and cold; to alternate between, such as enthusiasm and disinterest a success and failure. 4. to hold with the hare and run with the fox.
Hot phr"Feel Not So Hot" - feel, look unwell.
Hot phr"Get Hot" - become close to a solution.
Hot phr"Give It Hot and Strong" - deliver a reprimand or criticism severely.
Hotphr"Have the Hots for" - be sexually attracted.
Hot phr"Hot and Heavy" - enthusiastic, passionate.
Hot phr"Hot and Hot" - of individual dishes of food: served at a time as soon as cooked.
Hot phr"Hot as Hell" - very hot.
Hot phr"Hot At" - accomplished or able in a particular activity.
Hot phr"Hot Foot It" - to make haste; to move with great speed or progress. 2. to act in haste or hastily.
Hot phr"Hot On" - be keen on, or be very knowledgable or well informed about a subject. 2. an enthusiastic admirer of somebody; a devotee of something.
Hot phr"Hot On the Heels of Something" - to closely follow something.
Hot phr"Hot to Hold" - a place that has too much activity to harbor a fugitive unnoticed.
Hot phr"Hot Up" - intensify, increase a matter in business, trade, etc.
Hot phr"In Hot Water" - to be in touble, ferment or great discomfort.
Hot phr"In the Hot Seat" - in an uncomfortable or embarrasing situation, usually by being subjected to criticism. 2. in a difficult, responsible position.
Hot phr"Make It Hot For (Somebody)" - to cause trouble or discomfort for someone; to put someone under pressure. 2. make the situation extremely uncomfortable and difficult for.
Hot phr"Not Feel Too Hot" - not feel well.
Hot phr"Not So Hot" - not so good; not very satisfactory.
Hot phr"Run Hot" - of equipment, to become very hot from particularly high usage.
Hot phr"Strike While the Iron's Hot" - to take advanrage of a situation that cannot last.
Hot-backed adjLustful, horny.
Hot-bed nA bed of earth heated by manure, and usually covered with glass, for raising plants. 2. a place that favors rapid growth or development of any condition, esp. of something excellent. 3. any place conducive to quick growth, esp. scandal or vice. 4. a bed in a flop-house, used continually night and day.
Hot-bed vbTo grow as in a hotbed. 2. an environment promoting the growth of something, esp. something unwelcome.
Hot-blast nA blast of heated air forced into a furnace.
Hot-blooded adjHaving hot blood; ardent, or excitable; passionate. 2. extremely volatile.
Hot-bloodness nThe state or quality of being hot-blooded.
Hot-brain nA hothead, one who has fiery temper.
Hot-brained adjHaving a fiery and unpredictable temper.
Hot-breathed adjAs hot as a dog's breath.
Hot-bright adjOf the day: sunny and bright.
Hot-cold adjWavering between hot and cold temperature.
Hot-cupboard nA container, normally of stainless steel, and sometimes portable, in which hot food may be kept warm until being served; sometimes fitted with a bain-marie.
Hot-dip vbA method of galvanizing of iron or steel by passing it through a bath of molten zinc.
Hot-dipping nThe galvanizing of iron or steel by means of the hot dip method.
Hot dish nA variety of baked casserole that typically contains a starch, a meat or other protein, and a canned and/or frozen vegetable, mixed with canned soup. 2. main course or side dish served hot during a meal. 3. dish for serving hot dish.
Hot dog nA hot sausage enclosed as a sandwich in a roll of bread. 2. (sl) one who is skilled in some practice.
Hote nA promise, vow, hight.
Hote vbCommand, be called.
Hot-eyed adjHot, fiery, alert eyes, not eyes tired or weary.
Hot-foot vbTo make haste; to move with great speed or progress. 2. to act in haste or hastily.
Hot-gospeller nA person who proclaims his religious faith in a loud or dynamic manner.
Hot-gospelling nThe activities of a hot-gospeller.
Hot-head nOne who angers easily or goes in search of arguments or fights. 2. one who reacts quickly and without thinking carefully; rash.
Hot-headed adjPertaining to, or characteristic of a hothead or hotheadness; of a person easily excited or angered. 2. fiery, hasty, irrational, hot-tempered, impetuous.
Hot-headedly advIn a hot-headed manner.
Hot-headedness nThe state or characteristic of being hotheaded. 2. the tendency to be easily infuriated or provoked.
Hot-hearted adjFiery, excited, highly romantic.
Hot-hoof advMove rapidly or swiftly. 2. with haste or rapid progress.
Hot-house nA heated greenhouse. 2. fig. an environment in which growth of developments are encouraged; a hotbed. 3. a bagnio, or bathing house; a brothel. 4. a heated room for drying greenware (crockery).
Hothouse vbOf a child - to provide with an enriched environment with the aim of stimulating academic development.
Hothouse Earth nA situation where it will no longer be possible to control climate change, leading to large areas of Earth becoming uninhabitable.
Hot nHot Key - in computing, a keyboard shortcut,
Hot-line nA direct means of communication; specifically, a telephone line for emergency used by heads of state of nuclear powers, or immediate communiations between an official and his chief subordinates.
Hot lips nThe lips of a person known for kissing.
Hot list nA list of items of special intent.
Hot-livered adjHot-tempered, excitable, irascible.
Hot-looking adjHot and sweaty looking.
Hotly advWith great amounts of heat. 2. in a heated manner intensely or vehemently.
Hot-making adjEmbarrassing, passionate.
Hot-mouthed adjRestive or ungovernable, as a horse whose mouth is irritated by the bit.
Hotness nThe condition of being hot.
Hot pot nA dish of meat; stewed with potatoes in a covered pot.
Hot rod nAn old car stripped and turned or modified for speed, usually by a youth.
Hot-rodding nSouping or hotting up a motor vehicle, amplifer.
Hot seat nA position of responsibility, especially in a crisis. 2. the electric chair.
Hot shoe nA socket on a camera with an electrical contacts for a flashgun etc.
Hot-short adjOf metal, somewhat brittle when heated.
Hot-shot nSomeone with exceptional skills in a certain field, as a 'hotshot lawyer'. 2. a type of firefighter highly skilled in wildfire fighting.
Hot spell nA short period of hot weather, sometimes a heat wave.
Hot spot nProbably Of Old Norse origin, but may be connected to OE 'splott' A very popular or active place. 2. a place where much danger, as (an accident hot spot), civil, political or fighting. 3. a place where the wireless internet connection is available. 4. a place in the upper mantle of the earth at which hot magma from the lower mantle upwells to melt through the crust usually in the interior of a tectonic plate to form a volcanic feature; also: a place in the crust overlying a hot spot.
Hot springs nA natural spring; the waters which issue forth at 98F. or above.
Hotspur nA rash, hot-headed, person; a person who pushes on, heedless of advice or warning
Hotspur adjImpetuous, reckless.
Hottish adjSomewhat hot.
Hot walker nOne who walks a horse after cool it after exercise.
Hot wall nA brick wall that has enclosed flues connected to a fire, onto which fruit trees are attached on order to hasten growth and ripening.
Hot-war nOpen warfare, as opposed to a "cold war."
Hot wash nDiscussions and evaluations of an agency's (or multiple agencies) performance following an exercise, training session, or major event.
Hot water nWater at a high temperature.
Hot-water heaternA heating system powered by heated water; hydronic.
Hot-wave nA heat wave.
Hot well nA well whose water is supplied by a hot spring . 2. a receptacle for the hat water drawn from the condenser by the air pump.
Hot-wire vbTo start an engine by bypassing the ignition system.
Hot-wired adjOperated by the expansion of heated wire.
Hough nOE. heel; the joint or hock in the hind leg of a horse, cow, etc., corresponding to the ankle in humans.
Hough vbTo hamstring.
Hough-bone nHeel-bone.
Hough-sinew nHough; the sinew of the hough; applied to in man to popliteal tendons.
Hound nA dog generally, now applied to a foxhound. 2. a dog kept for hunting. 3. applied opprobiously or contemptuously to a man.
Hound vbTo hunt, track, chase or pursue with hounds (as a dog does). 2. transfig. & fig. to pursue, esp. harassingly.-
Hound phr"Follow the Hounds" - to participate in a hunt, esp. as a member of the field.
Hound phr"Hound Out Of" - force somebody to leave (often by conspiracy or damage to his reputation).
Hound phr"Hunt with the Hare and Run with the Hounds" - keep in with two opposing sides.
Hound phr"Ride to Hounds" - go fox-hunting on horseback.
Hound dog nA hunting dog.
Hounding nThe act of going after on in the tracks of others or another . 2. pursuit, esp. persistently and relentlessly. 3. someone who eagerly and persistently pursues a person even though their communications is unrequited.
Houndish adjOf the nature, characteristic of or pertaining to a hound. 2. doggish, canine-like.
Hound of Hell nCerberus; Orion's hare; the Dog star.
Hounds-berry nEuropean black nightshade, common dogwwod, solarium nigrum.
Hounds-tongue nCynoglossum oficinale, hounds tooth, dog's tongue.
Hound's tooth nA check pattern with notched corners suggestive of a canine tooth.
Hoursch vbOE. to rattle, make a din.
House nA dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families. 2. the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; firm, house, business firm. 3. the members of a religious community living together. 4. the audience gathered together in a theater or cinema; "the

house applauded". 5. an official assembly having legislative powers. 6.: aristocratic family line; "the House of Tudor"; family of ancestors, descendants, and kindred; a race of persons from the same stock; a tribe; especially, a noble family or an illustrious race; as, the house of David'. 7. play in which children take the roles of father or mother or children and pretend to interact like adults; "the children were playing house". 8. (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided; a sign of the zodiac, star sign, sign, mansion, house, planetary house. 9. the management of a gambling house or casino. 10. a social unit living together; family, household, house, home, menage. 11. a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented; as "the house was full"; theater, theater, house. 12. a building in which something is sheltered or located. 13. the body as the habitation of the soul. 14. the grave, 'the long house'; 'the dark house'; 'the grass house'. 15. a public house, inn, tavern, hotel.

House vbTo keep within a structure or a container; store, enclose. 2. to give residence to or harbor; accommodate harbor, put up, provide housing for. 3. to take shelter or lodgings; to abide within. 4. to dwell within one of the twelve astrological houses. 5. to cover or contain mechanical parts. 6. to drive to a shelter. 7. to deposit and cover as a grave. 8. to stow in a safe place; to take down and make safe.
House phr"A House is Not a Home" - a home is not merely a building but requires inhabitants. 2. a friendly atmosphere.
House phr"Be in the Doghouse" - be in disgrace.
House phr"Bring Down the House (down)" - to cause tremendous applause or laughter.
House phr"Eat One Out of House and Home" - to eat (or expend one's resources) so much to bring one's financial situation to ruin.
House phr"House and Home - an alliterative emphasizing of the word "home.'
House phr"House of God" - a church, place of worship.
House phr"House of Lords" - the upper house of the British parliament.
Huose phr"House of Worship" - church, mosque, pagoda, temple etc.
House phr"House to House" - performed or carried on from house to house.
House phr"House of Keys" - in the Isle of Man, the elected chamber of Tynwald.
House phr"House of Lords" - the chamber of UK parliament composed of peers and bishops.
House phr"In the Best Houses" - among the wealthy people.
House phr"Keep a Good House": to supply a bountiful table
House phr"Keep House" - to manage or maintain athe affairs of a house.
House phr"Keep Open House" - always make casual visitors welcome.
House phr"Keep to the House" - stay indoors.
House phr"Like a Side of a House" - very large.
House phr"Like a House on Fire" - very rapidly.
House phr"On the House" - given to regular customers at the expense of the hotel, restaurant etc. 2. to be free of cost.
House phr"Shout the House Down" - shout very loudly.
Houses phr"Those (Folk) in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones" - those less than perfect shouldn't criticize others.
House phr"To Clean House" - to get rid of undesirable conditions or persons in an organizations.
Houseboat nA covered boat fitted out and used as a dwelling.
Houseboater nOne who lives or who owns on a houseboater
House-bote nWood, taken as a right by the tenant from the landlord estate, for the repair of a (his) house.
Housebreak vbTo train an animal to avoid urinating or defecating in the house, except within a litterbox or receptacle. 2. domesticate.
Housebreaker nA criminal who breaks into and enters another's house or premise with the intent of committing a crime.
Housebreaking nThe act of breaking into anorther's house with the intention to steal (some) of their possession.
House-broken adjTrained to live cleanly in a house; said of animals.
House-builder nOne who builds or constructs houses. 2. a carpenter; housewright.
House-building nThe occupation and trade of building houses.
House-buyer nOne who buys a house.
House-buying nThe act of buying or purchasing a house.
House call nA visit by a medical professional, especially a physician, to examine a patient in his or her horse. 2. a visit by a repair person or other customer service worker to a customer's house.
House-care nThe care and maintenance of one's home. 2. treatment of a patient at his or her home.
Housecarl nIn OE only in cerain combination as 'housecarl' - bodyguard of the king. 2. a member of the bodyguard or household troop of (danish or later english) king or noble.
House cat nA cat trained to live predominantly in the house.
House church nA charismatic church independent denominations.
Housecraft nThe art of managing a home or house. 2. skill in domestic duties.
House-dog nA guard dog, watch dog, domestic dog kept to mind the house..
House-dweller nOne who lives in a house or is house-dwelling.
House-fast adjHouse-bound.
House-father nThe father of a household or family. 2. the leader of a community or collection of persons living together as a family.
House fly nThe common housefly (Musca domestica).
House folk nThe residents or occupants of a house.
Houseful adjAs much or as many as a household will hold.
House-god nA household god.
Household nCollectively or a number all the person who live or dwell in a given house. 2. a family or line of ancestry, house or race.
Household adjBelonging to the same house and family. 2. of anything found in or having its origin in a home.
Household phr"Head of the Household" - senior member od a family.
Householder nThe owner of a house. 2. homeowner. 3. the head of a family. specifically, in England, one who inhabits a dwelling or tenement of such a nature as to qualify him for the exercise of the franchise.
Household godsnLarnes and Penates who presided over the dwellings and domestic concerns of the ancient Romans.
Household goods nThe furniture, utensils and supplies necessary for keeping house.
Householding nThe management of a household; house-keeping. 2. the fact of being a householder. 3. ownership or occupation of a house.
Householding adjHaving the role of a householder; managing a household.
House-holdingship nThe position or status of a householder.
Household phr"Household Name" - somebody who is very well known.
Householdness nOf domestic nature or quality.
Household-income nThe total income of a household and its members.
Household-word nA word or saying in familiar use. 2. a name familar to everybody
House-hunting nThe process of seeking a house to live in.
House-husband nA husband who carries out the house-hold duties traditionally carried out by the housewife.
House-keep vbTo carry out the domestic duties of housekeeping.
House-keeper nOne who looks after the home by herself or himself; either as a partner or hired worker.
House-keeping nThe chores of maintaining a house as a residence, including the cleaning, cooking and caring for the children. 2. the operation of a computer, or an organization etc., which makes work possible but do not directly constitute its performance, eg. maintenance and record-keeping
Housel nA sacrifice. 2. an mass or eucharist.
Housel vbTo administer the housel or Eucharist.
Housel-bread nThe host
House-leek nSempervivum tectorum.
Houseless adjNot having a house or dwelling. 2. having no shelter or refuge. 3. lacking or in need of a house or home. As adjectives the difference between homeless and houseless is that homeless is lacking a permanent place of residence while houseless is lacking or in need of a house or home.
Houselessness nHomelessness.
House-lewth nThe shelter of a house.
House-lights nThe lights in the auditorium of a theatre.
House-like adjResembling or characteristic of a house in various aspects.
Housemaid nA girl employed to do housework.
Housemaid's knee nA chronic inflammation of the bursa in front of the knee, afflicting housemaids and others who kneel in working. See 'weaver's bottom'
House-man nA handy man employed to do heavy work around the house, hotel, etc. 2. a houseboy.
House-monger nA dealer in houses (opprobius) 2. a real estate agent (especially a shifty one), realtor.
House mother nThe mother of the household or family. 2. the female head of a community living together as a family
House mouse nUsually, the grey mouse, Mus musculus, very common as a scavenger about human dwellings, and bred as a pet and experimental animal.
House of worship nA religious building, a mosque, pagoda, church, synagogue, temple or similar place where believers go to practice their faith.
House-proud adjFastidious about one's house being completely clean and tidy, and spending a lot of time making it so.
House-rat nThe black rat, also known as ship-rat, roof rat, house rat, is a common long-tailed rodent of the genus Rattus in the sub-family Murinae.
Houseroom phrSpace or accommodation within one's house.
Houseroom mn"Not Give House Room" - not have in any circumstances.
Houseship nHousehold, family.
House-sin nA private or secret sin.
House-sit nTo live in someone else's home for the purpose of protecting and tending to it in the owner's or tenant's absence.
House-sitting nLive and look after a house, as a house-sitter, while the owner is away.
House snake nA harmless snake of the northern US that frequents houses and preys on rats aand mice; also called the milk snake.
House sparrow nCommon grey and brown house sparrow, Passer domesticus, which nests in the eves and roofs of houses.
Housestead nA place or piece of ground on which a home stands. 2. site of a homestead. 3. homestead.
House-to-House adjFrom house to house in succession, as a 'house-to-house' hunt.
House-top nThe top or roof of a house. 2. fig, an exposed or public place.
House-top phr"Call from the House-tops" - shout and make something known far and wide.
Housewards nTowards a house; homewards.
Houseware(s) nKitchen utensils, equipment and other useful household articles.
Houswarm vbTo celebrate the occupation of a new house with a party.
Housewarming nThe action of celebrating the occupation of a new house or home with a party.
Housewife nA women and female head of the family often unemployed or employed part-time, who spends most of her time maintaining the upkeep of the home, the children and tending to family and household matters.
Housewife vbTo act the housewife. 2. to manage a house with skill and thrift, like a housewife.
House-wifeless nWithout a housewife or a female head of a family.
Housewifely adjOf the character of a housewife: skilful, and thrifty in the management of a household affairs. 2. relating to domestic skill and economy. 3. housewife-like.
Housewifely advIn a manner befittingly a housewife.
House-wifeliness nIn or of a housewifely character.
House-wifeship nOf the position or status of a housewife.
House-wifish adjAppertaining to like, or pertaining to the character of a housewife.
Housework nWork in keeping house, especially in the more menial tasks.
Housewright nA builder of houses, esp. timber ones. 2. a carpenter.
Housing nThe activity of enclosing something or providing a residence for someone. 2. residences, collectively' accommodation, lodgings. 3. a mechanical component containing a covering. 4. a covering, esp. of cloth or the like. 5. casing, case, cover, covering, lid.
Housing adjThat houses or shelter.
Houve nAlso spelt 'Hoove' - a covering for the head; a turban, a coif, a cap, esp a skull cap worn under a helmet. 2. a child's caul.
Hove nAs 'Hayhove' or 'alehove' - names of promptorium or ground ivy. 2. hall, dwelling, temple, court, as 'Arthur's Hove'. 3. a hill, hillock, now only in the north of England. 4. artificial mound, tumulus, or barrow.
How advBy what means, in what way. what condition, esp. of health. 3. to what extent. 4. in whatever way.
How nThe way a thing is done (the how and why of). 2. t or carried out.he means by which something is done
How nOE.- a hof, hall, or dwelling.
How nHowe - sorrow, grief, anxiety, trouble.
How nHowe - a hole, holl(ow). 2. the hold of a ship. 3. a hollow or depression on the surface of the earth. 4. a basin or a valley. 5. the depth or middle of the winter.
How advTo what degree. 2. in what manner, 3. as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight or other strong feeling. 4. in what state.
How vb(Howe); to be anxious, think, consider, purpose, intend.
How conjIn which way, in such way.
How phr"And How!" - emphatically yes.
How phr"Any Old How" - in a careless manner.
How phr"How Are You?" - a formal greeting.
How phr"How Are You Getting Along?" - how are things with you? 2. is everything OK in your life. 3. are things progressing well for you?
How phr"How Can You Sleep at Night?" - don't you have a conscience.
How phr"How Come?" - How did (or does it) come to be. 2. why is it so.
How phr"How Dare You" - a shocked and reproachful reaction to wrongful presumptious or impudent behavior.
How phr"How Do You Do?" - inquiry after the health or welfare of the person you are speaking to. 2. formal greeting made when one is introduced as somebody - and not requring an answer. 3. used as a name for the inquiry (which is often used as a name greeting or salutation. 4. an embarrassing or awkward moment. 5. a matter or affair.
How phr"How Do You Like Them Apples" - (colloquial, rhetorical question) directed jestingly or mockingly at someone who has received surprising information, ridiculing the situation. 2. (colloquial, rhetorical question, Ireland, US) Used after an actual or proposed action with which the listener might be displeased. Also used after refuting an argument
How phr"How Do You Say" - a common phrase used to ask how to express an idea or translate a word, often in a foreign language.
How phr"How Goes It (with You)" what is happening with you; what proress are you making.
How phr"How's It Going" - general inquiry about what has been happening to one (one state of health and well-being). 2. how goes it; what is happening with you; what progress are you making?
How phr"How's That For" - what do you think of that.
How phr"How's With You?" - an inquiry, greeting.
How phr"How the Hell" - how, in what way are you gong to do something.
How phr"How Many?" - what number.
How phr"How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You" - complaint, that one's opinions. statements, requests or orders have not been heeded or remembered.
How phr"How Now" -how is it now.
How phr"How on Earth" - however. 2. how, in what way.
How phr"How Right You Are!" - you are absolutely correct.
How phr"How So?" - how can you show that that is so?
How phr"How Wrong You Are!" - you are completely wrong.
Howbeit advHowever it might be. 2. be that as it may, nevertheless, however.
Howbeit advAlthough, though, how be it that.
How-do-you-do nAn akward situation or occasion: ususually precede by an intensive' fine, great, etc.
However advIn whatever manner, way, or degree. 2. however yet they me despise and spite. 2. at all events; at least; in any case.
HoweverconjNevertheless; notwithstanding; yet; still; at least.
Howful adjAlso "houghful" - careful, anxious. 2. sorrowful
Howfully advCarefully, anxiously. 2. sorrowfully.
Howish adj"I Don't Know Howish" - having a somewhat vague sense of something. 2. having a somewhat vague sense of illness or indisposition.
Howsoever advIn a manner so-ever. 2. not withstanding that, albeit. 3. to what extent or in that degree soever. 4. in any case; at any rate. 5. nevertheless, yet.
How-to nA how-to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish a specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.
How-to adjPertaining to an often short, description of how to accomplish a specific task.
Hox nA hamstring, hough-sinew, hough.
Hox vbTo hamstring, hinder, harass.
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