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IfconjIn case that; granting or supposing that; on condition that. 2. even though; in case that. 3. used to introduce an exclamatory phrase: when or whenever. 4. a wish or determination. 5. on the condition or supposition that; whether.
If nA supposition; uncertain possibility: "the future is full of ifs." 2. a condition, requirement, or stipulation: "there are too many ifs in life."
If phr"As If" - as though, as would be.
If phr"But If" - unless, except.
If phr"Ifs, ands, or buts." - modifications, limitations or addenda. 2. qualifications of any kind, speculations about whether a particular enterprise is good. 2. speculation; trouble. 3. often in a negative phrase: " no ifs, ands or buts" - no speculation or doubts.
If phr"If All, If All" - even if, even though.
If phr"If All You Have is a Hammer Everything Looks like a Nail" -
If phr"If and Buts" - conditions, objections, and exceptions sometimes contrasted with a firm clear policy, a clear statement of opinion,
If phr"If and Only If" - used to introduce a condition which is neccesary as well as sufficient.
If phr"If and When" - in reference to a future time, but with a strong element of doubt.
If phr"If Any" - if there is any? or you have any?
If phr"If Anything" - perhaps, even, if any any degree.
If phr"If As and When" - in the event that the thing being discussed comes to pass.
If phr"If At All" - indeed, something is to happen, or if somebody can do something at all.
If phr"If Ever" - if at any (other) time; if on any (other) occasion. 2. if any thing ever happened, was ever seen at all, then he/it would be a prime example.
If phr"If Ever There Was One" - there is no doubt, that is certainly true.
If phr"If I Had Only Known" - (I would have ..) - expression of surprise or indignation
If phr"If He's a Day" - a confident claim about somebody's age.
If phr"If It Isn't" - (the person specified) is present.
If phr"If It's All the Same (To You)" - if it makes no difference. 2. if nobody minds. 3. if it doesn't bother anyone.
If phr"It It Comes to the Worst" - if circumstances become too difficult, hard, troublesome or dangerous.
If phr"If It's Not One thing, It's Another" - everything is going wrong. 2. bad things keep happening to me. 3. problems are continuing to occur.
If phr"If It Wasn't for (so & so)" - if somebody hadn't step in and acted
If phr"If I Were You" - advice about what one would do if in the same situation as another person.
If phr"If Need(s) Be" - if it were/was to be necessary or advisable.
If phr"If Not Why Not?" - used to negate the sentence, phrase, word that it modifies.
If phr"If One Believes that, One Will Believe Anything" - if one believes the truth of something extremely unlikely(one has no critical judgement).
If phr"If One Has Done Something Once, One Has Done It a Hundred Times" - a warning or advice, very many times.
Ifphr"If One Knows What's Good for Them" - a threat accompanying advice, or order, to do or to do something.
If phr"If Only" - if for no other reason or purpose, or in no other aspect or manner, than the one specified. 2. if it were possible that, provided that
If phr"If Pigs Had Wings They Would Fly" - (said skeptically or cynically in response to someone's hypothetical remark ): there is no chance of that ever happening.
If phr"If So be That" - if that happens, supposing that, if so were.
If phr"If That" - because the implied skepticism, the phrase usually indicates that something will bring in (or achieve) or result in an outcome far less than one's own or others expectation.
If phr"If There Was One Thing He/she Hates" - there is one thing somebody dislikes very much.
If phr"If Worst Comes to Worst" - if circumstances become to difficult, troublesome or dangerous. 2. if a plan, project fails.
If phr"If You Ask Me?" - as I understand i, the situation, issue, etc.
If phr"If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen" - if the stress and anxiety of the task/occupation is too much for you, quit and find task/occupation you can cope with.
If phr"If You Don't Say" - a general response to what someone has said.
If phr"If You Don't Mind" - an angry, annoyed, sarcastic rebuke or request.-
If phr"If You Know What I Mean" - added to a statement, often as a verbal habit, but sometimes when the speaker feels He/She feels he has been rather obscure or imprecise.
If phr"If You Lie With Dogs, You get Fleas" - if you mix with the wrong people, you'll coy or imitate their nefarious ways.
If phr"If You Like" - If you want an example; you must agree; that's certain etc.
If phr"If You Like That Kind of Thing" - an derogatory statemet implying the speaker's indifference to, distaste or disapproval of something which may interest or attract others, e.g. a (type)film genre.
If phr"If You Must Know" - added to a piece of information given to someone who has been asking for it inquisitively, tiresomely.
If phr"If You Will" - if you are willing, able or free to do something. 2. if you wish to go that far in describing, or criticizing.
If phr"No Ifs and Buts" - if something you say to a child to stop them arguing with you when you want them to do something.
I-fangvbTo lay hold of, take, grasp, sieze
I-farevbTo go proceed, fare
I-fastvbTo make fast, confirm, settle
I-feondnFiends; enemies, collectively. 2. I-fiend.
Iffing nThe act or action of questioning, expressing possibly, doubt, prospect.
IffyadjFull of contingency; doubtful, possibly, maybe, maybe not. 2. of a question, proposal, prospect, etc.; full of 'ifs'. 3. conditional; hypothetical.
I-freondnFriend; friends collectively.
If-so-everadvIf in any circumstances; ever
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