Old EnglishspEnglish
I-melevbTo speak, say, voice out aloud.
I-meneadjCommon (to a number), 2. shared or owned in common, in common, together
I-mennessenCommunion, fellowship, society, community
I-mengvbTo mingle, mix
I-metnMeasure, moderation
I-milsevbTo have mercy; pardon
ImpnA young shoot of a plant or tree; a sapling, a sucker, a scion, a child, an off-spring. 2. a graft. 3. a scion of a noble house. 4. a child of the devil or of hell; hence, a little demon or devil, an evil spirit. 5. a mischievous child, an urchin, often playfully. 6. youth, fellow, lad, boy. 7. a piece added on to lengthen or enlarge something; as an addition to a beehive to add to it's height.
ImpvbTo graft, engraft. 2. to plant young shoots. 3. to extend, lengthen, enlarge, add to. 4. to strengthen, improve, better, mend, repair. 5. eke out, (that which is short or deficient). 6. to become part of a family by marriage.
Imp phr"Imp the Wings of" - to strengthen or improve the flight of.
ImpedvbTo provide with feathers.
I-munevbTo bear or keep in mind, to remember; i-myne
I-muntevbTo intend, determine, to think; myntan.
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