Old EnglishspEnglish
In prpUsed to indicate inclusion within space, a place, or limits: walking in the park. 2. used to indicate inclusion within something abstract or immaterial: in politics; in the autumn. 3. used to indicate inclusion within or occurrence during a period or limit of time: in ancient times. 4. used to indicate limitation or qualification, as of situation, condition, relation, manner, action, etc.: to speak in a whisper. .
In advIn or into some place, position, state, relation, etc.: come in. 2. on the inside; within. 3. in one's house or office. 4. in office or power. 5 in possession or occupancy. 6.
In adjLocated or situated within; inner; internal. 2. informal: in favor with advanced or sophisticated people; fashionable; stylish: the in place to dine. 3. comprehensible only to a special or select group: an "in joke." 4. well-liked; included in a favored group. 5. inward; incoming; inbound, as inbound train. 6. plentiful; available.
In nUsually, "ins". persons in office or political power distinguished from outs; a member of the political party in power: "the vote made him an in." 2. pull or influence; a social advantage or connection: 'he's got an in with the sectors. 3. in tennis, squash, handball, etc. a return or service that lands within the in-bounds limits of a court or section of a court, as opposed to out.
In vbTo enclose. 2. to give or put in. 3. to take in, include, inclose. 4. to take back or reclaim waste land. 5. to gather into the barn, stack-yard etc., to harvest or house. 6. to get in, gather, collect. 7. to take in mentally. 8. to go in, enter. 9. "he tarried till they had inned all their corn." 10. "we inne diversely, but end alike."
In pfxWith the sense inly, as 'bury-in, drive-in, eat-in, hate-in, kiss-in, love-in, sit-in.
In phr"All In" - exhausted; worn out.
In phr"All in Good Time" - after a reasonable or appropriate space of time, long or short but not immediately.
In phr"Be in For" -to be bound to undergo something, especially a disagreeable experience as a long, boring speech.
In phr"Be On the In" - to have inside information.
In phr"Come In from the Cold" - return from isolation, exile, rejection, disdain. 2. become accepted or recognized, especially by a powerful group of people.
In phr"Come in With " - to meet or fall in with (by chance).
In phr"Day in, Day Out" - continuously, comes in or begins, goes out.
In phr"Fall In" - realize, understand.
In phr"Get In(to) Bed with" - enter into a contract or agreement with.
In phr"Go In For" - in a competition, race, or prize.
In phr"Have It In for (Somebody)" - be waiting for a chance to harm someone (usually in revenge).
In phr"How Long Are You In For" - how long is your sentence (in prison).
In phr"In a Bake" - very angry.
Inphr"In a Bind" - in difficulty or trouble.
in phr"In a Body" - all together, at the same time, as if many or a number of persons were one.
In phr"In a Cleft Stick" - in a dilemma.
In phr"In a Heart Beat" - in a flash, moment second.
In phr"In a Lather" - agitated, upset.
In phr"In All" - altgether, all together told.
In phr"In All Likelihood" - probably, very probably, likely to happen, or be the case) than not.
In phr"In All My Born Days' - ever, never.
In phr"In All Weathers" - in all kinds of weathers (reference being to outdoor life, and work in all sorts of climates)
In phr"In-and-In" - further and further in, continually inwards.
In phr"In-and-In" - to breed (or marry) in-and-in" - to breed always within limited stock. 2. continuous reciprocal action.
In phr"In and Of Itself" - considering it alone, intrinsically.
In phr"In and Out" - alternately in and out.
In phr"In and Out of" - returning continually to a certain place.
In phr"In Answer to" - as a verbal answer, or other response.
In phr"In a Nutshell" - concisely; in a briefly and concisely worded form.
In phr"In a Pig's Ear" - never, not likely.
In phr"In a Row" - consecutively, successively, one after the other over a long or short period of time.
In phr"In as Far as" - to that extent.
In phr"In a Small Way" - seriously modest; on a small scale.
In phr"In a Stound" - in a space in time.
In phr"In at" - present at, contributing to, "in at the end".
In phr"In a Walk" - easily; without difficulty.
In phr"In a Way" - in one respect. 2. not exactly or wholly, if one consider some aspect(s) or detail(s) of a situation.
In phr"In a Whisper" - whispering instead of using one's voice
In phr"In a Word" - in (brief) conclusion. 2. in as few words as possible.
In phr"In a Year's Time" - after a year (precisely or approximately) has elapsed.
In phr"In Back of" - behind, in the rear.
In phr"In Between" - at a point or in an area bounded by two or more other points in a space, time, sequence etc.
In phr"In Black and White" - printed. 2. straight-forward and uncomplicated.
In phr"In Broad Daylight" - deliberately, in full light of day (esp.thought of as providing (un)suitable or (un)likely conditions for something to happen.
In phr"In Cold Blood" - deliberately and without empathy. 2. deliberately; callously, without excuse.
In phr"In Days of Old" - in ancient times. 2. in times long past.
In phr"In Depth" - in great detail, thoroughly, exhaustively.
In phr"In (Deadly)Earnest" - very seriously.
In phr"In Drink" - under the influence of alcohol.
Inphr"In Droves" - in large numbers.
In phr"In Earnest" - seriously, not joking or in a light-hearted manner.
Inphr"In Everything but Name" - having all the qualities and functions of something specified, although not (formally or legally) called so.
In phr"In For." - engaged or involved in some business, etc. for a spec. time. 2. finally destined or committed to do or suffer something. 3. certain to meet with punishment or something unpleasant.
In phr"In For an Inch, In for a Mile" - make somebody a concession and he/she will take advantage and seek more.
In phr"In For It" - about to be in trouble; about to suffer chastisement or unpleasant consequences, especially of one's own actions or omissions; certain to meet with punishment. 2. ready to participate in something. 3. committed for a course of action.
In phr"In Full" - to a complete amount, with nothing omitted; in verbatim.
In phr"In Full Strength" - with force and vigor. 2. with all resources and personnel available. 3. in large numbers.
In phr"In Full Swing" - happening vigorously.
In phr"In God's Name" - used as an oath, expletive or exclamation for goodness sake. 2. in the name of God.
In phr"In Good Hands" - well cared for
In phr"In Good Heart" - cheerful, happy.
In phr"In Good Stead" - be available when needed.
In phr"In Good Time" - with time to spare. 2. a little, or well, before all appointed time or date, esp. so that one can be ready for unforeseen circumstances difficulties or use the time to do something else.
In phr"In Hand" - being done or under control.
In phr"In House" - work at offices of a company or organization; not at home.
In phr"In Irons" - in shackles, fetters, manacles or chains.
In phr"In Itself" - apart from outside relations. 2. considered in isolation.
In phr"In Keeping With" - appropriate, corresponding to, matching
In phr"In Kind" - in the same way, or in goods rather than cash. 2. in the same kind of treatment, language etc as one has received or been subjected.
In phr"In Light of" - considering the information available.
In phr"In Likewise" - in like manner.
In phr"In Love With" - romantically attracted to, and important to, a partner or spouse.
In phr"In Name Only" - entitled to bear a name or dignity, but not functioning or behaving as such.
In phr"In No Time At All)" - immediately, almost straight away. 2. extremely quickly; very soon.
In phr"In On" - be a party to, informed about. 2. participating in, being (one of the group) and possession of knowledge, concerning something. 2. 'be on the in' or to have inside information. 3. be a party to, informed about.
In phr"In One's Cups" - drunk, intoxicated; under the influence of liquor.
In phr"In One's Eyes" - from the viewpoint of the law, community, church, etc.
In phr"In One's Good Books" - liked; thought fondly of.
In phr"In One's Heart Of Hearts" - as one would, or should admit to oneself, if not to others; actually, if secretly.
In phr"In One's Midst" - "In the Midst Of" - while somebody is engaged in (doing) something (with implication often being that he/she is busy, harried); while some activity, or action, is in progress.
In phr"In One's Mind" - mentally; in one's thoughts.
In phr"In One's Mind Eye" - as pictured mentally.
In phr"In One's Own Right" - because of what one is oneself (by character, nature, achievements, interests, usefulness, etc)
In phrIn One's Own Time" - at whatever rate suits one, or in one's non-working time.
In phr"In One's Own Way" - if one accept it/he has a special character, in perhaps an unusual way which is characteristic of itself, oneself.
In phr"In One's Right Mind" - sane, all there
In phr"In One's Sight" - in one's range of vision; or in one's awareness (with a view to possession).
In phr"In One Sitting" - during one limited period of time, without stopping.
In phr"In One's Stead" - in place of another; in lieu of.
In phr"In One's Turn" - as much as happen, or can happen, in the course of events, in the natural pattern of life or work.
In phr"In Other Words" - put a different way; differently expressed
In phr"Ins and Outs" - details, complexities, intricacies, complications and ramifications; all the twists and turns.
In phr"In Short" - in brief, in as few words as possible; as summing up in a word.
In phr"In So Far As" - in such measure or degree; to such an extent; to the extent that. 2. in the sense that, in as much as.
In phr"In So Many Words" - exactly; cf. "Not In So Many Words"
In phr"In Someone Else's Shoes" - be in someone's place or position.
In phr"In Someone's Book" - as somebody thinks, as information, experience and tastes lead him/her to believe. 2. in somebody's own opinion.
In phr"In Someone's Day/Time" - a time when somebody was alive; young, in their, prime, work or a position of authority; one's floruit.
In phr"In Somebody's Wake" - fairly close behind; following somebody' spath or progress. 3. after somebody something in time, usually though not necessarily as a result.
In phr"In Someone's Way" - fairly close behind somebody or something;. 2. following somebody's path or progress. 3. after somebody's time, although not necessarily as a result.
In phr"In Someone's Wheelhouse" - being without one's area of competency, like command of a ship within a ship's captain's abilities.
In phrIn So Much (that/as) - to such of a degree or extent. 2. in as much as.
In phr"In That" - because; inasmuch; in that being the case that, seeing that, since that; in the fact that, as: "in that you won't have time for supper, have it now."
In phr"In the Altogether" - naked; in the nude.
In phr"In the Black" - financially sound.
In phr"In the Days of Winter" - in the severest part of a winter season (esp. in a cold climate where vegetation growth ceases, and people's outdoors activities are severely restricted.
In phr"In the Doghouse" - in disgrace; out of favor.
In phr"In the End" - finally; at the end of a period of time. 2. after all possibilities or choices.
Inphr"In the Eyes of" - from the point of view of the law, church, court, etc.
In phr"In the Fast Lane" - in the hurly-burly of life.
In phr"In the Fear of One's Life" - fearing that one may be killed. 2. fearing alarm at that one may be scolded, chide, rebuke.
In phr"In the Fullness of Time" - (as is likely or bound to happen) when sufficient time has passed.
In phr"In the Game" - in life and its vicissitudes.
In phr"In the Flesh" - in somebody's presence; in person.
In phr"In the Gristle" - not yet hardened into bone or strengthened into sinew. 2. young, weak, informed.
In phr"In the Here and Now" - in present practice rather than theory. 2. without priority
In phr"In the Hope that" - because one hopes that a favorable result will follow a better luck next time.
In phr"In their Hundreds" - in large numbers, abundant,
In phr"In the Know" - possessing inside, secret, or special information.
Inphr"In the Hot Seat" - in a difficult and responsible position.
In phr"In the Know" - in the possession of knowledge and/or information.
In phr"In the Land of the Blind, An One-eyed Man is King" - even a limited, or partial, ability gives one an advantage over those who have none.
Inphr"In the Lead" - in first place in a contest.
In phr"In the Light of" - when considered calm and thoughtfully. 2. according to the way of seeing, or understanding something which is suggested.
In phr"In the Long Run" - eventually; ultimately over long period and reaching an eventual solution, or result.
In phr"In the Main" - mainly, generally, almost always, for the most part.
Inphr"In the Making" - while something is happening.
In phr"In the Midst Of" - while somebody is engaged in (doing) something (with implication often being that he/she is busy, harried); while some activity, or action, is in progress.
In phr"In the Mood" - receptive to (something/someone).
In phr"In the Name of" - naming or using somebody's name as an authority; precedent, example, justification, etc.
Inphr"In the Offing" - (literally of a ship, landmass, etc.) within the area of the sea known as the offing; at a considerable distance from land, but visible from shore, often in reference to an approaching ship. 2. (idiomatic) Soon to come; likely to happen; in the foreseeable future; projected to occur; on the horizon; in the wind.
In phr"In the Raw" - in the nude, naked.
In phr"In the Red" - in debt.
In phr"In the Right" - correct legally or morally.
In phr"In the Running" - in contention for an award, victory or a place in a team.
In phr"In the Same Way" - using the same methods. 2. displaying the same features. 3. conforming with same rules or laws. 4. similarly, likewise.
In phr"In the Shape of" - in the form of; specifically, in particular.
In phr"In the Short Run" - in the near future.
in phr"In the Sticks" - in the boondocks, rural areas, countryside.
In phr"In the Swim" - up-to -date, with the modern trends.
In phr"In the Teeth of" - against, in conflict with. 2. battling against, in conflict with, as weather, opposition. 3. resisting or overcoming somebody or something.
In phr"In the Thick Of (something)" - in the most active part of something.
In phr"In the Throes of" - in the process of something difficult.
In phr"In the Twinkle of an Eye" - immediately, quickly. 2. instantaneously, or very quickly.
Inphr"In the Wake Of" - following after, behind.
In phr"In the Way Of (Something)" - in the manner of something or someone. 2. blocking one's progress or path. 3. such as somebody, something; as regards some -body, something, by way of something.
In phr"In the Wild" - in remote areas.
In phr"In the Wind" - being planned(secretly).
In phr"In Time" - eventually; gradually throughout a period of time. 2. at, before, the right or proper time; not to late.
In phr"In Time of War" - during a period characterized by war.
In phr"In Too Deep" - in trouble and unlikely to remain so.
In phr"In Turn" - in succession, one after the other, in orderly sequence.
In phr"In Twain" - in two; divided.
In phr"In Twos" - as a couple or duo.
In phr"In Two Shades" - immediately.
in phr"In Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail" - quickly and easily. 2. almost at once.
In phr"In Wall " - secret, behind closed doors.
In phr"In Ways" - (of persons) in manner, thoughts and deeds.
In phr"In With" ("Well In With") - friendly to; in association with, in agreement with. 2. in with, on friendly terms with; familiar or associating with, as " in with all the important people." 3. close or near to the land. 4. 'come in with', 'fall in with' - meet by chance.
In phr"In Word and In Deed" - Not only as one claims, or promises, but also as one does.
In phr"Keep In With" - close in, near to land we sailed on through the night, hoping to keep well in with the land'. 2. stay friendly with. 3. to act the sycophant.
In phr"Never in One's Born Days" - never in one's life or existence.
In phr"Nothing In It" - little or no different between two competitors, or things compared. 2. little truth in the case in point.
In phr"Not In So Many Words" - not exactly.
In phr"Not Much In It" - very little difference; no or little truth or fact in the matter or case in point.
In phr"To Be In It" - to be an actual competitor; partner etc.; to be in the running; to count for something.
In phr"To Be Well In" - comfortable or in easy circumstances.
In phr"To Come in With" -to overtake; to fall in with.
In-abiding adjThat abides or exists within or in.
In-and-In" adjTo breed (or marry) in-and-in" - to breed always within limited stock. 2. continuous reciprocal action.
In-and-outs nWinding or turning in and out. 2. devious or tortuous turns to and fro on a round. 3. a course of action etc. 4. sinuous ramifications.
Inarm vbTo encircle with or as with the arms; embrace.
Inasmuch advSince, because. 2. to the extent that.
In-backed adjHaving the back bent backwards.
In-be vbTo be within, as 'thoughts not verbalized'.
In-beamingnIllumination, irradiation, a beaming or shining in.
In-bearingadjIntrusive, officious, meddlesome
Inbeat nTo encircle with or as as with the arms; embrace.
In-beingnInbeing: the fact of being, existence in something else, inherent existence, indwelling, immanence. 2. inward or essential nature; that what a thing is in itself. 3. 'the persons' of the Trinity.
In-bend adjIn a slanting direction.
In-bendingadjBending, bowing or that bends or curving inwards. 2. inbent.
In-betweennAn interval. 2. a person who intervenes; a mediator, intermediary.
In-between adjIntermediate.
In-betweenernA person who takes up an intermediate part or role; a person who mediates.
In-betweening nThe act of being in-between, intervening or being a mediator or acting in intermediary role.
In-blind vbTo produce blindness.
In-blownTo breathe or blow inwards, to inflate, to puff up. 2. to inspire in a bad or negative sense.
Inblown adjBlown in.
InboardadjWithin a ship. 2. nearer the hull, as opposed to outboard. 3. the engine located within the hull of a ship. 4. a boat with such an engine
Inboard vbTo discount aproduct in order to increase sales.
Inbody vbTo embody.
InboldvbTo embue with boldness, stout-heartedness, or audacity.
Inbolt vbTo fasten with a bolt.
InborghnIn Anglo-Saxon times a security, bail, pledge 2. Security, bail, surety or guarantee. 3. inborrow
InbornadjNative, aboriginal, first-folk; one born in a place or country. 2. innate; of an attribute or condition: inherent or hereditary. 3. born in or with; innate, natural, inherent; congenital.
Inborn-ness nState, quality or condition of being native, aboriginal, first-folk; one born in a place or country. 2. state, quality or condition of being born in or with; innateness, naturalness, inherency; congenitality.
InborrowvbTo redeem from pawn
In-bowvbTo bend in a curved way; to concave, bend or bow inwards, inclined.
InbowedadjBented or bowed inwards, concavely, as an inbowed bone.
InbowingnConcaveness, curvature, ordinary arched work.
Inbox nAn electronic folder in which emails received by an individual are held. 2. an in-tray for documents.
Inbox vbSend a private message or an email to someone, typically another member of a social networking website or online forum.
InbreaknForcible and sudden incursion, inroad, irruption or invasion; as the 'in-break' or breaking-in of the Vikings.
Inbreaking nA breaking in, irruption.
Inbreaking adjThat breaks in.
InbreathevbTo inspire or give inspiration; a soul inbreathe by St Francis of Assisi. 2. to breath something in, or draw in, or take in breath.
InbreathernA person who inspires and lifts up others.
InbredadjBred within; innate. 2. bred in a place, native. 3. bred in-and-in.
Inbred vbTo mate animals animals of the smae blood-stock. 2. to marry within the same tribe. 2. to endogamize.
Inbreed vbTo develop and produce within; endogamy.. 2. to breed by continual mating of closely related stock.
InbreedingnBreeding in and in. 2. incestrous.
In-bringvbTo introduce, bring in, adduce, cause to come, bring in by legal authority, innovate.
InbringernOne who brings in, an introducer, innovator, entrepreneur
InbringingnIntroduction, innovation, innovating
Inbrothel vbTo put in or force a woman into a brothel.
In-brother nA resident brother of a guild or fraternity.
Inbuild vbTo build in.
In-built adjBuilt in.
In-burgess nOne resident of a burg.
Inburn vbTo burn in, inwards; to brand.
Inburning nBurning internally; the fire's in-burning in the coal mine continued.
InburntadjSomething burned in a surface.
InburstnA bursting-in, irruption, invasion, incursion, sudden and violent attack.
Inburst vbTo burst in suddenly. 2. to come with suddenness and violence.
Inbursting nThe act or action of bursting or breaking in suddenly. 2. the action of coming with suddenness and violence.
In-by advIn an inward direction; toward the interior or centre..
In-by adjLocated nearby.
In-calf adjOf a cow (an incalfer) carrying or with calf.
In-call nA visit to a client by a sex-worker
Inchn"linear measure, one-twelfth of a foot," late Old English ynce, Middle English unche (current spelling c. 1300), from Latin uncia "a twelfth part," from unus "one" (see one). An early Anglo-Saxon borrowing from Latin; not found in other Germanic languages. A unit of length, 1/12 (0.0833) foot, equivalent to 2.54 centimeters. 2. a very small amount of anything; narrow margin: to win by an inch.
Inch vbTo move by inches or small degrees: "we inched our way along the road."
Inch phr"At an Inch" - nearby, close at hand.
Inch phr"By Inches" - narrowly; by a narrow margin: escaped by inches.
Inch phr"Inch by Inch" - by small degrees or stages; gradually.
Inch phr"Every Inch a"- complete, in every respect, as "every inch a gentleman. 2. every bit, every whit, entirely, altogether.
Inch phr"Give Him an Inch and He'll Take an Ell/mile" - undue advantage will be taken at the slightest concession or kindness.
Inch phr"I Would Do So If I Had the Inches". - if I were tall enough; had the stature.
Inch phr"A Man of Inches" - a tall man.
Inch phr"Not Give an Inch" - not to budge or concede to the slightest degree despite pressure to do so.
Inch phr"Every Inch a .." - a complete (gentleman, scholar, etc).
Inch phr"Sold By Inch of Candle" - a sale by auction, where instead of the hammer of the auctioneer concluding the bids, the purchaser was the last bidder before the candle went out. 2. the length of time required for a candle to burn down one inch. Similar are practices are found throughout many cultures. In India, (and, in some parts of England) however, the East Indies company the phrase had a special meaning, it referred to a type of auction where merchants having a cargo of foreign goods, wishing to make a greedy sale.
Inch phrTo Inch Forward" - to make slow but steady progress.
Inch phr"Within an Inch Of" - very close to, almost, just about.
Inch phr"Within an Inch of One's Life" - to be dangerously close to death.
Inchild vbTo introduce as a child, to affiliate.
Inch-deep adjNot very deep at all (relatively).
Inched adjContaining so many inches in length, or other dimensions. 2. divided or graduated by inches.
Incher nSomething measured by inches, as a bread roll.
Inch-high adjNot very high at all (relatively).
Inchingly advIn a gradual manner.
Inch-long adjOnly an inch long; not very long (relatively).
InchmealnBy inches, inch-by-inch, by small portions, little-by-little.
Inch-thick adjNot very thick (relatively)
Inch-wide adjNot very thick (relatively).
Income nEntrance, arrival," literally "what enters," perhaps a noun use of the late Old English verb incuman "come in," from in (adv.) + cuman "to come" (see come). Meaning "money made through business or labor" (i.e., "that which 'comes in' as a product of work or business") first recorded c. 1600.
Income nAn morbid affection of any part of the body; a swelling; impostume, tumour.
Income vbTo enter
Incomer nOne who comes in; opp. to an outgoer, also specifically a visitor, immigrant, foreigner, foreign resident, alien. 2. an intruder, invader. 3. a successor.
Incoming nThe action or fact of coming in; entrance or arrival; as " the incoming of spring."
Incoming adjThat comes in or enters; also, spec. as succeeding. 2. coming in as revenue or a profit. 3. (of a period of time) - about to begin. 3. entering a vacated position. 4. coming in from abroad, as an immigrant.
Incomingly advIn and arriving or entering.
Indeed advIn actual fact, in reality, in truth.
Indeed intAs an interjection used as an expression or surprize, indignation, etc.
Indeed phr"Indeed-and-Indeed" - really and truly.
Indeed phr"Who Is He Indeed" - interjection expressing irony, contempt, incredulity,
Indeedy advInformal term for indeed.
Indelve vbTo dig or delve into. 2. to inquire about; investigate profoundly. 3. to engrave.
Indepth adjThorough; done in depth.
Indevil vbTo possess with a devil.
In-dim vbTo make or render dim.
Indip vbTo dip in, submerge.
Indipping nThe act of submerging or dipping in. 2. baptism by submerging.
In-ditchvbTo cast into a ditch; bury in a ditch; bury or commit to a ditch
IndlingnVar. of eynding: jealousy
Indoor adjSituated, carried on, or used within a building or under cover
Indoor-ness nThe essence of being indoors; agoraphobia(?)
IndoorsnPertaining to the interior of a house, etc., situated or done within doors or under cover, as 'indoor games'.
Indoors advWithin the interior of a house or building.
Indoorsy adjPreferring to remain indoors.
Indraft nThe act of drawing in or that which is drawn in; an inward flow or current.
IndraughtnAn inflow or current of air or water. 2. an opening from the sea into the land; an inlet. 3. fig. an inflow of ideas, opinions, beliefs etc. 4. same as "indraft"
IndrawvbTo draw in; inhale; take in.
Indrawn adjHaving been drawn in. 2. quiet, introspective; aloof. 3. haggard.
Indrawing nAn inhale of breath.
Indrawing adjThat draws in orinwards.
IndreadvbTo feel an inward or secret dread; to dread inwardly
IndrenchvbTo drown or drench someone or something. 2. to immerse
Indried adjDried inwardly, desiccated.
IndwellvbTo dwell in, occupy, inhabit as a dwelling or building. 2. to dwell, abide, to have as one's abode.
IndwellernOne who lives or dwells in a place, an inhabitant. 2. a resident, a sojourner.
IndwellingvnThe action of dwelling in a place, usu. fig. 2. the abiding of God or The Divine Spirit in the heart or soul.
IndwellingnessnThe quality of dwelling. 2, that dwells within, occupies. in-habitation
InearthvbTo inter, bury, entomb. 2. to render earthy or earthly.
Inedge vbTo edge in, get in edgewards, or surreptitiously
I-neighlike vbTo draw close.
I-ness nThe state of one's own self or identity; one's conscious personality.

i-hood, me-hood, selfhood, individuality.

IneyevbTo put an eye or bud into (the bark of a tree); to inoculate.
InfallnAn inroad, attack, hostile incursion, invasion or descent or raid on or upon an army, town, or in or into a country. 2. the place where the water enters a reservoir, canal etc, - the opposite to outfall. 3. the point where a stream falls into a pond , road into another; a junction, confluence. 4. the falling upon or into a planet from an outside source. 5. material that falls or has fallen.
InfallingnInvasion, incursion, occupation, inroad
InfangvbTo haul, sieze, grasp, take in
InfangthiefnThe right of the Lord of a manor to try, to fine and punish a thief caught within its limits.
InfarenThe act of going in or entering an entering. 2. an entrance. 3. a feast or entertainment on entering a new house-- a house-warming party; also at the reception of a bride in her house.
InfeednMaterial fed into a machine to be processed.
InfeltadjFelt within, experienced or inwardly felt
InfieldnThe field (the infield land) of a farm which surrounds the homestead or grange, hence arable land as opposed tpo pasture. 2. land regularly manured and cropped. 2. in-field and out-field land: a system of husbandry which confines manuring and tillage to infield land.
In-fightingnFighting, esp. in boxing at close quarter; the practice of getting close to an opponent. 2. argument, dispute and turmoil within an organization, such a business, sporting club, political party
In-fighter nOne who takes part in in-fighting.
InfillnThat which fills a hole, space, gap. 2. the placing a building to occupy the space between existing ones.
Infill vbTo fill a hole or gap.
In-filmvbto cover with a film; to cover or coat thinly.
In-flesh adjTo give a fleshly form to. 2. to incarnate.
In-flight AdjOccurring or provided during an aircraft flight.
Inflow nThe act of flowing in; that which flows in. 2. an influx, a flowing in.
Inflowing adjThe act or process of flowing in. 2. inflow.
InfoldnA convolution, the folding of a part, a fold, a small field 2. a fold or small field near a farm-house, farmstead.
InfoldvbTo envelope, to shut in, enclose. 2. to fold the edges. inconvolute.
Infolded adjFolded in having the margin turned inwards with a fold. 2. inconvoluted.
Infolding nA turning in, a burning in with a fold.
InfollowingnA reproving or censuring
In-footed adjHaving the feet turned inwards, pigeon-toed.
Ing nA meadow, meadow-land esp. one lying by the side of a river, and low-lying.
IngspOriginal function to form nouns of action: boding, gathering. In OE. often came to represent a completed action, a process or art. Sometimes it caused nouns to become concrete. In the 14th century a gerundial use developed. 2. one descended from the son of, as 'etheling' son of 'ethelwulf'; centingas (men of Kent').
IngpplA particle termination "ing" is that of a present particle used as a verb or adjectively
Ingsfxa suffix forming derivative noun: atheling, flyming (fugitive).
IngallvbTo fill or impregnate with gall
In-game nWithin, or as part of a game.
Ingang vbTo go in or enter.
IngatenEntrance, ingress. 2. aperture in a mold for pouring in metal; the gate.
IngathervbTo gather in, collect, amassed
IngatheredadjCollected, drawn-in, drawn together, curled in.
IngatherernA collector
IngatheringnThe action of collecting or gathering. 2,. a congregation of churchmen, politicians, states eg, The Kent Ingathering: The County of Kent. .
Ingating nThe act of going in, an entrance, entry. 2. a way in, an entry.
Ingem vbTo adorn with gems; set in gems.
Ingetting nThe action ofgetting-in, collecting.
In-gild vbTo cover with gold.
Ingirt nIngirth; surrounded. 2. encirled.
Ingirt vbTo encircle.
In-givernOne who hands in, gives or donates. 2. a submitter.
IngivingnA handing-in, giving-in, donation, submission.
In-govbTo go in, enter
In-god vbTo deify, make divine. 2. to take into God or into the godhead.
Ingodding nThe action of, or the becoming of god-like qualities in man: the ingodding of man.
Ingoing nA going-in, an entrance, a way-in. 2. the sum paid by a tenant or purchaser for fixtures, etc. on taking over a business or other premises.
In-goingadjThat goes in or inwards; that enters. 2, penetrating; thorough
Ingot n(OE. in & goten : to pour.) a mass of cast metal from the crucible, as a bar of gold. 2. a mold in which an ingot may be cast.
Ingrow vbTo grow inwards or penetrate.
IngrowingppGrowing inwards or within something
IngrownppThat has or is growing within something, native, indigenous, innate. 2. of a nail that has grown into the flesh.
Ingrownness nThe state or condition of being ingrown, especially of a language
IngrowthnThe action of growing inwards. 2. that which grows inwards; an inward growth.
In-hand adjReceiving or requiring immediate attention. 2. ready for use if required; in reserve.
In-havingppObtaining or getting in, procuring
InhearingnThe hearing of things inaudible to the outside ear
InhechenThe plowing up of fallow for a crop of corn; a piece of land so ploughed.
Inheldadjheld within, repressed, bottled-up
InhellvbPut or confined in hell or a hell
In-high vbTo elevate.
Inhive vbTo place in a hive. 2. to hive.
Inhold vbTo hold within, to contain, to enclose. 2. to keep in, hold in, retain. 3. to contain oneself, to refrain, to keep from
InholdernA tenant. 2. that which holds or contain.
Inholding nA piece of privately-owned land inside the boundary of a National Park or similar publicly owned protected area.
Inhood nTo put on or wear a hood.
In-houseadjSomething done internally without outside assistance
In-house vbTo house.
InhouseholdvbTo domesticate.
In-it's-selfnessnThe quality or state of being independent of any relation to other entities. Consider: In-one's-selfness.
InkerprnA genitive dual: Of you two - either inker- either of you two, inker both of you; of you both. Possessive form: belonging to you two: Inker mother: your mother. OE. Incer of you two
InkneedadjHaving the legs bent inwards at the knees: knock-kneed
InknitvbTo knit up, to draw close together
InknotvbTo tie in a knot
InknowvbTo acquire knowledge of; in the know.
InlaidnThe art or process of inlaying. 2. the encrusting of precious stones in jewelry. 3. the inlaying of plants in soil.
Inlaid vbTo insert, encrust, decorate. 2. to plant, cultivate, seed.
Inlaid adjEncrusted, or inserted of precious stones or jewellery. 2. of bushes, plants planted in soil.
InlandnWithin the land; towards the interior or centre part of the country. 2. more or less remote room the ocean or open water; interior. 3. limited to the land or inland routes. 4. within the seashore boundary; not passing on or over the sea. 5. confined to the state, domestic, not foreign.
Inland advIn or towards the interior; away from the coast.
In-landedadjSituated in or towards the interior of an area.
InlandernOne who lives inland or away from the coast. 2. a native, indigene; a domesticate.
InlandishadjProduced in the land itself; home, domestic, native, opposite to outlandish
Inland Sea nAn arm of a Sea, as the Phillipines Sea.
In-lawnA relative(s) by marriage (or through an affinity). 2. a filial relative; an affine; in-laws.
InlawvbTo bring within the protection of and authority of the law. 2. to reverse the outlawry of a person; to rehabilitate from a life of crime and anti-social behavior.
In-law(s) pfxA relative by marriage.
Inlay nIn dentistry, a filling made of gold, porcelain, etc. inserted into a cavity and held in position by dental cement. 2. a decoration made by inlay . 3. an inlaid article, surface. 4. material that is set into the surface of something for decoration.
Inlay vbOf a hen: laying eggs regularly. 2. to decorate an article, esp furniture or a surface by inserting pieces of wood, ivory, etc. into prepared slots in the surface.
Inlayer nA person who inlays or sets pieces of wood, gems, etc. into surface usually of the same level to form a design. 2. to decorate by inlaying design.
Inlaying nThe act or skill of inlaying or setting pieces of wood, gems, etc. into surface usually of the same level to form a design.
Inlead vbA conduit channel or wire leading into a device.
Inleading adjIntroduction, that leads in.
InlessvbTo make less, diminish.
InlessnessnThe quality or state of less or diminutation.
InletnA way of admission or entrance. 2. a piece or something let in or inserted. 3. the upper opening into a cavity, used originally of the the pelvis:, thorax, larnyx - all cavities of the skeleton. 4. a small bay or creek.
Inlet vbTo let in, insert. 2. to let in or allow in, to admit, let i another.
Inlier nAn isolated exposure of of an underlying bed of rock. 2. something or someone which lies in within; opposite to outlier.
InlightnA revelation, an illumination, a revealing. 2. to enlighten.
In-lineadjIdiom: suitable or appropriate, keeping with expectation, ideals, norms, rules. 2. positioned in a straight line. 3. assuming a position in the future
In-line advOne behind another in a queue.
Inlooknthe action of looking inwards, fig. or lit. 2. introspection. 3. the opposite of outlook. 4. an investigation. 5. an introversion
InlookernInspector. 2. One who looks into or investigates a thing or matter. 3. an introspective person. 4. an introvert
In-looking nIntrospection.
Inloving nThe act or action of holding in affection.
Inloving adjHolding in affection.
InlyadvInwardly, inward, internal, internally, inwardly looking. Inwardly (as opposed to outwardly) within, internally within the heart, spirit or inner nature. In regards to the inner life or feeling. 2. in the way that goes to the heart and inmost parts: heartily, intimately, closely, fully, thoroughly, extremely.
InlyingnConfinement, lying in at childbirth, accouchement
InlyingadjLying within or inside, situated in the interior.
Inlyingness. nThe state or condition of lying within or inside.
InmeatnThose internal parts of the viscera of an animal which are used for food; hence, entrails; offal, innards.
In-mid adjIn the middle or center part
In-milk adjOf a cow, in a condition to yield.
In-mongprepAmong, amongst
InmostadjSituated farthest within, most remote fron the outside, most inward, that which is inmost, inmost
Inmostly advMostly inward.
Inmostness nThe inmost essence of nature.
InnnOriginally meaning a dwelling-place, habitation, lodging, abode, place of sojourn. 2. a public house for the lodging and entertainment of travelers, wayfarers; a hostel, hostelry. 3. a tavern which does not provide lodgings.
InnvbTo lodge, house, find lodging for. 2. to lodge oneself, find oneself lodging.
Inn phr"The Dark Inn" - the grave.
Inn phr"No Room at the Inn" - no room.
Innam n'In nim' - siezure of property as a pledge. 2. a piece of ground, taken in or enclosed. 3. an intake.
Innards nAlteration of a the word inwards; entrails.
In-narrowed adjConfined within narrow limits.
Inneadv & prepOf position: in, within, indoors.
Inned adjTaken in or gathered as a crop; enclosed. 2. to enclose, as of land.
InneradjBeing or occurring (farther) inside, situated farther in, located (situated) or happening on the inside of something, situated within or farther within contained within something, as inner door; inner room; inner sanctum; inner surface. 2. close to the centre, located near or closer to center; the inner suburbs. 3. inside or closer to the inside of the body, as the inner ear. 4. of mind or spirit, relating to the mind or spirit, to spiritual or mental processes, mental, spiritual, relating to somebody's private feelings or happening in somebody's mind, existing as an often repressed part of one's psychological makeup, as inner strength; inner life; inner child; inner light. 5. not obvious, private, not expressed, not apparent, hidden, less apparent, deeper, obscure, ; innermost or essential, needing to be examined closely or thought about in order to be seen or understood, as inner meaning. 6. privileged, more or most privileged, more or most influential, intimate, exclusive, more important, more intimate, private, secret, confined to an exclusive group, exclusive to a center; especially a center of influence being near a center especially of influence. 7. interior; internal; innerness, an inner part.
Inner phr"Inner Warm Glow" - satisfaction at some achievement.
Inner child phrA person's supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as concealed in adulthood.
Inner ear nThe semicircular canal and cochlea, which form the organ of balance and hearing and are embedded in te temporal base.
Inner life nThe thoughts, imagination, emotions, and values that occupy your mind when you are alone with yourself. ... People who find solitude enjoyable and nature and beauty essential part of their experience part of their may have a rich inner life.
Inner-light nThe light of God, of Christ, Christ within; the spirit of God within, and inner light are related phrases commonly used within the Society of friends (Quakers) as metaphors for Christ's light shining in on them.
InnerlyadvEarnestly, interestingly, excitingly. 2. inwardly, internally, more within
Inner-man/woman nA man's or woman's soul and mind; one's spiritual or intellectual being. 2. humorous: a man's stomach
InnermoreadjSituated more within, inner
InnermostadjInmost, the inmost part; farthest within.
Innermostly advSituated in the in most part of.
InnernessnInwardness, inner or inward quality.
Inner-self nA person's true or internal mind, soul, or nature.
Inner-speech nThe substratum and influence of one's first language on those who speak a second language.
Inner-talk nAn inner dialog that can help you by having you look at your problems, struggles from a distance, in the hope of taking the emotion out of the situation.
Inner workings nOperations within ; energy exerted inwardly, as in mind or soul.
Inner world nThe idea that we each have a lively, complex emotional inner world.
InnessadjThe quality of being in or within something.
InnethnThe interior of the body, the insides, spec. the womb.
Inholder nAn inn-keeper, taverner, hotelier.
Inn-house nAn inn, a tavern.
InningnA putting or getting in, what is put or got in, contents. 2. land take or reclaimed from the sea. 3. in-gathering of harvest. 4. the time which a person, party, principle etc. is in possession or in power. 5. a term of opportunity for. 6. an activity of any kind, an activity. 7. lodging, house, dwelling, wone.
Innings nA division of a game during which each team has an opportunity to score until three outs have been made against it. 2. a similar opportunity to score in certain other games, as horseshoes. 3. an opportunity for activity; a turn: "now the opposition will have its inning." 4. cricket. a unit of play in which each team has a turn at bat, the turn of a team ending after ten players are put out or when the team declares. 5. land reclaimed, especially from the sea; the act of reclaiming
Innings phr"Have a Good Innings" - live for a comparatively long time. 2. to have a successful life.
InnkeepernOne who keeps a inn or public house; an inholder, aa tavern.
Inkeeping nThe keeping of an inn.
Inkeeping adjThat keeps an inn.
Inn-lessadjWithout inns, hotels, motels, lodging-places etc.
In-on nKnowledge, information, gossip, rumour.
In-pathnA way that is no way; an impassable way, an impasse. 2. an impasse
InputnSomething that is put in. 2. the act or process of putting in. 3. the power or energy supplied to a machine. 4. the current or voltage applied to an electric or electronic circuit or device. 5. data to be entered into a computer for processing; the process of introducing data into the internal storage of a computer.
Input adjOf or pertaining to data or equipment used for inputs.
Input vb Computing: to enter (data) into a computer for processing. 2. to contribute (ideas, information, or suggestions) to a project, discussion, etc.
Input-output nIn computing, the flow of information to and from human users or client systems.
Inputting nThe act or process of putting in, infusing that or the amount which is put in. 2. the process of feeding into with the intention of it shaping or affecting the output of that process. 3. to enter data.
In-racenA rushing upon, an assault, incursion, attack, in-run, irruption, in-rush
In-redevbTo interpret, explain the meaning of, clarify, read.
In-redingnInterpretation, explanation, clarification, reading.
In-righteousvbMake righteous.
In-risevbto rise, esp. in opposition; to uprise
In-risenOpposition, rise-up, uprising,
InroadnA coming of an attacking body or group into a place. 2. the pushing over the edge of another's property- making inroads.
Inroads nA damaging or serious encroachment: inroads on our savings. 2. a sudden hostile or predatory incursion; raid; foray. 3. an invasion or hostile attack; raid or incursion. 4. an encroachment or intrusion. 5. inroad "hostile incursion, raid, foray," from in- "in," second element is road in the obsolete sense of "riding;"
Inroads phr" Make Inroads" - make a start; have an effect on something onr some matter.
InroomnA chamber
Inrooted adjDeeply rooted or established.
InrunnAn incursion, attack, fall-in, a rushing-upon, an in-running.
In-running nIncursion, attack.
In-running adjRunning in, into the land or into a river.
InrushnAn inflow, influx, pouring in. 2. rushing in; a sudden invasion, an irruption.????
In-rushing adjEntering with speed or force.
Ins-and-outs nMinute details, particulars, ramifications. 2. odd corners.
InseenA look-upon, an insight, an inseeing, a look-see
InseevbTo look upon, to see into, to have an insight into, to look-see, to insee.
InseernAn investigator, inspector, an examiner, one who looks into something to find explanation.
InseilnA seal.
InseilvbTo seal, to impress or secure in a seal, to seal up.
InsendvbTo send in, to put in, submit
InsendingnSubmission. 2. entry
InsetvbTo initiate, institute, render. 2. to appoint: set a person in office. 3. to insert, ingraft, set in jewels in gold or the like. 4. to insert, fix in: as in a extra page in a book, grangerize.
InsetnAn innate or implanted idea. 2. an insetting, insertion
InsettedadjImplanted, innate, native
InsetternAn indweller, one who resides in a place. 2, an inhabitant
InshapenInternal form, inward shape. 2. structure, skeleton, frame.
Inshadow vbTo darken.
Insheathe vbTo place or enclose an as in a sheath.
InshedvbTo shed or pour something upon. 2. dowse, sprinkle with with liquid. 3. to infuse. 4. inshedding
Inshedding nThe action of shedding or pouring something upon. 2. dowsing, sprinkling with with liquid. 3. infusing.
Inshell vbTo withdraw within a shell. 2. fig. go into into one's shell; retire, shrink back.
Inshelled adjRetired, shrink back, retreat, hide.
InshieldernA protector
InshinevbIlluminate, clarify, explain.
InshinenAn illumination, clarification, explanation.
Inshining nThe shining in of, illumination.
Inshining adjThat shines or illuminates.
Inship vbTo import by ship or sea vessel. 2. to ship; to embark.
Inshipped adjImported by ship.
InshorenClose to shore, esp. in sight of a shore. 2. of the wind blowing from the sea to the land.
Inshore advNear the shore; towards the shore.
Inshore phr"Inshore of" - nearer to the shore than something else. 2. between something and the shore. 3. moving towards the direction of the shore.
InshotnA piece shooting or projeting inwards. 2. applied to part of the sea running into the land
Inshrine vbTo enshrine.
InsidenThe interior or inner or lesser part. 2. the inside of the building has been extensively restored. 3. the side of a curved road, racetrack etc. that has the shorter arc length; the side of a racetrack nearer the interior of the course or some other point of reference. 4. (colloquial) (pl) the interior organs of the body, especially the guts. 5. within the interior of something, closest to the center or to a specific point of reference.
Inside advWithin or towards the interior of something, especially a building; as, 'It started raining, so I went inside'. 2. (colloquial) in prison. 3. coming from or arranged by someone inside an organization. 4. nearer to the interior of a running track, horse racing course etc.
Inside phr"Go Inside Out" - To reverse so that the inside is exposed. 2. to be imprisoned. 3. to enter the enterior of a building.
Inside phr"Inside of" - within the time or distance of;
Inside phr"Inside the Beltway" - within the political nerve-centerof Washington.
Inside phr"Know Something Inside Out" - to know something very thoroughly or extremely well. 2. know everything about something.
Inside phr"Turn Inside Out" - turn the inner side outwards. 2. (colloquial) cause confusion or a mess in.
Insideless adjThat has no inside.
Insidely advInwardly.
Inside-man nOne involved as a plant, mole, in various roles in scams, deceptions and frauds.
Insideness nThe condition of being inside something or the inside of something.
Inside-outness nThe state of being inside-out.
Insider nOne in possession of special information by virtue of being in some organization; as 'insider information about the forthcoming takeover or shares launch. 2. 'The heist was the brain-child of the security guard (an insider): it was an inside job'.
Insiderdom nThe status of being an insider.
Insiderish adjLike or resembling an insider.
Insiderly advIn the manner or way of an insider.
Insiderness nThe quality of being an insider.
Insidery adjCharacteristic of an insider; esp. reflecting the perspective of an insider.
InsightnThe original notion appears to be 'internal sight', with the eyes of the mind or understanding. (OE. equivalent (sometimes) was 'inwit'. 2. sight or view of the interior of anything; a deep inspection or view; introspection; frequently used with into.  3. power of acute observation and deduction; mental penetration; discernment; perception. 4. (marketing) Knowledge (usually derived from consumer understanding) that a company applies in order to make a product or brand perform better and be more appealing to customers. 5. intuitive apprehension of the inner nature of a thing or things; intuition. 6. (artificial intelligence) an extended understanding of a subject resulting from identification of relationships and behaviors within a model, context, or scenario.
InsightedadjHaving or endowed with insight
InsightfuladjPossessing insight.
Insightfulness nShrewdness shown by keen insight. 2. acumen astuteness, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, shrewdness. intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings).
Insight-giving adjThat gives insight or understanding.
Insleeper nA Visitor who stays overnight.
In-smitevbTo strike inwards, attack, assault, curse.
In-snare vb(Late OE. snare) - to catch with a snare, entangle.
In-so-much (that/as) advTo such of a degree or extent. 2. in as much as.
Insooth advIn truth or realty. 2. truthfully, accurately, factually.
Insoul nTo endow with a soul. 2. to receive and put into the soul' ensoul.
InsowvbTo sow in, to set in as a seed, implant
Inspan vbTo yoke or harness animals to a vehicle.
Inspanning nThe yoking or harnessing of animals, esp. an ox to a vehicle.
In-speak nThe language of teenager. 2.
InspeakvbTo speak, by or as if speaking instill or infuse something into someone. 2. to produce in the soul by speech.
Inspeaking nThe act of speaking into. 2. production of the soul by speech.
InstandvbTo be at hand. 2. to press slowly. 3. to be urgent or pressing; to be importunate.
InstandingnStanding or projecting inwards.
InstarvbTo set as a star; to make a star of. 2. to set or adorn with or as with stars.
Instar vb"Our Heart Is High instarred in Brighter Fields."
InsteadadvIn place of, or room or as an alternative to; alternatively, or else. 2. on the contrary; rather, instead, usually followed by of. 3. equivalent; equal to; -- usually with of.
Instead phr"Instead Of" - in place of, as a substitute.
InsteadfastadjUnsteady, not steadfast, wavering
Insteam vbTo furnish or provide with steam.
InsteepvbTo infuse, to immerse, to steep, to imbrue, to saturate. 2. to steep or soak, drench.
InsteepnessnState or condition of steeping, drenching, saturating.
Instep nThe arch of the foot. 2. the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the arch of the foot. 2. the arched middle portion of the human foot next in front of the ankle joint. 3. the part of a shoe, boot, or stocking covering the

instep. 3. that part of the hind leg of the horse and allied animals, between the hock, or ham, and the pastern joint.

Instep phr"High on the Instep" - haughty, proud, arrogant. 2. (obscure) - a part of a hill, a tree trunk, anything resembling the human instep in shape.
Instep phrThe act of stepping in; the first step, commencement, beginning, start, get-go.
Instone vbTo petrify.
Instop vbA guard, or one who stops others entering or going in.
Instream vbTo flow in.
InstreamingvbAn inflow, a flowing in, influx.
Instrengthen vbTo strengthen inwards.
Instrew vbTo scatter in and about.
InstreyevbInstrie. 2.To strew or scatter in or upon something.
Instroke nAn inward stroke, esp. in a stream or other engine; a stroke in which a piston is moving away from the crankshaft.
Insuck vbAbsorption. 2. the act or process of sucking in.
InswarmingnSwarm in, entering in swarms or throngs.
Inswathe vbTo enwwrap, as in swaddling clothes; enswathe, swathe.
Inswell vbTo cause to swell, swell; swelling in.
InsweptadjOf anything which is narrowed at the forward end or side. 2. narrowed or tapering in front, as an automobile frame, airplane, wing.
IntakenThat which is taken in; also a taking in. 2. at point at which a knit or woven article is narrowed. 3. the area in which a water supply is formed. 4. the point at which fluid is taken into a pipe or channel,as distinguished from an outlet. 5. the current flowing in such a pipe. 6. the amount of fluid taken in. 7. the amount of energy taken into a machine or system.
IntakingnThe amount of something (such as food or drink) taht is taken into your body. 2. the act of taking something (such as air) into your body . 3. a place or part which liquid or air enters something (such as an engine).
In-talk nInternalized talk. 2. talk associated with a particular subject.
Inthrall vbTo enslave. 2. to entice, spellbound, enchant, charm.
In-thringvbTo press or crowd in; to throng. 2. to throng or in-throng.
Inthrong nTo throng or collect together.
InthroughadjIn and through, through a place from the outside, in towards the centre
Inthrouh advIn towards the center. 2. towards the fireside.
Intill.Of motion, direction, change of condition: into; also spelt: 'intil'. 2. of place, position, condition, state.
Intoprep Expressing entrance, or a passing from the outside of a thing to its interior parts; -- following verbs expressing motion; as, come into the house; go into the church; one stream falls or runs into another; water enters into the fine vessels of plants. 2. expressing penetration beyond the outside or surface, or access to the inside, or contents; as, to look into a letter or book; to look into an apartment. 3. indicating insertion; as to infuse more spirit or animation; 3. indicating insertion; as, to infuse more spirit or animation into a composition. 4. denoting inclusion; as, put these ideas into other words. 5. indicating the passing of a thing from one form, condition, or state to another; as, compound substances may be resolved into others which are more simple; ice is convertible into water, and water into vapor; men are more easily drawn than forced into compliance; we may reduce many distinct substances into one mass; men are led by evidence into belief of truth, and are often enticed into the commission of crimes; she burst into tears; children are sometimes frightened into fits; all persons are liable to be seduced into error and folly.
Into phr"Be Into Something" - be enthusiastic; be knowledgeable about.
Into phr"Go Into Hiding" - conceal oneself from the view of others; hide, run away.
Intoed adjHaving the toes turned in.
Inutter vbTo not utter or not speak of; to consider not fit to utter.
Inutterness nOf words, expression that should not be spoken.
Inwall nThe inner wallor lining wall, particularly of a blast furnace.
Inwall vbTo fortify with an inner wall.
InwardadjToward the center or interior; inward, inwards. 2. to or toward the inside of; "come in". 3. relating to or existing in the mind or thoughts. 2. directed or moving inward or toward a center; inbound, inward.
Inward nThat which is inward or within; especially, in the plural, the inner parts or organs of the body; the viscera. 2. The mental faculties; -- usually pl. 3. an intimate or familiar friend or acquaintance. 4. being or placed within; inner; interior; -- opposed to outward. 5. seated in the mind, heart, spirit, or soul. "inward beauty." 6. intimate; domestic; private. [Obs.]
Inward adv [AS. inweard. The ending -s is prop. a genitive ending. 2. toward the inside; toward the center or interior; as, to bend a thing inward. 3. into, or toward, the mind or thoughts; inwardly; as, to turn the attention inward
Inward-looking adjIntroverted, insular, self-absorbed.
InwardlyadvIn an inward manner, on the inside or to oneself. 2. in the parts within; secretly, privately; in the mind or soul.
InwardmostadvMost inwardly.
InwardnessnThe characterstic of being most directed towards the inside. 2. internal or true state; essential nature. 3. intimacy, familiarity, 4. heartiness, earnestness.
Inwards nInterior or inner parts.
InwardsadvInward. 2. see 'inward'
Inweave vbTo weave or work in. 2. to weve in or together. 2. introduce into a fabric as component part.
Inweather vbTo weather through time; inured.
Inwedged adjWedged in, confined.
Inwind vbTo entwine, to wind in or around.
InwindingadjWindings inwards.
InwintervbThe keeping of cattle, sheep inside a barn during winter.
InwiseadjVery wise
InwitnInwid: deceit- not related to "inwit" meaning conscience, sense of right or wrong.
InwitnConscience; a clean-heart as distinguish from outwit, knowledge, ability, information.
InwithprpWith in.
Inwomb vbEn-womb: to hold in the womb; conceal in the womb.
InwonevbTo inhabit, live at, occupy, to abide, dwell, reside.
Inwoningvb.nInhabiting, dwelling, residing, living at, occupying, abing at
InworknInterior work or work indoors.
Inwork vbTo work something into a tissue by weaving. 2. to make, work, operate or produce. 3. to work within.
Inworker nOne who does most of his work inside or indoors.
InworkingnThe practice of working something into a tissue by weaving. 2. the act of making, working, operating or producing. 3. operation within, energy exerted inwardly, as the mind or soul.
Inworkings nThe internal workings of a machine, organization etc.
InwornadjWorn or pressed in; inveterate
Inwoven adjWoven, entwined.
Inwreathe vbEnwreathe: to entrap or encircle with or as a wreathe;
InwrittenadjInscribed, written in or on.
InwroughtadjHaving a design that has been worked or woven. 2. worked into, wrought in, as a fabric or metal work, so as to form part of it. 3. inherent.
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