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ItpronUsed to represent an inanimate thing understood, previously mentioned, about to be mentioned, or present in the immediate context):" you can't tell a book by its cover." 2. used to represent a person or animal understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned whose gender is unknown or disregarded. 3. used to represent a group understood or previously mentioned. 4. used to represent a concept or abstract idea understood or previously stated: "it all started with Adam and Eve." 5. used to represent an action or activity understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned.
It n(In children's games) the player called upon to perform some task, as, in tag, the one who must catch the other players.
It nSlang:sex appeal. 2. sexual intercourse.
It phr"Be with It" - to be completely in with trends, fashions, music, esp. of the kind popular with certain sections of youthdom.
It phr"Get With It" (slang). to become active or interested.
It phr"Have it" : to love someone: 'she really has it bad for him". 2. to possess the requisite abilities for something; be talented, adept, or proficient.
It phr"I'm It" - I'm a person of some importance.
It phr"In for It" - to be in trouble.
It phr"It Beats Me" - I can't understand or cope with something.
It phr"It Can't Be Helped" - there is nothing one can do to improve the situation, undo a wrong, or foolish action.
It phr"It Doesn't Do to Do (Something)" it is not advisable or socially acceptable to do something or take some action.
It phr"It Doesn't Have to Be" - (usually an unwelcome event or situation) is avoidable.
It phr"It Has to Be" - It(usually an unwelcome event or situation) is unavoidable, must be accepted, is ordained by fate.
It phr"It's About Time!" - it's almost too late.
It phr"It's All Good" - everything is fine; here's nothing to worry about.
It phr"It's All Greek to Me" - something someone says when they don't understand something that is written or said.
It phr"It's All In a Day's Work" - it is a task or job that one expects, or is accustomed , to do in the course of one's day's work or duties that is therefore not burdensome or demanding (though may be thought so by others)
it phr"It's All in the Mind" - mental attitudes, not physical conditions, influence one's state of health, behavior, reactions, etc.
It phr"It's All One Can Do'- one can do something only with difficulty. 2. it is as much one is capable of doing in the circumstances.
It phr"It's a Small World" - one is likely to meet, or hear about, someone knows or has been connection with, however distant everywhere you go.
It phrIt's Cold Outside" - an indicating that the weather is cold.
It phr"It's Later than You Think" - there is less time, or opportunity, left to achieve something, or avert disaster, etc. than one deceives oneself into believing.
It phr"It's Me" - a vague response to someone who ask for one identity from a distance.
It phr"It's Not For Someone to do Something" - it is not someone's function and responsibility to do something.
It phr"It Not Over till the Fat Lady Sings" - one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress.
It phr"It's Not What You Do, It's the Way That You do It" - the effect, impact, of an action depends on the style, manner, in which it is done.
It phr"It's Not What You Know, but Who You Know" - a statement said by someone not progressing in their career.
It phr"It's Not You, It's Me" - an phrase offered as an excuse to terminate a romantic relationship.
It phr"It's Now Gone Midnight" - it is just after, or within a short time or after, midnight or any other named time of day.
It phr"It's No Wonder (that)" - it's not surprizing that.
It phr"It's on" - implication that a cnflict will start.
It phr"It's Only a Little One" - an illogical reason given to excuse or nitigate something (illogical because size is irrelevant to its (unsuitably).
It phr"It's What It Is" - an indication that the speaker is letting the thing just exist in all its rich uniqueness, without having to characterize or analyse it.
It phr"It Takes All Kinds to Make a World" - people vary very much nin character and abilities and this is necessary and desirable.
It phr"It Takes One All Time to Do (Something) - one can just manage, and no more, to do something.
It phr"It Takes One to Know One" - the person who expresses criticism has similar faults as the person being criticized.
It phr"It Takes Two (to do something) - some actions and situations are such that one person alone cannot be fully or entirely responsible for.
It phr"It Will Never Do" - a comment on an occurrence, situation or state of affairs that is unsatisfactory and should be remedied.
It phr"This Is It" -this is what you have been expecting, or this is the critical point. 2. used colloquially when something previously spoken of or foreboded has come to pass or is about to happen.
It phr"What In It For Me" - what are the advantages for me.
It phr"With it" - slang - aware of the latest fads, fashions, etc.; up-to-date. 2. attentive or alert: I'm just not with it. 3.understanding or appreciative of something, as jazz. 4. this is what you have been expecting.
I-tachenvbTo assign, to show. 2, to teach
I-taseadjConvenient, suitable, handy
ItchvbTo have or feel a peculiar tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin that causes a desire to scratch the part affected. 2. to cause such a feeling. 3. to scratch a part that itches. 4. to have a desire to do or get something: to itch after fame. 5. to cause to have an itch. 6. to scratch (a part that itches). 7. applied to various forms of eczema, such as baker's itch. 8. to annoy; vex; irritate.
Itch nThe sensation of itching. 2. an uneasy or restless desire or longing. 3. a contagious disease caused by the itch mite.
Itch phr"My Fingers Itch" - to give someone a thrashing.
Itchful adjFull of itch; very itchy.
Itchily advIn an itching manner; nervously, restlessly.
ItchinessnThe state or condition of being itchy or having an unpleasant feeling of the skin that makes you want to scratch.
Itching adjHaving an unpleasant feeling of the skin that makes you want to scratch.
Itching phr"Itching to Go" - to be highly enthusiastic and keen to start.
Itchless adjWithout itch or irritation. 2. not having an itch.
Itch-mite nA small species of Arachnids, the female of which burrows into the skin to lay eggs causing an infectious skin disease called scabies.
ItchyadjHaving an unpleasant feeling of the skin that makes you want to scratch.
Itchy phr"Have Itchy Ears" - to wish for news or novelty.
Itchy phr"Have Itchy Fingers" - to be impatient.
Itchy phr"Have Itchy Feet" - to have a desire to travel. 2. to beimpatient.
I-tellvbTo count, to number, reckon.
I-tellevbTo number, to reckon. 2. to narrate, recount, tell.
I-teonvbI-tee. 2. to draw, draw on. 3. to attract.
Ithe nOE: wave,billow, flood, sea, water, liquid.
I-thravevbTo permit, allow
IthandadjAssiduous, diligent, busy. It-handy, it-handiness.
I-thanknI-thought, i-think. 2. thinking, thought, thought-mindiness
I-thave vbTo permit, allow.
I-theevbTo thrive, prosper.
I-thenchevbTo think about, consider, to remember.
I-tholevbTo bear, suffer, endure
I-thounA personal relationship between man and God.
I-thou-ness.nThe state or quality of a personal relationship with God.
I-thrastvbTo thrust, press, force.
I-tidevbTo happen, befall, betide
It'll vbIt will, it shall.
I-treoweadjTrue, faithful.
Its adjPossessive case of the pronoun) - belonging or pertaining to it.
Itself prnReflexive or intensive pronoun.
I-twined vbTo divide.
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