Old EnglishspEnglish
I-waldnI-weld. 1. power, might, wield, sway, rule, control.
I-waldenvbTo have power, sway, wield, control.
I-warnessnwatchfulness, awareness, wariness.
I-weednGarments, clothes, weed
I-weldvbTo exercise power over, to control, to rule, to have sway over, to weild, to subdue.
I-wemmned adjStained.
I-wende nContrivances.
I-wendevbTo turn, change, bring about. 2. to turn oneself, to turn, to go to turn, to wend one's way, to go
I-wenevbTo expect, to hope, to think, to suppose.
I-wepennWeapons, arms, military equipment.
I-whilesphrIn the mean time, meanwhile
I-willnWish, will, pleasure
I-winnlabour, toil, suffering. 2. battle, war, contest, strife. 3. gain, profit
I-winvbI-winne. 1. struggle, contest, fight. 2. to gain by struggle, fighting to win.
I-wisadv.Certain, assured, indeed, truly.
I-wislicheadvCertainly, truly, assuredly
I-wissevbto direct, instruct.
I-wissingnDirection, instruction.
I-witnKnowledge, understanding, senses.
I-witevbTo understand, know, get to know, learn. 2. to watch, guard, preserve.
I-witevbTo depart, to go away, decease, die. 2. to have the intention to leave.
I-witevbto blame, to make culpable.
I-witherlyadvOf a truth; certainly
I-witness nKnowledge, witness, testimony. 2. the act of witnessing.
I-wivevbTo marry, to take a wife
I-won nHope, expectation. 2. fortune, substance, property.
I-worded adjFull of words, talkative, garrulous.
I-worthvbTo become, or to turn to something. 2. to be made, or to have become something. 3.. to happen, to come to pass, come into being, to be made. 3. to come, arrive, to get to be at a place. 4. to befall, happen. 5. to become acceptable to, to please, to be agreeable, to be agreed upon. 6. to let or leave alone.
I-wrathevbTo make angry or wroth. 2. to make oneself angry.
I-writppSomething written, a writing, a treatise
I-wunenI-wone. 1. custom, habit, wont.
I-wunlicheadvCustomarily, usually.
I-wurchvbI-wurche, I-work 1. To work, to make, to do.
I-wurhtnWork, deed, duty
I-wurthvbto honour, dignify, to hold in honour.
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