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Jowl nOld English ceole (related to German Kehle throat, gullet), partly merged with Old English ceafl ‘jaw’ (related to Dutch kevels cheekbones); jowl. 2. the head or jowl of a fish (hence as a fish); the head, jowl or shoulders of a salmon, sturgeon or ling. 3. idle and malicious talk; jowl.
JowlvbTo bump, strike, jowl, knock or push; esp. to dash the head against something. 2. to strike; to jowl (the wall of a coal pit) as a signal. 3. to toll, ring, knell or jowl slowly as a bell.
Jowlna bump or blow, esp. on the head. 2. a knock or stroke or a single stroke
JowledppHaving heavy jowls.
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