Old EnglishspEnglish
Knap nMiddle English, from Old English cnæp, akin to cnotta 'knot' 2. a protuberance; a swelling; a knob. 3. the crest of a hill. 4. a small hill
KnavenA male child, a boy. 2. a boy employed as a servant; hence a menial, one of low condition. 3. unprincipled man; a base and crafty rogue. 4. the lowest court of each suite; the jack.
Knave-childnA male-child.
KnaveshipnCondition of being a knave, often used as a mock title. 2. a small due in meal, payable to the miller's servant, on each lot of corn at a mill.
KnavishadjCharacteristic, or having the character of a knave. 2. low, vulgar, impertinent, obscene, unprincipled, roguish, rascally.
Knavishly advIn a knavish manner
Knavishness nThe quality of being knavish.
Knead vb To work and press into a mass, usually with the hands; especially, to work, as by repeated pressure with the knuckles, into a well mixed mass, the materials of bread, cake, etc. 2. (figuratively) to treat or form as if by kneading; to beat. 3. ( of cats) to make an alternating pressing motion with the two front paws. 4. to mix thoroughly; form into a homogeneous compound
Kneadingly advIn a manner of one who is kneading.
Knee nA joint in the middle of the leg and area around it. 2. a carpal joint of a horse or related animal 3. part of a garment 4. a shipbuilding: piece of timber or metal formed with an angle act of kneeling. 5. any knee-shaped item or sharp angle in a line. 6. blow made with the knee.
Knee phr"Be Weak-kneed" - be irresolute; infirm of purpose or conviction.
Knee phr"Bow the Knees" - to yield, submit, admit defeat.
Knee phr"Bring to the Knees" - to conquer, force to submit.
Knee phr"Go Down One's Hands and Knees" - with great humility to ask a favor of a person.
Knee phr"Knee-high to a Grasshopper" - small, short.
Knee phr"On the Knees of the Gods" - beyond human control, when anything can happen.
Knee-bend nThe action of bending the knee, especially as a physical exercise in which the body is raised and lowered without the use of the hand.
Kneeboard n(Surfing) a short (often less than 6'), broad (sometimes extremely broad) surfboard designed to be ridden in the surf in a kneeling position, and often having traction pads in the central area as an alternative to wax, to help the knees grip the deck. 2.(aviation) a clipboard carried in the lap of an airplane pilot, on which basic flight data is recorded. 3. (waterskiing) a short wakeboard designed to be ridden in the kneeling position
Kneed adjHaving some specific type of knee(s), as knocked-knees.
Knee-deep adjUp to the knees. 2. sunk or submerged to the knees. 3. (figuratively) deeply involved in something, preoccupied with something.
Kneedness nThe state or quality of being a particular type of or number of knees.
Knee-high adjReaching as high as the knees.
Knee-hole nHaving a recesss place for the knees.
Kneeing nA blow made with the knees.
Kneel vbTo stoop down and rest on the knees.
Kneel phr"Kneel Before" - to knee in front of something/someone, especially in order to worship or supplicate.
Kneel phr"Kneel Down" - to kneel, especially as an act of prayer; genuflect.
Knee-length adjReaching the knees.
Kneeler nOne who kneels in church.
Kneel-less adjNot in a kneeling position.
Kneel-like adjResembling a kneel in some aspect or other.
Kneeling nThe act of becoming on one's knees.
Kneely adjSomewhat like a kneel.
Knee-pan nThe knee cap or patella.
Knee-room nThe distance between the edge of opposite seat of a passenger carriage.
Knee-timber nNaturally bent timber suit for ship building.
Knee-walking drunk adjExtremely intoxicated, stone drunk.
Knell nThe stroke of a bell rung at a funeral or at the death of a person. 2. a death-signal; a portend of doom.
Knell vbTo sound as a knell; to toll. 2. to summon by tolling a bell.
Knell phr"Ring the Knell of" - announce or herald the end of.
KnifenA cutting instrument with a blade or a sharp, long-wise edge fixed in a handle, such as a table knife or sheath knife. 2. a knife used a a weapon. 3. a cutting blade for cutting things, vegetable, materials, etc. 3. 'the knife' - a surgery.
KnifevbTo cut, slice, stab with a knife.
Knife phr"Before One Can Say Knife" - very quickly.
Knife phr"Get One's Knife Into" - to have spite against.
Knife phr"Go Under the Knife" - be operated on; undergo surgery.
Knife phr"Live On a Knife's Edge" - metaphorically, to occupy such a precarious position that the slightest false move may end in disaster.
Knife phr"Night Of the Long Knives" - to exhibit a malicious or vindictive spirit towards. 2. to persecute relentlessly.
Knife phr"On a Knife's-edge" - in a dangerous or uncertain situation
Knife phr"Play a Good Knife and Fork" - to eat well.
Knife phr"Sharpen the Knives" - get ready for a concerted attack on some principle.
Knife phr"Stick a Knife Into Someone" - act vindictively towards someone.
Knife phr"The Flaying Knife" - the emblem of St Bartholomew because he was flayed.
Knife phr"The Knives Are Out" - there is an active campaign against somebody.
Knife phr"War to the Knife" - deadly and relentless combat and strife.
Knife-boardnA board upon which knives are cleaned.
Knife-edge adjThe wedge-shaped piece of steel with a keen edge serving as the fulcrum of a balance.
Knife-edge ridge nA very narrow and steep ridge.
Knife'ful adjAs full as a knife can hold.
Knife-grassnA stout American hedge, "Sceleria latifolia" with sharp-edged leaves.
Knife-grinder nAn itinerant sharpener of knives, scissors, etc; a grindstone or emery wheel for grinding tools.
Knife-haft nThe handle of a knife.
Knife-handle nThe handle of a knife.
Knifeless adjWithout a knife or knives.
Knife-like adjResembling a knife or its effect.
Knifely advOf, or pertaining to a knife.
Knife-maker nSomeone who makes knives.
Knife-making nThe manufacture of knives.
Knifeman nOne who uses a knife as a weapon. 2. a surgeon.
Knifer nOne who carries a knife as a weapon.
Knife-rest nA metal bar between two supports on which the carving-knife rests.
Knife-shaft nThe blade or shaft of a knife.
Knife-sharp adjVery sharp.
Knifey adjResembling the edge of a knife in narrowness and sharpness.
Knifish adjMalicious, spiteful.
KnightnIn OE: a boy, youth, lad. 2. a boy as a servant or attendant, 3. military servant o follower; later use devoted to the service of a lady as her attendant or champion in war or tournament. 4. military servant of the king or other person of rank. 5. one raised by a sovereign to a honourable military rank. 6. one raised by a king or sovereign in recognition of personal need or for services rendered to the crown or country, (given the title of Sir).
Knight vb
Knight phr"Knight of the Road" - a man who frequents the roads, for example a travelling sales representative, tramp, or (formerly) a highwayman.
Knight phr"Knight of the Shire" - a person representing the shire or county in parliament.
Knight-bairn nA male child.
Knighted adjDubbed or create a knight.
Knightenway nA military road or way.
Knight-errand nA knight who wanders about in search of adventure.
Knight-head nOne or two timbers rising from the keel of a vessel and supporting the bowsprit between them.
KnighthoodnA rank of dignity of a knight. 2. boyhood, youth-hood. 3. the profession or vocation of a knight. 4. the collective body of knights, company of knights
Knighting nThe act of making somebody a knight.
Knight-lessadjUnbecoming of a knight; unknightly.
Knightlihood nThe quality of being knightly.
Knight-likeadjLike or befitting a knight.
Knightliness nknightly behavior; chivalry.
KnightlyadjHaving the rank or qualities of a knight, noble, chivalrous, gallant. 2. of belonging to, suitable or appropriate to a knight. 3. consisting of a knight in manner, befitting a knight: gallant, brave, chivalrous.
Knight's fee nThe amount of land for which, under the feudal system, the services of the knight was due to the crown.
Knightship nThat honor bestowed that makes somebody a knight. 2. a honorific formal address to a knighted person.
Knightweed nThe clothing or dress of a knight.
Knightwered adjA band of knights or warriors.
KnightwortnStratioles aloides or the water-soldier plant.
KnitnThe style and stitch in which anything is knitted. 2. the process of knitting. 3 knitted work, texture, fabric. 4. a small particle of ore.
KnitvbTo make clothes by the working wool etc. thread into a network with knitting-needles. 2. To unite; to make united together by common interests etc. 3. make close or compact. 3. to tie in or with a knot; to fasten by or as by knitting. 4. to interlock, inter-twine, weave, plait together. 5. to draw closely together. 6. to contract in wrinkles or folds. 7. to become consolidated, connected. 8. to form closely together or set. 9. to become conjoined or united closely. 10. to form a cluster together. 11. to combine intimately; to establish or cement a relationship 12.of a female animal: conceive, become pregnant.
Knit adjConceived, pregnant.
Knit phr"Knit One's Brow" -to make lines come in skin between hair and eyes as a sign of thought or care
Knit phr"Knit Up" - to tie up, fasten up; to string up, to hang; to repair by knitting(lit. & fig). 2. to shut up, take up, snub. 3. to close up, conclude, finish, end. 4. to sum up, to express concisely.
Knitphr"Knit Up" - to tie up or fasten, to string up. 2. to compose or repair by knitting
KnitchnA bundle of wood, hay, corn etc. tied together; a sheaf, faggot, fascicle; a bundle of flax.
KnitchelnA small knitch: bundle of reeds, flowers, grass
Knitted adjMade by knitting, or resembling in texture something made by knitting.
Knitter nOne who knits. 2. a knitting machine.
KnittingnOf the action of knit in the formation of a fabric by looping wool. 2. The action of making clothes by the working wool, thread, yarn etc. into a network with knitting-needles. 2. make united together by common interests etc.
Knitting-needlenThin rod of metal or bone etc. used in knitting.
Knitting-pin nA long and thick needle, with a knob in place of an eye at one end.
KnittlenA string of cord for tightening or fastening small line made of yarn, used on board a ship.
KnitwearnKnitted articles of clothing.
Knitwort nThe herb, comfrey (symphytum officinale).
Knivey adjPenurious, miserly, careful or cutting back to the point of meanness.
Knock nLate OE. an abrupt rapping sound, as from an impact of a hard object against wood. 2. an impact, as a knock on the head. 3. (figuratively) criticism. 4. (cricket) a batsman's innings. 5. (automotive) pre-ignition, a type of abnormal combustion occurring in spark ignition engines caused by self-ignition or the characteristic knocking sound associated with it.
Knock vbTo rap one's knuckles against something, especially wood. 2. to strike for admittance; to rap upon, as a door. 3. to bump or impact. 4. (colloquial) to denigrate, undervalue. 5. (soccer) to pass, kick a ball towards another player. 6. (slang, dated, Britain) to impress strongly or forcibly; to astonish; to move to admiration or applause.
Knock phr"Knock About" - to strike by a succession of blows; hence, to beat roughly and without respect. 2. rough, boisterous, unseemly.. 3. characterized by being driven to and fro, or wandering irregularly around. 4. move about, travel, have one's haunts in.
Knock phr"Knock About With/Together" - to be a habitual friend or companion of.
Knock phr"Knock a (Child) Out" - fig. to make pregnant, to copulate with. 2. to copulate with.
Knock phr"Knock Against" - hit, strike, often causing damage to, collide with.
Knock phr"Knock Back" - refuse, rebuff, reject. 2. slang; eat or drink quickly. 3. cost, set back. 4. disconcert, annoy.
Knock phr"Knock Down" - to strike or fell with blows. 2. strike or hit with a vehicle. 3. to overcome, vanquish, cause to succumb; demolish. 4. dismantle, for ease of transport. 5. to bring down with a shot, or by artillery. 5. cause to reduce or beat down in price.
Knock phr"Knock Down Drag Out" - a free-for-all fight marked by extreme violence or bitterness and no show of mercy.
Knock phr"Knock for Six" - to completely demolish an argument or defeat an opponent literally or figuratively.
Knock phr"Knock Heads" - to kotow.
Knock phr"Knock Heads" - to congregate thickly or associate with.
Knock phr"Knock In" - to drive in or force in with blow. 2. drive in by means of a hammer.
Knock phr"Knocked Into the Middle of Next Week" - be thoroughly beaten.
Knock phr"Knock It Back" - to drink heavily; heartily gulp. 2.
Knock phr"Knock It Off" - stop it, leave off.
Knock phr"Knock Me Down with a Feather" - to be overcome with surprise.
Knock phr"Knock Off" - to leave work; to cease from one's work. 2. to stop, discontinue, give up. 3. to pirate, plagiarize, copy. 4. steal, rob. 5. kill, murder. 5. to arrest a person. 6. reduce the price of something by a stated amount. 7. to copulate with, seduce. 8. write, compose rapidly or easily; throw off.
Knock phr"Knock On" - strike, rap, at on (a door), window, entrance.
Knock phr"Knock on Doors" - to seek opportunities to do business.
Knock phr"Knocking on Heaven's Door" - moribund or near death.
Knock phr"Knock One's Head Against (a Stone Wall)" - to strike with one's head; fig. to hurt oneself by coming into collision with resisting facts or conditions.
Knock phr"Knock Oneself Out" - to apply oneself with great effort and energy (to the point of exhaustion).
Knock phr"Knock One's Socks Off" - astonish, amaze.
Knock phr"Knock On the Head" - to stun or kill with a blow to the head, often to kill in a summary way. 2. cancel, stop doing something; prevent the realization of; dismiss as absurd.
Knock phr"Knock On Wood" - expression used to fend off bad luck.
Knock phr"Knock Out" - to make unconscious with a blow; knock out cold. 2. 2. astound, stop with a blow. 3. overwhelm; render speechless; incapable of though or action.
Knock phr"Knock Out Off" - remove by a blows or repeated blows, as powder from a container; teeth from a mouth. 2. eliminate from a contest.
Knock phr"Knock Out of Time" - knock out an opponent in a boxing match.
Knock phr"Knock Over" - complete quickly.
Knock phr"Knock Sideways" - disconcert, astonish.
Knock phr"Knock (Somebody's) Head Off" - threaten to, or strike somebody by way of punishment, or retaliation.
Knock phr"Knock the Bottom Out Of" - to render invalid, make of no effect upon, bring to nothing, 'won't hold water'.
Knock phr"Knock the End Off" - to spoil the whole affair.
Knock phr"Knock the Living Daylights Out Off" - severely thrash; soundly beat; beat unmercifully.
Knock phr"Knock Through" - remove a wall, partition in order to enlarge a room, usually by combining two; or in order to make a new doorway.
Knock phr"Knock Together" - to bring or drive together into collision or contact. 2. put together or prepare hurriedly or hastily.
Knock phr"Knock Two Heads Together" - make two persons come to their senses and deal with each other in a reasonable manner.
Knock phr"Knock Under" - to acknowledge oneself beaten. 2. to give in, yield, submit; knuckle under.
Knock phr"Knock Under the Board" - to succumb in a drinking-bout. 2. to give in, submit, yield.
Knock phr"Knock Up" - drive or hit upwards with a blow. 2. wake up (often as a favor) by knocking on a door or a window. 3. make tired, weary or ill. 4. to make or get pregnant. 5. to put together or prepare (with little planning) hurriedly or quickly. 6. a short period of practice before certain sporting contest.
Knock phr"Knock Up Against" - to be driven up so as strike or hit into something. 2. to come into collision with.
Knock phr"Make One's Knees Knock Together" - feel, or show, great fear.
Knock phr"On the Death Knock" - at the last possible moment.
Knock phr"On the Knock-off" - to be engaged in stealing. 2. an illegal copy or reproduction of a copy-righted design or product.
Knock phr"Take a Knock" - hit hard financially.
Knock-about adjRough, boisterous, unseemly. 2. characterized by being driven to and fro, or wandering irregularly around.
Knock-back nA refusal, rebuttal, rejection.
Knock-down nA price which an article will be reduced to at an auction or sale. 2. something that knocks somedown down, such as strong liquor. 3. an act of knocking down. 4. a blow that knocks down, a stand-up, 5. free-for-all fight.
Knock-down adjIrresistible, overwhelming, knocked-down. 2. adapted to be fastened by being knocked flat at the end. 2. constructed to be easily ' knock-down' or taken in pieces for removal, portable. 3. sold as, or put in a number of separate parts that require assembling.
Knocked adjStruck, hit, beaten.
Knocked-down adjKnocked down into a number of separate pieces that require to be assembled.
Knocked-kneed nWith the knees turned inwards so they virtually knock or rub together.
Knocker nA fault-finder, caviler, carper, one who frequently captiously criticizes. 2. a metal door-knocker.
Knocker phr"On the Knocker" -engaged in selling or canvassing goods from door to door. 2. accurate, on the mark.
Knocker phr"Up to the Knocker" - in good condition, in the height of fashion; up to the mark.
Knocker-up nOne who noisily goes around the streets in the early hours of the morning causing people to be awakened from sleep.
Knocking nAn act in which something is knocked on, or the sound thus produced.
Knockingly advIn a knocking manner.
Knocking-shop nA slang term fo a brothel.
Knock-me-down adjSuch as to knock one down, as a powerful blow or punch; (fig.). 2. riotous, overbearing, prostrating, overpowering.
Knock-off nThe ceasing and leaving of work at the end of the working day. 2. a copy or imitation made esp. for commercial gain.
Knock-off timenTime to cease and leave work.
Knock-off phrTo be engaged in stealing. 2. an illegal copy or reproduction of a copy-righted design or product.
Knock-on nThe act of knocking on. 2. the domino effect; (the inevitable consequences of initiationg some action).
Knock-onadjAffecting and consequential to outcome of events.
Knock-out nThe rendering of another unconscious with a blow
Knock-out vbTo render another unconscious with a blow.
Knock-out drops nA liquid drug of which drops are put into a drink to render a person unconscious and stupified (often in order to rob or sexually assault).
Knocked-up-ness nSomeone or something knocked-up, weakened or utterly exhausted or worn out.
Knocking-off timenThe time at the end of a work spell.
Knocking nAn act in which something is knocked on, or sound thus produced.
Knockless adjThat enters without first knocking on the door.
Knock-shop nA brothel.
Knock-up nA short practice session before a tennis match.
Knocky adjTending to knock.
KnollnA hill top, summit, hillock. 2. a turnip, a swelling of the skin.
Knoll vbTo ring a knell or toll.
Knolled adjHigh topped or with a high summit.
Knolling nKnelling
Knolly adjFully or abounding in knolls or hillocks.
Knop nCognate with OE. 'knap'; a knob, a flower-head. 2. a swelling upon the skin (a knoll); a pimple. 3. small round protuberances.
Knop vbTo furnish or adorn with knops. 2. to bud, flower.
Knopped adjHaving knops, knobbed, bearing buds, or compact flower-heads.
Knot nlooping. 2. a tangled clump. 3. a maze-like pattern. 4. in mathematics: a closed curve. 4. a difficult situation. 5. a whorl in wood left by branch. 6. a firm swollen tissue caused by injury. 7. a protuberant joint in a plant

8. a nautical unit of speed?

Knot nA hill, eminence of moderate height.
Knot vbTo form into a knot; tie in a knot. 2. form wrinkles on the forehead, 3. to tie together.
Knot phr"A Knot Of " - a group or collection of people, such as, ' knot of irishmen'.
Knot phr"Get Into a Knot" - get into a state of confusion.
Knot phr"Get Knotted" - stop, you are annoying me!
Knot phr"Knot Together" - join, link by means of a knot.
Knot phr"See and Find a Knot" - to look for difficulties where none exist.
Knot phr"Tie In Knots" - confuse, bamboozle.
Knot phr"Tie the Knot" - to marry.
Knotberry n"Rubus chamaemorus" - a local name for the cloudberry.
Knotfulness nThe number of knots; knottness of which a knot is made up of.
Knotgrass nThe plant, Polygonum aviculture, formerly said of to stop growth in humans.
Knothole nA void left by a knot in the void.
Knotless adjWithout a knot; free from knots. 2. unknotted; a thread without knots. 3. smoothly without hindrance.
Knotlike adjResembling a knot or some aspect of one.
Knotspan nThe range of parameter value between two successive knots in a spline.
Knotted adjFull of knots, knotty, matted, tangled, snarled, unkempt.
Knotted phr"Get Knotted" - stop, you are annoying me!
Knottedness nThe character or manner of being formed into a knot.
Knottily advIn a knotty manner.
Knottiness nThe quality or condition of being knotty.
Knotting nThe process of covering knots in woodwork with shellac and methylated spirits, before the initial coat of paint.
Knottish adjKnotty.
Knotty adjFull of knots; rugged. 2. difficult, puzzling, intricate.
Knotty-headed adjStupid, silly, foolish, dull.
Knotweed nPolygonum, especially Fallopia japonica.
Knotwork nOrnamental work representing or consisting of intertwined cords.
KnotwortnIllecetae raceae.
Know nAcknowledgement, confession.
Know vbTo acknowledge, to confess.
Know phr"All One Knows" - to the utmost of one's power. 2.
Know phr"Before One Knows Where One Is" - with baffling speed.
Know phr"Be in the Know" - be informed and well aware of something.
Know phr"Be Not to Know" - be no way of learning. 2. be not to be told.
Know phr"Better the Devil You Know, Than the Devil You Don't Know" - the status quo is more comfortable than change.
Know phr"Don't I Know It" - I am aware of it, you need not tell me.
Know phr"Don't You Know it!" - an expression of emphasis.
Know phr"Do You Know Something" - shall i tell you a surprising fact. 2. I'm going to tell you something.
Know phr"Father Knows Best" - as an expert I know better than you just what is suitable for you.
Know phr"For All I Know" - I do not know (and don't care) but.
Know phr"Have Known Better Days" - not to be good or wealthy as formerly.
Know phr"He Wouldn't Know the Time of Day" - an expression referring to someone considered stupid or ignorant.
Know phr"I Don't Want to Know" - please don't tell me.
Know phr"I Knew It" - I was sure or certain this would happen.
Know phr"I Know What" - I have a knew idea, suggestion etc.
Know phr"In the Know" - in possession of information which is not generally known.
Know phr"I Wouldn't Know" - I don't know.
Know phr"Know a Good Thing When One Sees It" - have the knowledge or shrewdness to recognize the usefulness or value of somebody, something. 2. be able o recognize something as being of a particular kind. 3. see the opportunity to do or get something profitable.
Know phr"Know a Hawk from a Handsaw" - be well-informed, intelligent, discerning.
Know phr"Know All the Answers" - to be well informed, resourceful and intelligent.
Know phr"Know As Well as I Do" - understand perfectly well, in spite of one's claim or pretence that one does not know. 2. know something very well.
Know phr"Know a Thing or Two" - be experienced or shrewd. 2. have or acquired a lifetime of experience and cunning. 2. have a good knowledge of, know what is useful, important. 4. know the answers.
Know phr"Know Best" - know what should be done, thought etc. better than anyone else.
Know phr"Know Better (than)" - to have learned better from experience; hence, to be wiser, better informed, more sensible, prudent or discreet (than to do something).
Know phr"Know By Name" - have heard the name. 2. be able to give the name of.
Know phr"Know by Sight" - recognize the appearance (only) withou being an acquaintance.
Knowphr"Know For" - to be aware of.
Know phr"Know How Many Beans Make Five" - have common sense in a practical way, be astute, clear-headed.
Know phr"Know Inside Out" - know very well; know backwards.
Know phr"Know Like the Back of One's Hand" - to be intimately knowledgable about something, especially about a place.
Know phr"Known Knowns" - certainties of known magnitude, consequence, structure, and probability characteristics; something that we know that we know.
Know phr"Know Of" - have knowledge of, be somewhat knowing of;
Know phr"Know One's Business" - one who is very knowledgable and effective in a chosen endeavur
Know phr"Know One's Man" - have assessed accurately somebody one hs to deal with.
Know phr"Know One's Own Mind" - be decisive, not vacillate. 2. to form and adhere to an opinion. 3. know what one wants to do.
Know phr"Know One's Way About" - be familiar with with a locality, subject, how thing work. 2. be capable and well -informed in general.
Know phr"Know Somebody and His Kind" - be well aware of the kind of (usually negative) person one is.
Know phr"Know Something Backwards" - know very well. 2. know inside out.
Know phr"Know Something Inside Out" - know, be skilled in every aspect of something.
Know phr"Know the Ropes" - to be thoroughly familiar of waht is to be done. 2. know all all the tricks of the trade. 3. be familiar with the customs and procedures of an institution, community, business, etc.
Know phr"Know the Score" - be aware of the true situations. 2. know the true state of affairs or how things really are.
Know phr"Know Through and Through" - know, comprehend, understand totally perfectly.
Know phr"Know What Is to Be (Something)" - have personal experience of being ill, hungry, etc.
Know phr"Know What Love Is" - have personal experience of the true nature of love.
Know phr"Know What One Is Doing" - understand the nature and purpose of one's action. 2. to do something deliberately, whether wisely or foolishly.
Know phr"Know What Somebody/Something Is" - know what a person or thing is like. 2. understand how a person/thing is likely to behave or function (the implication being that he/she/ it is likely to be unreliable).
Know phr"Know What's What" - to be very alert and wide-awake. 2. know what should be known of the facts, arrangements, rules of behavior etc, in a given situation.
Know phr"Know Where One is Going" - know clearly what one's motivations and objectives are in life or in a particular line of activity.
Know phr"Know Where One Stands" - (with someone) - to know how one is regarded by others. 2. to know a person views on an issue.
Know phr"Know Which Side One's Bread is Buttered" - know where one's intersts lie; know who to please, what work to choose or continue in order to ensure one's livelihood, comfort or success.
Know phr"Know Which Way to Turn" - know the strategy to adopt or where to seek assistance.
Know phr"Know Who's Who" - be aware of who or what each person is.
Know phr"Left Hand Does Not Know what the Right Hand Is Doing" - one part of a large bureaucracy doesn't always know what the other part of the organization is doing.
Know phr"Not Know Any Better" - not be able to act appropriately, to behave well (through lack of experience), bad upbringing.
Know phr"Not Know From" not being able, to separate, recognize the difference between something or someone.
Know phr"Not Know One End of Something From the Other" - not know something about.
Know phr"Not Know One Is Born" - not have encountered any trouble or misfortune in life.
Know phr"Not Know One's Arse from One's Elbow" - be ignorant, stupid, effete.
Know phr"Not Know That" - be fairly sure that.
Know phr"Not Know the First Thing" - know nothing about.
Know phr"Not Know What Hit One" - be suddenly hit, hurt, injured, killed; disconcerted.
Know phr"Not Know is Talking Of" - not be a expert or have knowledge.
Know phr"Not Know When One One is Well Off" - not know how fortunate one is.
Know phr"Not That I Know Off" - not as far as i am aware.
Know phr"Not To Know Whether One is Coming Or Going" - to be totally confused.
Know phr"Not Want to Know" - refuse to take any notice of.
Know phr"So that's All You Know" - you do not know the facts. 2. you do not understand (censoriously) of a person to whom the phrase is addressed.
Know phr"Think One Knows It All" - have an inflated belief in ones knowledge and know-how in most or all matters.
Know phr"To Know How" - have the knowledge and skills to be able to do something efficiently and effectively.
Know phr"Unknown Knowns" - certainties of unknown magnitude, consequence, structure, and probability characteristics; something that we don't know that we know.
Know phr"What Do You Know" - an expression of surprize.
Know phr"Wouldn't You Know" - express dismay or annoyance, especially at bad luck or misfortune.
Know phr"You Know - Remember.
Know phr"You Know Something" - I am going to tell you something.
Know phr"You Never Know" - nothing in the future is certain. 2. perhaps, possibly.
Know-all nA conceited person who thinks he knows everything.
Knower nOne who knows. 2. one who fakes cognizance.
Knowful adjEndowed with knowledge, well-informed.
Knowfulness nThe state or condition of having knowledge.
Know-hownKnowledge how to do some particular thing; technical expertise, knowledge
KnowingnThe act or condition of having knowledge.
Knowing-looking adjOne wide awake.
KnowinglyadvIn a known manner; in knowledge; intelligently, consciously, intentionally
Knowing-nessnQuality or state of being intelligent or well informed. 2. cleverness, cunning, shrewdness. 3. appearance or air of shrewdness. 4. an affectation of knowing. 5. state of being consciousness or having knowledge of.
Knowing-one nA person professing to be well up in the secrets of the turf or other sports matters.
Know-it-allnOne who thinks that he or she know everything, whilst not beening aware of their own deficiencies or shortcomings.
Knowledge nMiddle English 'cnawlece' of uncertain formation "acknowledgment of a superior, honor, worship;" for first element see know (vb.). Second element 'ledge' is obscure, (not anglish) unlikely from Scandinavian and not cognate with the -lock "action, process," found in wedlock. Perhaps from Old English *frēolǣċan (“to give freely, offer generously”); or elated to Old English frēolāc (“free-will offering, oblation”) See also freelage.
Know-little nSimpleton.
Known adjApprehended mentally; recognized. 2. recognized understood; especially by all as the truth.
Known n"The Known" - that which is known. 2. that which is objective in knowledge. 3. the totality of known things
Known phr"Known to" - recorded, on file, or known personally to authorities; agency or organizations..
Know-nothingnOne who knows nothing, a very ignorant person, ignoramus. 2. a politician, parliamentarian --- originally one belonging to a secret society that proffered to outsider that they knew nothing, and were completely ignorant of such matters. 3. one who holds that nothing can be known; an agnostic.
Know-nothingadjA person or persons, or organization that claims to know nothing or indeed are ignorant of certain matters.
Know-nothingnessnComplete ignorance; state or quality of knowing nothing. 2. oblivion, extinction.
Know-not-what nSomething indescribable.
Know-worth nInformation worth knowing; as in 'one must give time and thought to the know-worth9s), if he hopes to thrive in life..
Knuckle nAny of the joints between the phalanges of the fingers.(by extension) 2. a mechanical joint. 3. a cut of meat. 3. (sports, billiards, snooker, pool) the curved part of the cushion at the entrance to the pockets on a cue sports table. 4. the knee joint of a quadruped, especially of a calf; formerly used of the knee joint of a human being.

5. (obsolete) the joint of a plant. 6. (shipbuilding) A convex portion of a vessel's figure where a sudden change of shape occurs, as in a canal boat, where a nearly vertical side joins a nearly flat bottom. 7. contrivance, usually of brass or iron, and furnished with points, worn to protect the hand, to add force to a blow, and to disfigure the person struck; a knuckle duster.

Knuckle vbTo apply pressure or rub or massage with ones knuckles.
Knuckle phr"Go the Knuckle" - to punch, fight, strike blows.
Knuckle phr"Knuckle Down" - to submit to.
Knuckle phr"Knuckle Under" - to acknowledge defeat; to give in, in allusion to the old custom of striking the under side of a table with the knuckles when defeated in an argument. 2. give way in the face of pressure; accept orders or directions without complaint.
Knuckle phr"Near the Knuckle" - near the permitted limit. 2. said of a remark, sorry, joke, performance etc that is bordering on the improper or indecent.
Knuckle-bone nA huckle-bone, as of sheep; also in man. 2. one of the bones of the finger. 3. a child's game.
Knuckled adjHaving or furnished with knuckles.
Knuckle-deep adjUp to the knuckles; with the whole hand in; hence, fig. unto to the hilt.
Knuckle-dragger nA large, strong and rather dimwitted persons.
Knuckle-dust nto strike another with knuckled-dusted fists.
Knuckle-duster nA loop of heavy-shaped brass, gripped in the hand and fitting over the knuckes, used as an offensive weapn.
Knuckle-dusting nThe act of striking another with a knuckle-duster.
Knuckle-head adjA dim-witted person.
Knuckleheadness nThe quality of being dim-witted.
Knuckler nOne who uses his fists to achieve his aims or objectives.
Knuckle-walking nA form of locomotion of some primates in which they move on all fours with pressure on the knuckles.
Knuckly adjKnuckle-like. 2. having prominent knuckles.
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