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Mad adjSuffering from mental disease, crazy, loopy, lunatical, angry, mad at.
Mad-blooded adjGenetically mad. 2. mad in the blood. 3. wild, furious, hot-headed.
Mad-brained adjA scatter-brained, mad-headed, loopy, crazy, uncontrolled.
Madden vbTo become mad, angry or furious.
Maddened ppDriven out of one's mind; excited to frenzy or uncontrolled anger, frenzy, irrability.
Maddeningly advIn a maddening manner, madding.
Madder nA herbaceous climbing plant, Rubia tinctorum.
Madding advBecoming madly, acting madly, frenziedly.
Maddle vbTo be or becoming crazy, to be confused in the mind, to become dotingly fond. 2. to craze, confuse, bewilder.
Mad-house nLunatic asylum, place for the dectection of the insane.
Madling nA mad creature, one who acts wildly or foolishly.
Madly advIn a mad, foolish or insane madly. 2. passionately, fervently, extremely, somewhat excessively.
Madman nA lunatic, maniac, nut-case.
Madme nA mathen, a precious thing, treasure, valuable gift.
Madness nState or condition of being mad, insane, foolish. 2. madship.
Madstone nA stone supposed to have the power of allaying or curing madness or insanity caused by the bite of a wild animal or a rabid beast, such as a snake-bite or dog with rabies.
Madwort nA herb of the genus, Alyssum; the trailing Catchweed: a plant(s) supposed to control or allay anger.
Maid nA shortened form of maiden. ???? -- the maid of god: "Joan of Arc."
Maid phr"To stand on the maid." -- to remain single. 2. transfig: a man that abstains from sexual intercourse.
Maiden n ????? A clothes' horse, a washerman's dolly.
Maiden-monger n
Maiden-gem nVirginity, maidenhood.
Maiden hair nThe name of certain ferns having fine-hair-like stalks and delicate fronds, such as Capillus -venerus. 2. the spleenwort, various plants of the genus, "Asplenium."
Maiden-hair tree nA name for the gingko
Maidenhead nState or condition of a maiden, virgin or a young girl. 2. virginity. 3. hymen.
Maiden-thought nKeat's term for the stage of human development after "the infant or thoughtless chamber" (stage). 2. Time of innocence or untarnished hope.
Maidenhood nThe condition of being a maiden or a young girl. 2. time of life during which one is a maiden.
Maidenish adjResembling a maiden; characteristic of a maiden, (often used in a deprecating sense.)
Maiden-like advSuch as is like with maidens; befitting of a maiden; maidenly.
Maidenliness nQuality of being a maiden, maidenly; behaviour proper of a maiden.
Maidenship nThe personality of a man. 2. behaviour proper to a maiden.
Maiden speech nThe first or maiden speech delivered by newly elected member of parliament.
Main nPhysical strength, force, or power, 'with might or main.' 2. of a thing; power, virtue, efficacy. 3. a host of men, military force. 3. "The Main" : the high sea, main sea, open sea or ocean. 4. a broad expanse, such as a continent. 5. the most important part of some business, subject, argument; etc.; chief matter, principal thing. 6. phrases: "upon the main" --- for the most part; in all essential points; chief or principal part; important or essential paint, as in the main of all. 6. object aimed at; end, purpose. 7. principal channel, duct for conveying water, electricity, sewage, gas along or through a city. 8. main or mains lands, demesne lands -- the farm attached to a mansion house, the farmhouse.
Main adjStrong, vigourous, mighty; possessed of , manifesting or exerting great physical strength or force. 2. said of acts or activities which implies force or energy. 3. epithet of force, strength, sheer force. 3. of an army: great in number, numerous, powerful in arms. 4. of drink: potent, intoxicating. 5. voice or cry: loud. 6. of a storm: violent, raging. 6. of materials or things: great in bulk and dimension; of a large quantity or amount. 7. solid and massy of earth, rock. 8. of land, country: contintental, mainlandish. 8. of an affair: highly important, momentous, impactive, consequential. 9. of a person: great, mighty in rank, power or position.
Main drag nThe main street of a town.
Mainland nA principal body of land. 2. a continent as distinguished from an island.
Mainlander nA dweller on a mainland.
Mainless adjPowerless, without force, of little might. 2. unimportant, minor in rank or position. 3. few in number, unnumerous, not many. 4. small, little, tiny.
Mainline nPrincipal or chief line of a railway, main route or road. 2. principal or important position, mainstream. 3. a large or principal vein into which drugs can be readily injected.
Mainly adv
Mainspring nThe chief motive power. 2. the main incentive.
Main-stay nChief support; that on which one mainly relies.
Main stem nThe main street. 2. the main line of a railway. 3. a preeminent person.
Mainstream nThe prevailing direction of opinion, fashion, society. ?????
Mainstreamer nA musician etc., who is the mainstream or chief influence of his profession.
Mainstreet nThe principal street of a city , town, esp. in the USA. (frequently use as a proper name.
Mainstreet adjSymbol of mediocrity, parochialism or materialism in a small town.
Mainstreeting nA political campaign, or sometimes other types of campaign, conducted by politicians or promoters in the main street of a city to ensure maxium exposure of their message.
Mainward nThe main body of an army.
Make n
Make vb
Make after vbTo go in pursuit of; pursue, follow.
Make against vbTo be unfavourable to. 2. to militate or tell against. 3. to make hostile movement towards.
Make-believe nPretence, wishful thinking, daydreaming.
Make-believer nOne who makes believe or pretends.
Make-do adjCharacterised by makeshift methods. 2. survive or sustain by the bare necessities.
Makedom nForm, shape, esp.,elegant form, shapeliness, comeliness.
Makeless adjMatchless, without equal, peerless.
Make for vbTo operate in favour of. 2. be favourable to. 3. to tend to the progress or advancement of. favour, further.
Make-fire n
Make or break phr
Maker n
Makeshift adjA temporary or improvised solution. 2. a temporary substitute of an inferior kind; also transfig. of a person. 3. of a person: roguish, shifty, cunning.
Make-shiftness nCondition of being makeshift, temporary, inferior.
Make-talk nSai for the sake of talking. 2. idle chatter.
Make-up nThe manner, character or temperament of a person. 2. appearance of face, dress, in order to impersonate a character. 3. cosmetics, paint for actors,but generally for women. 4. a maded-up story, invention or fiction. 5. compensation. 6. the balancing of a accounts at the end of period.
Make-work nWork or activity of little or no value devised mainly to keep someone busy.
Making-up nReconciliation,
Mallow n
Mallow-wort nA plant of the N.O. Malvaceae.
Mallum nA shire moot, meeting, discussion. 2. the hundred-court among the Franks, (by modern historians sometime used as the name of a common Germanic institution, and also attributed to the anglo-saxons.)
Malm nA soft friable rock, consisting of a chalky material. 2. the light loamy soil formed by the disengration of this rock.
Malmstone n
Malmy adjResembling a stratum or vein of malmstone.
Malshave nA caterpillar.
Malt n
Man n
Manath nMan oath. 2. false oath, perjury, --- modern form would be moan oath.
Man-child nA male child.
Mane n
Maneater nCannibal, head-hunter. 2. a shark which attacks swimmers. 3. a tiger which attacks and kills humans. 4. a woman who treats men emotionally badly.
Maneless adj
Manful adjCharacterised by manly courage, resolution, bravery. 2. stately appearance; appearance befitting a man.
Manfully advIn a manful manner; in a manly way, resolutely, valiantly.
Man-hardy adjBrave, courageous, manly.
Mang vbTo mix, mung, mong, mingle
Manifold adj
Man of mould nMortal man: man who become dust or mould again after death.
Many adjOE. had a derivative "menige" that did not survive into ME. and though the modern use of many, though agreeing with the OE. form, was a new development which has not been found earlier than the C16th. ?????///
ManyfoldadjEtymological identical with manifold, though rarely used in the same sense (= in the proportion of many to one.)
Many-folds nThe intestines, from having many folds. 2. the tharms.
Manhandle vb
Man-hater nA hater of mankind; misanthrope; also occas. a hater of the male sex.
Manhead nState of being human. 2. condition of belonging to humanity. 3. human shape or form. 4. human nature. 5. quality of being human. 6. virility, manhood, courage, valour. 7. manly dignity; dignity of manhood. 8. homage. 9. humanity. humanness, kindness.
Manhood nState or condition of being human; human nature. 2. dignity of man. 3. state of being a man, as opposed to a child; as opposed to woman-hood. 4. qualities eminently becoming a man; manliness, courage, valour. 5. humanity, humanness. 6. homage. 7. men collectively.
Man-hunter nCannibal, man-eater, slave-dealer, brigand.
Manifold adj
Manifoldly adv
Manifoldness nQuality or condition of being manifold, varied in character; multiplicity.
Manifoldwise advIn various ways.
Mankeen adjOf animals (rarely persons): inclined to attack men. 2. fierce, savage, wild. 2. of women: fond of men 3. infuriated, furious, fierce, mad.
Mankind nThe human race, human nature.
Manless adjHaving no men, either in the sense of human beings or adult persons; folkless. 2. of a woman: lacking the company of men, having no husband or suitor. 3. unmanly, effeminate, inhuman.
Manlessness nCowardice. 2. of women: the state or condition of being without men or manless.
Manlihead nThe condition of being human, virility, courage, bravery.
Manlihood n
Manlike adj
Manliness n
Manling nA little man
Manly adv
Man-mad adj
Manning nThe action of furnishing a ship with men.
Mannish nPeople, a class of person. //////
Mannishness n
Man-of-law nLawyer, solicitor, solon, counsellor.
Man-of-the-world nSecular person.??????
Man-of-the-worldness n
Manrede nHomage; note phrases: " to do or make manrede; to take, nim, or fang manrede." 2. vassals collectively: the men the lord can call upon in time of war, hence a supply of me for the purpose of war. 3. the position of a leader of fighting men; the conduct of an army. 4. carnal intercourse.
Manship nHumanity, kindness, courtesy, civility. 2. homage, worship, honour, dignity. 3. courage, valour, manliness. 4. condition of being a man.
Manship vbTo denote skill in a subject or activity now so deployed to disconcert a rival or opponent. 2. used as a suffix in words such as "one-upmanship."
Manslaught nMurder, homicide, manslaughter.
Manslaughter n
Manslay vb
Manslayer n 2. an executioner. ?????
Manswear vbTo swear falsely, perjure oneself. 2. to renounce on oath, forswear.
Manswearing nPerjury, false swearing on oath.
Mantle nFoam that covers the surface of liquid. 2. the green vegetable coating on standing or stagnant water.
Manward advIn relation to a man, pertaining to a man. 2. in the direction of a man.
Man-woman nA hermaphrodite, a mannish woman, one having the characteristics of both sexes, man-womanly.
Many adjOE. had a derivative "menige" that did not survive into ME. and though the modern use of many, though agreeing with the OE. form, was a new development which has not been found earlier than the C16th. ?????///
ManyfoldadjEtymological identical with manifold, though rarely used in the same sense (= in the proportion of many to one.)
Many-folds nThe intestines, from having many folds. 2. the tharms.
Manyfull adjAbundant, plentiful, many in number.
Many-hede nA multitude
Manyness nPlurality, numerosity.
Many-sided adjMultilateral, having many aspects, bearings, capabilities, possibilities.
Many-sideness nMultilaterality, having many sides, many possibilties.
Many-where advIn many places.
Maple nAny of the trees of the genus "Acer." 2. the common maple: "Acer campestre."
Mar nBlemish, disfiguring mark, injury.
Mar vbOE. to waste, squander (property) 2. to hamper, hinder, interfere with interruption or stoppage (person, event or thing.) 3. to spoil, impair with objective. 4. a material thing: to damage or render useless, to destroy or impair the quality of. 4. with immaterial object: to impair, fatally ruin. 5. to detract from the perfection or completeness of. 6. to become deteriorated, to spoil, to perish. 7. to harm, injure a person, to inflict destructive bodily harm upon; to mangle, disfigure. 8. to ruin, damage seriously (a person, his fortune.) 9. to ruin or damage morally, to spoil a child by indulgence. confuse, bewilder, perplex; to become bewildered or confused, . 11. to trouble, grieve, distress. 12. to err, go astray, falter.
March-land n(Mearc-land) land comprising the marches or borders areas of a country. 2. the border territory, frontier land, the mark.
March-man nAn inhabitant of the marches or borders.
Marchstone nA markstone: a stone set up to mark a boundary of an estate or area.
Mare nThe mother or dam of a horse. 2, a bricklayer's hod.
Mare nA kind of goblin supposed to produce a nightmare by sitting on the chest of the sleeper. 2. the nightmare or elf-addle itself; the blues, melancholies. 3. a spectre, hag.
Mare's-nest n(Horse's nest?) To imagine that one has found something wonderful, which in fact has no existence at all. Nb- "I have found a mare's nest." 2. an illusory discovery, esp. one that is much vaunted and displays foolish credulity.
Mark nA boundary, frontier, limit. 2. of immaterial things: a limit or precise boundary, line or point. 3. an object indicting a boundary, position etc., a visible mark or something marked. 4. a pillar, post, stone, fence to indicate a position of a boundary. 5. a stone or other monument set up or standing as a memorial or guide. 6. a standard or banner. 7. target for shooting or throwing at. 8 quarry of a hawk. 9. pit of the stomach (slang) 10. a boxer's object at which a blow is aimed. 11. a soft or easy mark.
Mark vb
Mark-down nA reduction in price of an article; a selling price which has been reduced. ( the opposite of mark-up)
Markedly advIn a marked manner or degree. 2. ????
Marked man nOne whose conduct is watched with hostile intent. 2. one who is kept in mind as an object for suspicion or vengeance.
Markedness nThe condition or quality or state of being marked.
Marker nIn linguistics a construction or form etc., distinguished or determined by a particular feature. 2. a markling: a word, affix, etc., which distinguishes or determines the class or function of the form, construction etc., with which it is used.
Market nA place where merchandise is exposed for sale, specifically, an open space or a large building in a town or city, generally with stalls or designated positions occupied by different dealers, especially such a place for the sale of provisions ; also a market place or marketstead.
Market vb
Market phr"To run before one's horse to market: to count one's gain before the bargain is made or to count one's chickens before they are hatched."
Market phr"On the market." -- to be readied and offered for sale.
Marketing n
Market-monger nOne who trades his wares at a market.
Markless adjWithout a mark or mark; impeccable.
Markmoot nA (supposed) assembly of the inhabitants of the Moot ( name in medieval Germany applied to a tract of land held in common by a village community, and sometimes applied to Anglo-saxon society and times.
Marksman nOne skilled in hitting the mark, as with a rifle or other weapon. 2. sharpshooter, rifle expert.
Marksmanship nThe quality, art or function of shooter.
Markstone nA boundary stone, a marker, monument.
Mark-up nThe amount added by a retailer to the cost of athe price of goods to cover overhead charges and provide profit.
Markworthy adjWorthy of note, worthy-marked.
Marmstone nMarble, a block or slab of marble.
Marrow n soft vascular tissue in the central cavities of bone. 2. the interior substance of anything; essence, pith.
Marrow-bone nA bone containing edible marrow. 2. jocularly -- the knees. 3. the piratical crossbones.
Marsh n
Marshal n
Marshiness nThe state or condition of being marshy.
Marshmallow nA plant of the mallow family, "Althaea officinalis" growing in marshy places. 2. a sweetmeat formerly made from the root of this plant; now a confection made of starch, corn syrup and gelatin, coated with powdered sugar.
Marshwort nThe umbelliferous plant "Helosciadum nodiflorous."
Martyr n
Martyrdom n
Mash nIn brewing, malt mixed with hot water to form wort. 2. a mixture of boiled grains. 3. something reduced to a softy pulpy consistence, by heating or mixing or steeping in water. 4. a confused muddle, hash. 5. a state of being reduced by a soft mash. 6. in winemaking the crushed grapes before fermentation. 7. (slang) a person on whom one is "mashed" or completely infatuated.
Mash vbTo mix malt with hot water in brewing. 2. to brew ale, beer and some other alcoholic drinks. 3. to infuse tea. 4. to lixiviate. 5. to beat into a soft pulp or soft mass. 6. to pound or stomp one's way. 7. to admit of being crushed. 8. to reduce food to a homogenous mass. 9. to mix, mingle.
Mashwort nWort, infused malt, mash fat.
Mask nOE. a net
Masker vbOE. malscrian:proud. 2. to bewilder, confuse, to be bewildered.
Maskering nBewilderment, confusion.
Masking nBewildering, confusing. 2. netting, ensnaring, trammeling.
Mass nThe eucharistic service. 2. the celebration of the Eucharistic.
Mast nAny large upright pole. 2. a pole of round timber or tubular iron, set upright in a sailing vessel to sustain the yard. 3. a large, upright pole. 4.
Mast phr"Before the mast." serving as a common sailor on a navy ship, from the fact that common sailors were quartered before the foremast.
Mast nThe fruit of the oak, the beech and other trees, acorns. 2. fodder, feed.
Mast vbTo feed animals on mast; to fatten. 2. to feed oneself gluttonously
Master nLate OE. one having control or authority. 2. chief, head, director, teacher.
Masterdom n
Masterful adj
Mastercraft n
Masterwort nAfter german meisterwurz: "Peucedanum (Imperatoris ) Ostruthium.
Masty adjProducing mast. 2. of a swine: fattened. 3. burly, big-bodied
Mat nFloor-covering ????
Matted adjTangled, entwined ????
Match nOne of an associated pair; well-matched or accordant pair. 2. a husband or wife, a mate, consort, lover. 3. one equal in age, rank, status. 4. an opponent, rival, antagonist, as in "meet one's match;" "more than a match for;" or "above one's match" 5. a suitable conjunction or pairing. 6. a matrimonial compact or alliance. 7. to make or arrange a match. 8. to bring about a marriage by influence or contrivance.
Match vbTo join one to another; to join in marriage. 2. to pair with view to fitness or suitability. 3. to be equal with.
Matchless adjUnmarried, nubile, that is not a match or pair. 2. having no match, with an equal; peerless.
Matchmake vbTo plot or contrive a marriage; to arrange a marriage; to be involved in matchmaking.
Matchmaker nOne who arranges marriages; a match-monger, matchbroker.
Match-making nThe action of bringing about or arranging a marriage. 2. one who professionally brings about or negotiates marriages. 3. one who schemes in arranging a marriage for political or financial reasons.
Match-monger nA match-maker, match-broker, one who arranges marriages either as a culture norm or professionally.
Mathele nA talker, a gossiper, chatterer, a female chatterer.
Matlock nAn instrument or tool, shaped like a pick-axe, used for loosening the soil in digging.
Maugh nOE. maegh: kinsman. 2. OE: boy, young man, knave. 3. a near male relative by marriage: a brother-in-law; son-in-law.
Maund adjA wicker or other woven basket. 2. a basketful or a measure of capacity, varying from locality and commodity. Nb: " a hop-mound." -- a vessel used in breweries.
Maw nThe stomach. This word now signifies the stomach of birds and animals, but formerly meant that of a human being. 2. the cavity of the stomach (now used only in ludicrous sense). 3. the last of the four stomachs of a ruminant. 4. the belly, gullet. throat. 5. the womb, liver, the innermost recesses of the body. 6. (metaphorically): voracity, gluttony, appetite. 8. the honey making apparatus of a bee. 9. the crop of a bird. 10. " to chaw one's maw." -- to fret internally."
Maw-bound adjIn Cheshire, a phrase, meaning costiveness, constipation.
Maw-mother nA woman experiencing false conception or false pregnancy.
May vbVerb used to express possibility, permission, contingency, concession, purpose, result. 2. wish or a prayer. 3. power, ability, to be able, now can.
May nA son, boy, a male relative, kinsman.
May n.A girl, a maiden, a sweetheart (from the A.S. Maeg).
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