Old English sp English
Mad adjSuffering from mental disease, crazy, loopy, loony, angry, mad at.
Mad phr"As Mad as All Hell" - demented, crazy, erratic, angry.
Mad phr"As Mad as a Tin Full of Worms" - crazy, angry, raging, very irate.
Mad phr"Drive Mad" - annoy, frustrate, irritate. 2. send someone mad or crazy.
Mad phr"Have a Mad On" - to be angry.
Mad phr"Like Mad" - in the manner of one who is mad; hence furiously, vigorously with excessive violence or enthusiasm.
Mad phr"Mad as a Fish/Herring" - demented, crazy, erratic, angry.
Mad phr"Mad as a Hatter" - of disputed origin, possibility from 'atter' (poison); alternatively from hat-makers suffering from Korsakof's syndrome to due to handling mercury-contaminated felt. 2. crazy, demented, erratic inn behavior.
Mad phr"Mad as a Meat-axe" - crazy, angry, raging, very irate.
Mad phr"Mad as a Snake" - crazy, angry, raging, very irate.
Mad phr"Mad at" - angry, annoyed about something or somebody.
Mad phr"Mad Dogs and Englishmen" - satirizing the unwillingness of English people to adopt the custom of taking a nap or siesta during the heat of the day in tropical climates.
Mad phr"Mad For It" - exceedingly eager, or having a keen desire or appetite for something.
Mad phr"Mad Keen" - with great eagerness; extremely eager.
Mad phr"Mad On" - keenly or excessively interested or enthusiastic in somebody or something.
Mad-blooded adjGenetically mad. 2. mad in the blood. 3. wild, furious, hot-headed, raging.
Mad-brain nA scatter-brain
Mad-brained adjA scatter-brained, mad-headed, hot-headed, loopy, crazy, uncontrolled.
Mad-cow SicknessnThe illness bovine encephalopathy.
Madded adjDeprived of reason or intelligence, excited to fury, enraged.
Madden vbTo become mad, angry or furious. 2. to make mad; to drive one out of ones mind. 3. to excite to fury or frenzy or uncontrolled anger.
Maddened ppDriven out of one's mind; excited to frenzy or uncontrolled anger, frenzy, irritability.
Maddening adjextremely annoying, infuriating, exasperating, irritating, irkssome, bothersome, galling.
Maddeningly advIn a maddening manner, madding.
Madder nA herbaceous climbing plant, Rubia tinctorum yielding red dye.
Madder vbTo treat with dye or madder.
Madderish adjResembling the colour (red) of madder.
Madder-lake nRed pigment.
Madderwort nAa herbaceous plant: Rubia tinctorium. 2. madder.
Maddery adjMadderish.
Madding advBecoming madly, acting madly, frenzied.
Madding phr"Far from the Madding Throng" - a conventional phrase denoting a secluded place removed from public notice.
Maddingly advIn a madding manner.
Maddish adjHaving the manner or idea of a madman in behavior, appropriate to or befitting a madman. 2. somewhat mad.
Maddle vbTo be or becoming crazy, to be confused in the mind, to become dotingly fond of . 2. to craze, confuse the mind, bewilder.
Mad dog nA person who acts violently, foolishly or irresponsibly.
Mad-drunk adjViolently intoxicated.
Maddy adjSomewhat mad.
Made nA maggot, math, worm, grub.
Made adjCreated, fabricate, produced, put together.
Made phr"A Made Man" - a man whose future has been made or assured.
Made phr"A Self-made Man" - one having his/her success in life assured.
Made phr"Be Made Of" - comprised of, consisting of, constituting. 2. including, containing, composed of.
Made phr"Be Made for Something/Somebody" - ideally suited for somebody/something.
Made phr"Have it Made" - to have accomplished all there is to do. 2. to have no further work or difficulty. 3. to achieve a life style characterized by good fortune and comfort. 4. be very successful.
Made phr"Have it Made in the Shade" - in a condition characterized by comfort, success, easy living or general well-being.
Made phr"Made For" - ideally suited for somebody/something.
Made phr"Made Up" - with make-up or cosmetics applied. 2. put together; invented.
Made phr"Self-made Man or Woman" - somebody who succeeds entirely through his/ her own efforts.
Made phr"What One is Made of" - one's ability, or/and worth.
Made-man nA successful man. 2. a man who has attained success.
Made-road nA properly surfaced road of tarmac, concrete, etc.
Made-up adjArtificial, fictitious, contrived. 2. completed, finished.
Madful adjMad.
Mad-hardiness nFoolhardiness
Mad Hatter nIn earlier times, of a hat-maker acting strangely and erratically, due to an over-exposure of mercury once much used as in the production of hats.
Mad-hardy adjFoolhardy.
Mad-hearted adjMad, crazy, erratic.
Madhood nMadness
Mad-house nLunatic asylum, place for the detention of the criminally insane.
Mad-keen adjVery enthusiastic about someone or something.
Madling nA mad creature, one who acts wildly or foolishly.
Madly advIn a mad, foolish or insane madly. 2. passionately, fervently, extremely, somewhat excessively.
Madman nA lunatic, maniac, nut-case.
Madme nA mathen, a precious thing, treasure, valuable gift.
Madmood nFolly.
Madnep nMeadnep
Madness nState or condition of being mad, insane, foolish. 2. madship.
Madness phr"In Midsummer Madness" - foolish behaviour brought on by the heat.
Mad sheep nAn easy going person who suddenly and uncharacteristically erupts into anger ("a mouton enrage")
Madstone nA stone supposed to have the power of allaying or curing madness or insanity caused by the bite of a wild animal or a rabid beast, such as a snake-bite or dog with rabies.
Madwort nA herb of the genus, Alyssum; the trailing Catchweed: a plant(s) supposed to control or allay anger.
Maegbote nMagbote: compensation for the harm done and pain suffered by slaying a kinsman.
Maegth nFamily, kin, mag, stock, folk.
Maggot nLate 15c., probably an unexplained variant of Middle English maðek, from Old English maða "maggot, grub. From Middle English magot, magotte, probably Anglo-Norman alteration of maddock ‎(“worm", "maggot”), originally a diminutive form of a base represented by Old English maþa. 2. the larva of an insect
Maggot-like adjResembling or characteristic of a maggot
Maggotty adjPertaining to a maggot
Maid nA shortened form of maiden. 2. a girl or an unmarried, young woman. 3. a female servant or cleaner; lady-in-waiting, charwoman. 4. a virgin of either gender.
Maid phr"Maid of all Work" - a servant made to do or help with all domestic duties. 2. a general drudge.
Maid phr"Maid of God" - Joan of Arc.
Maid phr"Stand On the Maid." -- to remain single. 2. a man who abstains from sexual intercourse.
Maiden nA clothes' horse, a washerwoman's dolly.
Maiden n(Now chiefly literary) a girl or an unmarried young woman. 2. female virgin. 3. (obsolete, dialectal) a man with no experience of sex, especially because of deliberate abstention. 4. a maidservant, lady-in-waiting, charwoman. 5. an unmarried woman, especially an older woman (rare). 6. a racehorse without any victory ('virgin record'). 7. (historical) a Scottish counterpart of the guillotine. 8. (obsolete) a machine for washing linen. 9. (cricket) being an over in which no runs are scored.
Maiden adjVirgin.  2. (of a female, human or animal) without offspring. 2. like or befitting a (young, unmarried) maiden.  3. (figuratively) being a first occurrence or event. 4. fresh; innocent; unpolluted; pure; hitherto unused. 5. of a fortress, never having been captured or violated.
Maiden phr"Maiden It" - act like a maiden, be coy.
Maiden-child nFemale child.
Maiden-eyed adjPure, clear, youthful.
Maiden-fern nAdiantum, the walking fern or maidenhair fern, is a genus of about 200 species of ferns in the Vittarioideae subfamily of the family Pteridaceae.
Maiden-flight nFirst flight of an aircraft or a passenger on a plane.
Maiden-gem nVirginity, maidenhood.
Maiden hair nThe name of certain ferns having fine-hair-like stalks and delicate fronds, such as Capillus venerus. 2. the spleenwort, various plants of the genus, "Asplenium."
Maiden-hair tree nA name for the gingko( whose leaves resemble those of the maidenhair fern in shape).
Maidenhead nState or condition of a maiden, virgin or a young girl. 2. virginity. 3. hymen.
Maidenhead phr"Lose One's Maidenhead" - lose one's virginity.
Maiden-hued adjPure of color.
Maidenhood nThe condition of being a maiden or a young girl. 2. time of life during which one is a maiden.
Maidenish adjResembling a maiden; characteristic of a maiden or woman, (often used in a deprecating sense.)
Maiden lady nAn unmarried woman (middle-aged or elderly.)
Maidenless adjWithout a maiden or maidens.
Maiden-like advSuch as is like with maidens; befitting of a maiden; maidenly.
Maidenliness nQuality of being a maiden, maidenly; behavior proper of a maiden.
Maidenly advOf or pertaining to a maiden, or to maidenhood. 2. of persons: resembling or in the form of a maiden in action or bearing. 3. characterized by the qualities of a maiden, e.g. gentleness, modesty. timidity. 4. in a maidenly manner.
Maiden-man nA male virgin.
Maiden-meek nCoy, shyly reserved, modest, gentle, quiet.
Maiden-monger nA matchmaker or marriage agent who facilitates a meeting between couples, which may eventually lead to marriage. 2. a pimp, who as procures naive girls as novice whores (lambs).
Maiden name nA marriage woman's original last name. 2. a woman's name when she was a maiden. 3. surname of a woman before she marriages.
Maidenship nThe personality of a maiden. 2. behavior proper to a maiden.
Maiden speech nThe first or maiden speech delivered by newly elected member of parliament.
Maiden-thought nKeats's term for the stage of human development after "the infant or thoughtless chamber" (stage). 2. Time of innocence or untarnished hope.
Maiden Town nOne never captured by an enemy army.
Maiden tree nOne never lopped
Maidenweed nStinking camomile, peucedunum.
Maidenwood nUsually applied to young ash trees, suggesting greater suppleness or elasticity.
Maidenwort nDamong maria or monkey flower.
Maidstone nFrom Old English medestan, meddestane from earlier mægdan stane ‎(“the maidens' stone, the people's stone”). Ultimately from Old English mægden +‎ stan or mægð +‎ stan which are equivalent to maid(en) + stone.
Mail nLate OE.:tax, tribute, rent. 2. often in combination, as 'borough-mail' (tax paid to the borough); 'house-mail' (rent); 'land-mail' (rent); silver-mail (rent, tax, tribute paid in money); 'mail-free' - (exempt from payment of rent).
Mailer nOne who pays rent. 2. landlord.
Mail-free adjExempt from payment of tax, tribute, rent.
Mailing nThe act of paying a rent.
Mailman nOne who pays rent, tax, tribute.
Mailroom nRoom for rent.
Main nPhysical strength, force, or power, 'with might or main.' 2. of a thing; power, virtue, efficacy. 3. a host of men, military force. 3. "The Main" : the high sea, main sea, open sea or ocean. 4. a broad expanse, such as a continent. 5. the most important part of some business, subject, argument; etc.; chief matter, principal thing. 6. phrases: "upon the main" --- for the most part; in all essential points; chief or principal part; important or essential paint, as in the main of all. 6. object aimed at; end, purpose. 7. principal channel, duct for conveying water, electricity, sewage, gas along or through a city. 8. main or mains lands, demesne lands -- the farm attached to a mansion house, the farmhouse.
Main adjStrong, vigorous, mighty; possessed of , manifesting or exerting great physical strength or force. 2. said of acts or activities which implies force or energy. 3. epithet of force, strength, sheer force. 3. of an army: great in number, numerous, powerful in arms. 4. of drink: potent, intoxicating. 5. voice or cry: loud. 6. of a storm: violent, raging. 6. of materials or things: great in bulk and dimension; of a large quantity or amount. 7. solid and of mass of earth, rock. 8. of land, country: continental, of mainland. 8. of an affair: highly important, momentous, with impact, consequential. 9. of a person: great, mighty in rank, power or position.
Main phr"By Main Dint?" - By or with a powerful or strong blow.
Main phr"By or With the Main Hand" - with a strong hand, forcibly.
Main phr"In All One's Main" - With all one's power or might.
Main phr"In the Main" - generally, usually; for most part.
Main phr"The Main of All" - the chief part, essential part, important part.
Main phr"Upon the Main"- for most part; in all essential points; mainly
Main phr "With Might and Main" - with great power or force. 2. with all one's strength.
Main phr"With Mood and Main" - with feeling and force.
Main board nComputing: 'motherboard' - the primary circuit board of a personal computer., containing the circuitry for the central processing unit, keyboard, mouses and monitor, together with slots for other devices.
Main drag nThe main street of a town.
Main frame nA large powerful computer with th capacity to process many tasks simultaneously, used by large corporations and organizations, when simultaneously sustained operation is essential and vital.
Main-framelike adjResembling or characteristic
Mainful adjPowerful, mighty.
Mainland nA principal body of land. 2. a continent as distinguished from an island. 3. A term used to denote a contiguous landmass or political territory relative to its politically associated but geographically remote outlying territories. It is variously used to refer to the continental (i.e. non-insular) part of a polity relative to its exclaves or oceanic islands; or to the largest or most politically, economically, and/or demographically significant island within an island nation. For example, continental Europe is often considered "the mainland" relative to the British Isles, while the island of Great Britain is considered "the mainland" relative to Northern Ireland and the many smaller islands that constitute the United Kingdom.
Mainlander nA dweller on a mainland.
Mainless adjPowerless, without force, of little might. 2. unimportant, minor in rank or position. 3. few in number, not numerous, not many. 4. small, little, tiny.
Mainline nPrincipal or chief line of a railway, main route or road. 2. principal or important position, mainstream. 3. a large or principal vein into which drugs can be readily injected.
Mainline vbTo inject drugs into a chief vein.
Mainline- believer nOne who holds to an orthodox or widely-accepted beliefs, particularly in religious matters.
Mainliner nOne who injects drugs, particularly heroin, into a chief vein.
Mainly advWith force.
Main man nOne's closest friend (African American Vernacular)
Main pin nA kingbolt; the main bolt of a structure, esp. a bolt/pin in a motor vehicle that links the chassis to the axle, providing the steering pivot.
Main road nA highway, especially between two towns.
Mains nThe domestic electrical power supply. 2. the pipes of a centralized water supply that transport the water to individual buildings.
Main sail nThe principal sail on the main mast.
Main sea nThe high sea.
Main sheet nOne of the ropes or sheets extending the main sail.
Main span nThe length of suspended roadway between the tower of a bridge.
Mainspring nThe chief motive power. 2. a principal spring in a piece of machinery. 3. the main incentive.
Main stem nThe main street. 2. the main line of a railway. 3. a preeminent person.
Mainstream nThe prevailing direction of opinion, fashion society' orthodoxy.
Mainstreamer nA musician etc., who is the mainstream or chief influence of his profession.
Mainstreet nThe principal street of a city, town, esp. in the USA. (frequently use as a proper name).
Mainstreet adjSymbol of mediocrity, parochialism or materialism in a small town.
Mainstreeter nOne who symbol of mediocrity, parochialism or materialism. 2. a politician who conducts and promotes his party's political message in the main street of towns.
Mainstreeting nA political campaign, or sometimes other types of campaign, conducted by politicians or promoters in the main street of a city to ensure maximum exposure of their message.
Main top nA platform at the head of the lower section of the main mast.
Mainward nThe main body of an army.
Main word nChief, head or important word' a lemma.
Make vbTo construct, build, create. 2. to produce. 3. to form, constitute. 4. to interpret. 5. to bring into success. 5. to cause to be. 6. to cause to do; force to do. 7. to indicate or suggest to be, or it is so. 8. to cover with bedclothes

9. to recognize, acknowledge worth of. 10. to earn, to gain (money)

Make nBrand, type or kind; often paired with model. 2. how a thing is made; construction. 3. quantity produced, especially of materials. 4. (dated) the act or process of making something, especially in industrial manufacturing. 5. person's character, make-up, way or disposition. 6.(computing) a software utility for automatically building large applications, or an implementation of this utility. 7. recognition or identification, especially from police records or evidence. 8. (slang, usually in phrase " lay' or "easy make") past or future target of seduction of a female). (slang, in the military) promotion.  9. home-made or do-it-your-self project.
Make nMate (OE. gemaca); friend, buddy, companion.
Make phr"All of Make the Same" - throughout
Make phr"Be the Making Of" - bring out one's true cahracter or potential.
Make phr"Have the Makings Of" - have the potential to be.
Make phr"How Do You Make That Out" - by what process or logic do you come to that conclusion.
Make phr"Kiss and Make Up" - to reconcile one's differences.
Make phr"Make a Beginning" - begin, commence to do something; make a start.
Make phr"Make a Bolt" - hurry to (catch a train)or get to an appointment.
Make phr"Make a Book" - to arrange a series of bets, etc.
Make phr"Make a Break (for it)" - abscond, depart, run away from, escape (from captivity), sneak away, flee.
Make phr"Make After" - to go in pursuit of; go after, chase, pursue, follow.
Make phr"Make Against" - to be unfavorable to. 2. to militate or tell against. 3. to make hostile movement towards.
Make phr"Make a Beeline Towards" - hurry directly towards.
Make phr"Make a Cat Laugh" - be especially comic, ludicrous or incongruous.
Make phr"Make a Clean Brest of it" - confess fully; make full confession.
Make phr"Make a Clean Sweep" - dispose of everything.
Make phr"Make a Day of It' - spend all day doing something enjoyable.
Make phr"Make a Deal with" - agree to terms for doing business.
Make phr"Make a Friend of" - put oneself appear ridiculous through clumsy or thoughtless behavior.
Make phr"Make a Go of" - make something succeed, as a realtionship or marriage.
Make phr"Make a Good Death/End" - die with dignity, courage, pious resignation.
Make phr"Make a Good Showing" - behave, perform or function creditably. 2. seem to be satisfactory etc in quality and amount.
Make phr"Make a Living" - to earn enough income to support oneself and, if applicable one's family.
Make phr"Make a Long Arm for" - stretch out to reach (an item, thing etc).
Make phr"Make a Loss" - lose money in a financial dealings.
Make phr"Make a Man of" - help to grow up, reach manhood.
Make phr"Make a Match" - arrange or bring about a marriage.
Make phr"Make a Meal of" - overdo something to excess.
Make phr"Make a Mistake" - act wrongly or incorrectly.
Make phr"Make a Name for Oneself" - earn a reputation in a particular field. 2. become famous or well-known.
Make phr"Make an Ass Of" - to cause someone to seem foolish or stupid.
Make phr"Make a Night of It" -spend all night doing something enjoyable.
Make phr"Make a Pig's Ear of" - to do badly; make a mess of.
Make phr"Make a Play for" - attempt to get a position; form a romantic relationship.
Make phr"Make As If (as though) to Do (Something)" - to behave as if, feign; hence, to pretend that.
Make phr"Make a Speech" - speak formally to an audience on a specific subject and/or a specific occasion. 2. speak to somebody as if one were speaking formally to an audience etc.
Make phr"Make a Stand" - resist and not flee the enemy forces, or a physical attack. 2. (fig) adopt and make known a firm attitude against, or opposition to somebody or something.
Make phr"Make a Start" - begin, commence to do something.
Make phr"Make a Stick For One's Own Back" - make a decision that will have personal, adverse consequences.
Make phr"Make a Stink" - complain bitterly, take assertive action in objecting to a problem. 2. to demand attention and or remedy for a problem.
Make phr"Make At" - attack, move towards something/somebody as if to attack them. 2. to tend to the advancement of, or progress of, to further, aid.
Make phr"Make Away (with)" - steal and hurry away with. 2. depart hastily.
Make phr"Make Away With" - put to death. 2. put a person out of the way. 3. end a person's life.
Make phr"Make Away with Oneself" - take one's own life; commit suicide; do away with oneself.
Make phr"Make a Weekend of" - devote a long time to some activity or pursuit.
Make phr"Make a Work" - to ensure the necessity for work to be done. 2. to give trouble.
Make phr"Make Belief" - the abstract quality of making believe.
Make phr"Make Believe" - pretend; unreal, play a game at.
Make phr"Make Bold" - act with daring; to dare.
Make phr"Make Care" - to be careful, anxious.
Make phr"Make Do (with something)" - to manage to do (with what is available) especially, as an interim measure or substitute or is it is not adequate or satisfactory or desirable.
Make phr"Make Ends Meet" - match expenses to income; live reasonably well without getting into debt.
Make phr"Make Eyes at" - look at flirtatiously or coquettishly.
Make phr"Make Fast" - fasten, tie up, secure, attach something securely.
Make phr"Make Felt" - to perceive through the sense of touch, as the softness of skin. 2. perceive as a physical sensation, as a sharp needle.
Make phr"Make Fight" - serve or take part in a military campaign.
Make phr"Make for" - to operate in favour of; be favorable to. 2. aim at, make possible, to ensure. 3. to tend to the progress or advancement of, to further. 4. make or move towards, a particular place. 5. escape, run away, flee. rush towards in order to attack. 6. have an effect upon.
Make phr"Make Forth" - to complete the preparation or equipping of.
Make phr"Make Free of" - liberate; allow somebody full rights. 2. take liberties with.
Make phr"Make Free with" - be over-familiar with somebody. 2. treat, use, somebody casually or presumptuously as if belonging to oneself.
Make phr"Make Friends with" - get on pleasant, intimate terms with; become friendly with.
Make phr"Make From" - shape, fashion from raw material. 2. fashion a garment.
Make phr"Make Game of" - to jest; ridcule; make fun of.
Make phr"Make Glad" - make happy.
Make phr"Make Gladness" - make glee, mirth.
Make phr"Make Glee" - make glad, mirth.
Make phr"Make Good" - do well in life and work, contrasted with being unable to rise from the lowest social economic level, or with being an idler, rogue, criminal. 2. achieve a desired and acknowledged status financially, socially or professionally.
Make phr"Make Good" - supply a need. 2. repair, restore or compensate for something.
Make phr"Make Goodly" - give oneself airs.
Make phr"Make Good One's Flight" - effect, complete, satisfactorily, an action or procedure (escape).
Make phr"Make Good Time" - to arrive at a specified or previously announced destination more quickly than anticipated.
Make phr"Make Great Play with" - (in a dramatic way, and especially in argument or debate), stress, emphasize, handle, play with.
Make phr"Make Great Strides" - progress, develop, improve rapidly.
Make phr"Make Grith" - in peace.
Make phr"Make Hay of" - demolish, destroy, throw into confusion,
Make phr"Make Hay while the Sun Shines" - to act while opportunity exists. 2. to take action while the situation is favorable.
Make phr"Make Head or Tail Of" (usually negative cannot)- not understand at all.
Make phr"Make Headway" - move forward in an intended course or direction. 2. progress satisfactorily; make progress.
Make phr"Make Heard" - make one's position clearly known; speak one's mind, declare, make plain.
Make phr"Make Heavy Weather of" - to roll and pitch, as a ship in a storm. 2. make a task seem more difficult than it really is.
Make phr"Make a Hit with" - impress favorably; make an impression on.
Make phr"Make Inroads" - absorb or consume a considerable amount or part of savings, capital, reserves etc.
Make phr"Make Into" - fashion, shape, mould into. 2. cause to become.transform into.
Make phr"Make It" - to succeed in crossing a great distance or specified distance, especially in time. 2. to achieve a desired object; to be successful. 3. to keep an appointment. 4. achieve sexual intercourse.
Make phr"Make It Do, or Do Without" - if you don't have plenty of money, spend what you have wisely and frugally.
Make phr"Make It One's Business" - be determined, or be careful, to do something necessary or desirable.
Make phr"Make Itself Felt" - cause one/othersto be keenly aware of something.
Make phr"Make It So" - cause something to happen, usually in a positive way.
Make phr"Make It Through Something" - to survive, not die as a result of a accident or illness. 2. endure a difficult situation or problem in one's life.
Make phr"Make It Up as We Go Along" - to improvise continuously as ond does something. 2. to do something without formal guidelines, notes etc.
Make phr"Make It Up" - give to somebody in compensation, recompense for something he/she has missed or suffered. 2. remedy a negligence or failing. 3. settle one's differences.
Make phr"Make Known" -to reveal, disclose, unveil, bring to light, tell, uncover, expose.
Make phr"Make Light Of" - treat as slight or unimportant.
Make phr"Make Like" - to pretend (to be); to behave like as if, to imitate.
Make phr"Make Little of" - remain calm, give little attention to, dismiss as trivial or unimportant (in an understanding way).
Make phr"Make Love Not War" - an anti-war slogan commonly associated with the American counterculture of the 1960s. It was used primarily by those who were opposed to the Vietnam War, but has been invoked in other anti-war contexts since.
Make phr"Make Love to" - kiss and caress. 2. have sexual intercourse with.
Make phr"Make Market" - to trade, buy, sell. 2. having dealings with.
Make phr"Make Merry" - be lively, boisterous, in a social way - laughing, talking, singing, dancing, eating, drinking.
Make phr"Make Mind" - to commemorate, record.
Make phr"Make Mirth" - make glee, glad, merry.
Make phr"Make Much of" - stress, fuss, emphasis or exaggerate something.
Make phr"Make Neither Head nor Tail of" - not understand something.
Make phr"Make No Bones Of" - not hesitate to do or say something. 2. act or speak about something frankly and vigorously.
Make phr"Make No Mistake" - do not be mislead by appearances into believing something that subsequent events or further events or further information will show to be untrue or not the case.
Make phr"Make Nothing Of (doing something)" - to find no difficulty in, or feel no scruples at or about. 2. overcome with ease some apparent difficult obstacle.
Make phr"Make Of" - to esteem (well or ill). 2. understand (at all); understand; interpret; to a stated extent. 2. construct of; build of.
Make phr"Make Off" - depart, decamp, leave in a hurry; escape, run away.
Make phr"Make Off With" - to leave with something in one's possession; steal; appropriate..
Make phr"Make Old Bones" - live to an old age.
Make phr"Make On" - make a certain profit as the result oof a business transaction.
Make phr"Make One Of" - to take part in a combined action. 2. be present at a meeting, etc. 3. to assimilate to the company one joins.
Make phr"Make One's Abode" - take up one's abode; make home or live with.
Make phr"Make One's Bed and Lie on It" -face the consequences of one's actions.
Make phr"Make One's Blood Seethe" - make one very angry.
Make phr"Make One's Blood Cold" - frighten, make apprehensive.
Make phr"Make One's Bow" - appear, be shown in public or before a particular audience , for the first time.
Make phr"Make One's Day" - to render a day delightful; or redeem it from dullness, nowhere, or banality.
Make phr"Make One's Farewells" - say goodbye to someone; see, visit people to say goodbye.
Make phr"Make One's Flesh Creep" - cause one to feel fear, loathing, aversion, nervous anxiety. 2. give somebody the creeps.
Make phr"Make One's Head Spin" - confuse one.
Make phr"Make Oneself at Home" - be as cmfortable, relaxed as if one were in their own home.
Make phr"Make One's Hair Stand on End" - fill with horror, dread. 2. become terrify or extremely scared. 3. make one's flesh creep.
Make phr"Make One's Living For Oneself" - take care care of one's own life. 2. live independently; pay one's own way.
Make phr"Make One's Mark" - become successful and well-known generally or in certain circles. 2. especially influence or contribute an art, a science, a sport.
Make phr"Make One's Play for" - try by some special action to secure or capture something.
Make phr"Make One's Soul" - to devote one's efforts to the saving of one's soul
Make phr"Make One's Way " - to direct one's journey (or life) so as to pass by or through it. 2. go, or succeed.
Make phr"Make One's Way Back/Along" - proceed, move along, back, across, etc.
Make phr"Make One's way in the World" - progress in one's career . 2. make a success in one's work.
Make phr"Make or Break (Someone)" - to cause either the complete success or the ruin of a person or thing. 2. resulting in great success or failure. 3. a crucial test leading either to a person or his/her failure, with no intermediary position..
Make phr"Make or Mar" - to make a success or complete failure, of an undertaking.
Make phr"Make Out" - make progress, proceed, work out, discover get on with, prosper. 2. write, fill out, complete a cheque etc. 3. manage, cope, fare, comprehend, distinguish, understand. 4. claim, assert, maintain; establish by evidence. 5. identifying someone, usually and from a distance and slowly; see, discern. 6. engage in sexual activity.
Make phr"Make Out Of" - to create something out of a material or substance.
Make phr"Make Over" - to hand over (formally). 2. to transfer the possession of a thing from oneself to another; bequeath. 3. convert, change, transform, renovate. 4.
Make phr"Make Play with" - use ostentatiously.
Make phr"Make Quick Work of" - to accomplish a specific task easily and quickly. 2. to kill a specific person easily and quickly.
Make phr"Make Ready - prepare; do what is necessary.
Make phr"Make Right" - set sometimes right and make something right. 2. correct something; alter a situation to make it more fair.
Make phr"Make Room for" - to make space or time for. 2. to make additional space into which something can be fitted.
Make phr"Make Sail" - to set more sails.
Make phr"Make Sheep Eyes At" - flirt; make appealing glances at.
Make phr"Make Shift with" - use for lack of something better; make do with.
Make phr"Make Short Work of" - to finish with somebody or something very quickly.
Make phr"Make So Bold As" - dare, presume, embolden, take the liberty, or have the courage to do something.
Make phr"Make Somebody's Blood Run Cold" - fig. to shock or horrify somebody.
Make phr"Make Somebody's Day" - be an experience, occurrence, that makes one feel the day has been especially satisfying or significant.
Make phr"Make Somebody's Heart Bleed" - make somebody's feel extreme sorrow or pity.
Make phr"Make Somebody's Teeth Itch" - to bother or unsettle a person. 2. put on edge.
Make pr"Make (Somebody) the Laughing Stock" - a thing or person make sport by all; a butt of ridicule. 2. an object of ridicule, someone who is publicly ridiculed, probably in the stocks.
Make phr"Make Something Look New" - clean, mend, polish something that it looks as it did when new.
Make phr"Make Something (Out) of It" - cause an argument or fight.
Make phr"Make Something Out of Nothing" - to think or say that something is problem when it is not.
Make phr"Make Something Out of Oneself" - to be successful on one's own iniative.
Make phr"Make Something Stick" - prove, substantiate, validate or make effective, esp. something said about or against somebody/something.
Make phr"Make Somebody Tired" - be or appear tiresome, exasperating, difficult to understand or deal with.
Make phr"Make Something Up" - invent, lie, fabricate, fib.
Make phr"Make Something Work" - cause something to work effectively.
Make phr"Make That Out - (How)" - by what process or logic do you come to that conclusion.
Make phr"Make the Best of" - do one best in difficult conditions, or with limited means.
Make phr"Make the Best of One or Other Worlds" - combine the best aspects of different ways of life, philosophies. *see etymology of*
Make phr"Make the Most of" - get as much from experience, etc as one can. 2. exploit something to its fullest. 3. take the best advantage of a situation.
Make phr"Make the Running" - in a race, take the lead and set the pace which other competitors must maintain if they hope to win. 2.(fig) take the lead in a conversation, argument, course of action, forcing or encouraging others to follow and compete.
Make phr"Make the Welkin Ring" - make a loud ring. 2. to celebrate or revel.
Make phr"Make the Worst of" - fail, refuse, to mke any effort when faced with difficulties.
Make phr"Make the Worst of Both* Worlds" - combine the worst features of two ways of life, philosophies. *see etymology of.
Make phr"Make Things Worse" - worsen an already dangerous, undesirable or awkward situation or condition.
Make phr"Make Time For" - to reserve a period of time to do something. 2. to travel at a faster than usual speed than. 3. to spend a time with a person in or in pursuit of a romantic relationship.
Make phr"Make Time (with)" - to make advances to the opposite sex.
Make phr"Make To" - to lend or contribute to. 2. to be favorable or conducive to, to go in support of. 3. to set to work.
Make phr"Make to Death" - put to death; to make away; make out of the way.
Make phr"Make Together" - to do something together (collectively).
Make phr"Make Under" - to makeover in awhich the quality, flashness or value of something is downgraded
Make phr"Make Understood" - make oneself understood or comprehended a language of which you have only a basic knowledge of.
Make phr"Make Unto" - create, produce (something) in favor or respect of another.
Make phr"Make Up" - to reconcile after a difference, dispute or quarrel; to become friends again. 2. replace; make good; redress, repay for one's past failures. 3. compose, invent, (possibly to deceive). 4. form, compose, invent, complete, constitute to full strength. 5. prepare by mixing ingredients together. 6. prepare one's body or face with cosmetics in order to look attractive. prepare one's body or face for a performance in a theatre or a film. 7. prepare a bed for a patient; prepare a bed for an unexpected guest. 8. put together food for a picnic basket. 9. make complete in strength, number, complement, required total. 10. make a road with a hard surface of bitumen etc to make it suitable for fast motor traffic. 11. add more fuel to the fire.
Make phr"Make Up to" - compensate, supply a substitute for. 2. redress, repay somebody for past failures; make amends for. 3. make friendly advances.
Make phr"Make Upon" - make at.
Make phr"Make Up for Lost Time" - make a special effort to do something after beginning late.
Make phr"Make Up From/Into" - shape, manufacture, form (a finished article) from raw material. 2. fashion a garment from material.
Make phr"Make Up One's Mind" - to come to a decision or conclusion.
Make phr"Make Up One's Mind For (to do something)" - to be reconciled to the thought of. 2. have one's mind made up for.
Make phr"Make Up One's Mouth" - make a particular facial expression.
Make phr"Make Up To" - to draw near to. 2. to make romantic advances towards. 3. go to great lengths to repair a damaged or fractured relationship.
Make phr"Make Water" - to urinate. 2. Of a ship taking in water.
Make phr"Make Waves" - cause difficulty or trouble.
Make phr"Make Way (for)" - move aside; allow others to proceed. 2. achieve progress.
Make phr"Make With" - to side with; have common cause with. 2. perform. proceed with.
Make phr"On the Make" - intent on winning someone's affection. 2. seeking sexual pleasure. 3. improving, advancing, getting better. 4. intent on, or greedy, for profit or advancement. 5. make pecuniary gains.
Make phr"That Makes Two Of Us" - so am I.
Make phr"What Do You Make of It" - what is your opinion?
Make phr"What Makes You Here" - what are you doing here.
Make-a-do nA to-do, uproar, stir. 2. one who makes believe or pretense.
Make-and-break adjA device for making and breaking an electrical circuit.
Make-believe nPretense, wishful thinking, daydreaming.
Make-believe adjPretended, unreal.
Make-believer nOne who pretends, lies, or fantasizes.
Make-believing nThe act or practice of lying, pretending, fantasizing.
Make-do nOne who resorts to make-shift or temporary expediency.
Make-do adjCharacterized by makeshift methods. 2. survive or sustain by the bare necessities. 3. temporary, makeshift, expediency. 4. use make-do methods.
Makedom nForm, shape, esp.,elegant form, shapeliness, comeliness.
Make-fast nAn iron ring or other object to which a boat is made fast.
Make-fire nAn incendiary.
Make-game nOne who or that which furnishes material for amusement; hence, a laughing-stock, butt (of jokes or amusement).
Make-god nA derisive term for a romish priest.
Make-king nThe maker of a king or the appointment of a person to a very senior position.
Make-law nA law-giver.
Makeless adjMatchless, without equal, peerless. 2. without a mate or friend.
Make-mirth adjOne who makes merriment, mirth and levity.
Make-or-break adjResulting in great success or failure
Make-out nA major change in the use of something. 2. a major change in the appearance of something or someone. 3. a radical transformation.
Make-out adjOf, or involving or suited to making out.
Make-over nA major change in the use of something, or in the appearance of something or someone. 2. a radical transformation.
Maker nA person who makes things. 2. a maker engaged in in a business manufacturing some product; a manufacturer. 3. "The Maker': the Judaeo-Christian God, the Maker of the Universe. 4. a poet; scop, skald, word-weaver..
Maker sfxOne who makes or fabricates, as a glassmaker.
Maker phr"Meet One's Maker" - to die. 2. die violently.
Makeready nFinal preparation and adjustments.
Make-right nOne who makes things right, corrects or rectifies.
Maker-outer n(Slang) : a kisser; someone who makes out (kisses).
Makership nThe office of a maker or creator.
Maker-upper nA person who makes something. 2. a packer of manufactured goods.
Makeshift adjA temporary or improvised solution; an expedient. 2. a temporary substitute of an inferior kind; also (transfig). of a person. 3. of a person: roguish, shifty, cunning.
Makeshiftness nCondition of being makeshift, temporary, improvised, inferior. 2. of the nature of, or character of being makeshift.
Makeshift shrine nA temporary memorial, often with a white cross draped in or surrounded by flower tributes, erected on a roadside site where a friend or loved one has died as a result or a motor vehicle or an act of murder.
Make-shifty adjSomething developed as a temporary contrivance in any emergency.
Make-span nIn manufacturing, the time difference between the start and finish of a sequence of jobs or tasks.
Make-talk nSomething said for the sake of talking. 2. idle chatter.
Makeunder nA makeover in which the quality, flashiness or value of something is downgraded.
Make-up nThe manner, character or temperament of a person. 2. the application by an actor of powder, lipstick, etc to one's, face, for a theatrical role. 3. cosmetics: lipstick, powder, blush for women. 4. a made-up story, invention or fiction. 5. compensation. 6. the balancing of a accounts at the end of period. 7. an arrangement or lay-out of a printed page, magazine etc.
Make-way nAn event or situation that leads to another. 2. a segue.
Make-weight nSomething put on the scales to make up the required weight. 2. that which is thrown into a scale to increase weight. 3. any person or thing made use of to fill up a deficiency.
Make-work nWork or activity of little or no value devised mainly to keep someone busy
Making nThe process of producing something. 2. the essential qualities needed for something. 3. composition, structure, make.
Making adjProductive, creative, prosperous. 2. causing, fabricating or constructing; workmanship; 3. that which contributes to improvement or success. a quantity of anything made at one time; a batch. 4. the ingredients or materials used in the making something.
Making sfxCombining form act of causing or producing . 2. creating or causing to be.
Making phr"Be the Making(s)Of" - to be the means or cause of progress or success. 2. bring out somebody's true character or potential.
Making phr"Have the Makings of" - have the potential to be.
Making phr"In the Making" - in the process of being made or becoming.
Making-as-if nPretense, lying, falsification, fantasy.
Making-good nThorough or careful use of resources. 2.
Making-merry nJoy, mirth, fun.
Making-ready nPreparation.
Making-up nReconciliation. 2. dressing up. 3. disguise for impersonation. 4. completion; the balancing of accounts at the end of a certain period. 5. composition. 6. compounding.
Mallow nA common wild plant, Malva.
Mallow-wort nA plant of the N.O. Malvaceae.
Mallum nA shire moot, meeting, discussion. 2. the hundred-court among the Franks, (by modern historians sometime used as the name of a common Germanic institution, and also attributed to the Anglo-Saxons.)
Malm nA soft friable rock, consisting of a soft chalky material; used especially in making bricks. 2. the light loamy soil formed by the disintegration of this rock.
Malm vbTo be soft; friable.
Malmstone nChert, a rock similar to flint, used in building and paving.
Malmy adjResembling a stratum or vein of malmstone. 2. marble, a block or slab, etc.
Malshave nA caterpillar.
Malt nMalted grain (usu. barley) used in brewing and other purposes. 2. malt liquor, esp. malt whiskey. 3. short for 'malted milkshake' a milkshake with malted milk powder added for flavor.
Malt vbTo convert or make a cereal grain into malt.
Malt phr"Soft Fire makes Sweet Malt" - an admonition to be gentle or merciful.
Malt-dust nMalt refuse.
Malted adjMade into malt.
Malted milknA milkshake containing malt and a flavor.
Malten vbTo undergo malting, to malt.
Malter nA maltman, a malster.
Malt-floor nA floor for drying malt.
Malthouse nA building in which malt is prepared and stored.
Malting nThe action of process of making malt or converting into malt.
Maltless adjWithout malt; deficient in malt.
Malt-loaf nA British snack made from malt with a sweet taste and a chewy texture like a haevy soft bread.
Malt-mad adjHeavily intoxicated.
Maltman nOne employed in a malthouse.
Maltness nThe state or quality of being malty.
Maltscot nTax paid on the privilege of making malt.
Maltshop nA malthouse.
Malster nA maker of or dealer in malt.
Maltworm nA tippler, a boozer, a sot.
Malty adjAddicted to, affected by, or containing malt (in the form of malt liquor). 2. drunk (sl.).
Man nAn adult male human.  2. (collective) all human males collectively: mankind.  2. a human, a person of either gender, usually an adult. 3. (collective) all humans collectively: mankind, humankind, humanity. (sometimes capitalized as Man.) 4. (in anthropology, archaeology, paleontology) a member of the genus Homo, especially of the species Homo sapiens. 6.(obsolete) - a sentient being, whether human or supernatural. 7. an adult male who has, to an eminent degree, qualities considered masculine, such as strength, integrity, and devotion to family; a mens. 8. (uncountable, obsolete, uncommon) manliness; the quality or state of being manly. 9. a husband; lover; a boyfriend. 10. male enthusiast or devotee; a male who is very fond of or devoted to a specified kind of thing. 11. a person, usually male, who has duties or skills associated with a specified thing. (used as the last element of a compound.) person, usually male, who can fulfill one's requirements with regard to a specified matter.  12. male who belongs to a particular group: an employee, a student or alumnus, a representative, etc. 13. an adult male servant. (historical) 13. vassal; subject. 15. a term of familiar address often implying on the part of the speaker some degree of authority, impatience, or haste. 16. boy; human, male; the man, woman.
Man vbTo supply (something) with staff or crew (of either sex). 2. to take up position in order to operate (something). 3. to brace (oneself), to fortify or steel (oneself) in a manly way. 2. to wait on, attend to or escort. 3. ( obsolete) To accustom (a hawk or other bird) to the presence of men.
Man intjAn interjection used to place emphasis on something else: "Man, that was great'.
Man sfxOne who manufactures; one who is an expert in an area, as a businessman.
Man phr"A Dirty Old Man" - an adult man - middle aged or elderly- who acts in a lewd or lechorous way.
Man phr"A Man Among Men" - a man of high excellence; outstanding.
Man phr"A Man's Life" - life and work that is suitable for (only) strong and active men.
Man's man n"A Man's Man" - a man fond of masculine pursuits and masculine company, and less attracted to domesticity or the society of women.
Man phr"A Marked Man" - someone who is very well for a misdeed.
Man phr"As a Man" - in respect to a man's personal character, e.g. as distinguished from his achievements, abilities, skills, work and wealth, etc.
Man phr"Be a Man" - act with strength, be brave, courageous, be independent. (in the following phrases used in the sense: 'individual male person'.
Man phr"As One Man" - in unison, in agreement.
Man phr"Be Man Enough" - be sufficiently man or strong in the situation.
Man phr"Be One's Own Man" - to be in control or command of oneself. 2. to be in full control of one's senses, faculties or powers. 3. be free to act, be independent. 4. to approach every issue in a totally objective manner.
Man phr"Between Man and Man" - matters or issues between persons. 2. interpersonal relationship in a broad senses.
Man phr"Brotherhood of Man" - whole of human society.
Man phr"Dead Man's School" - job opportunity provided by somebody's death or retirement.
Man phr"Every Man/Woman and His/her Dog" - everybody.
Man phr"Every (each) Man for Himself" - of a situation in which each person is occupied with his own safety or advancement.
Man phr"Every Man, Woman and Child" - every living person.
Man phr"He is Your Man" - he conforms to you ideals.
Man phr"Hit a Man When He's Down" - add to the misfortune of somebody who is already unfortunate.
Man phr"I'm Your Man" - a person who is needed or wanted.
Man phr"Like a Man" - resembling a brave, resourceful person.
Man phr"Make a Man of" - cause a youth to become resourceful.
Man phr"Man About Town." - one constantly seen at public or private functions.
Man phr"Man After One's Own Heart" - somebody etc of exactly the kind one likes best, because he etc matches an ideal.
Man phr"Man alive! - an expression of surprise; astonishment.
Man phr"Man and Man" - a matter between two men
Man phr"Man and Wife" - a newly married couple.
Man phr"Man at Arms" - a soldier, a feudal knight.
Man phr"Man at the Top" - the head of an administration, or of a financial, industrial, or trading concerns of some size and complexity. 2. the top man or top dog.
Man phr"Man Bites Dog" - a definition of what makes 'news' or is newsworthy.
Man phr"Man by Man" - each man separately, to each man separately. 2. per man; individually.
Man phr"Man for Man" - an assessment who is the better man (purely subjective and in various senses).
Man phr"Man in Black" - a clergyman.
Man phr"Man in the Middle" - an adversary that intercepts and often modifies communications. 2. one who is caught in the centre of opposing sides in an argument or controversy and is being pressured to support one side or the other.
Man phr"Man/Woman in the Moon" - a fancied resemblance of a man (or a man's face).
Man phr"Man In the Street" - ordinary, average people, especially when talking about their opinions and ideas.
Man phr"Man is a Wolf to Man" - humankind prey on one another.
Man phr"Man it Out" - to bear up manfully.
Man phr"Man of Afterwit" - one whose after thoughts and retorts come to little or too late, as the mischief has been done. 2. esprit de l'escalier.
Man phr"Man Of All Work" - factotum, jack of all trades.
Man phr"Man of Blood" - a murderer, genocidal maniac.
Man phr"Man of Breeding" - somebody of high birth, an aristocrat.
Man phr"Man of Deeds" - someone who acts first and thinks later.
Man phr"Man of Feeling" - well-meaning, very noble person sensitive to the suffering of others. 2. a generous hearted person.
Man phr"Man of Few Words" - a man who doesn't speak much. 2. a man who speaks only for a short time.
Man phr"Man of Forewit - a person of insight and foresight.
Man phr"Man of Glee - one who is happy, blissful, merry.
Man phr"Man of God" - a person devoted to the service of god; a saint, a holy man, a prophet, an ecclesiastic; a clergyman.
Man phr"Man of Healing" - Jesus. 2. a shaman, witch-doctor, faith-healer, medicine man.
Man phr"Man/Woman of His/Her Day" - someone who is famous among his/her contemporaries.
Man phr"Man/Woman of his Word" - someone who keeps promises and does as he/she says he/she will.
Man phr"Man of Iron/Steel" - somebody with great strength of character.
Man phr"Man of Means" - man of important and usually wealth.
Man phr"Man of Mold - mortal man: man who become dust or mold again after death.
Man phr"Man of Nothing to Do" - an idler, lay about.
Man phr"Man Of One's Own Heart" - somebody exactly the kind one likes best , because he/she matches an ideal.
Man phr"Man of One's Word" - one who sticks to her or her promises.
Man phr"Man of Sin" - the Antichrist.
Man phr"Man of Sorrows" - a name supposed to allude to the Messiah.
Man phr"Man of Straw" - someone who is cowardly; weak-willed. 2. a man of small means.
Man phr"Man of the Cloth" - a clergyman.
Man phr"Man/Woman of the House" - the householder, esp. of a family home.
Man phr"Man of the Old School" - somebody with traditional views.
Man phr"Man/Woman of the World" - secular person. 2. a worldly-wise person. 3. a person well accustomed to the ways and dealings of men. 4. a sophisticated person.
Man phr"Man of the Year" - somebody who has achieved fame or notoriety in a particular year.
Man phr"Man of War" - a naval vessel armed for hostilities. 2. orig. a soldier.
Man phr"Man of Wisdom" - in biblical sense a man in favor with God. 2. in a general sense: one who has the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, common sense, and insight.
Man phr"Man One Most Loves to Hate" - someone or somebody that one takes a positive pleasure in disliking, despising or criticizing.
Man phr"Man Oneself" - to prepare or brace oneself, as for an ordeal.
Man phr"Man or a Mouse" - brave, determined, as a man should be, or timid and evasive like a mouse.
Man phr"Man's man" - a man who qualities are appreciated by other men.
Man phr"Man's Meat" - women seduced ('food' for men).
Man phr"Man to Man" - frank or candid discussion between men. 2. (honestly) on equal terms.
Man phr"Man with an Axe" - the king of diamond in a deck of playing cards.
Man phr"My Good Man" - a patronizing or impolite mode of address to a man.
Man phr"My Man" - a person who can fulfill ones requirements, or with whom one has to do; specifically one's representative or envoy.
Man phr"No Man's Land" - neutral ground between opposing forces or armies.
Man phr"One's Own Man" - be totally independent.
Man phr"One Own Man again" - to fully recover good health after a severe illness.
Man phr"One's Right-hand Man" - trusted deputy or loyal aide or assistant.
Man phr"The Brotherhood of Man" - whole of human society.
Man phr"The Inner Man" - man's mind, soul, or nature. 2. jocular, in fun: the stomach or appetite of a man.
Man phr"The Man" - slang phrase that may refer to government or some other authority. 2. any man or group in charge or in authority, a commanding officer, guard in a prison, a policeman, a boss. 3. the white ruling class (US Ebonics). 4. a dealer in drugs. 5. God. 6. self-praise to express one authority, 'I'm the Boss'.
Man phr"The Man for Me" - one to whom I give my support, trust, love; often as an emphatic expression of approval.
Man phr"The Outer Man" - the visible, external aspect of a person.
Man phr"To a Man" -without exception, together, unanimously.
Man phr'Two Men and a Dog" - very few people.
Man phr"May the Best Man Win" - I hope that the best person succeeds.
Man phr"My Good Man" - impolite form of address made by somebody who regards himself/ herself as superior.
Man phr"The Threefold Man" - according to the Jews, man consists of body, soul, and spirit.
Man phr"The White Man's Burden" - colonial responsibilty.
Man phr"You Can't Keep a Good Man Down" - a determined person will succeed.
Man-about-town nA man who frequents night-clubs, theatres, restaurants, bars etc. 2. a sophisticate.
Manath nMan oath. 2. false oath, perjury, --- modern form would be moan oath.
Man-bane nAn opprobrious name for tobacco and smoking, and its deleterious affect, often fatal, upon smokers.
Man-born adjBorn of man; human.
Manbote nA sum paid under Old English law to the lord as a compensation for killing his vassal (man); also, similar compensation paid to the kin of a man murdered..
Man-box nSlang term for a coffin.
Man-child nA male child.
Man day nThe amount of work that one person can do in one day, often considered to be the equivalent of eight man hours.
Man-dealer nA slaver, slave-trader.
Man deed nA wicked act or deed.
Man-devil nIncubus.
Mandom nThe realm of the world of a man.
Mandragora nThe mandrake, especially a type of narcotic.
Man-dream nHuman joy, mirth; glee.
Mane nThe long hair along the top and sides of the neck of certain mammals, such as a horse, or a male lion. 2. a long thick growth of hair on a person's hair.
Maneater nCannibal, head-hunter. 2. a shark which attacks swimmers. 3. a tiger or any animals which attacks and kills humans. 4. a woman who treats men emotionally badly; a predatory woman.
Man-eating nThe act of man-eating in the various senses expressed in the noun 'maneater'.
Maned adjHaving a mane; having a long mane.
Maned wolf nThe largest canid of South America.
Maneless adjDevoid of a mane; not having a mane. 2. slang: bald.
Maneless adjThe state or condition of not having a mane. 2. lacking or without a mane.
Man-fearing adjOf animals that are fearful of man. 2. a woman meek and bashful in the presence of a man or men.
Manfolk nMenfolk.
Man friend nA male friend. 2. a male romantic partner.
Manful adjCharacterized by manly courage, resolution, bravery. 2. stately appearance; appearance befitting a man.
Manfully advIn a manful manner; in a manly way, resolutely, valiantly.
Manfullness nIn a manful state or condition: courage, bravery, boldness.
Mang vbTo mix, mung, mong, mingle.
Manhandle vbTo move something heavy by the force of a man or men; without the aid of a lever, pulleys, machinery or a tackle. 2. to control machinery,by means of one's own physical strength. physically jostle or strike a person; maltreat, mistreat, rough up.
Man-hardy adjBrave, courageous, manly.
Man-hater nA hater of mankind; misanthrope; also occasionally. a hater of the male sex.
Man-hating nMisandry; a hater of the male sex.
Manhead nState of being human. 2. condition of belonging to humanity. 3. human shape or form. 4. human nature. 5. quality of being human. 6. virility, manhood, courage, valor. 7. manly dignity; dignity of manhood. 8. homage. 9. humanity. humanness, kindness.
Man-high adjA before Space Age U.S military project that took men in balloons to the middle layers of the stratisphere.
Man hole nAn opening through which a man may enter a sewer, drain, pit, tunnel etc.
Manhood nState or condition of being human; human nature. 2. dignity of man. 3. state of being a man, as opposed to a child; as opposed to woman-hood. 4. qualities eminently becoming a man; manliness, courage, valor. 5. humanity, humanness. 6. homage. 7. men collectively.
Manhunt nA hunt to recapture a person who has committed a crime or has escaped from prison.
Man-hunter nCannibal, man-eater, slave-dealer, brigand. 2. a woman, especially a widow or spinster. 2. an employment agency; a recruitment agency,
Man-hunting nOrganized searching for a criminal or an enemy.
Manifold adjVarious in kind, in quality,diverse. 2. many in number, numerous, multiple, multiple. 3. complicated. 4. exhibited at diverse times or in various ways.
Manifold vbTo make manifold, multiply. 2. to multiply or reproduce impressions of by a single operations.
Manifoldly advIn a manifold manner or many-numbered ways.
Manifoldness nQuality of being manifold, varied in character; multiplicity. 2. a general concept of magnitude. 3. diversity.
Manifoldwise advIn various ways.
Mankeen adjOf animals (rarely persons): inclined to attack men. 2. fierce, savage, wild. 2. of women: very fond of men 3. infuriated, furious, fierce, mad.
Mankind nThe human race, people, mankin. 2. human being generally.
Manless adjHaving no men, either in the sense of human beings or adult persons; without, folkless. 2. of a woman: lacking the company of men, having no husband or suitor. 3. unmanly, effeminate, inhuman.
Manlessness nCowardice. 2. of women: the state or condition of being without men; manless.
Manlihead nThe condition of being human, virility, courage, bravery.
Manlihood nVirility, masculinity, machismo, vigor. 2. manliness.
Manlike adjResembling a human being in appearance or characteristics, an anthropoid. 2. (of a woman) having an appearance of, or qualities associated with men. 3. manly, belonging or proper to a man.
Manlikely advIn the way of a man;or in a man like manner.
Manlikeness nThe quality or state of being like a man. 2. manfulness, courage, virility, baldness, strength.
Manliness nSet of qualities, traits and abilities appropriate to man, similarity. 2. man-fullness, maleness, mannishness, manhood, manliness, masculinity, virility.
Manling nA little man
Manlock nA airlock through which pass workers into a chamber of compressed air, esp. in mines.
Manly adjHaving the character of a man. 2. having qualities befitting a man, courageous, resolute.
Man-mad adjOf a woman: desirous of men.
Man-made adjNot of natural origin. 2. prepared, fashioned or made artificially by man. 3. of textiles fibers made by man: synthetic.
Man-mark nTo mark an opposition closely.
Man-midwife nA male midwife.
Man-minded adjHaving the mind of a man.
Manned adjOperated by, performed by, or transporting a person; crewed; piloted. 2. operated by, performed by, or transporting a man
Manning nThe action of furnishing a ship with men.
Mannish nResembling or characteristic of a man in some aspect. 2. of a woman masculine in appearance or manner.
Mannishly advOf or relating to the manner of men.
Mannishness nThe condition of being mannish, manliness, or masculine.
Man month nOne person's working time fora month, or the equivalent, used as a measure of how much work or labor is required or consumed to perform some task.
Man-of-God nA clergyman. 2. a saint.
Man-of-law nLawyer, solicitor, solon, counselor.
Man of War nA warship, but referred to as 'she'.
Man-of-the-Cloth nA clergyman.
Man-of-the-world adjSecular person.
Man-on-man adjReferring to a defensive paly where each player man-marks his opposing number.
Man quell nMurder, killing, homicide..
Man-queller nMurderer, killer, slayer.
Man-quelling nHomicide, murder.
Manrede nHomage; note phrases: " to do or make manrede; to take, nim, or fang manrede." 2. vassals collectively: the men the lord can call upon in time of war, hence a supply of me for the purpose of war. 3. the position of a leader of fighting men; the conduct of an army. 4. carnal intercourse.
Man-ridden adjFull of or oppressed by men
Man rope nEach of the side ropes to a gangway or ladder of a ship.
Man-selling nA slave-dealer; a slave-trader; a slaver.
Man-shaped adjResembling or like the shape of a man.
Manship nHumanity, kindness, courtesy, civility. 2. position of honor or respect, dignity, worship, honor. 3. honor shown to a person: homage, respect, dignity. 3. manly spirit or conduct, gallantry, manliness, chivalry. 4. the characteristics of being a man' manliness, masculinity, manliness, manhood. 5. the human condition.
Manship vbTo denote skill in a subject or activity now so deployed to disconcert a rival or opponent. 2. used as a suffix in words such as "one-upmanship."
Manship sfxA suffix denoting expertise, involvement, or special status in a particular field.
Man-shy adjOf animals: fear of humans. 2. of a woman: shy in the company of men.
Manslaught nMurder, homicide, manslaughter.
Manslaughter nThe killing or slaying of a person. 2. the unlawful killing of a man; either in negligence, incidental to the commission of some unlawful act, but without specific malice, or upon a sudden excitement of anger.
Manslay vbTo kill, murder, commit homicide.
Manslayer nA killer, slayer, butcher. 2. one who kills or commits murder or manslaughter. 3. one who kills another person. 4. an executioner.
Man's man nA man who is popular among men.
Man's meat n"Food for men' (in an indecent sense): women who are seduced by men.
Man's motherwort nPalma christi.
Manspread n(Of a man) to splay one's legs open wide when sitting on public transport, thus occupying more than one seat.
Manspreading vbThe practice of men splaying their legs open wide when sitting on public transport, thus occupying more than one seat.
Man's talk nA discussion between males as seen as inappropriate for female ears. Often it involves smutty jokes on discussions about sport.
Man-stealing nThe act or business of kidnapping human beings , esp. with a view to enslave them.
Man-stopping adjHaving force sufficient to stop a man's advance: said of a bullet.
Manswear vbTo swear falsely, perjure oneself. 2. to renounce on oath, forswear.
Manswearing nPerjury, false swearing on oath.
Mantle n(Fusion of OE. mentel and OF mantel, both from latin: cloak, towel, cloth) - foam that covers the surface of liquid. 2. the green vegetable coating on standing or stagnant water. ?
Mantle phrThe Mantle and the Maid" - a vow of chastity taken by a widow.
Man-to-manadjBluntly, candidly, directly, honestly, outright, forthright, plainly, unashamedly.
Man-to-manness nThe disposition of being candid, forthright or direct, etc.
Manward(s)advIn relation to a man, pertaining to a man. 2. in the direction of a man.
Man-whore nA male prostitute, gigolo, womanizer, libertine.
Man-wickedness nThe inhumanity of man to his fellow man.
Man-wise adjThe fashion or way of men. 2. in respect of a man. 3. concerning an individual men
Man-witch nA male witch or warlock.
Man-woman nA hermaphrodite, a mannish woman, one having the characteristics of both sexes, man-womanly.
Man-womanlyadjHaving the characteristics of both sexes, or both man and woman.
Manworth nThe worth of man: nobleness, idealistically the way one treats and cares about others. 2. the monetary value of man himself. 3. man in an economic sense: his value as a wage-earner, consumer, spender.
Manworthy adjThe worthiness, goodness, nobleness of a man or men(collectively). 2. the humanity of man.
Many adjOE. had a derivative "menige" that did not survive into ME. and though the modern use of many, though agreeing with the OE. form, was a new development which has not been found earlier than the C16th.
Many n A collective mass of people. 2. an indefinite large number of people or things.  2. a multitude; a great aggregate; a mass of people; the generality; the common herd; considerable number.
Many prnA collective mass of people. 2. a multitude, great aggregate, a mass of persons. 3. the generality, the common herd. 4. a considerable number.
Many phr"A Few or One Too Many" - to much alcohol to drink.
Many phr"A Good Many" - a large number.
Many phr"A Great Many" - a large number.
Many phr"As Many" - the same number of (six mistakes in as many lines)
Many phr"As Many Again" - the same number additionally (sixty here and as many again).
Many phr"Have One Too Many" - too many alcoholic drinks consumed.
Many phr"Many a Long Day" - a very long period of time.
Many phr"Many and Many" - (reduplication of many) a great amount; a lot or number of.
Many phr"Many a Time" - many times, frequently. 2. many's the time.
Many phr"Many a Time and Oft" - frequently.
Many phr"Many and Many" - (reduplication of many) a great amount; a lot or number of.
Many phr"Many are Called Few are Chosen" - although many persons may wish to qualify for entry into an elite or private group, only few will have the ability or good fortune to succeed.
Many phr"Many Hands Make Light Work" - many helpers get a task completed more easily and quickly than one person working alone.
Many phr"Many Men Many Minds" - there are as many opinions as there are men.
Many phr"Many Moons Ago" - a long time ago, esp. referring to an earlier period of one's life.
Many phr"Many Thanks to You" - an expression of gratitude, expressing greater gratitude than 'thank you' or 'thanks'.
Many phr"Many's the Time" - frequently, often.
Many phr"One Too Many for" - outwit, baffle.
Many phr"The Many" - the multitude, the great body of people. 2. an indefinite large number of.
Man-year nOne person's working time for a year, or the equivalent, used as a measure of how much work or labor is required or consumed to perform some task.
ManyfoldadjEtymological identical with manifold, though rarely used in the same sense (= in the proportion of many to one.)
Many-folds nThe intestines (the tharms), from having many folds.
Manyfull adjAbundant, plentiful, many in number.
Many-headed adjOften applied derisively to people or the populace.
Many-hede nA multitude; manyhood.
Manyness nPlurality, many in number.
Many-sided adjMultilateral, having many aspects, bearings, capabilities, possibilities.
Many-sideness nMultilateral, having many sides, many possibilities.
Many-where advIn many places.
Maple nAny of the trees of the genus "Acer." 2. the common maple: "Acer campestre."
Maple leaf nThe emblem of Canada
Maple-like adjResembling a maple tree in some aspect of s one.
Mar nBlemish, disfiguring mark, injury.
Mar vbOE. to waste, squander (property) 2. to hamper, hinder, interfere with interruption or stoppage (person, event or thing.) 3. to spoil, impair with objective. 4. a material thing: to damage or render useless, to destroy or impair the quality of. 4. with immaterial object: to impair, fatally ruin. 5. to detract from the perfection or completeness of. 6. to become deteriorated, to spoil, to perish. 7. to harm, injure a person, to inflict destructive bodily harm upon; to mangle, disfigure. 8. to ruin, damage seriously (a person, his fortune.) 9. to ruin or damage morally, to spoil a child by indulgence. confuse, bewilder, perplex; to become bewildered or confused, . 11. to trouble, grieve, distress. 12. to err, go astray, falter.
Mar phr"Make or Mar" - to make a success or complete failure, of an undertaking.
Mar phr"To Mar All" - completely prevent successful business taking place. 2. to spoil all.
March nSmallage or wild celery.
March-day nA court held to try cases of infraction of border law.
Marches nThe OE mearc, a mark , border, as in Kent or Sussex marches.
Marches phr"Riding the Marches" - beating the bounds of a parish.
March-gate nA way across a frontier. 2. a border crossing.
March-land n(Mearc-land) land comprising the marches or borders areas of a country. 2. the border territory, frontier land, the mark.
March-man nAn inhabitant of the marches or borders.
Marchstone nA markstone: a stone set up to mark a boundary of an estate or area.
Mare nThe mother or dam of a horse. 2, a bricklayer's hod.
Mare nA kind of goblin supposed to produce a nightmare by sitting on the chest of the sleeper. 2. the nightmare or elf-addle itself; the blues, melancholia. 3. a specter, hag.
Mare phr"Away with the Mares" - off with the blue devils, goodbye to care. This mare is Incubus, called the nightmare.
Mare phr"Shank's Mare' - one's own legs as a means of moving, walking etc.
Mare phr"The Grey Mare Is The Better Horse" - the wife rules the husband.
Mare phr"The Mares" - the blues, depression, melancholia.
Mare phrWin the Mare or Lose the Halter" - all or nothing.
Mare phr"Whose Mare is Dead" - what's the matter.
Mare's-nest n(Horse's nest?) To imagine that one has found something wonderful, which in fact has no existence at all. Nb- "I have found a mare's nest." 2. an illusory discovery, esp. one that is much vaunted and displays foolish credulity.
Mare's tail nA kind of cirrus cloud. 2. a waterfall. 3. a a marsh plant of the genus Hippuris.
Mar-good nThe state or condition where good or good intentions are prevent or spoiled by hypocrisy, dishonesty, betrayal, etc. 2. mar-right.
Mark nA boundary, frontier, limit. 2. of immaterial things: a limit or precise boundary, line or point. 3. an object indicting a boundary, position etc., a visible mark or something marked. 4. a pillar, post, stone, fence to indicate a position of a boundary. 5. a stone or other monument set up or standing as a memorial or guide. 6. a standard or banner. 7. target for shooting or throwing at. 8 quarry of a hawk. 9. pit of the stomach (slang) 10. a boxer's object at which a blow is aimed. 11. a soft or easy mark. 12. a denomination or monetary unit of gold or silver.
Mark vbTo put a mark upon; to make recognizable by a mark. 2. to indicate in some way for later reference. 3. to take note of.  4. to blemish, scratch, or stain.  5. to indicate the correctness of and give a score to an essay, exam answers, etc. 6. to keep account of; to enumerate and register. 7. (in Australian Rules football) to catch the ball directly from a kick of 15 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick. 8. (sports) to follow a player not in possession of the ball when defending, to prevent them receiving a pass easily. 9. (golf) to put a marker in the place of one's ball. 10. (singing) to sing softly, and perhaps an octave lower than usual, in order to protect one's voice during a rehearsal.
Mark phr"A Marked Man" - one whose conduct is watched with hostile intent. 2. one who is kept in mind as an object for suspicion or vengeance.
Mark phr"A Soft Mark" - a credulous person; a dope, dupe.
Mark phr"Be First Off the Mark" - to start ahead of all others.
Mark phr"Besides/Off the Mark" - off the point of discussion; pointless.
Mark phr"Bless the Mark" - ejaculation of deprecation, irony scorn, derision, or irony or humorous surprize.
Mark phr"First Off the Mark" - to be first to start or do something. 2. to behave proactively.
Mark phr"Get Full Marks" - receive great praise.
Mark phr"Get Off the Mark" - begin doing something quickly.
Mark phr"Hit the Mark" - to be accurate, understand the most important issues involved.
Mark "phr"Leave One's Mark on" - leave a lasting impression; especially to achieve apparent success.
Mark phr"Make One's Mark" - distinguish oneself, leave an impression.
Mark phr"Man of Mark" - an eminent person.
Mark phr"Mark and Sweep " - (computing) a form of garbage collection in which every accessible object in memory is flagged, leaving unflagged only those that are no longer reachable and can thus be discarded.
Mark phr"Mark Down" - to reduce the price of. 2. to write a memorandum about. 3. to subtract marks (points) for an error. 4. to write down.
Mark phr"Mark Down" - choose, especially as deserving of censure or punishment.
Mark phr"Mark for Life" - wound or injure somebody so severely that he/she is permanently scarred.
Mark phr"Mark In" - add details to a document, sign, etc.
Mark phr"Mark My Words" - listen to me, used in a statement one wishes to emphasize.
Mark phr"Mark Off" - to separate by or as with a boundary, line, delineate. 2. to indicate as dealt with, as on a list; check off.
Mark phr"Mark of Gold or silver" - a hallmark.
Mark phr"Mark Out" - draw the internal dividing lines with a space, as windows on a drawing of a wall,etc.
Mark phr"Mark Out (for)" - decide in advance that somebody will succeed.
Mark phr"Mark Time" - to march in place, while still in step with the beat. 2. fig. to stop making progress or advancement, if only temporarily.
Mark phr"Mark Up" - to increase the price of something before it's wholesale and retail phase. 2. increase the marks awarded to a student etc. 3, prepare a manuscript for a printer by making acorrections, inserting new add coding to text so that it will display properly on a computer.
Mark phr"Mark You"/"Mind You"" - all the same, even so. 2. let me remind you (and myself). 3. nevertheless; all / just the same. 4. at the same time.
Mark phr"Miss the Mark" - be inaccurate, fail to understand the most important issues in a matter.
Mark phr"Near the Mark" - risque, somewhat or bordering on obscene.
Mark phr"Off the Mark" - having made a start. 2. inaccurate, wrong.
Mark phr"Of Great Mark" - of great importance, very important.
Mark phr"Of Little Mark" - of little importance.
Mark phr"Of Some Mark" - of a person or thing: noteworthy, important, conspicuous.
Mark phr"On Your Mark" - get ready to start (a race, exam,, etc).
Mark phr"Overstep the Mark" - to go too far; overshoot the mark. 2. go beyond the bounds of good taste or behavior. 3. exceed what is required.
Mark phr"Quick off the Mark" - fast to act or react.
Mark phr"Short of the Mark" - fall short of the mark. 2. not to perform to expectation.
Mark phr"Slow off the Mark" - slow to act or react.
Mark phr "Soft Mark" - a person who is easily persuaded or deceived. 2. an easy mark, dupe, gormless person.
Mark phr"The Marks of Gods" - (God's marks) : an apparition betokening an impending death.
Mark phr"Toe the Mark" - line up abreast of others. 2. to fall in , do one's duty. 3. fulfill one's commitments.
Mark phr"Under the Mark" - under par. 2. not up to the mark. 2. fig. below the reuired or minimal standard.
Mark phr"Up to the Mark" - meeting the required or right standard.
Mark phr"Wide of the Mark" - far from the target; inaccurate; wrong. 2. fig. inadequate, far from what is required or expected; wrong.
Mark phr"Within the Mark" - meeting or near to the required standard. 2. a fixed or agreed standard. 3. prefixed; fig. representing a limit or total. 3. an approximate.
Mark-down nA reduction in price of an article; a selling price which has been reduced. ( the opposite of mark-up)
Marked adjNoticeable, noted, clear, decided, evident, apparent, distinct, pronounced. 2. having a visible mark.
Markedly advIn a marked manner, distinctly, noticeably, conspicuously.
Marked-man nOne whose conduct is watched with hostile intent. 2. one who is kept in mind as an object for suspicion or vengeance.
Markedness nThe condition or quality or state of being marked.
Marker nIn linguistics a construction or form etc., distinguished or determined by a particular feature. 2. a markling: a word, affix, etc., which distinguishes or determines the class or function of the form, construction etc., with which it is used.
Marker bed nIn geology, a rock unit with a distinctive stratigraphic features which can be traced over a wide area.
Markerless adjWithout a marker.
Market boardnA white board.
Market n(Old English borrowing) - a place where merchandise is exposed for sale, specifically, an open area or space, or a large building in a town or city, generally with stalls or designated positions occupied by different dealers, especially such a place for the sale of provisions ; also a market place or stead. 2.
Market vbTo make something a commercial product. 2. to take part in a commercial promotion, sale or distribution. 3. to deal at market. 4. to buy various goods, products at at market.
Market phr"Be in the Market (for)" - have an interest in buying.
Market phr"Bring to Market" - offer for sale.
Market phr"Come Into/Onto the Market" - to be put up for sale, as a house.
Market phr"Find a Market" - to be in demand.
Market phr"Go to Market" - make an attempt at something.
Market phr"In the Market for" - wish to buy.
Market phr"Make a Market" - the degree to which an asset or security can be quickly bought.
Market phr"Make Market" - to trade, buy, sell. 2. having dealings with.
Market phr"Make One's Market" - to do dealing or bargaining.
Market phr"On the Market." -- be readied and offered for sale; up for sale.
Market phr"Put Into/Onto Market" - make a matter of bargain and sale.
Market phr"Run Before One's Horse to Market": to count one's gain before the bargain is made or to count one's chickens before they are hatched."
Market phr"The Market" - an economy of a State or country. 2. the global economy. 3. the customers, clients, consumers, spenders, collectively. 4. the stock market.
Market bell nThe bell rung to give notice that the buying and selling in a market has begun.
Market day nA day when a market is open for business. 2. a fixed day on which weekly markets are held.
Market-friendship nFriendship in business.
Market-house nA building in which the market is held.
Marketing nThe action or process of advertising, promoting goods and services for sales. 2. the act of buying and selling in the market.
Marketless adjA place without a market
Market-like adjResembling or characteristic of a market.
Market-maker nA person or company taht undertakes a to quote at all times both a buying and selling price for a financial institution.
Market-monger nOne who trades his wares at a market. 2. one who engrosses the market.
Market-ripe adjNot quite ripe; said of slightly unripe fruit picked to reach the market in salable condition.
Market share nA percentage of some market held by a company.
Marketstead nA market place
Market-talk nGossip, rumour, allegory.
Market adj"Market-to-Market" - (finance, accounting) Assigning a value to an asset equal to the current market price of the asset or one calculated based on related standardised assets for which there is a market.
Market town nA town that has traditional right to hold a regular market.
Marketwide adjThrough a market.
Marketwide advThrough a market.
Marking nThe action of the verb 'the act of making a mark.' 2. the characteristic colouration and patterning of an animal. 3. a mark or an arrangement of marks; characteristic coloring.
Marking knife nA joiner's setting-out knife. It is usually about 8ins long with a point at one end and a knife at the other.
Markings nThe pattern of coloration of a particular animal.
Markless adjWithout a mark or mark; impeccable.
Markmoot nA (supposed) assembly of the inhabitants of the Moot (name in medieval Germany applied to a tract of land held in common by a village community, and sometimes applied to Anglo-Saxon society and times.
Marksman nOne skilled in hitting the mark, as with a rifle or other weapon. 2. sharpshooter, rifle expert.
Marksmanship nThe quality, art or function of shooter.
Markstone nA boundary stone, a marker, monument.
Mark-up nThe amount added by a retailer to the cost of the price of goods to cover overhead charges and provide profit. 2. the raising of price. 3.
Mark-white nThe bulls-eye of a target.
Markworthy adjWorthy of note, worthy-marked.
Marmstone nMarble, a block or slab of marble.
Marred adjSpoiled, changed, damaged, injured, impaired.
Marredness nThe state of being marred or spoiled.
Mar-right adjHaving no good, evil, ill-intended.
Marrow nSoft vascular tissue in the central cavities of bone; bone-marrow. 2. the interior substance of anything; essence, pith. 3. as bone containing edible in
Marrow phr"Chilled to the Marrow" - very cold.
Marrow phr"Marrow Bone and Cleavers" -an unusual name for a hotel run by an ex-butcher.
Marrow phr"Melt the Marrow" - (in the proverbial and hyperbole) - love was said to 'melt the marrow'.
Marrow phr"The Marrows" - the knees (jocular). 2. the fists as weapons. 3. pugilists (collectively)
Marrow phr"To the Marrow" - right through.
Marrow-bone nA bone containing edible marrow. 2. jocularly -- the knees (or, 'the marrows'). 3. the piratical crossbones.
Marrow-boneish adjREsembling or characteristic of marrow-bone.
Marrow-boneless adjDestitute of marrow-bone.
Marrow-boney adjPertaining or resembling the marrow-bone.
Marrowed adj(Lit, & fig.) full of marrow.
Marrow-fat nA large, rich pea.
Marrowiness nA pithy state or condition. 2. the truth, known through the fulfillment of a promise kept.
Marrowish adjOf the nature or resembling marrow.
Marrowy adjFull of marrow. 2. of the nature of marrow.
Marsh nA low-lying, soft, wetland with vegetation covering it. 2. a fen, miry swamp, morass. 2. in Australia, a drained meadow.
Marshal nOE. Mare & shalk: a servant, one who looks after horses. 2. an officer of the highest rank of the armed forces of some countries. 2. a federal or municipal law-enforcement officer.
Marshal vbTo assemble and arrange (a group of people, esp. troops) in order.
Marshaler nOne who assembles and arranges (a group of people, esp. troops) in order.
Marshalling nThe act of assembles and arranges (a group of people, esp. troops) in order.
Marshalship nThe position or role of a marshal.
Marsh hen nThe moor hen.
Marshiness nThe state or condition of being marshy.
Marshland phrMarshy land, a fen or a bog.
Marshlike adjResembling or characteristic of a marsh.
Marshmallow n????A plant of the mallow family, "Althaea officinalis" growing in marshy places. 2. a sweetmeat formerly made from the root of this plant; now a confection made of starch, corn syrup and gelatin, coated with powdered sugar.
Marshmallowy adjResembling or characteristic of a marshmallow. 2. over-accommodating. 3. vacuous.
Marshside adjBesides or situation beside a marsh.
Marsh thistle nA biennial or perennial herb - Cirsium palustre.
Marshwort nThe umbelliferous plant "Helosciadum nodiflorous."
Marshy adjPertaining to or the nature of a marsh. 2. consisting of or containing marshes or marshland.
Martyr nOne who suffers from the sake of his principles and beliefs. 2. one who willingly dies rather than renounces his religious beliefs.
Martyr vbTo torture, persecute and torment another because of his religious beliefs.
Martyr phr"Be a Martyr" - suffer because of.
Martyr phr"Make a Martyr of" - to subject to hardship or inconvenience.
Martyr phr"Make a Martyr of Oneself" - to make a real or pretended sacrifice of own self or interest, for the sake of gaining credit for.
Martyr-death nDeath through martyrdom.
Martyrdom nThe state of being a martyr. 2. the death of a martyr. 3. the death, sacrifice, suffering of a martyr on account of his or her adherence to a belief, faith or any cause. 4. affliction, torment, torture. 5. the state of one who has willingly died rather than renounce his religious beliefs
Martyred adjTo be martyred; die a martyr's death.
Martyrer nOne condemns another to be martyred. 2. one who puts a martyr to death.
Martyr-fire nThe fire of martyrdom (lit & fig.)
Martyring nThe act of putting a martyr to death.
Martyrish adjHaving the airs of a martyr.
Martyr-like adjCharacteristic of or resembling a martyr
Martyrly advTo die in the manner of a martyr.
Martyrship nThe status of a martyr.
Martyry adjMartyrdom; suffering the torment, torture and death of a martyr.
Mary nThe mother of Jesus.
Marymass nThe festival of the Virgin Mary.
Mash nIn brewing, malt mixed with hot water to form wort. 2. a mixture of boiled grains. 3. something reduced to a softy pulpy consistence, by heating or mixing or steeping in water. 4. a confused muddle, hash. 5. a state of being reduced by a soft mash. 6. in wine-making the crushed grapes before fermentation. 7. (slang) a person on whom one is "mashed" or completely infatuated.
Mash vbTo mix malt with hot water in brewing. 2. to brew ale, beer and some other alcoholic drinks. 3. to infuse tea. 4. to lixiviate. 5. to beat into a soft pulp or soft mass. 6. to pound or stomp one's way. 7. to admit of being crushed. 8. to reduce food to a homogenous mass. 9. to mix, mingle.
Masher nOne who or that which mashes. 2. a man who who persistently annoys women unaquainted with him , as by attempting familiarity.
Mashwort nWort, infused malt, mash fat.
Maslin nA kind of brass.
Mask nOE. a net
Masker vbOE. malscrian: proud. 2. to bewilder, confuse, to be bewildered.
Maskering nBewilderment, confusion.
Masking nBewildering, confusing. 2. netting, ensnaring, trammeling.
Mass nThe eucharistic service. 2. the celebration of the Eucharistic.
Mass-bell nA bell that calls person to mass.
Mass-day nA feast day celebrating the mass.
Mass-goer nOne who goes to or attends mass.
Mass-time nThe time of commencement of the mass.
Mast nAny large upright pole. 2. a pole of round timber or tubular iron, set upright in a sailing vessel to sustain the yard. 3. a large, upright pole.
Mast phr"At Half Mast" - of trousers (loose, baggy and threatening to fall down).
Mast phr"Before the Mast." serving as a common sailor on a navy ship, from the fact that common sailors were quartered before the foremast.
Mast nThe fruit of the oak, the beech and other trees, acorns. 2. fodder, feed.
Mast vbTo feed animals on mast; to fatten. 2. to feed oneself gluttonously
Master nLate OE. (a borrowing from OF.) one having control or authority,' from Latin magister. 2. chief, head, director, teacher.
Master vbTo control, direct, lead.
Master phr"Be the Master of" - to possess, have at one's disposal(now usually something immaterial thing). 2. to have 'the mastery' or thorough knowledge of.
Master phr"Master of One's Own House" - in fact, as well as in name, the head of one's own household, who decisions must be accepted.
Master phr"Master of Oneself" - have oneself under control.
Master phr"Master of the Horse" - an official attached to the royal household in Britain.
Master phr"One's Lord and Master" - one's husband.
Master phr"The Master" - Christ.
Master-at-Arms nA police officer on board a warship.
Master-bedroom nA room in a house, in which the head of the house sleeps,
Master-bough nThe main or strongest bough of a tree. 2. (fig)a main, chief or strongest support or basic of something.
Master-builder nA builder with a high level of training and qualification, who has charge and responsibility for construction of buildings, esp. houses.
Mastercraft nA craft, trade or occupation building or creating the highest quality and best performing products. 2. politic dealing characteristic of a master.
Mastercraftsman nA master of a specific trade or craft who may train and employ apprentices. 2. a craftsman, building, making or creating the highest quality and best performing products.
Masterdom nBorrowed from Latin, the office of a master or teacher; the degree of master of divinity. 2. position of being master, dominion, rule, absolute command, supremacy. 3. victory in battle, power of control, masterful behavior.
Mastered adjTp reach a high level of competency in some field or pursuit.
Masterer nOne who masters or controls, directs something or someone.
Masterful adjHaving supreme skill and ability.
Masterfully advIn a very skillful manner, imperiously.
Masterfulness nQuality of being masterful.
Masterhand nOne skilled in his craft; an expert. 2. an expert. 3. great skill; expertness.
Masterhood nState of being masterful.
Masterhood phrPatronage.
Master-key nA key designed to open a set of several locks; a passkey.
Masterless adjHaving no mastery of animals. 2. deprived of a controlling hand or influence.
Masterlike adjResembling or characteristic of a master, masterly.
Masterliness nThe quality of being masterly.
Masterling nOne who has the power of a master, conqueror, chief.
Masterly advwith a masterly manner.
Masterman nA chief, leader, the head of the family; a husband. 2. a person skilled in some craft or art.
Mastermind nA person with an extraordinary intellect or skill, that is markedly superior to his or her peers. 2. a person responsible for the highest level of planning and execution of a major operation. 3. an organizer; an instigator.
Mastermind vbTo act in the role of a mastermind: control and organize..
Mastermindful adjCharacteristic of a mastermind.
Masterness nThe state or quality of being or acting as a master.
Mastership nThe condition of being a masterful ruler; dominion, rule, ascendancy, control. 2. mastery; upper hand. 3. the authority of a master or teacher. 4. office, term, dignity of a master 5. a district of a master. 6. a school master. 7. skill and knowledge constituting a master. 9. mastery through knowledge. 10. a degree of a recognized universal. 11. a body of master workmen.
Mastership phrPatronage, protection.
Master-stroke nA very skillful and opportune act. 2. a mastery action or achievement. 3. an extremely skillful or effective action. 4. an outstanding and timely action.
Master-wave nA huge wave powerful enough to knock an adult off their feet.
Masterwork nA masterpiece.
Masterworkman nA skilled workman, craftsman, or artist; also, a foreman or overseer over workmen.
Masterwort nAfter German meisterwurz: "Peucedanum (Imperatoris ) Ostruthium.
Mastery adjWhat masters, subdues or controls.
Masthead nThe top of a lower mast. 2. the head or top of a mast to which a flag is raised. 3. a sailor acting as the look-out at the masthead. 4. that section of a newspaper or other periodical, published in each edition, stating the ownership, officers and staff conducting it, the advertising, editorial and publishing offices.
Masthead vbTo raise to or display at the masthead as a flag. 2. to send to the masthead for punishment.
Masty adjProducing mast. 2. of a swine: fattened. 3. burly, big-bodied
Mat nA flat piece of coarse material used for wiping one’s feet, or as a decorative or protective floor covering. 2. small flat piece of material used to protect a surface from anything hot or rough; a coaster. 3. thickly tangled mess. 4. thick paper or paperboard border used to inset and center the contents of a frame. 5. thin layer of woven, non-woven, or knitted fiber that serves as reinforcement to a material. 6. (gaming) a material or component needed for a crafting recipe.
Mat vbTo tangle, entwine, knit together, weave a various kinds of fibre.
Match nOne of an associated pair; well-matched or accordant pair. 2. a husband or wife, a mate, consort, lover. 3. one equal in age, rank, status; having a match or equal. 4. an opponent, rival, antagonist, as in "meet one's match;" "more than a match for;" or "above one's match" 5. a suitable conjunction or pairing. 6. a matrimonial compact or alliance. 7. to make or arrange a match. 8. to bring about a marriage by influence or contrivance.
Match vbTo join one to another; to join in marriage. 2. to pair with view to fitness or suitability. 3. to be equal with. 4. meet in adversity, front.
Match phr"Above One's Match" - of a partner or prospective partner above one's social level. 2. above one level or standard of skill and ability in a contest or competition.
Match phr"Be a Match for Somebody" - be equal to in ability.
Match phr"By Match" - in consequence of a marriage.
Match phr"Find One's Match" - meet a person you consider suitable for marriage; find a compatible partner. 2. someone who, or something that is equal to or suitable for one in various senses.
Match phr"Match Against/With" - set somebody or something in competition against; pit against.
Match phr"Make a Match" - find one's partner. 2. bring about a marriage by influence or contrivance.
Match phr"Match Made in Hell" - a marriage that is likely to be unhappy or abusive and unsuccessful because the two persons are very incompatible with each other. 2. a very unsuccessful or conflicting combination of two persons or things.
Match phr"Match up" - fit together to form a pleasing ensemble, or a complete and intelligible whole.
Match phr"Meet One's Match" - deal with somebody who is able, capable as oneself.
Match phr"More than a Match for" - to be able to overcome or defeat; be better than. 2. a matching of adversity.
Match phr"Needle Match" - a contest in which both contestants are eager to win.
Match phr"Whole Shooting Match" - the whole lot.
Match board nThin board grooved and tongued at edges to fit into other board similarly cut.
Match-broker nA matchmaker; match-monger, match monger, dating agent.
Match day nThe day of a sporting match. 2. the day graduating medical-school students find out where they will serve their residency.
Matched adjA thing of a mutually suitable characteristic. 3. someone who, or something that is equal or suitable in various senses. 3. having a tongue on one edge and a groove on the other; said of boards.
Matcher nA matchmaker, match-monger. 2. one who pairs with view to fitness and suitably.
Matchless adjUnmarried, nubile, that is not a match or pair. 2. having no match, with an equal; peerless; without peer.
Matchlessly advIn a matchless manner or degree.
Matchlessness nState of being matchless.
Matchmake vbTo plot or contrive a marriage; to arrange a marriage; to be involved in matchmaking.
Matchmaker nOne who arranges marriages; a match-monger, matchmonger, matchbroker.
Match-making nThe action of bringing about or arranging a marriage. 2. one who professionally brings about or negotiates marriages. 3. one who schemes in arranging a marriage for political or financial reasons.
Match-monger nA match-maker, match-broker, one who arranges marriages either as a culture norm or professionally.
Match-play nIn golf a form of competitive play in which the score is computed by totaling the number of holes won or lost by each side.
Match winner nIn a sport, a player who enables his or team to win matches.
Match-winning adjThat wins or causes matches to be won.
Matchy-matchy adjExcessively color-coordinated.
Math nA mowing, or that obtained by mowing, now rare except in 'aftermath'.
Mathele nA talker, a gossiper, chatterer, a female chatterer.
Mathom nFrom Old English māþum ‎(“treasure, object of value, jewel, ornament, gift” . 2. a trinket, or piece of bric-brac, knic-knack, often used in regifting.
Matlock nAn instrument or tool, shaped like a pick-axe, used for loosening the soil in digging.
Matted adjTangled, entwined, knotted, woven. 2. covered with a mat as to protect.
Mattedly advIn a matted manner.
Matting nA mat. 2. a collection of ground covering. 3. a coarse fabric of a kind, used to make mats.
Mattock nAn instrument or tool, shaped like a pick-axe, used for loosening the soil in digging.
Matty adjMatted.
Maugh nOE. maegh: kinsman. 2. OE: boy, young man, knave. 3. a near male relative by marriage: a brother-in-law; son-in-law.
Maund adjA wicker or other woven basket. 2. a basketful or a measure of capacity, varying from locality and commodity. Nb: " a hop-mound." -- a vessel used in breweries.
Maw nThe stomach. This word now signifies the stomach of birds and animals, but formerly meant that of a human being. 2. the cavity of the stomach (now used only in ludicrous sense). 3. the last of the four stomachs of a ruminant. 4. the belly, gullet. throat. 5. the womb, liver, the innermost recesses of the body. 6. (metaphorically): voracity, gluttony, appetite. 8. the honey making apparatus of a bee. 9. the crop of a bird. 10. " to chaw one's maw." -- to fret internally."
Maw-bound adjIn Cheshire, a phrase, meaning costiveness, constipation.
Maw-gut nDuodenum.
Maw-mother nA woman experiencing false conception, false pregnancy or moon-calf.
Maw-motherness nThe condition or state of a woman suffering from a false-pregnancy.
Maw-seed nPoppy-seed.
Maw-worm nA thread-worm found in the gut.
May vbVerb used to express possibility, permission, contingency, concession, purpose, result. 2. wish or a prayer. 3. power, ability, to be able, now can.
May nA son, boy, a male relative, kinsman.
May n.A girl, a maiden, a sweetheart (from the A.S. Maeg).
May phr"Be That As It May" - having taken into account.
May phr"May as Well Do (Something)" - considering the circumstances, it is reasonable to do something. 2. no harm will come from doing something.
May phr"May I Ask What?" - a rhetorical question, sometimes merely a formal accompaniment to a query, but often ironic, challenging or dismissive.
May phr"May possibly, or probably, be or do something.
May phr"May Well Be" - may possibly, or probably, be or do something. 2. could, might well be.
May phr"One May as Well Be Hanged for a Sheep as a Lamb" - if the penalty for a more serious crime, offence, act of foolishness, etc is no greater that that for a less serious one, the one maty as well continuein one's criminal, foolish etc behavior.
May phr"One May Well Ask" - one is reasonably, or entirely justified, in asking, wondering.
Maybe nSomething that is possibly true. 2. an answer that shows neither agreement nor disagreement. 3. a future event that may or may not happen.
Maybe adjPossible, uncertain,
Maybe advModifies a verb, indicating a lack of certainty. 2. possibly, perhaps true; mayhaps, might be.
Maybe phr"And I Don't Mean Maybe" - I mean what I say.
Maybe phr"That's as Maybe" - this maybe so.
Mayfall advPerhaps; what maybe a possibility; which are possibility to come; random, at random, randomly.
Mayth nFamily, kin, tribe, race.
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