Old English sp English
Me prnThe accusative case of "I".
Me phr"Dear Me" - in various exclamatory uses, without definite syntactical relationship to the context; also note:'fore me' or 'God's me'.
Me phr"Me and Mine" - ones relatives
Me phr"Me and thine" - me and yours.
Me phr"Me Myself and I" - used to emphasize the speakers aloneness.
Mead nA liquor made from fermented honey and water to which malt, yeast and spices are added: metheglin. 2. a meadow, field, paddock.
Mead-bench nA seat or bench at a germanic feast.
Meader nOne who makes or sells mead.
Mead-gavel nRent paid for meadow land.
Mead-hall nBanquet hall where mead is sold; nb: " mead-inn."
Mead-inn nAn inn where mead is served.
Mead-like adjResembling or characteristic of mead in some aspect.
Mead-month nAn alleged OE. name for " July."
Meadow nOriginally a piece of land covered with grass which is mowed for use as hay. 2. A tract or low or level land, producing grass for hay, later used for any piece of grass land, usu. near a river or stream. 3. an ice field or floe on which seal herd. 4. a feeding ground for fish.
Meadow vbTo devote land to the production or meadowing of grass.
Meadow nRich long, grass for hay and pasturage.
Meadow adder nVipera ursini.
Meadow-bird nThe bobolink.
Meadow-green adjA lively green colour with much yellow through it.
Meadow-hen nThe American bittern.
Meadowing nLand used or suitable for the growing of crops of grass. 2. the action of cultivating grass on meadow land.
Meadowish adjResembling meadow.
Meadowland nA tract of land cultivated as a meadow.
Meadow-lark nThe American yellow-breasted lark.
Meadow-leet nA small stream running through a meadow.
Meadowless adjLacking or without meadows.
Meadow-lily nThe Canada Lily.
Meadow-mouse nThe field mouse.
Meadow-sweet nA plant of the rose family, Filipendula ulmaria.
Meadowy adjResembling meadows.
Meadstead nMeadowstead, messuage: a portion of land for a dwelling-house, now a dwelling-house with appurtenances and land assigned to it.
Mead weed nWild oat.
Meadwort n" Regina prati" a very fragrant plant with creamy, feathery flowers; meadow-sweet or Queen of the Meadow. 2. watercress, women's meadwort.
Meady adjResembling or suggestive of mead.
Meagre adjDeficient or destitute of quantity or quality; scanty, barren, inadequate. 2. deficient in or scantily, supplied with fertility, richness, or strength. 3. having little flesh; gaunt.
Meagrely advDeficient in richness,fertility or vigor.
Meagreness nLack pf quality or quantity; inadequacy.
Meagrenessly advIn an inadequate manner or way.
Meal nEdible part of any grain or pulse ground to a powder. 2. comparatively coarse ground grain. 3. unbolted wheat flour; chop. 4. a powder produced by grinding; any powdery, meal-like material. 5. a tub, bucket.
Meal nThe portion of food taken at one, or more or less a fixed, time, meal-time, a repast. 2. its occasion or time of taking food; breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea. 3. repast, food, eating, prandials. 4. quantity of milk given by a cow at one milking; also the time the cow is milked.
Meal vbTo cover with meal or powder. 2. to grind into meal, to reduce or grist to a fine powder. 4. to yield or be plentiful in meal. 5. to make a meal; eat a meal, feed. 6. to give fodder to cattle. 7. to spot, blemish, stain.
Meal sfxThe quantity taken at one time or the unit of measurement. nb: only modern word survival -- piecemeal or do something bit by bit, turn by turn. 2. OE examples: sheaf-meal: sheaf by sheaf; stoundmeal; cup-meal: cup by cup.
Meal phr"At Meal" - at table; at dinner, breakfast, supper, etc.
Meal phr"In Meal and In Malt" - directly or indirectly. 2. in one way or another.
Meal phr"Make a Meal of Something." - to treat in an over fussy or laborious way. 2. take excessive time or have trouble in doing something. 3. to devour laboriously.
Meal phr"Make Merry Meal" - fig. for something sad, or on a sad occasion.
Meal phr"Make Sorrow Meal" - fig. for something sad, or on a sad occasion.
Meal phr"Meal One's Mouth" - to be mealy-mouthed. 2. to speak in gentle terms.
Meal phr"Of the Same Meal" - of the same kind or quality.
Meal-beetle nAn insect, tenebrio molitor infesting granaries.
Meal-break nA time taking away from work or other activities for the partaking of a meal. 2. a mean-while.
Meal-dusty adjDusty-like meal.
Mealer nOne who takes his meals at one place and lodges at another. 2. one pledge to take alcoholic drinks only at meals.
Mealiness nHaving the quality and condition of being mealy.
Mealless adjWithout or lacking a meal.
Mealing nAction of grinding meal. 2. action of finely pulverizing gunpowder. 3. action of covering with meal.
Mealman nA seller of meal.
Meal-monger nOne who deals in the production or is a buyer and/or seller of meal. 2. a caterer a mealman.
Mealmouth nA mealy-mouthed person: hypocritical in speech. 2. soft, gentle of manner and speech. 3. afraid to speak one's mind; or use plain language.
Meals-on-wheels nA service, usu. provided by a women's voluntary organization or local government, whereby meals are taken by car to the homes of invalids, the elderly and the sick.
Meal-time nThe usual or habitual time at which a meal is eaten. 2. mealtide.
Meal-while nA meal-break.
Mealworm nThe larva of the meal-beetle, destructive to flour, meal.
Mealy adjHaving a resemblance to or the qualities of taste of meal; farinaceous. 2. overspread or sprinkled with or as with meal; pale-colored, light-brown, somewhat anemic appearance. 3. having the appearance of being covered with meal; farinaceous. 4. smooth-flavored, not harsh said of tea. 5. of fruits, esp. potatoes when boiled: dry and a powdery mass. 6. of colour, spotty, uneven, of seen in photographs. 7. floury, pale, a whitish or light brown in complexion. 8. of tea, of some other drinks: soft, not harsh of flavour.
Mealy-mouthed adjHypocritical, reluctant to use plain terms, (in speech). 2. to speak in gentle terms, but not necessary sincerely; honey-speech. 3. using soft words; not straight-forward; plausibly affectedly or timidly delicate of speech; speaking deviously, unwilling to tell the truth in plain language. 4. over-scrupulous; softly-spoken, not outspoken; afraid to speak one's mind.
Mealy-mouthedness nQuality of being hypocritical, with a reluctance to use plain terms, (in speech). 2. inclination to speak in gentle terms, but not necessary sincerely. 3. over-scruplousness. 4. characteristic soft speech, not outspoken; afraid to speak one's mind.
Mealy-mouthly advIn a mealy-mouthed manner.
Mealyness nThe state or quality of being mealy.
Mealy starwort nAletris farinose.
Mean vbTo have in mind as a purpose or intention; to purpose, design. 2. to aim at, direct one's way to. 3. to design a thing for a determined purpose; to intend or desire. 4. to remark, allude, to have a particular reference in mind. 5. to be well or ill intended or disposed (to be well intended, often used ironically.) 6. to question what does that mean; what motive or justification does that have? 7. to have a certain signification in words or things. 8. to signify, portend, import. 9. to matter to someone; to have importance to, be the object of regard, affection or love to someone. 10. to be destined by providence; to have special significance. 11. to hold or have in mind, remember. 12. to hold or have an opinion; to think, imagine. 13. to say, tell, mentor, speak. 13. to complain of; lament, mourn for a dead person. 14. to pity, to be pitied, to be deplored. 15. to state a grievance; to make a formal complaint; petition.
Mean adjPossessed jointly; common to two or more persons or things possessed jointly. 3. inferior in rank or quality, badly off. 4. inferior in ability, learning, meanest understanding. 5. of persons: despicable, nasty, ignoble, destitute of moral dignity, small-minded. 6. in low spirits or poor state of health, poorly, not quite well. 7. of things, poor, inferior in quality, value. 8. petty, unimportant, insignificant. 8. undignified, crude or low in literary style. 9. unambitious, unadorned. 10. of ornaments, attire, clothing, look: shabby. 11. of domestic conditions or quality: worthless, unpleasant, abject, debased. 12. penurious, wanting in liberality, stingy.
Mean phr"Do You Mean to Say" - are you telling me.
Mean phr"Do You Understand/See What I Mean" - do you get what I said.
Mean phr"Go Mean" - to act as partners, share.
Mean phr"In Mean" - in common mean; common to two or more partners, person or things.?
Mean phr"Mean Business" - be serious in one's intention. 2. determined to carry out something one has planned to do. 3. be in earnest.
Mean phr"Mean by" to refer to; to intend.
Mean phr"Mean It" - be fully serious when making a promise or threat. 2. announcing an intention or opinion.
Mean phr"Mean to Say" - really admit in the form of a question, as 'do you mean to say?'
Mean phr"Mean Well" - to intention or be disposed to well (ironically). 2. have good or kindly intentions in doing or saying something in particular.
Mean phr"What Do you Mean" - I don't understand what you mean, please clarify your what you said. 2. what is your motive, reason for.
Mean-born adjInnately mean: nasty, despicable, unpleasant. 2. of humble or low birth.
Meaner nA person of the humbler class.
Mean-looking adjNot pleasing of looks, unattractive (of persons and animals).
Meaning nIntention, purpose, a strong inclination to do something. 2. language, signification, sense, import, intended spirit. 2. that which a speaker or writer intends to express. 3. the intended sense of a person's words. 4. of a dream, symbol, phenomenon, a sign or token of. 5. significance of an action, state of things. 6. commemoration, memorial. 7. mention, knowledge, understanding. 8. moaning, lamentation.
Meaning adjHaving intention of purpose, usu. with qualifying word. 2. that expresses meaning of thought, expressive, significant.
Meaning phr"Meaning of Life" - the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. 2. living things and their activity. 2. the existence of an individual human being or animal. 3. the significance of living or existence in general.
Meaningful adjSignificant, full of meaning, amenable to interpretation; having a recognizable purpose, direction, or function.
Meaningfulness nFact or quality of being meaningful
Meaningless adjWithout significance, devoid of expression, without purpose, not meaningful. 2. a void of sense.
Meaninglessly advIn a meaningless manner; nonsensically. 2. having no assigned function in a language system.
Meaninglessness nThe state or quality of having no significance, purpose or sense.
Meaningly advSignificantly.
Meaningness nThe attribute of having a meaning or intention. 2. significance. 3. expressiveness.
Meanish adjSomewhat mean.
Meanless adjLacking meaning.
Mean-looking adjPoor in looks, quality of person and animals.
Meanly advUnkindness towards others. 2. in a poor, lowly or humble manner.
Meanness nLowness, humble of birth, rank. 2. weakness, deficiency, inferiority. 3. want of mental or moral elevation or dignity. 4. poverty of style. 3. a small-mindedness; sordidness, lack of dignity.
Mean-nothing nA meaningless, low, debased, insincere person.
Mean-souled nMean in spirit. 2. ignoble, base, small-minded, unkind, unfair.
Mean-white nTerm of contempt for poor and landless whites in the Southern United States.
Mean-witted adjMean of mind and intellect.
Meat nFood in general; anything used by men and animals as nourishment, usu. solid food, not drink. 2. edible part of fruit, nuts, eggs etc., pulp, yolk, kernel, but not rind, shell, peel. 3. a kind of food; an article of food. 4. flesh of animals used for food, not fish or poultry. 5. wild meat or game. 6.a meal, repast, feast, something used for principal meat, dinner. 6. white meat: chicken meat, the flesh of fowl; green meat: vegetables; red meat: beef etc. 7. the essence, gist or pith, as the meat of a report. 8. (slang) anything done with special ease or pleasure; forte.
Meat vbTo feed, to supply with food, provend, to feed oneself, partake of food and drink.
Meat phr"At Meat and Meal" - at one's meals, sit at meat; see: after meat, before meat; to go to meat.
Meat phr"Be Easy Meat" - be easily outwitted.
Meat phr"Be Meat and Drink to Someone." - to be a sense of intensive enjoyment, or very pleasurable, to someone of something. 2. be essential, important to somebody.
Meat phr"Make Meat Of" - to kill, overwhelm.
Meat phr"Meat and Drink" - a source of great pleasure.
Meat phr"Sit at Meat" - to have a meal.
Meat axe nA butcher cleaver.
Meat-board nA table for food; dining-table,
Meat-earth nRich, fertile soil.
Meat-eater nOne who eats meat; a carnivore.
Meat-eating adjHaving meat as the predominant or only component in one's diet.
Meated adjAnimals having plenty of flesh; well-meated.
Meater nOne who provides or gives food.
Meat-fly nA fly that breeds in meat.
Meat-giver nA hospitable giver of food.
Meat-grinder nA kitchen appliance for fine-chopping or mincing of, mixing raw or newly cooked meat, fish, vegetables, or similar food.
Meat-head nA stupid person.
Meat-hook nA hook used usually in a butchery to hang meat.
Meat-house nA butcher's shop; a shop specializing in the preparation of meat for sale. 3. a place where meat is cured or stored.
Meat-hungry adjHungry for meat. 2. hungry for the kill (of animals and some men).
Meatily advRelating to, or full of meat, as a meaty stew. 2. heavily built, fleshy or brawny.
Meating nThe action of feeding animals.
Meatiness nState or quality of being meaty or fleshy.
Meatless adjHaving no food or without meat. 2. food especially for vegetarians containing no butcher's meat.
Meatless day nA day on which no meat is served at dinner.
Meatlessness nThe state or condition of not having or being with no meat or food.
Meat-like adjResembling meat or some aspect of it.
Meatloaf nA dish of ground meat mixed with other ingredients, formed into a loaf shape, then baked or smoked. The loaf shape is formed by either cooking it in a loaf pan, or forming it by hand on a flat baking pan.
Meat-market nA market where only meat is sold, often by retail. 2. a place where one goes for casual sexual encounters, such as a bar or nightclub.
Meat-meal nA mixture of meat scraps and bone used as fertilizer.
Meatness nThe quality or condition of being meat.
Meat-salesman nA seller of meat, especially to retail butcher.
Meatware nThe human element within a computer system; along with software, hardware; also known as liveware, wetware.
Meat-while nThe time for taking meals,
Meat-whole nHaving a good appetite for food.
Meat-will nA craving for meat.
Meatworks nAn establishment where meat is processed and stacked; abattoirs, slaughterhouse.
Meaty adjFull of meat, fleshy. 2. (fig ) pithy; compact with ideas. 3. full of substance. 3. of or pertaining to meat. 4. having the flavor of meat.
Medkniche n(Mead & knitch.) explained in the context as the quality of hay to be given in reward to the hayward, being as much as he lifts with his middle finger to his knees.
Meed nEarly use: wages, recompense, reward. 2. a reward, guerdon, or prize awarded for excellence or achievement; a merited position of praise, honor, etc. 3. a gift.
Meed vbTo reward dishonestly, offered or accepted. 2. to gain by corruption or bribery. 3. to reward, recompense, gain. 4. to deserve by merit or duty.
Meed phr"Do Meed - to do one's duty.
Meed phr"For Any Meed." - for any motive.
Meed phr"For Any Meed." - on no account, not at all.
Meeder nA briber.
Meedful adjDeserving of reward, meritorous.
Meedfully advAccordingly to meed or desert; siutably.
Meedfulness nQuality of bring good
Meeding nRewarding; action of rewarding. 2. reward dishonestly, offered or accepted. 2. gaining by corruption or bribery. 3. rewarding, recompensing, gaining. 4. deserving by merit or duty.
Meedless adjHaving no meed: undeserving, unrewarding.
Meedness nState or condition of deserving merit, reward, recompense.
Meed-yearn vbTo seek or desire bribes. 2. medyearn.
Meek adjBorrowed from ON (1066- 1150) 2. of gentle and long-suffering disposition. 2. submissive, compliant, lacking spirit or backbone. 3. humble, lowly. 4. gentle, indulgent; kind, compassionate.
Meeken vbTo make or become meek or submissive.
Meekhead nThe state of being meek (meekhood).
Meekhood nThe state of being meek.
Meekly advIn a quite, gentle, humble and, and sometimes spiritless, submissive manner.
Meekness nThe fact or condition of being meek; submissiveness. 2. an attribute of human nature and behavior. 3. humble, docile, patient under suffering. 4. the willingness to follow the teachings of the Bible.
Meet nA meeting, usually of hobbyists, enthusiasts of motor cars etc.
Meet vbTo come face to face with by accident; to encounter. 2. to come face to face with someone by arrangement. 3. to be introduced to someone. 4. to converge and finally touch or intersect. 5. to gather for a formal discussion. 6. to satisfy; to comply with. 7. to touch or hit something while moving. 8. to adjoin, be physically touching. 9. to come together in conflict.. 10. to play a match. 11. to meet face-to-face
Meet phr"Be Met with" - receive; confronted with.
Meet phr"Be Well Met" -an expression of welcome.
Meet phr"Go to Meet" - to go to a place where a person arrives in order to welcome, communicate, accompanying or conveying.
Meet phr"Make Ends Meet" - live within one's income.
Meet phr"Meet a Deadline" - have something ready on time.
Meet phr"Meet and Greet" - to arrange an event or public reception so that a famous person can meet and talk to members, guests or fans.
Meet phr"Meet Halfway." - to forestall, anticipate. 2. to response to friendly advances of. 3. to make concessions in response to or in expectation of equal concessions on the part of another. 4. to come to a compromise.
Meet phr"Meet Head On" - meet something directly, head first, in physical contact.
Meet phr"Meet One's Doom/End" - die or be killed. 2. be destroyed.
Meetphr"Meet One's Maker" - die, be destroyed. 2. pass away; go to the afterlife.
Meet phr"Meet One's Match" - meet somebody who can equal, or perhaps outdo, one in combat, argument, strength of will.
Meet phr"Meet the Ear" - to be audible.
Meet phr"Meet the Eye" - to be visible. 2. look face to face.
Meet phr"Meet the Eye Of" - to be happen to seen by.
Meet phr"Meet Up (in) With." - to overtake or fall in with; encounter. 2. become acquainted with. 3. encounter, make contact with. 4. to meet somebody, by arrangement.
Meet phr"Meet With" - experience, encounter. 2. suffer, be overcome by. 3. come into the presence of by chance or arrangement.
Meet phr"More Than Meets the Eye." - of greater significance than is first apparent. 2. hidden qualities or complications.
Meet-and-Greet nAn event is one that has been arranged so that a famous person can meet and talk to people.
Meet-and-greet adjArranged so that a famous person can meet and talk to people.
Meeting na gather together, an encounter specifically o person.
Meeting phr"Give Something a Meeting" - to appoint a time and place for meeting with him.
Meeting-folk nDissenters, non-conformists, meeting-houseman.
Meeting-house nA place of worship generally. 2. in England a meeting place for dissenters, non-conformists, Quakers ( in a jocular and disparaging way.)
Meeting-room nA room in a building, such as an office building set aside for people to hold, or used for, meetings.
Meeting-stead nA meeting place.
Meetly advModerate, moderate of size or quantity. 2. fitting, suitable. 3. moderately, fairly, tolerably, fittingly, suitably, meet.
Meetness nThe condition of being meet; fitness, suitability, as is meet.
Meet-up nAn arranged, informal meeting.
Mell vbOE. maedel: discourse; to speak, tell, say.
Mellow vbTo ripen and render soft and juicy fruits. 2. to mature(wines, liquors) to free from harshness, acidity.
Mellow adjOf fruit: soft, sweet and juicy, with ripeness. 2. of colour, taste: indicative of ripeness. 3. of landscape, seasons: characterized by ripeness. 4. rich, soft, loamy or earth, soil. 5. soft, smooth to the touch. 6. mature, ripe in age; now chiefly softened or sweetened by age or experience, having the gentleness or dignity resulting from maturity. 7. softened in colour by age. 8. good-humoured, jovial, genial. 9. intoxicated, but only slightly.
Mellow-breathing nGentle, soft-sounding breathing.
Mellow-deep adjRich and profound in softness and gentleness.
Mellowed adjRendered mellow, soft, gentle.
Mellow-eyed adjHaving soft, kind eyes.
Mellowing nThe process of become ripe rendering fruit soft, sweet, and juicy. 2. the maturing of (wines, liquors) to free from harshness, acidity. 2. of persons becoming more tolerant and genial.
Mellowing adjThat mellows.
Mellowly advIn a mellow manner.
Mellow-mouthed adjSoft, sweetly and gently spoken.
Mellowness nThe quality or state of being mellow or ripe, in the various senses of the adjective.
Mellow-ripe adjPleasingly soft, juicy, sweet and mellow of taste.
Mellowy adjSoft and sweet.
Mellow-yellow nBanana peel used as an intoxicant.
Melsh adjMellow, soft, tender, ripe, melch.
Melsh-hood nState or quality of being ripe, soft, tender, mature; melshhood. 2. ripeness. tenderness, softness. tenderness.
Melt nMolten material, the product of melting. 2. the transition of matter from a solid state to a liquid state. 3. the springtime snow runoff in mountain regions. 4. an idiot.
Melt vbTo change (or to be changed) from a solid state to a liquid state, usually by a gradual heat. 2. figuratively - to dissolve, disperse, vanish. 3. colloquial - to be very hot and sweat profusely.
Melt phr"Melt Away" - to remove or waste by melting. 2. to be dissolved in ecstasy. 3. to gradually become smaller, dwindle, waste away. 4. to leave quietly; disappear, vanish. 5. to cash a cheque or banknote. 2. to spend, squander.
Melt phr"Melt Down" - to melt coins, bullion, or metal down to a raw state.
Melt phr"Melt In Somebody's Mouth" - be so light or soft that it dissolves readily in the mouth.
Melt phr"Melt Into" - to melt and change into a different state. 2. to become difficult or impossible to see by changing or being combined with something else.
Melt phr"Melt Into Something" - to cause something to change into a state when melting.
Melt phr"Melt Up" - to melt a substance so that it becomes an ingredient of a mixture.
Melt-down nSevere overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping. 2. a crisis.
Melted adjThat has been liquefied by heat. 2. dissolved into an emotional state
Meltedness nThe state or condition of things liquefied by heat.
Meledness phr"Meltedness of the Heart" - emotionally overcome by joy, happiness, bliss or grief, sorrow or heartbreak.
Melter nOne who melts metal.
Melting nThe process of liquefying (metals0 by heat.
Melting phr"Be in the Melting Pot" - be changing into something new.
Melting phr"Go Back Into the Melting-pot" - to be up for re-consideration ab initio.
Melting phr"Melting Mood" (the) - yielding to tender emotional feeling or expressing tenderness, kindness, softness, or pity. 2. melting-hearted.
Melting-hearted adjKind, soft-hearted, tenderness.
Melting-heartedness nThe state or quality of being kind, softhearted, tender.
Meltingly advIn a melted or liquefied manner.
Meltingness nThe quality or state of being melting.
Melting-pot nA crucible, or similar pot used to fuse metals, etc. 2. a place where divergent things, (often races and cultures, but also talents come) together and are homogenized.
Melting-pot phr"Put into a Melting-pot" - fig. with reference to the thorough remodeling of public institutions, society, racial mixture of a society, nation, etc.
Meltith nA variant of meal-tide.
Melt-monger nOne specializing in savory cheese and sweet nutella-filled pastry.
Meltwater nWater from melting ice or snow. 2. the whitish water from melting glaciers.
Melty nAn edible foodstuff made by meltmongers having sticky, (sometimes sweet) qualities, as a nutella donut.
Melty adjTending to melt, especially of food melted into a soft or semi-liquid consistency. 2. experiencing tender, sympathetic, sentimental feelings.
Memeaneth vbI remember.
Men nThe plural of 'man".
Men sfxPersons who are experts in an area; e.g. horsemen, sportsmen. 2. persons who are employed or hold a position in an area; e.g lawmen, newsmen. 3. persons who have special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. freemen, icemen, supermen. 4. in certain cases, persons who derives from a particular nationality; e.g. Scotsmen, Englishmen
Men phr"Men May Come, Men May Go, But I Go on Forever" - men die, leave, perish, and are replaced by others, but other specified people; or objects are not.
Men phr"Men of Goodwill" - right-minded, progressive, peace-loving people.
Men phr"Men Who Burn Books, in the End Burn Other Men" - intolerance grows slowly but surely signalling greater extremism.
Men-folk nThe male sex.
Meng vbTo mix, mingle, blend or mix one thing with another. 2. two or more things together. 3. to make a mixture of; produce by mixing. 4. to stir up; fig, to disturb, trouble, confound. 5. to bring living creatures together (to join male with female ) 6. too bring together in intercourse, or with or among others. 7. to join in battle. 8. to have sexual intercourse, unit in marriage.
Meng phr"Meng with Mirth" - to come together in merriment, laughter and fun.
Menged adjMixed, disturbed, confused.
Menging nMingling, confusion of disturbance of the mind.
Mennese nCommunion, fellowship.
Mensk nHumanity, kindness, graciousness, courtesy. 2. honour, dignity, reverence(pl. honours, dignities) 3. an honour, credit, ornament.
Mensk adjWorshipful, honourable.
Mensk vbTo revere, honour, to dignify, favour. 2. to adorn, render graceful.
Menskful adjWorshipful, honourable, gracious. 2. of a building: stately.
Menskfully advHonourably, manfully, with grace or propriety.
Mensking nHonour, worship, courtesy.
Menskless adjUngracious, irreverent, discourtesy, undignified.
Menskly advCourteously, reverently, honourably, stately.
Mere nThe sea, lake; pond or stretch of water.
Mere nA ridge of land between different properties in a common field, serving to show where each property ends. 2. a boundary, boundary stone, border, landline, an end.
Mere vbTo confine; set a limit to.
Mere adjRenowned, famous, illustrious, beautiful, noble (said of person and things.)
Mer(e)folk nFictional folk living in the sea: Mermaids, merman, merchildren.
Merely advWonderfully, beautifully, marvellous.
Meresman nA man appointed to find out the exact boundaries of a parish.
Merestead nThe ground or land within a mere or boundary of a farm.
Merestone nA stone set up as a landmark; a mering-stone.
Mereswine nPorpoise; sometimes the dolphin.
Mering nThe action of fixing of boundaries.
Mermaid nA fabulous being having the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish. 2. a mermaiden.?????
Merman nA fabulous being having the head and trunk of a man and the tail of a fish.
Mermin nA slave (male or female)- a girl, a mermaid or siren.
Merrily advIn early use, pleasantly, agreeably, cheerfully, happily. 2. in modern use: with gaiety, joyously, mirthfully, hilariously. 3. jocularly, facetiously, unwittingly in jest. 4. with alacrity, hence in reference to inanimate things, briskly.
Merriness nThe state or condition of being happy or mirthful.
Merry vbTo make mirthful or happy.
Merry adjOf things pleasing, agreeable. 2. of place, country: pleasant, delightful in aspect or conditions, as in "Merry England." 3. weather, climate: pleasant, fine, favourable. 4. handsome in dress. 5. of herbs: pleasant in smell or taste. 6. of saying: jesty, amusing, funny. diverting. 7. agreeable, pleasant, bright, expressive, cheerful, mirthy, hilarious. 8. of personal attributes: full of animation, enjoyment, joyous, mirthful, blithe, hilarious. 9. of permanent temper or disposition: joyous. 10. happy, permanently amused, hilarious; from too many drinks:tipsy.
Merry phr"Like Merry Hell" - with great vigor.
Merry phr"Make Merry." - to become festive and jovial. 2. to indulge in feasting and jollity.
Merry phr"Make Merry With." - to make fun of, ridicule,
Merry phr"Make Merry Over" - to make fun of, ridicule.
Merry phr"More the Merrier" - everyone is welcome. 2, the more people there are, the better.
Merry phr"Play Merry Hell with" - make worse, or severely damage or disrupt.
Merry phr"Raise Merry Hell" - to involve others in a matter of the expectation of significant results from this action.
Merry phr"The More the Merrier." - it is more fun with more people. 2. a greater amount of something is better
Merry-begot vbTo take in something under the influence of alcohol. 2. born illegitimately or out of wedlock.
Merry-begotten nA bastard; a child born out of wedlock.
Merry-eyed adjHappy-eyed; cheerful.
Merry-go-down nStrong ale, beer or any alcoholic drink.
Merry-go-sorrow nA state of joy and sorrow.
Merry-hearted adjHappy, convivial, joyful.
Merrymake vbTo make merry or become festive.
Merry-maker nOne who makes merry or festivities.
Merry-making nThe action of making on the occasion of festivities. 2. convivial entertainment.
Merryman nThe companion in arms or follower of a knight; an outlaw chief. 2. a follower, subordinate. 2. jester or buffoon.
Merry-meeting nConvivial or festive gathering.
Merry-minded adjHappy, convivial, positive, agreeable; mirthy, delightful.
Merry-running adjOf a situation preceding or going along happily, positively, agreeably.
Merry-thought-bone nA wishbone. 2. the furcula or forked bone between the neck and the breast of a bird. 3. the portion of a bird when carved that includes this bone: the wishbone.
Merry widow nLingerie featuring a strapless corset with long garters and half-cups for the breasts.
Merry-witted adjOf fun, festivity and laughter.
Meruw adjSoft, tender.
Mesh nA structure made of connected strands of metal, fiber, or other flexible/ductile material, with evenly spaced openings between them.  2. the opening or space enclosed by the threads of a net between knot and knot, or the threads enclosing such a space. 3. the engagement of the teeth of wheels, or of a wheel and rack. A measure of fineness (particle size) of ground material. 4. a powder that passes through a sieve having 300 openings per linear inch but does not pass 400 openings per linear inch is said to be -300 +400 mesh. 5. lattice, network, net
Mesh vbTo fit in, come together. 2. to catch in a mesh
Mesh phr"In Mesh" - of teeth of a wheel engaged; in gear.
Meshed adjConnected, netted, threaded.
Meshless adjWithout a mesh.
Meshwork nA combination of meshes; a network.
Meshy adjFormed with meshes; netted. 2. any of the open spaces in a net, network; an interstice. 3. the cords, threads or wires surrounding the open spaces in a net, network. 4. an openwork fabric or structure; a net or network.
Met nMete: size, dimension or quantity as determinable by measurement. 2, the action of measuring by met or mete. 3. distance.
Met phr"Be Met with" - receive; confronted with.
Met phr"By Or With Met" - determined by measurement. 2. a method or system of measuring. 3. a unit of measurement, esp. of capacity, as a met of coal. 4. instrument for measuring quantity (of anything)measured according to a certain unit of measurement.
Mete nA boundary or other limit; a boundary-marker; mere.
Mete vbTo dream or to have a dream. 2. to dream of something. 3. to dream that something happened.
Mete vbTo ascertain or determine the dimension or quantity of, measure. 2. to be the measure of. 3. to compete with full measure or amount. 4. to take measurements, measure. 5. to measure distance for shooting at a mark; hence, to aim at. 6. to mark out the boundary or course of. 7. to estimate the greatness or value; to appraise. 8. to traverse a distance; to go, proceed. 9. to allot, distribute by measure, apportion.
Mete vbTo paint, to design.
Mete phr"Mete Forth." - set down, impose on, mete out
Mete phr"Mete Out" - to apportion by measure. 2. to assign in portion; deal out, esp. as to allot punishment, praise, reward. 3. administer, deal out punishment, blows, justice.
Metecorn nAn allowance (properly, of corn.)made to servants or inmates of a hospital.
Meted adjMeasured, apportioned.
Metefetill nA cupboard for food.
Meteings nDimensions.
Metekin(d) nKind of food, provisions.
Metels nA dream.
Meter nA dreamer.
Meter nOne who measures; a measurer; esp. one whose duties it is to see that commodities are of a proper measure, such as a land-measurer being one whose duties are to ascertain dimensions of land.
Meteship nThe office of a meter or one who measures.
Meteship nThe action of taking food.
Metesel nMeal-time, (Mete: food; seel: fitting time.)
Metesome adjMeasurable.
Metewand nMeasuring rod; metestick.
Methe nMeasure, proportion, fixed quantity. 2. moderation, temperance. 3. respect, consideration, kindness. 4. modesty, gentleness.
Methe adjGentle, courteous.
Methe vbTo moderate, regulate, temper. 2. to spare, have mercy on.
Metheful adjModerate, gentle. 2. weary.
Methefully advModerately, gently, temperate
Methefulness nThe state or quality of being gentle, moderate.
Metheless adjImmoderate.
Methely adjModerate, proper, suitable.
Methely advModerately, temperately, meekly.
Methinks vbIt seems to me; methinketh.
Me-time nTime to oneself; a period spent relaxing on one's own.
Meting nThe action of measuring; portioning out, meting out. 2. dimensions
Meting nDreaming, a dream; a mete; a metel, a swevn, metrede.
Me-too phrA phrase used alone in various collocations of a person who, or a course of action, which adopts or acquiesces in views, policies etc., of someone else, often spec., those of one's opponents. Frequently in a derogatory sense (also, with hyphen.)
Me-tooer nThe colloquial ejaculation "Me too!" signifying either that speaker shares another's views or experiences or that the speaker wants the same (thing) as another is getting.
Metrede nA dream, a metrede, metel, swevn.
Mette nA companion at meat (at the table).
Mettle nVariation of metal. 2. quality of temperament.
Mettle phr"Put Somebody On his/her Mettle" - test somebody's ability.
Mew nA gull, esp. the common or European gull. 2. Larus canus: a sea mew
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