Old English sp English
Mice-eyed adjHaving the keen eyes and sight of a mouse.
Mickle adjOf size, stature: great, huge, big. 2. epithet for building, place, such as " Mickle Britaigne" -- "Mickle University Hall". 3. of something numerical: aggregate, proportional, great. 4. great in amount or of degree. 5. great of power or importance. 6. great quantity or amount, much, qn abundance. 7. a great number of people or folk. 8. the greatest part of something, so much.
Mickle n"The Mickle." - those great and powerful. 2. the multitude; a great amount or large sum.
Mickle vbTo increase, magnify, enlarge.
Mickle advTo great extent, greatly, relative, as, how, so.
Mickle phr"For as Mickle" - as forasmuch as.
Mickle phr"In As Mickle As" - in so far; in as much as.
Mickle phr"Make Mickle of" - make much of, cherish. 2. a great amount.
Mickle phr"Many a Little, Makes a Mickle" - a lot of small or little amounts, put together becomes a large amount.
Mickle phr"Mickled with Cold" - stiffened and benumbed with too much or severe cold.
Mickle phr"Seek Mickle and Get Something, Seek Little and Get Nothing" - be ambitious, strive to achieve.
Mickle phr"Unto So Mickle" - so much that
Mickledom nSize, magnitude, greatness.
Micklehood nGreatness, fullness, abundance.
Micklemote n"The Micklegemote." - 'The Great Meeting' The great council or parliamentary assembly under the Angle-Saxon kings.
Mickle-mouthed adjA mouth disproportionate to the other parts of the face or it's size.
Mickleness nGreatness, bigness, in any sense, largeness, size; large mass; muchness.
Mickle-wamb nThe stomach, esp. that of the ox used for culinary purposes.
Mickle-what nA great deal, something of many kinds; antonym -- little what.
Micklewise adjGreatly wise; profound in wisdom.
Mid adjMiddle, midst. 2. prefixed to month or season, or designation of a period of time, such as collocations: mid-eld, mid year, midwinter, mid-life, etc. 3. of colour, occupying a middle position in a range of shades.
Mid prepDenoting association, connection, conjunction, communication, intercourse. 2. in the same direction as a stream, wind. 3. in agreement with, following the action of, analogously to, like. 4. indicating an accompanying, action, disposition of mind. 5. having an attribute or quality indicating means or instrument. 6. in regard to, in respect of, in spite of,, touching. 7. in the sight of, estimation or opinion of, in the possession or power of.
Mid phr"In Mid flight" - in the middle stages of a journey by airplane.
Mid phr"Mid the Best" - as good or great as possible; mid the most.
Mid phr"Mid the First" - as soon as possible.
Mid phr"Of Mid Child" -with child; pregnant.
Mid-afternoon nIn the middle of the afternoon.
Mid-all advAltogether, entirely, and all, at the same time, withal
Mid-arm adjThe middle (lengthwise) of the upper (proximal) part of the arm.
Mid-bite advWhile taking a bite; while eating.
Midbowman na member of a crew of a vessel who works with the mast and often packs the sails below deck.
Mid-brain nThe limbic system, the mesencephalon, the midbrain.
Mid brother nThe second in age of three brothers.
Mid-calf nThe middle of the calf, halfway between the knee and the ankle.
Mid-chest nThe middle of the chest.
Midday nNoon, the middle of a day. midoverundern.
Midday meal nA meal served and eaten around midday. 2. midmeal
Mid-deep advAs deep as the middle of the body.
Middest adjThe most central.
Middle nA centre, midpoint, midst. 2 the part between the beginning and the end. 3. central part of the human body.
Middle adjLocated in the middle; in between, central.
Middle phr"In the Middle" - in a dangerous or vulnerable position.
Middle phr"In the Middle Of (Something)" - in the midst of, among. 2. in thick of something going on. 3. in the act of doing something.
Middle phr"In the Middle of Nowhere" - far away from any town or city, and anywhere few people live.
Middle phr"Knock Somebody Into the Middle of Next Week" - hit somebody very hard.
Middle phr"Middle of the Road" - avoiding extremes, average, moderate. 2. of music, tuneful but somewhat bland and unadventurous.
Middle-body nPart of a vessel adjacent to the midship but having a uniform or nearly uniform cross-section.
Middle-brow nA person of average or moderate cultural interest; nb: high-brow, low-brow.
Middle-ear nThe part of the ear internal to the eardrum, and external to the oval window of the inner ear.
Middle earth nMiddle-erd: place between heaven and earth, supposed to occupy the centre of the universe. Now only applied to the real world in contradistinction to fantasy-world.
Middle East nThe region comprising south west Africa and northeast Asia
Middle-English nThe English language from about 1150 to 1500AD.
Middle-erd nThe world, taken as situated between heaven and hell; also the people dwelling on earth.
Middle-finger nThe finger between the forefinger and the ring finger; this is the longest finger. 2. an obscene gesture directed towards another as an insult; a literal or sometimes fig. raising of the middle finger at someone.
Middle-ground nIdiomatic, a compromise position between two extremes.
Middle-growth nThe age between infancy and adulthood; youth.
Middle-heaven nThe middle of heaven
Middlehood nThe age between forty and sixty-five years of age.
Middle income adjOf average income.
Middle Kingdom nThe former Chinese Empire, regarded as occupying the centre of the world; later considered as the eighteen provinces of China proper. 2. kingdom of ancient Eygpt, 2400-1580.
Middle-life nThe middle age of a person.
Middlely advin a medium manner.
Middleman nAn intermediary agent between two (or more) parties. 2. an intermediary dealer between the manufacturer and retailer or customer. 3. a middlewoman/middleman.
Middle-middle nThe middle of the Earth.
Middlemost advThe very middle or nearest to the middle, previously with reference to size, age, quality. 2. nearest the middle.
Middle name nThe name9s) between one's first name and one's surname
Middleness nThe fact or quality of being middle, average, or middle-class.
Middle-of-the-road adjHaving a centrist attitude or philosophy; not extreme, esp. politically.
Middle-of-the-roader nOne who endorses a moderate course, especially in politics.
Middle-of-the-roadness nHaving a quality centrist attitude or philosophy; not extreme, esp. politically.
Middler nOne of a middle or intermediate class in some schools and seminaries.
Middlesex nThe original territory of the Middle Saxons, which seemingly included the area of the later counties of Middlesex and Hertford, between Wessex and Essex.
Middle town nThe centre of the town. 2. typical of a middle-class person.
Middleward advThe middle part of anything. 2. towards the middle part of anything. 3. the middle body of an army. 4. half-way, on the way.
Middleware nSoftware that acts as a bridge between an operating system or database aand applications, esp. on a network.
Middle-watch nThe watch from midnight till 4am.
Middleway nThe course between two extremes. 2. half-way, the middle of the way, one's middle course.
Middleweight nA boxer intermediate between a welterweight and a light heavyweight, weighing from 71-75 kg.
Middle West nIn the United States, properly the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconin.
Middle-witted adjOf or prone to fallacious or specious reasoning.
Middle-years nThe years in the middle of one's life; middle age.
Middle-youth nThe time of life between early adulthood and middle age.
Middling phr"Among the Middling" - of a mediocre class: "the ordinary person or people."
Middling nA go-between; intermediary.
Middling adjIntermediate, medium, middle term. 2. mediocre of a person, middle- class, of performance; moderately good.. 2. second-rate, second or third-rate goods. 3. of health: off-colour, sickly. 4. a medium size, medium. 5. between two things; between two extremes. 6. of medium or moderate size, middle-sizing. 7. mean, average, moderate. 8. middle-aged. occupying a middle position. 9. moderately, fairly, tolerable.
Middlingish advAs in moderately good; somewhat mediocre.
Middlingly advIn a manner moderate, fairly, indifferently, tolerably, not very well in health.
Middlingness nThe state of being middling, mediocre.
Mid-earth nThe earth's middle. 2. the Mediteranean Sea.
Mid-earth Sea nThe Mediterranean
Mid-evening advDuring the middle of the evening.
Midge nName for various gnat-like insects.
Mid-fall nThe middle of autumn.
Mid-field nThe middle of a field of play.
Mid-flight advOccurring in the middle part of a flight.
Mid-floor advIn the middle of a floor.
Midge nAny small gnat-like dipterous fly of the family Chironomidae, often seen in dancing swarms near water. 2. any similar fly, esp. a tiny biting flies. 3. a tiny person.
Midge-like adjVery small, nanoid, tiny.
Midgern nThe fat about the entrails of an animal; suet; in more general use the fat about the kidneys, esp that of a pig.
Mid-gut nThe portion of an embryo from which most of the intestines grow. 2. the middle part of the alimentary canal, ( including in vertebrates) the small intestine.
Midhood nThe centre, middle.
Mid-husband nMale equivalent of a midwife, from OE. literally meaning 'with a woman.'
Midland(s) nThe middle part of a country. 2. the inland counties of central England.
Midlander nOne who lives in the midlands of a country.
Mid-leap nDuring a leap.
Midless adjHaving no middle or centre,
Mid-life nMiddle age of a person's life. 2. the part of life between youth-hood and old age.
Midlike advModerately.
Midline nA medial line or plane of bilateral symmetry, especially of a body.
Mid-lying nAdultery, infidelity, unfaithfulness, cheating, extra-maritally involved.
Mid-main nMid ocean.
Midman nUmpire, moderator, intermediary.
Midmeal advMeal eaten at noon. 2. food provided at midday for students in schools in many countries of the world, notably India.
Mid-month advIn or during the month.
Mid-monthly advIn or during the middle patt of the month.
Mid-morning nTHe time between early morning and noon.
Midmost advThat is in the very middle, with regard to position, age. 2. the mid-most part, the middle. 3. in the middle or midst. 4. most intimate.
Midnight nTwelve o'clock at night; the middle of the night.
Midnight adjBeing in, or characteristic of, the middle of the night; as, midnight gloom. 2. atramentous, black, black as coal, coal-black, coaly, coomy, dark, dark as night, dark, deep black, night-black, night-dark, night-fallen, nightlong, nightly, night-time, raven, raven-black.
Midnight black nOf a deep shade of black; jet-black.
Midnight blue adjDeep or very dark shade of blue.
Midnightly advEvery midnight or taking place at midnight.
Midnight shroud nThe covering of darkness that envelopes the world at midnight.
Midnight sun nThe sun when seen during the summer in either Arctic or Antarctic circle. 2. the sun visible at midnight in the summer as result of the fact that the latitude of the place from which it is viewed is greater than the polar distance or the sun, or above 66 degrees.
Midoverunden nMidday, noon.
Midred nDiaphragm, midriff.
Midrib nA large strengthened vein along the mid-line of a leaf.
Midriff nBelly, stomach, diaphragm, parietum. 2. the region of the front of the body between the thorax and the abdomen. 3. a garment or part of a garment covering the abdomen.
Mid-rise nA low-rise is a building that is only a few stories tall or any building that is shorter than a high-rise, though others include the classification of mid-rise.
Mid-road advIn the middle of the road.
Mids nMiddle, middle part or point, the midst. 2. a means. 3. a means between two extremes, a middle course, a compromise.
Mids vbTo take in a middle view.
Mids phrIn the Mids Of" - in the middle part of.
Mid-Sea nThe open sea.
Midship nPertaining to the middle of a ship.
Midshipman nAn officer of the lowest rank in several navies; especially a trainee officer.
Midshipmanship nPosition of a midshipman
Midsman nMediator
Midsman nMediator, one in the middle of something.
Midspan nIn structural engineering , the point on a flexural member (as a girder, beam) that is equidistant from the two end supports.
Midspeech nA point in time during a speech, or while one is speaking.
Midspread advIn statistics, the interquartile range.
Midspring nThe middle of spring.
Midst nA place in the midst; may be used of a literal or metaphorical location.
Midst prnAmong, in the middle of; amid; in the midst; in one's midst.
Midst phr"In the Midst of." - among, us you or them; in the presence of.
Midst phr"Leave in One's Midst" - to leave undecided. 2. abstain from giving an opinion on.
Midstep nDuring or while taking a tep.
Midstorm advPero during a storm.
Midstream nThe middle of the stream. 2. a mid stage of an action, incident, situation.
Midstream phr"Halt Midstream" - (temporarily) stop while doing something.
Midstrength adjOf beer, containing
Mid-stride nIn the middle of a stride.
Midsummer nIn the middle of summer near the period of the summer solstice..
Midsummer-day nMidsummer, also known as St John's Day, is the period of time centred upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the Northern European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice or take place on a day between June 19 and June 25 and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures. The Christian Church designated June 24 as the feast day of the early Christian martyr St John the Baptist, and the observance of St John's Day begins the evening before, known as St John's Eve.
Midsummer eve nSt John's eve
Midsummerish adjOf, resembling or characteristic of mid-summer.
Midsummer-madness nFoolishness, extreme folly or reckless behavior considered to be at its height during midsummer.
Midsummer moon nThe Moon at the time of the summer heat.
Midsummer moon phrT'is Midsummer Moon with You" - you are stark mad.
Midtholing nCompassion, commiseration, sympathy.
Midtale nThe middle part of a story.
Mid-thigh advThe middle part of the thigh.
Midthought nSome time during a thought.
Midthought advDuring a thought; in mid thought.
Midtime nTime in the middle of the day.
Mid-town nThe middle or central part of a town between the downtown and uptown areas. 2. the centre area or 'the agora' of a town or city.
Mid twenthieth adj Usually used before century to indicate the middle part of the 20th Century, which could refer to events in the 1940s, the 1950s or the 1960s. However, in architecture, preservation, and real estate, it is commonly being used to refer to the period after World War II to the mid-1970s
Midward adjIn the middle of, occupying the middle of, towards the middle, at the middle part, in the middle part. 2. in or towards the middle.
Midward advIn or towards the middle; in the middle part.
Mid-water(s) advin the middle of the waters.
Midway adjThe middle of the way or distance. 2. a medium or medium course. 3. situated in the middle of the way. 4. occupying the middle.
Midway advHalf-way.
Midweek nIn the middle of the week, around Wednesday.
Mid-West nA geographical location of a country: "The Mid-West" of the US.
Mid-wife nA woman or nurse who assists women in childbirth. 2. a person or thing that brings about change.
Midwife vbTo be or act as a midwife.
Midwife phr"The Midwife of Men's Thoughts" - Grote observed of Socrates "No man ever struck out of others so many original thought."
Midewifely advIn the manner of a midwife.
Mid-wife toad nA european toad in which the male carries the developing eggs on his hind legs.
Mid-wifish adjResembling of characteristic of a midwife.
Midwinter nThe middle of winter. 2. the winter solstice; 21st or 22nd of December.
Midwinter phr"Cold as Midwinter" - very cold.
Midwinter-eve nChristmas eve.
Midwinterly advIn midwinter; of or pertaining to midwinter.
Midwinter-tide nChristmas time.
Midwise advIn a medium or moderate way.
Mid-witted adjOf average intellect or intelligent.
Mid-year nIn the middle of the year, around June 30th.
Mig nUrine, or the draining of urine from manure.
Might nFrom Old English; AS. meaht, miht, from the root of magan to be able. 2. force or power of any kind, whether of body or mind; energy or intensity of purpose, feeling, or action; means or resources to effect an object; strength; force; power; ability (to do so); capacity, might, bodily or physical strength authority, virtue, mighty work, miracle, angel”). 3. power, strength, force or influence held by a person or group.
Might vbFrom Old English; AS. meaht, miht, from the root of magan to be able. 2. (auxiliary) used to indicate conditional or possible actions.  3. (auxiliary) simple past tense of may. 4 used to indicate permission in the past tense. 5. I am able, (an auxiliary verb qualifying the meaning of another verb, by expressing: ability, competency, or possibility, liberty; permission; allowance; (contingency or liability; possibility or probability. 6.(modesty, courtesy, or concession, or a desire to soften a question or remark; desire or wish, as in prayer, imprecation, benediction, and the like. 7. "may be, & it may be", are used as equivalent to possibly, perhaps, maybe, by chance, peradventure.
Might adj(Obsolete, chiefly before 1900) Mighty; powerful; possible.
Might vb(auxiliary) Used to indicate conditional or possible actions.  2. (auxiliary) simple past tense of may. 3 used to indicate permission in past tense.
Might phr"By Might" - by wrongful force or violence.
Might phr"Five-fold Mights" - the active powers (of the brain, heart, soul, mind etc.)
Might phr"High and Mighty" - arrogant, self-opinionated.
Might phr"Lay Might" - to do one's utmost.
Might phr"Might as Well" - expressing that it is probably at least as desirable to do a thing as it is not.
Might phr"Might could" - might be able to.
Might phr"Might Makes Right" - having the power to something gives one the right to do it. 2. the plea of justice or fairness is ineffective against a superior force.
Might phr"Might Not" - may not happen.
Might phr"Over Might" - beyond one's own power.
Might phr"With All One's Might" - with all one's powers. 2. to the utmost of one's ability.
Might phr"With Might and Main." - with utmost strength and endeavour.
Mightand nMightend; a mighty man.
Might-be .What might be, an unlikely possibility, that might be, remotely possible.
Mighted adjHaving power, strength, effect
Mightend nA mighty man. See: bodiend friend, ferend, fiend, healend, waldend, shapend, mightend, almightend, milciend, slinkend, stygand, way-ferend.
Mightful adjMighty, powerful, effacious. 2. of actions proceeding from arbitrary powers.
Mightfully advIn a powerful or forceful manner.
Mightfulness nThe state or quality of being powerful, strong, mighty.
Might-have-beennAn event which could have happened, but never did. 2. a person who might have been greater or more eminent.
Mighthood nMightiness.
Mightily advIn a mighty manner. 2. with great power or strength. 3. with powerful effect. 4. with great effort, vigorously, vehemently. 5. so as to be strong or powerful; powerfully, strongly. 6. with great degree or extent. 7. greatly, very much.
Mightiness nState or condition of beong mighty, powerful, strong.
Mighting nPower, strength, might.
Mightless adjWithout might, powerless, impotent.
Mightly adjMight; competent, capable; strong, powerful. 3. substantial; weighty, of import. 4. able, able to occur, possible.
Mightly advMightily.
Mightsome adjMightful.
Mighty adv (Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree; mighty, mightily, powerful, right.
Mighty adjHaving or showing great strength or force or intensity. 2. possessing might; having great power or authority. 3. accomplished by might; hence, extraordinary; wonderful. 4. denoting an extraordinary degree or quality in respect of size, character, importance, consequences,
Mighty phr"Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow" - something or somebody great can come from modest beginnings.
Mighty nA warrior of great force and courage.
Mighty-brained adjHighly intelligent and intellectual.
Mighty-handed adjHighly skilled in arts, crafts and works carried out by use of the hands.
Mighty-minded adjHighly intelligent and of great intellectual powers.
Mighty-mouthed adjLoud, vociferous, authoritarian of speech.
Mighty works nOf the person, their actions and attributes, with references to mental ability or executive skill.
Milady nFrom 'my lady' : an English noblewoman. 2. a woman regarded as having fashionable or expensive taste
Milce nMercy, clemency, forbearance, favor.
Milceful adjMerciful, gracious, kind.
Milcefulness nState or condition of being kind, merciful, gracious.
Milce-hearted adjKind, considerate, compassionate, merciful, gracious.
Milcer nOne who shows mercy, kindness, compassion.
Milce-witted adjKnowing mercy, kindness, compassion.
Milch nMilk of domestic animals giving milk, or kept for milking; milching. 2. applied to a woman, esp. a wet nurse. 3. of the breast or teats: giving milk. 4. transfig: of the eyes that are weeping. 5. of plants: milky, full of milk. 6. of dew exuding milk. 6. a person who is easily fleeced.
Milch vbTo milk; to milk a cow three times a day; from OE. thrimilce.
Milch-cow nA milking cow. 2. a cow giving milk. 3. a source of regularly accruing gain or profit. 4. (fig.) a person from whom money is easily drawn; one who is easily fleeced. 5. a tanker used to refuel long-range ships and submarines.
Milchy adjMilk-giving.
Milciend nOne who is merciful.
Mild vbTo make mild or gentle
Mild adjMild, moderate in type or degree or effect or force; far from extreme. 2. humble in spirit or manner suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness; meek, mild, modest. 3: mild and pleasant; as "balmy days and nights"; balmy, mild, soft. 4. gentle; pleasant; kind; soft; bland; clement; hence, moderate in degree or quality; -- the opposite of harsh, severe, irritating, violent, disagreeable, etc.; -- applied to persons and things; as, a mild disposition; a mild eye; mild or mildly-hearted; mildly spoken. 5. soft; gentle; bland; calm; tranquil; soothing; pleasant; placid; meek; kind; tender; indulgent; clement; mollifying; lenitive.
Mild phr"Draw it Mild" - to state things without exaggeration and not lay it on thick; being moderate. 2. of liquor: not highly flavored.
Mild phr"Mild and Bitter' - ale or beer consisting of mild and bitter draft beer.
Mild phr"Mild as a Milk" - pleasant, mild, soft.
Milden vbTo make mild or milder.
Mildew nA destructive growth of minute powdery or web-like fungi, whitish or of other colours, and characterized by powdery film on the surface of the affected plants or organic matter. 2, the process of being mildewed
Mildew vbTo be tainted with mildew. 2. to taint with mildew, often in a damp place. 3. to become moldy, spoil due to humidity
Mildewy adjAffected by mildew, mouldy.
Mildful adjMerciful, gentle, kindly.
Mildfulness nState or condition of being gentle, kind, merciful
Mildhearted adjMerciful, kindhearted, gentle.
Mildheartedful nFull of kindness, tenderness, mercy.
Mildhearted-like nCharacteristic of being mild-hearted.
Mildheartedness nState or condition of mild, gentle, kind, merciful; mildhood, mildship.
Mildhood nMildness, mercifulness, meekness, mildship.
Mildish adjSomewhat or rather kind, gentle, merciful.
Mildly advGently, softly, with consideration and thought for others.
Mildly phr"Put it Mildly" - to express an idea without exaggeration; frequently ironical with an implication of understatement.
Mild-mother nPia mater (the thin or tender mother).
Mildness nSate or quality of being mild; mercifulness, meekness.
Mildred nModerate in power or strength.
Milds nA name for various species of Atriplex and Chenopodium.
Mildship nMildness.
Mild-spoken adjHaving a quiet voice.
Mild-steel nSteel containing a small percentage of carbon, strong and tough but not readily tempered.
Mild-worded adjGentle and considerate in speech and manner.
Mildy adjSomewhat mild.
Mile nA measure of distance, remotely derived from the ancient Roman mile, which was about 1620 yards or 4680 feet.
Mile phr"A Miss Is as Good as a Mile" - something that nearly succeeds is no better than something that is a total failure.
Mile phr"A Mile Off" - across a considerable; clearly and unmistakably.
Mile phr"Be Miles Away" - be inattentive, daydream.
Mile phr"Give Somebody an Inch and They Will Take a Mile" - give somebody a concession and he or she will take advantage and seek even more.
Mile phr"It is Miles Away" - a great distance away.
Mile phr"It Sticks Out a Mile" - be obvious.
Mile phr"Miss By a Mile" - to be nowhere near one's target.
Mile phr"Not a Hundred Mile Away" - very close.
Mile phr"Run a Mile" - run quickly a way (in a panic).
Mile phr"Someone Would Run a Mile" - a person would do anythingto escape his responsibilities.
Mile phr"Stand Out a Mile Away" - be obvious or very apparent.
Mile-eater nA very fast driver.
Mile-long adjExtending for a mile.
Miler nA runner in a race, or a horse, that is a mile long.
Milestone nA post, pillar or stone set up to indicate instance in miles from a given point. 2. an important event or turning point in a person's life or organization's existence.
Milestone monger nA professional tramp, swagman
Mileway nThe space of time in which a mile may be traveled on foot; a period of 20 minutes.
Mile-wide adjMeasuring a mile in width
Miling nThe action of running a mile.
Milk nA white liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals to nourish their young, from certain animals, especially cows, it is a common food for humans as a beverage or used to produce various dairy products such as butter, cheese, and yogurt. 2. an individual serving of milk. 3. a white (or whitish) liquid obtained from a vegetable source such as soy beans, coconuts, almonds, rice, oats. 4. the ripe, undischarged spat of an oyster. 5. milch
Milk vbTo draw (milk) from the breasts or udder. 2. to express any liquid (from any creature). 3. to make excessive use of (a particular point in speech or writing, etc.) 4. to take advantage of (a situation). 5. to give off small gas bubbles during the final part of the charging operation.
Milk phr"As White as Milk" - of a palish white colour.
Milk phr"Bring to His Milk" - to bring someone to his senses. 2. to compel an others acquiescence or submission.
Milk phr"Full of the Milk of Human Kindness" - full of, characterized by) kindness, affection and goodwill towards others.
Milk phr"Give Down Its Milk" - to yield the expected assistance with profit.
Milk phr"In the Milk" - in infancy or immaturity. 2. in a condition to yield milk.
Milk phr"Land of Milk and Honey" - an imaginary place where there is an over abundance and prosperity of every thing.
Milk phr"Like Milk to Milk" - compatible, same or similar by comparison.
Milk phr"Milk and Water" - something that is inoffensive, but feeble, insipid or colorless.
Milk phr"Milk dry" - obtain from somebody all the money, help, informatio( emotional) support etc another has to give.
Milk phr"Milk of the Moon" - a white, porous, friable , insipid earth; frequently found in a form of a white wheaty powder.
Milk phr"Milk One's Liver" - to purge or detoxify one's body.
Milk phr"Mother's Milk" - something that one enjoys (naturally).
Milk phr"Out of the Milk" - beginning to mature; to longer breast fed.
Milk phr"Why Buy a Cow when you can Get Milk for Free" - (idiom)- referring to men who don't want to get married, when they can get all the benefits without being married. 2. why buy a book when you can borrow books from a library.
Milk adder nA non-venomous tan and brown king snake with an arrow-shaped spot on its head.
Milk-and-honey adjAbundance, prosperity.
Milk-and-water adjFeeble and insipid.
Milk cow nCattle that are reared for their milk; dairy cattle.
Milken adjConsisting of milk; milk-like. 2. of the colour of milk; milk-white. 3. fig. soft, gentle, mild.
Milker nA cow that produces milk, rather than beef. 2. a person who is emplyed to milk cows.
Milkfat nThe fatty portion of milk; butterfat.
Milk-fed nFed predominantly on a diet of milk or milk products.
Milk-fish nA large silvery toothless fish, allied to the herring, especially of South Pacific waters.
Milk-float nAn open-sided van, typically powered by electricity, that was used to deliver milk to houses.
Milkful adjAbounding or plentiful of milk.
Milkhouse nA dairy.
Milk-hued adjof complexion: a very pale white skinned.
Milkily advIn a milky manner; in the manner of milk.
Milkiness nThe state of being milky. 2. condition of resembling milk in appearance, color or quality. 3. cloudy whiteness. 4. mildness, softness, gentleness, weakness.
Milking nThe act by which a cow, etc. is milked. 2. the act of removing milk from the mammary glands of an animal. 3. the amount of milk drawn at one time.
Milking nTo exploit or scam by stealing small amounts of money or goods over a period of time.
Milking adjPertaining to or related to milking, as 'a milking cow'.
Milkish adjSomewhat resembling milk in appearance, color, quality. 2. cloudy-white in color.
Milk-kinship nThe kinship arising from adoption of fostering.
Milkless adjHaving no milk, lactose-free; without or unable to produce milk.
Milk-livered adjCowardly, weak, lily-livered.
Milk-loaf nA loaf of bread made from milk
Milkmaid nA girl or woman who milks cows or does other work in a dairy.
Milkman nA person who processes, sells and delivers milk. 2. a worker in a dairy; a dairy-worker.
Milkman phr"Come Home with the Milkman" - come home early in the morning after celebration.
Milk-meat nFood made from milk, dairy products as butter, cheese, yogurt.
Milk-mild adjOf disposition: tender, soft, meek; kindhearted.
Milkness nResembling milk in colour or consistency. 2. filled with, consisting of, or yielding milk. 3. property of being milky. 4. timidity, meekness.
Milkpan nA small kind of saucepan, with a lip, used for heating milk.
Milk run nA routine, uneventful journey, esp. by plane.
Milkshake nA cold drink made in a blender consisting of milk, malt, a sweet flavoring, and typically ice-cream.
Milk-snake nThe common house snake; also called the milk adder.
Milksop nBread, etc. dipped in milk. 2. a weak, foolish sentimental person.
Milk-sopishness nThe trait or quality of being milksopish.
Milksoppy adjFull of sops; emotionally soppy or sentimental.
Milkstone nA name for various white-colored stone, as 'Galalith'.
Milk thistle nThe European thistle (Silybum marianum) having the veins of its leaves of a milky whiteness.
Milk tooth nOne of the temporary first set of teeth with young mammals.
Milk-white adjA palish white-color; milky white; opaque. 2. a whit color like that of milk.
Milkwood nA hard, heavy, tough wood with a coarse grain and native to South Africa
Milkwort nAny plant of the genus 'Polygala' formerly supposed to increase the milk of nurses. 2. any plant of the genus 'euphorbia.' 3. a primulaceous plant, 'Glaux maritima' common on the sea coasts and salt in marshes. 2. 'Our Ladies milkwort: pulmonaria officinalis.
Milky adjResembling milk in colour or consistency; not clear. 2. of the black in an image, appearing as dark grey, rather than black. 3. cowardly. 4. mild, tame, spiritless. 5. yielding milk. 6. like or somewhat like milk, whitish and turbid.
Milky Way nA luminous band encircling the heavens, composed of distant stars and nebulae not separately distinguishable to the naked eye; the Galaxy. 2. fig. and allusively: a way brilliant in appearance, or leading to heaven. 3. the region of a woman's breast: "behold her heavenly face and heaving milky way." 4. the Milk-white Girdle"
Milky white adjWhite as milk, pure white.
Milky-white Girdle nThe Milky Way.
Mill nA grinding apparatus for substances such as grains, seeds, etc. 2. the building housing such a grinding apparatus. 3. manufacturing plant for paper, steel, textiles, etc; as a steel mill. 4. a building housing such a plant. 5. an establishment that handles a certain type of situation routinely, such as a divorce mill, etc
Mill vbGrind with a mill "mill grain." 2. roll out (metal) with a rolling machine. 3. produce a ridge around the edge of "mill a coin." 4. mill move about in a confused manner.
Mill phr"All grist to the Mill" - everything has some value.
Mill phr"Draw Water to (One's) Mill" - to take or seize every advantage.
Mill phr"God's Mill Grinds Slowly but Truly" - refers to the notion of slow, but certain divine revelation.
Mill phr"Go Through the Mill" - to gain experience through severe testing or ordeal of ones endurance.
Mill phr"Put Through the Mill" - to cause to pass through a course of labour or experience, esp. an arduous or painful one. 2. to give a person practical experience.
Mill phr"Run Of the Mill" - average, normal.
Mill phr"The Mill Cannot Grind with Water Flown By" - one must not miss an opportunity, nor cry over spilt milk.
Millboard nA stiff, stout paperboard or pasteboard used in bookbinding and for book covers.
Milldust nA fine, flour-like dust produced when corn (wheat) is milled.
Milled adjOf grain: grounded by a mill. 2. having the edges raised and grooved, as coins. 3. fulled as cloth; rolled in sheets as metal.
Miller nA proprietor or tenant of a gristmill, as corn or flour mill. 2. one who works a mill of any kind. 3. a milling machine applied to certain white or white-powdered insects, as the cockchafer, and to certain caterpillars. 4. a common name for of a flour-smelling mushroom, Clitopilus prunulus. 5. (slang) - a pugilist.
Miller phr"Drown the Miller" - water down beer and liquors (for greater profit)
Miller phr"Every Miller Has a Thumb of Gold" - even an honest miller grows rich with what he filches; for he simply cannot help some of the flour that ought to go into the loaf sticking to his thumb.
Miller phr"Put the Miller's Eye Out" - to become bankrupt.
Miller phr"Too Much Water Drown the Mill" - one can have too much of a good thing.
Millering nThe work and trade f a miller.
Miller's thumb n"Cottus gobio" a small European freshwater fish
Millful adjEnough to fill a mill.
Mill-hand nA worker in a mill; a mill-worker.
Milling nThe act of grinding anything in a mill. 2. the act of fulling cloth. 3. the act of grooving or raising the edges of coins. 4. a crowd, gathering, angry, confused and seemingly without direction.
Milling adjOf a crowd, gathering, angry, confused and seemingly without direction
Mill-leet nAn artificial channel for the conveyance of water to a mill.
Millpond nA body of water damned up or enclosed to run a mill. 2. a small body of water dammed or impounded (to form a pond.)
Millstone nOne of a pair of heavy, thick stone disks for grinding something. as grain. 2. that which pulverizes or bears down. 3. a heavy or burdensome weight.
Millstone phr"Between the Upper and Nether Millstone" - adamant, callous.
Millstone phr"Look (through, see far) Into the Millstone" - used chiefly in ironical commendation of pretend extraordinary acuteness.
Millstone phr"Hard as Nether Millstone" - adamant, callous; unfeeling, obdurate,.
Millstone phr"Have a Millstone about One's Neck" - to be burdened with overwhelming difficulties.
Millstone phr"His Eyes Drop like Millstones" - said of a hardhearted person.
Millstone phr"Look through a Millstone" - to be wonderfully sharp-sighted.
Millstone phr"Millstone About Someone Neck" - a great burden
Millstone phr"Weep Millstones" - not weep at all.
Millstream nWater that runs through a millrace.
Milltooth nA molar or grinder-tooth.
Milltown nA town whose center of activity is a mill or gropu pf mills . and whose population is largely employed in the mill or mills.
Millward nOriginally a keeper of a manorial mill; in later use; a miller.
Mill-wheel nA wheel (esp. a water wheel)used to drive a mill.
Mill-wheel Life n"There is no connection between the bustling "mill-wheel-life" of a large school and that for which they are supposed to be preparing ... to educate girls in crowds is to educate them wrongly."
Millwork nCarpentry work delivered from mill ready for installation or use.
Millworker nOne who works in a mill.
Millworks nMachinery and mechanisms of a mill.
Millwright nAn engineer or mechanic whose occupation it is to design or set up mills or mill machinery.
Mill-wrighting nThe labour or trade of a millwright.
Mill-yemer nOne who has custody of a mill.
Milord nA form of address for a rich or aristocratic englishman.
Milt nThe spleen in mammals. 2. the roe or spawn of the male fish. 3. the sperm of male fish.
Milth nMercy, compassion, kindness.
Milth adj(A form of mild) = mercy.
Milth vbTo have mercy, be kind, compassionate.
Milthlike adjHaving the qualites and characteristics of milth: kind, compassionate, merciful.
Milthly advKindly, with mercy, compassionately, mildly.
Milthness nQuality or state of being kind, merciful, compassionate. 2. mildness.
Miltsickness nAnthrax
Miltwort nThe finger-fern; one of the spleen worts, Asplenium ceterach
Milty adjResembling or the nature of the milt or spleen.
Min nOE only: mind. 2. mind, purpose. 3. intention. 4. remembrance, memory, mention.
Min vbOE. to intend, to have purpose, or direct one's own course. 2. to remind, recollect, remember, think. 3. to remember, to have or bear in mind. 4. to think of something or someone. 5. to commemorate.
Minchen nA nun.
Mind nThe faculty of the memory. 2. the state of being remembered, remembrance, recollection, bear in mind. 3. opinion, way of mind. 4. desire inclination, to have a mind. 5. mental disposition, character or temper. 6. intellectual power or capacity. 7. the faculty of cognition and intellect, as opposed to will and emotion. 8. sanity, sound mentality. 9 the spirit of intelligence pervading the universe, as opposed to matter.
Mind vbTo pay attention to, occupy oneself with. 2. to be careful or wary. 3. to give heed to, obey. 4. to care for, tend to. 5. to be concerned about, regard with annoyance, dislike. 6. to remember, remind, make aware. 7. to be aware, notice, perceive. 8. to intend, purpose. 9. to be concerned, care, careful.
Mind adjPresent to one's mind. 2. of a person: mindful, taking thought.
Mind phr"Against the Mind of" - in opposition to another's judgement, wish or opinion. 2. wish or opinion, without consent.
Mind phr"Are you Out of Your Mind?" - are you mad; not thinking straight or logical?
Mind phr"As One's Mind" - one attends to, is interested in.
Mind phr"A Thought in the back of One's Mind" - an undeveloped idea.
Mind phr"At the Back of One's Mind" - (always) in one thoughts.
Mind phr"Bear in Mind" - remember, keep or retain in thought. 2. keep in mind.
Mind phr"Bear Good Mind" - to be disposed towards.
Mind phr"Be of Good Mind" - in a positive mind or attitude.
Mind phr"Be in Two Minds" - to waver between two intentions.
Mind phr"Be of Many Minds" - waver in purpose; chop and change.
Mind phr"Be of One Mind" - to agree in judgement, purpose or opinion; to be unanimous. 2. with one mind. 3. be of another mind; or agree with one's way of thinking.
Mind phr"Be of the Same Mind" - agree, think alike.
Mind phr"Be in Two Minds" - be undecided.
Mind phr"Be in the Right Mind" - to think clearly, logical and positively.
Mind phr"Be so Minded" - to be inclined to do what has been mentioned.
Mind phr"Blow One's Mind" - cause or have hallicinations.
Mind phr"Bring One in Mind" - to persuade.
Mind phr"Bring to Mind" - recall, remember, anget.
Mind phr"Broaden One's Mind" - provide one with new experiences and knowledge.
Mind phr"By One's Mind Sake" - by desire, or after the direction of.
Mind phr"Cast One's Mind Back to" - remember a past event, incident.
Mind phr"Cloud One's Mind" - to allow irrelevant or extraneous factors to effect one's impartiality or judgement.
Mind phr"Come to Mind" - remember, recollect, recalled. 2. spring to mind.
Mind phr"Do you Mind" - please don't do that.
Mind phr"Drive Out Of One's Mind" - cause great worry to a person.
Mind phr"For One's Mind Sake" - to gratify one's whim.
Mind phr"From Time Out of Mind" - time immemorial; for an inconceivably, long future time.
Mind phr"Fulfill One's Mind" - to accomplish one's purpose. 2. satisfy one's desires.
Mind phr"Give One's Mind to" - to set or addict one's self to a (study or practice) etc. 2. to put one's energy towards accomplishments or attaining (an object.) 3. give attention, consideration.
Mind phr"Go Out of Mind" - to be forgotten or no longer thought of or remembered.
Mind phr"Go Out of One's Mind" - to become greatly agitated, distressed or distraught. 2. lose one's mind.
Mind phr"Great Minds Think Alike" - similar ideas, views are shared by clever people (joculaly said).
Mind phr"Have a Mind for it" - to desire to possess it; to wish fot it.
Mind phr"Have a Mind of One's Own" - to think and act independently. 2. not to be easily influenced.
Mind phr"Have a Mind to do Something" - feel strongly inclined to do it.
Mind phr"Have Half/Good/Great a Mind" - to be strongly disposed or inclined (to do something)which one can do if one wishes.
Mind phr"Have It In Mind" - to think of, give heed to.
Mind phr"Have No Mind" - be without purpose or direction.
Mind phr"Have One's Mind" - to get what one wants.
Mind phr"Have Something in Mind" - have an idea about something.
Mind phr"Have Something on One's Mind" - be preoccupied with. 2. be troubled by something.
Mind phr"Having the Mind to" - to aim or be determined to pursue someone or something.
Mind phr"I Don't Mind if I Do." - words of acceptance or agreement, used esp. in accepting an offer of food or drink.
Mind phr"If You Don't Mind." - address to someone who you believe has not taken care to avoid doing something wrong or thoughtless. 2. I will do that, if you have no objection.
Mind phr"In My Mind." - in my judgement or opinion, as I think, to my mind.
Mind phr"In One's Mind Eye" - a mental view, imagination, or vision.
Mind phr"I Should Not Mind" - i will not object, be concerned about or affected by something proposed.
Mind phr"It Is All In the Mind" - it is imaginary.
Mind phr"I Wouldn't Mind" - I would like.
Mind phr"Keep/Have an Open Mind" - be open to suggestions.
Mind phr"Keep One's Mind On" - concentrate on.
Mind phr"Keep in Mind." - to have, bear in mind, hold in mind, to remember, retain in memory. 2. keep before one, keep one's attention fixed upon.
Mind phr"Know One's Own Mind." - to form and adhere to a decision without prevarication or waver. 2. to have a line of action and stick to it. 3. be confident in one's own opinions.
Mind phr"Let Another Know One's Mind" - to speak candidly or plainly; speak freely.
Mind phr"Lose One's Mind" - go mad, become insane.
Mind phr"Mind One's P's and Q's" - be very careful and correct in one's procedure, speech or behavior.
Mind phr"Make Up One's Mind." - decide, choose a way oir direction.
Mind phr"Mind How You Go" - be careful.
Mind phr"Mind Out" - take care to avoid danger. 2. look out!; be careful!
Mind phr"Mind the Shop" - have charge of affairs temporarily.
Mind phr"Mind You." - all the same, even so. 2. let me remind you (and myself). 3. nevertheless; all / just the same. 4. at the same time.
Mind phr"Mind You Do!" - don't fail to do it!
Mind phr"Mind Your Back" - please move out of the way.
Mind phr"Mind Your Eye" - look out!; keep alert!
Mind phr"Mind Your Own Business" - concern oneself with one's affairs, one's own life and work without being unduly curious about or interfering with, what others do. 2. jocularly or slang: 'mind your own beeswax'
Mind phr"Mind Your Step" - watch where you walk.
Mind phr"Never Mind" - don't let it trouble you . 2. it doesn't matter; don't wrry . 3. (offensively) it's none of your business.
Mind phr"Never You Mind" - it is no concern to you.
Mind phr"Of One and the Same Mind." - agree, think alike.
Mind phr"Of Sound or Unsound mind." - the healthy or normal condition of mental faculties. 2. the loss or impairment of which constitutes insanity. 3. one's reasons or wits.
Mind phr"On One's Mind." - occupying one's thoughts; said, esp. of something which causes anxiety.
Mind phrOpen One's Mind to" - be receptive to change, new ides etc.
Mind phr"Out of Mind." - forgotten, failed to recall. 2. disregard as unimportant. 3. "out of sight, out of mind." 4. more than one can calculate.
Mind phr"Out of One's Right Mind" - mad, insane.
Mind phr"Put in Mind Of (Someone)" - to remind someone of, to inspire, a mental image of awareness of, to cause thoughts concerning.
Mind phr"Put One In Mind Of" - remind one of.
Mind phr"Put One's Mind to" - make a conscious effort.
Mind phr"Put One's Mind at Rest" - reassure oneself or another.
Mind phr"Put Out of Mind" - deliberately forget.
Mind phr"Put Somebody's Mind to Rest" - reassure somebody.
Mind phr"Read Somebody's Mind" - guess what somebody is thinking or talking about.
Mind phr"Rest Easy in One's Mind" - be calm, unworried.
Mind phr"Run In One's Mind" - to be of purpose of resolution.
Mind phr"Speak One's Mind." -to give one's judgement or opinion, esp. to express one's sentiments candidly or plainly; to speak freely. 2. to know one's mind.
Mind phr"Spring to Mind" - become immediately obvious. 2. to suddenly occur to a person.
Mind phr"Stoned Out Of One's Mind" - very drugged or drunk.
Mind phr"Take Somebody's Mind off Something" - distract somebody.
Mind phr"That Has Taken a Load Off My Mind" - I am relieved.
Mind phr"Time Out of Mind" - time immemorial; from a time out of mind.
Mind phr"Time Within Mind" - within the memory of man.
Mind phr"To (One's/My) Mind." - according to one's wish, or one's taste, liking; opinion. 2. as one would have it, after one's mind.
Mind phr"Weight off One's Mind" - to be of a great relief.
Mind phr"Whole of Mind" - sound or healthy of mind and meantal state.
Mind phr"Winning Hearts and Minds" - a concept occasionally expressed in the resolution of war, insurgency, and other conflicts, in which one side seeks to prevail not by the use of superior force, but by making emotional or intellectual appeals to sway supporters of the other side.
Mind phr"With One Mind." - unanimously, within one accord.
Mind phr"Within time of Mind." - time within the mind of men; within the memory of man.
Mind phr"Without the Mind of" - in opposition to the judgement of another, wish or opinion. 2. wish or opinion, without consent.
Mind-bend vbTo influence or alter the mind of oneself or others.
Mind-bender nA person or thing which, influences or alters the mind.
Mind-bending adjHallucinogenic. 2. mentally taxing; cf. 'brain-bending'; confusing, baffling, shattering.
Mindblindness nA cognitive disorder where an individual is unable to relate to the mental state of others
Mind-blowing adjHallucigenic. 2. having an overwhelming effect on the imagination; mind-boggling.
Mind-blown adjA slang term used to express one’s excitement after learning or discovering new knowledge, oftentimes regardless of its degree of significance. It can be seen as a contraction of the idiomatic phrase “blow someone’s mind,”[1] as in to astonish or impress someone in a moving way
Mind-blownness nThe state of one whose mims is 'blown.'
Mind-body nA term used in relation to the question of whether a distinction can be made between mental and physiological events.
Mind-day nA remembrance day, day of commemoration, esp. an anniversary. 2. red-letter day.
Mind-dust nA postulate of materialism that the human mind results for a combination of particles of mind that has always existed in association with material atoms.
Minded adjInclined to think, in a particular way. 2. interested in or enthusiastic about a particular thing.
Mindedly advIn a specified minded manner.
Mindedness nThe state of being minded in a particular way (narrow-mindedness).
Minder nOne who remembers. 2. one who sets his mine upon something. 3. a child-minder, baby-sitter. 4. a child who is minded or taken care of at a minding-centre.
Mindful adjHaving thought for or taking care of. 2. heedful of, keeping remembrance of, having remembrance of. 3. minded, intention to do something.
Mindfully advIn a mindful manner; attentively, heedfully, thoughtfully, earnestly, intently.
Mindfulness nMindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training. The term "mindfulness" is a translation of the Pali term sati, which is a significant element of Buddhist traditions. In Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is utilized to develop self-knowledge and wisdom that gradually lead to what is described as enlightenment or the complete freedom from suffering. The recent popularity of mindfulness in the West is generally considered to have been initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn. 2. state or condition of being mindful. 3. intention, regard, purpose, memory.
Mind-games nIn psychology used to define three forms of competitive human behaviors: a largely conscious struggle for psychological one-upmanship, often employing passive–aggressive behavior to specifically demoralize or dis-empower the thinking subject, making the aggressor look superior; also referred to as "power games". 2. the unconscious games played by people engaged in ulterior transactions of which they are not fully aware, and which transactional analysis considers to form a central element of social life all over the world. 3. mental exercises designed to improve the functioning of mind and/or personality; see also brain teasers or puzzles.
Mind-healer nA healer of the mind; pyschiatrist. 2. a pyschologist; a quack, charlatan.
Mind-healing nSomething that heals or soothes the mind.
Mind-hill nMemorial, mound or cairn.
Mind-hunger nA hunger or yearning for learning and knowledge. 2. curious, inquisitiveness.
Minding nThe action of remembering, regarding, paying attention to, caring. 2. remembrance, recollection, that which reminds, a reminder, minging. 3. the marks on a stone about to be sawn, for the guidance of sawyer.
Minding-school nA school whose chief purpose is to keep children out of trouble.
Mindless adjDestitute of mind, unintelligent, senseless, stupified, insane, stultified. 2. unmindful, thoughtless, careless, negligent, disregardful.
Mindlessly advIn a somewhat senseless manner, without the use or involvement of the mind or intellect.
Mindlessness nState or condition of being mindless; heedlessness. 2 total privation of mental power.
Mind-like adjCharacteristic of, or resembling the mind in some aspect.
Mindliness nAn individual organization and control over his or her mind and emotions. 2. one's sense of genuity and mind that inculcates your knowing. 3. the quality associated with the mind; mental, mindly. 4. 'don't let oneself go into some psychological state of doom-ridden mindliness'. 5. remembrance.
Mindly advMindful. 2. pertaining to the mind; mental.
Mind-made adjThe general principle that every object of experience is mind-made.; conceived.
Mind-making nLearning, educating, rearing, nurturing (esp, of children).
Mind-read nTo discern, or appear to discern, another's thoughts.
Mind-reader nOne who discerns, or appear to discern, some one's thoughts. 2. someone telepathic with powers to sense what another or others are thinking.
Mind-reading nThe ability to sense what others are thinking; telepathy.
Mind's-ear nAn imaginative capability to create or recall sound within one's mind; the part of the mind that experiences imagined or recalled sounds (an allusion to 'mind's eye' which is likewise responsible for mental imagery).
Mind-set nA fixed opinion or state of mind formed by earlier events.
Mind's-eyenA human ability to visualize, i.e. to experience visual mental imagery; in other words , one's ability to see 'things' with their mind.
Mindshare nA consumers awareness of a particular brand or product compared to that of its rival.
Mindsharing nA purposeful and pointed attempt to access collective knowledge from a group (such as a social network group) where one is free of one's emotions, and without giving up our independence, in making the decision(s).
Mindshift nA change of focus and perception. 2. a shift in one's mindset caused by creating something out of a fine balance between insights and innovation.
Mind-sick adjMentally ill or insane.
Mindsight nMental vision; a non-sleeping dream. 2. a term coined by to describe our human capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others. It is a powerful lens through which we can understand our inner lives with more clarity, integrate the brain, and enhance our relationships with others. Mindsight is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal workings of our own minds.
Mindsman nA man of mind.
Mindstream nIn Buddhist philosophy the moment-to-moment continium of sense, impression and mental phenomena, which is described as a continuing from one life to another.
Mind-stretching nThe stretching or bending a mind towards an object. 2. the closeness of application with a fixed of intention. 3. mental activity in which mental and intellectual efforts are used long and hard. 4. the learning of new things expanding one's mind, intellect.
Mind-stricken adjMoved or affected in the mind.
Mind struck adjSomething coming into the mind; as, an idea coming into the mind suddenly.
Mindsy adjMindful, hence mindiness, mindfulness.
Mind-token nA memorial.
Mind-tool nA tool, as a computer, that can be used to extend cognitve function.
Mind-wandering n'His best results come through mind-wandering' -
Mind-weary adjMentally and emotionally tired.
Mind-whispering nA map of the emotional mind showing us that we have a choice of our moods, emotions, actions, and reactions. Mind Whispering attempts to teach how to manage our brains, and incorporate the timeless wisdom of mindfulness into everyday situations.
Mind-wipe nTo erase the memories and personality, while still leaving an intact, living brain and body. this is frequently prtrayed as as a form of a capital punishment which leaves a viable body into which a different personality can be uploaded. 2. the act of mind-wiping; clean-slating.
Mind-world nThe world of thought that exists within our mind. 2. the world of our mind. 3. the world in our head. 4. our inner world; our inner mind, our inner talk, one's selfness.
Mindy adjMindful
Mind-your-own-businees nA creeping Mediterranean plant with masses of tiny pale green leaves, widely cultivated as a greenhouse or indoor plant (Soleirolia soleirolii). 2. Also known by common names, including bread and cheese; angel's tears.
Mine prnBelonging to me; that which belongs to me.
Minehood nThe fact of being mine; as,"He inclined himself to my minehood and my I-hood inclined itself up to him."
Ming nA mixture.
Ming vbTo put in the mind; remind a person. 2. to bring to remembrance, to commerate, mention. 3. remember; also, reflexive use, as in " to bethink oneself." 3. to give an account, to relate. 6. to commemorate. 7. admonish, rebuke, reprove.
Minging nThe action of putting something in the mind; reminding a person. 2. the action of bringing to remembrance, to commemorating, mentioning. 3. remembering; also, bethinking oneself." 3. accounting for, relating to. 6.commemorating. 7. admonishing, admonition, rebuking, reproving, warning. 8. premonitory symptoms.
Minging nThe state of being mixed or mingled.
Mingle vbBlend.
Mingle phr"Mingle their Tears" - weep or grieve together.
Mingle phr"Mingle with" - go about among.
Mingly advIn a mixed or mingled manner
Mingwort nWormwood.
Minning nRemembrance, memory, memorial. 2. commemoration for a dark soul. 3. peel of a bell, rang at the death of someone.. 4. premonitory symptom. 5. minging.
Minning-day nDay of remembrance.
Minnow nA small freshwater fish; any small fish. 2. a novice. 3. a low-level performing team (or, individual) in comparison with their opponents or peers.?????
Minster nA monastery; a church belonging or situated beside a monastery; a cathedral, a temple; a Christian religious house.
Mint vbTo make coin by stamping metal. 2. to make paper money. 3. to fabricate, counterfeit, mostly used contemptuously. 4. to invent a word.
Mint nA piece of money, money, coin(s). 2. a plce where money is lawfully coined. 3. a set of machinery for coining. 4. a place in which the fabrication of a thing is carried out, a source of invention or fabrication. 5. coinage; quantity of money coined. 6. a vast sum of money; a vast amount of something, often costly.
Mint nAny one of the labiate of the genus Mentha, such as Mentha viridis or garden mint or spearmint.
Mint nPurpose, intention, thought, mind. 2. an attempt, effort, endeavour. 3. a blow aimed at. 4. a threatening gesture or movement.
Mint vbTo think, intend, put mind to, endeavour, venture. 2. to direct or address a speech to. 4. to aim a blow, take aim in shooting. 5. to make a threatening movement towards. 6. to move to seize something. 7. to point. 8. to aim or aspire to. 9. to mention, or speak of.
Mint adjColloquial: excellent, great.
Mint phr"Make a Mint" - earn a lot of money.
Mint phr"Worth a Mint" - very wealthy.
Minter nA money-charger. 2. one who coins or stamps money. 3. a moneyer, inventor, deliberate maker of
Mintiness nThe state or condition of being minty.
Minting nThe stamping of metal to make coins. 2. the printing of paper money.
Minting adjNewly or freshly made or minted.
Minting-house nA place wheremoney is coined, a mint.
Minting-mill nA coining or coin-making machine.
Mintman nA male or female worker, in a mint, producing coins.
Mintlike adjResembling mint, minty.
Mintmark nAn inscription stamped on a coin indicatiing the mint of origin.
Minty adjAbounding in mint. 2. resembling the flavour of mint.
Mirth nPleasurable feeling or enjoyment, joy, gratification, happiness. 2. delights, joy. 3. cause of joy. 4. rejoicing, merry-making, jollity, gaiety. 5. something which gives pleasure or amusement, a diversion, sporting entertainment. 6. something which affords pleasure or musement, a diversion, sport, entertainment. 7.musical entertainment, melody. 8 gaiety of mind, as manifest in jest and laughter, merriness, hilarity, jocularity, fun, ridicule. 9. all the above-mentioned things personified.
Mirth vbTo be glad, rejoice. 2. to gladden, delight, to provide sport or entertainment. 3. to give pleasure or amusement. 4. to musically entertain.
Mirth-day nA holiday, festival, ferial celebration.
Mirthful adjOf persons, their dispostion, moods: full of mirth, joyous, gladsome, hilarious, happy. 2. of places, seasons: mirth or rejoicing in characteristic. 3. of sounds and utterances: expressive mirth, joyous, pleasing. 4. of things, affording mirthy amusement.
Mirthfully advIn a manner mirthful, joyously. 2. amusing, humorous in manner.
Mirthfulness nQuality or state of being mirthful, joyfulness, jocularity, jocosity, facetiousness.
Mirthing nRejoicing.
Mirthless adjWanting in mirth, joyless, sad, dismal.
Mirthlessness nQuality or state of being mirthless, sad, dismal, lacking in joy, fun, without merriness, unhappy, etc.
Mirth-lit adjLit up or filled with mirth.
Mirth-loving adjFun-loving, happiness-seeking, merry-making.
Mirthly advIn a funloving, merry, happy, jolly manner.
Mirth-maker nOne who creates mirth, enjoyment, fun, merriment etc. 2. a mirth-monger.
Mirth-making nThe action of making or creating mirth or enjoyment.
Mirth-marrer nOne who puts a check or stop on mirth, happiness, joy and merrymaking. 2. a kill-joy.
Mirth-marring nThe stopping or limiting mirth or joy.
Mirth-monger nA mirth-maker, one peddles fun, hilarity, enjoyment, entertainment.
Mirthsome adjFull of mirth.
Mirth-song nA song of religious joy.
Miry adjOf the nature of a mire or marshy ground; swampy, abounding in mire, muddy. 2. covered or bespattered in mud or mire. 3. dirty, defiled, despicable. OE??????????
Mis adjPredominant meaning in the Teutonic languages: amiss, wrongfully, perversely,
Misanswer nA wrong answer. 2. failure to correspond to the requirements.
Misanswer vbTo give a perverse or wrong answer to someone.
Misbear vbTo misbehave or misconduct oneself.
Misbearing nMisconduct, wrongful bearing.
Misbecome vbTo fail to become; to suit ill. 2. to become unsuitable or unbecoming to.
Misbecoming nNot becoming; unbecoming, unsuitable, unfitting; unseemly, indecorous..
Misbecomingly advUnfittingly, unsuitably.
Misbecomingness nThe quality or condition of being unbecoming or misbecoming; also in particularised use: an unbecoming characteristic.
Misbede vbTo ill-use, ill-treat, to injure, to abuse.
Misbefall vbTo happen unfortunately, to turn out badly.
Misbefallen adjOf persons: coming to harm; unfortunately.
Misbeget vbTo beget unlawfully.
Misbegin vbTo begin or start badly.
Misbegotten adjUnlawfully begotten or conce1ved, illegimate, bastard.
Misbehave vbTo behave wrongly or ill-behave. 2. to conduct oneself improperly. 3. to conduct or manage improperly or with improperness.
Misbehaving nThe action of misbehaving in an appropriate improper, incorrect or unexpected manner.
Misbeholden vbTo be offensive, ill-natured, out of place in civilized company.
Misbeholding nUnbecomingness, indiscreetness, disobligingness
Misbelead vbTo lead astray.
Misbelief nAn erroneous or unorthodox religious belief; wrong belief, faith, heresy, apostasy. 2. erroneous belief; false opinion or notion. 3. want of belief, disbelief, incredulity.
Misbeliefness nUnbelief, atheism, incredulity.
Misbelieve vbTo be amiss in belief; to hold erroneous beliefs. 2. not to believe, deny the truth, to distrust, to disbelieve.
Misbeliever adjone holding a false belief or false religion. 2. heretic, fidelity
Misbelieving nState of holding a false belief, heretical and unorthodox.
MisbelovevbTo "love" falsely, or love with impropriety.
Misbestow vbTo bestow wrongly or impropriety.
Misbethink vbTo think amiss. 2. to become mistaken. 3. to have wrong thoughts
Misbetide vbMisbefall. 2. to happen unfortunately; to turn out badly of events. 3. to unhappen unfortunately; to come to harm.
Misbeheede vbTo be or become misguided.
Misbid vbTo make an incorrect offer or bid. at a auction; card game etc.
Misbidding nThe act or action of making an incorrect offer or bid. at a auction; card game etc.
Misbind vbTo bind incorrectly, as a book or document.
Misbirth nAbortion.
Misbode nA wrong, an offence, misdeed.
Misbode vbTo forebode something evil; misbodings.
Misborn adjPrematurely born, abortive, hence deformed or misshapen from birth; born of an unlawful union, hence bastard-born. 2. born to evil.
Misbrand vbTo brand or label incorrectly, esp. in order to mislead or defraud.
Misbranded adjBranded or labelled incorrectly, esp. in order to mislead or defraud.
Miscast vbTo cast or reckon incorrectly or wrongly; faulty reckoning. 2. to cast or direct erroneously or improperly, as a look or a glance. 3. make an error when casting a vote. 4. to allot unsuitably, as a parts of a play.
Misclad adjWrongly or innapropriately dressed.
Miscleping nMisnaming
Miscome vbTo come at the the wrong or inappropriate time. 2. an illegitimate child, a love-child.
Miscome adjIllegimitate; born out of wedlock.
Misdeal vbTo distribute unfairly. 2. make a mistake when dealing cards.
Misdealer nOne who distributes unfairly. 2. one who makes a mistake when dealing cards.
Misdealing nWrong or improper dealing, wrong doing, evil or bad conduct.
Misdeed nA wrong action, an offence, mea culpa, crime, an evil, evil deed, misdoings, misdeeds (collectively).
Misdeedy adjdoing wrong, bad, nefarious, malicious.
Misdeem nMisjudgement.
Misdeem vbTo form an unfavourable judgement. 2. to have a wrong opinion. 3. to be mistaken in one's view of. 4. to suppose (a person or thing). 5. erroneously become something else. 6. to hold a mistaken opinion. 7. to have a suspicion or inkling of evil; to suspect.
Misdeemer nOne who misjudges, has a wrong opinion, mistaken view; a suspicion.
Misdeemful adjHaving or making a false judgement. 2. being suspicious, suspectful.
Misdeeming nMisjudging, mistaking, suspecting.
Misdight vbTo be ill-clothed, badly furnished or presented. 2. to be mistaken,
Misdo vbTo do evil or wrong. 2. to do harm or injury to or unto. 3. to do amiss. 4. to do evil or wrong to a person. 5. to harm, injure, wrong. 6. to destroy, put out out of existence, to do away with oneself.
Misdoer nWrong-doer, malefactor, offender.
Misdoing nEvil-doing, improper performance, an instance of wong-doing, misdeed.
Misdoom nMisjudgement.
Misdraught nMisbehaviour. 2, draft of air in the wrong direction.
Misdraw vbTo draw amiss.
Misdrawing vbTo draw wrongly or incorrectly. 2. to go astray.
Misdrawing nA faulty drawing or delineation.
Misdread vbTo have fear, be in dread, to dread.
Miseat vbTo overeat and eat an inappropriate diet.
Misfall vbTo suffer misfortune, come to grief, to happen unfortunately. 2. to fall out, to be amiss. Nb: " It misfell me." -- misfortune befell me.
Misfall nMishap, misfortune.
Misfare nA mishap, misfortune, a going wrong or astray.
Misfaring nWrong-doing, transgression, misbehaving.
Misfather vbTo fail as a parent in the care and nurturing of his children
Misfeed vbAn instance of faulty feeding of something, (mostly paper) through a machine.
Misfeel vbTo have sinful feelings
Misfeelings nDoubts, wrongful feelings, sinful feelings.
Misfere vbTo do wrong, transgress, misbehave. 2. to fare ill, to come to grief. 3. to be unfortunate or unsuccessful.
Misfire vbOf a gun: to fail to discharge or explode. 2. of an engine: to charge correctly or efficiently.
Misfiring nan incident of a gun: to fail to discharge or explode; or of an engine: to charge correctly or efficiently.
Misfold vbTo fold a document incorrectly. 2. to fold clothing in an untidy manner.
Misfolded adjFolded incorrectly or in an untidy manner etc.
Misfong vbTo make a mistake. 2. treat wrongly.
Misfooting nA going astray.
Misframe vbTo frame wrongly.
MisgangnGoing astray, misbehaviour.
Misget vbTo get wrongly or unlawfully, to provide by unlawful means.
Misgive vbOf one's heart or mind: to suggest misapprehension; to cause to be apprehensive. 2. to incline to suspicion or foreboding. 3. of the mind: to have misgivings; suggest fear of. 4. to cite wrongly.
Misgiver nOne who misgives or has doubts and misapprehensions.
Misgiving nA feeling of mistrust, apprehension or loss of confidence.
Misgo vbTo go astray, to go down the wrong path or way, (often fig. in context.)
Misgoing nA going astay, trepass, transgressions.
Misgotten adjWrongly acquired or obtained; ill-gotten.
Misgrounded adjFalsely grounded or ill-fpunded.
Misgrown adjGrown or formed out of shape. 2. mis-shappen.
Misgrowth nA distorted or abortive growth. 2. an unnatural growth.
Misguilt nOffence, misdeed, crime.
Mishale adjUnhealthy, sick, lacking robustness, defective.
Mishallowed adjOf feigned holiness or religious belief.
Mishandle vbTo beat badly or inmproperly. 2. to handle roughly or rudely. 3. to maltreat, ill-treat.
Mishandler nOne who beat another badly or improperly. 2. to handle roughly or rudely. 3. to maltreat, ill-treat.
Mishandling nMaltreatment, improper treatment, rough handling.
Mishear vbOE: to disobey. 2. to hear amiss, hear imperfectedly or incorrectly.
Mishearing nSinful hearing or listening; eavesdropping.
Mishearken vbTo mishear; to listen sinfully.
Misheed vbWrongly observe or take notice of inappropriate advice.
Mishit nAn incorrect or bad hit.
Mishit vbTo incorrectly or badly hit.
Mishope nDespair, despondency, blues.
Mishope vbTo fail to hope in. 2. to despair, be despondent.
Miskeep vbTo kee or maintain improperly. 2. to fail to observe an anniversary, duty.
Miskeeping nThe improper or faulty keeping of. 2. the miskeeping or non-observance of an anniversary, religious duties, etc.
Misken vbTo not to know; fail to recognise or notice. 2. to be ignorant of. 3. to have many ideas about, misunderstand. 4. to have false ideas about oneself or one's position. 3. to refuse to recognise or notice. 4. to affect ignorance of. 5. to overlook, disregard, disown.
Miskenning nMisunderstanding, ignorance, neglect, forgetfulness. 2. a mistake or variation
Miskey vbTo key a word or a piece of data into a computer or other machine correctly.
Miskeying nAn instance of keying erroneously; a typing error.
Miskissing nKissing that is wrong, improperly done or inappropriate.
Misknow vbTo have an evil conscience. 2. not to know or be aware of; to be ignorant of. 3. to be misknown. 4. to not recognise (a person). 5. to refuse to recognise or notice someone or something. 6. to know imperfectly.
Misknowning nThe state or condition of ignorance, misunderstanding, neglect, forgetfulness.
Mislay vbOf an item or object: unable to be found through being wrongly placed. 2. to lay down something in a place which later can not be recollect.
Mislayer nOne who wrongly places, files etc an item or object making it unable to be found.
Mislead vbTo lead astray in action or conduct. 2. to lead into error; delude; to cause to err. 3. to misbehave, misconduct oneself. 4. to mismanage. 5. to lead or guide in the wrong direction.
Misleader nOne who misleads or causes people to err. 2. one who misrules or misgoverns.
Misleading adjThat leads astray or causes to err. 2. deliberately desingned to lead in the wrong direction or to the wrong conclusion.
Misleadingly advIn a misleading manner.
Misleadingness nState or act of being misleading.
Mislear vbTo misteach or wrongly instruct. 2. misguide, lead astray or into error.
Misleared adjUnmannerly, ill-treat. 2. not knowing what is due to oneself or one's position in society.
Mislearn vbTo learn badly or incorrectly.
Mislearned adjPerversely learned.
Mislearning nWant of learning. 2. bad or incorrect learning.
Misled vbTo lead astray, misguide, ill-conduct.
Misleeful adjUnbelieving.
Misleve nMisbelief.
Misleve vbTo believe wrongly, to misbelieve, disbelieve.
Mislich adjDiverse, unlike, various, different.
Misliche advIn various ways, diversely, variously. 2. in various directions, astray, wrongly, erringly.
Mislie vbTo lie in a wrong position. 2. to set oneself down in a wrong or inappropriate position or situation.
Mislife nWrong or inappropriate living. 2. misliveness; mislivedness.
Mislight vbTo lead astray or into harm's way by light or the use of light.
Mislike nWant of affection, dilike of, distaste for, objection to 2. to becxcome unpopular with; disapprove of. 3. disafection, disagreement, dissension. 4. wasting or consumption in animals and plants. 5. disease, sickliness, illness, unhealthiness.
Mislike vbTo be displeasing to, to displease, offend. 2. to be out of harmony with, to be displeased with, or offended at. 3. to disapprove of, dislike. 4. to take sinful pleasure in something. 5. to grow sickly or unhealthy. 6. to waste away or be consumed.
Mislikeness nA distorted shape. 2. a bad portraiture.
Misliker nOne who become or feels displeased with, or offended at the actions, look etc of others.
Misliking nThe opposite of pleasure, discomfort, uneasiness, unhappiness, trouble. 2.displeasure, indignation. 3. dislike of, aversion. 4. mutual disaffection, dissension.
Misliking adjUnpleasant, disaffected, indignation. 2. sickly, diseased, consumptive, unhealthy.
Misline vbto arrange in wrong order.
Mislive vbTo live badly, wasteful, wrongly or in an immoral or evil way.
Mislived adjWasted, badly lived,; evilly or wrongly lived.
Misliver nA person who lives an bad, evil or wasteful life.
Misliving nEvil-living; wasteful living; wrong-doing.
Mislook vbTo sin in looking; to look unfavourably on.
Mislore nEvil or malicious teaching or advice.
Mislove vbTo love in a wrong way: misloving. 2. to dispraise, to depreciate. 3. to love in a sinful way. 4. to hate. NB: this word manages the trick of having two meanings that are most opposite to each other, as does the words 'left' and 'cleave'
Misly advAmiss, wrongfully, perversely,
Mismake vbTo unmake, depose, discard. 2. to disturb oneself; to put oneself out or inconvenience oneself.
Mismaking nSomething badly made, mismade or constructed. 2. something badly composed or written.
Mismark vbTo mark, note, or designate wrongly.
Mismark adjHaving wrongly marked.
Mismatch nA bad match; a discrepancy. 2. an unequal or unfair position in a sporting match or on various competitive situations in life (and love). 3. ill-matedness or an unsuitable match of married or to be marriage couples.
Mismatch vbTo match badly, wrongly or unsuitably; esp. in marriage. 2. to be badly or ill-matched or ill-mated.
Mismatched adjMatched badly, wrongly or unsuitably; esp. in marriage. 2. badly or ill-matched or ill-mated. 3. not suited or compatible in various ways.
Mismatchedness nThe state or condition of being mismatched.
Mismay vbTo trouble, disturb, upset. (in the sense of mismake)- dismay, essmay.
Mismean vbTo misinterpret, to wrongly take, wrongly thought.
Mismeaning nWrong intention; misinterpretation.
Misminded adjPerverted or wrong interpreted in the mind.
Misname vbTo call by a wrong name; miscall; misnamed. 2. to call by an abusive name.
Misnim vbTo mistake, to make mistake, to err, do wrong.
Misniming nAn error, erroring, misappropriating.
Misplay vbIn games, a wrong play; hence, any wrong move.
Mispride nImproper pride; foolish pride.
Misproud adjFoolish, arrogant, wrongly proud; proud for the wrong reasons.
Misqueme vbTo displease, offend.
Misread vbTo read a piece of text incorrectly. 2. judge or interpret a situation or person's manner or behavior.
Misreading nThe act or instance something incorrectly.
Misreckon vbTo reckon, compute an amount incorrectly. 2. to make a wrong calculation in respect to a certain amount.
Misreckoning nIncorrect reckoning, casting, miscalculation of accounts.
Misrede vbTo misadvise or wrongly advise. 2. to give bad counsel.
Miss nA failure to hit. 2. a failure to obtain or accomplishment. 3. an act of avoidance.
Miss vbTo fail to hit. 2. to feel the absence of someone or something, sometimes with regret. 3. to fail to understand or have a shortcoming of perception. 4. to fail to attend. 5. to be late for something (a means of transportation, a deadline etc).in sports - to fail to score (a goal).
Miss phr"A Miss Is as Good as a Mile" - something that nearly succeeds is no better than something that is a total failure.
Miss phr"Give It/Somebody a Miss" - not to do something.
Miss phr"I Miss You Now You Are Gone" - to lack, feel the want of.
Miss phr"Miss By a Mile" - to be nowhere near one's target.
Miss phr"Miss is as Good as a Mile" - narrowly missing success in doing or obtaining something has the same practical result as failing completely. 2. (coversely) a narrow escape from failure, danger, death, is as successful as an easy escape.
Miss phr"Miss Out" - forget, omit, fail to include.
Miss phr"Miss Out On" - not be present at; not experience, fail to notice and thus enjoy or profit from.
Miss phr"Miss the Boat" - to be too slow to take advantage of an opportunity.
Miss phr"Miss the Mark" - to fail to achieve the result that was intended.
Miss phr"Not Miss the Beat" - to carry on without the slightest interruption.
Mis-saw nEvil speaking, calumny, slander, abuse. 2. wrong expression, perverted language.
Mis-say vbTo speak evil against a person; to abuse, slander, revile, vilify. 2. to say something something with evil, abuse, to slander with intent. 3. to speak evil, abusively, slanderously, arrogantly. 4. to speak evil of. 5. to say amiss, wrongly or incorrectly. 6. to say what or something that is not right or correct.
Mis-sayer nSlanderer, evil speaker, calumniator.
Mis-saying nThe action of evil-speaking, slander or abuse. 2. mis-statement.
Missed adjOf cattle or animals: barren, unproductive. 2. straying, erring.
Mis-see vbTo see imperfectedly. 2. to take a wrong view.
Mis-seek vbTo seek wrongly or in the wrong places.
Mis-seeking nThe action of seeking wrongly or in the wrong place.
Missel nMistletoe.
Mis-sell vbTo be or become a customer of a misleading advice.
Mis-selling nThe deliberate, reckless, or negligent sale of products or services in circumstances where the contract is either misrepresented, or the product or service is unsuitable for the customer's needs. For example, selling life insurance to someone who has no dependents is regarded as misselling.
Mis-send vbTo send wrongly or amissly. 2. to send to the wrong place or person.
Mis-set vbTO set or put in the wrong place; to misplace. 2. to put out of humour, upset.
Mis-shape nIn shape or figure having a deformity. 2. deformity, mis-shapedness, a misshapen body or person.
Mis-shape vbTo shape ill; to give a bad form to; to deform; misshapen.
Mis-shaped adjDeformed in shape or figure; misshaped. 2. having a bad or ugly shape; ill-shaped, deformed. 3. badly deformed; shaped or formed; distorted. 4. morally monstrous or ugly.
Mis-shapen adjNot having the normal or natural shape shape or form; misshapen.
Mis-shapedness nThe state or condition of being misshapen.
Mis-sheath vbTo sheath or encase wrongly, erroneously.
Misshood nThe condition of being an unmarried woman. (master late OE)
Missing adjNot able to be located; gone, absent, lost. 2. running roughly due to an occasional lack of spark or some other irregular fault. 3. a value that is missing (statistics).
Missingness advThe quality or condition of being absence.
Missing-mark nA person who misses the mark; or fails in a purpose.
Mis-sit vbTo sit badly or imperfectly; to misbecome.
Miss-out vbTo miss an experience or lose an opportunity etc., that should not be missed. 2. to leave out, to omit.
Mis-speak vbTo speak wrongly or improperly. 2. to speak out. 3. calumninate, to rumour-spread. 4. to utter or pronounce incorrectly. 5. to fail to convey the meaning one intends by one's words.
Mis-speaking nThe act of speaking incorrectly or improperly; mis-speech. 2. the failure to convey the meaning one intends by ones words.
Mis-speech nWrongly or incorrect speech.
Mis-speed nUnsuccess, failure, luckless.
Misspell vbTo spell incorrectly; to orthographise wrongly.
Misspeller nOne who spells incorrectly.
Misspelling nAn incorrect spelling of a word.
Mis-spend vbTo waste, make bad use of expenditure, to be prodigal.
Mis-spender nOne who is wasteful or prodigality
Mis-spending nBad or wasteful expenditure; prodigality.
Mis-spent adjWasted, dissipated, squandered, thrown away, frittered away, misused.
Mis-start vbTo start forth amiss.
Mis-step nA wrong step: a faux pas. 2. a step in the wrong direction or less than wise decision or action.
Mis-step vbTo make a wrong step. 2. to go astray.
Mis-sway vbTo sway in the wrong direction.
Mis-swaying nMisgoverning, misgovernment, misrule
Missy nPertaining to, resembling or characteristic of a miss or young lady.
Mist nWater or other liquid finely suspended in a layer of fine droplets or particles. 2. fig, a thing that dims or darkens, observes or intercepts vision.
Mist vbTo form mist. 2. to spray fine droplets on, particularly of water. 3. to cover with a mist. 4. (of the eyes) to be covered by tears.
Mist phr"In Mist" -- things spiritual, esoteric or mystical.
Mist phr"Loss In Mist of Time" - used to show that something happened a very lone time ago, and is very difficult to remember.
Mist phr"Mist Over" - become covered with mist, tears or a thin line of water. 2. become darken or obscured.
Mist phr"Mist Up" - become obscured by a film of water (as a result of condensation).
Mist phr"Throw a Mist before One's Eyes" - to obscure vision (lit & fig.)
Mistake nAn apprehending wrongly; a misconception; a misunderstanding; a fault in opinion or judgment; an unintentional error of conduct. 2. a misconception, error, which when non-negligent may be ground for rescinding a contract, or for refusing to perform it.
Mistake vbTo err in knowledge, perception, opinion, or judgment; to commit an unintentional error. 2. to have a wrong idea of in respect of character, qualities, etc.; to misjudge. 3. to substitute in thought or perception; as, to mistake one person for another. 4. to take in a wrong sense; to misunderstand misapprehend, or misconceive; as, to mistake a remark; to mistake one's meaning. 5. to take or choose wrongly.
Mistake phr"Make No Mistake" - you can be sure, undoubtedly.
Mistake phr"There's No Mistaking it" - you cannot confuse it with or mistake it for something else.
Mistakeless adjWithout any mistakes; flawless.
Mistaken adjWrong in one's opinion or judgement.
Mistakeness nThe quality or condition of being mistaken. 2. mistakening.
Mistaker nOne who is mistaken in error or at fault resulting from defective judgement, knowledge or carelessness..
Mistakeningly adOn a mistakening way; wrongly, erroneously.
Mist bow nA fog bow, sometimes called a white rainbow, is a similar phenomenon to a rainbow; however, as its name suggests, it appears as a bow in fog rather than rain. Because of the very small size of water droplets that cause fog—smaller than 0.05 millimeters (0.0020 in)—the fog bow has only very weak colors, with a red outer edge and bluish inner edge.
Mist-cloud nA cloud of mist.
Mist-cold adjCold with mist.
Mist-drop nMisty drops.
Mistful adjFull of mist, obscured, with or as if with mist.
Misteach vbTo teach or instruct badly. 2. to misdirect.
Misteaching nThe act of teaching or instructing badly; misdirection.
Misted adjObscured by or hidden in mist; fig., dulled, blurred.
Mistell vbTo number or reckon incorrectly. 2. to miscount or count inaccurately. 3. to relate wrongly; teach, instruct wrongly or erroneously.
Misthank vbTo show resentment of.
Misthew nA bad habit.
Misthink vbTo have sinful thoughts. 2. to have mistaken thoughts, to think wrong or eroneously. 3. to think mistakenly, wrongly or incorrectly. 4. to think ill or badly of, have an unfavourable opinion of. 5. to think bad thoughts.
Misthinking nSinful in thought. 2. of thoughts mistaken.
Misthought nErroneous thoughts or notions. 2. mistaken opinion.
Misthrow vbTo throw wrongly or inaccurately.
Misthunche vbTo seem wrong; undo.
Mistide nA mishap, accident, misfortune.
Mistide vbIn OE. to be a failure. 2. to happen amiss or unfortunately. 3. to have misfortune. 4. to mishap or mistime.
Mistihede nMistiness, mistihood, obscurity. 2. mystical significance.
Mistihood nObscurity, mystical meaning.
Mistily advIn a misty manner or way.
Mistime vbOf an event: to happen amiss, mishap. 2. of a person: to come to grief or harm. 3. to suffer; to suffer a mishap. 4. not to time something properly, to do or perform at the wrong time. 5. to miscalculate or misstate the time of.
Mistimed adjUnfortunately ill-timed, unfortunate, unreasonable, out of time or place. 2. disturbed in one's habits, esp., in respect to sleeping and eating.
Mistimely advUnreasonably, ill-timely, untimely.
Mistiming nDoing a thing of the wrong time. 2. miscalculation of the time of an event. 3. disturbance of a regular habits.
Mistiness nThe state or quality of being misty.
Misting nThe action of covering or becoming misty.
Misting-up nThe act of obscuring as with mist; the act of thus becoming obscured.
Misthithe vbTo be dishonest in the paying of tithes. 2. to pay a thithe wrongly.
Mist-ladenadjHeavily misted.
Mistless adjFree of mist. 2. clear, not obscured.
Mistle-thrush nMissel-thrush: a large thrush with a spotted breast , that feeds on mistletoe berries.
Mistletoe nViscum album: a parasitic plant growing on apple and other trees and bearing white glutinous berries.
Mistle-toe phr"Kissing Under the Mistletoe" - an English Christmas time custom from about the C17th, where a man plucked a berry when he kisses a girl under the mistletoe tree, and when the last berry is gone there should be no more kissing.
Mist-like adjResembling or characteristic of mist in some aspect. 2. misty, obscure.
Mistread nA mis-step, misdeed, faux pas.
Mistread vbTo make a false step. 2. to misdeed, make a faux pas.
Mistreading nA mis-step, a misdeed; a false step or move.
Mistrow nMistrust, have suspicion of, to suspect of , to have a lack of faith in someone, not to believe in.
Mistrum nWeak, untrim, not strong.
Mistruth nDisbelief, untruth, unfaithfulness.
Mistruthful adjDisbeliefful, untruthful, unfaithful, dishonestly.
Mist-thread nA thin line or thread of mist.
Miswander vbTo stray, go the wrong, go the wrong, down a wrong course, or course.
Mist-wet adjWet with mist.
Mist-wrought adjFormed by mist.
Misty adjWith mist; foggy. 2. fig. with tears in the eyes.
Misty-brained adjIllogical, unclear, confused of thinking.
Misty-bright adjThe affect produced when sunbeams break through a mist
Misty-dark adjThe affect produced when mist descends or is falling at dusk
Misty-eyed adjTearful, lugubrious, larmoyant.
Misunderstand vbTo incorrectly understand, whilst believing one has understood correctly.
Misunderstander nOne who misunderstands or incorrectly understand.
Misunderstanding nA mistake in the meaning of something. 2. an erroneous interpretation, a misconception. 3. a disagreement or difference of opinion; a quarrel.
Misunderstandindly advIn a mistaken or erroneous manner.
Misunderstood adjImproperly understood or intepreted. 2. not appreciated by others.
Misunderstoodness nThe state of being improperly understood or interpreted. 2. an instance or common occurrence of having something you say taken wrongly.
Miswander vbTo go astray; go the wrong way.
Miswandered adjGoing astray, deviating from the norm; aberrant.
Miswandering adjGoing astray or awry.
Miswant vbTo want something that you mistakenly believe will make you happy.
Misway nThe wrong path, an unfortunate decision or choice.
Misway phr"Go Misway" - to go astray.
Miswear vbTo wear badly.
Miswearing nAn act or instance of miswear.
Miswed vbTo marry unsuitably; to marry the wrong partner.
Miswedded adjOf a marriage: wrongly or unsuitably contracted or made.
Misween vbTo have a wrong opinion of. 2. to think wrongly of. 3. to misjudge.
Misweening nMisthinking, misjudgement, mistrust.
Miswend vbTo turn in a wrong direction. 2. to misapply. 3. to lead astray, to pervert; twist. 4. to go astray (lit. & fig.) 5. to come to grief.
Miswending nPerversion, disarray, dilapidate.
Miswent adjdilapidated, ruined, destroyed. 2. astray, out of gear.
Miswill nWrong desire.
Miswin vbTo obtain willfully.
Miswire vbTo wire incorrectly.
Miswired adjWired incorrectly.
Mis-wishing nThe act of wishing for the wrong thing.
Mis-wite vbTo neglect, not to care for.
Miswive vbTo marry unlawfully. 2. to commit bigamy.
Miswoman nA strumpet, hooker, sex-worker, harlot, skank.
Miswont vbTo misuse, disuse, abuse in use of. 2. to do wrongly or amiss.
Miswonted adjHaving bad habits, that is being wont to do amiss.
Misword nA harsh, angry or cross word.
Misword vbTo word a message, a piece of writing, composition etc. incorrectly. 2. miswrite, make a mistake in writing.
Misworded adjMiswritten, mistaken in writing, composed incorrectly.
Miswording nThe action of incorrectly wording a writing.
Miswork vbTo do amiss, to act amiss, to commit an offence, to work or do ill. 2. to manufacture something badly, miswrought.
Misworship vbTo wrongly or falsely worship.
Miswrench vbTo twist out of shape, to distort or change the shape of something.
Miswrite vbTo write incorrectly, to make a mistake in writing (composition) or spelling.
Miswrought vbBadly worked, fashioned or prepared.
Miswune nAn evil habit, a wone.
Misyearn vbTo desire wrongly
Misyeme vbTo neglect.
Misyenge vbTo go astray, amiss.
Misyield nA bad, inferior, incorrect, wrong yield.
Misyield vbTo give a bad, inferior or inncorrect yield.
Misyielding adjProducing a bad, wrong, incorrect inferior yield.
Misyoke vbTo join in an unsuitable marriage. 2. marry the wrong partner.
Mit nA measure of capacity in OE. of approx. two ambers; mentioned as used for corn, meal, honey, ale, wire. 2. used as measure for salt in the C15th. 3. a shallow tub or like vessel used for household purposes.
Mite nOE. an insect; esp a minute one. 2. a minute particle.
Mite phr"Not a Mite" - not at all.
Mite-borne adjCarried and spread by mites or small insects.
Mithe vbTo conceal, dissemble feelings and emotions. 2. to remain concealed. 3. to hide one'a thoughts and feelings. 4. to escape the notice of.
Miting nA term for a diminutive creature often used in contempt.
Mix nDung, filth, ordure. 2. a vile wretch.
Mix adjFilthly, foul, vile.
Mixen nA place where dung and refuse is laid. 2. a dunghill or laystall. 3. a heap of dung, compost etc. used for manure. 4. dung and refuse from cow-stalls and sheds. 5. a term of a abuse or reproach to a woman or child. 7. a cock on his own.
Mixen phr"Better Wed Over the Mixen than Over the Moor" -- better to marry a neighbour than a stranger from distant parts.
Mixen-hole nA slum, ghetto, boondocks. 2. a man (used as a term of abuse).
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