Old EnglishspEnglish
Na advNot, in no way, by no means
Na conjNor, neither
Na nNay, a denial, refusal.
Naam nThe act of taking goods from another by way of distraint; goods and chattels taken in this way.
Nail nA growth of horn-like substance covering end of fingers and toes. 2. defect in stone. 3. metal pin for hammering into wood etc. as way of joining or making fixed.
Nail vbFix or join something together by nailing.
Nail phr"A Bed of Nails or Thorns" - annoying, embarrassing or painful situation.
Nail phr"Bite One's Fingernails" - to anxiously await a decision.
Nail phr"Deaf As a Nail" - stone deaf; very deaf.
Nail phr"Drive The Nail Home" - push a matter to a conclusion.
Nail phr"Fight Tooth and Nail" - to strive very hard to win. 2. fight fiercely.
Nail phr"Go Off the Nail" to behave strangely, go of one's head.
Nail phr"Hang On by One's Fingernails" - to have only a slender hold.
Nail phr"Hard or (Tough) as Nails" - tough, unfeeling, callous, unsympathetic uncompromising in attitude and action.
Nail phr"Hit the Nail on the Head." -- (to aim right, to come to and say to the very point of the matter; to say or do the right thing.) 2. to wisely and shrewdly come to the right conclusion. 3. be accurate, correct.
Nail phr"Hung on a Nail" - put in pawn.
Nail phr"Nail a lie" - expose an untruth and deception.
Nail phr"Nail Back" - fasten something back with a nail.
Nail phr"Nail's Breadth" - a small amount.
Nail phr"Nail Down" - make someone give a firm and clear statement of his or her purpose and intention. to succeed in obtaining a position, as, "he nailed a job in Martins". 2. to define clearly, pin down, peg down, narrow down, specify; say precisely. 3. make final, finalize, settle. 4. clinch, ensure, hold, settle the matter, sort out. 5. fasten something flat another surface with nails.
Nail phr"Nail Drives Out Nail" - a new interest or delay replaces what was previously felt for its predecessor.
Nail phr"Nail Onto" - fasten one thing to another with nails.
Nail phr"Nail Something Down" - to tie up the loose ends of an arrangement.
Nail phr"Nail Someone" - to put the blame on someone.
Nail phr"Nail Someone to the Wall." - (like a trophy): said of someone or something finally eliminated or overcome after a protracted and even heroic, effort. 2. to out manoeuvre someone.
Nail phr"Nail Up" - fasten something to a surface so that it hangs from that surface. 2. close a door with nails. 3. fix a thing at a height with nail.
Nail phr"Of the Nail" - not quite sober.
Nail phr"On the Nail" - immediately, on the spot, as in 'pay on the nail'.
Nail phr"One Nail Drives Another" - a new pain or problem will stop you worrying or feeling bad about something else
Nail phr"On the Nail" - immediately, on the spot at once without delay required of a payment. 3. without the least delay,(chiefly used of making repayments).
Nail phr"Right As Nail" - fine, okay, very good.
Nail phr"To be Nailed" - to have one's attention fixed on a matter.
Nail-bed nThe skin beneath the nail plate. Like all skin, it is made of two types of tissues: the deeper dermis, the living tissue which includes capillaries and glands, and the epidermis, the layer just beneath the nail plate, which moves toward the finger tip with the plate.
Nail-biter nA person who bites their nails. 2. a worrier, someone who is very anxious.
Nail-biting adjOf a situation characterized by or causing suspense, anxiety, nervousness; cliff-hanging, suspenseful. 2. causing severe anxiety or tension.
Nail-bitingly advIn a nail-biting manner.
Nailcare nThe proper maintenance of the fingernails and toenails.
Nail-chapman nA trader, dealer or seller of nails.
Nailed adjFastened, studded or constructed with nails, etc.
Nailed-on adjEsp. applied as an epithet recently to dramas of loose construction without literary or artistic value.
Nailer nOne who makes nails. 2. to who job is to hammer in nails. 3. a great, marvellous person, animal or thing; exceptionally good hand at something. n 4. a detective, policeman.
Nailer n"As busy as a Nailer" - very busy.
Nailfast adjFastened with nails.
Nail-fold nthe duplication of the skin which surrounds the edges of the nail; the cuticle.
Nail furrow nTransverse lines or grooves across the fingernails; transverse depressions in the nail plate caused by temporary cessation of cell division in the proximal nail matrix. The condition may be caused by local disease of the nail fold.
Nail-head nAn ornament like the head of a nail used chiefly in architecture and clothing.
Nail-headed adjHaving or resembling a head like that of a nail.
Nail-hole nA nail made to take a nail.
Nail-house nA private home whose owner refuses to move to clear way for new real estate developments despite offers of huge monetary sums from a private developer or expropriation attempts by the government From calque translation of Mandarin 钉子户 (dīngzihù, “nail house”)
Nailing nThe act of action of fixing or join something together by nailing.
Nail-knot nA type of bend knot used to join two fine lines. Commonly used with fishing lines. The name comes from the use of a nail, or needle, or similar object as an aid to form the knot correctly.
Nail-less adjWithout or not having nails.
Nailmaker nOne who makes nails as an occupation.
Nailmaking nThe act of making nails.
Nailrod nA long strip of sheet-iron from which nails are furnished.
Nails phr"Hard as nails" - unfeeling, unsympathetic.
Nail-smith nUsually written "Naismith" (cnif smit): a maker or forger of nails, spikes etc. 2. possibly also, a soldier. In ancient times all soldiers had to be skilled in maintaining their own weapons, and hence could be highly proficient in such work. Originally a "knifesmith": described a soldier who used a short sword and a "swordsmith" one who used a long sword.
Nailwort nA name suggested for Draba verna and Saxifraga tridactiles by Gerarde and applied by Cotgrave to paronychia with reference to their supposed efficaciousness in curing diseases of the finger nails.
Naily adjStudded with nails.
Naked adjUnclothed, having no clothing on the body, stripped to the skin, nude. 2. destitute of clothing, implying poverty and wretchedness. 3. stripped of usual warm clothing. 4. without weapons: unarmed. 5. without defence or protection; open, unprotected, or exposed to injury. 6. of a sword or other weapon: not covered by a sheath; unsheathed. 7. free from concealment or reserve; plain, straight-forward, outspoken free, as in the naked truth. 8. exposed to view or examination; uncovered, stripped of all disguise or concealment of . 9. plain, obvious, clear. 10. bare, destitute or devoid of something. 11. of a horse without a harness.
Naked phr"Be Stark Naked" - be absolutely nude.
Naked phr"Naked as The Day He Was Born" -
Naked ape nOf the 193 species of monkeys and apes, only humans are not covered with hair. 2. mqn thought of as no more than an evolutionary refinement, a special kind of animal.
Naked eye nThe eye alone, unaided or unassisted by glasses, or by any other magnifying or optical device.
Naked fallow nGround where no crops are grown at all.
Naked fire nAn open or uncovered fire and flame.
Naked-flooring nThe parallel rows of timber on which the floorboards rest.
Naked footed adjBare-footed, without footwear.
Naked ground nDevoid of vegetation, trees or foliage.
Naked handed adjBare-handed or empty handed.
Nakedhood nThe state or condition of being naked.
Nakedish adjSomewhat naked.
Naked ladies nThe meadow saffron or autumn crocus.
Naked light nOpen flame, such as a match or a burning cigarette, that is a risk in a mine.
Nakedly advIn an exposed manner; without protection or defense. 2. without clothing.
Nakedness nThe state or fact of being naked.
Naked seed nA seed which isn't ienclosed in an ovary.
Naked sword nA sword having no covering or sheath, especially the usual one.
Naked tree nA tree without foliage or with bare limbs.
Naked truth adjSpeech or conversation without glibness, decoration, but words and pesponses put firmly.
Nakedly advIn an exposed manner, without protection or defense. 2. without protection or defense. 3. without clothing. 3. in a manner without covering or disguise; manifestingly; simply, barely.
Naken vbTo strip a person naked. 2. to divest of clothing or armor; to lay part of the body bare. 3. to strip or deprive someone of something. 4. to lay bare; reveal or disclose.
Nakening nThe action of something naked or revealed
Name nLanguage unit by which a person or thing is known; a person's reputation. 2. family based on male descent; gens. 3. a well-known or notable person; figure, public figure. 4. by the sanction or authority of. 5. a defamatory or abusive word or phrase, name, epithet. 7. a person, an individual. [poetic]
Name vbAssign a specified (usually proper) proper name to; call. 2. give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property. 3. charge with a function; charge to be; nominate, make. 4. create and charge with a task or function; appoint, name, nominate. 5. mention and identify by name. 6. make reference to; mention, advert, bring up, cite, refer. 7. discover, key, distinguish, describe. 8. give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of. 9. determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness. 10. to give a distinctive name or appellation to; to entitle; to denominate; to style; to call.11. to mention by name; to utter or publish the name of; to refer to by distinctive title; to mention. 12. to designate by name or specifically for any purpose; to nominate; to specify; to appoint; as, to name a day for the festival; to name as captain. 13. to designate someone by name, often one does by way of reprimand. 14. to denominate; style; term; call; mention; specify; designate; nominate. 15. the title by which any person or thing is known or designated; a distinctive specific appellation, whether of an individual or a class.
Name phr"A Household Name" - somebody who is well known.
Name phr"Answer to the Name" -acknowledge to the name of , be called.
Name phr"By the Name of" - called or known by, having the name of.
Name phr"Call Somebody Names" - use insulting names for somebody.
Name phr"Drop Names" - to bring in names of well-known persons allegedly known to the speaker into the conversation in an attempt to impress.
Name phr"Give a Dog a Bad Name" - to malign a person.
Name phr"Have a Black Mark Against One's Name " - to have a tarnished reputation.
Name phr"Have One's Name's Up in Lights" - to be a well-known actor or celebrity so that one's name is displayed in lights outside.
Name phr"Have To One's Name" - own, possess.
Name phr"In All But the Same Name" - of a situation or set of circumstances, but not officially acknowledged or recognized. 2. virtually.
Name phr"In Name Only" - in profession, or by title only; not in reality; in name alone, as, a friend in name. 2. of a marriage: platonic, without sexual intercourse. 3. as a mere formality. hardly at all.
Name phr"In Name With" - mentioned in connection with one of the other sex.
Name phr"In One's Own Name" - independently, without authority.
Name phr"In the Name Of." - on behalf of; by the authority of. 2. in one's name. 3. in calling to witness in. 4. invocation of, reliance upon, or devotion to, the persons of the godhead.
Name phr"Lend One's Name to Something" - to endorse something. 2. to authorize the use of one's name in support of a cause, undertaking, product.
Name phr"Make a Name for Oneself " - to earn a good reputation by virtue of some skill.
Name phr"Name a Few" - citing only these.
Name phr"Named After" - give a child the same first name as his father, mother, grandparent.
Name phr"Name a Rose by any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet" - the form does not affect the substance.
Name phr"Name but a Few" - precedes or follows a short list of examples or instances which could be greatly extended.
Name phr"Name for" - to intentionally give someone the same name or the derivation of the same name as another person, place or thing.
Name phr"Name (no) Names" - announce/not announce the names; identify, praise, criticize, praise, accuse people accused or guilty of crime or misdeeds.
Name phr"Name No Names" - refrain from mentioning the names of people involved in an incident, matter, etc., in order to protect them; often with the implication that the hearer could supply them.
Name phr"Name of the Game" - the object or issue of an action.
Name phr"Name on the Same Day" - to bring into comparison or connection.
Name phr"Name the Day" - to mention or specify as something desired, suggested or decided upon. 2. to fix time of a woman to fix the date of her wedding.
Name phr"Of Great Name" - have a good reputation.
Name phr"One's Good Name" - repute or reputation.
Name phr"One's Middle Name" - one's best known attribute.
Name phr"Or My Name's Not" - i am definitely certain.
Name phr"Put One's Name Down for" - apply for. 2. promise to subscribe a sum.
Name phr"Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet" - the form does not effect the substance.
Name phr"So-and-So is the Name of the Game" - so-and-so is the name of the game.
Name phr"Someone Who Shall Be Nameless" - somebody whom we all know (but not named for effect or to prevent embarrassment)
Name phr"Their Name Lives for Evermore" - those consolatory words , frequently used on war memorials.
Name phr"To One's Name" - own, belonging to, as in "he hasn't got a proper pair of shoes to his name.
Name phr"What's His Name" - someone whose name cannot be remembered.
Name phr"What's in a Name?" - names are arbitrary labels
Name phr"Worthy of the Name" - deserving of his name or title, as, "any doctor worthy of his name could quickly diagnose the man's illness."
Name phr"You Name It." - anything you can ask for or name, no matter what; anything you want. 2. no matter what; whatever you like.
Name-brand nA product or item made by a famous maker or manufacturer, as opposed to by a generic manufacturer
Name-calling nAbusive or insulting language.
Name-child nOne called after, named out of regard for another.
Name-cleping nName giving.
Namecouth adjNamecund:known by name, name known widely, well-known, famous, celebrated.
Named adjGiven a name to. 2. specified as a time, sum or place as something desired , suggested or decided on.
Name day nThe feast day of a saint whose name one bears. 2. day on that a child is named.
Namedly advBy name.
Namedrop vbTo refer to people that one assumes one's audience admire in order to try to impress them.
Namedrop nThe practice of casually mentioning important people in order to impress your listeners.
Name-dropper nSomeone who pretends that famous people are his or her friends. 2. one who habitually refers to famous people as if they were his friends.
Name-dropping nFamiliar mentioning of the names of important people in order to imply one's own importance.
Name-droppingly advIn a name-dropping manner.
Name-giver nOne who gives names.
Name-giving nThe act of naming.
Nameless adjBeing or having an unknown or unnamed soul, nameless, unidentified, unknown, unnamed. 2. Without a name; not having been given a name; as, a nameless star. 3.undistinguished; not noted or famous. 4 not known or mentioned by name; anonymous; 5. unnamable; indescribable; inexpressible. 6. little known, obscure, unacknowledged, undesignated, un-famed, unheard of, unidentified, unknown, unnamed, unsung, without.
Nameless phr"Someone Who Shall be Nameless" - someone who we all know (but not named for effect or to prevent embarrassment.)
Namelessly advIn a nameless manner or way.
Nameling nPerson bearing the same name.
Namelore nLore and learning relating to names.
Namely advThat is to say, in other words to wit. 2. distinguished, famous, notable.
Name-maker nA creator of names.
Namemanship nSkill in the use of influential names of people or object. 2. skill in name-dropping.
Namen vbTo take, (nim).
Namer nOne who names.
Namesake nPerson named after another or called by the same name .
Name-son nA name child of male sex.
Nameword nA designation or name given to an object, person or location, an appellation.
Name-worthy adjWorthy of the name one has.
Naming-rights nA financial transaction and form of advertising whereby a corporation or other entity purchases the right to name a facility or event, typically for a defined period of time.
Nap nA drinking bowl or cup.
Nap nA light or short sleep, esp. one take during the day; a doze, kip, a sweet slumber.
Nap vbTo take a short sleep or doze. 2. be not prepared, caught off guard.
Nap phr"Have a Cat Nap" - a brief sleep; doze off; have a power sleep.
Napless adjWithout a nap, the short fuzzy ends of fibres on the surface of cloth, drawn up in a napping.
Napper nOne who has a short sleep.
Nappy nA round earthen or glass dish with a flat bottom.
Nare adjNarrow
Narrow adjNot wide; as in "a narrow bridge". in size or scope. 3. lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; narrow-minded. 4. very limited in degree. 5. characterized by painstaking careful and detailed examination.
Narrow nA narrow strait connecting bodies of water, "The Narrows", as the narrowest part of the Dardanelles.
Narrow vbTo make or become more narrow or restricted; narrow, contract. 2: define clearly; pin down, peg down, nail down, narrow down, narrow, specify. 3. to become more focused on an area of activity or field of study. 4. become tight or as if tight; constringe. 5. to lessen the breadth of; to contract; to draw into a smaller compass; to reduce the width or extent of. 6. to contract the reach or sphere of; to make less liberal or more selfish; to limit; to confine; to restrict; as, to narrow one's views or knowledge. 7. to become less broad; to contract; to become narrower; as, the sea narrows into a strait.
Narrow adjOf little breadth; not wide or broad; having little distance from side to side; as, a narrow street; a narrow hem. 2. of little extent; very limited; circumscribed. 3. having but a little margin; having barely sufficient space, time, or number, etc.; close; near, as in a narrow miss. 4. limited as to means; straitened; pinching; as, narrow circumstances. 5. contracted; of limited scope; illiberal; bigoted; as, as "a narrow understanding." 6. parsimonious; niggardly; stinted, covetous; selfish. 7. scrutinizing in detail; close; accurate; exact. Nb: "Narrow" is often prefixed to other words, especially in forming words of obvious meaning; such as, narrow-brimmed, narrow-edged, narrow-headed, narrow-souled,
Narrow phr"Fall Narrow" - fall short.
Narrow phr"Narrow Down" - reduce the number of people or places being investigated by clearing certain suspects .
Narrow-bed nThe grave, tomb, narrow-house, earthbed.
Narrow boat nA canal boat less than 7 ft (2.1 metres) wide with a maximum length of 70 ft (21.3 metres) and steered with a tiller rather than a wheel.
Narrow-bottomed adjA relatively small, deep area in the bottom of a sea or lake. 2. a trench; a long narrow and steep depression at the bottom of the seaa.
Narrow-brained nThe lowest specimens of humanity: "the most motley, bigoted collection of self-righteous, narrow-brained, non-intelligent idiots I have ever seen".
Narrow-brained adjDull, of low intellect; stupid.
Narrowed adjContracted, constricted, confined; decreased, narrow (in breadth). 2. lacking in breadth of feeling; ungenerous.
Narrowed-necked adjHaving a small or narrow opening or neck.
Narrow-ended adjNarrow or narrowing at the ends.
Narrower nOf small or limited width, esp. in comparison with length. 2. limited in area or scope; cramped. 3. lacking flexibility; rigid, narrow in opinions.
Narrow-eyed adjObserving closely.
Narrow-hearted adjUngenerous, ignoble, mean.
Narrow-heartedness nState or quality of being ungenerous, mean or ignoble.
Narrow-house nThe grave, tomb, earth-bed, narrow-bed.
Narrowing adjThe act of contracting or of making or becoming less in breadth or extent. 2. constriction, restriction, confining. 3. an instance of becoming narrow. 4. of circumstances: tending to constrict freedom. 5. decrease in width.
Narrowish adjInclined to be constricted, restricted, confining.
Narrowishly advIn a somewhat narrow manner.
Narrowly advIn a narrow manner, not allowing for exceptions. 2. of little breadth, in a narrow manner. 3. without much extent, contractedly. 4. with minute scrutiny, closely as, searchingly. 5. ith little margin or space, by a small distance. 6. sparingly. parsimoniously.
Narrow-minded adjNarrow in breadth of view or sympathy; illiberal, prejudice, bigoted. 2. lacking in the breadth of mind; incapable of broad views. 3. not receptive to others ideas, wishes or opinions.
Narrow-mindedly adjLacking tolerance, bigoted, breath of view, or sympathy; petty.
Narrow-mindness nThe state or quality of having a contracted mental scope. 2. the mindset of being illiberal or bigoted.
Narrow-mouthed adjHaving a small mouth. 2. an opening of, vessels; rivers.
Narrowness nThe property of being narrow; having little width. 2. an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behaviour; narrow-mindedness, narrowness. 3. a restriction of range or scope. 4: a small margin; narrowness, slimness. 4. the condition or quality of being narrow.
Narrow seas nThe channels or "The Narrows" separating Great Britain from the adjacent continent and from Ireland. 2. A strait connecting Upper New York Bay with Lower New York Bay between the western end of Long Island and Staten Island. 3. The Dardanelles' narrowest part.
Narrow shave nClose to, but free from, danger; a narrow escape.
Narrow-sighted adjNarrow of sight, often owing to a medical condition. 2. fig. narrow of vistas or mental scope.
Narrow-souled adjLacking in breadth of view or feeling for others, ungenerous, illiberal, bigoted, mean, prejudiced, stingy.
Narrow-streeted adjHaving narrow streets.
Narrowth nNarrowness, constraint.
Nathe nA variant of nave: the centre of a wheel.
Natheless advNevertheless, notwithstanding, na the less, nathless, not the less.
Nathmore advNot the more, never the more.
Naught adjWickedness, evil, moral wrong, turpitude, mischief. 2. a wicked or evil thing. 3. of no worth or value; good for nothing; worthless; useless, bad, poor; stark naught. 4. morally bad, wicked, naughty. 5. bad or wrong in method. 6. immoral, vicious. 7. lost, ruin, destroyed. 8. injurious, hurtful, unlucky.
Naught vbTo efface oneself; to keep quiet or withdraw (usu. in the imperative "let's go and be naught, I say.) 2. bring to naught; annihilate.
Naught phr"Bring to Naught" - ruin, baffle.
Naught phr"Come to Naught/Nothing." - fail, be unrealized, bring to naught, be ruined. 'All Rob's hopes and dreams came to naught.'
Naught phr"Speak Naught" - to be self-effacing; to keep quiet or withdrawn.
Naughting nEmptying; excepting. 2. nothingness; worthlessness; shortcomings.
Naughtingly advWickedly, viciously, 2. wrongly, dishonestly, badly, poorly.
Naughtness nState or condition of being naught or nothing. 2. wickedness, turpitude, evilness.
Naughtnessly advIn a manner of naughtness.
Naughty adjIn a naughty or evil manner. 2. wayward, not behaving well, mischievous, bad.
Naughty phr"Do the Naughty" - to behave promiscuously.
Naughty phr"Have a Naughty" - to have sexual intercourse.
Naughty-bits nThe parts of a person's body connected with sexual activity or attraction, especially their genitals.
Naughty Nineties nThe last decades of the C19th, seen as a period of freedom, laxity or decadence in social mores, entertainment, the arts compared with conventional Victorian standards.
Nave nCentral piece of a wheel, from which the spokes of a wheel radiate.. 2. hub.
Navel nThe small pit of the abdomen, to which the umbilical was attached. 2. centre or middle point of anything. 3. centre or central point of country, sea, forest etc. 4. middle point of a horse's back.
Navel-knot nThe knot or knob of the umbilical cord.
Navelled adjKnobbed; bull's-eyed. 2. having a navel; set as a navel or hollow.
Navel-string nUmbilical cord.
Navel-wort nCotyledon umbilicus; pennywort
Naze nOE naes: a promontory; a headland.
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