Old EnglishspEnglish
Ne sfxA negative meaning not.
Neal adjOf water, not deep.
Neap nThe neap or low tide at the moon's first and third quarters when there is least difference between high and low water.
Neap vbTo become lower or less. 2. to tend towards the neap or low tide at the moon's first and third quarters. 3. to reach the highest point of neap tide.
Neap adjWithout power of advancing.
Neaped adjA ship left aground on the height of a spring tide, so that it will not float till the next spring tide; beneaped.
Neap flood nO.E. nepflod "neap flood," the tide occurring at the end of the first and third quarters of the lunar month, in which high waters are at their lowest, of unknown origin, with no known cognates. Original sense seems to be "without power."
Neapness nThe condition of being at neap.
Neap-rise nHigh tide.
Neap tide nA less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon.
Near adjNot distant in place or time or degree, nigh, continuous. 2. closely related in blood or affection, familiar. 3. closely touching one's interests. 4. in riding or driving, placed on the left: opposed to, off. 5. following or imitating closely, literal: a near take. 6. resembling or substituted for. 7. penurious or misely, stingy. 8. short or speedy, tending to lessen a distance: a near way. 9. avoiding by a narrow margin; close; near get-away.
Near advAt little distance; not remote in place or time, or degree. 2. in close relation, intimately. 3. close to the wind. 4. stingy, parsimoniously.
Near vbCome or come close to or near, approach.
Near prepClose by or near to.
Near phr"A Near Hit/Miss/Thing" - a close or near miss; a near miss; a narrow escape from death, injury or other mishap; a close call. 2. physically or emotionally close (to somebody) and valued (by somebody)
Near phr"As Near As One Could Be" - used to say that something seems to one to be a certain way.
Near phr"Come Near to". - to want but little of, to approximate to.
Near phr"Draw Near" - to approach; draw close.
Near phr"Far and Near" - over a large area, far and wide.
Near phr"Lie Near" - to be natural or reasonable.
Near phr"Near and Dear" - related to one by kinship or friendship. 2. nearest and dearest; close, immediate family; kindred, kin.
Near phr"Near and Near" - close.
Near phr"Near About" - nearly, almost approximately.
Near phr"Near at Hand." - close by; within easy reach. 2. in the immediate future.
Near phr"Nearest and Dearest" - close, immediate family; kindred, kin. 2. one's friends and realives collectively.
Near phr"Near Now" - just now.
Near phr"Near Of Kin" - closely connected by kinship or blood.
Near phr"Near the Knuckle/Bone" - too frank or inconsiderate in its exposure of a fact or truth; coarse or lewd to degree that many people would find unacceptable or offensive. 2. almost indecent.
Near phr"Near the Mark" - bordering on the indecent, risqué; near the bone. 2. almost right or correct.
Near phr"Near to Ones Heart" - to touch or affect (an other) deeply.
Near phr"Near Upon" - close, or not far, to a particular time.
Near phr"Nowhere near." - not nearly; well away from.
Near phr"One's Nearest and Dearest" - (facetious) one's family , esp. those one lives with.
Near phr"So Near Yet so Far" - of a person who or thing that is unattainable despite its apparent proximity.
Near beer nA drink that resembles beer but with less than 1/2 alcohol content; light or low alcohol beer.
Nearby advClose by; near at hand, adjacent, approximate; hard by, not far off; in close proximity.
Near blind adjHaving greatly reduced vision; dim-sighted, purblind, visually impaired.
Near-coming adjImminent, soon, in a short while, near at hand, approaching, threatening.
Near-death adjAssociated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light.
Near East nThe Middle East; the Balkans.
Near-evil adjWicked.
Near-fighting nFighting taking place at hand, or hand to hand.
Near-go nA narrow escape.
Near-going adjImminent leaving, near to, near, passing by.
Near-goingness nState or quality of imminent departure or leaving.
Near-hand adjClose at hand; near.
Nearing vbTo approach; to come nearer, as, the ship neared the land, coming near, close at hand, to loom, be nighish, to be imminent.
Nearish adjSomewhat near.
Near-like adjAlmost like or the same; very similar to.
Nearly advWithin a little; almost. 2. with a close regard to one's interest. 3. at no great distance, closely, narrowly. 4. stingily.
Nearly phr"Not Nearly" - nothing like; far from; (not nearly enough).
Near miss nAn accidental collision that is avoided narrowly; a close call, near go, near thing, very nearly, narrow escape.
Nearmost adjNearest
Nearness nThe state or condition of being near, close to, adjacent, approaching, near at hand.
Nearside nThe left side of a vehicle nearest the vehicle. 2. the left side of an animal.
Near sight nShort sight.
Nearsighted adjUnable to see distant objects clearly; short-sighted, myopic. 2. seeing distinctly at short distance only; dim-sighted. 2. (fig): bigoted, illiberal.
Nearsightedly advUnable to see things that are faraway. 2. unable to see clearly or understand an issue or problem.
Nearsightedness nEyesight abnormality resulting from the eyes faulty refractive ability to see distant objects clearly or blurred. 2. (fig): bigotry, closed-mindedness, illiberality, parochialism, pettiness, un-catholicity.
Near thing nSomething that barely avoids failure or disaster. 2. a narrow escape.
Neat nAn animal of the ox kind: an ox or bullock; a cow or heifer. 2. collectively cattle. 3. the steer, the heifer and the calf, are all called neat.
Neath prpPoetical form of 'beneath'.
Neat herd nOne who is in charge of cattle.
Neat-house nA house or shed in which cattle are kept; a neatern; a shipoon.
Neat's tongue nAn ox-tongue, used as an article of food.
Neb nA beak or bill of a bird. 2. mouth of a person; the face. 3. nose or snout of an animal. 3.projecting part or point, peak, tip, extremity. 5. anything that ends in a point or has a neb; a nib. 6. embryo or radicle of a seed; rootlet.
Neb vbTo furnish with a nib; to point. 2. to mend or repair a point.
Nebbed adjHaving a neb; long-nebbed.
Nebbish adjA person, especially a man, who is regarded as pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissively weak; cuckoldish
Nebbish-like adjResembling or characteristic of one who is regarded as pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissive.
Nebbishly advNebbishlike.
Nebshaft nOE: scieppan -- shape. 2. countenance, face. 3. likeness, image.
Neb-to-neb nFace to face.
Nebby adjResembling or characteristic of one who is regarded as pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissive.
Neck nThe part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body; cervix. 2. a narrow elongated projecting strip of land. 3. a cut of meat from the neck of an animal. 4. a narrow part of an artifact that resembles a neck inposition or form. 5. an opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer; a part of the garment near the wearer's neck. 6. any part of an inanimate object corresponding to or resembling the neck of an animal; as: the long slender part of a vessel or a piece of fruit. 7. that part of a violin, guitar, or similar instrument, which extends from the head to the body, and on which is the finger board or fret board. 8. a neck forming the journal of a shaft. 9. the point where the base of the stem of a plant arises from the root.
Neck vbKiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion; make out..
Neck phr"At Break-neck Speed" - very fast and dangerous speed.
Neck phr"Be Neck and Heel" - topsy-turvy.
Neck phr"Break One's Neck to do Something" - to be particularly keen or desperate.
Neck phr"Break One's Neck for" - work hard/ quickly.
Neck phr"Break the Neck of" - to destroy the main force of; to break the back of. 2. destroy, finish, bring to an end.
Neck phr"Breathe Down Someone's Neck" - to cause annoyance to another person by remaining in his vicinity or by supervising him too closely ; or be narrowly behind another person in some competitive situation. 2. watch somebody too closely.
Neck phr"Dead from the Neck up" - foolish, stupid, stulty, half-witted.
Neck phr"Get it in the Neck." - be assaulted or be hit hard by something. 2. be reprimanded or punished. 2. be blamed, or disciplined.
Neck phr"Harden the Neck": To grow obstinate; to be more and more perverse and rebellious.
Neck phr"Have a Brass Neck (to do something)" - be bold, shamelessenough to do something.
Neck phr"Have a Millstone about One's Neck" - a great burden or responsibility.
Neck phr"Having a Stiff neck": obstinacy in evil or wrong; inflexible obstinacy; contumacy.
Neck phr"In Our Neck of the Wood(s)." - a localized area, as "My Neck of the Woods". In Bill Bryson's "Made in America", the claim is made that the origin of "neck" is the Algonquian word "naiack" meaning "point, corner" The American colonists came up with "branch," "fork," "hollow," "gap," "flat" and other descriptive terms used both as simple nouns ("We're heading down to the hollow") and parts of proper place names ("Jones Hollow"). "Neck" had been used in English since around 1555 to describe a narrow strip of land, usually surrounded by water, based on its resemblance to the neck of an animal. But the Americans were the first to apply "neck" to a narrow strand of woods or, more importantly, to a settlement located in a particular part of the woods.
Neck phr"It Is Neck or Nothing" - a desperate effort is called for.
Neck phr "Neck and Crop": completely; wholly; altogether; roughly and at once.
Neck phr"Neck and Heel" - the whole body (colloq); bodily, completely, altogether. 2. neck and crop.
Neck phr"Neck and Neck" - so nearly equal that one cannot be said to be before the other; very close; even; side by side or abreast. A term from horse racing or the turf.
Neck phr"Neck of a Tooth" - the constriction between the root and the crown.
Neckphr"Neck Oneself" - to commit suicide.
Neck phr"Neck or Nothing" : (fig.), at all risks; a risky effort; a desperate effort is called for. 2. 'neck or all'
Neck phr"Neck Over Head" - go headlong.
Neck phr"On the Neck Of": immediately after; following closely; on the heel of.
Neck phr"Send a Chill Down Someone Neck/Spine" - hear or learn of some very worrying news.
Neck phr"Speak From the Back Of One's Hand" - to use extravagant or inaccurate words or language.
Neck phr"Stick One's Neck Out" : to have the courage of one's conviction. 2. to take a calculated risk or gamble.
Neck phr"Stiff Neck" - obstinacy.
Neck phr"Talk Through the Back of One's Neck" - to be utterly wrong or inaccurate. 2. to talk utter rubbish or be hopelessly wide of the mark,
Neck phr"Tread on the neck of": to oppress; to tyrannize over, 2. to strike or break the neck.
Neck phr "Up to One's Neck in Something" - to be deeply or closely involved in something or some matter.
Neck phr"Upon the Neck of" - to oppress; to tyranicize.
Neck phr"Win By a Neck" - win by the length of a horse's head and neck.
Neck ache nA stiff or painful neck.
Neck-and-heel nThe whole body (colloq).
Neck beard nA growth of hair on a man's neck, esp. when regarded as indicative of poor grooming. 2. a man who is socially inept and physically unappealing, esp. one who has an obsessive interest in computing.
Neckbone nThe bone or nape of the neck; a cervical vertebrae
Neck-cloth nA cravat; cloth worn around the neck.
Necked adj(Slang) hanged.
Necker nOne who engages in caress and fondling.
Neckful adjA quantity that fills the neck; as much as the neck will hold. 2. as much punishment, annoyance, irritation etc) as one can endure.
Necking nThe moulding at the top of a column. 2. affectionate play or foreplay without contact of genital organs.
Neckland nA narrow strip of land; a mull, a spit.
Neckless adjHaving no neck.
Necklike adjResemblin a neck.
Neckline nThe edge or shape of the opening of a garment at the neck.
Neck-ring nAny form of stiff jewellery worn as an ornament around the neck of an individual, as opposed to a loose necklace. Many cultures and periods have made neck rings, with both males and females wearing them at various times
Necktie nA band or scarf passing round the nck or collar and tying in front under the chin . 2. any bow or tie worn under the chin. 3. a halter. 4. (slang) a lynching.
Neck-warmer nA piece of clothing that keeps the neck close.
Neckwear nA collective term for cravats, ties, collars and other like garments. 2. (slang): hangman's rope.
Neck-weed nHemp, a common expression for a rope.
Neck-word nA word on which ones neck (life) depends; a shibboleth.
Neck yokenA bar by which the end of the tongue of a wagon or carriage is suspended from the collars of the harnesses. 2. a device with projecting arms for carrying things (as buckets of water or sap) suspended from one's shoulders.
Need nA condition requiring relief. 2. anything that is necessary but lacking,want. 3. the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behaviour; motive motivation. 4. a state of extreme poverty or destitution; indigence, need, penury, pauperism. state that requires supply or relief; pressing occasion for something; necessity; urgent want. 5. want of the means of subsistence; poverty; indigence; destitution. 6.thatwhich is needful; anything necessary to be done; (pl.) necessary things; business. (Obs)7. situation of need; peril; danger. (Obs.)
Need vbTo require as useful, just, or proper; necessitate, ask, postulate, need, require, take, involve, call for, demand. 2. have need of; want, need, require.

3. have or feel a need for friends, money etc. 3. to be wanted; to be necessary. 4. to be in want of; to have cause or occasion for; to lack; to require, as supply or relief. Nb: With another verb, need is used like an auxiliary, generally in a negative sentence expressing requirement or obligation.

Need adv. Of necessity; needs. [Obs.]
Need vbTo exercise constraint or compulsin upon. 2. to constrain, compel or force a thing.
Need phr"At a Need" - in a time of emergency, need or crisis.
Need phr"Had Need" - ought to.
Need phr"Have a Need To" - be under the necessity to do something. 2. to require, want to do something.
Need phr"Have Need Of" - the thing required.
Need phr"In Need Of" - requiring.
Need phr"Need a Long Spoon to Eat with the Devil" - need to keep at a cautious distance, have some safeguard, or possibility of escape or withdrawal, or skeptical attitude when associating with somebody or involving oneself in an argument, decision.
Need phr"Need I Say More" - used for saying what is so obvious that it is not necessary to gie more details.
Need phr"Need It Yesterday" - indicates that the need is extremely urgent.
Need phr"It's Needless to Say" - unnecessary or not required, as it goes without saying.
Need phr"Need Like a Hole in the Head" - to be involved in a completely undesired problem. 2. not need something at all.
Need phr"Needn't" - Need not (to do).
Need phr"Need Not Have" - did not need to (but did).
Need phr"Need Not Have" - did not need to (but did).
Need phr "Needs Must" - must necessary or unavoidable (for somebody or something).
Need phr"Needs Must, Must Needs Do" - necessity; compelled to.
Need phr"Needs Must When the Devil Drives" - circumstances make it necessary, inevitable or unavoidable (for somebody or something).
Need phr"That All I Need" (That's the last thing I need)" - : that is just another frustration or annoyance.
Need-be nA necessity; an essential thing or reason.
Need-doer nTrader.
Need-doing nTrading, traffic.
Needed adjRequired.
Needer nOne needs something.
Needfire nSpontaneous combustion. 2. fire obtained from dry wood by means of vigorous friction. 3. a bonfire or beacon.
Needful adjNecessary for relief or supply; needed, needful, required, requisite. 2. full of need; in need or want; needy; distressing. 3. necessary for supply or relief; requisite. 4. called for, essential, fundamental, imperative, indispensable, necessary, needed, required, unforgoable, vital, wanted.
Needfully advIn a needful manner.
Needfuless nThe state of being in need of something. 2. a state of being without something necessary, desirable or useful.
Needily advIn a needy manner.
Neediness nThe state, quality or condition of being needy, in poverty, needfulness,want or indigence. 2. the quality of attention, affection and reassurance to a marked degree.
Needing nAn occasion or time of need. 2. a necessary act. 3. the fact of being in need, want, poor, privation, deprivation, indigence.
Needings nNecessities.
Needle nA small, slender, rodlike instrument, usually of polished steel, with a sharp point at one end and an eye or hole for thread at the other, for passing thread through cloth to make stitches in sewing. 2. any of various similar, usually considerably larger, implements for making stitches, as one for use in knitting or one hooked at the end for use in crocheting. 3. (med) slender, pointed, steel instrument used in sewing or piercing tissues, as in suturing. 4. an injection of a drug or medicine; shot. 5. any of various objects resembling or suggesting a needle.
Needle vbTo sew or pierce with or as if with a needle: to needle a patch on a sleeve. 2. to prod or goad (someone) to a specified action: "we needled her into going with us." 2. to tease, sometimes with spite. 3. slang. to add alcohol or ether to (a beverage): to needle beer. 4. to form needles in crystallization. 5. to work with a needle.
Needle n"The Needle" - irritating abuse; teasing; heckling (used especially in the phrases give someone the needle and get the needle).
Needle phr"Eye of the Needle" - a small door or passage (it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God).
Needle phr "Find a Needle in a Haystack" - to find find something when the probability is small.
Needle phr"Get the Needle" - become angry, frustrated, vexed, annoyed.
Needle phr"Look for a Needle in a Haystack" - to attempt something with a very small chance of success. 2. an impossible task to find something.
Needle phr"On the Needle" - (slang) taking drugs by injection, especially habitually.
Needle phr"On Pins and Needles" - be very agitated.
Needle-bearing adjAn anti-friction roller bearing in which long rollers of very small diameter fill the race without a cage to provide spacers between them.
Needle-book na strips of cloth arranged like leaves of a book to hold needles.
Needlecraft nA creation created or assembled by needle and thread; needlework, needlecraft. 2. work (such as sewing or embroidery) that is done with a needle. 3. an article or articles created or assembled by needle and thread; needlework. 4. (joc): stitching and suturing by doctors and surgeons.
Needled adjOf trees: having leaves that are acerate. 2.badgered, baited, bedevilled, beset, harassed, heckled, nipped at, pestered, picked on, teased, tormented, worried.
Needledom nThe world of sewing by needle.
Needle-fish nThe pipe-fish with a long snake-like body.
Needleful adjAmount of thread used on a needle at one time.
Needle-furze nThe prickly leguminous plant of Western Europe, the Petty Whin (Genista Anglica).
Needle-game nA contest that is very close or arouses personal grudges.
Needle-grass nFeather grass.
Needle leaf nThe name applied to a coniferous or softwood trees, because of the spine-life leaves.
Needleless adjWithout or not having needles or thorns.
Needlelike adjResembling or similar to a needle in various aspects.
Needleman nA tailor. 2. a disc jockey (DJ). 3. drug addict.
Needle match nContest in which both contestant are very eager to win
Needlenose nA person whose methodical, over-disciplined ways continually irritate neighbors and co-workers by this person insistance of the same attention to detail and order from others. A person who is so consumed by the repetitiveness of his work that he he takes things too seriously and sucks the life out of the laughter and fun around him. A person so detailed, he misses the big picture.
Needle-shaped adjNarrow, long and pointed, as, pine leaves, acicular, acerose.
Needler nA maker of needles. 2. one who annoys, irritates, harasses others.
Needle-shaped adjNarrow, long and pointed, as, pine leaves, acicular, acerose.
Needle-threader nA piece of looped wire used to carry thread through the eye of a needle.
Needle-wood nA tree native to India with light red or reddish brown with darker bands.
Needless advWithout any compulsion or necessity, needlessly. 2. not needed, not wanted, unnecessary, useless, uncalled for; not requisite. 3. having no want, not in need or want. without sufficient cause, groundless, causeless
Needless phr"It's Needless to Say" - unnecessary or not required, as it goes without saying.
Needlessly advIn a way that is unnecessary because it is unavoidable.
Needlessness nThe fact of being needless, having not want, not in need. 2. unnecessaryness.
Needlestick nAn accidental puncture wound of the skin with an unsterilized needle or syringe.
Needlestone nNatrolite.
Needle-threader nA piece of looped wire used to carry thread through the eye of a needle.
Needle-time nNeedle time was created in the United Kingdom by the Musicians' Union and Phonographic Performance Limited to restrict the amount of recorded music that could be transmitted by the BBC during the course of any 24-hour period. The number of hours per week allowed gradually increased over the years from below 30 hours in the 1950s. The result was that the BBC had to use "cover" versions of popular songs by groups, or orchestral versions by one of the in-house orchestras, to fill in the hours. The term "needle time" comes from the use (at the time) of gramophone records as the main source of recorded music, which were played on gramophone record players using a gramophone needle.
Needlewoman nA sempstress.
Needlework nNeedlecraft; a creation created or assembled by needle and thread. 2. work (such as sewing or embroidery) that is done with a needle 3. an article or articles created or assembled by needle and thread; needlework. 4. (joc): stitching and suturing by doctors and surgeons.
Needle-worker nOne who does needlework.
Needle-working nThe act or occupation of needlework.
Needle-wrought adjWorked, ornamented, embroidered or sewn by needle. 2. sutured.
Needlihood nNeedliness.
Needling nA needy person; a poor person, an indigent.
Needly adjThorny.
Needly advZealously, carefully, earnestly. 2. necessarily; of necessity.
Needness nThe state or condition of being needy.
Need-rooted adjFixed by necessity.
Needs nRequirements; things needed, necessities.
Needs-be nNecessity, need-to-do; a necessity.
Needsly advOE: neodlice: desire, eagerness. 2. zealously, carefully, earnestly.
Needs-must phr"Needs Must when the Devil Drives" - necessity compels, something that is done unwillingly but with the acceptance that can't be avoided; inevitable, unavoidable. the expression comes from a earlier form: " Needs must when the Devil drives": if the devil's driving you, you have no choice".
Needs phr"Who Needs It" - who wants the bother and problems.
Needs-not nSomething not needed or essential.
Needsome adjNeedy, necessary.
Need-sweat nSweat or perspiration caused by distress or extreme anxiety.
Need-sweaty adjPerspired (caused by acute anxiety or distress).
Need-to-know nA principle or practice; esp. in espionage, politics, business etc, whereby people are kept ignorant of which they do not need to know.
Needways advBy or because of needs.
Needwise advBy or because of necessity. 2. according to need, by need.
Needy adjPersons ('The Needy"); indigent, poor, poverty-stricken, necessitous. 2. in need of thing. 3. circumstances characterized by poverty or need. 3. of a search: close, anxious.
Needyhood nNeediness.
Neep nTurnip, swede.
Neer nOE neora: the kidney.
Ne'er advNever, at no time in the past or future.
N'er-do-well nOne who never does well(a never-do-well), and is never likely to do well. 2. a-good-for-nothing, ne'er-be-good, worthless person. 2. an idle worthless person
N'er-do-wellish adjWorthless, good-for-nothing, non-performing,
Ne'er-do-wellishness nWorthlessness, good-for-nothingness, fact of non-performance.
Neezewort nSneezewort.
Nehleche vbTo approach or draw near a person or a place.
Nehleching nApproach.
Neigh vbTo utter the characteristic sound of a horse. 2. to laugh loudly.
Neighbour nA person who lives (or is located) near another. 2. a nearby object of the same kind. "what is the closest neighbor to the Earth?" 3. a person who lives near another; one whose abode is not far off. 4. one who is near in sympathy or confidence.

5. one entitled to, or exhibiting, neighbourly kindness; hence, one of the human race; a fellow being. 6. one who is near by chance

Neighbour vbTo live or be located as a neighbour. 2. be located near or adjacent to; "England neighbours Wales." 3. to live or be near to or next to; adjoin. 4. to bring near to or in close association. 5. to be in the proximity; lie close. 6. to live nearby, to be neighbourly.
Neighbourhood nThe region near where one is or resides; vicinity. 2. nearness; the condition of standing in the relation of a neighbour; neighbourship.. 3. friendly relations; neighbourliness. 4. a district considered with reference to a given characteristic.
Neighbourhood phr"Neighbourhood Friendly" - a well-known local area where one feel safe. 2. your friendly neighbourhood.
Neighbourhood phr"In the Neighbourhood Of" - somewhere about.
Neighbourhood phr"Your Friendly Neighbourhood" - applied to a well-known and popular local person or thing.
Neighborhood Watch nAs a result of increasing crime, especially burglary, residents in a particular ares began organizing Neighborhood Watch groups from the early 1980s with police co-operation.
Neighbouring adjLocated, situated or living adjacent or nearby. 2. a proximate to, close at hand, near. 3. that neighbours in various senses.
Neighbourliness nThe state or condition of being neighborly.
Neighbourly adjFriendly, kindly, helpful. 2. appropriate to a neighbor; , sociable
Neigher nOne who laughs loudly. 2. a horse.
Neighing nTo utter the cry of a horse; to whinny. 2. to scoff, sneer, jeer.
Neither advNouther, not whether, not on one hand or not either. 2. Not either; not the one or the other.
Neither conjNot either; generally used to introduce the first of two or more coordinate clauses of which those that follow begin with nor. "Fight neither with small nor great, save only with the king. Nb: Neither was formerly often used where we now use nor."For neither circumcision, neither uncircumcision is anything at all." "Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it." --Gen. Neither is sometimes used colloquially atthe end of a clause to enforce a foregoing negative (nor, not, no). "He is very tall, but not too tall neither." Not so neither, by no means.
Neither phr"Neither Fish, Flesh nor Good Red Herring/Fresh Meat" - neither one thing or another;; ambiguous, vague, difficult to identify. 2. "neither fish nor fowl" also see: "Neither Head nor Tail".
Neither phr"Neither Head Nor Tail" - neither beginning or end; neither this thing or that; nothing distinct or definite: a phrase used when giving quick and approximate answers to indicate that the response is not neccesarily accurate.
Neither phr"Neither, Here nor There" - irrelevant, unimportant.
Neither phr"Neither Hide nor Hair" - no evidence of somebody's existence or presence.
Nesh adjSoft in texture or consistency. 2. tender, succulent, juicy. 3.damp, moist, wet. 4. tender, mild, gentle, being inclined to pity, mercy or other tender feeling. 5. not harsh or violent. 6. timid, wanting in courage, faint-hearted; yielding easy to pressure or force. 7. slack, negligent, lacking in care or diligence. 8. yielding easily to temptation, inclined to lust or wantoness. 9. weak, delicate, unable to endure fatigue, exposure to cold. 10. dainty, fastidious, squeamish. 11. that which is sodden, soft ground.
Nesh phr"In Nesh and Hard." -- under any circumstances.
Nesh vbTo be soft or tender. 2. to make soft. 3. to tun faint-hearted. 4. to draw back.
Neshhood nState or condition of softness, weakness, without courage. 2. gentleness, mildness, mercifulness, tenderness.
Neshly advIn a soft, weak, or without courage way. 2. gently, mildly, tenderly, mercifully.
Neshness nThe condition of being nesh.
Ness nPromontory, headland, spit, mull.
Ness sfxA state or quality of being: as darkness, kindness etc.
Nest nA place in which a bird lays and hatches its eggs. 2. an animal breeding place. 3. any snug retreat. 4. a place in which things are lodged or deposited. 5. a place where thieves , pirates, robbers have their usual residence or resort. 6. a brood or swarm, colony of birds, insects, animals etc. 7. an accumulation or collection of similar objects.
Nest vbTo make or have a nest
Nest phr"A Mare's Nest" - a discovery with illusory benefits.
Nest phr"Feather One's Own Nest"- to improperly arrange a transaction on behalf of others to one's own financial advantage.
Nest phr"Nest In" - build a nest (in); have a nest in.
Nest phr"Stir Up a Hornet's Nest" - to take action which results in unpleasant side affects.
Nest box nA box provided for a domestic or other birds to make a nest in.
Nested adjOccupying a nest.
Nest-egg n(Old Norse:egg) -a fund of money put by as a reserve; savings. 2. device consisting of an artificial egg left in a nest to induce hens to lay their eggs in it. 3. an egg left in the nest to prevent the hen from forsaking it, and to induce her to lay more in the same place. 4. hence, (figuratively), money set aside in a special fund to be used for special occasions, or more commonly, for retirement; as, she set aside a large hunk of her salary every month and had a considerable nest egg for her retirement.
Nester nSomeone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it. 2. a squatter, homesteader; a farmer seeking to settle on land used by cattlemen. 3. a term of opprobrium.
Nestful adjAs much as a nest can hold, as eggs, chicks etc.
Nesting nThe act or action of building or maintaining a nest. 2. an abode, dwelling, habitation, lodging, occupation. 3. co-habitation, residing, residence.
Nesting adjAbiding, birdlike, birdy, cohabiting, columbine, commorant, dovelike, dwelling, inhabiting, living, lodging, nidicolous, residing, squatting, staying, staying over,
Nestle vbTo make a nest. 2. to lodge or settle in a nest. 3. to take up one's abode: to settle or squat in a place. 4. to settle down in a comfortable or snug manner. 5. to draw close to a person, to a thing esp. in an affectionate manner. 5. to be embedded in some place, quality or thing.
Nestle phr"Nestle Down" - settle oneself comfortably under the bedclothes, etc.
Nestle phr"Nestle Up (Against)" - press close to another person for warmth or comfort.
Nestled adjLodged or settled in a nest. 2. settled down in a comfortable or snug place. 3. drwan close to another person or thing in an affectionate manner.
Nestless adjLacking, without or not having a nest.
Nest-like adjResembling a nest or some aspect of one.
Nestling nA young bird or fledgling. 2. a young child. 3. something that nestles in.
Nestingly advIn a nesting manner.
Nest-making nThe act of making of nests by birds and some animals.
Net nA computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks, cyberspace; a network. 2. a trap made of netting to catch fish or birds or insects; anything wrought or woven in meshes; as, a net for the hair; a mosquito net; a tennis net. 3. a goal lined with netting (as in soccer or hockey). 4. game equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton. 5. an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals, network, mesh, meshing.6. in geometry, a figure made up of a large number of straight lines or curves, which are con-nected at certain points and related to each other by some specified law.
Net vbConstruct or form a web, as if by weaving, web. 2. catch with a net 2. to make into a net; to make in the style of network; as, to net silk. 3. to take in a net; to capture by stratagem or wile. 4. to inclose or cover with a net; as, to net a tree. form network or netting; to knit.
Net phr"Draw the Net Closer" - to intensify one's efforts.
Net phr"Spread the Net More Widely" - to be more comprehensive.
Netcast nA series of digital media files distributed over the internet to which a user can subscribe by means of a syndication application. 2. the content of one or all of the files in such a series.
Neten nAn animal, esp. oxen, cattle, but sometimes a horse.
Netful adjThe fill of a net.
Nethemest advLowest, undermost, furtherest down.
Nethen advFrom below, below.
Nether adjSituated at the lowest point; esp. pertaining to the parts beneath the heavens and earth.
Nether advDown, downwards; low, below, from below.
Netherer nThe lowest parts. 2. an inferior, subordinate, underling, minion
Netherest advLowest, undermost,
Nether House nThe House of Commons.
Netherlands nThe kingdom of the the Netherlands; Holland
Netherlander nA Dutchman; an inhabitant of the Netherlands.
Netherlandish adjResembling or somewhat like a Netherlander.
Nether Millstone phr'His heart is as strong as a stone, and as a hard as a nether millstone'.
Nethermore advFurtherdown; lower.
Nethermost adjLowest, undermost, most further down.
Nethers nThe private of the body, particularly the sexual organs.
Netherwards advDownwards,
Netherworld nHell, Hades, Sheol, The Underworld.
Netherwards advDownwards.
Netless adjWithout a net or nets.
Net knot nA relatively large and thickened mass of chromatin in the ucleus of a cell.
Netlike adjHaving open interstices or resembling a web. 2. netted, webbed, webby, lacy, web-like. 3. resembling a net.
Netmaker nA maker of nets; a netter.
Net-minder nIn hockey, soccer, gaelic football, international rules football, a football player assigned to protect the goals, goalie, goal-keeper.
Netmonger nOne who deals or trades in nets and netting. 2. a fisherman.
Netted adjNet-like, webbed, intersticed, interplected. 2. covered with, or as in, a net.
Netting nA set of transparent fabric with a loose open weave; gauze, veiling. 2. the action of creating nets. 3. the act, practice of using nets , as in fishing.
Nettle nAny of numerous plants having stinging hairs that cause skin irritation on contact (especially of the genus Urtica or family Urticaceae). The term nettle has been given to many plants related to, or to some way resembling, the true nettle; as Australian nettle, a stinging tree or shrub of the genus Laportea -- also called nettle tree. Bee nettle, Hemp nettle, a species of Galeopsis; Blind nettle, Dead nettle, a harmless species of Lamium; Horse nettle (Solanum Carolinense).
Nettle vbSting with or as with nettles and cause a stinging pain or sensation urticate. 2. cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by annoy, rag, get to, bother, get at, irritate, rile, nark, nettle, gravel, vex, chafe. 3. to fret or sting; to irritate or vex; to cause to experience sensations of displeasure or uneasiness not amounting to violent anger.
Nettle nA state of uneasiness or impatience.
Nettle nVarious species of marine life, as the 'sea nettle' - a medusa, jellyfish.
Nettle phr"Nettle Up" - to be irritated or annoyed.
Nettle phr"On Nettles" - in fidgets, uneasy, excited; impatience.
Nettle bed nAn area of land covered in growing nettles.
Nettle-beer nA beverage made by the boiling of young, tender leaves of the nettle.
Nettle cloth nA kind of thick cotton stuff, japanned, and used as a substitute for leather for various purposes.
Nettle-earnest adjDownright or fully earnest.
Nettled adjHaving nettles; uricated. 2. annoyed, vexed, uneasiness.
Nettle-field nAn area of land or field covered or abundant in nettles.
Nettle-leaf nThe leaf of a nettle-tree or nettle-bush.
Nettle-monger nThe reed sparrow, the whitet hroat.
Nettler nOne who either stings or irritates (lit. & fig.)
Nettlesome adjCausing irritation or annoyance, annoying, bothersome, galling, pesky, plaguey, teasing, vexatious. 2. easily irritated or annoyed, cranky, fractious, irritable, peevish, patulant, testy, tetchy.
Nettle-sting nA skin wound caused by a nettle.
Nettle-tree nA deciduous tree of the Elm order, with leaves resembling nettles but without the sting.
Nettlewort nSpurgewort, Acalyptus.
Nettling adjStinging, irritating. 2. the twining of two ropesor strands or yarns togetherto form one whole without seams; knittle.
Nettly adjOvergrown with nettles.
Netty adjNet-like.
Network nAny netlike combination of filaments, lines, veins, passages, or the like:a network of arteries; a network of sewers under the city. 2. Radio and TV. a group oftransmitting stations linked by wire or microwave relay so that the same program can be broadcast or telecast by all. 3. a company or organization that provides programs to bebroadcast over these stations. 4. a system of interrelated buildings, offices, stations, etc., especially over a large area or throughout a country, territory, region, etc.: a network of supply depots. 5. in electricity: an arrangement of conducting elements, as resistors, capacitors, or inductors, connected by conducting wire. 6. a netting or net.
Network vb To cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especiallyin finding employment or moving to a higher position. 2. to place (as a program from a local radio or television station) in or on a chain of broadcating stations. 3. to connect to a network. distribute widely. 5. to cover with or as if with a network. 6. to organize into a network: to network the state's independent stations.
Net-worked adjOf groups, teams, organizations etc connected by computer, or meeting inperson to exchange information, knowledge, etc.
Networker nA person connecting from home or from an external office via a computer network. 2. a person who uses a network of professional or social contactsto further their career.
Networking nInterchanging into or services, among a group, of persons or organisation.
Network-like adjHaving a network of veins or ribs having a reticular; reticulated.
Network meltdown nBy analogy with catastrophic failure of a nuclear reactor. 2. any event that causes saturation, or near saturation, of a network.
Network-wide adjA telecommunications or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance.
Neve nA nephew, sometimes a grandson. 2. spendthrift.
Never advAt no time.
Never phr"Better Late than Never" - more satisfactory that something happens, even if late, that it never hap[pens at all.
Never phr"Do a Never" - to shirk, loaf, bludge.
Never phr"I Never Did." - exclamation of surprise, disbelief. Also 'Well, I never did"
Never phr"Never After" - never again.
Never phr"Never Again" - a phrase expressing emphasis referral not to repeat an experience.
Never phr"Never a Word" - not as single word, grumble etc.
Never phr"Never Before" - in a way that has never been possible before.
Never phr"Never Eft" - never again, anew or a second time.
Never phr"Never Ere" - never before.
Never phr"Never Ever" - never (emphatic)
Never phr"Never Fear" - don't worry, don't be afraid.
Never phr"Never Had it So Good" - a reference to general prosperity and further improvement of living standards.
Neverphr"Never Hear the End of" - be constantly reminded of.
Never phr"Never In a Month of Sundays" - never.
Never phr"Never Leave till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today" - carry out a task or duty as soon as you can do it.
Never phr"Never Let it Be Said - never let the criticism be made.
Never phr"Never Mind" - it makes no difference; pay no attention to it.
Never phr"Never Mind (doing something)" - forget about; stop, or don't start doing something. 2. stop the explanations, excuses, apologies, all that etc.
Never phr"Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today" - carry out a task as quickly as possible; don't procrastinate.
Never phr"Never Say Die" - keep trying. don't give up.
Never phr"Never Say Never" - anything can happen, meaning a certain option should not be totally dismissed.
Never phr"Never Since" - never before or since that something happened in this way only once, so it emphasizes the uniqueness ad importance of the situation.
Never phr"Never So" -as never before; more than at any time; or in any other circumstances; especially, particularly; now often expressed by "ever so" - nb: ' never so well grounded.'
Never phr"Never Spoke a Truer Word" - somebody was right.
Never phr"Never Stop to Wonder" - continued to be amazed by.
Never phr"Never the Near" - no less, not in a way less; by no means less.
Never phr"Never to be Forgotten" - unforgettable, memorable.
Never phr"Never Where" - no where.
Never phr"Never You Mind" - used to urge someone not to worry. 2. an expression used in refusing to answer a question.
Never phr"Now or Never" - this is the time we must act decisively; not think do.
Never phr'On the Never-never' - an installment payment plan; on credit, hire-purchase. 2. a system of paying for goods or articles by periodic payments over an extended period.
Never phr"Well I Never" - expression of great surprize.
Never-being adjNever existing.
Never-do-wellnA ne'er-do-well,
Never-ebbing adjNever declining or running-low, as of life or money.
Never-eldering adjNever aging.
Neverending adjUnending, endless, everlasting, perpetual.
Neverendingly advIn a neverending manner; neverendingly.
Never-endingness nAn everlasting or unending state or condition.
Neverland nA fictional location featured in the works of J. M. Barrie and those based on them. It is an imaginary faraway place, where Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and other mythical creatures and beings live.
Never mind advDo not regard it; it is of no consequences; no matter.
Nevermore advAt no time hereafter.
Never-Never n"The Never-Never": the remote, desert outback of Australia;
Never-never adjUnrealistic, imaginary, utopian.
Never-Never Land n An imaginary ideal place; an utopia. ('The Never-never).
Never-ready adjNever prepared, willing or inclined to be ready.
Never-smoker nAdults who have never smoked a cigarette or have smoked less than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime.
Neverso advAs never before; more than at any time; or in any other circumstances; especially, particularly; now often expressed by "ever so" - as, ' never so well grounded.' 2. To an extent or degree beyond the actual or conceivable; no matter how.
Never-sweat nOne who is lazy, idle or indolent.
Never-the-later advNevertheless.
Nevertheless advDespite anything to the contrary ; "while we disliked each other, nevertheless we agreed"; however, withal, still, yet, all the same, even so,nonetheless,notwithstanding. 2. not the less; notwithstanding; in spite of that; yet. 3. however; at least; yet; still. 4. after all, again, albeit, all the same, although, anyhow, anyway,anywise, at all, at all events, at any rate, but, by any means, even, even so, for all that, howbeit, however, in any case, in any event, in any way, irregardless, just the same, nohow, nonetheless, notwithstanding, rather, regardless, still, though, when, yet
Never-was nA person who has never been very useful in life; a never-wasser.
Never-would-be nOne who will never achieve a great amount of success.
New adjNot existing or being before, lately come into some state or existence. 2. of recent origin or arrival. 3. in the original condition not worn or used. 4. renew or reformed. 5. reinvigorated. 6. in addition to others alrady existing. 7. unfamiliar or strange. 8. recently affected by social change; newfangled. 9. of an advanced method or theory. 10. in place names, as New Caledonia.
New advRecently, freshly, newly.
New phr"A New Look" - an altered style, appearance given to something whose basic function remains the same.
New phr"A New One" - an account or idea not previously encountered.
New phr"Be Brand New" - absolutely new.
New phr"Break New Ground" - to do something which there is no precedent.
New phr"Bring In New Blood" - to recruit new members to an organization.
New phr"Dawn of a New Day" - the start or beginning of a new regime.
New phr"New Broom Sweeps Clean" - a newly-appointed person often starts with an energetic program of reform and change, sometimes not welcomed by those already there. 2. a change regime which is likely to alter the status quo.
New phr"New of the Moon" - time when the moon is new.
New phr"On the New" - something new.
New phr"Plow New Ground" - to laboriously engage in a new activity.
New phr"Take a New Look at" - consider things from a new perspective.
New birth nThe doctrine of regeneration, that must be 'born again'.
New blood nNew member of a group ( intended to add new life or vigour to it)
New-looking adjhaving a new appearance or aspect.
Newborn nA baby from birth to our weeks; neonate. 2. collectively: the young.
Newborn adjRecently born; as a new born infant. 2. having just or recently arisen or come into existence. 3. with newborn fears. 4. new-begotten, newly-made, minted, newly wroughted.
New-breed n'The New Order' of things.
New-broom nA changed regime which is likely to change the order. 2. somebody eager who is newly appointed.
New-build nThe construction of new houses or other buildings. 2. the construction of ships.
New-come adjNewly arrived; not lately arrived.
New-comer nOne who has come to lately. 2. a new participant in some activity. 2. a novice, new-comeling, fledging, neophyte, freshman, entrant, beginner, emigrant, foreigner, outsider, parvenu, rookie, recruit, settler, tyro, tenderfoot.
New Deal nA campaign initiated in 1933 by Franklin Roosevelt in the USA involving a complete overhaul of american economic life, the development of the national resources, and the safeguarding of living conditions for labour.
New dealer nOne who favours the New Deal.
Newen advNewly, quite recently; newenly.
New England nA native or resident of any of the six North Eastern of the USA.
New-fallen adjNewly or recently fallen. 2. newly- dropped; newly-born.
New-fangled adjOf a new fashion; the latest. 2. something taken up recently.
New-fangledness nAffection of, or fondness for, novelty. 2. vain and affected fashion or form.
Newfangly advIn a new-fangled manner with eagerness for novelty.
New-fledged adjWearing the first feathers. 2.
New-found adjNewly discovered.
New heart nIn theology: the heart or character changed by the power of God, so as to governed new and holy matters.
New Holland nThe old name for Australia.
Newhood nNewhood.
Newing nThe action or renewing, or making new. 2. a novelty; something new.
Newings nYeast, barm.
Newish adjSomewhat new, rather new, newly.
Newishness nThe state or quality of being newish.
New-laid adjNewly placed on a surface, esp. horizontally. 2. of an egg freshly laid.
New Learning nThe Renaissance.
New Left nThe New Left was a broad political movement mainly in the 1960s and 1970s consisting of educators, agitators and others who sought to implement a broad range of reforms on issues such as civil rights, gay rights, abortion, gender roles, and drugs,[2] in contrast to earlier leftist or Marxist movements that had taken a more vanguardist approach to social justice and focused mostly on labor unionization and questions of social class.
Newling nOne who is new (to something); a newcomer, a novice.
New look nNew or revised appearance or presentation , ep. of something familiar.
Newly advRecently, only just, freshly, fresh. 2. lately, recently. 3. anew, again afresh, freshly. 4. another time, as new, de novo, from scratch, once again, yet again.
Newly-risen adjNewly or just recently risen.
Newlywed nSomeone recently married.
Newly-wedded adjRecently married.
New-made adjFresh; not stale, recently, newly or freshly made.
New man nA man who rejects sexist attitudes and the traditionalist male role.
New moon nThe moon in it's first quarter, or when it appears after being invisible.2. the day when the new moon is first seen. 3. the first day of the lunar month, which was a holy day amongst Jews.
New-mown adjRecently cut or mown.
New-named adjTo name anew. 2. to give a new name to.
Newness nThe quality of being new - not old or of oldness. 2. novelty, freshness, the now, this day, this hour, today.
New-old adjboth old and new through revival, repair, imitation.
New Right nNew Right was a UK-based pan-European nationalist, conservative revolutionary think tank founded by the nationalists Troy Southgate and Jonathan Bowden. It had little influence.
News nThe word news can be traced back to late Middle English around the 14th century as a plural for the adjective “new” or “new thing”. This is a somewhat rare instance of an English adjective becoming a noun when made plural. Making this leap from “new” to “news” in English is thought to have been influenced by the Old French “nouveau”, meaning “new”. Before the 14th century, instead of using the word “news”, English speakers typically used the word “tidings”, more or less meaning the “announcement of an event”. This Middle English version started before the 11th century and stems from the Old English term “tidung” meaning “Event, occurrence, or a piece of news”. 'New': OE. neowe, niowe, 1. fresh, recent, novel, unheard-of, different from the old; untried, inexperienced. 2. a report of a recent event; intelligence; information. 3. the presentation of a report on recent or new events in anewspaper or other periodical or on radio or television. 4. such reports taken collectively; information reported. 5. a person, thing, or event considered as a choice subject for journalistic treatment; newsworthy material.
News phr"Break the News" - make known to others about what's going on.
News phr"Have News For Someone" (I've news for you)- have news that will surprize you.
News phr"News from Nowhere" -something everybody knows already. 2. something too obvious or too trivial to be of worth.
News phr"News to Somebody" - facts previously unknown to somebody
News phr"No News is Good News" - absence of information suggests that everything is well.
News anchor nA news presenter – also known as a newsreader, newscaster (short for "news broadcaster"), anchorman or anchorwoman, news anchor or simply an anchor – is a person who presents news during a news program on television, on the radio or on the Internet.
News-book nA newspaper.
Newsbreak nA short news announcement concerning some on-going news story.
Newscast nA radio program.
Newscast vbTo broadcast news.
Newscaster nA broadcast reporter.
News-dealer nSomeone who sells newspaper, newsboy, newsagent.
New-set vbTo set or establish afresh.
New-set-up nSomething newly established.
Newsfeed nA service by which news is provided on a regular or continuous basis for onward distribution or broadcasting. 2. a system by which data is transferred or exchanged between central computers to provide newsgroup access to network users.
News-gatherer nOne who gathers or collects news.
News-gathering nthe act of collecting or gathering news.
News-hawk nA journalist with a sharp eye for news.
Newshound nA newspaper reporter.
Newsiness nQuality or character of things new.
Newsless adjDevoid, without news. 2. not having or receiving news or information. 3. not providing news or information, as, a news-less day.
Newslike adjResembling or characteristic of news , or a news broadcast.
Newsmaker nA newsworthy person or event.
Newsmaking nThe act or process of making news. 2. of doing or saying saying something that is newsworthy.
Newsman nA man who delivers or sells newspapers. 2. a news reporter.
Newsmonger nOne who collects, deals in and retails news; a journalist, newspaperman, editor. 2. one who is active in hearing and telling news. 3. one who spreads gossip, busy-body, gossiper, gossipmonger, scandal-monger. 4. a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others; a tale-teller, tattler, a tell-tale. 5. a tale-bearing animal.
Newsreader nSomeone who reads out news bulletin.
Newsroom nThe staff of a newspaper or the news department of a periodical. 2. an office in which news is processed by a newspaper or news agency or television or radio station. 3. a reading room (in a library or club) where newspapers and other periodicalscan be read. 4. a room where news is collected and disseminated, located in the offices of a newspaper, magazine, or news broadcast organization; 5. a room where periodicals are sold; a reading room supplied with newspapers, magazines, etc.
News-sheet nA report or open letter giving informed or confidential news of interest to a special group.
News-show nA program devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary.
Newsome adjNoisome, grevious.
Newspeak nA deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the masses.
Newsprung adjspringing into creation, existence or beginning.
Newsroom nAn area in a newspaper or broadscating office where news is processed.
Newsreader nA person who reads out broadcast news bulletins.
Newsstand nA stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold.
New star nA nova.
Newsweekly nA news magazine or newspaper published weekly.
Newswire nA wire service that electronically provides up-to-date information to the media about breaking news, issues and events.
Newsworthiness nThe quality of being sufficiently interesting to be reported in news bulletin.
Newsworthy adjMatters that worthy and suitable for reporting.
Newswriter nA journalist employed to provide news stories for newspaper or the broadcast media.
Newsy adjGossiping;full of news.
Newt nOne of the various small, semi-aquatic salamander-like amphibians, chiefly of the genus triturus.
New thing nSomething avant-garde or innovative, specifically a type of experimental jazz music of the early 1900s.
New Thought nA modern religious philosophy stressing 'God in man' and the power of right thinking over disease and failure; also called "Higher Thought."
Newt-like adjResembling or similar to a newt.
New-to adjA novice at, callow, green, inexperienced, raw, unacquainted with, unfamiliar with, unfledged, unhardened, uninured, unpracticed, untried, unused to, unversed, unwonted.
New Wave nAn art movement in French cinema in the 1960s. 2. any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (esp. in the arts). 3. the avant-garde, the van, the van-guard.
New Waver nA fil-maker who follows "New Wave" ideas.
New World nThe hemisphere that includes North America and South America" "the Americas"; the Weastern hemisphere ; Occidental.
New Year nThe time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and the 1st day of January is often marked as a national holiday.
New Year day nAlso called simply New Year's or New Year, is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. In pre-Christian Rome under the Julian calendar, the day was dedicated to Janus, god of gateways and beginnings, for whom January is also named
New Year's Eve nThe last day of the year (Dec 31st).
Next advAt the time or occasion immediately following. 2. after, after all, after that, afterwards, endways, endwise, following, in the aftermath, nearmostly, nighest, thereafter, thereon, thereupon, therewith
Next adjImmediately following in time or order. 2. nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space, adjacent. 3: (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving, future, succeeding. 4. nearest in place; having no similar object intervening. 5. Nearest in time; as, the next day or hour. 6. adjoining in a series; immediately preceding or following in order. 7. nearest in degree, quality, rank, right, correlation; as, the next heir was an infant. 8. closest, coming, endways, following, immediate, later, nearest, nearmost, neighbouring, nighest.
Next phr"At the Next" - directly, at hand. 2. in the next place, on next, succeeding.
Next phr"Get Next to" - get into the favour or god graces of; become a good friend of. 2. to be acquainted or intimate with. 3. come to know; find out about; to understand. 4. be worldly-wise. 5. to acquire self-knowledge.
Next phr"In the Next World" - to death, life after, heaven.
Next phr"Next After" - succeeding, coming next.
Next phr"Next Best Thing" - the most satisfactory substitute available for something/somebodythat ones does not, or cannot, have..
Next phr"Next Door to" - very nearly, almost, paramount to.
Next phr"Next Friend of" in law, one who represents an infant, a married woman, or any person who can not appear sui juris, in a suit at law.
Next phr"Next of Kin" - the person who is (or persons who are) most closely related to a given person.
Next phr"Next Thing to something)" - almost the same thing as something. 2. almost something as good, or as bad, as something.
Next phr"Next Thing You Know" - suddenly out of the blue something happens.
Next phr"Next to" - beside, very near to. 2. the nearest approach, almost.
Next phr"Next to Nothing"- very little' almost nothing, a very small amount.
Next phrNext to No Time" - very quickly, soon.
Next phr"Next to One's Hand" - nearest at hand.
Next phr"Next to One's Heart" - nearest and dearest; an intimate.
Next phr"Next Under" - in loose opposition to the person or thing spoken.
Next phr"The Next Blood" - the nearest kin.
Next phr"The Next Man" - anybody else, the average man, a typical man, as 'you're as good as the next man.
Next phr"What(ever)next?" - exclamation of surprise.
Next-best adjThe next in order of preference.
Next door advAlso, next door to, at, or in the next house on the street, especially if it is very close by, or the adjacent apartment, office, room, or the like: "Go next-door and get your sister."
Next-door-but-one nThe occupant of the house two doors away.
Next-door-neighbordom nThe state of being a next-door neighbor.
Nextfold advNearest or next to, closest.
Next-friend nIn law, a person who acts on behalf of an infant, minor or disabled person. (a friend of the court).
Nextly advIn the next place, next. 2. most immediate or direct.
Nextness nFact or condition of immediate succession or proximity.
Next of kin nThe person who is (or persons who are) most closely or nearest related to a given person. 2. the kindred of a person who would share in his or her estate according to the statutes of contribution.
Next-to-last nPenultimate, next preceding the last.
Next World nHeaven, paradise, after-life, life after death, other world, life-to-come, the grave, the hereafter, the great beyond, the unknown, the what-bodes, world-to-come.
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