Old EnglishspEnglish
No nA refusal by use of the word no; a denial. 2. a negative vote; one who votes in the negative; as, to call for the ayes and noes; the noes have it. 3. the number designating place in an ordered sequence; as, no. 2.
No advReferring to the degree to which a certain quality is present; "he was no smarter than a monkey" no more. 2. not in any degree or manner; not at all. 3. used to express refusal or denial or disagreement etc or especially to emphasize a negative statement; "no, you are wrong."
No adjA quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of.
No phr"By No Means" - not at all
No phr"Go No Farther" - say no more; act no further.
No phr"Is No More" - has died or ceased to be.
No phr"It's a No Go" - it cannot be done.
No phr"No Better than Should Ought Be" - no less, no more. 2. be morally suspect.
No phr"No Call No Show" - an absence from one place of employment without notifying one's employer. This behavior or form of absence is generally deemed to be inconsiderate and unprofessional.
No phr"No Can Do" - it is not possible without the power of another.
No phr"No End of" - a lot of.
No phr"No End to" - on and on for a long time.
No phr"No Fear" - no; certainly not.
No phr"No Fewer Than" - not few, more than a few; a small number (implication being that this is more than be expected).
No phr"No Go" - not possible, not allowed; not desirable. 2. lack of agreement; or success; an impasse.
No phr"No Good" - nothing good; no good, no good result. 2. an end condition without value or positively bad.
No phr"No Great Shakes" - of no special importance.
No phr"No Hard Feelings" - in this idiom meaning "showing no resentment or anger" after a argument or disagreement. Hard is used in the sense of 'severe' or 'harsh,' a usage dating back to about 1000AD.
No phr"No Known Abode" - having no permanent place of residence or business address through which one can be traced.
No phr"No Less" - even, furthermore, not to mention.
No phr"No Less than" - used in reference to number comparison or degree.
No phr"No Little" - a considerable; a good deal of.
No phr"No Longer than" - not now; no more. 2. not now, or henceforth, as formerly.
No phr"No Longer with Us" - dead, passed away; deceased, died.
No phr"No Love Lost" - term orinating around 1500ad and until 1800 indicating extreme hate or extreme love.
No phr"No Man is an Island" - nobody lives in complete independence of others.
No phr"No Man's Land" - lying between two opposing army fronts; disputed, unapportioned, or merely desolate territory.
No phr"No More" - nothing more or further. 2. not any more, no further. 3. no further. 4. no more existing, departed; dead, gone. 5. just a little, neither. 6. neither.
No phr"No News Is Good News" - no communication, information, from or about somebody or something tends to mean that all is going well, that no disaster or trouble has occurred, that no help is needed.
No phr"No, No, No" - the emphatic equivalent of a negative sentence.
No phr"No Rest for the Wicked" - fear, worry, harassment is the lot of the wrong-doer.
No phr"No Room at the Inn" - in baseball, a phrase used by play-by-play announcers to describe a situation in which an ineffective pitcher is pitching with bases loaded. 2. the 'biblical' story about the birth of Jesus.
No phr"No Room to Swing a Cat" - a restricted or overcrowded, space to live in or work in.
No phr"No Skin Off One's Back Teeth/Nose" - an informal expression meaning that one doesn't care because it (the situation etc) doesn't affect you.
No phr"No Smoke Without Fire" - signs, indication of one's presence or involvement (but esp. rumors, scandals, doesn't arise from nothing, always has some case or basis.
No phr"No Smoking, Thank You" - a phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes, etc., is not permitted in the nearby or surrounding area.
No phr"No Sooner than" - at the very moment that.
No phr"No Spring Chicken" - no longer a young person, as in Sally's no spring chicken, but she plays a fine game of tennis. This unflattering expression, often applied to women, has been used since the early 1700s, although spring was omitted from the earliest citation (1711)
No phr"No Such Thing" - not at all, or a different matter. 2. not as previously described. 2. not thta which is ordered, suggested, planned, implied, or accused.
No phr"No Sweat" - used to convey that something is not difficult or problematic. 2. no bother; no trouble.
No phr"No Thank to (Somebody) - despite (his/her actions)
No phr"No Thank to You" - I cannot thank you and, despite you, for what has happened or your help- because you didn't give it..
No phr"No Time at All" - very quickly
No phr"Not Take No for an Answer" - emphasize that one wants a positive reply to a rquest
No phr"No Way" - definitely no; definitely not.
No phr"No Way of Doing Something" - no means whereby one can do something.
No phr"No Way Out of Here" - there no escape or way out.
No phr"No What" - not at all, not in the least.
No phr"No Wonder" - one cannot be surprized; one cannot guess.
No phr"Say No To" - answer someone with a no.
No phr"The Noes Have It" - the negative voters have it.
No phr"There Are No Flies on Him" - somebody is astute; somebody is able to look after his own interests and won't be deceived or taken advantage of.
No phr"There Is No Time Like Now" - now is the best time to do something.
No phr"Whether or No" - in either case.
No phr"Won't Take No for an Answer" - that one wants only a positive answer.
No-being nNegative existence, non-existence, non-entity.
Nobody nNo person; a person of no important. 2. no one, not anybody, hence: a person of no influence or importance; an insignificant or contemptuous person.
Nobody phr"Be a Nobody" - to be unimportant.
Nobody phr"Like Nobody's Business" - very well.
Nobody phr"Nobody Else": no other person; = no one else; no one else.
Nobody phr"Nobody in Their Right Mind Would Do So" - no sensible or sane person would do such a thing; (the implication being that one wa sthinking about doing something crazy or dangerous).
No-bodyness nThe state or quality of being of no importance. 2. state of being insignificant or contemptuous.
No-brainer nAnything that requires little thought in order to reach the correct decision
No-end advOn and for a long time.
No-fly adjA regional, area where it is unsafe for aircrafts to fly over.
No-go nAn impractical situation, balk, indecisiveness. 2. impasse, of an area, impossible to enter (because of a barricade); to which entry is forbidden for specified persons, groups, etc . 2. not functioning properly or in a suitable condition for proceeding. 3. fiasco, failure; no-hope.
No-god adjAtheistic, beliefless; a belief system or set of beliefs based on "No-god." 2. a "no-god" thinker.
No-good nA useless, valueless or worthless person: a no-gooder. 2. mischief.
No-good adjUseless; to no advantage
No-hoper nA horse with no prospect of winning; an outsider. 2. a useless or incompetent person, one who from no good could be expected. 3. a person without merit or prospects; a derelict. 4. one who cannot be trusted.
No-how nAbility, skill, means.
Nohow advIn no manner, by no means, not at all. 2. out or order, out of sorts.
No-howish adjSomewaht or rather
No-kind advNo kind of, not any.
No-knock adjOf a police raid without permission or warrant.
No less advEven, furthermore, not to mention.
Noll nThe top of the head, the poll or the crown of the head; the head generally. 2. the nape of the neck. 3, dull drunken person. 4. an extreme point or peak. 5. a small earthen mound. 6. the top of a sand dune.
Noll-bone nThe occiput.
Nolled adjHaving a noll or peak..
No-man nA no-one; a nobody. 2. a man who says "no"; a no-man as opposed to a yes-man 3. one who is accustomed to disagree or refuse requests in a resolute manner. 4. a contrarian
No-man's land nA piece of waste, or unoccupied land, lying outside the north wall of London, used in earlier times as a place of execution of criminals. 2. In a war context: land under dispute by opposing parties, esp. the field of battle between the lines or space of two opposing entrenched armies. 3. an unclaimed or unnamed piece of land. 4. an area of uncertainty or ambiguity in discussion, debate, politics, learning and life in general.
No-meaning adjAbsence or want of meaning or purpose; nonsense, meaningless.
Nonce adjFor the once or one purpose.
Nonce phr"For the Nonce" - for the one purpose or occasion.
Nonce-word nA word coined for a particular ocassion, as
None adjNot any; "thou shalt have none other gods before". 2. no one; not one; not anything; --not any.
None advNot at all, none of, or in no way; "seemed none too pleased with his dinner".
None phr"Have None of It" - not agree to accept something.
None phr"None Other" - no other thing; nothing else; no other person.
None phr"None Other than" - the same as, the named person himself/ herself ( the implication being he is somebody famous or important, or somebody unexpected in the particular circumstances)
None phr"None So Blind/Deaf as Those Who Will Not See/Hear" - people will not see/hear what they are stubbornly determined to avoid seeing/hearing
None phr"None the Less" - nevertheless, in spite of something said, done or occurring.
None phr"None the Wiser" - knowing no more than before or previously.
None phr"None the Worse for - not harmed or damaged further by.
None phr"None to" - not very, as, "none to smart"
None phr"None Too" - not very.
None phr"None Too Soon" - (almost) too late; later than is suitable or desirable.
None-so-pretty nA common English garden plant, also known as London Pride.
Nonesuch nA model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal;, paragon, a non-pareil, an ideal. 2. a person or thing of a sort that there is no such other;something extraordinary.
Nonetheless advDespite anything to the contrary (usu. following a concession), however, withal, still, yet, all the same, even so, notwithstanding.
No-no nSomething that must not be done, used etc. 2. something that is forbidden, or not acceptable or fallacious. 3. something improper, unethical, inadvisable or illegal, as, salt is a no-no for someone after a heart attack.
Noon nThe ninth hour of the day; according to the Roman method reckoned from sunrise to about three o'clock in the afternoon. 2. midday; 12 o'clock in the day. 3. the most important hour of the day; the middle of the day. 4. the place of the moon at midnight. 5. the mid-day sun. 6. the time of night corresponding to midday: midnight (the noon of the night). 7. Culmination or highest point of something.
Noon vbTo halt or rest at noon, or in the middle of the day. 2. to stop for, or partake of a noon-day meal.
Noon-beam nSunbeams or sunny beams at midday..
Noon-bright adjOf the sky at midday
Noon-day nThe middle of the day, noon-time, noontide.
Noon-day devil nThe noonday devil is the demon of acedia, the vice also known as sloth. The word "sloth," however, can be misleading, for acedia is not laziness; in fact it can manifest as busyness or activism. Rather, acedia is a gloomy combination of weariness, sadness, and a lack of purposefulness.
No one prnNot a single person; no person.
Nooner nAn event, especially an act of sexual intercourse that occurs in the middle of the door.
Noon-hall nA dining hall.
Noon-hot adjThe intense heat of the midday sun in the tropics.
Nooning nNoon-tide, noon-time. 2. a noon-day or midday meal; noon-meat; lunch. 3. a rest or repose at noon; a siesta.
Noon-light nThe light of noon, or clearest light of day.
Noon-mark nA mark which indicates when it is noon.
Noon-meat nA meal or food eaten at midday, luncheon.
Noon-shadow nNoon-wanderings with meteor falling to earth.
Noon-shine nA jocular form of nuncheon.
Noon-slight nThe sickle moon.
Noon-spell nA rest-time at midday or noon.
Noon-stead nThe position or station of the sun at noon.
Noon-steading nThe time or coming of the meridian.
Noon-sun nThe meridian sun.
Noon-tide nThe time of midday. 2. the period of culmination; the noon-tide of glory. 3. the position of the moon at midnight. 4. fig. the culminating point of something.
Noon-tide adjOf, or occurring at, or characteristic of the noon.
Noon-time nNoon; midday.
Nor conj(Used in negative phrases, especially after neither, to introduce the second member in a series, or any subsequent member): neither he nor I will be there. They won't wait for you, nor for me, nor for anybody. 2. (used to continue the force of a negative, as not, no, never, etc., occurring in a preceding clause): He left and I never saw him again, nor did I regret it. 3. (used after an affirmative clause, or as a continuative, in the sense of and no): They are happy, nor need we worry. 4. in older use: "than".5. archaic. (used without a preceding neither, the negative force of which.
Nor advTo, towards or in the north-east. 2. the compass point between north and east;
Norenish nNorwegian
No-right nIn jurisprudence, an obligation not to prevent the exercise of a privilege.
Nor'-nor-east' advNorth-north-east.
North nA region or cardinal point opposite to the midday sun. 2. part of the world; part of a country 3. there is an old belief that only evil-doers should be buried on the north side of a church yard, which probably arose from the lack of sun on this side. See Devils-door; Devil's side; God's side; Man's side; South side.
North adjOf the wind: to begin to blow from the north. 2. to turn or veer towards the north.
North phr"A Little More North" - an alcoholic drink stronger than usual.
North phr"By North" - on the north side.
North phr"North and South" - mouth (slang).
North phr"Too Far North" - too clever, too knowing.
North phr"To the North" - in a northerly direction.
North-East nThe part of the country or town lying to the north-east.
North-east adjTowards or coming from the north-east.
North-east advThe point of the horizon midway between north and east. 2. the compass point corresponding to this. 3. the direction to which this lies. 4. towards, at, or near the north-east.
North-easter nA wind-blowing from the north-east.
North-easterly advOf the wind, blowing from the north-east. 2. lying towards the north-east. 3. from or towards the north-east.
North-eastward advTowards the north-east. 2. in a northeast direction. 3. situated towards north-east or in the
North-end adjThe northern end or extremity of anything, such as the North of England.
Norther nOf a northerly wind blowing in various places throughout the world.
Northerliness nThe state of lying or being northerly or northern.
Northerly nIn a northern position or direction. 2. of a wind blowing from the
Northern adjThe more of two places or things. 2. situated or lying to the north tropic.
Northern Bear nRussia.
Northern Gate of the Sun nThe sign of Cancer, or summer Solstice: so named because it marks the northern
Northern Lights nThe aurora of the northern hemisphere, "Aurora borealis".
Northerly nA wind blowing from the north. 2. In a northern position or direction.
Northerly adjIn a northern position or direction. 2. of wind blowing from the north.
Northerly advIn a northern position or direction. 2. of wind blowing from the north.
Northern adjOf or in the north; inhabiting. 2. lying or directed towards the north.
Northerner nA native or inhabitant of the north.
Northern Gate of the Sun nThe sign of Cancer; the solstice
Northern lights nAurora Borealis.
Northernmost adjMost northern.
Northern-mostness nThe state of being northernmost.
Northern'ness nAn inhabitant of Scandinavia, an inhabitant of the north of Europe; esp. one of the inhabitants ancient Scandinavia; a Norwegian.
Northernwards advTowards the north.
North-half nThe north-side or part; the northern half.
NorthingnIn a nautical sense: the distance traveled or measured northward.
Northing phr"Make (so much) Northing" - distance traveled to the north.
Northland nPart of a country or region lying in the north.
Northlander nOne from from a northern country or region.
North light nA good natural light without the direct sun, esp. as desired by painters and in factory design. 2. a light coming from the north.
Northman nAn inhabitant or native of Norway or Scandinavia. 2. a Scandinavian; esp. in history, a Scandinavian of Viking times. 3. See: Norman, Norseman.
Northmost adjMost northerly, northernmost.
Northness nThe quality or state of being relatively north.
North-north-west nThe point or direction midway between north and north-west.
North Sea nAn inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between Britain (in the west), Scandinavia (in the east) and Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France (in the south). 2. the Bristol channel. 3. the German Sea. 4. the Baltic Sea. 5. the seas of the Northern Hemisphere.
North-shine nAurora Borealis.
Northside nThe side that is on the north.
North star nA fairly bright star located within one degree of the celestial north pole, in the constellation Ursa Minor. It is a triple star, the bright component of which is a cepheid variable. 2. the pole star; also known as the steadfast star, a symbol of steadfastness and honor. 4. in Old English it was known as (scip steorra): the "ship star" 5. a thing or principle that guides or attracts people.
Northumber nRelating to the ancient Northumbria or Northumberland.
Northward advTowards the north. 2. northward direction or region.
Northwardly advTowards the north; in a northly direction.
Northwards Towards the north. 2. the northwards direction or region.
North-West nThe part of a country or town lying to the north west.
North-West adjTowards or coming from the north-west.
North-west advThe point of the horizon midway between north and west. 2. the compass point corresponding to this. 3. the direction to which this lies. 4. towards, at, or near the north-west.
North-westward adjTowards the north-west.
North wind nA wind blowing from a northerly direction.
No-score draw nA draw in a football match in which no goals are scored.
Nose nThe part of the face or facial region in humans and certain animals that contains the nostrils and the organs of smell and functions as the usual passageway for air in respiration: in humans it is a prominence in the center of the face formed of bone and cartilage, serving also to modify or modulate the voice. 2. this part as the organ of smell. 3. the sense of smell: fragrances appealing to the nose. 4. anything regarded as resembling the nose of a person or animal, as a spout or nozzle. 5. the prow of a ship.
Nose vbTo perceive by or as by the nose or the sense of smell: a cheese that could be nosed at some distance. 2. to approach the nose to, as in smelling or examining; sniff. 3. to move or push forward with or as with the nose: "The boat nosed its way toward shore". 4. to touch or rub with the nose; nuzzle. 5. to seek as if by smelling or scent: The dogs nosed after their quarry. 6. to meddle or pry (often followed by about, into other people's business).
Nose phr"Before One's Nose" - right in the front of.
Nose phr"Be Hard Nosed" - be tough in negotiation.
Nose phr"Be On the Nose" - not to be completely honest.
Nose phr"Bite Someone's Nose Off" - to speak to someone aggressively; answer snappingly.
Nose phr"Bloody Somebody's Nose" - hurt someone, (not necessarily physically).
Nose phr"Bone One's Nose" - cheat, swindle.
Nose phr"By a Nose" - by a very narrow margin.
Nose phr"Follow One's Nose" - to go forward in a straight course. 2. to guide oneself by instinct; to act instinctively.
Nose phr"Get a Bloody Nose" - to suffer an undignified rebuff.
Nose phr"Get Up Someone's Nose" - to irritate or annoy a person.
Nose phr"Have a (good) Nose for (Business)" - to be able to find and/or identify or be good at finding (profitable business) situations or opportunities.
Nose phr"Here's the Skin Off your Nose" - gooh health ! (a toast)
Nose phr"Hold One's Nose" -to compress the nostrils between the finger in order to prevent a bad smell reaching your nostrils. 2. have feelings of distaste, repulsion, or offense for something that one is obliged to do.
Nose phr"Hold Up One's Nose" - be proud or haughty. 2. have an inclination or hankering.
Nose phr"Keep One's Nose Clean": to behave oneself; avoid or stay out of trouble or scandal.
Nose phr"Keep One's Nose Out of Something" - not to meddle in something or the affairs of others.
Nose phr"Keep One's Nose to the Grindstone" - to work hard, steadily and diligently, to apply one steadily. 2. to set oneself to a long and arduous task with diligence.
Nose phr"Lead by the Nose." - to lead at pleasure, or to cause to follow submissively. 2. to induce another person to comply with one's wishes.
Nose phr"Look Down the Nose At " (Something or Someone)" - to treat a matter or person with disdain or utter contempt.
Nose phr"Make Ones Nose Swell" - to make one envious or jealous.
Nose phr"Nose of Wax" - a thing easily turned or molded in any way desired. 2. a person easily influenced; one of a weak character.
Nose phr"Nose to Nose" - face to face; directly opposite.
Nose phr"Nose Out" - to defeat, especially by a narrow margin. 2. to learn or discover, especially by snooping or prying: to nose out a secret. 3. discover by smell, or persistent searching.
Nose phr"Nose Over" - to turn over on its nose, as a n airplane.
Nose phr"No Skin Off One's Nose" - not harmful or matter to one.
Nose phr"Not Look Beyond the End of One's Nose" - make a superficial search.
Nose phr"Not See Beyond the End of One's Nose" - be narrow-minded, conservative.
Nose phr"On the Nose" - exactly, to the heart of the situation, accurately, precisely on time. 2. racing to win, as opposed to, placed on to share. 3. smelling malodorously. 4. "be on the nose" - (of a proposal or scheme): not to be quite honest.
Nose phr"On the Nose Of" - immediately before, on the eve of.
Nose phr"Put One's Nose In" - poke into or pry into something; esp. a matter that does not concern you.
Nose phr"See No Further than One's Nose" - be short-sighted; esp. in not foreseeing the consequences of one's actions.
Nose phr"Speak Through One's Nose" - pronounce words with a nasal twang.
Nose phr"Take a Nose Dive" - to suddenly and unexpctedly fall steeply (lit& fig.)
Nose phr"Take Something on the Nose" - to meekly accept a rebuff.
Nose phr"Telling the Nose" - denoting the counting of persons; esp. those n one side or party.
Nose phr"Through the Nose" - as an organ by which speech-sounds may be produced or affected.
Nose phr"Thrust Ones Nose In" - to meddle officiously in others folk's affairs and matters. 2. intrude where one is not wanted.
Nose phr"Thumb One's Nose At" - to show one's contempt, defiance for someone in authority and to ostentatiously disregard his orders.
Nose phr"To One's Nose" - before one's face.
Nose phr"Turn Up One's Nose" - to express contempt. 2. show disdain.
Nose phr"Under Someone's Nose" - in a person's immediate area of responsibility or in circumstances where he should have known something. 2. within somebody's sight. 3. very close to another person.
Nose phr"Wipe One's Nose" - to affront someone; to strike someone on the nose.
Nose bit nA brace bit like a shell, but with a turned over cutting edge making it more suitable for boring in end grain.
Nose-bleed nThe plant Milfoil or Yarrow (Achilles millen- folium). 2. the bleeding of the nose.
Nosebleeding nEpistaxis: the bleeding from the blood vessels of the nose.
Nose-bloody adjHaving a bloodied nose.
Nose-bone nThe ethmoid bone: a bone of the skull between the eyes and the roof of the nose.
Nose-breadth nThe width or breadth of one's nose.
Nosed adjHaving a nose or projecting point of a specified kind. 2. having a sense of smell of a specified kind.
Nose-dive nA steep nose downwards descent by an aircraft. 2. fig. to experience a down-turn in one's endeavors, mood or fortune. 3. a sudden drop or rapid decline.
Nose drops nA street name for heroin; hell's dust; smack.
Nose-end nThe end of the human nose.
Nosedness nThe state or quality of having a particular number of, or type of nose.
Nose-hole nNostrils; nose-thirl.
Noseless adjNot having or lacking a nose.
Noselessness nThe condition of not having a nose.
Noselike adjResembling a nose or some aspect of one.
Nosely advOf, relating to, or characteristic of the nose or noses.
Nose-pipe nA piece of piping used as a nozzle.
Nose-ring nA ring fixed in the nose of an animal (esp. a bull) for leading it, or of a person for ornament.
Nosesmart adjThe watercress.
Nose-thirl nNostril(s); nose-holes.
Nose-to-tail adjMoving or stationary; one close behind another in heavy traffic.
Nose-up adjConceited, clever in one's own opinions; self-wise. 2. with the nose directed upwards.
Nose-wheel nLanding wheel under the nose of an aircraft.
Nose-wise advIn the direction of the nose.
Nose-wise adjConceited, clever (in one's own opinion). 2. keen-scented.
Nose-wort nNasturtium, hellebore, sneeze-wort.
Nosey adjPrying, offensively inquisitive or curious in others affairs. 2. tending to snoop, meddle, poke one's nose in the business of others. 3. interfering, meddlesome, snoopy. 4. evil-smelling; emitting a bad odor.
Nosey-body nA busy-body, a nosey parker, one who interferes or is overly concerned with the lives of others.
Noseyness nImpertinent curiosity, noseyness.
No-shaped adjAmorphous; shapeless. 2. vague, ill-organized.
No-show nAn absence, failure to appear, failure to make a schedule appearance. 2. a guest who fails to notify a restaurant, hotel etc., of cancellation of a reservation. 3. one who makes a reservation for an airplane flight, but fails to take up his seat at the time of take-off. 2. person who has a reserved ticket etc., but neither uses it or cancels the reservation.someone who shirks their duty.
Nosily advIn a nosey manner.
Nosing vbTo smell, to scent, hence to track or trace out. 2. to touch with the nose; to push the nose into or against, hence to interfere with, to treat insolently. 3. to utter nasally manner, as to "nose" a prayer. 4. to confront, be closely face to face, oropposite to one another; meet. 5. to furnish with a "nose" - as to stair a head. 6. to examine with the nose or sense of smell. 7. to make by advancing the nose or front end; as a train nosed it's way into the station. 8. racing slang: to beat by the length of a nose in a horse race (by a narrow margin).
Nosing nThat part of the headboard of a stair which projects over the riser; hence any like projection, as a projecting edge of a molding.
Nosing line nAn imaginary line touching the edges of the tread, in a flight of stairs, from which the margin is measured.
No-show nA person who has a reserved ticket etc., but neither uses it or cancels the reservation.
No smoking nAn area designated where smoking smoking is not permitted.
Nostel nOE: nostle - a band or fillet. 2. a short piece of cord, fastened to a net.
No-strike nPart of an industrial agreement where the workers agree not to take strike action.
Nostril nEither one of the two external openings to the nasal cavity in the nose; anterior naris. 2. Perception; insight; acuteness. [Obs.]
Nostrilled adjHaving some specified type of nostrils
Not nOE: Hnot- close-cropped, short hair. 2. of a willow: polled. 3. of sheep or cattle, hornless. 4. of wheat, barley, awnless, beardless.
Not nA non-existent thing. 2, state of non-existence
Not vbTo cut or clip hair short. 2. to prune tree severely. 3. to dehorn sheep, goats etc. 4. of crops to cut back.
Not advExpression of negation that negates the meaning of the modified verb; as, 'did you put the cat out. No, i didn't. 2. not being; absence of being, non-existing; to no degree.
Not phr"Not a Bit (of it)" - not at all.
Not phr"Not a Dry Eye in the House" - (facetious) everybody in the audience or company is crying, or deeply affected.
Not phr"Not a Little" - a good deal, considerably; quite, very, much.
Not phr"Not a Living Soul" - nobody at all.
Not phr"Not all There" - abnormal, backward, blithering, brainsick, crazed. cretinous, daft, half-witted, mad, moonstruck, unsound, witless, wandering.
Not phr"Not Altogether" - not very, nt particularly.
Not phr"Not Any Longer" - for no further period; no more.
Not phr"Not As Young as One Used To Be" - old or growing old (implication that there is a loss of vigor, good health, good-looks.)
Not phr"Not At All" - there's no need for thanks; don't mention it (in polite reply to thanks).
Not phr"Not at Home" - not prepared to receive visitors or accessible to callers.
Not phr"Not All Its Cracked Up to Be" - something is disappointing, and doesn't live up to it's reputation.
Not phr"Not All That" - not exceptionally so.
Not phr"Not Always What It Might Be" - imperfect, less suitable, satisfactory, efficient than expected.
Not phr"Not Anything Of the Kind" - not at all what has been supposed, suggested or claimed.
Not phr"Not Any Too" - not very; not sufficiently.
Not phr"Not a One" - not any person or thing. 2. what is not one.
Not phr"Not a Pretty Sight" - not a pleasant spectacle.
Not phr"Not at All" - definitely not. 2. used as a polite response to being thanked.
Not phr"Not a Thing" - nothing at all.
Not phr"Not a Word" - no mention to be made; no information to be given, or received.
Not phr"Not Bear to Think Of" - it is terrible to contemplate.
Not phr"Not Before Time" - at a time when something is overdue, almost too late; (and) about time too.
Not phr"Not But" - only.
Not phr"Not But What" - all the same; nevertheless.
Not phr"Not By a Long Shot" - not by any small amount; in small degree (formerly from chalking up scores in games: (Not By a Long Chalk)
Not phr"Not Do a Stroke Of Work" - not do any or, an item of, work. 2. not do a hand's turn.
Not phr"Not Eat You" - (Said to someone who is terrified or intimidated): he/she is not actually terrfying or likely to harm you.
Not phr"Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat" - very little space, cramped. (may refer to the cat-of-nine-tails widely used to punish offenders in the British military.
Not phr"Not Far to Seek" - easily and quickly found, surmised or ascertained.
Not phr"Not For All the Tea In China" - refuse to do something , no matter how great the reward, compensation.
Not phr"Not For Nothing" not without result or a definable consequences.
Not phr"Not For the First Time" - as has happened sometimes , or often before.
Not phr"Not For The World" - not on any account. 2. not for any reason or purpose.
Not phr"Not Get a Word in Edgeways" - not be able to say something because someone else is talking at the time.
Not phr"Not Give Somebody/Something Houserooom to" - not want to have, or not tolerate having somebody/something in one's house, business, or any other part of one's surroundings or belongings.
Not phr"Not Give Somebody the Time of Day" - ignore somebody; refuse to pay the slightest attention to someone.
Not phr"Not Half" - not nearly (enough).
Not phr"Not Harm a Fly" - be kind and generous in character and always unwilling to cause harm or unhappiness to others.
Not phr"Not Have a Bean" - not have any money at all.
Not phr"Not Have a Hope in Hell" - have no chance at all of success.
Not phr"Not Have a Leg????? to Stand On" - have no convincing argument to offer in one's defence, or to win others over to one's side. ???????????
Not phr"Not Have a Thing to Do" - have nothing to do or complete.
Not phr"Not Have a Word of Truth In It" - be completely untrue.
Not phr"Not If I See You First" - jocular response after not seeing someone for some time.
Not phr"Not If One Lives to be One Hundred" - never in one's lifetime, however long that proves to be. 2. never in a hundred years.
Not phr"Not I, Not Me" - that for which the subjective or personal is excluded.
Not phr"Not In the Least" - not at all. 2. with considerable importance, notably
Not phr"Not In the Mood" - at odds, averse, differing, disinclined, indisposed, refractory, sulky, sullen, unwilling.
Not phr"Not In the Slightest" - not at all.
Not phr"Not Know Anything About Something But Know What One likes" - have little knowledge about something, not claim to be a judge about something, esp. in the arts and crafts but have one's own tastes and preferences.
Not phr"Not Know One Is Born" - take life for granted without worry or inquiry. 2. live in such happy and comfortable circumstances that one doesn't realize one's good fortune.
Not phr"Not Know Somebody Well Enough To Speak" - not know somebody well enough to exchange greetings; conversation to take place.
Not phr"Not Know the Meaning of the Word" - have no understanding, experience of something.
Not phr"Not Know What Hit One" - to feel shocked or confused because something bad has happened to you suddenly when you were not expecting it to.
Not phr"Not Know What One Is Missing" - not realize how good something one dislikes, or choses not to oneself of, really is.
Not phr"Not Know What to Do with Oneself" - not know hw to occupy one's time. 2. be or feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.
Not phr"Not Know Where One's Next Meal is Coming From" - live without security. 2. live on the edge of poverty, want or starvation.
Not phr"Not Know Where to Look" - be embarrassed, awkwardly self-conscious.
Not phr"Not Know Whether One is Coming or Going" - be confused in, and about what one is doing, esp. because one has too many things to attend to.
Not phr "Not Know Whether One Is On One's Heels Or Head" - be disorientated, confused, over-busy, over-stimulated.
Not phr"Not Know Which End is Up" - have no common sense. 2. to be ignorant of the most basic facts. 2. to be very confused.
Not phr"Not Least" - with considerable importance, notably. 2. particularly.
Not phr"Not Leave One's Thoughts" - to be remain in one's mind for a long duration. 2. haunt with thoughts.
Not phr"Not Let the Sun Go Down On One's Wrath" - limit one's anger or bad temper. 2. not carry one's anger or bad temper from one day to another.
Not phr"Not Likely" - no; certainly not; not on your sweet life.
Not phr"Not Long for this World" - likely, or certain to die soon; or have a very short life.
Not phr"Not Look Beyond the End of One's Nose" - make a superficial search.
Not phr"Not More" - no further period of time.
Not phr"Not Much (of Anything)" - not very much. 2. certainly not. 3. (informal, ironically) certainly, very much.
Not phr"Not Much" (Of Something) - lacking skill, ability, value or advantage. 2. somebody, something that is unpleasant only to a minor, or insignificant degree (the implication being that the event is not as disagreeable as might be expected.
Not phr"Not Need Any Telling" - be already willing, ready, or eager to do something which one is told, invited, or urged to do.
Not phr"Not Need to Say/Tell" - somebody is already aware of something being referred to. 2. the information is already known, or probably can be guess.
Not phr"Not On" - something that is unacceptable and should not happen.
Not phr"Not One Little Bit" - not at all; not in any way. 2. not a bit of it.
Not phr"Not One To Do Something" - not someone who, from character, principles or habit, would be likely to do something.
Not phr"Not One Whit" - in the smallest amount or degree.
Not phr"Not On Your (Sweet) Life" - certainly not, not bloodly likely.
Not phr"Not See Beyond the End of One's Nose" - be narrow-minded, conservative.
Not phr"Not See Something Like That Again" - something/somebody has been outstandingly good, able, praiseworthy, impressive etc and is unlikely to be equalled by anyone/anything in the future.
Not phr"Not Seen the Likes Of (Somebody/Something) Before" - not have seen etc anything similar previously. 2. not seen anything of its kind that is so good, bad , unusual etc before.
Not phr"Not See the Wood for the Trees" - to be unable to understand, deal with, the main subject, issue, problem etc because one is confused by, or too closely involved in, numerous or complex detail.
Not phr"Not Sleep a Wink" - not get any sleep. 2. get very little sleep
Not phr"Not So Hot" - not very good, healthy, satisfactory.
Not phr"Not Take" - not tolerate or accept the unacceptable behavior of others.
Not phr"Not Take Kindly" - not like or accept something that someone says or does to you.
Not phr"Not Take No For An Answer" - emphasize that one wants a positive reply to a request. 2. not allow somebody to refuse what is being offered.
Not phr"Not That" - it is not inferred by.
Not phr"Not the Less" - nevertheless, nonetheless.
Not phr"Not to be Sneezed at" - not to be despised or contemned. 2. not to be treated lightly.
Not phr"Not to be Outdone" - in order to show oneself as good, or better than, another.
Not phr"Not to Speak Of" - as may be assumed ; and, perhaps; more importantly ; to say nothing of something.
Not phr"Not to Worry" - i'm not going to worry to much; let us not worry.
Not phr"Not Waving but Drowning" - behavior or acting, not indicating (as might be thought) well-being, personal and social assurance, etc but (if rightly interpreted) failure to cope, distress, need for help.
Not phr"Not Wish to Know" - deliberately not seek information about, contact with that may involve one in worry, work, trouble.
Not phr"Not With It" - asleep, blind to, deaf in, in ignorance of, mindless, napping, out of it, unaware of, unhearing, not insightful, unknowing, unmindful, unseeing, unsuspecting, unwitting, witless.
Not phr"So Often as Not" - not a bit, not at all, not least, not to mention.
No-take adj(Of a marine region, as a fishing ground) Under a level of protection where nobody is permitted to remove any fish or other organisms.
Note nUse, usefulness, advantage, noting. 2. one's own good, benefit or profit. 3. employment, occupation, noting, work, as properly pertaining or assigned to a person. 4. the way or practice of work or noting. 5. work as occupying one at a particular time, temporary or permanent work. 6. work of a specific kind. 7. a piece of work. 8. a matter, affair or circumstance; a thing. 9. tenor or purport of a letter.
Note nMilk given by a cow; milk giving by a cow after calving; the period a cow gives milk; the condition of the cow when giving or beginning to give milk.
Note vbTo use, to make use of something. 2. to work, follow an occupation.
Note phr"In Note" - in use.
Notheless advNevertheless, nonetheless, for all that
Nothemo advNever the more
Nother advNot on the one hand: neither, not either. 2. not whether.
Nothing nNo thing, not anything. 2. (adv) not at all.
Nothing vbto reduce to nothing.
Nothing phr"A New Nothing" - worthless novelty.
Nothing phr"As Slick as Nothing at All" - promptly, in the twinkling of an eye,
Nothing phr"All for Nothing" - with no result; done in vain.
Nothing phr"All to Nothing" - to full extent.
Nothing phr"Be In One's Nothings - without clothes, bare, naked.
Nothing phr"Be Nothing to do With (Somebody)" - not be of somebody's concern.
Nothing phr"Come to Nothing" - fail completely in life or vacation. 2. to have no positive result; come to nought; break down or fail.
Nothing phr"For Nothing" - for free or no cost. 2. by no means, on no account, for no consideration.
Nothing phr"Good for Nothing" - worthless.
Nothing phr"Have Nothing On" - be without clothes, bare, naked. 2. in one's nothings.
Nothing phr"Have Nothing On" - I have nothing to do; i am free at the moment.
Nothing phr"Have Nothing on Somebody" - have no proof of someone's wrong-doings or guilt.
Nothing phr"Have Nothing to do with Somebody" - avoid somebody.
Nothing phr"In One's Nothings" - naked.
Nothing phr"It was Nothing" - no thanks needed or required.
Nothing phr"Like Nothing On Earth" - to or in a superlative degree. 2. strange, ugly.
Nothing phr"Make Nothing Of (it)" - not make a fuss of, make light of. 2. very easy to do; there is no difficulty involved. 3. fail to understand
Nothing phr"Make Nothing of Oneself" - fail, not succeed in life generally.
Nothing phr"Next to Nothing" - very little.
Nothing phr"Nothing But" - used to typify or theorize in an attempt to reduce, simplify or explain concept in such a way that seem to accord with the theory propounded.
Nothing phr"Nothing But (something)" - only something; 'we have heard nothing but complaints all day'.
Nothing phr"Nothing Can Be Farther From One's Mind" - something previously mentioned, or to be defined, is an opinion, wish, intention one does not have.
Nothing phr"Nothing Doing" - nothing happening, with no result. 2. no prospect of success or agreement. 3. nothing is happening. 4. no other action is possible or suitable in the circumstances. 5. used to imply that your request is refused;; your wishes cannot be met.
Nothing phr"Nothing Else But" - no other outcome or result is likely; as, 'all the art of rhetoric, besides order and clearness, are nothing else but to insinuate wrong ideas'.
Nothing phr"Nothing For It But" - only possible way or choice of dealing with a situation.
Nothing phr"Nothing If Not (Something)" - very.
Nothing phr"Nothing Less Than" - at least.
Nothing phr"Nothing like" - not like or similar in any way. 2. far from; not at all; nowhere near.
Nothing phr"Nothing Loath to Do" - (facetious) very willingly, eagerly.
Nothing phr"Nothing More Or Less Than" - exactly, unequivocally; merely, just.
Nothing phr"Nothing of the Kind" - another, away off, certainty not, different thing, far from it, for other, no such thing, not a bit, not so, nothing like, quite the contrary, way off. 2. not anything of the kind; not at all what has been supposed, suggested or claimed.
Nothing phr"Nothing Short of" - the same as, like, similar to. 2. completely, nearly. 4. nothing except something(can/will do something).
Nothing phr"Nothing So" - not in that way or manner.
Nothing phr"Nothing to choose Between" - equivalents.
Nothing phr"Nothing to do With (Somebody)" - not be of somebody's concern or business.
Nothing phr"Nothing to See" - the situation, matter has ended or is over.
Nothing phr"Nothing to Sneeze At" - something that deserves serious attention, esp involving an amount of money.
Nothing phr"Nothing To Write Home of" - of a person or thing: not very good, just average or mediocre.
Nothing phr"Nothing Worthy of " - of no value
Nothing phr"Out of Nothing One Can Get Nothing" -every effect must have a cause.
Nothing phr"Say Nothing of" - in addition to.
Nothing phr"Stop Short of Nothing" - do anything however risky or daring.
Nothing phr"That Nothing New" - I already know that; i am aware of that or the situation.
Nothing phr"There's Nothing Doing" - no; one doesn't, and won't agree to do what is requested, suggested or ordered.
Nothing phr"There's Nothing for it" - there no other possible course of action or alternatives.
Nothing phr"There is Nothing For It But t.." - denoting absence of an alternative course. 2. there is no alternative, there is only one thing to do.
Nothing phr"There Nothing in It" - it's not true; there's no truth in it. 2. of no consequence for no-one.
Nothing phr"There's Nothing to It" - it's easy, simple; uncomplicated. 2. the competitors are esily matched.
Nothing phr"Thing of Nothing" - of no account; insignificant; meaningless; insipid, dull; no existent thing.
Nothing phr"Think Nothing of Doing it" - do something without consideration of the cost financially or the outcome personally.
Nothing phr"Think Nothing of It" - it is unimportant.
Nothing phr"To Nothing" - denoting the final point, stage or state of the process of destruction, dissolution.
Nothing phr"Whisper sweet Nothing" - whispered conersation between lovers.
Nothing-but nUsed to typify or theorize in an attempt to reduce, simplify or explain a concept in such a way that they seem to accord with the theory propounded.
Nothing-does nThose who do nothing. 2. layabouts and dropouts.
Nothing-doing nImpasse, impossibility, deadlock
Nothingless nState of insignificance, non-existent, nullity, voidness, vacuity, nihility; emptiness, inanity, nirvana, non-beingness, senselessness, tabula rasa. 2. empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk, malarkey, idle words. 3. state of being no value; a thing of no value.
Nothing-like adjNot similar in any way.
Nothingly advOf non value or effect.
Nothingy adjOf no value or importance.
Nothing-like adjNot similar in any way.
Nothingness nNon-existence, that which is non-existent. 2. condition or state of being non-existent or worthlessness. 3. cessation of life or consciousness. 4. the worthlessness or vanity of something. 5. a thing which has no value; the condition of being worthless. 6. utter insignificance or unimportant. 7. a non-existent thing.
Nothings nMere trifles, unimportant things or events.
Nothings phr"In One's Nothings" - naked, without clothing, bare.
Nothings n"Sweet nothings" - intimate whisperings between lovers.
Nothing-saying nA period of silence or quietness.
Nothing-worth adjOf no value.
Nothingy adjOf no value or importance.
No-thoroughfare nA way, lane, closure (at one end); a dead-end street; cul-de-sac.
No-through-road nNo thoroughfare.
No-time nA time which does not exist. 2. not time at all. 3. a very short time.
Not-life nInaminate matter, esp. as constrasted with that which contains life.
Notness nThe quality or state of not accepting something. 2. something negative; negation.
Not-seeing nState of not seeing or being unable to discern.
Not-self nThat which is other than the self. 2. something different from the conscious self. 3. the non-ego.
Nott-headed adj(OE. hnot) - having the hair cropped close; knot-headed.
Not-the-less advNevertheless, nonetheless, for all that.
Not-thereness nThe state of being absence or preoccupied.
Notwithstanding advAll the same; nevertheless. 2. not that withstanding. 3. nought with standing.
Notwithstanding prpIn spite of; without prevention by.
Nothwithstanding conjAlthough.
Notwithstanding phr"Notwithstanding that" - although.
Nought nNothing; something which does not exist. 2. a thing or person of no worth or value; nil. 2. not any quantity of number; zero the score of no points in a game. 4. the figure or character representing or having the shape of, zero.
Nought vbTo abase or set to nought. 2. to efface oneself.
Nought adjGood-for-nothing, worthless, wicked, immoral.
Nought advTo no extent, in no way, not at all.
Nought prnNothing, zero.
Nought phr"A Thing Of Nought" - a mere nothing.
Nought phr'At Nought Feet" - very close to the ground.
Nought phr"Come to Nought" - come to nothing, achieve little.
Noughtphr"Do Nought" - do nothing; not act. 2. do wrongly; act immorally.
Nought phr"For Nought" - for nothing; for little consequence. 2. nevertheless.
Nought phr"Put to Nought" - render of little significance.
Nought phr"Think Nought Of" - disregard.
Nought-fearing adjFrightened by nothing. 2. without fear; fearless.
Noughtihood nWickedness, evil.
Noughtily advBadly behaved, evil or bad of manner, noughtly.
Noughtiness nWickedness, naughtiness, nothingness, worthless, badness, noughthood.
Noughting nA worthless or insignificant person. 2. depreciation, scorn, effacement.
Nougthingly advWickedly, wrongly, badly, poorly
Noughtly advOf actions: abject, worthless, vile, bad or in an evil manner. 2. of things: good-for-nothing, worthless, of little, insignificant, trivial. 3. in a bad condition; of a bad tone.
Noughtness nNothingness, worthlessness, vileness, wickedness
Nought-worth adjUnimportant, of absolutely no value.
Noughty adjWorthless or insignificant.
Nouther advNeither of two persons.
Nouther-where advNo where.
Now nThe present time, moment, occasion.
Now advAt the present time or nowthe; in these times, nowadays. 2. at once. 3. at or during the present time. 4. in the immediate future. 5. in such circumstances; things being as they are. 6. at the point in proceedings, narrative.
Now conjSince; seeing that.
Now phr"As Now" - at this time, just now.
Now phr"Every Now and Then" - occasionally.
Now phr"From Now On Forth" - henceforth; from now on.
Now phr"Here and Now" - at this present time.
Now phr"Now and Again" - now and then, here and there, occasionally, on occasions, once in a while; at times, from time to time.
Now phr"Now and Now" - again and again; repeatedly.
Now phr"Now and Then" - at one time or another; indefinitely, occasionally, not often, at irregular intervals.
Now phr"Now at Erst" - at this present time.
Now phr"Now by Dawe" - nowadays.
Now phr"Now I Have Seen Everything" - comment on an ocasion of witnessing something very unusual or ludicrous (the implication being being thst nothing the speaker might see in the future woul be sufficiently extraordinary to surprise him or her).
Now phr"Now It Can Be Told" - designates of a book, story, etc which reveals previously classified or unknown facts. 2. the time for official, tactical, respectful, or deferential secrecy or concealment is over.
Now phr"Now It is Time for All Good Women/Men To Speak/Stand Up" - in times of evil doing one must stand/ speak up for what is good.
Now phr"Now Then" - replaces, or precedes, a statement that checks, warns or reproves. 2. follws a defiant statement of opinion or intention; so there. 3. a neutral conversation filler in any position, sommetimes indicating a momentary pause for though, but often just a verbal habit.
Now phr"Now, Now" - expression of sympathy or rebuke.
Now phr"Now of Late" - recently.
Now phr"Now or Never" - this is the time to do something. 2. something must be done, decided upon immediately or all hope or opportunity of doing something later must be give up.
Now phr"Now What" - what is concerning you now (said with some annoyance and impatiently).
Now phr"Now You're Talking" - what you say or suggest is something I agree with, approve.
Now phr"Now You See It, Now You Don't" - one is probably being misled. 2. one can't be sure something is so but one had better be careful and watcchful (of Tricksters at fairs. etc) who by sleight of hand make it difficult for customers to identify which of the three thimbles have a pea under it)
Nowadays nThe present day, in these times, today. 2. now-a-days; during this age.
Now-a-nights nThe present night, in these times, tonight.
Nower advNo where nigh or near.
Now-being adjExisting presently; alive; extant.
Now-fallen adjOf a thing, such as a leaf: recently or just fallen. 2. of a person (soldier): recently killed in battle.
Now-forgotten adjNo longer remembered or thought of.
No-what nNothing.
No whence advFrom no place.
No where advIn or at no place, not anywhere, to no place. 2. in no part or passage of a book; ie. in the work or author's writing. 3. to be badly beaten in a race, contest; to be hopelessly out of the running. 4. not in the reckoning; far back.
Nowhere nA non-existent place; an absence of place. 5. a remote or inaccessible place, as the 'middle of now-where. 6. a dull person, place or thing.
Nowhere adjInsignificant, unsatisfactory, dull, non-existing.
Nowhere phr"Come from Nowhere" - be suddenly evident or successful.
Nowhere phr"Get Nowhere" - make no progress, get no satisfactory outcome.
Nowhere phr"Middle of Nowhere" - a remote or inaccessible place.
Nowhere phr"Nowhere Near" - not ll, much less than or different from; nothing like.
Nowhere phr"Nowhere to be Seen" - not visible, absent, gone, lost, disappeared etc.
Nowhereness nState or quality of being no-where, remote, inaccessible place, dull,insignificant, a sluumy nowhere-ness.
No while advFor no space of time.
No wise advIn no way, manner, or degree.
No whit advAlso "no wight" -- not at all, not the least, a small amount in time or distance.
No whither advNot in any direction; at no direction; no where; to no place.
No-win adjCertain to end in failure and disappointment, as opposed to a "win-win" situation.
No wither advTo no place, nowhere.
No-witherwards advTo no-where; to no place or in no direction.
No-win adjOf a struggle, contest, situation that cannot be won.
No-wise advIn way or manner: not at all.
Nowness nThe quality of being always present. 2. the quality of taking place at the present time.
Nowt nCattle, cows, oxen, bullock. 2. a person (OE: no & wight (thing)- stupid or nowt-headed, and coarse and clumsy or nowt-footed.
Nowt nNothing from "no & wight(thing)
Nowt phr"A Shy Bairn Gets Nowt" - if you are too shy, and don't ask, you won't get what you want.
Nowt-geld nAncient tax levied on cattle and bovine-type beasts.
Nowthe advNow, at this present moment.
N'th adjRepresenting a ordinal equivalent of "n". 2. infinitely or indefinitely large or small, as in "raised to the "nth" degree. 3. with greatt precision; extremely; to an infinite extent.
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