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Nuel adjProne, tending to. 2.facedown, prostate.
Numb adjThe past participle of obsolete O.E. nim ‘take’ Late Middle English nome(n).- without wholly or partially the power of sensation or motion, benumbed. 2. deadened, dull, insensible.
Numb-hand nAn inexpert or clumsy person.
Numb-head nA dull fool, half-wit, a stult.
Numbing adjCausing numbness or insensitivity
Numbness nPartial or total lack of sensation in a part of the body; a symptom of nerve damage or dysfunction. 2. the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally, apathy, indifference, numbness, spiritlessness. 3. the condition of being numb; that state of a living body in which it loses, wholly or in part, the power of feeling or motion.
Numbskull na dolt, dunce, a stupid person, a blockhead.
Nun nWomen devoted to a religious life, and living in a convent under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. 2. a courtesan.
Nun's flesh nA cold or ascetic temperament.
Nuncheon nA light refreshment taken before meals.(noon & shench): a cup or draught).
Nunhood nThe status or condition of a nun. 2. nuns as a group or collectively.
Nunnish adjOf, pertaining to, resembling a nun; characteristic of a nun.
Nun-like adjResembling a nun or some aspect of.
Nunly adjLike a nun, nun-like.
Nunnish adjOf, pertaining to, or resembling a nun.
Nunnishness nState or quality of being nun-like.
Nunship nPosition or role of a nun.
Nut nA fruit consisting of a kernel or seed enclosed in a woody shell, as in the hazelnut, beechnut, or chestnut; also the kernel of such fruit, when edible. 2. one of the seeds in a pine cone; a stone of a peach, or seed of a date. 3. a piece of metal for screwing on to an end. 4. in allusion to the cracking of hard-shelled nut: a question difficult to answer, a problem to hard to solve, a matter or undertaking difficult to accomplish; a person hard to deal with or conciliate. 5. the head. (slang) 6. a crank, crackpot, a madman. 7. the pancreas, in the expression: "the liver, lights, heart, nut and milt." 7. nut: a testicle --- testicles: the nuts (slang). 8. coal in small bits or lump.
Nut nOE. nyt: use, worth.
Nut vbSeek or gather nuts. 2. to curry favor with; to court (a person). 3. to think, use one's head. 4. butt with the head.
Nut adjCrazy, mad, cracked.
Nut phr"Crack a Nut with a Sledgehammer" - use to much force/resources to bring about a small change.
Nut phr"Do One's Nut" - lose one's temper, get worked up about something; be very angry. 2. be worried or agitated.
Nut phr"Hard Nut to Crack" - (someone is a hard nut to crack): is very difficult to persuade a person to do something.
Nut phr"He Who Would Eat a Nut Must First Crack the Shell" - the gods give nothing to those without labor.
Nut phr"It's Time to Lay our Nuts Aside" - it is time to put aside our follies, to relinquish our boyish pursuits and settle down. An allusion is to an old Roman marriage ceremony in which the bridegroom, as he led his bride home, scattered nuts to the crowd, as if to symbolize that he has given up his boyish ways.
Nut phr"Nut Behind the Bolt" - the person using or having the firearm; the shooter.
Nut phr"Nut Out" - to find a solution for. 2. to work out the finer details; esp. in a group discussion. 3. to be crazy, esp. in a rage.
Nuts phr"Nuts and Bolts - the practical basic elements. 2. fundamental, basic and meaningful detail. 3. the mechanics of a situation or thing. 4. the small items, tasks techniques, procedures etc subordinates, but necessary, to a larger undertaking.
Nuts phr"Nuts On" - overfond of, or infatuated with; be nuts about someone. 2. a source of pleasure or delight to. 3. be uts about.
Nut phr"Nut Up" - exhortation to rise to the occasion; be a man.
Nut phr"Nut Up or Shut Up" - stop talking and gives us action. 2. don't think, do!
Nut phr"Off One's Nut" -- out of one's mind, crazy, mad, nutty, loopy; off one's head.
Nut-bearing adjProducing nuts, as a tree or bush.
Nut-brown adjOf a dark brown color, like that of ripe nuts.
Nut-cracker nA device for cracking nuts.
Nutelness n(OE: 'No' & 'Witol'): ignorance.
Nutgall nA nut-shaped gall, as on an oak tree; an oak apple. 2. a gall found on dyer's oak, used in dyeing.
Nuthen advNow and then; now, nowhile.
Nut-house nA lunatic asylum (slang).
Nutless adjWithout nuts (the fruit). 2. without the use of (mechanical) nuts. 3. withourt testicles, castrated; cowardly. (slang.)
Nutlike adjResembling a nut.
Nutmeal nMeal made from the kernel of nuts.
Nutmeat nThe edible part of a nut.
Nutness n(Slang)-the existence of a chaotic atmosphere. 2. the property of a nut.
Nut oak nMacadamia ternifolia.
Nutpine nOne of several nutbearing pines.
Nuts nTesticles (sl.)
Nuts adjCrazy, demented. 2. madly in love. 3. extremely enthusiastic with about exclamation or scorn; disapproval.
Nuts phr"Nuts On" - overfond of, or infatuated with; be nuts about someone. 2. a source of pleasure or delight to. 3. coal in small bits or lumps.
Nuts phr"Nuts Over" - a source of pleasure to; devoted to; delighted with someone or something. 2. 'dead nuts on.'
Nutsack nSlang for the scrotum.
Nutshell nThe shell of a nut. 2. a brief, concise statement or form.
Nutshell vbTo summarize; sum up in a few words.
Nutshell phr"In a Nutshell" -- in a brief, concise statement or form; concisely. 2. by way of summary. 3. lie in a nutshell: explained in a few words.
Nutted adjFastened by a nut; abounding or prolific in nuts.
Nutter nAn eccentric, insane, crazy or reckless person. 2. a person who is obsessed with something.
Nuttle vbTo use, make use of.
Nuttily advIn a nutty manner.
Nuttiness nQuality or state in being nutty - in various senses. 2. the quality or degree of having a nutty flavor or texture. 3. the quality or degree of having a nutty aspect; craziness or zaniness. 4. the taste of nuts.
Nuttish adjSomewhat nutty.
Nut tree nAny tree bearing nuts,esp. the hazel.
Nutty adjAbounding in, containing nuts, and having the flavor of or producing nuts. 2. containing nuts; reminiscent of nuts. 3. mad, crazy, not right in the head, out of one mind, off one's nut.
Nutwood nAny tree bearing nuts, as walnut, hazel, hickory. 2. the wood of such a tree.
Nutwrench nAn instrument for screwing or unscrewing nuts.
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