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Of prpO.E. of, unstressed form of æf (prep., adv.) "away, away from," - primary sense in O.E. was still "away," but shifted in M.E. with use of the word to translate L. de, ex, and especially O.Fr. de, which had come to be the substitute for the genitive case. "Gyld of Gold"- golden idol.
Of phr"Of a Kind" - something belonging to a class of something like to; said loosely or slightly. 2. in existence, but not quite adequate or satisfactory.
Of phr"Of All" - used as an intensifier with nouns to denote being ultimate.
Of phr"Of All the Cheek" - an exclamation of indignant at a person's impudence, etc.
Of phr"Of All Time" - that there ever has been or will ever be.
Of phr"Of a Morning" - on any morning, etc; or some or most mornings etc.
Of phr"Of an Evening" - on most evenings. 2. at some time in the evenings.
Of phr"Of Good Standing" - having an established (good) reputation, acknowledged status.
Of phr"Of Late" - in the recent past; recently; lately; continuously, or intermittently.
Of phr"Of Old" - formerly, long ago.
Of phr"Of Old Yore" - associated with, or that existed in, ancient or long past times. 2. formerly; in past or ancient times. 2. at, or from, a previous period of one's life.
Of phr"Of One's Own Free Will" - voluntarily, of one's own choice.
Of phr"Of Shame" - listing or describing the most dishonored entries in a specific subject , media form, field, etc as 'book of shame'
Of phr"Of the Like" - of a group with the same or similar characteristics. 2. of the same kind.
Of phr"Of the Old School" - embodying the traditional, perhaps old-fashioned characteristic of his class, trade, profession, etc.
Of phr"Of that Ilk" - of that kind; of the same kind of another person or thing as the just mentioned. 2. of that same name, place.
Of phr"Of Two Minds" - undecided or unsure; equivocating. 2. conflicted in one's opinions.
Of phr"What of It?" - what does it matter?
Of-ask vbTo inquire, to ask for, to get to learn by enquiry.
Of'cale vbTo be cold.
Of'cale adjAffected by or with cold, chilled, frozen.
Of'clepe vbCall for, summon, get by calling.
Of'daw vbTo wake up, recover from a swoon.
Of'drede vbTo terrify, frighten.
Of'drede adjAffected by fear, frightened.
Of'drunken vbTo drown, swallow up in water.
Of'earn adjEarned,deserved.
Off advSo as to be no longer supported or attached. 2. so as to be no longer covering or enclosing: to take a hat off; to take the wrapping off. 3. away from a place: to run off; to look off toward the west. 4. away from a path, course, etc.; aside. 5. so as to be away or on one's way: to start off early; to cast off.
Off prpSo as no longer to be supported by, attached to, on, resting on, or unified with. 2. deviating from: off balance; off course. 3. below or less than the usual or expected level or standard. 4. percent off the marked price. 5. away, disengaged, or resting from: to be off duty today.
Off adjIn error; wrong: you are off on that matter. 2. slightly abnormal or not quite sane. 2. not up to standard; not so good or satisfactory as usual; inferior or subnormal: a good play full of off shots. 3. no longer in effect, in operation, or in process: the deal is off. 4. stopped from flowing, as by the closing of a valve: the water is off. 5. informal. refraining or abstaining from; denying oneself the pleasure, company, practice, etc., of: he's off holidaying.
Off nThe state or fact of being off. 2. cricket. the off side.
Off vbTo go off or away; leave (used imperatively): off, and don't come back! 2. (slang); kill, slay, murder. 3. take away; remove: off with those muddy boots before you step inside my home!
Off phr"A Bit off" - an unsatisfactory situation.
Off phr"Afar Off" - in the distance, a long way away.
Off phr"Be Off With You" - go away!; leave!; depart.
Off phr"Be Well Off" - wealthy.
Off phr"Come off" - to take place; succeed.
Off phr"Fall Off" - decline, diminish.
Off phr"Get Off On" - to find something exciting, esp. in a sexual way.
Off phr"Get Off With You" - I do not believe you.
Off phr"Get It Off" - to receive or come to have possession, use, enjoyment of. 2. (slang) t experience orgasm.
Off phr"Go Off" - (Of a gun or similar device) - explode or fire. 2. explode, detonate, burst, erupt. 3. of food or drink: become rank, rotten, become inedible. 3. turn bad, or begin to dislike.
Off phr"Have an Off-day" - go through a time or period when things go wrongs.
Off phr"Have it Off" - have sexual intercourse with.
Off phr"Leave Off" - discontinue an activity; stop, cease, desist, keep from, break off, lay off, give up, refrain, stop oneself from, eschew.
Off phr"Let Somebody Off the Hook" - allow somebody to avoid or escape from a difficult problem
Off phr"Make Off" - to leave quickly. 2. steal something.
Off phr"Neither Off or On" - either one way or another; in any way.
Off phr"Off All Time" - that there has ever been or will ever be.
Off phr"Off and On" - intermittently, now and then, happening sometimes, occasionally, spasmodically or infrequently, but not continuously.
Off phr"Off It" - die, expire
Off phr"Off Of" - from; from.
Off phr"Off One's Food" - lacking an appetite.
Off phr"Off One's Game" - playing or competing below one's usual level of performance. 2. playing badly.
Off phr"Off One's Head" - crazy, demented.
Off phr"Off One's Hands" - out of or removed from someone's charge, possession or responsibility.
Off phr"Off One's Nut" - out of one's mind; crazy.
Off phr"Off the Beaten Path" - in a secluded location. 2. in a place which is not frequently visited or widely known.
Off phr"Off the Books" - a payent that is not officially recorded, so that no tax is paid on it.
Off phr"Off the Deep End" - to get very angry about something or lose control of oneself.
Off phr"Off the Ground" - to get something into the air. 2. to start a plan or activity successfully.
Off phr"Off the Hook" - no longer in difficulty or trouble. 2. of a telephone receiver, preventing incoming calls.
Off phr"Off the Mark" - a long way from the intended target. 2. wide of the mark. 3. incorrect or inaccurate.
Off phr"Off the Shelf" - obtained from stock; ready made.
Off phr"Off the Shoulder" - especially of dress or blouse, not covering the shoulders.
Off phr"Off the Table" - to withdraw something or make it no longer available, as for consideration, acceptance, discussion, etc. I wouldn't wait too long to accept the job offer—they might take it off the table before you know it.
Off phr"Off the Top Of One's Head" - without careful thought or investigation.
Off phr"Off the Wall" - (slang) unorthodox; unconventional.
Off phr"Off With" - to take off instantly; remove!
Off phr"Play Off and On" - to take off and put on alternately.
Off phr"Put Off" - to disconcert, repel. 2. to hold back to a later time. 3. to induce to wait. 4. to rid oneself of. 5. to sell or pass fraudulently.
Off phr"Put Somebody Off" - discourage or disgust somebody.
Off phr"Right off" - forthwith, immediately.
Off phr"Shake Off" - to cause to move from from side to side or up and down with jerky movements.
Off phr"Take Off" - to mimic, make fun of. 2. of an aircraft, to ascend, leave.
Off phr"Tell Off" - to chide, scold, rebuke, reprove. 2. to pick (count)for special duty.
Off phr"Way off Beam" - on the wrong track, inaccurate, erroneous, mistaken.
Off phr"Well Off" - rich, fortunate.
Off phr"Work Off" - to rid of by work or effort.
Offal n(Off & fall) - waste meat, entrails of animals; parts rejected as unfit for use; anything thrown away as worthless; refuse.
Off-and-on adjIntermittent; stopping and starting; fitful or interrupted, as of sleep.
Off-beam adjMistaken, inaccurate, erroneous.
Off-bear vbTo carry off from a moulding table and place on the ground to dry.
Off-bearer nOne who carries off from a moulding table and place on the ground to dry
Off-bearing adjThat bears something off; spec. that carries off a product (as wood, brick) to a machine or for a process.
Off-beat adjIn music, not following the beat, as of an instrument out of cadence. 2. not usual, unusual, unconventional, not ordinary, not conforming.
Off-bitten adjThat bitten off.
Off-book adjWithout reference to a book or script; from memory (in early use) by improvisation, extempore.
Off-brand adjAn unknown, unpopular, or inferior brand of retail product.
Off-break nThe act or result of breaking off. 2. a schism.
Off-Broadway adjNo longer associated with Broadway theatrical precinct, esp. to experimental productions.
Offcast vbTo cast off, shed. 2. to try and remove from the cast of a production.
Off-come nThe product of multiplication. 2. the way which one "comes off" or fares in a matter. 3. an excuse, a get-off-way. 4. a a conclusion, finish an rgument. 5. an outsider, stranger.
Off-comer nAn outsider, stranger, follower, alien.
Off-day nA day when things go wrong. 2. a day when one is not at their best.
Off'fear vbTo terrify, frighten,
Off'fear adjAfraid, frightened.
Offer nOE: ofrian. (fr Latin)showing, exhibiting, sacrificing, bringing of an oblation. 2. attempt; endeavor; essay;
Offer vbTo make or show, exhibit, sacrifice, bring an oblation. 2. to attempt; to undertake. 3. to present in words; to proffer; to make a proposal of; to suggest; or offer an opinion. 4. to declare one's willingness to help. 5 to make an attempt; to make an essay or a trial; offer at. 6. to bid, as a price, reward, or wages; as, to offer a salary or reward. 7. the act of offering, bringing forward, proposing, or bidding; a proffer; a first advance. 8. to bring to or before; to hold out to; to present for acceptance or rejection; as, to offer a present, or a bribe; to offer one's self in marriage. 9. to present itself; to be at hand. 10. to present, as an act of worship; to immolate; to sacrifice; to present in prayer or devotion; offer up. 11. to put in opposition to; to manifest in an offensive way; to threaten; as, to offer violence,or attack, etc.
Offer phr"Offer One's Hand" - extend one's hand to be shaken as a sign of friendship.
Offer phr"Offer Up" - put some place to assess its appropriateness or fitness.
Offer phr"On Offer" - available.
Offer phr"Open to Others" - willing to sell something or do a job for a reasonable price.
Offered adjBrought as an offering. 2. presented as a sacrifice. 3. that which is offered or brought forward; a proposal to be accepted or rejected; a sum offered; a bid.
Offerer nOne who offers a contribution, esp. money, to a church. 2. one who offers religious sacrifice or tokens of devotion. 3. one who contributes or offers anything.
Offering nPresentation of something to a deity, a thing so presented.
Off-fall vbTo fall off
Off-falling advThat which falls off.
Off-fallings nCrumbs, off-fallings); scraps that fall from the table. 2. fig. falling off of health, excellence or goodness.
Off-fill vbTo fill completely.
Off-flow vbTo flow from something or somewhere.
Offget vbTo perceive, discern, get, understand.
Off-go vbTo start, begin, go away.
Off-go nA start, beginning, the get-go.
Off-going nDeparture, going away, a removal.
Off-going adjThat go away, or is removed.
Off-green adjNot quite green in color.
Offhand advOf speech or action: unpremeditated, at once, curtly, straightway. 2. without preparation, free and easy, curt 'as I don't have the details offhand'.
Offhand advWithout preparation, impromptu.
Offhanded adjStraight forward, curt or to the point in speech and conversation
Offhandedly advIn a manner or way unpremeditated, straightway, unprepared, unpremeditated.
Off-handedness nThe quality of being off-handed.
Off-handish adjIn a somewhat or rather curt, casual or unprepared way.
Off-hold vbTo withhold, retain. 2. to hold off, prevent, refrain, avoid, shun.
Offing nThe near or foreseeable future, soon to happen, as "look there is rain in the offing." 2. the part of the sea that can be seen from the shore and is beyond the anchoring area; as in the offing; that part of the sea at a good distance from the shore, or where there is deep water and no need of a pilot; also, distance from the shore. 3. coming; arriving in the foreseeable future. 4. visible but not nearby. 5. the horizon, the loom.
Offing phr"In the Offing" - nearby, at hand, not so far away, likely to happen soon or in the near future.
Offish adjInclined to keep aloof; distant in manner.
Offishly advAloof; remote.
Offishness nThe state or condition of being aloof or stand-offish.
Off-island nAn island off the shore of a larger island or continent.
Off-islander nA visitor, temporary resident.
Off-key adjDeviating from the correct tune or pitch; out of tune; irregular.
Offlead vbTo lead off or away.
Off-lead adjOf a dog not on a leash.
Off-line adjOf railways, airways, buses etc.: located or serving a place not on the regular route. 2. of computers: operating independently of , or disconnected from an associated computer.
Off-line advIn, or to a more private place, as we should talk about this off-line.
Off-load vbTo unload. 2. hand to another (a problem or dilemma).
Off-minded adjDistracted, absent-minded, being of less than a sound mind, mentally despondent; touched.
Off-put vbTo procrastinate, put off, waste time.
Off-putting adjProviding uneasiness, dislike, annoyance,or repugnance, disturbing or disagreeable.
Off-reckoning nA deduction, formerly in the British Army, a name of a special account between the government and the commanding officers of regiments; in reference to the clothing of the men.
Off-road adjDesigned for, used for, taking place on a driving surface that is not traditionally paved, such as a beach or rugged terrain.
Off-roader nA vehicle that designed to drive off the road.
Off-roading nDriving a vehicle off-road.
Off-sale nOf alcoholic beverages, pertaining to the sale of closed containers for consumption off the premises.
Off-set nThe start, beginning, outset.
Off-shed vbLose weight; depose of, rid oneself of.
Off-shoot nFig. of a family tree: a descendant. 2. lit. of a plant: a branch, lateral shoot from the main stem. 3. anything conceived as springing from the main stock.
Off-shooting nAn off-shoot; a diversion; a branching.
Off-shore adjMoving away from shore. 2. located in the sea away from the coast. 3. located in another country, esp. one having beneficial tax laws, or a source of an exploitable labour force. 3. having available foreign labour as a substitute for local labour.
Off-shoring nThe relocation of a business process from one country to another—typically an operational process, such as manufacturing, or supporting processes, such as accounting. Typically this refers to a company business, although state governments may also employ offshoring.
Off-side advAway from one's own side; on the wrong side. 2. not in favor with.
Offsider nA partner, assistant, or deputy.
Offspring nDescendant, progeny, children, issue.
Offspring vbTo issue from, well from, descend from, emanate.
Off-standing adjStanding or situated at a distance, distant, far removed, remote.
Off-stream vbA shut-down of industrial and manufacturing production.
Off-street adjLocated awy from the street. 2. not on the streets, as the "off-street" unloading of the wain.
Off-take n(Take late O.E. borrowing) - the action of taking off; the taking of commodities off the market. 2. a deduction. 3. a channel by which liquid is drained off. 4. a tributary branch of a stream, river. 5. the place of such outflow or where, something is taken off.
Off-the-shelf adjGoods supplied ready-made; available from existing stock.
Off-time nHoliday, vacation, holiday time, leave.
Offward(s) advIn the direction or position off or away from something. 2. away from shore. 3. turned or directed off or away; averse.
Offwardness nThe state of being turned away. 2. averse, averseness, aversion, offwaring, wending from, shifting.
Off-white adjWhite with a tinge of yellow, creamy-color or greyish.
Off'wring vbTo wring or wrench off.
Of'get vbTo Perceive, discern.
Of'go vbTo demand, require, exact. 2. gather, win, earn. 3. permeate.
Of'grede vbCall, summon.
Of'heat vbTo overcome with heat.
Of'hold vbTo withhold; keep back.
Of'hungered adjAfflicted with hunger; very hungry, famished.
Of'ken vbTo recognize, descry, perceive.
Of'kin vbGive birth to.
Of'lete nOffering, sacrifice, oblation. 2. a sacramental water, water (gen).
Of'longed adjSeizure of overcome with longing.
Of'lust adjPossessed with a strong longing or desire.
Of'pine vbTorment, vex.
Of'rede vbTo outwit, to out do in counsel.
Of'ride vbTo ride down; overtake.
Of'run vbOvertake by running fast; run away from.
Of'sake vbTo deny.
Of'see vbTo see; perceive by sight, catch sight of, observe.
Of'send vbTo send for.
Of'shame vbTo shame, make shameful.
of'sit vbSit up in, occupy. 2. oppress, repress.
Of'slay vbKill, slay, strike at.
Of'spring vbSpring from, descend from.
Of'stand vbTo remain standing. 2. to withstand.
Of'sting vbTo pierce, gore, stab to death.
Of'strength vbTo fortify, strengthen, make stronger.
Of'swink vbto gain by labour, labour for.
Oft advMany times, often, frequently, oft(en)-times, off-sithe.
Often advMany times, frequently, oft, oft(en)-times, off-sithe, that has often been.
Often phr"As Often or Not" - about half the number of times.
Often phr"Every so Often" - occasionally.
Often phr"More Often Than Not" - frequently, usually.
Often phr"Often or Not" - more often or not; at least half the time; frequently, every so often.
Often phr"Once Too Often" - one time too many, resulting in failure
Oftening nA frequent repetition.
Oftenly advVery often.
Oftenness nThe fact or condition of occurring often; or frequently.
Ofrensithe advMany times, oftentimes, often, on many occasions.
Of'think nSorrow, regret, repentance.
Of'think vbTo seem not good.
Of'thinking nDispleasure, vexation, disgust, grief, sorrow.
Of'times advMany times, on many occasions, or in many cases, frequently, often times, oft-times.
Oftly advOften.
Oftness nOftenness.
Of'tread vbTo destroy by trampling, often, on many occasions,
Of'wake vbTo wake.
Of'walked adjExhausted by walking.
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