The Anglish Moot
Old English sp English
Old adj Far advanced in the years of one's or its life: an old man; an old horse; an old tree. 2. of or pertaining to the latter part of the life or term of existence of a person or thing: old age. 3. as if or appearing to be far advanced in years. 4. having lived or existed for a specified time: a man 30 years old. 5. having lived or existed as specified with relation to younger or newer persons or things.
Old n Old persons collectively (usually preceded by the). 2. a person or animal of a specified age or age group (used in combination): a class for six year old pupils.
Old phr "An Old Maid" - a woman who is not and probably never will be married (with the implication often being that remaining unmarried is an indication of personal failure, or lack of emotional warmth) . 2. (fig) a person of either sex who is either too precise, tidy, conventional, fussy, prudish.
Old phr "Any Old How" - anyhow (carelessly)
Old phr "Be Old Hat" - to be a very widely-known fact.
Old phr "It is On for Young and Old" - the excitement has started.
Old phr "Know Somebody of Old" - know somebody for a long time.
Old phr "Lock Somebody up in an Old Oak Chest" - to put in a safe place and out of mind.
Old phr "Old and the Young - people, young and old collectively.
Old phr "Old as the Hills" - extremely or exceedingly old.
Old phr "Old as Time" - ancient; dating from as far back in history; not new or young.
Old phr "Old Before One's Time" - older in looks, physical condition, mental outlook., etc. than is right reasonable for one's age.
Old phr "Old Beyond One's Years" - more mature, knowledgeable than most others of one's age.
Old phr "Old Enough to be One's Father/Mother" - too much older than somebody for marriage, liaison etc to be suitable or likely.
Old phr "Old Father Time" - Father Time (commonly known as Old Father Time) is a weather vane at Lord's Cricket Ground, London, in the shape of Father Time removing the bails from a wicket. The weathervane is a total of 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) tall, with the figure of Father Time standing at 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m).[1] It was given to Lord's in 1926 by the architect of the Grandstand, Sir Herbert Baker.

Although frequently referred to as 'Old' Father Time in television and radio broadcasts, 'Old' is not part of the official title.[3]

Old phr "Old Head on a Young Shoulders" - experience, knowledge, and maturity for a young person.
Old phr "Old Lady of Threadneedle Street" - "Bank of England"
Old phr "Old Man of the Sea" - one who cannot be shaken off; a hanger on (from the monster who clung to the back of Sinbad, the Sailor.
Old phr "Old Noll" - Oliver Cromwell.
Old phr "Old, Sad, Far-off things" - tragedies. or sorrows, of the historical, or one's own, past.
Old phr "Old School Tie" - symbol of class distinction, class.
Old phr "Old Sins Have Long Shadows" - past misdeeds are liable to return to haunt a person.
Old phr "Old Wives' Tale" - A legend, myth, account of historical, or supernatural, events such as old women handed on to rising generations . 2. an unsupported piece of information, recommended practice, etc. 3. a trivial tale such as is told a by garrulous old woman.
Old phr "One's Old Man" - one's husband or wife.
Old phr "The Old Man" - the world. 2. a person in authority, leader of a politic party; headmaster, boss, etc.
Old phr "The Old School" - following a former way of thinking, code of practice, in politics, religion, medicine, science.
Old-bean n Friendly form of address to a man.
Old Bird n (slang) a wary person.
Old-blooded adj Of old aristocratic family; old-moneyed family.
Old-book adj As in 'old-book shop'.
Old brain n The part of our brain that began to evolve when the amphibians crawled onto land to give rise to the reptilian age. It is more than 400 million years old and yet it remains structured into the anatomy of our human brain. It includes also the brains of the lower mammals, such as the horse.
Old-built adj Built long ago.
Old days n Old times, past years.
Old days phr "In the (Good) Old Days" - in earlier times, in the past.
Old dear n An elderly woman. 2. one's mother.
Olden adj Old; of former times.
Old English n The English language up to about 1150-1200
Old-English sheepdog n A large breed of dog which was developed in England from early herding types of dogs.
Old-fangled adj Old fashioned, out of fashion, out-of-date, out moded. 2. characterized by adherence to what is old.
Old-fangledness n The state of being old fashioned.
Old-field n Land cultivated of old; old ground. 2. land in cultivation for a long time and exhausted by a long period of cultivation.
Old folks n The elderly, the aged, seniors.
Old-gathered adj Gathered together long ago.
Old gold n A dull brownish-gold colour. 2. a dull, lacking lustre, gold color. 3. in gold mining, gold of any size, found in an old streambed or parts there of that have washed into the waterway, or gold contained within hardpan would be considered 'old gold."
Old-grey adj A old man; old grey haired man.
Old-growing adj Growing over many years or decades; for a long time.
Old-hand n A person who is very experienced. 2. one who has experience in any business.
Old Gold n A dull, lustreless, gold color.
Old hand n A person with much experience.
Old Harry n "The Devil"
Old-hat adj Out-of-date; tediously familiar or out of date. 2. as a noun phrase it had a different (vulgar) sense previously: a woman's pudenda, because it was frequently felt.
Old-hearted adj Old-fashioned, oldfangled, elderly; as, ' the oldhearted trapped in truth'.
Old-home adj As an old-home saying: obsolete language.
Old-hundredth n A famous tune to which the hundredth psalm is sung.
Oldie n A person of advanced years, a senior citizen. 2. an old time film or song ('golden oldie')
Oldish adj Somewhat old.
Old lady n A girl or woman, esp. one's wife.
Old land n Land cultivated of old; old ground. 2. land in cultivation for a long time and exhausted by a long period of cultivation.
Old-left n Those supportive of traditional (usu. socialist) beliefs.
Old-life adj Palaeozoic or old-life period.
Old-line adj Following, adhering to, or supporting conservative or traditional ideas, beliefs, customs. 2. having a reputation or authority based on length or proven quality of service. 3. established prestige and influence.
Old-looking adj Looking over than one's chronological age.
Oldly adv In the manner of one that is old. 2. in an old and bygone manner. 3. in old time; long ago.
Old maid n An elderly unmarried women who is past the usual age of marriage; a spinster 2. a prim and fussy person.
Old maidendom n The realm or world of old maids or spinsters.
Old-maidenhood n Old maid-dom or spinsterdom.
Old-maidenish adj Somewhat old maidenish.
Old-maidenishly adv In a manner somewhat like an old maid, or spinster.
Old-maidenly adv In the manner of being an old maid; old-maidy.
Old-maidenness n State or condition of being an old maid.
Old maidenship n State or condition of being an old maid or spinster; old maidendom.
Old man n A man advanced in years. 2. as a term of affectionate familiarity for anyone in authority, as a skipper, captain, husband, father; boss (vulgar). 3. unregenerate human nature : Old Adam. 4. a full-grown male kangaroo. 5. in mining: an old vein or working which has been abandoned; also oreless stuff.
Old man n "The Old Man" - the world.
Old mannish adj Characteristic of an old man.
Old Man of the Sea n One who cannot be shaken off; a hanger-on (the monster who clung to the back of Sinbad the sailor).
Old man's Beard n A plant Traveler's Joy, esp. in seed (called from the grey fluffy hairs around its seeds).
Old Man Winter n Also known as "Father Winter" - a personification of winter. "Father Winter" is more commonly known as "Santa Claus". In the Northern Hemisphere with it's dour, punishing year's end seems an apt personification.
Old Master n A painting by famous artists, especially in the C15th and C16th.
Old moon n The moon in the last quarter, before the new moon. 2. the first Full Moon of the year is named after howling wolves, the Wolf Moon. In some cultures, it was known as Old Moon, Ice Moon, Snow Moon, and the Moon after Yule. 2. the Wolf Moon on the night between 1 and 2 January 2018 is a Supermoon. See also Blood Moon, Wolf Moon, Hunger Moon, Cold Moon.
Oldness n The state or condition of being old or of advanced years.
Old-new adj Something newly revived, as a fashion, fad, or practice.
Old Noll phr Oliver Cromwell.
Old-one n A familiar joke.
Old-said adj Spoken of or said since long ago.
Old Salt n A sailor, seaman.
Old saw n A proverb or maxim; a saying old in a sense of wise, rather than old in fashion.
Old Saxon n A Germanic language and the earliest recorded form of low German. It belongs to the west Germanic branches and is closely related to the Anglo-Frisian languages.
Old school n Traditional attitudes. 2. people having such attitudes.
Old sight n A condition involving the loss of the eye's ability to focus to close objects.
Old School Tie n - symbol of class distinction, class.
Old-sighted adj The the sight of the elderly: dim and lacking sharpness. 2. sighted or observed long ago. 3. seeing things in an old-fashioned or traditional way.
Old-sightedness n The state or condition of being old-sighted; presbyopia.
Old song n A very low price.
Old Sooty n The Devil.
Old speak n Language from an earlier era.
Old spelling n Unstandardized spelling.
Old-standing adj That which has stood or existed long or for a long time. 2. longstanding, enduring, surviving.
Oldster n One who is no longer young. 2. a midshipman of four years standing.
Old stick n A man, chap, fellow, bloke, guy.
Old sweat n An old soldier.
Old thing n A term of endearment.
Oldtime n A time in the past.
Old-time (s) adj Belonging to, or characterized by of the olden or former times.
Old-time-like adj Old fashioned.
Old timer n One who belongs to an earlier time. 2. one whose experience goes back to old times. 3. one of long standing in a place or position. 4. a person of advanced years. 5. a old-fashioned person or thing.
Old-timiness n Old-fashioned character
Old-timey adv Old-fashioned, nostalgic, sentimentally in character. 2. recalling the past.
Old-town adj A person or one who holds a conservative thinking politically or in general. 2. the older part of the city or town contained within its moden limits.
Old-towner n An inhabitant of the old town.
Oldwards adv Having a tendency to the old.
Oldwards adj "At Oldwards" - at or according to the old ways or actions.
Old Wave n A style, fashion trend of a previous era. (See 'New Wave").
Old wife n A prattling old woman; a gossip, a tell-tale.
Old-wive's tale n A trivial tale such as is told a by garrulous old woman.
Old woman n A woman advanced in years; hence: a person compared to an old woman. 2. a man of timid or fussy character and habits. 3. wife ('my old woman). 4. mother (vulgar). 5. a nap or cowl used to prevent a chimney from smoking.
Old womanish adj Resembling or somewhat characteristic of an old woman.
Old-womanlike adj Resembling or characteristic of an old woman.
Old-womanliness n Of old-womanly qualities.
Old womanly adv In the manner of an old woman.
Old womanness n The state or quality of being an old woman.
Old World adj Of or pertaining to, belonging to or associated with the old world or ancient order of things. 2. characterized by by-gone times; old and quaint, often in an old mock style. 3. of or pertaining to Europe, Asia and Africa, as opposed to the Americas or Australia. 4. the eastern hemisphere.
Old-worldiness n State or quality relating to the Old World (European) life. 2. old-fashioned, outmoded view or practice.
Old-worldish adj Characteristic of an old woman.
Old-worldness n Quality of belonging to or associated with old times.
Old woman's tale n A foolish or unscientific tradition of belief; 'old wives tale'.
Old year n the year just ended or about to end; the previous year.
Old Year's Day n The last day of the year.
Old-young adj Old before its time, decrepit (perhaps, owing to illness).
Olfend n A camel