Old EnglishsbEnglish
On prpPosition so as to be or remain supported by or suspended from. 2. so as to be attached to or unified with. 3. so as to be a covering or wrapping for. 4. in connection, association, or cooperation with; as a part or element of: to serve on a jury.

5. so as to be a supporting part, base, backing, etc., of: legs on a chair.

On advIn, into, or onto a position of being supported or attached: Sew the buttons on. 2. in, into, or onto a position of covering or wrapping. 3. fast to a thing, as for support: Hold on! 4. toward a place, point, activity, or object: to look on while others work. 5. forward, onward, or along, as in any course or process: further on.
On adjOperating or in use: The TV. was on. 2. taking place; occurring: there's a war on! 3. performing or broadcasting.4. behaving in a theatrical, lively, or ingratiating way: around close friends, one doesn't have to be on every minute. 5. functioning or performing at one's best. 6. scheduled or planned: anything on after supper?
On phr"A Little Bit On" - slightly drunk.
On phr"And So On" - and like what has gone before; etcetera.
On phr"Be Keen On" - be attracted to or enthusiastic about.
On phr"Be On a Good Thing" - have something advantageous, profitable.
On phr"Be On At" - nag or grumble at.
On phr"Be On To Something" - discover something that was concealed.
On phr"Be On to Somebody" - discover somebody's secret.
On phr"Bestow On" - confer on. 2. give, gift.
On phr"Draw On" - approach, come near. 2. lead to, bring about. 3. allure. 4. pull boots, etc. on.
On phr"Fall On" - come across; hap upon. 2. attack, sieze.
On phr"Follow On" - continue.
On phr"Have a Down On" - disapprove, show animosity to.
On phr"Have Nothing On" - be naked, or almost nothing. 2. have no proof of guilt about somebody's behavior.
On phr"Have Something on Somebody" - know something incriminating about somebody.
On phr"It's Not On" - it's not acceptable; it can't be done, I'm not happy with the situation.
On phr"It's Not On Today" - it not on the menu today; it's not available.
On phr"Live On" - survive, continue to live or exist.
On phr"Make One's Hair stand On End" - something that terrifies you. 2.
On phr"Off On" - sometimes, spasmodically.
On phr"On a Downer" - depressed, melancholy, gloomy; on a downbeat.
On phr"On Again" - resumed, restarted, recommenced.
On phr"On Again, Off Again" - uncertain, indecisive.
On phr"On a Go Slow" - industrial action by workers where they work according to regulation. 2. of workers: unusually slow in carrying out their work
On phr"On All Fours" - on one's knees, toes, hands on the ground.
On phr"On All Sides" - everywhere. 2. involving many or various people. 3. on either or every hand.
On phr"On and Off" - intermittently, now and then.
On phr"On and On" - at great length, so as to become tiresome; rambled on and on about.
On phr"On an Errand" -on a short journey on another's behalf to take a message, deliver some goods..
On phr"On a Shoestring" - fig. living on a very small amount of money. 2. on a very tight or limited budget with little money or resources.
On phr"On a Stick" - skewered through the middle and served individually, in many cases warm, as a shish-kebab.
On phr"On Behalf Of (somebody)" - in support, and in representation of some other person. 2. in support of, to promote the benefit or interests of somebody. 3. a spokesman for.
On phr"On Bended Knee" - kneeling and asking very politely for a favor from someone.
On phr"On Business" on matters to do with one's profession or trade.
On phr"On Call" - to be available, ready to help those needing assistnace, ill, or in danger etc.
On phr"On Cloud Nine" - blissfully happy.
On phr"On Earth" - on land, or the surface of the earth. 2. the realm of eaerhly existence. 3. the temporal world. 4. among all possibilities.
On phr"On Edge" - nervous to the extreme.
On phr"On Either /Every Hand" - to left or right; everywhere, on all or every side.
On phr"On End" - upright, erect.
On phr"On End to End" - from one end to the other.
On phr"On Fast" - swiftly, speedily, with speed.
On phr"On Firm Footing" - in a particular state; having a particular state or relationship (with somebody).
On phr"On Foot" - walking, jogging, running, but not in a vehicle or on the back of an animal. 2. walking, contrasted with means of transport, that is without a vehicle.
On phr"On For Young and Old" - a commotion; out of control, (usually, a fight or argument).
On phrOn Hand" - available, ready; in stock.
On phr"On Heat" - of animals receptive to mating.
On phr"On High" - In the sky or in heaven. 2. in a position of authority.
On phr"On Hold" - delayed, postponed, suspended. 2. waiting on a telephone call. 3. on reserve; being held foer someone . 4. pertaining to a telephone hold state.
Onphr"On Ice" - an skating show performed on ice. 2. not to be used or not being used. 3. dead, (and in the freezer of a funeral home).
On phr"On Less Than" - lower or under a certain amount or figure.
On phr"On Light" - to shed light upon, enlighten, illuminous, cause to shine.
On phr"On One's Beam-ends" - in financial difficulties.
On phr"On One's Bones" - destitute, poor, needy.
On phr"On One's Deathbed" - close to death; moribund; at heavens door; one foot in the grave
On phr"On One's Hands" - being the one responsible, liable, accountable for some task or duty. 2. a bounty or reward, offered by a government, for the arrest of a criminal.
On phr"On One's Hands and Knees" - with knees, toes and hands on the ground; on all fours.
On phr"On One's Head" - assumed as a responsibility. 2. the responsibility is one's own and if there are unpleasant consequences that the person must endure them. 3.
On phr"On One's High Horse" - being self-righteous, preceding on the belief that one is more correct than others. 2. compare: 'get off one's high-horse'.
On phr"On One's Knees" - at the mercy of someone (or others). 2. completely exhausted.
On phr"One One's Mark" - awaiting the sound of the starters gun in a foot race. 2. the given time to open fire.
On phr"On One's Mind" - in one's thoughts, esp. persistently or recurrently. 2. causing worry or preoccupation. 3. in one's thoughts. 4. on the brain.
On phr"On One's Own" - alone by oneself, without the support of anyone else or anything further. 2. without the companionship or assistance of others. 3. without the guidance assistance of others.
On phr"On One's Ownsome" - alone, by oneself.
On phr"On One's Toes" - attentive, active, alert, busy.
On phr"On One's Uppers" - poor, destitute, needy.
On phr"On One's Watch" - during the period of time when one is in s position of authority.
On phr"On One's Way" - in a direct route what one intends to travel. 2. leaving, going about one's business.
On phr"On Over-ride" - quietly, keeping a low profile.
On phr"On Pins and Needles" - feeling sharp anticipation or anxiety: in a state of suspense.
On phr"On Sight" - recognize, know, upon seeing or meeting. 2. in climbing, without having previously seeing the terrain.
On phr"On Someone's Hammer" - very close behind someone, esp. when in a motor vehicle or on foot.
On phr"On Song" - working well. 2. in great shape or fine condition.
On phr"On That Score" - about that particular (aspect of a) matter, for that particular reason.
On phr"On the Anvil" - in a state of discussion, formation or preparation, not yet matured.
On phr"On the Back Burner" - of having a low priority.
On phr"On the Back Foot" - in a defensive posture. 2. off-balance.
On phr"On the Beam" - in the right direction; on course.
On phr"On the Beat" - engaged in a scam or swim.
On phr"On the Bench" - presiding as a judge in a court. 2. substituted for a special event; or waiting to be brouht on as a substitute.
On phr"On the Book" - of a debt written down.
On phr"On the Brain" - obsessively in mind.
On phr"On the Cheap" - cheaply, without paying the usual, or fair, price.
On phr"On the Come" - for compensation based on future success.
On phr"On the Dot of Noon" - promptly; as soon as asked, expected or required.
On phr"On the Downbeat" - somewhat depressed or melancholy; on a downer. 2.losing friends and/or poularity.
On phr"On the Drink"- drinking hard liquor; usu . over a prolonged period.
On phr"On the Edge" - in a dangerous or perilous position. 2. in a state of extreme excitement.
On phr"On the Edge of One's Seat" - in suspense, waiting anxiously or eagerly for some resolution.
On phr"On the Fly" - while in motion or progress.
On phr"On the Game" - working as a prostitute, or sex-worker, etc.
On phr"On the Go" - actively travelling, busy, moving often. 2. being started.
On phr"On the Ground" - on the spot, as 'boots on the ground'. 2. directly in an area of interest or active operation. 3. in the field.
On phr"On the Grounds" - for reasons based on something indicated.
On phr"On the Grounds that" - for reasons based on the fact or belief that.
On phrOn the Heels of" - in pursuit of, close behind, closely following, in succession; immediately after.
On phr"On the Hoof of" - of cattle not yet slaughtered.
On phr"On the Hook" - in debt, obligated to pay or provide. 2. liable for, responsible or blameworthy.
On phr"On the Horn" - on the telephone
On phr"On the House" - free, complimentary, usually involving a publican offering a free drink.
On phrOn the Ladder" - on the property ladder; entering the property market.
On phr"On the Latch"- of a door, closed but not locked and may be opened by lifting the latch.
On phr"On the Line" - put ar risk, as one's reputation; or a stake whilst gambling. 3. of a picture hung with its centre about level with the spectator's eye. 4. to be speaking on the telephone.
On phr"On the Lines Of" -resembling.
On phr"On the Look-out" - look out for, try to find, beware, take care.
On phr"On the Make" - trying to make a profit by charging excessively high prices.
On phr"On the Nail" - without delay.
On phr"On the Nose" - exact, precise, appropriate. 2. unimaginative, over-literal, lacking nuance. 3. smelly, stinkish, malodorous.
On phr"On the One Hand ... On the Others" - indication of contrasting facts, opinions, etc. 2. putting one side of the proposition.
On phr"On the Other Hand" - also, besides, moreover, furthermore, on the contrary.
On phr"On the Outs/Outer" - on unfriendly terms.
On phr"On the Pull" - seeking the intimate company of another person.
On phr"On the Rise" - increasing, becoming more or greater imn magnitude. 2. on the up.
On phr"On the Ropes" - in boxing forced against the ropes by the opponent's attack. 2. near defeat.
On phr"On the Run" - escaping, running away. 2hurrying about from place to place.
On phr"On the Same Wave-length" - to understand the ideas, thoughts or opinions. 2. to be aware of the position or ideas of others.
On phr"On these Lines" - of a particular kind. 2. in a particular style. 3. in a certain way; by a certain procedure or method.
On phr"On the Shelf " - (left on the shelf) unlikely to get married (because of attractiveness or old age).
On phr"On the Side" - as a sideline, in addition to one's main job or source of income, secretly; discreetly.
On phr"On the Spot?" - at that very moment; right away. 2. having to answer or decide without warning or preparation. 3. in a particular place.
On phr"On the Take" - corrupt, receiving bribes or other improper payments.
On phr"On the Strength Of " using something as as one's main support, argument, etc.
On phr"On the Top of the World" - delighted, ecstatic, exceptionally pleased.
On phr"On the Town." - living the high life.
On phr"On the Understanding that" - having made an agreement. 2. on the condition that.
On phr"On the Up" - becomr greater in number and magnitude.
On phr"On the Up and Up" - steadily improving. 2. honest, on the level.
On phr"On the Uptake" - understand or the ability to absorb new information, esp. in "quick on th uptake".
On phr"On the Wane" - declining, waning.
On phrOn the Watch" - during the period of time when one is in a position of responsibility or authority.
On phr"On the Way" - coming, expected, on route.
On phr"On the Whole" - considering everything.
On phr"On the Wing" - while flying.
On phr"On Thin Ice" - in a risky situation.
On phr"On this Wise" - on this condition, action, state.
On phr"On Time" - punctual, punctually.
On phr"On to" - aware of the true nature, motive, or meaning of: I'm on to you. 2. realize the significance of. 3. of a position or state on or in contact with.
On phr"On Top of" - atop, 2. very close to, in time or outlook.
On phr"On Top of That" - in addition to something else. 2. as well as; besides. 3. full interested in, up to speed with. 4. in control of something.
On phr"On Top of the World" - delighted, ecstatic, exceptionally pleased, happy or satisfied.
On phr"On Wheels" - having one's own transport. 2. going smoothly.
On phr"Smile On" - to look favorably upon; to effect positively.
On phr"Speak On" - speak about, lecture on.
On phr"Tell On" - inform on.
On phr"To Lay Hold On" - to seize, grab.
On phr"Think On" - think about deeply, consider carefully.
On phr"Work On" - physical or mentally apply oneself to a task.
On phr"You're On" - I accept, I agree.
On and off advPutting or causing something to start and stop. 2. to be of intermittent action. 3. a putting on and taking off.
On-and-off vbTo leap on and off.
On-and-offish adjInclined to be of intermittent action or on and off. 2. somewhat changing in mood, temperament and progress.
On-become vbTo befall, happen, meet.
On-bethink vbTo consider.
On-bide vbTo abide, remain, stay on.
On-board vbTo be on a ship, place etc. 2. to be in support of an others stance, position or proposal.
Onboarding n(Bbusiness) the process of bringing a new employee on board, incorporating training and orientation.
On-bring vbTo usher in; induce, apply, install.
On-bringing nA bringing on; an oncome, inducing, induction. 2. pl. - onbringings.
On-bringing adjBringing on, initiated.
Once-born adjOf someone whose attitude to life has retained a child-life simplicity a straight forwardness.
On-bow vbTo submit yield.
Oncall nReady, available to attend some needing help.
Once advOne time, ever, formerly, one and only one time, during some period in the past. 2. in mathematics - multiplied by one: indicating that a number is multiplied by one.
Once conjAs soon as, when; after.
Once phr"All at Once" - suddenly; without warning. 2. all together.
Once phr"At Once" - at the same time, simultaneously, or immediately.
Once phr"For Once" - for one time(and very unusually). 2. on this or that occasion even if at no other.
Once phr"Give Somebody the Once Over" - quickly examine or assess somebody or something.
Once phr"Once Again" - once more, another time, one more time.
Once phr"Once and For All" - finally; now and for this time onwards. 2. in a final and conclusive manner, esp so as to end hesitation or uncertainty.
Once phr"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" - be extra cautious after having an unpleasant experience.
Once phr"Once For All" - always together, forever.
Once phr"Once in a Blue Moon" - very rarely; on rare occasions; very seldom.
Once phr"Once in a Lifetime" - only likely to take place or occur only once in a lifetime.
Once phr"Once in a While" - at intervals; occasionally.
Once phr"Once More" - again, encore.
Once phr"Once Off" - happening only once.
Once phr"Once or Twice" - a few times; occasionally.
Once phr"Once Seen Never Forgotten" - memorable because of beauty, ugliness, strangeness.
Once phr"Once Upon a Time" - at some time in the remote past. 2. at some vague time in the past. 3. formerly.
Once phr"Once You Go Black, Your Never Go Backwards" -
Once phr"on this ocassion only.This Once" -
Once-born adjOf someone whose attitude to life has retained a child-life simplicity a straight forwardness.
Onceness nThe fact of happening only once or all at once.
Once-over nA glance, an appraising or inviting glance, a rapid inspection, a quick assessment, as in " give it the once over."
Oncer nOne who, or that which, does a particular thing. 2. things that occur only once, one off, not repeated.
On-come nSomething that comes upon one: a calamity, attack of disease. 2. an attack, invasion, an insurrection. 3. a fall of, or coming on of rain, snow.
On-coming nAn advance, a coming, an approach, access.
On-coming adjAdvancing, approaching, coming near. 2. ready to be sociable, friendly, welcoming, forthcoming, sympathetic.
Onde nA strong feeling against a person, animus, spite, ill-will, envy. 2. a strong desire, longing. 3. emotion. 4. breath.
Onde vbTo sniff, smell.
Ondfull adjspiteful, envious.
On-draw nTo draw on.
One adjBeing or amounting to a single unit or individual or entire thing, item, or object rather than two or more; a single: one woman; one nation; one piece of cake. 2. being a person, thing, or individual instance or member of a number, kind, group, or category indicated: one member of. 3. existing, acting, or considered as a single unit, entity, or individual. 4. of the same or having a single kind, nature, or condition. 5. noting some indefinite day or time in the future: one day.
One nThe first and lowest whole number, being a cardinal number; unity; a symbol of this number. 2. a single person or thing: 3. a die face or a domino face having one pip. 4. a one-dollar bill: to change a five-dollar bill for five ones.
One vbTo make into one; unite. 2. to agree, come to terms,
One prnA person or thing of a number or kind indicated or understood: one of the English poets. 2. (in certain pronominal combinations) a person unless definitely specified otherwise: every one. 3. (with a defining clause or other qualifying words) a person or a personified being or agency: the evil one. 4. any person indefinitely; anyone: as good as one would desire. 5. chiefly British . (used as a substitute for the pronoun I): father had been ailing for many months, and one should have realized.
One phr"After One" - after one and the same fashion; a la.
One phr"All One" - for things already mentioned.
One phr"At One" - in a state of agreement or concord; of one opinion. 2. united in thought or feeling; attuned: at one with himself.
One phr"Be All One to Somebody" - not matter to somebody.
One phr"Be At One With" - be in agreement, harmony with.
One phr"Become or be Made One" - be united (in marriage)
One phr"Be One in the Eye For Someone" -to represent an unexpected and unwelcome defeat.
One phr"Be One Up on Somebody" - have an advantage, lead over somebody.
One phr"(Between) One or Other" - whether viewed one way or another, anyhow or altogether. 2. a choice between one thing or the other, as a choice between marriage or travel.
One phr"By One and One" - singly, one at a time; entirely by oneself.
One phr"Ever In One" - continually, perpetually.
One phr"For One Thing" - as a single consideration, ignoring others.
One phr"Get It in One" - to succeed at first attempt.
One phr"Give Somebody a Four-penny One" - hit somebody with a fist.
One phr"Go One Better" - improve on something done by somebody else.
One phr"Got It One" - understood something immediately.
One phr"Have One Too Many" - to be too drunk; heavily intoxicated.
One phr"He Was One to Many for Me" - he was a little too clever for me, he outwitted me.
One phr"In One" - In a single whole or union.
One phr"Make One's Blood Run Cold" - horrify.
One phr"New One On Somebody" - thing of which someone was formerly unaware.
One phr"One After Another" - consecutively and in quick or very swift progression
One phr"One and All" - everyone individually and jointly; everybody (the phrase is a motto for Cornishmen). 2. one and all, everyone: they came, one and all.
One phr"One and One" - singly, one at a time; one after another.
One phr"One and Only" - one's sweetheart, special person in someone life, one and only love, soul-mate. 3. unique something or someone; absolutely only.
One phr"One and the Other" - reference severally to two things previously named. 2. formerly and latter named: 'the one and the other').
One phr"One and the Same" - of the same one and only; identical.
One phr"One Another" - used of a reciprocal relationship among groups of two or more person or things; see 'each other'.
One phr"One At a Time" - in individual succession; with each person or thing following another in order.
One phr"One by One" - singly; successively. 2. one at a time (in a series).
One phr"One Can Run, But One Can't Hide" - sometimes there's no solution or positive outcome, and there nothing one can do but face the consequences.
One phr"One Day" - at some undefined time, often but not necessarily into the future.
One phr"One Fell (fall) Swoop" - suddenly; in a single action.
One phr"One For All, All for One" - each individual should act for the benefit of the group, and the group should act for the benefit of the individual.
One phr"One For Doing (Something) - one who likes, or is strongly in favor or doing something. 2. one who does something whenever he can.
One phr"One for the Road" - a last drink before leaving.
One phr"One In the Eye For" - an event or achievement which is unpleasant, esp. for those who consider it impossible or not welcomed.
One phr"One for All, All for One" - used to suggest that the act, sequence of events is too obvious to need recounting.
One phr"One For Doing Something" - somebody who likes, or strongly in favour of, (doing). 2. one who does something often or whenever he can.
One phr"One for One" - denoting a situation, arrangement, etc. in which one thing corresponds to another.
One phr"One for the Book" - a notable, extraordinary or incredible action, event, saying.
One phr"One for the Road" - a final drink for the road.
One phr"One Good Thing Leads to Another" -
One phr"One in the Eye" - suffer a setback, serious blow, defeat for someone.
One phr"One of a Kind " - unique, of only one kind. 2. a single example of something, made occurring only once; a one-off.
One phr"One of These Days" - some day, at an undefined time in the future.
One phr"One of Those Days" - a bad day where nothing goes right. 2. a day full of mishaps, when one has more than they can cope with.
One phr"One of Those Things" - something inevitable or inexplicable. 2. a fact or happening that one cannot do anything about; unavoidable.
One phr"One on One" - man to man; person to person; head to head; face to face. 2. contesting with an opponent individually. 3. go on on one with somebody.
One phr"(Between) One or Other" - whether viewed one way or another, anyhow or altogether. 2. a choice between one thing or the other, as a choice between marriage or travel.
One phr"One or Two" - a few; not many.
One phr"One Out of the Box" - to be unexpectedly superb.
One phr"One's Bark is Worse, than One's Bite" - of a threatening bark by a dog, that is often relatively harmless. 2. fig. of a person who makes a lot of noise, by is a bit of a softie.
One phr"One's Blood Runs Cold" - to terrify, fill with terror, be very much afraid.
One phr"One's Got to Do, What One's Got to Do" - a person must do what he or she feels obliged to do.
One phr"One Step Ahead" - maintaining a slight advantage; continuing.
One phr"One Step at a Time" - slowly and steadily without running.
One phr"One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards" - a situation in which progress is hindered by adverse or negative developments.
One phr"One Strike and You're Out" - a situation where you have only one chance or opportunity to prove your worth.
One phr"One Swallow Does not Make a Summer" -one instance or event (the arrival of the first swallow of the summer) does not indicate a trend.
One phr"One That Got Away" - people who in contrast to others, escape death, danger, matrimony, indoctrination.
One phr"One Thing and Another" - various events, items, matters, tasks, topics.
One phr"One to One" - denoting or referring to a situation in which two parties come into direct contact or opposition.
One phr"One Too Many" - too much to drink.
One phr"One Up" - scoring one point more than an opponent. 2. to have a particular or psychological advantage over another.
One phr"One Up For" - somebody acted skilfully, wisely, etc.
One phr"One Up, One Down" - in Britain the layout of older and traditional homes with one room upstairs, and one room downstairs.
One phr"One Way or Another" - by some some means or other, some method, somehow, etc.
One phr"One Way or Another" - whichever of two possible events happen with either of two possible reactions. 2. either way; with either of two possible judgements.
One phr"One-way Street" - a street allowing movement or travel in one direction. 2. a flow of activity in one direction.
One phrOne With (Somebody/Something)" - forming an integral or indistinguishable part. 2. united with
One phr"One Word is Law" - that one, someone must be obeyed.
One phr"One Your Mark, Get Set, Go" (ready, steady, go!) - a three-command start when foot-racing: (1)on your spot, lane; (2) get to a starting position; (3) take off.
One phr"There Is One Above" - a reference to the deity.
One phr"You Are a One!" - you are an amusing, cheeky, outrageous. 2. you are admired, considered outstanding. 3. you are the one I like, support, love.
One prn"One another" - used of a reciprocal relationship among groups of two or more person or things; each other.
One-armed adjHaving one arm.
Oneberry nThe herb Paris : "Paris quadrifolia" - hackberry
One dayadvOn an unspecified day. 2. at some undefined time. 3. often but not necessarily in the future.
One-edgedadj - having one sharp edge, or singular edge.
One-ended adjHaving only one end or exit.
One-eyed adjHaving sight in one eye only; blind in one eye. 2. dishonest. 3. narrow in outlook, prejudicial, narrow-minded. 4. fig. (derogatory): wanting in an essential quality: unfair.
One-eyedness nThe attitude of being narrow in outlook, bias, prejudice, short-sighted (fig), parochial.
One fleshnIntimately united, esp. by making love.
One-fold adjConsisting of only one fold. 2. simple in character, single-minded, free from duplicity.
Onefoldness nSimpleness, unity, simplicity.
One-for-one adjDenoting a situation, arrangement etc., in which one thing corresponds to, or issued or exchanged for, each of a set of things.
One-handed adjHaving only one hand, or only one capable of use. 2. used, worked or performed with only one hand.
One-head nConsisting of being one, a onehood. 2, gathered in one union, a community, communion. 3. oneness of spirit or feeling, unity, agreement, concord, accord.
One-hit-wonder nIn the pop music world, a singer, musician, or group known mainly for a oneoff hit success.
Onehood nUnity, agreement.
One-horse townnA small, rural town. 2. a town where nothing exciting or important happens. 3. small-scale, petty happening.
Oneing vbMaking into one; joining in one, to unite, fuse.
Oneish adjAny time close to one o'clock.
One-legged adjHaving only one leg.
One-liner nA headline consisting of one short expression. 2. a very short joke or witty expression. 3. a brief remark, meant to be humorous, clever, critical etc., often used by a comedian in his routine or act.
Oneliness nThe state of being one or single.
One-man adjInvolving, done or operated by only one man.
One-man show nAn entertainer who works alone but provides a variety of entertainment. 2. colloquially, someone who can carry out or perform various tasks.
One-minded adjHaving a strong, often unchangeable, opinion about something or somebody.
Onemost n"The Most One" -- absolutely the only one, applied to God.
Oneness nState or fact of being one or undivided. 2. the state of being one undivided. 3. singleness; sameness. 4. quality of being unique(ness). 5. unity of opinion. identity, sameness.
One-nighter nA guest or visitor that stays overnight. 2. a small traveling bag large enough to hold enough clothes and accessories for a one night stay.
One-night stand nA casual sexual encounter lasting only one night. 2. a musical or theatrical show performed on one occasion only
One-of-a-kind adjUnique, nonpareil, extraordinary.
One-off nSingle example, something not repeated, a prototype. 2. made, happening or done as only one; not repeated..
One-only nA person or thing unique or very remarkable; esp. a person most eminent with or expert in or at something
One-on-one adjDirect communication between two people. 2. the state of being one or undivided.
Oner n(Slang): a person or thing of a unique kind; a prime one. 2. a heavy blow. 3. a person or thing in some way denoted or characterized by the number one. 4. a remarkable person or thing.
One-roomed adjConsisting of one room.
Oneself prnA person's self, himself or herself (meaning or including the speaker or writer. 2. person's self (used for emphasis or reflexively); one the reflexive form of one: one often hurts oneself accidentally; 2. (intensifier): one doesn't do that (to)oneself 3. (preceded by a copula) one's normal or usual self: one doesn't feel oneself after such an experience.
Oneself phr"Be Oneself" - to be in one's normal state of mind or physical condition. 2. to be unaffected and sincere: not putting on airs.
Oneself phr"Beside Oneself" - distraught, under great emotional senses. 2. out of one's wits or senses.
Oneself phr"Burn Oneself Out" - to be forced to stop working having become ill or very tired from working too hard.
Oneself phr"By Oneself"- without a companion; without no else present, alone. 2. through one's own efforts or without the help of no-one else; unaided: to become wealthy or successful by one own self or effort. 3. unaided, or alone.
Oneself phr"Come to Oneself" - also, come to; to regain consciousness. 2. to regain one's self-possession; come to one's senses; also, come to one's self. 3. to begin acting and thinking like one's normal or usual self.
Oneself phr"Do Oneself In" - to kill oneself; to suicide.
Oneself phr"Fall all Over (oneself)" - fig. to rush eagerly and awkwardly to do something.
Onself phr"Feel like Oneself" - to perceive through physical sensation of touch: smoothness, coldness, (sharp) pain.
Oneself phr"Find Oneself" - to accept and make use of one's personality, abilities and situation, as 'one going to University to find one's self.
Oneself phr"Forget Oneself" - to forget one's manners or training, such as one's table manners.
Oneself phr"Full of Oneself" - be conceited, self-important, insensitive (to the feeling of others).
Oneself phrGet a grip on (oneself) - take hold of control of one's emotions.
Oneself phr"Give of Oneself" - to be ready and willing to support others in times of difficulty and misfortune.
Oneself phr"Give (oneself) Away" - to reveal one's intentions, plans and strategy in certain matters and situations.
Oneself phr"Give Oneself Up" - to surrender someone or something; fig. to devote oneself to something or someone.
Oneself phr"Have to Oneself" - to have, get or take something.
Oneself phr"Hear Oneself Think" - to be able to think in noisy or distracting conditions or situations; ( usually expressed in the negative)
Oneself phr"Help Oneself" - (usu. "Not help oneself" - abstain or not do something that will help or improve one's situation.
Oneself phr"Keep to Oneself" - shun the company of others, remain aloof. 2. withhold information or knowledge.
Oneself phr"Knock Oneself Out" - to make a great effort to do something for someone.
Oneself phr"Law unto Oneself" - someone who rejects conventional or the usual rules of law.
Oneself phr"Leave or Lay (oneself) Open" - fig. to invite criticism or joking about oneself; to fail to protect oneself from criticism or complaint.
Oneself phr"Let (oneself) Go" - fail to take care of one's appearance. 2. act in a carefree and, sometimes, uninhibited manner.
Oneself phr"Live with (Oneself)" - endure something that is unpleasant, often perpetrate by one on another.
Oneself phr"Lose Oneself in" - become engrossed in something.
Oneself phr"Make a Laughing Stock of Oneself" - make oneself the source of ridicule or laughter; to do something that invites ridicule.
Oneself phr"Make a Name for Oneself" - become well or widely known. 2. earn a good reputation.
Oneself phr"Make a Pig of Oneself"- overeat greedily.
Oneself phr"Make Oneself at Home" - be as comfortable or relaxed as if one were in their own home.
Oneself phr"Pride Oneself On" - take pride in.
Oneself phr"Pull Oneself Together" - to regain composure; regain one's emotional control.
Oneself phr"Pull Oneself Up" - to refrain or stop one's actions or behavior to avoid unsatisfactory implications or outcomes.
Oneself phr"Put Oneself Out There" - to make one known to others for various reasons. 2. (of a woman): to make it known that one is available for sex
Oneself phr"Shoot Oneself in the Foot" - fig. to make life difficult for one' self; to be the author of one's own misfortune .
Oneself phr"Spread Oneself too Thinly"- to attempt to do more than is feasible in the available time.
Oneself phr"Take it Upon Oneself" - to do something on one's own even, or making it's one's business to do something, even if it means interfering in something that does not directly concerns you.
Oneself phr"Throw Oneself at Somebody" - try to gain somebody's affection or love by openly demonstrating one's affection for him or her.
Oneself phr"Tie Oneself in Knots" - to cause one's self to be confused and unable to find a solution to a problem.
Oneship nCondition of being one or alone; oneness.
One-shop-stop nA shop supplying all a customer's need within a range of goods and services.
One-shot adjachieved with a single attempt or action. 2. done, produce or occurring only once.
One-sided adjDealing with one side of a question or matter; considering but one side of a dispute; partial or unfair . 2. with one party, contestant, side, etc., vastly superior. 2. unequal, unbalanced, as "a one-sided fight" 3. existing or occurring on one side only. 4. having but one side, or but one developed or finished side. 5. having one side longer or more developed than the other.
One-sided love nUnrequited love, love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such. 2. feeling of falling in love alone. 3. loving someone without the satisfaction of receiving love in return.
One-sidedly advIn a one-sided manner.
One-sidedness nThe state or condition of being one-sided.
One-step nA vigorous style of foxtrot in duple time.
Oneth nIn compounds with 20. 30. 40 etc; a fractional part of an integer ending in one.
Oneth adjFirst.
One-time adjFormerly; former, quondam, erstwhile, something at one time, one-while. 2. pertaining to a single occasion. 3. once simultaneously.
One-toed adjHaving one toe only.
One-to-one adjPersonal of a relationship between two people. 2. matching of each member of one set with a member of another set.
One-two nThe old one-two: in boxing the delivery of two punches in quick succession.
One-up vbTo maintain or establish a psychological advantage. 2. having a particular advantage advantage.
One-up-man nExponent of oneupmanship or maintaining psychological advantage.
One-up-manship nThe art as practiced of being one up or having some kind of advantage over another.
One-up-ness nThe state of being one up over someone.
One-way adjAllowing movement or travel in one direction only.
One-way street nA road or thoroughfare where vehicles can travel only in one direction.
One-where advin one place; as opposed to another. 2. in place only.
One-while advOne time or sometime.
One-woman mannPertaining to one woman only; spec. being loving, loyal, faithful, trustworthy to one woman only- antonym: "one-man woman. 2. a monogamist.
One-worded adjA statement of one word only.
One-world adjRelating to or holding the view that the world inhabitants are interdepedent and should behave accordingly.
One worlder nPertaining to or holding the view (one-worldliness) that there is only one world, ot that the world's inhabitants are or should be united and live in harmony
On-fall nAn attack or onset of a disease. 2. a plague. 3. calamity. 4. an attack, assault, onslaught. 4. chance encounter 5. a fall of rain or snow. 6. fall of evening; dusk, twilight, sunset.
Onfang vbTo receive, take in, accept with the mind. 2. understand, conceive in a particular way. 3. to conceive an offspring. 4. to undertake.
Onfast advNear, close, fast by. 2. on faste: swiftly, speedily, with speed.
On-field adjThat which takes place on a sporting field.
On-fire adjAblaze, burning; being burned by fire. 2. achieving good results at a rapid rate.
Onflow nThe act or fact of flowing on. 2. an onward flow of water; thoughts, actions.
Ongin vbTo begin, start, commence, set out, take off.
On-go nProgress, advancement, headway, betterment.
On-go vbTo progress, go forward, advance, go on, make headway.
On-goer nA progressive, entrepreneur, innovator.
On-going adjA matter or affair not concluded, but still progressing, current. 2. going on, continuing, that in progress, proceeding, developing
Ongoingly advIn a progressing or contuing manner.
Ongoingness nContinuation; the condition of being ongoing.
On-heave vbTo lift, raise up.
On-hold adjDelayed, suspended, postponed. 2. waiting on a telephone call. 3. on reserve; being held for someone. 4. pertaining to a telephone hold state.
Onlay vbA placing up, putting upon or over.
Onlepy adjSole, single, one with, solitary, only, simply.
Onlepy nSingle one, only one, darling, sweetheart, nubile, unmarried one, maiden
Onlepihood nState of being single, sole, solitary, unmarried. 2. singleness, solitaryism, maidenhood.
Onlihood nSolitude. 2. unity, oneness, onelihood.
On-line adjIn computing: (of equipment or process)directly controlled or connected to a central processor.
On-line advOf a computer processor while thus controlled or connected.
On-line shopping nA form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. ... Online stores typically enable shoppers to use "search" features to find specific models, brands or items
Onliness nThe fact or condition of being alone. 2. fact or condition of being the only one of its kindness; uniquenes; singularity. 3. solitariness, solitude.
On-look vbTo look on, view, witness, see
On-looker nA spectator, someone who looks on or watches without being involved or participating. 2. a bystander, viewer; a non-participatory observer.
Onlooking adjThat looks on; looks at something.
Only advWithout others or anything further; alone; solely; exclusively: for your eyes only. 2. no more than: I cook only on weekends. 3. as recently as, not earlier than: he read that article only yesterday. 4. in the final outcome or decision: you will only regret your harsh words to me. 4. without anyone or anything else being included; alone; only a genius can do that 6. merely or just: it's only Henry. 7. no more or no greater than: we met only an hour ago. 8. (intensifier): it was only dreadful (Irish English.) 9. used in conditional clauses introduced by if to emphasize the impossibility of the condition ever being fulfilled: if I had only known.
Only adjO.E. ænlic, anlic "only, unique, solitary," lit. "one-like," from an "one" (see one) + -lic "-ly." Distinction of only and alone (now usually in ref. to emotional states) is unusual; in many languages the same word serves for both. 2. Being the single one or the relatively few of the kind or number: this is the only book I have. 3. having no sibling or no sibling of the same sex: an only sibling. 4. single in superiority or distinction; unique; the best, peerless, as in the one and only Babe Ruth. 4. solitary, lone; peerless; one and only, unique.
Only conjBut (introducing a single restriction, restraining circumstance, or the like); however: used to introduce an exception or condition: play outside: only don't go into the street 2. older use- except; but: only for him you would not be here. 3. only too, 4. as a matter of fact; extremely: I am only too glad to go. 5. unfortunately; very likely.
Only phr"If Only" - an expression used to introduce a wish, esp. one felt to be unrealizable. 2. never.. except when.
Only phr"Only But, But Only" - only, merely, exceptionally.
Only phr"Only Fair" - simply, barely, just. 2. no more than fair.
Only phr"Only If" - I wish that
Only phr"Only Not" - all but, little else than.
Only phr"Only That" - with the exception that; except that, were it not that; but for the fact that.
Only phr"Only to Find That" - wwith the sole result being a disappointment, inconvenience, discomfort.
Only phr"Only Too" - (intensifier): he was only too pleased to help. 2. most regrettably (esp in the phrase 'only too true'). 3. very/
Only phr"Only Too Aware of" aware of something to a degree that the facts and cicumstances have made unavoidable.
Only phr"Only Too Glad" - very glad; especially glad etc; more glad than to do something.
Only phr"Only Too Well" - to a greater degree that is right, pleasant or good for oneself or others.
Only-begotten adjBegotten as an only child.
Only-begetter nThe sole originator or inspirer of something. 2. only-born.
Only-born adjBegotten as an only child
Only child nThe sole child of one's parents, the implication only being that such a child is indulged or deprived of companionship.
Only-childness nState of being an only child.
On-off adjOf a switch or like that turns something on and off or off and on. 2. a situation of uncertainty, which changes or starts and stops with frequently, as in an 'off-on love-affair.
On-putting adjDrawing to, encouraging, accepting.
Onrese vbTo rush, act quickly, to on rush. 2. make contact, meet.
Onrise vbTo rise up.
On-running adjContinuing.
Onrush nA surging rush forward.
On rushing adjRushing or flowing forward. 2. fig. attacking, storming.
Onrushness nThe act of rushing, impetuosity, rashness.
Onsaw nA charge against a person. 2. an accusation, reproach, opprobrious language.
Onseek vbTo seek something or require something. 2. to attack, confront.
Onsend nSomething sent or inflicted by God upon the people. 2. a visitation
Onsene nLook, aspect, countenance, visage.
Onset nA place of sitting or settling. 2. a stall, fold with beasts. 3. dwelling place.
Onshore advoff the wind directed or moving towards the shore. 2. existing or occurring on the shore. 3. to, towards, on or the shore.
Onside adjOne's proper side; the opposite of off.
Onsight nThe action or faculty of looking forward, or into the future. 2. upon seeing
Onsight adjWithout having previously seen the terrain.
Onsight advImmediately when sighted. 2. immediately something has come to one's attention.
Onslay vbTo strike on, make an assault upon.
On-standby nA state of readiness for action.
On-stead nA farmhouse including the surrounding buildings.
On-stell vbTo institute, establish, impose.
On-stream advOf an industrial plant and resources, etc. 2. in tr into productive or useful operation. 2. produced, done or occurring in the course of normal production.
On-street adjIn reference to parking of vehicles on the street.
On-sweep vbTo sweep on.
On-take vbTake on, assume, behave.
On-tend vbTo kindle, light, inflame, enflame.
On-till vbO.E tilian (till): to labour for wages, or earn money by labour. 2. al'.o 'on-telye"
Onto prepInto a position on an object or surface. 2. to an area that you think of as a surface: a spectator ran onto the field.

3. into a bus, train, ship, or aircraft etc. 4. into a position in which you are resting or supporting yourself on a particular part of your body. 5. used for saying that something is added to a list, statement, word etc. 6. used for saying in which direction a building, room, door, or window faces, or where it leads to. NB: Usage: Onto is now generally accepted as a word in its own right. On to is still used, however, where on is considered to be part of the verb: he moved on to a different town as contrasted with he jumped onto the stage

Onto phr"Be Onto a Good Thing" ( or be onto a winner.) - be successful, have a good outcome.
Onto phr"Be Onto Someone" - to speak to someone in order to complain or ask something. 2. to have found out that a particular person was involved in a crime, as the police were onto him.
Onto phr"Be Onto Something" - to have information that will help to you make an important discovery: you could be onto something here.
Onwald nPower, rule, authority.
Onwald vbTo bring one under power of, rule, subdue.
Onward advForward in time or order or degree; "from that time forth"; forth, forward. 2: in a forward direction; ahead, onwards, forward, forwards, forrader. 3. toward a point before or in front; forward; progressively; as, to move onward(s).
Onward adjMoving in a forward direction; tending toward a contemplated or desirable end; forward; as, an onward course, progress, etc. 2. advanced in a forward direction or toward an end.
Onwarding nPrompting to move onwards or advancing.
Onwardling nA small portion or length of time.
Onwardly adjProgressive.
Onwardly advWith an onward motion.
Onwardness nState or condition of moving onward or advancing. 2. advancement, progress, progression.
Onwards advSee onward.
Onwards phr"Onwards Off" - on towards, approaching, nearby.
Onwhelm vbOverwhelm.
On-wield nPower, might, rule, authority, subduction; onwald.
On-willed adjSelf-willed, stubborn, obstinate, persistent, desirous, importunate.
On-writing nThat which is written, inscribed, engraved on something. 2. inscription, engraving, chiselling.
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