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Open adjNot closed or barred at the time, as a doorway by a door, a window by a sash, or a gateway by a gate. 2. (of a door, gate, window sash, or the like) set so as to permit passage through the opening it can be used to close. 3. having no means of closing or barring. 4. having the interior immediately accessible, as a box with the lid raised or a drawer that is pulled out. 5. relatively free of obstructions to sight, movement, or internal arrangement: an open floor plan.
Open vbTo move (a door, window sash, etc.) from a shut or closed position so as to admit of passage. 2. to render (a doorway, gateway, window, etc.) unobstructed by moving a door, window sash, etc., away from it. 3. to render the interior of (a box, drawer, etc.) readily accessible. 4. to clear (a passage, channel, etc.) of obstructions. 5. to clear (areas or passages in the body). 6. to become open, as a door, building, box, or enclosure. 7. to afford access: a door that opens into a garden. 8. to have an opening, passage, or outlet. 9. (of a building, theater, etc.) to open its doors to the public: The museum opens at one o'clock. 10. to begin a session or term, as a school.
Open nAn open or clear space. 2. the open air. 3. the open water, as of the sea. 4. an opening or aperture. 5. an opening or opportunity.
Open n"The Open" - open space, not treed or enclosed. 2. free of trees, or/and vegetation. 3. open water, the sea, open air.
Open phr"Be Out In the Open" - to start being frank.
Open phr"Blow Something Wide Open" - reveal a secret.
Open phr"Bring Something (out) into the Open" - make everybody aware of something.
Open phr"Come Out Into the Open" - bring into the open. 2. reveal one's position, views.
Open phr"Have an Open Mind" - to be willing to assess evidence on its merits and without prejudice.
Open phr"In the Open" - outside; in public view; openly. 2. clearly, plainly.
Open phr"Keep One's Ears Open" - be on the outlook for useful information.
Open phr"Keep One's Mind Open" - be receptive to new ideas.
Open phr"Keep Open House" -always make casual visitors welcome.
Open phr"Lay Oneself Open" - put oneself in a vulnerable position.
Open phr"Lay Open" - bare, explain, reveal, explore.
Open phr"Leave Oneself Wide Open" - to act in such a way that one's opponents will find much which can be easily criticized
Open phr"Leave the Door Open" - issue a standing invitation for the resumption of some negotiations.
Open phr"Like an Open Book" - something that's easily understood, comprehended, unconcealed.
Open phr"Not Open One's Lips" - remain silent, tacitur,not comment on.
Open phr"Open and Shut" - a legal or other matter, which there should be no doubt or argument because all the evidence points to only one verdict or conclusion.simple. 2. straightforward. 3. alternately sunny and cloudy condition.
Open phr"Open as the Day" - totally open.
Open phr"Open Fire" - begin firing at.
Open phr"Open Go" - unimpeded opportunity. 2. a free go or chance.
Open phr"Open for Something" - liable, susceptible, or vulnerable to something. 2. of a kind that can be affected or influenced by something.
Open phr"Open Ones Ears" - pay attention to ; listen carefully to. 2. with ears open.
Open phr"Open One's Eyes To" - make one aware, observant; conscious of.
Open phr"Open One's Heart to" - confess, confide.
Open phr"Open One's Mouth" -speak, have one's say, make comment on.
Open phr"Open Onto" - allow one to reach; lead to, give access.
Open phr"Open Out" - widen, broaden, spread out. 2. unfold. 3. blossom, develop, unfold.
Open phr"Open Someone's Eyes" - be enlightening or reveal something to someone.
Open phr"Open the Door to" - cause to happen, encourage.
Open phr"Open the Floodgate" - release a great force of emotion, destruction, etc previously held under control (used literally and figuratively.
Open phr"Open to Somebody" - available to, obtainable by, possible for somebody.
Open phr"Open to Somebody" - liable, susceptible, or vulnerable to something. 2. of a kind that can be affected or influenced by something.
Open phr"Open Up" - let in, admit someone. 2. unwrap, undo, unfasten, unlock. 3. bring a room back into use by unlocking it. 4. cause to appear, by cutting etc. 5. reveal, lay bare (esp. for subsequent, exploitation. 6. talk freely and candidly, reveal, disclose. 7. in a military action begin firing.
Open phr"Open Up" - to become or make open. 2. to expand, especially before the eye: a breathtaking sight opened up as we reached the top of the hill. 4. to achieve the initial development of: to open up a business office; to open up trade with China. 5. to increase speed (slang).
Open phr"Open Up an Old Wound" - to take action which revives a long-standing grievance.
Open phr"Open Up Doors" - create opportunities.
Open phr"Open With" - speak frankly with.
Open phr"With an Open Hand" - generously.
Open phr"With Open Arms" - with enthusiasm, as if embracing.
Open phr"With Open Eyes" - fully conscious of the ramifications.
Open-and-shut adjSimple; obvious, easily determinable.
Open-armedadjWelcoming, embracing.
Open-bellied adjRuptured.
Open-bite nA condition where the top and bottomsets of teeth do not meet at all, leaving a normally an elliptical gap.
Open-book nSomething of which salient aspects are easily interpreted. 2. a person who through naivete responds candidly to questions or open displays their emotions or intentions. 3. emotionally a person who wears one's heart on one's sleeve.
Open-book adjEasily interpreted. 2. candidly, but naively open emotionally.
Open cast nIn mining, opened or excavated from the surface, instead of from underground.
Open day nA day when a school, institution, is opened or made accessible to parents and visitors.
Open door nA door standing open; hence used. fig. to typify free admission or access, freedom of admission. 2. in politics: admission to a country , esp. for commercial intercourse, open to all on equal terms (used esp. in reference to Chinese ports in the C19th.
Open-doored adjHaving the door opened; hence, ready to take and receive. 2. keeping an open house; hospitable.
Open-ended adjHaving an open end; open-ended. 2. frequently fig. -- having no predetermined limits or boundary as to time, extent, size.
Open-endedness nState or quality of being open-ended.
Opener nAn instrument for opening anything firmly closed; usually in the combination; can-opener.. 2. a person who opens or is employed to open; usually in combination.
Openers phr"For Openers" - for starting, beginning.
Opener-up nOne who introduces or initiates something new;as, a philosopher who opens up a new 'path of thinking'.
Open-eyed adjHaving the eyes open; awake, wary, wakeful, vigilant. 2. done with the eyes open. 3. having the 'mental' eyes or perceptive powers alert; observant.
Open-field nAn unenclosed field; undivided arable land. 2. in former times, a system where arable land of a village was planned out in a number if unenclosed portions or strips and distributed among the villagers.
Open go nUnimpeded opportunity. 2. a free go or chance.
Open-handed adjGiving, free, generous, liberal. 2. not with a clenched fist.
Open-handedly advIn an open-handed manner.
Open-handedness nThe act or action of being free or liberal.
Open-headed adjBare headed, uncovered of hair.
Open-heart adjOf surgical procedure: almost bloodless with the heart that has been by-passed and cut opened foe examination.
Open-hearted adjDisposed to communicate thoughts and feelings. 2. not reserved, frank and kindly, forthright. 3. accessible to noble emotions, esp. those of generosity or pity. 4. full of kindly feelings and kindness. 5. plainly, candid, frankly.
Open-heartedness nDisposed to communicate thoughts or feelings; not reserved, frank. 2. accessible to noble emotions; full of kindly feeling.
Open-hearth nHaving an open or shallow hearth: said of a furnace used in making steel. 2. made in a shallow or open hearth: said of steel.
Open-house nA house extending hospitality to all who wish to come. 2. an occasion when a school, factory, institution, clubhouse, etc., is open to visitors, as for inspection, observation, etc.
Open-housed adjHospitable, welcoming, inviting.
Open-housedness nThe state or condition of being open-housed,
Open-housing adjHousing available to all, regardless, race, religion or creed.
Open ice nIce through which navigation is possible.
Opening adjFirst or beginning; the play's opening scene"
Opening nAn open or empty space in or between things; "there was a small opening between the trees"; gap. 2. a ceremony accompanying the start of " 3. : the first performance. 3. becoming open or being made open; opening night, curtain raising.

5: the act of opening something. 6: opportunity especially for employment or promotion. 7: the initial part of the introduction 8: a possible alternative; 9. an aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity. 10. a vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made; a small opening. 11. an entrance equipped with a hatch; especially a passageway between decks of a ship, hatchway. 12: a recognized sequence of moves at the beginning of a game of chess 13: the first of a series of actions, first step, initiative. 14. The act or process of opening; a beginning; commencement; first appearance. 15. place which is open; a breach; an aperture; a gap; cleft, or hole. 16. hence: an opportunity; as, an opening for business; a vacancy. 17. a thinly wooded space, without undergrowth, in the midst of a forest; a clearing; as, oak openings.

Opening-shot nThe first step in an activity expected to last a long time.
Opening-time nA time at which a business sports arena, entertainment centre etc. is open to the public.
Open learning nUniversity or other ducational institutions offering distance learning taught courses, that are open to people without formal academic qualifications, teaching being by correspondence and online with mostly optional tutorials and for some courses compulsory summer schools.
Openly advWithout concealment; in public; publicly. 2. frankly, unreservedly. 3. manifestly; clearly, plainly.
Openly-spoken adjPlainly or clearly spoken.
Open mind nA person with mind open to new ideas, diverse arguments and opinions and ready to change her/his mind thoughts about his/her own views and ideas.
Open-minded adjAccessible to new arguments or ideas.
Open-mindedly advIn an open-minded manner.
Open-mindedness nState of mind open to new arguments and ideas.
Open-mouthed adjHaving the mouth open; gaping, as in wonder or surprise. 2. noisily, clamorous.
Openness nThe quality or condition of being open. 2. absence of dissimulation, secrecy or reserve; candor, sincerity.
Open-pit nDesignating a mine dug directly into the surface, with the pit open to the air.
Open sea nThe main body of a sea or ocean, especially the part that is out territorial waters, and not enclosed, or partially enclosed by land.
Open-seating nA gathering where seats/ tables are not assigned or reserved but are taken up on first-come basis.
Open-shop adjAn establishment in which union labor and non-union labor are employed; as opposed to a 'closed-shop'.
Open-sided adjOpen on all sides.
Open-tail nA dusty-tail, hooker, ho, harlot, sex-worker, harridan. 2. an indelicate, unfaithful or unchaste woman.
Open-timber nA forest having no undergrowth.
Open-time nThe erly spring, or time when the buds begin to open. 2. the time which anything is open; opening time. 2. the time after harvest when cattle might be turned into open fields. 3. the time out of Lent when no fast is imposed. 4. that which is not closed for fish, etc.
Open-top adjOf a vehicle not having a roof or with a detached one.
Open-town nA town with no restrictions on drinking and gambling places and the like, such as Las Vegas.
Open water nAn expanse of open sea or ocean. 2. an unobstructed water surface. 3. water not covred by ice.
Open woodland nA low density forest forming habitat with plenty of sunlight and limited shade.
Open-work nAny product of art or handicfraft with many small openings.
Open wound nAn injury involving an external or internal break in body tissue, usually inolving the skin.
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