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Other conjThe OE word for "or" until 1130AD.
Other adjNot the same one or ones already mentioned or implied; "today isn't any other day". 2. recently past; "the other evening" 3. belonging to the distant past; "in other times" 4. early, former, other. 4. very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected. 5. being the remaining one of two or more: the other ear. 6. being the remaining ones of several: His other books are still in storage. 7. different from that or those implied or specified. 8. of a different character or quality. 9. of a different time or era either future or past: other centuries; other generations. 10. additional; as an extra pair of or other shoes. 11. opposite or contrary; reverse: the other side. 12. alternate; second: every other day. 13. of the recent past: just the other day.
Other nThe remaining one of two or more (options). 2. the remaining ones of several. 3. a different person or thing. 3. an additional person or thing. 3. often Other a person or thing considered to represent or epitomize difference or an other group.
Other prnA different or an additional person or thing. 2. others or people aside from oneself.
Other advIn another way; otherwise; differently: The car performed other than perfectly
Other phr"A Bit of the Other" - sexual intercourse.
Otherphr "At Other Times" - some other times; at some other times.
Other phr"Do the Other Thing" - do as one pleases.
Other phr"Every One" - every second (one); each alternate item in series.
Other phr"Every Other" - alternate items in a series.
Other phr"Every Other While" - every now and then.
Other phr"In Other Words" - putting it an other way.
Other phr"Look the Other Way" - deliberately ignore.
Other phr"No Other" - nothing else.
Other phr"On One Hand .... and On the Other Hand" - alternatively.
Other phr"Other All" - all other, many other.
Other phr"Other Days, Other Ways" - people of the past thought and acted differently.
Other phr"Other Such" - such other.
Other phr"Other than do Something" - differently from something.
Other phr"Other Than Somebody/Something" - except, but apart from something.
Other phr"Some Other Where" - in some other place.
Other phr"The Other Day/Night" - the preceding day/night; yesterday; a day/night or two ago; a short time ago, very recently.
Other n"The Other End" - the person on the other end of the telephone line. 2.
Other phr"The Other Man" - a man who is romantically committed with woman/man having an amatory relationship or affair with another woman. 2. a man having an affair with a woman already in a committed or partnered relationship.
Other phr"The Other Side" - the after-word, the world to come, the spiritual life after death, now especially associated with the beliefs and practices of spiritualism, and also the Christian symbol of passing from earth to Heaven.
Other phr"The Other Thing" - the contrary, opposite, or reverse; something quite different. 2. sexual activity.
Other phr"The Other Woman" - a woman who is romantically committed with man/woman having an amatory relationship or affair with another woman/man.
Other phr"This, That and the Other Thing" - things in general.
Other father nA man who cares for a child who is not biologically his own.
Othergates advotherwise, in other ways, differently, otherwise.
Other-half nThe other half of the world. 2. people of a different class or those enjoying a difference (usu. more affluent); note the expression: 'how the other half live.' 3. the remaining, the rest of, existing besides, or distinct from that already mentioned or implied; . 4. not this, not the same, different in identity, further, additional.
Otherhood nThe state or quality of being other or different.
Othering nThe process of perceiving or portraying someone or something as fundamentally different or alien.
Otherish adjPertaining to or being of another kind; different. 2. concerned with or directed towards others; selfless.
Otherkin(d) nA person who claims or believes that there soul is non-human.
Otherlike advSimilar or the like.
Otherliker nIn an other manner, otherwise.
Otherliness nThe quality of being different or apart in some way.
Otherly advPertaining to something or someone else; different. 2. pertaining to or directed towards others; otherish.
Other man nA man having an affair with a woman already in a committed or partnered relationship.
Other-minded adjOf a different opinion; not like-minded. 2. dissenting, dissident, non-conformist, heterodox. 3. otherwise-minded; disagreeing with a majority or official view.
Other-mindedness nState or quality of being other-minded, of a different opinion or belief, of a heterodox view.
Other mother nA woman who cares for a child who is not biologically her own.
Otherness nThe quality of being other, different, diverse. 2. difference, diversity, apart from. 3. the fact of being other, something that is other than the thing mentioned.
Other-self nSelf other than the subjective self; objective personality.
Other-selfish adjrelating to the other self or personality. 2. altruistic.
Other-side n"The Otherside" : the world to come; the world beyond the grave, esp. as inhabited by the spirits of the dead. 2. the after-world or after-life. 3. an opponent or opposition.
Other-sideness nThe quality or state of being on the otherside. 2. the afterlife or supernatural realm inhabited by the spirit of the deceased; the state of death.
Othersome prnSome other; some others. as in some time or othersome times.
Other thing n"The Other Thing" - the contrary, opposite or reverse. 2. something quite different. 3. do the other thing: do as one pleases, usu. with contemptuous dismissal
Othertimes advAt other ties; on other occasions.
Otherwards advIn an other directions.
Otherways advIn another way or manner.
Otherwhat advSome other thing; something else
Otherwhence advFrom else where.
Otherwhere advIn another place; somewhere, elsewhere. 2. to another place; otherwheres.
Otherwhile advAt one time or other; at times; sometimes; at one time; at another time. 2. occurring now and then; occasionally; every now and then; at frequent intervals.
Otherwhither advto another place; elsewhere.
Otherwise advDifferently in another way, differently, contrastingly; apart from that. 2. in another case, in other circumstances; if not, else; on the other hand.
Otherwise adjOther than supposed, different.
Otherwise conjIn different circumstances; or else; in all other respects.
Otherwiseness nCondition or quality of being otherwise.
Other woman nA woman who is romantically involved involved with someone (usually a man) already in a committed relationship with another woman.
Otherworld n"The Otherworld": the world other than this. 2. the world to become beyond the grave. 3. the spirit-land of many religions. 4. the world of idealism, poetry or romance; also the range of experiences conceived in the imagination or fantasy as lying outside the world as known. 5. pertaining to the other world; unearthly, heavenly.
Otherworldish adjConcerning the world other than this one, the actual world. 2. heavenish, fantasy, imaginative world.
Otherworldliness nDevoted to the interests of a future life; with a certain neglect to the present one . 3. morbid as asceticism or spirituality. 4. the quality attributed to an ideal world apart from the actual.
Otherwordly advOf a world other than in which we live; the unseen world. 2. of or devoted to the world of mind or imagination. 3. of or part of the world to come. 4. disposed to consider the affairs or interests of a future life and neglect the present.
Otter nA weasel-like, web-footed carnivore (genus lutre) inhabiting the streams and lakes and feeding on fish. The otter is about two feet long, not including a flattened, oar-like tail and has dark-brown fur. 2. the sea otter.
Otterskin nThe pelt of an otter.
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