Old EnglishspEnglish
Oubit nA hairy caterpillar. (prob.) the A.S. wibba, a crawling thing.
Ought vb(Used to express duty or moral obligation). 2. (used to express justice, moral rightness, or the like). 3. (used to express propriety, appropriateness, etc.): "you ought to be at home." 4. (used to express probability or natural consequence): "that ought to be our train now." 5. duty or obligation. Usage: Ought forms its negative in a number of ways. "Ought not" occurs in all types of speech and writing and is fully standard: "they ought not waste time on protocol." Oughtn't, largely a spoken form, is found mainly in the Midland and Southern dialects of the United States, where it is almost the universal form.
Ought adv[Old English āwiht, from ā ever, ay + wiht thing; see wight)- anything at all; anything whatever (esp in the phrase for aught I know ); dialect: in any least part; to any degree
Ought phr"He Said You Ought" - that you are obliged to or should do so.
Ought phr"It ought to be Done" - bound, obligated, duty-bound to do something.
Oughten nThe time just before daybreak, early morning.
Oughtness nThat quality of an action which is expected by (ought); moral obligation.
Oughtworth nAnything worthy of ought or moral obligation. 2. anything of value or value-worthy.
Our advAway from expected or default place. 2. at a distance. 3. away from the inside or the centre. 4. into a state of non-operation or non-existence. 5. intensifier, emphasizer. 6. of a player, disqualified
Ourself prnThe reflexive of the editorial or royal we; myself as used by a writer or speaker who would refer to himself in the nominative case as we. (Normally, the reflexive case of we is ourselves). 2. the reflexive of "we" when it refers to singular persons
Ourselves prn‎(Second personal plural pronoun, reflexive case of we). 2. (reflexive) Us; the group including the speaker as the object of a verb or preposition when that group also is the subject. 3. (emphatic) We; intensifies the subject as the group including the speaker, especially to indicate that no one else satisfies the predicate.
Ourwhere advAnywhere,
Out prpAway from the inside. 2. outside; (away from the inside): through.
Out nA means of exit, escape, reprieve, etc. 2. a card which can make a hand a winner. 3. (chiefly in the plural) one who, or that which, is out; especially, one who is out of office. 4. place or space outside of something; a nook or corner; an angle projecting outward; an open space. 5. a word or words omitted by the compositor in setting up copy; an omission.
Out vbTo eject; to expel. 2. to reveal (a person) to be secretly homosexual. 3. to reveal (a person or organization) as having a certain secret, such as a being a secret agent or undercover detective. 4. to reveal (a secret).
Out adj(Obsolete) of a young lady, having entered society and available to be courted. 2. released, available for purchase, download or other use. 3. (cricket, baseball) Of a batter or batsman, having caused an out called on himself while batting under various rules of the game. 4. openly acknowledging one's homosexuality.
Out phr"Be All Out" - be exhausted.
Out phr"Be Out For" - have one's interests or energies directed to, to be intent on something.
Out phr"Be Out Of It" - not take part, or part of, in some trend or group; excluded. 2. disoriented, not thinking clearly; drunk. 3. be neglected; in the game, etc to be beaten before the final ; to be wrong.
Out phr"Be Out of (Something)" - to lack something.
Out phr"Be Out to" - to strive hard to.
Out phr"Be Well Out of Something" - be fortunate not to be involved in or with something.
Out phr"Break Out" - start suddenly or violently flare up as a fire.
Out phr"Break Out In" - suddely become covered in as hives. 2. suddenly begin to express strong feelings. 3. break out on a pimples, etc on various parts of one's body.
Out phr"Break Out in a Cold Sweat" - suddenly be consumed with fear.
Out phr"Break Out Of" - free oneself by one's own means, as from a POW camp or prison.
Out phr"Come Out" - leave, be freed as a prisoner from jail. 2. formally enter society, as a deb. 3. flower, blossom as a flower or plant. 4. appear, become visible as a star. 5. appear, be available in shops or stores as a magazine or book. 6. be disclosed, told, revealed as a scandal. 7. be shown in detail. 8. become explicit, revealed as truth. 9. emerge, be elicited. 10. produce a satisfactory answer. 11. be announced, declared. 12. emerge, succeed, as be top of the class. 13.
Out phr"Come Out Against" - show that one is in opposition against something.
Out phr"Come Out At" - cost, be calculated at, work out at an amount in cash.
Out phr"Come Out For" - leave home to go on an trip or excursion with.
Out phr"Come Out In" - be clothed in a bikini. 2. come out in rash, blister.
Out phr"Come Out in the Wash" - be set or made correct in the end.
Out phr"Come Out Of" - disappear after cleaning, as blemish, spot, mark.
Out phr"Come Out Of One's Shell" - overcome one's shyness; show a bolder side of one's nature.
Out phr"Come Out On Top" - win, overcome difficulties, prove oneself better than others.
Out phr"Come Out Well" - be revealed as coming or well.
Out phr"Come Out With" - say (perhaps, with some hesitation) the facts, truth, etc.
Out phr"Down and Out" - knocked down and unconscious with no fight left in them. 2. somebody with no means of financial support; penniless.
Out phr"Drive Out" - expel , force to leave. 2. make somebody forget or overlook something.
Out phr"Eat Out of House and Home" - eat more than one's host can provide or afford.
Out phr"Edge Somebody Out" - gradually get rid of somebody.
Out phr"Fall Out" - happen, occur as an event. 2. as anticipated, as arranged. 2. dismiss from military parade. 3. fall from a high place; a lower level, or an enclosed space
Out phr"Fall Out of Love With" - no longer be atracted to, or convinced by.
Out phr"Fall Out of Line" - disagree with, move away from.
Out phr"Fall Out With" - get on bad terms with, quarrel with.
Out phr"Far Out" - very unusual.
Out phr"Find Out" - learn by study, calculation or enquiry.
Out phr"From Out of Nowhere" - appearing suddenly, unexpectedly, without warning. 2. appear; come, as in a sporting event; materialize.
Out phr"From Out to Out" - to come out with. 2. to fetch, bring out.
Out phr"Go All Out" - make an extreme effort.
Out phr"Go Out of Business" - fail (of a business, because of financial difficulties).
Out phr" Go Out of the Window" - if a quality or principle goes 'out the window' it does not exist any more.
Out phr"Have it Out (with)" - vigorous contest something with somebody.
Out phr"Help Out" - Help somebody to face and overcome a difficulty.
Out phr"Keep Out of the Way" - stay away.
Out phr"Keep Out of Harms Way" - stay away fro danger and strise.
Out phr"Make an Out" - an attempt to overtake the achievement of a particular result, progress, success.
Out phr"Make Out" - to kiss or to make love. 2. to discern. 3. to succeed; to turn out or end up. 4. to designate as the recipient. 5. to represent as being true.
Out phr"Murder Will Out" - a bad deed will always be revealed.
Out phr"Not Far Out" - close, near, at hand.
Out phr"Not Out of the Way" - acceptable.
Out phr"On the Outs" - not on friendly terms.
Out phr"On the Way Out" - become obsolete, unfashionable.
Out phr"Open Out" - unfold, a map, drawings etc.
Out phr"Out and About" - traveling, out, moving. 2. engaged in regular day to day activities. 3. on the go. 4. of an invalid, able to be out of bed or out of doors.
Out phr"Out and Away" - by far; incomparably as, beyond all others.
Out phr"Out and Home" - to a place at a distance, and home again.
Out phr "Out and In" - out of a place and in again. 2. in and out. 3. outside and inside. 4. without and within.
Out phr"Out and Out" - thoroughly, completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, downright. 2. complete, thorough-going, completely lacking in something. 3. something that extends farther and farther outwards. 4. to knock out ,exhaust.
Out phr"Out at the Elbows" -tattered, worn out.
Out phr"Outdo as a Man" - to excel in manly qualities.
Out phr"Out for Something" - wanting (to obtain) something.
Out phr"Out in the Cold" - excluded.
Out phr"Out in the Wilds" - remote from a town or city.
Out phr"Out Like a Light" - to sudden fall or be knocked unconscious or asleep.
Out phr"Out Loud" - say, state, speak clearly and audibly.
Out phr"Out of" - opposite to into. 2. of direction or motion, from within, so as to point, project or lead away from.
Out phr"Out of Awareness" - unaware, oblivious to.
Out phr"Out Of Belief" - beyond belief.
Out phr"Out of Body Feeling" - depersonalization disorder may be described as an out of body experience as the main symptom of depersonalization is a feeling of detachment or a feeling that one is an observer of one's thoughts, feelings or body
Out phr"Out of Breath" - short of breath, breathless.
Out phr"Out of Doors" - outside, not indoors
Out phr"Out of Hand" - without consideration or investigation; at once, summarily. 2. beyond control, unruly, immediately.
Out phr"Out Of Hearing" - a conversation or voices too far away to hear clearly.
Out phr"Out Of It" - excluded, not part of a group; left to one-side.
Out phr"Out of Key" - out of harmony.
Out phr"Out of Line" - disagree with, move away from; not act appropriately in the circumstances.
Out phr"Out of Nowhere" - see 'from out of nowhere'
Out phr"Out of One's Depth" - in trouble, difficulty (because of overstretching one's knowledge, ability)
Out phr"Out Of One's Head" - out of one's mind; crazy, insane. 2. temporarily mentally unstable, very disturbed, out there.
Out phr"Out of One's Mind/Tree" - mad, insane, loopy. 2. forgotten.
Out phr"Out of One's Time" - having completed one's apprenticeship; fully qualified.
Out phr"Out of One's Way" - go to the trouble of assisting or helping others.
Out phr"Out Of Reach" - outside the distance to which someone can stretch out their hand.
Out phr"Out of Sight" - not accessible to sight; outasight. 2. not yet attainable. 2. very expensive. 4. superb, excellence. 5. in hiding. 6. drunk.
Out phr"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" - when something is not near. 2. something forgotten.
Out phr"Out of the Woods" out of difficulty, danger.
Out phr"Out of the Way" - remote, isolated.
Out phr"Out Of Things" - excluded, not part of a group.
Out phr"Out of Time" - at the wrong time or period. 2. too early or too late. 3. not keeping time in musical.
Out phr"Out of Town" - originating from, or taking place out of town.
Out phr"Out of True" - out of alignment.
Out phr"Out Of Truth" - holding or containing no truth or veracity. 2. inaccurate, winding, or not square.
Out phr"Out of the Way" - remote or secluded; little known. 2. unusual, out of the ordinary. 3. improper or offensive. 4. not obstructing, not in the way. 5. take care of.
Out phr"Out of Turn" - out of order, sequence.
Out phr"Out of Wedlock" - of parents relating to a child born out of marriage.
Out phr"Out of Wind" - a plane surface free from warp or twist.
Out phr"Out of Work" -unemployed.
Out phr"Out of the World" - of exceptionally high quality. 2. wonderful, marvelous.
Out phr"Out On a Limb" - exposed to danger, risk (on one's own).
Out phr"Out on One's Ear" - forced to leave a job or place, esp. because you have done something wrong.
Out phr"Out to do Something" - fixed on a purpose, intent, resolute or determined, to do something.
Out phr"Out Upon" - expressing abhorrence or reproach.
Out phr"Out With It" - say what you know, or want to say.
Out phr"Over and Out" - the words ending a transmission call.
Out phr"Put (or Drive) Out" - extinguish
Out phr"Put Out of One's Mind" - deliberately forget.
Out phr"Sit Something Out" - wait until something (usually unpleasant)is over.
Out phr"So Out with It" - an exhortation to a speaker to admit or assert something over which he or she is hesitating.
Out phr"Take It Out on Someone" - be angry with somebody (not necessary with good reason)
Out phrThe Making Out Of" - discernment of the sense.
Out phr"To Out With" - come out with; utter, speak openly, utter.
Out phr"Truth Will Out" - the truth will (inevitably) emerge.
Out-and-out advCompletely; fully.
Outasight adjExtremely good, excellent.
Out-ask vbTo ask that the banns of marriage of a couple in church for the last time. 2 to ask in excess or repeatedly.
Out-at-elbow adjThreadbare, worn out.
Out-awe vbTo overawe.
Outback nA region along way from other towns in the interior of a land, as in Australia.
Outbacker nOne who lives in a remote area.
Out-be vbTo be beyond the ordinary or commonplace. to excel, be outstanding.
Outbeam vbOutshine, out do. 2. shine out strongly.
Outbear vbTo bear forth, carry away. 2. to bear out, support, sustain. 3. self-assertion.
Outbeard vbTo overcome by bearding or a show of defiance.
Outbearing adjProduction, bringing forth. 2. self-asserting; arrogant.
Out'bent adjBending outwards.
Outbid vbTo outdo in bidding; to offer a higher price than; to bid more than. 2. fig. to outdo in any quality, statement, etc.
Outbirth nThe outward product or progeny. 2. that which is brought forth or produced. 3. that which springs forth.
Outblaze vbBlaze out or outwards. 2. blaze more brightly than.
Out-bled vbTo bleed freely; hemorrhage. 2. to bleed out.
Out-blossom vbTo flower or blossom luxuriantly.
Out-blown adjInflated, puff up, distend.
Outboard nOutboard motor. 2. a vessel fitted with an outboard motor. 3. a studio having outboard gear, such as a compressor.
Outboard adjSituated outside the hull of a vessel. 2. positioned away from the centre line of a ship or aircraft.
Outborn adjBorn out of a country, exotic, of foreign birth, a foreigner, alien.
Out-bolting adjMoving as swiftly as a arrow.
Out-bow vbTo excel in bowing or archery.
Out-bowed adjConvex, curved outwards, gibbous, rotund, arched.
Out-breach vbTo break out, burst out, burst through, force out.
Outbreak nA sudden breaking out, an eruption. 2. an outburst of hostilities; an insurrection; out of a war. 3. the beginning, esp of a disease. 4. an outcrop, the emergence of a rock or stratum.
Outbreaking adjBreaking or bursting out.
Outbreathe nExhalation, expiration.
Outbreathe vbTo exhale, emit as breath. 2. to breathe forth; to issue out in breath.
Out-breathing nExhalation.
Outbred vbBred from parents not closely related, opposite of "inbred"
Outbreed vbTo breed more successfully than.
Outbreeding nThe breeding of unrelated (or only distantly related) individuals. 2. the mating of person from different groups (especially as a result of social proscription)
Out-bring vbTo bring out out or bear out. 2. to bring out, release, utter.
Outbringing nThe bringing out; delivering, expressing.
Outbuild vbTo surpass in building or durability of building; to overbuild. 2. to build out (poet & rhetorical).
Outbuilding nA detached building, subordinate and accessory to a main-building; an out-house.
Out-burn vbTo burn longer or brighter than; to burn out.
Out-burning nBurning out, extinction.
Out-burnt adjExhausted.
Outburst nAn act of bursting out; an outbreak, an explosion (of feeling of indignation, laughter, cheering etc.)
Outburst-flood nA flood caused by a inland sea, lake, or reservoir overflowing or breaking through its outer limit.
Outbursting adjBursting out, breaking through in flood.
Outbuy vbTo spend more money than someone buying goods. 2. to outbid someone for something.
Out-by advOut-bye. 2. out a little way; outside the house, abroad, in the open air, in the outside of a house, farm, etc.
Out-call nA visit by a sex-worker to a client, see 'in-call'
Outcast nA person cast out, exiled or banished. 2. one that has been excluded from a society or system, a pariah, an exile, an outsider, an outcast.
Outcast vbCast out, exiled or banished
Outclimb vbTo climb better and farther than
Outcome vbTo come from without, that is from another country or place. 2. issue, result, consequence, upshot.
Outcomeling nA comer, an arrival. 2. an incomer. 3. newcomer, stranger.
Outcomer nStranger, foreigner, exoticant, new-arrival, alien
Outcoming nThe result or outcome.
Outcoming adjThat comes out.
Out-craft vbTo surpass in cunning; to outwit.
Outcrop nThe visible part of a bedrock formation.
Outcropping nAn outcrop.
Out-dare vbTo out do or surpass in daring and boldness.
Out-do vbTo put out. 2. to exceed in doing; to excel, surpass, beat; to be superior. to defeat, overcome, exhaust.
Out-do phr"To Outdo as a Man" - to excel in manly qualities.
Out-doing nBettering or superiority in activity or performance. 2. the surpassing, outsmarting, excelling.
Out-done adjExceeded, surpassed defeated, exhausted.
Outdoor adjDone, existing, or used out of doors. 2. fond of the open air.
Outdooring nIn Ghana: a traditional ceremony in which a baby is brought outside for the first time (usually occurring eight days after the birth). Also: a formal installation ceremony, as of a person in office; the occasion on which a person in office is seen in public for the first time. Frequently attributive, especially in "outdooring ceremony".
Outdoors adjDone, situated, or used outdoors. 2. fond of open-air or outdoors activities
Outdoors phr"All Outdoors" - the whole world. 2. everybody.
Outdoors phr"Great Outdoors" - great open spaces.
Outdoorsman nOne who likes to be outdoors as much as possible. 2. a worker whose occupation is conducted outdoors.
Outdoorsy adjAssociated with the outdoors; aor suited to the outdoors. 2. fond of the outdoors.
Outdraw vb(Of a person or event) attract a larger crowd than other person or event.
Outdrawn adjExtracted; drawn out.
Outdress vbTo dress better than.
Out-drink vbTo drink more than; to drink excessively than..
Out-drive nTo drive a golf ball farther than another player. 2. to drive a vehicle better and faster than someone else.
Out-dwell vbTo tarry, or stay behind or beyond a time.
Out-dweller nOne who dwells outside of or away from a certain place.
Out-dwelling nA dwelling situated on the outskirts of a town.
Out-eat vbTo eat more than another person.
Outed adjPut out; driven out, ejected, extracted, exposed. 2. (slang): killed, murdered.
Outen nA foreigner, alien,
Outen adjForeign, from without, strange, fremd, peculiar.
Outen vbTo put out, extinguish.
Outen phr"To Outen the Light" - to extinguish, put out or turn off the light.
Outener nA foreigner; outsider.
Outer nOne who or that which puts out, utters or gives vent.
Outer adjSituated on or toward the outside; external; exterior: outer garments; an outer wall. 2. situated farther out or farther from the center; further from the middle or central part. 3. of or pertaining to the external world. 4. being or located on the outside; external. 5. in archery - the white outermost ring on a target; a shot that hits this ring. 6. in Australia the without shelter part of the spectator area at a sports ground.
Outer phr"On the Outer" o - out of favour, excluded, not wanted or required. 2. excluded or neglected.
Outer ear nThe outer portion of the ear which includes the auricle and the ear canal and leads to the eardrum.
Outer lining nThe outside lining of a boxed frame for sliding sashes.
Outerly advIn or towards the outer, in a place out or farther from the centre. 2. on the outside or externally.
Outerly phr"Outerly Not" - not at all, in no way.
Outer man n(As opposed to the inner man); hence the body (after the inner man.) -- the outward personal appearance; dress, esp. to a woman. 2. the material world outside that familiar or known; also people generally outside the individual or his immediate circle.
Outermore adjOuter, external, outwards.
Outermost adj Most outer, most far out from the centre.
Outerness nThe quality or fact of being on the outer or exterior. 2. the occupation with what is external.
Outer string nThe string farthest from the wall in a flight of stairs.
Outerwear nClothing worn over one's underwear to protect them, as rain-wear.
Outer-woman n(As opposed to the inner woman); hence the body (after the inner woman.) -- the outward personal appearance; dress, esp. to a woman. 2. the material world outside that familiar or known; also people generally outside the individual or his immediate circle. See 'the outer-man'
Outer world nThe material world outside the familiar or known; also, people generally, outside the individual (or his/her immediate circle.
Outfall nA sally, sortie. 2. quarrel, dispute, argument, fall-out. 3. outlet of a mouth of a river, drain, sewer etc. where it falls into the sea. 4. outlet, mouth of a river, channel of disposal, sewer.
Outfalling nA quarrel, dispute, argument.
Outfang nThe right of a landowner to pursue a thief outside his own jurisdiction in order to bring him to justice, or his right to try and punish a thief from elsewhere who comes within his jurisdiction. The precise application of the word is uncertain. Now only hist. 2. goods stolen outside a landowner's jurisdiction.
Outfang adjOf a thief, guilty of theft outside the specified baronial jurisdiction in which he is caught.
Outfang thief nA thief, guilty of theft outside the specified baronial jurisdiction in which he is caught.
Outfare nA journey, expedition, trip, voyage, a going-out. 2. an outlet.
Outfield nThe outlying land of a farm.
Outfight vbTo take out by assault, subdue, conquer, overcome, beat in a fight, to be superior or better in a fight.
Out-fighting nFighting that is not at close quarters. 2. skirmishing, skirmish.
Outfire nThe act of firing farther than an other.
Outfire vbTo fire farther than an other.
Out-fleme nA fugitive from one's country; an exile.
Out-flood vbTo flood far and beyond its known level and limits.
Outflow nThe process of flowing out; effluence, outflow, effluxion.
Outflow vbTo flow outward.
Outflowing nSomething that flows out. 2. an outflow of water from various sources. 3. the amount flowing out. 2. the issue or streaming out.
Outflowing adjEffluent, that which is flowing outwards.
Outflung adjEspecially of a person's arm - thrown out to one side.
Out-fly vbTo exceed, surpass or outstrip in flying.
Out-flying nThe act of surpassing in flying.
Outfoot vbTo exceed or surpass, as in running or dancing.
Outforth advExternally, outwardly, out from.
Outforthiness nState or condition of being forthright, straight talking, to the point in discussion.
Outfox vbTo outdo in deception or cunning. 2. to outwit; to be too clever or mentally alert for.
Outfoxing nthe act of outdoing in deception or cunning. 2. outwitting.
Outgang nA going out, a departure, exit, exodus. 2. the giving up of tenancy of land.
Out-gathering nA gathering away from one's earlier place or country of living.
Outgive vbTo be generous, free-giving, open-hearted.
Outgiving adjGenerous, open-hearted.
Outgivingness nGenerosity
Out-glad vbTo surpass in gladness; to delight more.
Outgleam vbTo gleam with a greater shining.
Out-glow vbTo glow more brightly than another.
Outgo nEfflux, effluxion, outflow. 2. outward product, issue, outcome. 3. outlet, means of egress.
Outgo vbTo go forth, beyond, to go faster than. 2. to excel, outstrip, surpass, outdo.
Outgoer nThe action of go forth, going faster, excelling.
Outgoing nAction of going forth, exiting, departing or removing. 2. going-out, exit, departure, removal. 3. issue, effluence, emanation. 4. passage or way of exit; egress. 5. expenditure, outlay, charges.
Outgoing adjExtroverted, sociable, gregarious, open-hearted, friendly, dressy.
Outgoingness nExtroversion, sociability, gregariousness, friendliness.
Outgone adjGone out, extinguished; retired.
Outgreen vbTo surpass in environmental activism or consciousness.
Outground nGround situated at a distance from the house; outlying land.
Outgrow vbToo grow too big or large; surpass in growth. 2. stop doing or having an interest in something as one gets older. 3. surpass in growth.
Outgrowing adjThat which grows outwards.
Outgrowth nThe state or condition of growing outwards. 2. what grows out of anything, excresence; an offshot.
Outhale vbTo exhale, breathe out after inhaling.
Outhandle vbTo handle or operate in a superior way to.
Out-have vbTo get or take out. 2. take away.
Outher conjEither
Out-hold vbTo hold out. 2. to keep out,
Out-holding nWith-holding.
Out-holl vbTo scour or clean out anything that is hollow.
Out-hop vbTo rise above, surmounty; overtop.
Outhound vbTo instigate, set on in some evil deed, pursue relentlessly
Outhouse nA small building detached from but belonging to a dwelling house; or attached but without direct communication with the house.
Outing nA trip taken for pleasure, esp. one lasting a day or less; an airing. 2. the action of revealing the homosexuality of a prominent person.
Out-island nOut-lying island.
Out-islander nAn inhabitant of an out-lying island.
Outkeeper nAn attachment to a surveyor's compass for keeping tally in chaining.
Outken nTo surpass in exceed in kenning.
Outknave vbOutdo in knavery, roguish or deeds of mischief.
Out-lade vbTo discharge goods.
Outland nOutlying lands or very remote areas of a province or region.
Outlander nPerson of foreign nationality, foreigner, alien, stranger.
Outlandling nForeigner, stranger.
Outlandish adjNot according to usual style or custom. 2. strange, foreign, remote, isolated, barbarous; uncouth. 3. clownish in behavior, boorish, uncouth.
Outlandishlike adjOutlandish
Outlandishly advIn a somewhat outlandish manner.
Outlandishness nThe quality of being outlandish.
Outlands nOutlying lands of a province or region.
Outlast vbTo exceed in duration; survive, endure to the end.
Outlaugh vbTo laugh one out of a purpose principle, etc. 2. to discourage or discomfit by laugh. 3. to surpass or outdo in laughing.
Outlaw nA person excluded from the benefits of the law, or deprived of legal protection. 2. a bandit, fugitive, criminal.
Outlaw vbTo remove from legal jurisdiction, so as to outlaw certain acts or behavior. 2. to deprive of legal force. 3. declare someone to be an outlaw; to proscribe.
Outlawed adjIllegitimate, illicit, unlawful.
Outlawing nThe act of removing from from legal
Outlay nThat which is expenditure. 2. the laying out or expending. 3. disbursement, outgo, spending. 4. an outlying haunt.
Outlay vbTo lay out, spread out, to display.
Outlead vbTo lead out; bring out.
Outleap nA sortie, sally, a going-out.
Outleap vbto surpass in leaping.
Outlearn vbTo surpass in learning.
Out-lengthen vbTo make or cut far too long.
Outlet nSomething that relieves a tension or stress. 2. the place of opening by which anything is let out. 3. a passage, exit, vent. 4. a service agency, or organisation publishing or broadcasting information, esp. news.
Outletting nA release of anything, esp. liquids. 2. a release of negative emotional feelings.
Outlie vbTo exceed in lying, deception and trickery.
Outlier nOne who doesn't live near his place of work; one who lives in the suburbs. 2. that which lies or is away from the main body. 3. an fact or situation that defies a logical analysis and explanation.
Outline nThe contour or outer boundary thus defined; the line which marks the outer limits of an object or figure; the exterior line or edge; contour. 2. a sketch or drawing in which an object is represented by lines of a contour without shading. 3. in art: a line drawn by pencil, pen, graver, or the like, by which the boundary of a figure is indicated. 4. a rough draft, general sketch in words. 4. a description, giving a gen idea of the whole, but leaving details to be filled in. 5. a précis of a proposal, article, novel, scenario.
Outline vbFig.: To sketch out or indicate as by an outline; as, to outline an argument or a campaign 2. to draw the outline of.
Outlining nThe act of sketching out or indicating as by an outline; as, outlining or explaining an argument or a campaign 2. the drawing the outline of.
Outlive vbTo live beyond, or longer than, to survive.
Outliver nA survivor; one who lives longer than or outlives others.
Outliving adjSurviving beyond or living longer than
Outlook nVigilance, watchfulness, mental view, or survey. 2. prospect for the future. 3. the act of looking out or watch. 4. a place from which one looks out. 5. a view obtained by one looking out scope of vision, a sight, an appearance.
Outlook vbTo inspect thoroughly, to select. 2. to outstare, face on.
Outlooker nOne who is vigilant, watchful. 2. one who looks out; a watchman.
Outlooking adjOutward-looking.
Outloose nA means of escape from an obligation, duty etc.
Outlot nA lot or piece of ground situated outside a town or outer area.
Outlung vbTo outdo in lung power. 2. to outdo in shouting.
Outly advOut and out; utterly, completely, outwardly, externally.
Outlying adjSituated or located outside the main centre of activity.
Outlying field nAn airfield outside of the home base.
Outmake nThe making out of; discernment of the sense; the understanding of, or outmaking of.
Outman vbTo surpassed in the number of men available. 2. to surpass in manpower.. 3. to excel in many qualities.
Outman nA dweller without the bounds. 2. an outsider; a member of a company whose work is outside.
Outman vbTo outnumber in men or personnel. 2. to outdo or excel as a man
Outmatch vbTo superior to an opponent or rival.
Outmost advMost outward; most external; situated farthest out; most out. 2. farthest from the inside or centre; outermost.
Outmost phr"To the Outmost" - to the utmost point, degree or limit.
Outmouth nA projecting mouth.
Outmouth vbTo exceed in the loudness of sound. 2. to outdo in mouthing.
Outmouthed adjOut-talked or silenced by the loudness of voice of an other.
Outmove vbTo succeed or surpass in moving. 2. outmanoeuvre.
Outname vbTo be more notorious than.
Outneme adjExceptional, special, extraordinary.
Outness nThe quality, fact or condition of being out or external to the percipient or the mind, externalness. 2. utterance, outward expression. 3. occupation with or interest in what is without.
Outnim vbTo take out, outnim, nim out, to except, leave out.
Out-of-awareness advCompletely unaware or very unalert.
Out-of-body phrPerceived as it from a position external to one's body. 2. as if one's mind had separated from the body.
Out-of-breath adjShort of breath.
Out-of-doorer nOne who likes to spend as much time out of doors as possible. one inclined to an outdoor life.
Out-of-doorness nState or condition of being outdoors
Out-of-doors adjOutside, not indoors
Out-of-home care nFoster care of children.
Out-of-key adjOut of harmony.
Out-of-sight adjExcellent, incomparable, superior. 2. delightful, exciting, surprising. 3. unseen, out of vision, hidden from sight.
Out-of-the-way adjRemote from any centre of population. 2, unfrequented, secluded, remote spot. 3. seldom met with, unusual, far-fetched; hence extraordinary, odd, peculiar, remarkable. 4. departing from the proper path; devious.
Out-of-the-wayness nQuality or state of being remote or distant from any centre of population. 2. unfrequentness, seclusion. 3. far-fetchedness, oddness, peculiarity. 4. deviation.
Out-of-time adjAt the wrong time or period.
Out-of-town adjSituating or originating from, or occurring outside a town. 2. taken place out of town. 3. unsophisticated, rustic, boorish.
Out-of-towner nA rustic, boor, country-folk.
Out-of-the-world adjOf exceptionally high quality. 2. wonderful, marvelous.
Out-of-truth adjIncapable of telling the truth or being honest. 2. a plane surface free from warp ot twist
Out-of-wedlock advOf a child born to parents not legally married.
Out-over prepOf motion or direction (with the force of both words); over, across. 2. of position, over, above. 3. degree: over, above, in a position of superiority to; more tha, beyond.
Outplay nDisplay, manifestation.
Outplay vbTo play better, surpass in skill.
Output nThe amount of energy, work, goods or services produced by a machine, factory, company or individual in a period. 2. the desired result for a project or contract. 3. computing a result produced by a computer that is internal to the system.
Outputter nOne who puts or pushes out. 2. a publisher. 3. one who utters and circulates fake currency. 4. one who employed or engaged to provide and fit out men for military service. 5. instigator, producer, entrepreneur.
Outputting nThe action of putting out. 2. expulsion, ejection, evacuation. 3. a putting-forth, producing, issuing. 4. uttering false currency. 5. furnishing of new equipment, supplies, stores.
Outquench vbTo put out, smother, extinguish a fire.
Outquenching nThe act or action of putting out or extinguish,
Outreach nTo reach beyond.
Outread vbTo read thoroughly to the end.
Outred vbTo disentangle; to extricate from difficulties by settlement of liabilities. 2. to clear from encumbrances.
Outredness nDisentanglement, extrication, unemcumbrance.
Outride vbTo ride out, to go on an excursion. 2. to surpass in speed of riding; to ride beyond or faster than.
Outrider nOne who rides out on horseback. 2. a summoner whose office is to cite people before the sheriff.
Outright adjOpen and direct, absolute, thorough, without reservation orqualification.
Outright advWholly or completely. 2. immediately.
Outrightness nThe quality of being direct or straightforward in speech. 2. the quality of being forthright in speech or thought. 3.directness, straight-forwardness.
Outring nCircumference.
Outrode nAn excursion. (outroad)
Outroom nAn outer room.
Outroot vbTo eradicate, exterminate, pluck out by the roots, put an end to.
Outrun nAn outlying pasture land for cattle or sheep. 2. outcome, result, conclusion.
Outrun vbTo exceed in running, leave behind in running, to run faster, to outstrip.
Outrunner nAn offshoot, a branch of a river.
Outrunning nThe running out of, expiration, termination.
Outsail vbTo sail better and/or faster than.
Outsale nSale or the selling to foreigners.
Out-say vbTo utter or speak out; to inform upon someone. 2. to say more than is required or asked to sale.
Outscold vbTo exceed in scolding or chiding.
Outscore vbTo score more points, goals etc. than one's opposition or opponent.
Outsee vbTo surpass in length of sight. 2. to surpass in mental insight. 3. to see beyond a point or limit.
Outseek vbTo seek out activity or diligently search for, investigate, research.
Outsell vbTo exceed in the amount sold; to sell more than someone else. 2. to exceed in the price or value in selling. 3. to sell to foreigners.
Outsend vbTo emit, send out, despatch.
Outsend nEmission, despatching, a sending-out, out-sending.
Out-sending nThe despatching or distribution.
Outset nEmbellishment, ornamentation, display. 2. the action of setting of. 3. beginning, starting a journey, course of action, a venture, commencement. 4. expenditure, outgoings.
Outset vbTo set forth, set off. 2. to display, adorn, maintain with proper splendour. 3. put out, exclude.
Outsetting nSetting out or starting a journey. 2. action, undertaking, a starting-out. 3. action of fitting out or providing provision for an expedition, enterprise. 4. that what is the outside the self.
Outsetting adjThat lies or lives in the open outside an enclosure, park etc. 2. that sets or fows steadily outward.
Outsettler nAn emigrant. 2. a settler outside or in the outlying parts of a district.
Out-shadownig nThe casting of great shadows.
Out-share vbShare or divide out generously.
Out-sharpen vbTo excite thoroughly to sharpness or bitterness. 2. to exceed in sharpening.
Out-shedding nDiffuse, disperse, flow from, cause to fall from in great amount.
Out-shift vbTo move or shift to the outskirts (suburbs) of a town or city.
Out-shifts nThe outskirts, suburbs or low parts of a city.
Outshine vbTo shine more brightly and thoroughly than. 2. to shine in splendour
Out-shining nThe fact or condition of shining more brightly and thoroughly. 2. the fact of excelling in splendor.
Out-shoot nThe exceeding or excelling in shooting. 2. the shooting beyond the mark.
Outshoot vbTo exceed or excel in shooting. 2. to be superior in the use of firearms. to shoot beyond the mark.
Outshout vbTo shout louder than.
Outshouting nThe act or action of shouting louder than.
Outshove vbTo push out, expel, throw out. 2. shove or jostle more robustly than.
Outshow nDisplay, exhibition, show, showing.
Outshut vbTo exclude, shut out, prevent
Outside nThe part of something that faces out; the outer surface. 2. the external appearance of something. 3. the space beyond some limit or boundary. 4. the furthest limit, as to number, quantity, extent, etc.
Outside adjOf or pertaining to the surface, limit or boundary.  2. of, pertaining to or originating from beyond the outer surface, limit. 3. reaching the extreme or farthest limit, as to extent, quantity, etc. 4. pertaining to the outer surface or boundary. 5. pertaining to beyond the outer boundary
Outside advOutdoors. 2. on or towards the outside.
Outside prpOn the outside of, not inside (something, such as a building).  2. near, but not in.  3. except, apart from.
Outside phr"At the Outside" - (of an estimate.) at the most.
Outside phr"Get Outside Of" - to eat or drink heartily, as 'he got outside a plate of crayfish'.
Outside phr"On the Outside" - the surface of something. 2. not belonging to a particular group. 3. approximately in relation to time, as, I will see you at 8pm on the outside'.
Outside phr"Outside Of" -aside from.
Outside phr"The Outside World" - people, places, activities, etc which are not those of an enclosed community, group, profession.
Outsided adjHaving an outside or a surface.
Outside broadcast nA broadcast made on location and not in studio.
Outsideness nThe quality of having an outside or a surface. 2. externality.
Outside-inside adjPertaining to below and above and inside and outside.
Outsidely advOn the outside or externally.
Outsideness nThe quality of being outside, or external.
Outsider nAn non-member of some circle or party, profession, etc. 2. an uninitiated person, layman. 3. a person without special knowledge, breeding, etc., not fit to mix with with good society. 4. a competitor , applicant, etc., thought to have little chance of success.
Outsiderdom nThe state of being outside of, external to; or being an outsider. 2. out-siderhood.
Outsiderhood nThe state of being outside of, external to; or being an outsider. 2. out-siderdom.
Outsiderish adjSomewhat outside of, or external to.
Outsiderishly advIn a manner or way somehat like an outsider.
Outsiderliness nThe quality or fact of being an outsider.
Outsiderishness nThe state of being somewhat outside or external to.
Outsiderliness nThe quality or fact of being outside.
Outsight nSight of that which is without perception of external things. 2. faculty of observation and outlook' as opposed to insight. 3. prospect beyond or head, outlook, dream, reverie.
Outsin vbSurpass, gone beyond in sinfulness and evil.
Outsing vbExcel in song; get better at songing. 2. burst into song; express in singing.
Outsit vbTo sit longer than.
Outskin nEpidermis.
Outskirter nOne who stands or hangs on the outskirts.???????
Outskirting ???nbordering or lying on the fringes or borders of.
Outskirts nThe outer border or fringe of a town, district, subject.???????
Outsleep vbTo sleep beyond beyond ones' usual waking time.
Outsmart vbOutwit, be cleverer than.
Outspan nA reserved place, at intervals along South African roads, where ox en, horses, etc may be unyoked and allowed to graze at a halting-place.
Outspan vbTo unyoke, unharness; encamp.
Outspeed vbTravel at a speed greater than others.
Outspent adjCompletely spent or wearied; tired out.
Outspoken adjGiven to speaking out. 2. free, bold or unreserved in speech. 3. not afraid to speak aloud one's opinion; blunt.
Outspokenly advIn an outspoken manner, candidly, frankly, straightforwardly.
Outspoken-ness nThe quality of being frank in speech, frankness of speech. 2. something spread out, an expanse;an outspreading example of bravery.
Outspread vbSpread out, fully extended or expanded.
Outspread adjExtended, wide.
Outspreading adjTo stretch or extend or to be stretched out of extended.
Out-spreadingness nOf trees having the state and appearance of extending out.
Outspring nFlow or emanate from a source in great abundance.
Outspringing nSpringing or flowing out, often in great abundance.
Outstand vbTo resist effectually; withstand; sustain without yielding. 2. to surpass in standing; stand or remain beyond; outstay. 3. to project outward from the main body; stand out prominently; be prominent. 4. to stand out to sea. 5. to stand over; remain untouched, unimpaired, unsettled, uncollected, unpaid, or otherwise undetermined.
Outstanding adjConspicuous, eminent, because of excellence. 2. remarkable in a specified field.
Outstandingly advIn an outstanding way or manner.
Outstandingness nProminent, conspicuous, striking.
Outstare vbTo stare so hard that the other person looks away.
Outstart vbTo start out or up.
Outstep vbStep outside or beyond.
Outstink vbTo smell worse than. 2. to surpass in stench.
Outstorm vbTo exceed in storming.
Outstreet nA street remote from the centre of the town.
Outstretch vbReach out or stretch out, esp. one's hands or legs). 2. reach or fetch further than; expand.
Outstretched adjExtended or stretched out.
Outstride vbTo surpass in striding.
Outstrike vbTo strike faster than.
Outstrip vbPass in running etc., 2. surpass in competition or relative progress or ability.
Outswarm vbSwarm rapidly in all directions; teem prodigiously.
Outswear vbTo use (coarse or vulgar) more frequently and powerfully than
Outsweat vbTo work out by sweat and toil.
Outsweeten vbTo surpass or exceed in sweetening.
Outswell vbTo exceed inn swelling. 2. to swell beyond; overflow.
Outswim vbTo outdo in swimming.
Out-taken prpExcept, save.
Out-talk vbOutdo or overcome in talking.
Out-tell vbTo surpass in counting and reckoning.
Out-there adjCrazy, nutty, loony.
Out-thereness nThe quality of being nutty, crazy, loony.
Outthink vbOutwit, outdo in thinking.
Outthrow vbIn sporting events: to throw better than.
Out-thunder vbTo surpass in thundering. 2. to make a more thunderous noise.
Out-to adjFixed in one's purpose, resolute, firm in belief. 2. dead-set, unshakeable.
Out-to-out adjapplied to measurements taken from extremes of framing etc. 2. maximum size of anything
Outtop vbSurmount, surpass in height, extent, etc.
Outtown adjAway from a town.
Outtwind vbTo unwind or untwist.
Out-turn nThe quantity produced. 2. the result of a process or sequence of events.
Outwale nThat which is selected to be taken out or removed. 2. refuse, rubbish, dregs. 3. one who is cast out, an outcast.
Outwalk vbOutdo in walking. 2. walk beyond one intended destination.
Outwalker nOne who surpasses in walking.
Outwall vbThe exterior wall; the outside surface, or appearance.
Outwander vbTo wander out or away.
Outwandering nWandering out or outwards.
Outward nthe outward appearance of something. 2. the exterior.
Outward adjSituated on or directed towards the outside. 2. going outward or in an outward direction. 3. bodily, external, apparent.
Outward advIn an outward direction. 2. towards the outside.
Outward-bent nMindset, outlook, point of view, opinion.
Outward-looking adjLooking beyond oneself; having an open mind, friendly and embracing towards others.
Outward-looking advOn the surface (fig); at first sight, and or for the outside.
Outwardly advOn the surface. 2. on or from the outside. 3. as regards, an outward appearance or outward manifestation. 4. on the outside or outer surface, externally. 5. towards the outside. 6. with reference to the outside or outer surface.
Outwardness nThe quality or condition of being outward. 2. external existence, objectivity, outward experience, not introspective. 3. concern or belief with an outward or external thing, as opposed to that which is introspective or arises from within.
Outwards advAway from the centre or particular point. 2. towards the outside. 3. located on, or moving towards the outside or exterior. 4. relating to the physical self, a concern with outward beauty, rather than inward reflection. 5. apparent, noticeable, from within, evident, observable, obvious, perceptible, towards the edge.
Outward-shine nOutward show or appearance.
Outward things nThe world around us.
Outwash vbThe material carried from a clacier by melting and deposited beyond the area where debris and rocks are deposited.
Outwatch adjWatch more than or longer than. 2. keep awake throughout the night and beyond daylight.
Outwaxing nA growth, waxing-out, excrement, excresence, out-growth.
Outway nAn outlet, exit, egress, a way-out, a way or passage leading out. 2. by-way leading off the main road or route; a deviation.
Outway adjGoing out of the way.
Out-weaponed adjTo be inferior or lacking the arsenal of another country, group or person.
Outwear nClothing worn out of doors.
Outwear vbExhaust, wear out, wear away. 2. live or last beyond the duration of. 3. survive longer.
Outweary vbTo weary out.
Outweed vbTo weed out.
Outweep vbTo weep profoundly. 2. teeming, as a cloud outweeping its rain'.
Outwell vbo issue out, flow or pour out.
Outweigh vbExceed in weight, value, importance or influence.
Outwheeled adjThe midnight sun rolled out.
Outwhore vbTo be lewd to extreme level.
Outwin vbTo find a way out of something.
Outwind vbTo unwind, untangle.
Out-wing vbTo surpass in swiftness of flight. 2. fig. to extend one's wings.
Out-winter vbTo keep livestock out in the field during winter months.
Outwit nThe faculty of observation or perception; an external sense. Nb: inwit: conscience.
Outwit vbTo outsmart, outthink, outplay, gett the better of. 2. to excel in wit, craftiness or intelligence. 3. to surpass in wisdom or knowledge. 4. to overreach or get the better of by superior craft or ingenuity; to prove too clever for.
Outwith advOutside, on the outside, outwardly of a position; beyond. 2. of motion: out from, from, away. 3.of direction: out, from, a way from
Out-witter nOne who is extremely wise, knowing or crafty or superior in wisdom.
Outwitting nThe quality of having superior wit or intelligence
Outwoo vbTo surpass in courting.
Outwork nFortification outside the parapet. 2. work upon the outside or exterior. 3. an extra dish served as a relish.
Outworking nThe action of process by which something is brought to a completion.
Outworld nThe external or outside world. 2. the world external to a person's mind. 3. sphere of action, etc. 4. an outlying or outer world.
Outworldish adjExtra-mundane, outside of this world.
Outworn adjWorn out.
Out-worth vbTo exceed in worth.
Out-write vbTo exceed or excel in writing.
Outwry vbTo discover, find out, uncover.
Out-yell vbTo yell more loudly than.
Outyete vbTo pour out
Outyield vbTo surpass, in terms of yield or production (fig & lit)
Ouzel nAn old name for the blackbird.
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