Old EnglishspEnglish
Oven nAn enclosed compartment of stone, metal for cooling food. 2. a chamber for heating or drying. 3. a small furnace or kiln used in metallurgy, etc.
Oven vbto bake food in an oven.
Oven adjApplied to wood that doesn't moisture in a stated interval of time when placed in a ventilated oven at 100c.
Oven-glove nA thick covering for the hand, used for talking hot things out of the oven.
Ovenless adjNot having or without an oven.
Ovenware nCooking utensils that can be safely used in an oven
Ovenon advFrom above.
Oven-ready adjPrepared before sale so as to be ready for immediate cooking in an oven.
Oven-ware nDishes that can be used for cooking food in an oven
Over adjUpper; covering; higher; superior. 2. excessive; too much or too great;
Over prpIn or at a position above or higher than: a sign over the door. 2. above and across from one end or side to the other. 3. to the other side of; across. 4. to cross the edge of and down. 4. on the other side of; as 'over the road'. 4. upon the surface of: put a coat of paint over. 5. on top of or hit down upon. 6. through the extent of; all through: walked; looked over. 7. through the medium of; via: addressed us over a microphone. 8. so as to cover: put rocks over a entrance. 9. up to or higher than the level or height of: over my roof. 10. through the period or duration of, over years. 11. until or beyond the end of, stayed over the weekend. 12. more than in degree, quantity, or extent: over miles; over a hundred dollars. 13. in superiority to. 13. in preference to: selected or chosen over. 14. in a position to rule or control. 15. so as to have an effect or influence on, a change. 16. at a point at which one is no longer troubled by. 17. while occupied with or engaged in; a chat. 18. with reference to; concerning.
Over advAbove the top or surface. 2. across to another or opposite side. 2. across the edge, brink, spilled over. 2. across an intervening space. 3. across a distance in a particular direction or at a location. 4. to another often specified place or position; as towards the river. 5. to one's place of residence or business; invited over. 6. throughout an entire area or region. 7. to a different opinion, view or allegiance; win someone over. 8. so as to be comprehensible, acceptable, or effective; across: eventually got one's point over. 9. to a different person, condition, or title. 10. so as to be completely enclosed or covered, frozen over.

11. completely through; from beginning to end; think something over. 12. from an upright position. 13. from an upward position to an inverted or reversed position: turn over. 14. another time; again; counted over again. 15 in repetition; write over again. 16. in addition or excess; in surplus; left over. 17. beyond or until a specified time. 18. at an end; the game is over

Over pfxIn nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs)more than usual; too much; as overload, over-anxious. 2. completely; as over-glad. 3. upper; outer; as overtime. 4. over; above overcast.
Over phr"All Over" - ended, or in every part.
Over phr"All Over Again" - to do something once more. 2. do something for a second time. 3. (be somebody, something) repeated. 2. (be something, somebody) in identical or very similar form or character.
Over phr"Be All Over Somebody" - be over-friendly with somebody.
Over "phr"Bring Over" - cause a person to change allegiance
Over phr"Come Over" - to change sides , as in controversy. 2. pay a casual visit.
Over phr"Do Over" - to make over, perform a second time. 2. to cover, to spread, to smear.
Over phr"Fall Over" - to lose balance and collapse on the ground. 2. to fall from an upright position.
Over phr"Fall Over Backwards" - make every effort to do something.
Over phr"Fall Over Oneself" - be overeager to please.
Over phr"Get It Over with" - do or undergo something unpleasant etc. so as to get rid of it.
Over phr"Give Over" - hand over, entrust. 2. to devote to a particular purpose or cause. 3. to surrender oneself completely, abandon. 4. to cause an activity to stop; end, leave off.
Over phr"Go Over" - to gain acceptance or approval. 2. to examine or review.
Over phr"Go Overboard" - to act foolishly and in an excessive way. 2. be over enthusiastic.
Over phr"Go Over Somebody's Head" - without taking account of people in positions of authority between oneself and the person being favored or appealed to.
Over phr"Half Seas Over" - fairly drunk.
Over phr"Its All Over with Him" - he's finished, he can't go any farther (one who has been given no hope of recovery by a doctor)
Over phr"Look Over" - to examine or inspect, often in a hasty fashion.
Over phr"Lord it Over" - domineer, boss about.
Over phr"Make Over" - an overall treatment to improve something or someone more attractive.
Over phr"Not Over" - not very, not at all.
Over phr"Over Again" - once again, once more, again from the beginning.
Over phr"Over Against" - in an opposite situation to, adjacent to, in contrast with, in front of.
Over phr"Over and Above" - above in rank. 2. in manner, or degree, beyond what is supposed, defined, usual; besides, as well, in addition, to somebody or something.
Over phr"Over and Besides" - more, in additional to.
Over phr"Over and Beyond" - (look over and beyond) anything without seeing it. 2. in looking to overlook or omit.
Over phr"Over and Done with" - totally finished.
Over phr"Over and Out" - indicating that radio conversation or transmission is at an end.
Over phr"Over and Over (again)" - repeatedly, time and time again; on many occasions.
Over phr"Over and Over Again" - repeatedly, with repetition.
Over phr"Over Goes One's Bed" - to break , to go beyond or over go a moral limit, to transgress or to break wedlock, to act with infidelity, cheat or betray the trust of a spouse.
Over phr"Overgrow Oneself" - grow beyond oneself strength.
Over phr"Over here" - the country etc where one is/is not at the moment osf speaking (irrespective of one's own nationality), especialy one separated by sea, channel from another country, Britain vis a vis France, the US. See 'over there'.
Over phr"Over My Dead Body" - something will be allowed to be done/happen only if I am dead, for example I am determined that something specified will not occur.
Over phr"Over One's Head" - of a matter or issue too difficult for someone; incomprehensible.
Over phr"Over-reach Oneself" - to try to do more than is possible. 2. to get better by cunning; to outwit. 3. to fail through excessive ambition and cunning.
Over phr"Overshoot the Mark" - exceed the permitted limits in a contest. 2. to something inaccurately, or with poor judgement or taste; to exaggerate. 3. to shoot over or beyond one's aim or mark; miss one's mark by going too far. 4. to go farther than one intends any course. 5. to overreach oneself. 6. to fill into error. 7. to go or venture too far.
Over phr"Overstep the Mark" - exceed in one's behavior or language, what is right, morally acceptable , etc.
Over phr"Over the Edge" - insane, having lost control.
Over phr"Over the Hill" - to old or worn out to be useful. 2. past the prime of life.
Over phr"Over the Hill and Far Away" - not near; far away.
Over phr"Over the Left" - in early Victorian days, a way of expressing disbelief, incredulity or a negative.
Over phr"Over the Moon" - delighted, thrilled.
Over phr"Over there" - the country etc where one is/is not at the moment osf speaking (irrespective of one's own nationality), especially one separated by sea, channel from another country, Britain vis a vis France, the US. See 'over here'.
Over phr"Over the Top" - to rise above or above the top of. 2. to surpass the height. 3. surmount, tower above, top. 4. to rise above in power or authority. 5. be excessive.
Over phr"Over the Way" - (in a street) facing or opposite.
Over phr"Over Time" - from a historic or evolutionary perspective. 2. happening, as time passes; gradually.
Over phr"Over to You" - in radio conversation, said to indicate that it is another person's turn to speak. 2. it is your turn, responsibility, decision (now) etc.
Over phr"Over With" - completely finished, done.
Over phr"Run Over" - to injure or kill by running over with a vehicle. 2. flow or run over a limit, level, top, brim.
Over phr"Start Over Again" - to commence or begin something again.
Over phr"Think (Something) Over" - to ponder or reflect on a subject.
Over phr"Throw Over" - to overturn. 2. abandon. 3. reject.
Over phr"Work Overtime at Something" - to spend a lot of time and effort at doing something.
Overall nIncluding everything the whole range; taken as a whole, inclusive.
Overall adjAll-encompassing, all around; including or covering everything. 2. from one extremity to another; said of dimensions measured. 3. applied to dimensions that cover several smaller ones in the same plane.
Overall advGenerally, with everything considered.
Over-all'where advEverywhere.
Overalls nA garment worn over another to protect it from dirt etc; a boiler suit. 2. a garment worn for manual labor.
Over-and-above adjOvermuch, too great, excessive
Over-ane advOn one and tghe same footing; in common. together.
Overawe vbRestrain by fear. 2. keep in awe or intimidated.
Over-aweful adjExcessively aw(e)ful; awe-inspiring or reverential.
Overbear vbTo carry over, transfer, remove, put away. 2. to overcome, put down. 3. to repress as by power, authority or influence. 4. to overpower, oppress, subdue. 5. to surpass in importance, cogency, weightiness. 6. to produce too much fruit - (fig. produce too many offspring) - adversely affecting the fruit. 7. to bear or crush down by physical weight or force.
Overbearer nOne who carries over, transfers. 2. one who over powers, overrules, subdues; a ruler. 3. a tree that produces too much fruit.
Overbearing nThe action of the verb. 2. thrusting over by force, overpowering, forcible subversion. 3. imperious or dictatorial action; arrogant exercise of superior power.
Overbearing adjDomineering, imperious, dogmatic.
Overbearingly advIn an overbearing manner; domineering.
Overbearingness nQuality or character of being overbearing: overpowering, imperious, dictatorial, arrogant.
Overbeat vbTo beat down. 2. overthrow, overpower.
Overbeaten nThe action of beating or dwelling with iteration upon. 2. excessive beating of the heart.
Overbeing nA god, deity, divine being.
Overbelief nA belief in more than is warranted by the evidence or in what cannot be verified. 2. a belief beyond that what is customary among adherents of a particular faith or sect.
Overbend vbTo bend over in excess; bend too far or low.
Overbid nA bid that is higher than another, or higher than justified. 2. to outbid, to offer a bid that is more than the value of item up for sale.
Overbid vbTo make a higher bid than. 2. a bid that is higher than the others.
Overbidder nOne who makes a higher bid than another, or higher than justified.
Overbidding nThe act or action of making a higher bid than another or one higher than justified.
Overbide vbTo remain over after, to tarry, to outlast, survive, outlive.
Overbind adjTo bind or restrict to an excessive extent.
Overbite nProjection of the upper incisor teeth in front of the lower in attempted occlusions. 2. the overlapping of the lower teeth; especially the incisor.
Overbitter adjExcessive bitter in taste and attitude.
Overbitterness nThe state or quality of being an excessively bitter.
Overblow vbTo blow a thing over the top of another thing. 2. to blow over one's head. 3. of a storm: excessively strong. 4. to cover with blossom. 5. a period or instance of overblowing.
Overblown adjBlown over, that has passed away. 2. inflated, swollen, puffed up. 3. too much blown, more than full blown. 4. applied toan organ pipe that produces a sound higher than the correct one.
Overboard advOut, or over the side, of a boat, or ship, and into the water.
Overboding nForetelling or portending excessively.
Overbody nAn upper or outer bodice.
Overbold adjUnduly bold, greatly daring, almost fearless. 2. presumptious, unduly or excessively bold.
Overboldly advIn an overbold manner, with too much boldness.
Overboldness nExcessive boldness, audacity, presumptuousness.
Overbook vbAccepting or making more reservations than the venue can hold or the occasion can accommodate.
Overbooked adjHaving had more seats or tickets sold or guaranteed then were available.
Overbooker nA company or individual who overbooks or sells more seats or tickets tahn were available.
Overbookish adjExcessively bookish, over-studious; pedantic, bookwormish.
Overboot vbA heavy overshoe.
Overborrow vbTo borrow too much money.
Overbow vbTo bend in excess.
Overbrand vbTo use too many brand (proprietary ) names in marketing.
Overbreadth nThe excessive broadening of a statute that, in proscribing unprotected speech, also proscribes protected speech.
Overbreak vbTo break over.
Overbreathe vbTo put out of breathe. 2. to breathe over. 3. overbreathing.
Overbrede vbTo overspread, to cover all over.
Overbreed vbTo breed excessively.
Overbridge vbTo make a bridge over.
Overbright adjExcessively bright, too bright.
Overbrim vbTo overflow at the brim. 2. to overflow at the brim.
Overbrimmed adjOverflowed.
Overbrimming nState or condition of overflowing (the brim).
Overbring vbTo bring over or across. 2. to translate.
Overbroad adjToo broad.
Overbrood vbHover over excessively. 2. over-mother, care too much for.
Overbrow nThe eyebrow.
Overbuild vbPut or construct too many buildings in an area. 2. to build over the top of.
Overbuilder nA person or organization what overbuilds or builds on a too elaborate a scale. 2. a company that utilizes or builds on an existing building.
Overbuilt adjHaving an excessive construction performed on a building or on an area.
Overburden vbTo load with too great of a burden; overload. 2. too burden too heavily or too much weight.
Overburdened adjOverloaded, excessively burdened.
Over-burdensome adjExcessively difficult to bear.
Overburn vbTo burn to much, either accidentally or by deliberation. 2. in computing - to record more than the usual available data capacity onto an optical disc.
Overburning nThe action of the verb 'overburn'.
Overburningly advOver ardently.
Overbusy adjExcessively busy.
Overbuy vbTo buy to much than is needed; squander.
Overby advA little way over; of a short distance, over near; as, 'our friends overby'.
Overcall nAn instance or act of overcalling.
Overcall vbMake a higher bid than one's opponent builder. 2. overbid.
Overcare vbTo care too much or to be over-caring; to care unduly or excessively, often with anxiety.
Overcareful adjExcessively or unduly careful, too careful or anxious.
Over-carefully advIn a manner excessively careful or attention paying.
Over-carefullness nThe trait of being excessively cautious; the quality of being cautious.
Over-careless adjMarked by a total lack of attention, consideration, forethought or thoroughness. 2. without any due thought or consideration.
Overcaring nFeeling and exhibiting excessive caring and empathy for others.
Overcast nCloud or clouds covering nine-tenths of the sky.
Overcast adj(Of the weather or the sky)marked by a covering of grey cloud; clouded, dull. 2. cloud covering a large part of the sky
Overcast vbTo cover with cloud or shade; to darken. 2. to stitch roughly , so as to prevent unraveling.
Overcast vbTo overthrow; tip over.
Overcarve vbTo cut across, intersect.
Overchill vbTo chill too much.
Overclean vbTo clean to an excessive degree.
Overclothes nOuter garments.
Overclothing nOver garments collectively.
Overcloud vbTo become cloudy or covered with clouds. 2. to overspread or cover with clouds; nubilate. 3. make obscure or unclear. 4. to make dark and gloomy.
Overclouded adjCovered excessively by clouds. 2. overcast, nubilous, nimbose, gloomy, dark.
Overclouding nThe state or condition of being nubilated or overclouded.
Overcloudy adjThickly or densely covered by clouds. 2. of thick or very clouded sediment; extremely murky.
Overcold adjToo or very cold.
Overcome vbTo come over; move or pass over or throughout obstacles. 2. to reach or extend over or throughout; spread over; cover; overflow; surcharge. 3. to overwhelm; oppress; overpower; surmount; conquer; overpower, vanquish; subdue. 4. to get beyond; outstrip; excel. 6. to gain the superiority; be victorious; conquer. 5. overpowered by liquor; intoxicated.
Overcome phr"To Be Overcome" - (resulting from fear, emotion, fatigue etc) to be exhausted or helpless.
Overcomer nOne who overcomes; a conqueror, vanquisher. 2. an emigrant, foreigner, alien.
Overcoming adjOvercoming, overpowering, oppressive, overwhelming, presumptious, overcomingly
Overcooled adjCooled to an excessive degree.
Overcooling adjExcessive cooling, esp. in the cooling of an engine.
OvercraftlyadjDeceitful, cunning
Overcreep vbTo creep over.
Overcrop vbTo exhaust land by continuous cropping.
Overcrow vbTo exult over; praise exceedingly. 2. triumph over.
Overcrow vbTo crow or exult over; to triumph over, to overpower.
Overcrowd vbTo fill or crowd with excess.
Overcunning adjAn excess of cunning, too great of knowing or knowingness.
Overcunning adjToo cunning.
Overdare nDaring, boldness, foolhardiness to an unduly level.
Overdare vbTo surpass in daring.
Overdaring nThe action of being too daring; excessive boldness, presumption.
Overdaring adjUnduly or impudently bold; foolhardy.
Overdark adjOver dark or gloomy.
Overdark advIn the dark, till after dark.
Overdeal nA part or portion left over or in surplus, a surplus, an excess or plus.
Overdear adjExcessively or exceedingly dear. 2. too costly, expensive.
Overdearness nFact or being too dear or exceedingly expensive.
Overdeed nAn overdoing, an excess in doing, an intemperance.
Overdeepen vbTo deepen further, make even deeper.
Overdight vbTo cover overhead; to cover all over
Overdo vbTo do excessively; carry too far; exaggerate. 2. to overtax the strength; exhaust; usually used reflexively or passively. 3. to do too much; to fatigue; to exaggerate. 4. to surpass, to outdo. 5. to cook too much.
Overdo phr"Overdo It" - exhaust oneself.
Overdog nTop dog, as opposed to underdog.
Overdoing adjThat overdoes or does too much; overdone.
Overdone vbCarried too excess, take too far, exaggerate; over-acted. 2. cook too much.
Overdone phr"At Overdone" - at an excessive rate; to excess.
Overdonely advExcessively.
Overdoor nAn ornamental finish at the tead of a door.
Overdraw nTo draw money from one's bank account in excess of what the account holds. 2. the enlargement beyond the bounds or truth; romanticize. 3. overdraft.
Overdraw vbThe drawing of money from one's bank account in excess of what the account holds. 2. to enlarge beyond the bounds or truth; romanticize. 3. to draw excessively, as a bow. 4. to exaggerate a representation of.
Overdrawn adjDrawn in excess of what money one's bank account holds.
Overdreve vbTo stud with nails driven into the whole surface.
Overdrink vbTo drink strong liquor excessively.
Overdrinking nThe act of drinking hard or strong liquor excessively and for too long..
Overdrip vbSee 'overdrop'
Overdrive nA mechanism in a motor vehicle providing a gear ratio higher than that of a usual gear. 2. an additional speed-increasing gear. 3. a state of of high or excessive activity.
Overdrive vbTo drive away, dispel, overthrow. 2. to cause time to pass or lapse. 3. to bring to an end. 4. to pass, spend, use up.
Overdrop vbTo drop over, overhang, overshadow.
Overdrown vbTo flood with water. 2. submerge, drench, inundate, wet excessively.
Over-early adjToo early, premature, prematurely, too soon.
Overearnest adjOver ardent or intense.
Overeat vbTo eat in excessive, be a glutton, gormandize.
Overeating nThe action of overeating.
Over-end nThe upper end, the top, overend.
Over-english vbTo exaggerate a description in English.
Overer nA superior, higher in status or position. 2. upper or higher part of a region. 3. upper of two things. 4. a person of higher rank or superiority.
Overest nThe person supreme over others; a ruler.
Overest adjHighest position, uppermost, above the rest. 2. fig. the highest in status.
Overest advIn the highest or uppermost position.
Over-eye vbTo cast an eye over. to watch carefully, observe. 3. watch over, take care of.
Overfall nA waterfall in a river; rapids, cataract. 2. a rapid sea-current formed by the peculiarities of the bottom, or of the winds, tides etc, etc a race. 3. a sudden drop in the bottom of the sea. 4. a catch basin for overflow, as from a canal.
Overfall vbTo fall upon or over. 2. to attack assail, fall upon.
Overfare vbTo pass over, across, or through; traverse.
Overfat adjVery fat, obese.
Overfear nExcessive fear, terrification.
Overfearful adjExceedingly fearful, absolutely terrified.
Overfearfully advIn a terrifying or fearful manner.
Overfearfulness nState or condition of excesively fearful.
Ovefeed vbFeed to much or excessively.
Overfew adjToo few.
Overfill vbFill beyond a reasonable or safe limit.
Overfilled adjFilled beyond the limit.
Overfilling nThe act or action of filling beyond a reasonable or safe limit.
Overfire vbTo heat too much.
Ovefish vbTo deplete the stock of fish by over-fishing.
Overfishing nThe act or action of depletion a stock of fish.
Overflee vbTo flee over, escape from, to run from, run away.
Overfleet vbTo flow over, overflow, cover over with floating things.
Overflight nThe act of flying over or beyond a territory, region or place.
Overfloat vbTo overflow, flow over.
Overflood vbFlood or inundate greatly.
Overfloten adjOverflowed, flooded, over-flooded, immersed, submersed.
Overflow vbFlow over the edge, limits, brim of a receptacle or container. 2. flow or flow over the brim or bank, as water, or a river. 3. to flow over or spread over, cover. 4. to superabund. 5. to fill beyond capacity over the edge, caused to overflow, as over the limits, or brim of a receptacle or container. 6. of a gathering or multitude to extend beyond the boundary or limits. 3.
Overflow nWhat overflow or is superfluous; a superabundance; surplus water. 2. an instance of overflowing of a flowing over. 3. an outlet or valve to discharge excess water.
Overflow adjToo full, abundant. 2. of kindness, warmness to issue abundantly
Overflow hole nAn outlet that allows the escape of surplus water or other liquids.
Overflowing nAn overflow; that which overflows. 2. copiousness, exuberance. 3. copious, running over the brim, abundant.
Overflowing adjCovered and flowing over with water or other liquids.
Overflow meeting nA meeting for those who can not fit into main building or arena.
Overfly vbFly beyond a place, area or region.
Overfold nA series of strata folded so as that the middle part is upside down.
Overforth advVery far forth; forward or onward.
Overforward adjToo forward; precocious, overbold, over presumptuous
Overforwardly advAdvancing or going forward in a too rapid rate.
Overforwardness nPrecocity. 2. over bold in manners and conduct. 3. advancing far too quickly.
Over-friendliness nThe quality of being too friendly.
Over-friendly advExcessively friendly
Overfree adjExcessive or too much freedom. 2. laxity in parents in child rearing.
Overfreedom nToo liberal or lacking in responsibility.
Overfrozen adjFrozen to an icy state or near icy state.
Overfulfil vbA plan etc beyond expectation or before the appointed time.
Overfull adjFull beyond its capacity.
Overfulness nOf eating or drinking: the state or condition of being overfull. 2. of a place, region, country, venue full beyond its capacity.
Overfyll nOverfulness, sep. in eating or drinking, a surfeit, repletion.
Overgang vbTo head over, trample upon, conquer drew power, get the better off. 2. to go over, across, overstep, transgress, to go beyond, exceed.
Overgate nA way over a wall or stream (ford).
Overget vbTo overtake. 2. to get over, surmount. 3. recover from illness' affects, shock etc. 4. get the better of, outwit. 5. to prevail upon; take possession of a place, etc.
Overgild vbTo gild over.
Overgird vbToo gird too closely or tightly.
Overgive vbTo give over, surrender, yield. 2. to give freely or excessively.
Over-giving nThe act of giving over, surrendering or yielding. 2. the act of giving freely and excessively.
Overglad adjExcessively happy or glad.
Overglide vbTo glide over.
Overgo vbTo come upon suddenly. 2. to overtake, to catch, apprehend, detect. 3. to pass over a wall, boundary, line, border etc. 4. to surmount, cross, traverse. 5. to break , to go beyond or over go a moral limit, to transgress --" as over goes one's bed." -- to break wedlock, to act with infidelity, cheat or betray the trust of a spouse. 6. to go beyond, exceed. 7. to overcome, overpower, get the better of, overwhelm, oppress. 8. to go over, spread over or cover. 9. to over-run, overflow, pass over, or spread over in a hostile or damaging way. to travel throughout, traverse. 10. to live through a time, era, epoch. 11. to go faster, leave behind, outstrip, overtake. 12. to pass over, pass by, leave alone, omit.
Overgo phr"Over Goes One's Bed" - to break , to go beyond or over go a moral limit, to transgress or to break wedlock, to act with infidelity, cheat or betray the trust of a spouse.
Over-god nA supreme god.
Over-godly adjExtremely religious.
Overgoing nA transgression, a limit-breaking, a moral and ethical betrayal. 2. going over; a transgression crossing the point of going over, the brink.
Overgone adjGone out of use. 2. obsolete, gone by bounds, too far gone.
Overgood adjToo good; excessively good
Overgreat adjToo great, excessive.
Overgreatly advToo great, excessively.
Over-greatness nState or quality of being very great.
Overgreed nExcessive greed, gluttony.
Overgreedily advIn a manner or way displaying great greediness.
Overgreediness nThe act of being overgreedy.
Overgreedy adjExcessively greedy, gluttony.
Overgroom vbTo groom oneseld or others excessively.
Overground nThe surface or top of anything. 2 the uppermost.
Overground adjOvert, unconcealed, publicly, acknowledged.
Overground advAbove the ground; into the open; unconcealed.
Overgrow vbTo grow beyond one's boundaries or containment. 2. to grow over; (of one thing) to cause (a second thing) to become overgrown (with or by the first thing). 3. grow to big or large for; outgrow. 4. to grow or increase excessively.
Overgrow phr"Overgrow Oneself" - grow beyond oneself strength.
Overgrowing nOverspreading, surpassing, covering thickly or densely.
Overgrown adjDensely covered with vegetation, spreading over, jungle-like, stifling, choking.
Overgrownly advExcessively, in an overgrown state.
Overgrownness nThe state or condition of being overgrown.
Overgrowth nExcessive in growth and size; a profusion of growth on or over something else. 2. growth that has covered everything.
Overhale vbTo draw over something as a covering. 2. pull or drag over or across the top. 3. to pass over disregard, overlook. 4. to harry, harass, molest, oppress. 5. to overpower, overmaster, examine thoroughly.
Overhand nThe upper-hand, mastery, victory, superiority.
Overhand vbTo turn over or upside down. 2. turn out of hand, or aside.
Overhanded adjCharacterized by bringing the hand from above downwards.
Overhand knot nA simple knot made by passing the rope string , etc. over the starting point and through the top or bight so formed,
Overhandle vbTo handle excessively.
Overhang nA part of something which hangs or projects over something else; jut over. 2. an overhanging portion of a structure, as a roof, the bow of a ship, etc; also the amount of degree of such projection. 3. a quantity of securities or commodities large enough to make prices fall if offered for sale.
Overhang vbTo impend over, threaten. 2. to hang over or project out. 3. to hang over or jut out. 4. to adorn with hangings.
Overhanging nSomething that overhangs.
Overhanging eaves nCommon rafters continued over the wall plate to project over the face of the wall.
Overhard adjToo hard, excessively hard.
Overhard advToo hard.
Overharden adjTo over harden or harden too much.
Overhardness nState or quality of being hardness.
Overhardy adjTo hardy; overbold, brash, reckless; rash
Overharry vbTo pass over in devastation and disaster. 2. to harry over or worried beyond measure.
Overharvest vbTo the harvest too often; too unsustainable level.
Overharvesting nOne of five primary activities threatening global biodiversity; others include pollution, introduced species, habitat fragmentation, and habitat destruction. Aquatic species are especially threatened by overharvesting, due to a situation known as the tragedy of the commons.
Overhaving adjHaving or inclined to having too much. 2. greedy, avaricious.
Over-havingnessnThe state or fact of having too much, avarice, greed,
Overhead nGeneral expenditure applicable to all departments of a business, as light, heating, taxes. 2. the ceiling of a cabin or hold on a ship.
Overhead adjPlaced above the head. 2. above; aloft; in the sky; placed above. 3. of expenses arising from general running costs, as distinct from particular business transactions. 4. chosen by random sampling; average: an overhead sample.
Overhead advAbove one's head; aloft. 2. in the sky or the heavens above. 3. so as to be submerged: over one's head.
Overhead-line nA structure used in electric power transmission and distribution to transmit electrical energy along large distances. It consists of one or more conductors (commonly multiples of three) suspended by towers or poles
Overheal vbTo heal a wound, sore (only) superficially.
Overhealer nOne who, or that which, heals superficially.
Overhealing nSuperficial treatment and healing that may cause greater scarring.
Overheap vbTo collect or gather copiously, or in excess, in a heap.
Overhear vbTo hear as an eavesdropper, or as an incidental or unintentional listener.
Overheard adjHeard as an eavesdropper, or an incidental listener.
Overhearer nOne who hears as an eavesdropper, or as an incidental or unintentional listener.
Overheartily advIn a heartful manner.
Overhearty adj
Overheat vbTo make or cause to become too hot. 2. to heat too excess.
Overheated adjExcessively heated, made hot to excess. 2. very or greatly passionate about an issue or belief.
Overheatedly advIn an overheated manner; with undue heat.
Overheating nThe excessive heating of something.
Over-heave vbTo pass over, neglect, omit. 2. to overcome, conquer, vanquish. 3. to lift or raise something above anything else. 4. to exalt. 5. to overstrain oneself in lifting.
Overheaviness nThe state or condition of being overheavy.
Overheavy adjExcessively heavy.
Overheight nExcessive height.
Overhele vbTo cover over, to cover up, overhill, overhale.
Overheling nThe action of covering over; overhilling.
Overhelpful adjHelp given with good intentions but extremely unhelpful to a successful outcome.
Overhent vbTo lay hold upon, to overtake.
Over-here nThe country etc where one is/is not at the moment of speaking (irrespective of one's own nationality), especialy one separated by sea, channel from another country, Britain vis a vis France, the US. See 'over there'.
Overhie vbTo overreach, to take by hastening after, to leave behind by hastening. 2. to pass over as swiftly as fire.
Overhigh vbo lift or raise too high. 2. exalt supremely.
Overhigh adjExcessively ot too high.
Over-higher nA superior, ruler, head.
Over-highly advIn an excessive high or too high way; with a superior manner.
Overhire vbTo hire too many employees.
Overhill vbTo cover over , to cover up, tile, roof over, overhale, overhele
Overhip vbTo leap over, skip over, omit.
Overhit vbHit unduly. 2. hit beyond the mark aimed at, instead of accurately hitting.
Overhold vbOverestimate; deem at a too higher rate. 2. restrain, hold back.
Overhope nToo great a hope or confidence; a presumption.
Overhope vbTo hope exceedingly or overly optimistically.
Overhot adjExcessively hot, very much overheated.
Overhouse adjOver the top of a house, as power lines.
Over-housed adjOf, or pertaining to a resident in subsidized housing who are no longer eligible to remain in a house of the size that they occupy.
Over-housed vbTo be impressed by the quality and size of a house.
Over-housed household nA house-hold ceases to be eligible for rent-assistance if the household occupies a house that is larger than the largest size permissible under the occupancy laws and regulations.
Overhung adjCovered over; ornamented with hangings. 2. suspended from above or from the top.
Overhunt nThe depletion of stock of animals by over-hunting.
Overhunt vbTo deplete the stock of animals by over-hunting.
Overhunting nHunting at unsustainable levels.
Overidle adjLazy, extremely idle.
Overish adjQualmish, weak, alarmed, nervous.
Overkeen adjExcessively keen or enthusiastic.
Overkeep vbTo keep for too long. 2. to keep too strictly or for too long.
Overkind adjExcessive kind.
Overkindly advIn an excessively kind manner.
Ovekindness nThe quality of being too kind.
Overking nA superior king. 2. a king who is the superior of other kings or rulers having the title of king. 3. God.
Overknown vbTo be very well known; be a household name.
Overknowing nCunning.
Overlade vbLade or draw water out. 2. load a burden too heavily.
Overladen adjHaving too large or over heavy a load, overloaded.
Overland adjTraveling or passing over land. 2. being done over land, rather than over water.
Overland advBy, or upon, or across land, not by sea.
Overlander nOne who travels over land or across countries.
Overlap vbTo lap over; to rest upon; and extend beyond 2. extend over so as to cover partly. 3. cover part of the same area of interest, responsibility, etc.
Overlap nA part or amount which overlaps.
Overlapping adjLapped over, extended beyond; covered partly. 2. the covering of part of the same area of interest, responsibility, etc.
Overlappingly advSo as to overlap.
Overlate adjOccurring, coming or being after the usual or proper time. 2. not usual or proper.
Overlately advIn or during a time not usual or proper.
Overlately phr"Over Lately" - in or during a time not usual or proper.
Overlaw vbOvercome with law. 2. defeat in law.
Overlay nA coating; a covering.
Overlay vbTo spread over; to cover completely; to span. 2.
Overlead vbOverwhelm, oppress, domineer. 2. lead as a superior rule, govern. 3. lead across, elsewhere; fig. leading astray, mislead.
Overleaf advOn the other side of a leaf of a book; on the next page.
Overleader nOppressor.
Overleading nOppression.
Overleaf advOn the other side or page. 2. on the next page.
Overlean adjTilted over, bent or bending over, inclined.
Overlean vbTo tilt, incline or bend over.
Overleaning nThe tendency or preference of tilting, inclining or bending over.
Overleap vbTo leap over, jump over, too cross over by jumping. 2. to pass over, omit, leave out.
Overlearn vbLean or incline too far over.
Overlearn vbTo learn something excessively or over learn. 2. to learn something beyond the stage of initially successful performance.
Overlearnedness nThe state of learning something excessively or over learn.
Over-learning nPsychology, a degree of learning beyond what is necessary for immediate or adequate use in prescribed situations.
Over-leave vbTo be left over, remain.
Overleavings nResidue, remainder, left-overs, that which is left over.
Overlend nToo lend too much.
Overlending nThe act or practice of lending in excess.
Overlength adjLonger than is standard (of a vehicle, etc.) longer than is allowed. 2. an excess of length.
Overlick vbTo lick over.
Overlie vbTo lie over or upon - said of a layer above another or stratum. 2. to smother by lying on top of, as a baby accidentally smothered . 3. to lie with, have sexual intercourse with a woman. 4. to oppress, subdue, hold down. 5. to hang over, overlying, situating above.
Overlier nOne who lies upon or encumbers another; applied to beggars who exacted lodgings and food. 2. that which lies upon another.
Overlift vbTo lift too high or something that is extremely heavy.
Overlight vbTo light up or illuminate too brightly.
Overlightly advIn a light-hearted or frivolous manner.
Overline vbTo overscore or place (super)signs above text.
Overliness nSuperficiality, carelessness, contempt, haughtiness.
Overling nOne who is over others. 2. a superior. 3. a conqueror, vanquisher, master, ruler.
Overlip vbTo overflow the lip or brim or brim of.
Over-lipping adjBrimming over, overflowing.
Overlisten vbTo eaves-drop; to listen in order to hear the conversation of others.
Over-little adjToo little.
Overlive vbTo live longer than, or after the death of another. 2. to survive, live longer, outlive. 3. to live too long. 4. to live beyond one's income.
Overlived adjMade to live too long.
Overlively advActive andbusy to extreme.
Overliver nA survivor.
OverlivingadjSurviving. 2. living too long.
Overload vbTo load too heavily; load to excess. 2. to overburden; to put too heavy a load on. 3. put to great a load on an electrical system. 4. give excessive work, responsibility, information.
Overloaded adjOver-burdened, loaded to excess.
Overloaden vbTo load beyond capacity; overladen.
Overloading nThe loading or filling to excess. 2. to load too heavily.
Overlock nTo stitch or sew over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for edging.
Overlocker nA person who (by hand), or a sewing machine that overlocks.
Overlocking adjThe act or practice of overlocking.
Overlofty adjExtremely high.
Overlong adjOf a too greater time.
Overlong advOf or for a long time.
Overlong prpalong, over the length of.
Overlook nA high place offering a view. 2. the act of looking over, as from a height; an inspection, survey. 3. oversight, neglect, excuse, pardon.
Overlook vbTo look over; to view from a higher position or place. 2. to oversee, supervise, superintend. 3. to fail too see or notice by carelessness. 4. to disregard purposely or indulgently; ignore. 5. to excuse, pardon, overlook.
Overlooker nOne who looks over; or views from a higher position. 2. an overseer, superintendent; supervisor. 3. one who fails to notice by carelessness; one who excuses, or pardons.
Overlooking adjUsed of a height or viewpoint. 2. a commanding view.
Overlord nA lord superior in Saxon times. 2. one who is the lord of other lords or rulers; a lord paramount, as supreme lord, God. 2. a person who has general authority over another.
Overlord vbTo exercise authority or supremacy over another. 2. a feudal superior. 3. the famous code name given to the Allied operation for the invasion of NW Europe , which began on D-Day 1944.
Overlording nThe act, action, or exercising of authority over others or another.
Over-lordship nThe position or authority of an overlord.
Over-lordship nThe position of an overlord. 2. the exercising of supremacy or dominion over.
Overloud adjExcessively loud or noisy.
Over-love nTo great a love.
Over-lover nOne who loves too much, often unconditionally.
Overloving adjLoving excessively or too much.
Overlovingly advIn an excessively loving way.
Overlusty adjTo lusty or lively.
Overly adjSuperficial, slight, cursory, sly, careless. 2. supercilious, imperious, overbearing. 3. supreme, foremost, dominant
Overly advAbove or beyond the proper amount or degree. 2. overmuch, too much, excessively. 3. incidentally, casually, not intentionally. 4. haughtily, superciliously, slightly.
Overlying nThe act or action of overlie.
Overlying adjSuperincumbent; suffocating, covering over.
Overmake vbto make over or anew; recreate; remake. 2. to make a greater quantity than needed; overproduce; overdo.
Overmake nThat which is overmade; make-over. 2. an oversupply; surplus.
Overman nA man having authority or rule over another. 2. a superior ruler, chief; a superman. 3. arbiter, arbitrator, umpire. 4. foreman, supervisor, overseer.
Overman vbTo provide with more men than necessary.
Overmanning nTo have too many workers appropriate for work required to be done. 2. over-staffing, ghost-worker dealing.
Overmany nA surfeit, overabundance, superfluity.
Overmany prnToo many.
Overmark vbTo place a mark or marking above. 2. to correct a student's examination paper very strictly.
Overmarking nThe act or action of placing a marking above. 2. the practice or attitude of marking a student's examination paper too strictly.
Overmaster vbTo gain the mastery over; to subdue completely. 2. get the better of.
Overmasterling nOne who overmasters, supervises, manages, rules.
Overmatch nA match in which one is clearly superior to, or outmatched by another. 2. to be more than a match for; surpass, be too powerful.
Overmatched adjOutclassed, unable to compete.
Overmellow adjOver ripe, too ripe, rank, rancid.
Overmerry adjExtremely merry and joyous.
Overmete adjExcessive, above measure, immoderate.
Overmete vbTo pass over, pass by, cross over, traverse, exceed.
Over-mickleadvToo much, over much, surfeit, overly abundant.
Overmightily advTo forceful in manner and ways.
Overmighty adjExcessively powerful.
Over-mild adjExcessively mild in various senses.
Overmind vbAttach too great of importance to something or someone. 2. think too much of or about. 3. to bring to mind too often. 4. to think uniquely, and with strong reasoning powers.
Overmindedness nThe state or quality possessed by a person with extra abilities which are not found in a normal person.
Over-mindedly advIn an manner attaching too great of importance to someone or something.
Over-mirth nExcessive merrymaking.
Overmood adjProud, haughty
Overmoodliness nPride, haughtiness, high-mindedness
Overmore advIn addition, furthermore, more than, over-morely. 2. uppermore, highermost, overmost.
Over-morrow nThe day after tomorrow.
Overmost advUppermost, highest.
Over-mourn vbTo mourn a person's passing profoundly and during a prolonged period.
Overmuch nAn excess, too much. 2. overmickle.
Overmuch adjToo much; too great, excessive. 3. exceeding what is necessary or proper.
Overmuch advIn too great a degree; exaggerated.
Over-muchness nThe condition of being overmuch; excessive, superabundance.
Overner nVisitor, immigrant, foreigner.
Overname nA surname.
Overnarrow adjToo narrow; barely able to fit through.
Overnet vbTo spread a net over.
Overnight adjDone, happening, for use overnight. 2. instant, immediate, at once.
Overnight advFor the duration of the night. 2. during the course of a night; through and during the night. 3. instantly or very quickly.
Overnight vbTo stay for the night in a particular place. 2. to convey goods during or at night, so that they arrive next morning.
Over-nighter nA stop or stay lasting one night. 2. a person who stops or stays one night.
Overnim vbOvertake by violence, take by violence, carry off by force.
Over-old adjToo old, worn out, dilapidated, antiquated.
Over-oldness nState or condition of being too old, worn out, dilapidated, ancient, antiquated
Overplay vbto play a part to excess. 2. to emphasize too much. 3. too attach to great importance too. 3 to overplay one's hand. 4. to spoil a good case by exaggerating it's value. 5. to surpass or overcome in play or sport. 6. to play better than, gain a victory over.
Overpluck vbTo pluck something too much, usually one's eyebrows.
Overput vbTo throw off, get over, recover from.
Overputting nThe act of running beyond the proper point, so as to lose the scent.
Overquell vbTo crush, overcome, overpower, subdue, crush.
Overquelm vbTo thwart, stop, prevent. 2. overwhelm.
Overquick adjToo or extremely quick; excessively quick.
Overquickish adjSomewhat or a little too quick or swift.
Overquickly advReadily.
Over-rank adjToo rank or vigourous in growth. 2. very offensive, esp. offensive of smell, over-ripe.
Over-rankness nState or condition of being rank or very over-ripe.
Over-reach vbTo reach out too far or beyond. 2. to spread over, cover. 3. to defeat oneself, by trying too hard or being over-clever.. 4. to miss by stretching or reaching too far. 5. to get the advantage over; outwhit, cheat.
Overreach phr"Overreach Oneself" - to try to do more than is possible. 2. to get better by cunning; to outwit. 3. to fail through excessive ambition, effort, cunning.
Over-reacher nOne who reaches out too far.
Over-reaching nThe act or action of reaching or extend too far.
Over-reaching adjExtending or reaching too far.
Over-reachingly advIn a manner or way of extending or reaching too far.
Over-read vbTo read too much and too long, esp. so as to get tired.
Over-readiness nThe quality or state of being too ready.
Over-ready adjToo ready.
Over-reckon vbTo overestimate, to reckon or calculate in excess.
Over-rede vbTo surpass or overdo in counsel or giving advice.
Override vbTo ride over, across or beyond something. 2. to ride a horse too far orr to exhaustion. 3. to counteract the normal operation of something. 4. to disregard summarily, as if trampling down; supersede, prevail over. 5. a mechanism, device or procedure use to counteract an automatic control. 6. a royalty or commission paid to a sales manager, based on the sales of his staff. 7. a device for prioritizing an audio signal.
Over-rider nOne who, or something overrides or counteracts the normal operations of something.
Over-riding adjCounteracted, overcoming, excluding. 2. chief; primary, principal.
Over-ridingly advIn an overriding manner, to the exclusion of other factors or concerns.
Over-right advOver against; right opposite.
Over-righteous adjOverbearing in maters of moral rectitude.
Over-righteousness nThe quality of being overbearing in of matters (moral) rectitude.
Over-ripe adjRank; too ripe; too vigorous in growth.
Over-ripen vbTo make to ripen or rank.
Over-ripeness nThe state of being too ripe or rank.
Over-rise vbOf dough: to rise too high. 2. to rise too high or excessively.
Over-risen adjOf anything that has risen too high.
Over-roof vbTo build a roof over, as a stadium provided with a roof.
Over-roofing nThe action or practice of providing with a roof.
Over-run nAn instance of overunning; the amount of over-running. 2. an instance of printing too many copies a book etc.
Over-run vbSpread over or occupy a place in large numbers; as a an invading army; or weeds. 2. invade, ravage, overwhelm, swarm over, surge over. 2. to exceed a fixed length. 3. flow over, inundate, flood over-run. 4. to spread rapidly or throughout, as an idea, fad, etc. 5. to pass the usual or desired limit. 6. the difference between the actual output and the calculated output in conversion.
Over-run phr"On the Overrun" - the motion of a vehicle at a greater speed than being imparted by the engine. (look further???)
Overrun phrOverrun One's Self" - to run beyond one's mark, or beyond one's strength. 2. to run too far. 3. to exhaust or injure oneself by running too far.
Over-runner nOne who, or that which, runs too often and much. 2. the printing too many copies a book etc.
Over-running nAn act or instance of overrunning. 2. an amount in excess or exceeded; surplus. 3. the exceeding of an estimated cost in design, design, development and production; especially, as an estimate in a contract. 4. a run of an item of manufacture by the quantity ordered by a customer and offered at a discount. 5. the amount by which a volume of food, as butter or ice cream is increased above the volume by the inclusion of air, water aor another substance.
Oversaid adjMentioned previously, above-said, said repeatedly.
Oversail vbTo sail over or across. 2. to cross over in a sailing vessel. 3. to run down a vessel and sink by sailing over it.
Oversale nA sale of goods where the supply cannot meet the customer' s demand. 2. an oversell.
Oversalt vbTo add to or make a product too salty.
Oversalted adjToo salted, very salty; with too much salt
Oversalty adjToo salted, very salty; with too much salt
Over-say vbTo say over, exaggerate, overstate; repeat.
Oversaying nExaggeration in speech.
Over-schooled adjSchooled too much, but often without gaining a required skill level.
Overscore vbTo score over, to cover with scores, cut or etch lines.
Oversea adjImported from beyond the sea. 2. of a foreign make; foreign, made abroad. 3. situated by the sea. 4. connected or having to do with countries by the sea. 5. across or beyond the sea. 6. on the other side of the sea; overseas, abroad.
Overseas adjOverseas in a foreign country; as, "overseas markets". 2. overseas being or passing over or across the sea; as, "some overseas trade".
Overseas advOverseas in a place across an ocean or sea; beyond or across the sea
Oversee vbTo look down upon; to look at from a higher position; overlook. 2. to supervise, manager, survey, keep watch upon, to watch.
Overseed vbTo spread seeds over an existing lawn in an attempt to grow thicker lawn.
Overseek vbTo search through
Overseen adjNoticed too frequently.
Overseen phr"Overseen with Drink" - drunk, intoxicated.
Overseer nOne who supervises or overseers.
Overseership nThe office or position of an overseer. 2. control, rule, power over.
Overseethe vbTo boil over.
Overself nThe finer, stronger or more assertive part of one's nature. 2. Paul Brunton's definition: "Realisation of the spiritual heart, the inner source of attention, exclusive of the body and the world.
Oversell vbTo give someone an exaggerated idea of the value or worth of something.
Overseme vbTo overlord, suppress.
Overset vbTo overthrow, defeat. 2. overturn, upset, turn upside down, capsize. 3. overlord, subdue. 4. postpone, put off, delay. 5. oppress, press hard on, overcome, overpower by force. 6. to overcome the mind 's feelings. 7. cause to fall over. 8. cause to fall into confusion. 9. overturn the normal mental or physical condition of someone. 10. discompose, disorder, discomfit. 11. to lose one's balance or ordered condition. 12. to set a surface over with jewels.
Oversew vbTo sew overhand, especially with close stitches.
Oversey vbTo pass by, elapse.
Overshade vbTo render gloomily or dark; overshadow, cast a shade or shadow over.
Overshadow vbTo cast or throw a shadow over something or someone; darken (lit & fig). 2. to obscure, dim, something by casting a shadow over. 3. to render unimportant or insignificant, by comparison. 4. loom over, dominate.
Overshadowed adjSuperseded by, covered up by, overtaken or eclipsed .
Overshadower nOne who, or that which, overshadows.
Overshadowy adjOvershadowing.
Overshake vbTo shake too much. 2. to shake over and away; disperse, drive away.
Overshape nThat which is transformed; a transformation, alteration, reshaping.
Overshape vbTo transform, alter, reshape. 2. to form, or manipulate excessively. 3. that which is overshaped. 4.
Overshare vbTo share to much or in excess; give out too much information. 2. to offer inappropriate disclosure concerning one's personal life to others.
Oversharing nThe action or an instance of divulging one's personal information to others.
Oversharp adjExcessively sharp, as 'oversharp criticism'.
Oversharpness nCriticism to severe or oversharp.
Over-shepherd nThe head (fig.) of a religious organization or 'flock'.
Overshine vbTo shine over, or upon; to illumine. 2. excel or outshine in some quality.
Overshining adjOver illuminated or far too bright. 2. outshining or excelling above.
Overshirt nA shirt intended to be worn over over clothing.
Overshoe nFootwear that is worn over the top of your shoes in order to protect them from, snow, water, extreme cold.
Overshoot vbTo shoot or go over beyond. 2. to go beyond, exceed, as to limit. 3. to drive or force beyond one's proper limit. 4. shoot or go over or beyond one's limit. 5. to go too far.
Overshoot phr"Overshoot the Mark" - to shoot over beyond one's mark. 2. to go farther than one intends any course. 3. to overreach oneself. 4. miss one's mark by going too far. 5. to exaggerate. 6. to fill into error. 6. to go or venture too far.
Overshooting nThe act of, or state of going farther than one intends any course.
Overshop vbTo spend to much time or money shopping.
Overshopping nThe act of spend to much time or money shopping.
Overshort adjToo short.
Overshort advVery abruptly.
Overshorten adjtoo short, very short.
Overshot vbSurpassed beyond in any way. 2. projecting as the upper jaw beyond the lower jaw.
Overshot wheel nA wheel turned by water falling from above.
Overshout vbTo shout to louldly or often.
Overshow vbTo show to often or excessively
Overshroud vbTo cover with a shroud.
Overside nUpper or superior side.
Oversight nAn unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something; inadvertence. 2. management by overseeing the performance or operation or group. 3. a mistake resulting from inattention ;an overlooking. 4. watchful care, general supervision.
Over-sing vbTo sing with too much effort or embellishment.
Oversit vbTo sit on or upon. 2. to occupy, possess. 3. to refrain, abstain, desist from, to omit.
Oversleep vbTo sleep longer than intended. 2. to sleep too long. 3. sleep beyond one's usual hour of rising.
Oversleeper nOne who sleeps longer than intended.
Oversleeve nA protective sleeve covering an ordinary sleeve.
Overslip vbTo slip or slide over. 2. to pass easily or carelessly beyond. 3. to omit, neglect (time).
Overslipped adjSliding, passed by easily. 2. omitted, neglected.
Overslow vbTo render slow, to check, cub.
Overslow adjToo slow.
Overslowness nThe state of being very slow or too slow.
Oversman nA man having authority; an overman.
Oversmile vbTo smile too much or inappropriately.
Oversoft adjToo soft. 2. too or extremely quiet.
Oversoftly advIn an over-soft manner or approach. 2. in an over-softly voice. 3. of the over-softly vowel sound schwa.
Over-sold nfinance) a stock or commodity market condition where there has been significant trading driving prices down to lower levels, levels which seem overextended or excessive on a short-term basis.
Oversoon advToo soon, too quickly or readily.
Over-sorrow adjTo grieve of afflict with great sorrow.
Oversoul nR.W. Emerson's name for the Deity regarded philosophically as the Supreme Spirit/God which animates the world.
Oversoul vbIn respect of the soul, to be ruled or dominated, or be subject to oversouling.
Oversow vbTo sow where something has already been sowed.
Overspan vbTo reach or span over.
Overspeak vbTo exceed in speaking. 2. too speak too much. 3. to use too many words. 4. garrulity.
Overspeaking nWhere someone speaks way too much, and away from the subject.
Overspeakingly advOf an excessive manner in speaking or using too many words.
Overspeech nLoquacity, indiscretion. 2. a speech verbose and irrelevant to the subject of discussion.
Overspeed vbMoving far too rapidly.
Overspend vbTo overspend more than one can afford 2. to use up, exhaust.
Overspill nOVerflow; that which overflows. 2. surplus population emigrating from a country.
Overspill vbTo spill over; to overflow.
Overspin vbTo spin out to too great length; to protract unduly
Overspread nThe fact of spreading over. 2. that which is spread over.
Overspread vbTo spread across or cover over completely; as, 'a deluge overspread the Earth'. 2. flood, over-flow, over-swarm, run through, spill over, teem over.
Overspreading nThe action of overspreading.
Overspring vbTo spring or leap over; fig. to surmount.
Oversprung adjFitted with too many or too flexible springs.
Overspurn vbTo kick over, overturn with the foot.
Overstain vbTo cover with stains. 2. to stain excessively.
Overstaining nThe staining too excessively especially, in order to demonstrate selected elements by controlled staining. 2. the act or technique of overstaining.
Overstand vbTo stand over, to stand beside. 2. endure, stay to the end of, to get through, overstay. 3. to pass over, cross over.
Overstare vbTo stare or stare excessively at something or someone.
Overstart vbTo overleap, miss, skip, omit.
Overstead adjOverset, overwhelmed.
Oversteepened adjOf a valley: steepened further and having a great steepness than running water would have carved.
Oversteer nThe condition of oversteering in which the rear wheels of a car don't follow the desired curve whilst cornering, with the rear wheels losing a degree of traction and so skidding of the required line into a spin.
Oversteer vbTo loose the control of one's vehicle in a corner due to the rear wheels sliding and not following the front wheels.
Overstep vbTo go far beyond the limit; esp. to cross boundaries or exceed norms or conventions.
Overstep phrTo go far beyond (a limit); especially, to cross boundaries or exceeding norms or convention.
Overstepping nThe act of overstepping.
Overstink vbTo stink or smell more than; to drown the stench of.
Overstitch nAn embroidery stitch made one over the other.
Overstitch vbTo sew in an embroidery stitch made one stitch over the other.
Overstock nA stock or store in excess of requirement or demand.
Overstock vbTo stock more than is required. 2. to run more animals in, or on various types of farms or agricultural ground than the land can maintain. 3. to gather together an excess of goods or things.
Overstocking nA supply more than necessary or wanted. 2. to have in stock more than is necessary or wanted. 3. an oversupply, an excess, a glut, an overmuch, an unneeded or desired surplus.
Overstrain nOverwork or over-exertion.
Overstrain vbTo strain excessively or too much. 2. to subject to excessive strain; esp. to force beyond a natural or proper limit. 3. to exert too much physical effort. 4. to overuse or waste resources excessively
Overstrained adjExerted, used or put forth to an excessive amount or effort. 2. strained too far; overworked.(fig); exaggerated.
Overstraining nThe act of excessive exertion or effort.
Overstream vbTo stream over or across. 2. to flow over in a stream
Overstreaming nThe act, condition or state of streaming or flowing over.
Overstretch vbTo stretch too much. 2. make excessive demands beyond reasonable grounds; exaggerated. 3. to extend beyond or use beyond what is reasonable, usual or proper.
Overstretched adjNot having sufficient or lacking financial resources, goods, equipment. 2. not enough or sufficient, a lacking a dearth. 3. fig. exaggerated.
Overstretching nThe stretching or pulling muscles causing injury.
Overstrew vbTo scatter around and about.
Overstrewn adjScattered around and about.
Overstride vbTo stride over, across and to farther extent. 2. to step, stand, sit astride. 3. to run, walk, move beyond in a race or competition. 4. to go beyond, move pass, go farther. 5. to run an overly long stride for one's leg length.
Overstride nThe action of striding over or across. 2. the stepping over or across. 3. the swift striding beyond or to a farther extent.
Overstrike vbTo overreach oneself while striking. 2. to cover up (a design, mark etc.) by stamping another on top of it; to superimpose a mark or logo on (a coin, stamp, etc.). 3. to strike (something) too hard. [from 20th c.]
Overstrike n(Numismatics) a coin that has been overstruck, i.e. coined more than once. 2. (typography) the printing of one character over another, as - on top of L to produce Ł. 3. (computing, uncountable) overtype (feature where input replaces existing characters instead of being inserted before them)
Overstring vbTo string an archery bow too tightly
Overstroke nAn overarm stroke in swimming.
Overstrong adjExcessively strong.
Overstrung adjToo highly strung; intensely strained to excess. 2. in a state of nervous of nervous tension. 3. of a piano having some of the longer strings crossing others obliquely, in order to save space.
Oversty vbTo mount, ascend, to surmount, transcend, excel, surpass. (O.E. stygan - c.f. stigend)
Overstying nThe passing over or above.
Overswallow vbTo gulp when swallowing often due to the medical condition of phagophobia.
Overswallowing nA medical complaint ('phagophobia') where one has difficulty in swallowing
Overswarm vbTo swarm or teem in excess. 2. to ensemble or grow a great swarm or in a multitude. 3. to swarm beyond or in excess.
Overswarming nThe action or condition swarming in excess.
Overswarth nThe surface sward.
Overswarth vbTo darken over, to blacken, denigrate,
Oversway vbTo rule over, govern, to exercise power or dominion over. 2. to domineer, overpower, overrule. 3. to surpass in commanding quality; to prevail over by superior authority. 4. in ref to physical qualities, to overpower by superior strength or intensity. 5. to lead , influence, or persuade into course of action. 6. to cause to swing, sway, lean or incline to one side or so as to be overturned.
Oversweep vbTo sweep across a surface or border. 2. to pass over with a sweeping motion.
Oversweet adjExcessively sweet. 2. too sweet.
Over-sweetness nThe state or condition of being sweet.
Overswell vbTo cause to swell unduly or in excess.
Overswift adjToo swift or rapid.
Overswim vbTo swim across or beyond.
Overswing nAn excessive swing.
Overswithe advTo greatly, too much, exceedingly, excessively, very greatly.
Overswive vbTo move, swivel.
Overtake vbTo pass a more slowly moving vehicle, object or person. 2. to come up with; to catch; to take by surprise. 3. to be able to do.
Overtaken vbTo outdistance, get past, better, outdo, outstrip, leave behind, overwhelm, take by surprise.
Overtaken phr"Well Overtaken" - of a traveler and his greeting to one he has overtaken; 'well mt'.
Overtaker nOne who overtakes, passes by, becomes greater than, take by surprise, overcome.
Overtaking nOvertaking is when you approach from behind and pass a vehicle traveling in the same direction.
Overtalk nExcessive talking; talk too much.
Overtalk vbTo talk too much. 2. to overcome or persuade by talking, talk over. 3. to overstate, over-exaggerate. 3. talk up to seem greater than what is actual.
Overtalking nThe act of talking too far.
Overteach vbTo focus in teaching on too narrow area of learning.
Overtell vbTo tell, count, narrate in excess. 2. to exaggerate in counting.
Overteem vbTo wear out or exhaust by excessive breeding or reproduction. 2. to teem or bred excessively. 3. to wean out by excessive breeding.
Overtenth nAn increased or additional tenth or tithe.
Over-the-hill adjTo old to be useful.
Over-the-road adjPertaining to, or used in long distance road transportation.
Over-the-top adjExcess, beyond reasonble limits.
Overthink vbTo seem not good, to displease, vex, grieve, cause regret or repentance. 2. to think too much and too long, think over, consider. 3. to exhaust oneself with too much thinking or overthinking.
Overthink nToo much and too long thinking.
Overthinker nPersons indecisive and tend to live with many regrets. Overthinking is not a genetic disposition. It is a learned behavior. Therefore, when the mind starts to go to a place of unstructured thoughts it is because of past experiences.
Overthought nExcessive thought; to much thinking.
Overthought adjGrieved, vexed; thought-obsessed, preoccupied in one's own thoughts.
Over-thoughtful adjToo thoughtful, full of thought, over-anxious; very considerate.
Over-thoughtfulness nThe condition or attitude of being too thoughtful, caring, anxious, kind, and considerate.
Overthrall vbTo enthrall, enslave, take captive. 2. (fig) to control by passion or vice.
Overthreshold nThe door lintel.
Over-thronged adjOvercrowded, over-populated, over-people; as, 'the town was overthronged by pilgrims ffrom all over the world'.
Overthrow nAn act of removal, especially of a ruler or government, by force or threat of force. 2. (removal by force): downfall, collapse. 4. removal by force or threat of force. 5. defeat, ruin, fall.
Overthrow vbTo throw down to the ground, to overturn (rare). 2. to bring about the downfall of (a government, etc.), especially by force. 3. defeat, ruin, fall.
Overthrow nThe termination of a ruler or institution (especially by force). 2. the act of disturbing the mind or body; upset, derangement. 3. the act of overthrowing, defeating, demolishing.
Overthrow vbTo cause the downfall of; of rulers; syn: overthrow, subvert, overturn, bring down. 2. rule against; overrule, overturn, override, overthrow, reverse.
Overthrower nOne who cause the downfall of; esp. of rulers
Overthrowing nThe act or action of causing the downfall of; or the bringing down of something or someone. 2. the turning of something upside down (fig & lit).
Overthrown adjOvercome, beaten, overwhelmed, conquered, overpowered, vanquished.
Overtime nWork done in addition to regular working hours. 2. time at work beyond the regular hours; the extra wages paid for such work. 3. playing time beyond regulation, to break a tie; extra time.
Overtime advBeyond the regular or stipulated time worked.
Overtimely advToo early, premature, before the proper time, untimely, unseasonably.
Over-timeness nThe state or quality of being before the proper time, premature, too early.
Overtimer nOne who works overtime.
Overton window nIn a political context, a term for the range of ideas tolerated in public, also known as the windows of discourse.
Over-tongue nEpiglottis (calque from Greek).
Overtop vbTo rise above or above the top of; tower over. 2. to surpass the height. 3. surmount , tower above, surpass, excel,top. 4. to rise above in power or authority. 5. to be superior, to override, to rise above or go beyond in degree or quality. 6. to excel, rise above, surpass. 7. top-heavy. 8. to obscure; cover.
Overtopped adjHaving the crown shaded fro above by other contiguous trees; said of a tree.
Overtopple vbTo fall over.
Overtopped adjOf a small tree growing beneath the canopy formed by large trees and receiving no direct lights.
Overtopping nThe rising of water of the top of a barrier or wall.
Overtower vbTo tower over, over top.
Overtowering adjSoaring above, overly oppressive.
Overtread vbTrample (over), crush, oppress, subdue, to step beyond.
Overtrodden adjTrampled, crushed, oppressed, subdued.
Overtrow nOvertrust, overconfidence, distrust, mistrust.
Overtrow vbTo mistrust, distrust, suspect. 2. to trust overmuch, be too confident.
Overtrowing nOver-confidence. 2. suspectful.
Over-trowship nOver-confidence, overtrowth; suspicion.
Overtruth nStatement in excess or exaggerating of the truth.
Overtruthful adjExaggerated or overstated.
Overtumble vbTo tumble, fall over, capsize. 2. to cause to fall over, to upset, overthrow.
Overturn nA capsize, turnover, a tumble, overthrowing; upsetting. 2. subversion or destruction.
Overturn vbTo throw down or over; subvert, defeat, to upset. 2. capsize, tumble over; fall forward.
Overtwine vbTo twine or bine around or about; to wreathe, enwreathe.
Over-under adjThe spread of, or other predicted value, for wagers.
Over-under-thru nA type of obstacle in an obstacle course. 2. fig. an implement, obstacle, difficulty, problem encountered in various situations.
Overwade vbTo wade across.
Overwait vbTo supervise, watch over.
Over-wake vbTo keep oneself awake over or too long, stay on gurad, to remain awake longer than another.
Overwalk vbTo traverse, walk over. 2. walk too far. 3. to fatigue oneself by walking too far.
Overwalking nThe act of walking too far.
Overwalt vbTo roll over turn something over.
Overwander vbTo wander over
Overwandering nThe act of wandering over.
Overward advOverthwart, athwart, across, transversely, fom side to side.
Overwarm adjTo great of warmth.
Over-warp vbTo overthrow, throw down or cast down.
Overwash vbTo wash oneself too much or wash something too much.
Overwashed adjTo wash frequently and thoroughly.
Overwatch vbTo watch for too long or too late. 2. to watch all through the night. 3. to become fatigued by excessive watching. 4. to weary or exhaust oneself by keeping awake or by want of sleep.
Ovewatched adjWearied by too much watching.
Overwatcher nOne wearied by too much watching.
Overwatching nA vigil far too long. 2. too much watching causing weariness.
Overwater nFlood, inundation, downpour. 2. giving plants, lawns too much water.
Overwater vbTo cover or flood with water.
Overwatery adjToo or excessively watery or moist.
Overwax vbTo overgrow; grown over. 2. to wax or grow exceedingly. 3. to grow too large or big.
Overway nThe upper or higher way.
Overweak adjToo or extremely weak or feeble.
Overweaken vbToo weaken too much.
Overwear vbTo exhaust by toil. 2. to wash clothes threadbare. 3. to wear something away to an an end; outwear, wear out as having outgrown. 4. to outgrow.
Overwearied adjExcessively weary; totally exhausted.
Outweary vbTo overcome with weariness. 2. to weary or tire to excess.
Outweary adjToo weary to hold out. 2. overtired, exhausted.
Overwearying nExcessive weariness.
Overwearying vbTo become overcome with weariness.
Over-weather vbDenoting flight conditions or activities which are not affected by storm, overcast or other meteorological phenomena. 2. to allow to be damaged by exposure to the weather.
Over-weathered adjWorn or damaged by exposure to the weather.
Overweave vbTo weave over top or surface.
Overween nOverweening, presumption, arrogance, pride.
Overween vbTo have too high of expectations or too high opinion of oneself, to presume, arrogate, orgoyle. 2. to be conceit, arrogant or too self-confident.
Overweened adjToo self-confident, arrogant, insolent, conceited.
Overweener nOne who is too self-confident, arrogant, insolent, conceited.
OverweeningadjThinking too much of oneself, vain, insolent, arrogant, presumptious, prideful, overweened.
Overweening nThe state or condition of being overweening, or having too much self-confidence, arrogance, self-conceited. 2. characterized by presumptuous or conceit; pride, arrogant, excessive.
Overweeningly advIn a manner characterized by presumptuous or conceit; pride, arrogant, excessive.
Overweep vbTo weep over again; to shed tears over and again.
Overweigh vbTo have more weigh than. 2. too excessively weigh down. 3. overburden, or oppress. 4. to outweigh; overbalance. 4. to overburden, oppress.
Overweighing adjCompelling, overly oppressive, burdensome.
Overweight adj(Of a person) heavier than what is generally considered healthy for a given body type and height. 2.(transport, law, of a vehicle) weighing more than what is allowed for safety or legal commerce. 3. (investment, finance, followed by a noun or prepositional phrase indicating a security or type of security). 4. (of a person): clinically obese, fat, morbidly obese, obese, super obese; of a person, heavier than is healthy.
Overweighted pplTo place excessive weight or emphasis on; to overestimate the importance of.
Overweighty adjToo weighty, over-heavy; of excessive weight or above in excess of, the proper or ordinary weight.
Overwell adjToo well.
Overwelt vbTo overturn, upset, spec. said of a sheep when fallen on its back so as unable to rise.
Overwelter vbTo roll over.
Overwend vbTo go over, cross over. 2. to meander, traverse, wend one's way around or through. 3. to pass beyond, exceed.
Overwent adjOverwent. gone over greatly, overwhelmed.
Overwet vbTo wet tto much or excessively or make over-moist.
Over-wetness nThe state or condition of being over-wet.
Overwheel vbTo turn upside down; overturn. 2. to wheel too far or beyond a proper place.
Overwhelm vbTo engulf, surge over and submerge. 2. overpower, crush; overthrow. 3. to overpower emotionally. 4. to cause to surround, to cover.
Overwhelming adjOverpowering, engulfing, submerging. 2. staggering, irrestiblely strong. 3. very great or intense. 4. extreme.
Overwhelmingly advIn an overpowering, overly strong, very great or intense manner.
Overwhelmness nThe state or fact of being overpowering or engulfing.
Overwhelmer nOne who engulfs, surges over and submerges. 2. one who overpowers, crushes. 3. one who overpowers emotionally. 4. one who causes to surround, or covers.
Overwhelve vbTo overturn, cause to roll or rumble as waves. 2. to overthrow, bring to ruin
Overwicked adjExcessively evil or wicked.
Overwield vbTo gain mastery over, overcome, subdue.
Overwielding nThe state of gaining mastery over someone or something, overcoming, subduing.
Overwilled adjHaving a strong or excessively strong will, imperious.
Overwilling adjExceedingly willing, too willing, too keen, over-eager; frequently in a negative sense or context.
Overwin vbTo overcome, conquer, vanquish. 2. to persuade, gain one over.
Overwind vbTo wind too far or tightly, as with a watch. 2. to wind (the magnet of a motor) in order to produce a maximum magnetism with a smaller current than is normally required.
Overwing vbTo extend the wings of an army beyond that of an enemy; to outflank.
Over-winner nConqueror, winner, overcomer, one who prevails.
Overwinter vbTo spend or survive the winter. 2. to remain alive through the winter.
Overwintering nOverwintering is the process by which some organisms or animals pass through or wait out the winter season, or pass through that period of the year when "winter" conditions (cold or sub-zero temperatures, ice, snow, limited food supplies) make normal activity or even survival difficult or near impossible.
Over-wise adjPretentiously wise.
Over-wiseness nThe state or quality of being overwise, or affectedly wise.
Overwit vbTo get the better by craft or acuteness. 2. to outwit, out reach.
Overwitted adjBetter or, surpass in cunning and guile.
Overwood nThe layer of vegetation formed on the tallest trees in the forest.
Overworld nThe celestial or immaterial world. 2. the earth, land viewed from beneath the water; the terrestrial world. 2. the community of law-abiding persons or citizens, as opposed to the underworld.
OverwordnThe chorus, burden, leading idea, refrain or repeated phrases of a song or ballad. 2. a word repeated.
Overwordiness nIn speech and writing, garrulity, verbosity; loquacious-speaking, overwriting.
Overwordy adjGarrulous, verbose, excessive talkative; scribose; overwritty.
Overwork nA superstructure or a work placed or raised over something. 2. a sepulchre, a monument. 3. extra or excessive work than is expected; the act of working too much or too long. 4. work in excess of the usual or stipulated time or quantity; extra work; also, excessive labor. 5. excessive work or labor; work or labor that exceeds the strength or capacity of the individual or endangers his health. 6. work done beyond the amount stipulated; work done in over-hours or overtime.
Overwork vbTo use too much; to be overworked". 2. work excessively hard 3. to fill too full of work; to crowd with labor; overwrought. 4. to work beyond the strength; to cause to labor too much or too long; to tire excessively; as, to overwork a horse. 5. to work too much, or beyond one's strength. 6. to cause to work too hard; cause to labor too much; impose too much work upon; wear out by overwork: often used reflexively. to decorate all over.
Overworked adjExhausted, stressed out, fatigued, overburdened, overtaxed. 2. hackneyed, played out, stale, banal, run-of-the-mill, cliched, timeworn.
Overworld nThe world of proper and respectable people. 2. the spiritual or supernatural world.
Overworn adjWorn out.
Overworry nAnguish, misgiving, vexation, apprehension, distress, uneasiness, torment, woe.
Overworry vbTo feel or show fear and concern because you think that something bad has happened or could happen.
Overwrest vbTo strain too much.
Overwrite vbTo write on top of other writing. 2. to write too elaborately or ornately. 3. to replace a computer file with a different one.
Over-writing nThe act of covering something with writing; the writing on top of other writing. 2. the writing about in an artificial or in an excessively elaborated, lengthy, wordy style. 3. the writing of too much about something on someone.
Over-written adjWritten over, or upon something. 2. elaborated overly or excessively ornately in writing. 3. replaced (as a computer file) by being written over.
Over-wrought adjExhausted by too much work. 2. worked up to a high pitch; over-excited, as one's feelings. 3. over-laboured, elaborated to excess; overdone.
Over-wroughtness nAn overwrought condition.
Overwry vbTo cover over, overspread, conceal, clothe.
Over-year vbTo keep over the year or over years. 2. to superannuate, make do.
Over-year adjThat has lasted over some years. 2. superannuated. 3. antiquated.
Over-year advOver or through the year; till next year.
Over-yeared adjKept over the year, or for the present year.
Overyield vbToo produce beyond expectation
Overyielding nThe amount a species yields, when grown with other species compared to yield in a monoculture. The amount a biomass yields in an ecological community (e.g. a grassland patch), compared to any of its members alone
Over-yoke vbTo subjugate, to put a yoke on.
Over-yoking nThe act of putting a yoke over or upon; subjugation.
Over-youthful adjActing in a manner inappropriate to owns chronological age.
Ovet nFruit; in modern dialects: the mast and accommodetion of the oak.
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