Oyster nOE loanword from Classical Greek, see Bosworth and Toller Dictionary: oster-hlaf & oster-scill.
Oyster phr"And Did You Ever See an Oyster Walk Upstairs" - a satirical query sometimes addressed to one who has been telling unbelievable yarns about his/her own experiences.
Oyster phrThe World's One's Oyster" - One rules the world; One is in charge of everything. 2. you have the ability and the freedom to do exactly what you want to.
Oyster bed nA place which one breeds and grows oysters naturally or are kept for food or pearls.
Oysterless adjWithout oysters.
Oyster-like adjResembling an oyster or some aspect of one.
Oysterling nA young oyster.
Oysterman nA person who cultivates, harvests or sells oysters. 2.. a boat used to dredge oysters.
Oyster tree nMangrove trees in salt water to the roots which oysters attach themselves.
Oyster-white adjFig. a pale yellowish-green to light gray color.
Oyster wood nThin oblique cross-sections used as veneer in fancy cabinet work. The wood must be dense and of uniform texture, such as laburnum or yew. the complete growth rings are shown as inlays, hence they are usually cross sections of branches.
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